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Friday, January 4th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, December 28th and Friday, January 4th, the bid prices for:

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Palladium fell 1.7 % from $695 to $683
DJIA rose 0.7 % from 12,938.11 to 13,435.2
NASDAQ rose 4.8 % from 2,960.31 to 3,101.66
NYSE rose 4.0 % from 8,316.17 to 8,667.68
US Dollar Index rose 1.0 % from 79.67 to 80.49
Crude Oil rose 2.7 % from $90.69 to $93.13

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"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
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“What investment would you dare to hold
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I received this from one of our listeners, client and friend. Thanks Bob, Melody

In the coming New Year, 2013, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address will occur on the same day.

This is an ironic juxtaposition of events. One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to an insignificant creature of little intelligence for prognostication.

The other involves a groundhog.

Ft. Knox Gold Gone?

by Alfred Adask

On Thursday’s radio show (Financial Survival, 4PM to 5PM East Coast time), I was reading from an article by Mr. Przemyslaw Radomski that explored the possibility that there's no longer any gold in the U.S. depository at Ft. Knox:

•  "An audit of the US gold holdings has  been demanded by some for years, but the government will not allow it.   The gold belongs to the American people, so why won't they let us see  it?  Many think it is because it is no longer there.  If that is indeed  the case, do we not face a 'financial Armageddon'?
"At first it may sound shocking, but the last audit of gold stored in Fort Knox took place in 1953. No typo here, 1953, just after U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower took office. [However,] No outside experts were allowed [during that audit] and the audit team tested only about 5% of gold hoarded in the fort. So, there hasn’t been a comprehensive audit of Fort Knox in over 60 (!!!) years."
•  "Congressman John R. Rarick demanded a Congressional investigation and, on September 23, 1974 six Congressmen, one Senator and the press were allowed to enter Fort Knox to see for themselves if the gold was there or not.  The tour showed that there was gold in Fort Knox but, all the same, it sparked even more controversies.
"Only a fraction of the gold reserves were available to see. A photo of one Congressman published by Associated Press suggested that gold bars held in the fort may have been less heavy than would be usually expected.  This resulted in even more doubt about the fineness of gold in Fort Knox. . . . [This is]  important if you consider that counterfeit 'gold bars' have been showing up in New York recently and that fake gold bars turned up in LBMA Approved Vaults in Hong Kong."
•  "In 2012, the German federal court ordered that the German central bank, Bundesbank, conduct an audit of German gold reserves stored abroad, particularly in the U.S., U.K. and in France. The German authorities have never before conducted a comprehensive audit of their foreign gold reserves and the last time they were [even] able to see their gold stored in the New York Federal Reserve vaults was supposedly in 1979/80. Because of that, 150 tons of gold will be shipped from the U.S. to Germany to assess the fineness of the bars."
All of this—no comprehensive audit in over 60 years, Congressional doubt as far back as A.D. 1974, German doubt in A.D. 2012, and counterfeit "gold bars"—illustrates that there are legitimate reasons to doubt the gov-co's claim to currently store about 8,200 metric tons of gold at Fort Knox and/or the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Mr. Radomski provided an interesting chart to illustrate the relationship between U.S. National Debt and the currently claimed U.S. treasury of gold (8,200 metric tons):

Gold to Debt Ratio1

The red line shows changes in the number of metric tons of gold held by the U.S. Treasury over time.  The yellow line signifies the National Debt as measured in dollars of debt per ounce of gold.  

Mr. Radomski used this graph to illustrate that back in the 1920s, the government had virtually no National Debt and therefore the ratio of debt to an ounce of gold was 0 to 1.  However, over time the National Debt (yellow line) increased until today there are $60,000 in National Debt for each ounce of gold allegedly held in the U.S. Treasury.

Mr. Radomski doesn't argue that the price of gold should therefore be $60,000/ounce.  But he does believe that, much like fractional reserve banking, at least 10% of the National Debt should be backed by gold and therefore the current price of gold might reasonably be about $6,000/ounce.  He adds that if it turns out that there is little or no gold in Ft. Knox, the price of gold should skyrocket.

