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Friday, February 1st, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, January 25th and Friday, February 1st, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 0.4 % from $1,660.30 to $1,667.60
Silver rose 1.8 % from $31.28 to $31.84
Platinum fell 0.8 % from $1,697 to $1,683
Palladium rose 1.3 % from $745 to $755
DJIA rose 0.8 % from 13,895.98 to 14,009.79
NASDAQ rose 0.9 % from 3,149.72 to 3,179.10
NYSE rose 0.7 % from 8,904.53 to 8,965.12
US Dollar Index fell 0.7 % from 79.73 to 79.19
Crude Oil rose 1.6 % from $96.03 to $97.61

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Five Key Investment Criteria

by Alfred Adask

The Financial Trend Forecaster recently published an article entitled “The Five Key Investment Criteria”. The article was intended to help people decide which kinds of investments (stocks, bonds, commodities)—or even specific investments (GM, IBM or )—should or should not be included in their portfolios. 

The article explained,
Safety is a major concern for two reasons:
Safety is a “major concern” because we live in “interesting times” when our economy is fragile and prone to greater recession and/or depression.  Most investments—especially paper stocks and paper bonds—are vulnerable to losing value until our economy truly begins to make a “recovery”.
First, retirees and people approaching retirement cannot afford to take a major portion of their life savings and gamble on a Facebook IPO going through the roof. The risk is simply too high.
Some stocks may profit handsomely over the next several years, but the risk of further recession or depression should eliminate most stocks from our list of potential long-term investments.   Given that all paper debt instruments (like stocks and bonds) are mere “promises to pay” and given that there are already so many such “promises” issued into the world that most those paper promises will never be paid—it’s extremely risky to invest in any paper debt instrument.
Second, . . . “inflation.” The Treasury Department reports that in February, 2006, our government debt ceiling was $8.2 trillion. In January, 2012, Congress approved a debt ceiling of $16.4 trillion, essentially doubling our debt in six years. . . .

“A major portion of the increased debt was sold to the Federal Reserve. In essence, the money [used by the Fed to buy US debt] was merely printed or created by an accounting entry. That’s inflationary and that’s why combating inflation is vital.

“In today’s climate, if you have a high-quality bond or CD, collect the interest, and then pay the tax on that interest, your net yield could be 1% or less. With the Fed printing plenty of money, a 5% inflation rate is not completely unforeseeable in the near future. In round numbers, over a five-year period, your principal around such an inflation rate would buy 82% of what it did five years earlier when you purchased it.”
In other words, so long as the Federal Reserve is dedicated to inflating the US dollar, US bonds and CDs are almost certain to be losing investments.   That very high probability eliminates US bonds and CDs from our list of potential investments.

•  We are left to consider commodities

I will specifically consider gold in light of the “five criteria” that Financial Trend Forecaster advised should be “looked at for every investment:”
“1. Is it a solid company or investment vehicle?
Can you think of a single investment vehicle that’s more “solid” than physical gold?

I cannot.
“2. Does it provide income?”
Some people complain that physical gold isn’t a good investment because it doesn’t pay interest or dividends (like stocks or bonds). 

If physical gold were trading in a true “free (unmanipulated) market,” I would agree.

In a true, free market, physical gold is merely a means of preserving wealth—but not, in itself, a means of generating income.

But we’re not living in a true “free market”.  Virtually all evidence indicates that price of gold is routinely manipulated and artificially suppressed by the federal government, Federal Reserve, and major, Wall Street financial institutions. (collectively, the Powers that Be (PTB)).

This manipulation is achieved by means of deceiving people into believing that the price of “paper gold” (gold certificates, electronically-traded gold funds, etc., that are traded on the current commodities markets) is a true reflection of the price of physical gold.  

But that’s not so.

Some people guestimate that there’s as little as one ounce of physical gold actually changing hands for every 100 ounces of paper gold traded on the commodities markets.  That means that the gold commodity markets aren’t really discovering the price of physical gold—they’re discovering the price of paper gold. 

More, while physical gold can’t ever be “spun out of thin air,” paper gold is every bit as “spinable” as paper fiat dollars.

The PTB are every bit as able and inclined to depreciate the price of paper gold as they are to depreciate the price of paper dollars. 