•  I look at the graph and a couple of points jump out at me:

Gold to Debt Ratio2

•  First, from A.D. 1917 to 1939, the U.S. treasury of gold grew in a fairly orderly, "stair-step" manner from 2,500 tons to about 8,500 tons.

•  Second, in A.D. 1939-1940, the U.S. treasury of gold suddenly jumped from 8,500 tons to about 19,500 tons.  That's a 130% increase in about one year.  That's fantastic.

I don't know why our holdings in gold increased so dramatically.  I presume that with the onset of WWII, foreign nations in the European or Asian theaters of war decided to store some of their gold in the comparatively safe USA.  But, if so, I don't understand how an influx of foreign gold intended to be merely stored in the USA could be counted as an addition to the U.S. Treasury.  I therefore presume that when WWII started, America's first response was to sell food, and/or military equipment and supplies nations at war—and sell it for gold.

Whatever the reason, the onset of WWII was extremely profitable for the U.S. Treasury.

(In fact, WWII was so initially profitable that I'm left to wonder if the onset of a WWIII could be similarly profitable.  If so, could a WWIII be started for the purpose of increasing our Treasury's supply of gold?)

•  Third, our gold supply grew more or less slowly from A.D. 1939 (19,500 tons) through A.D. 1957 to about 20,500 tons.

•  Fourth, starting about A.D. 1957, the U.S. Treasury's holding of gold began to fall precipitously from 20,500 tons to a reported 8,500 tons in about A.D. 1972.  I don't know what caused that steep decline, but I suspect that the cause may have been some sort of policy change or treaty under the Eisenhower-Nixon administration.

There was severe unemployment in A.D. 1958.  It's remotely possible that the government began to sell off its gold as a means to "stimulate" the economy.  (If so, I can also imagine how government would eventually realize that they couldn't use up all of their gold and therefore opted to create of a pure fiat that could be used to "stimulate" the economy without actually spending any gold.  I wouldn't bet that hypothesis is true, but it's an interesting possibility.)

Whatever the reason, the U.S. government admits to having reduced its gold holding from 20,500 tons to 8,500—almost 60%—in the 15 years from A.D. 1957 to 1972.  That's a huge reduction, and I wonder what the rationale may have been.  (How th'  Hell was that allowed to happen?)

•  Fifth, the U.S. disposed of another 200 to 300 tons of gold between A.D. 1972 and A.D. 1980.  Since then, our reported gold supply has remained at a constant 8,200 tons.  The U.S. Treasury has reportedly not bought or sold another ounce of gold of the past 32 years.

I wonder why?  Is 8,200 the "magic number" that represents exactly how many tons of gold we should have?  Not too much.  Not too little.  But juuuust right! . . .  Right?

Actually, it strikes me as extremely odd that our Treasury hasn't reported buying or selling one more ounce of gold—nor have they allowed us to inventory the national treasury of gold—for over 30 years.  Very, very odd.

As illustrated by the green dotted line on the graph above, by about A.D. 1972, our reported hoard of gold was almost exactly the same (8,500 tons) as it had been prior to the onset of WWII.  Another oddity.  To this day, our reported national gold holdings are almost identical to those of A.D. 1935.  I wonder why.

•  Here's another variation on the previous graph that focuses on the loss of American gold from A.D. 1957 through A.D. 1972.  I added a blue dotted line to hypothetically extend that rate of loss (from '57 to '72) on through A.D.1978—about when our Treasury's gold holdings would've been completely depleted.

Gold to Debt Ratio3

The reasons for this extension (dotted blue line) are an interesting story reported by Mr. Radomski and an insight provided by one of today's radio show listeners that struck me as profound.

First, Mr. Radomski's story.  Speaking about claims that the Ft Knox holds no gold, Mr. Radomski wrote,
"This is no new topic. One of the first written accounts questioning the amount of gold really stored in Fort Knox appeared in 1974 in a tabloid, the National Tattler. An unnamed informant claimed that there was no gold left in Fort Knox. The sensational nature of the story, and of the newspaper, didn't contribute to the credibility of the account but it was later revealed that the informant, Louise Auchincloss Boyer, secretary to Nelson Rockefeller, had fallen out of the window of her New York apartment and died three days after the publication in the Tattler. The tragic incident resulted in controversies over the possibility that the U.S. Bullion Depository may have misstated the actual amount of gold held in Fort Knox."
You don't need a tin-foil hat to see the conspiracy theory in that story.  A secretary to Nelson Rockefeller reports that there's no gold in Ft. Knox, and three days later she dies under violent and mysterious circumstances.  Assuming these two events (the report and the death) are linked rather than coincidental, they imply that the secretary was murdered for telling the truth--the gold was already gone from in Ft. Knox all the way back in the early 1970s.

(Incidentally, if the gold was removed from Ft. Knox, where did it go?  Who got it?  Insofar as Nelson Rockefeller's secretary died, it might follow that Rockefeller ordered her death.  How much more of a leap would be required to presume that Rockefeller also received at least some of the theoretically missing gold?)

•  Now, here's the insight provided by one of my radio show listeners that struck me as profound:  Did President Nixon close the "gold window" (redemption of foreign-held paper dollars with U.S. gold at the rate of $35/ounce) in A.D. 1971 because he didn't want to bleed any more gold out of the U.S. Treasury?  Or did Nixon close the "gold window" because the gold was already all gone?

Closing the "gold window" and thereby reducing the paper dollar to a pure fiat currency wasn't Nixon's only option.  He could more easily have simply devalued the dollar from $35/ounce to $100/ounce—or even $200 per ounce.  Sure, such devaluation would cause an uproar in global trade, but declaring dollars to be worth only 1/100th of an ounce of gold could not be as bad as declaring dollars were worth no gold whatsoever.  If Nixon had devalued the dollar from roughly 3% ($35) of an ounce of gold to 1% ($100) or 0.5% ($200) of an ounce of gold, the dollar would at least have still been "as good as gold"—not as much gold as formerly, mind you, but still, some gold.

Why did Nixon choose to "close the gold window" and turn the dollar into a pure fiat currency rather than simply devalue the dollar to $50, $100 or $200 per ounce of gold?  Was it because Nixon was a hard-nosed S.O.B?  Or was it because the Treasury could no longer redeem paper dollars for gold at any price for gold (not even $1,000/ounce) because the gold was already all gone?  Was the government's primary objective in "closing the gold window" to prevent the American people and the world from "looking in" and learning that the U.S. was out of gold and therefore bankrupt?

•  Look back at the previous graph.

The government admits to losing 60% of our gold from A.D. 1957 through A.D. 1972.  But, according to Mr. Radomski, we haven't had a comprehensive audit of Ft. Knox since A.D. 1953.

Thus, we don't actually know how much gold is gone.  Ohh, you can bet that at least 60% of the former gold is gone.  Government has admitted that much gold is gone.  But, it's entirely possible that government didn't merely dispose of 60% of our gold during those 15 years.  Maybe they disposed of 70%.  Or, even 80%.  Or, even 99.9% of our national treasury of gold.  We have nothing to prove government's claim that it's kept 8,200 tons of gold since A.D.1973--except the government's word of honor.

But we do see proof every day that government has no "honor" and will, instead, lie any time it suits the government's interests.  What is the true inflation rate?  What's the true unemployment rate?  What's the true size of the National Debt?  How many of you believe government tells the truth about any of those numbers?  How many of you believe the government routinely lies?

If you believe government routinely lies, why would you believe government's claim to have retained 8,200 tons of gold for the past 30 years—especially when government refuses to provide or even allow any independent verification of its claim?   The only reason to currently believe that government has retained 8,200 tons of gold is that a contrary belief is too fantastic to accept.  Surely, our beloved gov-co would never lie about such an important issue, right?  This parallels the "big lie" strategy first advanced by Adolph Hitler's minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels.  In essence, the people may not believe government's little lies, but they'll never doubt gov-co's big ones.