How’s it done?  The PTB simply prints more “paper gold” certificates, just as the Federal Reserve prints more paper dollars.  As the supply of paper gold increases, the value of each “ounce” of paper gold certificates is proportionally diminished.

Just as the Fed can inflate paper dollars, the PTB can inflate paper gold.

This power-of-inflation works just fine so long as the public is sufficiently gullible to believe that:

1) fiat dollars are money; and

2) the price of, inflated paper gold traded on the commodity exchanges is equal to the true price of physical gold. 

However, as investors begin realize that the price of “paper gold” is not equivalent to the price of “physical gold,” investors will increasingly pay paper gold prices and then demand to take delivery of the more valuable physical gold.  

As investors sense that the price of physical gold must be much higher than the price of paper gold, they’ll realize that there’s a “price-suppression dividend” built into every ounce of physical gold. 

This “price-suppression dividend” could be as much or more than the 70% “dividend” seen when physical gold (priced at $20/ounce when seized by the Federal government in A.D. 1933) jumped to $35/ounce in A.D. 1934.  Although the common people had no idea that there was a 70% “dividend” in their gold coins in A.D. 1933, the government recognized and expected that “dividend” when they seized the gold.  Thus, the concept of a gold “dividend” is not unprecedented. 

In A.D. 1933, the government knew that physical gold was underpriced and therefore a “dividend” was available to be captured.  Today, gold investors are beginning to sense the presence of another “dividend” hidden in the current, suppressed price of gold.  

Today’s gold investors increasingly bet that the day must come when commodity markets will again be free to reflect the true price of physical gold (rather than the manipulated price of paper gold).  When that day comes, the price of physical gold will be discovered to be somewhere between two and fifteen times the price of paper gold. 

Thus, a man who purchased 100 ounces of physical gold for the paper-gold price of $170,000 could suddenly see the price of his 100 ounces of physical gold jump to somewhere between $340,000 to $2.5 million.

The difference between the price of paper gold in the manipulated markets and the price of physical gold on a true, free market is the “price-suppression dividend” that’s currently intrinsic in every ounce of physical gold.  When that “dividend” will be paid is anyone’s guess.  It might be paid in six months.  It might be paid in six years. 

But that “price-suppression dividend” has been built into every ounce of physical gold by the PTB’s efforts to artificially suppress the price of paper gold.  

So long as the price-suppression schemes continue, there’ll be a hidden “price-suppression dividend” in every ounce of physical gold—and that “dividend” will continue to grow. 

So long as the “price-suppression dividend” remains largely hidden in each ounce of physical gold, each ounce of physical gold will not only preserve your wealth—it will hold the potential of generating real income whenever the “price-suppression dividend” is finally paid. 

Thus, physical gold is virtually certain to be capable of generating some imperfectly known, but considerable, “income”.

In fact, over the next five years, there’s a high probability that and investment in physical gold will generate more “income” than any other generic investment vehicle.
“3. Is there a good opportunity for appreciation?”
Despite price-suppression schemes, the price of gold has appreciated by nearly 20% per year for the past decade.  Other than silver, no other generic investment has kept pace with gold.  This price appreciation is likely to continue and even accelerate (due to hyper-inflation of the fiat dollar and/or gold going into the “mania phase” of the bull market cycle) for the next five years. 

How many investment vehicles can you think of that are as likely to appreciate in price over the next decade as much as physical gold?
“4. Does it protect against inflation?”
Ha!  If you didn’t already know the answer to that question, you wouldn’t have read this far into this article. 

But just in case you don’t know, there are three answers to that question and they are: 1) Yes; 2)  YES; and YES!!!

That’s what gold does.  Free market or manipulated market, the price of even paper gold can be relied on to increase at least as much and probably more than the Consumer Price Index.

So long as that’s true, gold will protect against inflation.
“5. Is it easily reversible?”
In other words, if you invest in gold today, can you expect to be able to easily sell that gold tomorrow or even ten years from now?  

A:  There’s been a global market for gold for most of 3,000 years.  So long as there are living men and women, that market won’t ever disappear.  There may always be squabbles between buyers and sellers over the exact price of physical gold.  But if you have gold, you can sell gold—quickly and even to complete strangers.

•  Thus, in regard to physical gold, the answers to all five of “The Five Key Investment Criteria” are Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, and . . . umm . . . Yes.

As measured by those “Five Criteria,” gold should be the top investment vehicle for the balance of this decade.

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By Herbalist Wendy Wilson

Sometimes a light bulb goes off in our heads and we see things differently and go about solving problems differently. Thomas Edison was the man who lit up our world with the invention of the light bulb. You can say he enlightened us. He was a school dropout and one of America 's greatest businessmen and inventors. As a child I visited his laboratory in Menlo Park New Jersey .  The first light bulb Mr. Edison made in his lab was still operating and giving off light. Edison also invented the phonograph and motion picture camera. Without Edison you might not have an Ipod or pictures to post online. Why am I mentioning Edison ? He had vision and he didn't let negative influences stop him. He also saw a problem with the allopathic healthcare and said this;

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." Thomas Edison

Over 45% of the American workforce tests positive for prescription narcotics. About 8% of our workforce, which is part-time, and 10% which is full-time are drug abusers. Not all American employees work in office buildings. About 10% of construction workers and truck drivers are using some kind of addictive substance. Vicodin is the most frequently identified narcotic found on employee drug tests. Vicodin contains two pain killers and is currently considered by the FDA to be a class III narcotic but is being reviewed and could become a class II narcotic. What is the difference? The class determines if the drug has the potential for abuse. More and more Americans are using Vicodin for recreational purposes. About 10% of high school seniors use it. The White House reports from the National Drug Control that Vicodin is an opioid, which affects the pleasure center of the human brain and gives us a sense of well-being. These and other drugs will numb us to emotional pain and produce feelings of euphoria. This is very addictive. Over 80% of those arrested for a crime test positive for illegal drugs.

Americans were introduced to sedatives and tranquilizers in the 1860's, when the first barbiturates were distributed by medical practices. By 1903 these drugs were given to improve sleep, relieve anxiety and to treat seizures. The addiction and overdose rates rose pretty quickly and pharmaceutical companies began to create other, "safer" drugs. Next to arrive were the opiate drugs; morphine, codeine, heroin, Vicodin, Lortab, Oxycodone and others to depress the central nervous system and make us not care for a little while.  Granted, some pain killers are necessary for extreme trauma but outside of a trauma setting these drugs quickly push up our tolerance levels and higher doses are needed.

Is there another way for us to cope with stress and emotional traumas without using addictive drugs? Yes, there are other ways. Deep breathing, massage, exercise are all options and help lower tension, anxiety and stress levels. There are also herbs that can help remove tension and stress from the body without risk of addiction. These herbs have been in use for hundreds of years and the goal is to help us cope; not to send our minds to the 5th dimension.   

Europeans have been using valerian root for centuries. The FDA and the German E-Commission have tested this herb and found it to be safe. Valerian root was first written about in the 9th and 10th centuries and was first used as a sedative. Valerian's name is derived from the Latin "valene" meaning "to be strong". It was used for headaches, fluid retention, insomnia, antispasmodic, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Women who were prone to hysteria were often given valerian or put into a valerian bath. During the turn of the century, ladies in Germany would take valerian root tinctures as often as they drank coffee to reverse nervousness or irritability. In medieval times valerian was often served as a condiment. It was also often used to calm tooth pain. In Argentina it is often served as a tea to calm fidgety children. Although valerian has been often compared to the prescription Valium, it is not the same. Valerian fell from use around 1860 when prescription tranquilizers were developed.

Valerian acts to sooth and calm the nervous system. It helps remove tension from the nerves and help us to feel calmer and more at peace. It is not a narcotic. It will stimulate circulation and will increase heart action. The tranquilizing affect of valerian comes from its valepotriate chemicals. It is interesting that it calms us but without sedation. We do not lose any muscle control or cognitive ability. The best way to use valerian is in an extract or tincture. Using valerian in a liquid form preserves the herbs oils and provides a stronger action to the body. Nutritional studies on the herb show that it is high in calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium and selenium. The nutrition reveals why it is helpful in reversing insomnia.    