Could it be that our gov-co's claim to hold 8,200 tons of gold is one of the world's biggest--and therefore most believable—lies, ever?

•  If we extend the blue dotted arrow on the previous graph, we can see that at the rate gold was admittedly being lost between A.D. 1957 and 1972, all of the gold would've been gone by about A.D. 1978.

We're told that Nelson Rockefeller's secretary revealed that all of the gold was gone in A.D. 1974.

We know that President Nixon closed the "gold window" in A.D. 1971.

The graph, the secretary's claim and closing the gold window all reflect events in the 1970s. That's not proof, but it is a bit of coincidence.  Those three bits of "evidence" are all consistent with the possibility that all of the U.S. gold was gone sometime around A.D. 1970 (which, coincidentally, was in the midst of the Viet Nam War).

Is it possible that the gold reportedly stored at Ft. Knox hasn't disappeared recently (as some suspect), but has been gone for over 40 years?

Inquiring minds wanna know.

(Finally, those of you who have tin-foil hats may want to don them while you relish yet another conspiracy theory:  Could it be that a primary purpose for the Viet Nam War was not to prevent the spread of communism, but to conceal the theft of gold from Ft. Knox?)

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Pimco's Bill Gross sees danger in 'money for nothing, debt for free' approach of central banks

Bill Gross, managing director of Pimco, says in his latest investment outlook that the idea quantitative easing can provide money for free is a fallacy, with history suggesting the cost will come in the form of inflation. … [Read article]

(Gross, Bill. Investment Europe. January 4, 2013.

Self Sufficiency

A Day in the Real Life

Many of you wrote asking for more information about the day-to-day life. Here's a peek at a typical non-winter day.

It's noon-ish. The first round of chores are pretty much done. So far today, here is what we've been up to:

Woke up at 4:00 a.m. because a pack of coyotes was howling too close to the chicken coop and we had to let the dog out to protect them. Then we went back to sleep to the sound of the dog barking. Well, okay. That's not exactly a daily happening, but it did happen – last night!

Around 6:00 a.m. we get up for real. I light the kitchen wood stove to warm up the house and get breakfast going. Breakfast is usually fresh farm eggs, pancakes, biscuits, cracked wheat cereal or such. 

We grind our own flour by hand. That means attaching the grain mill (we use and recommend the Wondermill Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill) to the kitchen table and the guys taking turns cranking for about ½ hour to an hour, depending on how much flour I think I'll need that day. Sometimes we add rice flour with the wheat, and rice is even harder (and slower) to grind than wheat berries. The guys are getting such bulging biceps! 

While breakfast is being made, the guys feed the chickens yesterday's leftovers, and feed the dog and cats. Cats are an absolutely necessary tool in the wilderness. They not only keep the mice at bay, they take care of snakes and large bugs, too. 

Also while breakfast is made, the guys tend the garden and greenhouse. They water it, feed it with a little extra compost and prune the suckers off the vegetables. Then they jump on the Internet to check things out...and see if the outside world is still in existence!

Breakfast is done about 8:00 a.m., when the guys go out to cut and gather wood, tote water from the large storage tanks into the house and into the garden for afternoon waterings (don't forget we live in the desert) while I clean the house – clean the kitchen, make the bed, sweep the floor (a never ending battle between us and the dust!) Before I do the dishes, we need to make sure the gray water collection barrel under the sink is emptied to be used for plant watering or mixing mortar. I want to note here that we do not assign chores based on gender, but by ability and availability. Many days I have something else taking my time and by the time that chore is done, the kitchen and cleaning chores have been done by the guys. I can't help cut the firewood, so since the dishes need doing, I do them – with a happy heart. If I am interrupted in the middle of cooking, one of the guys steps in to take over so I don't have to worry about it while I'm busy with something else.

While I'm cleaning, I put up a big pot or rice for later meals. Usually we'll fry up the cooked rice with seasonings, herbs, maybe scramble an egg or two in it for lunch. Sometimes we make fried rice balls. Sometimes we make veggie gravy to go with it. You really can do a lot with just a few ingredients!