Even though we live in stressful times we don't have to risk our health to dangerous and addictive drugs to cope. God says, "Herbs are here for the service of man." Gen 1:30-32. You can tap into the nutritional power herbs contain to help our system balance and heal itself. You will be able to cope and you won't be a zombie. You'll be able to cope and you won't fail the drug test. You'll be able to cope and you won't be addicted and dependent on drugs. You'll be able to cope and you will be stronger. For certified organic and naturally aged Valerian Root Tincture call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-855-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless.Check out their FREE Stuff Monday – Monday orders over $50 will receive a Free Power Herbs 400-page e-book via email or a Free Salt Grinder (while supplies last).  Not to be used with other discounts or promotions.

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by Rebecca Carley, MD

"If any person or persons, owing allegiance to the United States of America, shall levy war against them, or shall adhere to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States, or elsewhere, and shall be thereof convicted on confession in open Court, or on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act of the treason whereof he or they shall stand indicted, such person or persons shall be adjudged guilty of treason against the United States, and SHALL SUFFER DEATH; and that if any person or persons, having knowledge of the commission of any of the treasons aforesaid, shall conceal, and not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President of the United States, or some one of the Judges thereof, or to the President or Governor of a particular State, or some one of the Judges or Justices thereof, such person or persons, on conviction, shall be adjudged guilty of misprision of treason, and shall be imprisoned not exceeding seven years, and fined not exceeding one thousand dollars".  This was proclaimed by the Congress of the United States in 1970.

And where are we now?  The Congress itself is committing treason against the people, as is the president who has gone so far as to announce he has a "kill list" of individuals that he has determined need to die.  He has amassed an army of drones to accomplish this.  The citizens know this yet do nothing. The mainstream media announced that 70 people were murdered in Afghanistan while attending a wedding.  Yet, the braindead public keeps waving their flags.  

I often wonder what will it take for the people to rise up and say NO MORE?  How much death, suffering and financial devastation will they endure at the hands of the most corrupt government on the planet?  Please watch this you tube video published on Jan 16, 2013 of a Congressional hearing in which a financial terrorist at the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank admits they "lost" over 9 trillion dollars As always happens, these congressional hearings are nothing more than dog and pony shows. Nothing ever happens to the highest level criminals who make such admissions in front of Congress.  Check out to see former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine, in testimony before Congress, apologize but say he did not know what happened to the $1.2 billion in missing customer money. Why is he not in prison for stealing such a huge amount of money from his clients? 

Of course, the never ending creation of disease and death caused by big pharma drugs continues, even in the face of increasing studies proving what is going on.  If you know anyone undergoing chemotherapy, please have them go to  As it turns out, a study published in the journal Nature Medicine highlights in full detail how chemotherapy causes healthy cells to release a protein that actually feeds cancer cells and causes them to thrive and proliferate.  As expected, this is being ignored by the mainstream scientific community.  The murder by medicine continues. 

As I mentioned last week, polio vaccines are CAUSING paralysis ( ).  Yet, as reported by investigative journalist Christina England in her most recent article which can be read at, the African government is stating that children paralyzed after a meningitis vaccine are not truly paralyzed; it is "all in their head".  Christina will be my guest this Sunday (February 3rd) on from 4-6 PM EST to discuss this disgusting situation.  (More information about this story can be accessed at ).

Amazingly, the mainstream media actually reported that evidence is growing that narcolepsy is linked to the GSK swine flu shot;  Yet, the assault with bioweapon flu vaccines continues.

As I write this, a woman just called me to ask how she can avoid getting a rabies vaccine for her dog, since she listens to my shows and has learned how dangerous vaccines are.  In fact, the package insert for the rabies vaccine (which you can read at actually admits that the tissues used to culture vaccine viruses cause autoimmune disease!  (This is true for all vaccines, but this is the only place I have seen it admitted).  My response to the woman was you avoid getting a rabies vaccine by NOT TAKING YOUR DOG TO THE VETERINARIAN!  It is so amazing to me that people don't get that what they need to do is learn how to say NO.

Lastly, be advised that a company has developed technology to print raw meat using a bioprinter ( ).  Will such "food" be labeled so consumers know what they are getting?  Most likely not GMO food does not need to be labeled, so why should this frankenfood be labeled?


 If you need help in reversing your disease with natural therapies. please go to to learn how Dr. Carley does consult.  Also, listen to "What's Ailing America? On on Sat from 1-3 PM EST and on on Sun from 4-6 PM EST.

The information contained herein is not designed to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure disease. Seek medical advice from a lincensed medical physician (if you dare) before using any product or therapy.

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