After I'm done cleaning, I get the bread dough mixed and rising. I make two loaves of peasant bread (a very simple bread, only flour, water, salt and yeast in the ingredients list, baked free-form – no loaf pan) each day. They're usually both gone by the evening, but if I'm lucky I have a half loaf left for toasting for breakfast the next day. Some days I make whole-wheat tortillas instead.

By mid-afternoon (often earlier) it's time to get dinner going. Often it's lentil chili, or home made pasta, boiled then sautéed with our garden vegetables, or beans and rice, or stir-fried veggies, or maybe this week we've got a chicken for soup with fine noodles.

After dinner we generally watch DVDs to just chill out.

In between chores, at any time of day, we take a break here and there outside, under a juniper tree, enjoying the light breezes and just stopping for a moment to smell the roses – well, cactus anyway! 

In addition to the daily chores, we experience some things that throw our schedule off –

• No power because of clouds several days in a row.

• Having to stay indoors more for a few days because of smoke conditions in the air from distant wildfires.

• Someone gives us a gift of a ¼ of an elk and we spend the day butchering, pickling and feasting!

• Some days it's the day we plant the garden.

• Some days we pump water from the well into the storage tank.

• & Some days we do laundry – during "monsoon season", July and August, that means we put the dirty clothes into a barrel of soapy water, stir them around, squeeze them by hand and lay them, soapy, along the slash fence, waiting for the next rainstorm to rinse them and the next morning's sun to dry them.

Add to that in winter months that we are constantly filling both wood stoves to keep warm. Although, we don't get out of bed till one of us is warm enough to brave the cold and light the first fire of the morning! 

In between all this, our son is building a new house for himself, made from local rocks and local mortar (adobe) while we write more books, essays and articles and produce a podcast. 

I often ask this questions of people considering the self-sufficient lifestyle: Even if nothing happens in the outside world to change things from how they are today, wouldn't you want to live this way anyway?

Dan and Sheila are the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock and hosts of the free podcast, Still Surviving with Dan and Sheila, both available at For information about their survival community, or for other questions, they can be reached at


Disease Swap
By Herbalist Wendy Wilson

Are we healthier than our ancestors? From the standpoint that we are living longer most might agree that we are healthier. However, if you check the Bible our ancestors 2,000 years ago lived much longer than modern man does today. Let's check the vital statistics and see where we actually stand health wise in modern society. You might be surprised.

The vital statistic rates in the US from 1900 to 1960 give us a pretty good snapshot on how humanity is doing in modern times with regards to disease control. Dr. Robert Grove and Alice Hetzel publishedin 1968 some interesting data for the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare (Public Health Service Publication No. 1677). On page 79 we find that in the early 1900's the primary health concern was pneumonia and flu. Back then 200 people out of every 100,000 were seriously struck with respiratory disease. Tuberculosis was a close second. By 1940, heart disease replaced respiratory diseases and 300 people out of every 100,000 were sick with cardiovascular distress and cancer was picking up steam. By the time 1960 arrived, heart disease affects over 350 out of 100,000 people in North America Cancer is close behind followed by nervous system diseases. (See graph on cause of death 1900, 1940 and 1960 Tuberculosis vaccine arrived in 1921 and our government's vital statistics show that over twenty years before the vaccine the disease was declining. The same is evident with diphtheria.  And measles was nearly eradicated before the measles vaccine debuted in 1963. Diabetes took a steady climb since 1900.   And how about that flu vaccine doctors keep pushing every year. Influenza was also on a significant decline prior to the first flu vaccine in 1945. 

In the 20th Century scientific medicine developed 23 different vaccines with the majority for bacterial infections. In the 21st Century scientific medicine has been adding to this list vaccines for viruses. Have you checked the childhood vaccine schedule medicine recommends from birth to six-years of age? You will be stunned that children are getting 31 vaccinations by the time they are six ( If you want to check the global vaccination schedule by country you can see it here In the 19th Century there were no compulsory vaccinations but if there had been there were only five vaccines available. By the 1930's there were 11 and by 1960 there were 16 vaccines. A whopping 14 new vaccines have been developed since 1960 How can any generation live long and healthy lives with all this disease being injected directly into the bloodstream? The problem is we are not living longer healthier lives and the US Vital Statistics proves it. Modern conveniences have taken some of the physical strain off the human body but we are undermining our own immunity with what modern medicine calls disease prevention. Without healthy immune systems our bodies suffer and die at much earlier stages. Prior to vaccinations the disease was being eradicated via our natural immune system response. With each generation, the immunity was built. Then along comes vaccines and we have no natural resistance. Our bodies think that those deadly pathogens in vaccines are allowed to pass by the immune defenses because that is how they got into the body to begin with. Your immune system has not coded any antiviral or antibacterial antibodies for the diseases in vaccines. This is why those who get the flu shot often get the flu. There are plenty of medical experts who admit that vaccines offer no immunity defense whatsoever.  (Source:

"Scientific medicine has taken credit it does not deserve for some advances in health. Most people believe that victory over the infectious diseases of the last century came with the invention of immunizations. In fact, cholera, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough, etc, were in decline before vaccines for them became available – the result of better methods of sanitation, sewage disposal, and distribution of food and water." Andrew Weil, MD

"The mythology surrounding vaccines is still pervasive, the majority of the population still believes, in faith like fashion, that vaccines are the first line of defense against disease. The true story is that nutrition and psychological/emotional health are the first line of defense against disease."
Dr. Bill Maher

There is nothing natural about injecting the bloodstream with chemical preservatives and disease to protect your health. The person who came up with that idea was sniffing too much glue. Use your common sense when it comes to your immunity and work with your immune system and not against it. You can rebuild a weak immune system with good nutrition and powerful medicinal herbs. Right now about 95% of public school children in the US have some or all the vaccinations. Annually about 70% of the US population gets the flu vaccine. Don't forget to layer in the overuse of antibiotics causing drug-resistant strains and you see that there is a whole lot of immune system building that has to be done. However, it is not impossible. The human body is very responsive to using the building blocks of nutrition. You can reverse any disease if you want to. And yes, low immunity is a disease created by the scientific medial establishment.

Right now Americans, more than any other country, have more choices when it comes to natural medicines. Exercise your right to having a strong immune system and you can start today. It may take you longer in the beginning to fight infections but each time you use nutrition and medical plants to combat infection your immune system gets stronger and shortens the duration of your illness until your immunity is so strong that you rarely get sick. To get started on your immune system building call Apothecary Herbs toll free to order or request their free product catalog full of immune system formulas at 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online  Check out their cold and flu package and the Pandemic Kit. This is where your healthcare options just became endless. Now through January 4, 2013 receive FREE ground ship in the Continental US.

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*Dr Carley's guest host on Herb Talk 12/29/12 will be posted shortly
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by Rebecca Carley, MD

The end of year "holidays" are the worst time of the year for me.  I have tried to understand why people call me to wish me a "merry Christmas" or a "happy new year", when they know that my son has been satanically ritually abused for over a decade, because I speak the truth, and that I have had no contact with him for over a decade (in fact, I do not know if he is even alive). If any reader is not aware of the massive corruption involving the kidnapping of Joey because of my refusal to stop speaking the truth, please check out the following (posted on under the picture of Joey and myself):

1. Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Peter Skelos (brother of vaccine promoting NYS Senator Dean Skelos) who recused himself from Dr. Carley's divorce case after she put the aforementioned conflict of interest on the record, but not before he transferred the custody determination to the family court;

2. Nassau County Family Court Judge Richard Lawrence, who ignored evidence of Joseph's abuse by his biological father (see affidavit of foster mother) and had Dr. Carley sent for a psych evaluation when she asked on the record if he was following the Constitution; who was sued by Dr Carley in Federal Court for 28 violations of her & Joseph's civil rights, yet refused to recuse himself and gave custody to Joseph's abuser:

3. Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Anthony Falenga, who granted Dr Carley a divorce due to domestic violence (which in itself by law precluded the father from getting custody), committed a class E felony in destruction of physical evidence by ordering subpoenaed police officers NOT to show up in court, yet refused to make a custody determination based on the domestic violence against Dr. Carley;

4. NYS Administrative Judge Florence Monwe, who told Dr Carley she will never see her son again if Dr Carley does not go off TV and stop doing her work (after telling Dr Carley that her own son has insulin dependent diabetes after receiving all his vaccines);

5. Attorney General (now EX-governor, CLIENT # 9) Elliot Spitzer, who ignored a request from Nassau County Legislature attorney Sharon Commissionig (after Dr Carley appeared in front of the Nassau County Legislature and entered the proof of the corruption and fraud in the aforementioned proceedings onto the record) to investigate Dr Carley's case (see letter from NC majority counsel), but instead represented Judge Richard Lawrence (at taxpayer's expense) in Dr Carley's federal suit against Judge Richard Lawrence, getting the case dismissed because he claimed Judge Richard Lawrence is "immune, even though corrupt".

Interestingly, all of the aforementioned proof of conspiracy was not allowed into evidence in Dr Carley's NYS medical board hearings charging her with having a "delusion of conspiracy".
Note that the same NYS Medical board which deemed that Dr. Carley had a "delucion of conspiracy" for stating on her public access TV show that her son's sexual abuse was being covered up by authorites was found to have covered up sexual abuse by pedophile neurologist themselves, necessitating that the NYS Legislature pass a law mandating that the NYS Medical Board turn criminal doctors over to the authoritites (NYS Law 542).

July 2008 American's Bulletin article investigating the corruption in the Joey Carley case (.pdf file)

Every "holiday season" while people who know of my situation are gathering together with their families, many of them call me to wish me a "merry Christmas" or "happy new year".  This is extremely traumatic for me.  It is bad enough that I have to live everyday knowing that IF my son is still alive, he is undergoing unspeakable torture that the "authorities" are aiding and abetting in an attempt to silence me. So I ask myself why people, who I know are trying to be nice and let me know they are thinking of me, do not understand that using words like "merry" or "happy" in my situation is TORTURE.  In an attempt to try to understand why this happens every year, I looked up the definitions of some of these words.

Holiday = "a day free from work, especially one on which custom or the law dictates a halt to ordinary business to commemorate or celebrate a particular event".  Thus, I realized that such government ordained holidays actually result in an excuse for even those who are awake as to the destruction of the planet and ongoing extinction of humanity by the psychopaths who control the world to pretend all is well.  In fact, the definition quoted above should include "days free from reality".  Of course, as more and more people lose their homes, their jobs, their children, and their health, this "holiday" concept becomes more and more ridiculous.  It is great to give a thanksgiving meal to the needy.  However, as more people go starving every day, people will be killing each other over a can of beans or worse.

Further illustrating this use of "holiday" to quell what should be outrage by the public due to the massive governmental corruption and fraud, there was an article in the Charlotte Observer today entitled "World welcomes 'year of hope' nations take break to from economic worries to celebrate new start".  The definition of "hope" is "to wish for something with expectation"; "wish" is "something desired or longed for".  Obviously the psychopaths distract us with fireworks and performances by celebrities with no morality to neutralize any outrage we have mustered in the the past year, and buy into the "hope" game (i.e., continue to DO NOTHING to stop the evil destroying our world, and expect a different result than ever increasing evil).  I was sickened to see Jenny McCarthy on the Dick Clark New Years special with Ryan Seacrest lying on the ground next to a cardboard figure of Justin Bieber, stating she wanted to catch "Bieber fever", and rolling on top of the image in a simulated sex act.  This after her act of sexual harassment of him on the American Music Awards (View article).  So, why is this person who previously talked about vaccines and autism now becoming a disgusting pornographic joke?  Did money or mind control cause this transformation?

I strongly suggest you listen to the GCN archive of Wendy Wilson's show on 12/29/12, when I subbed for her and discussed how the EPA is allowing us to be poisoned in every way.  HOPE WILL NOT GET US OUT OF HELL.  Take up arms against malice, or die.  YOUR CHOICE 

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