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Friday, February 22nd, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, February 15th and Friday, February 22nd, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 1.8 % from $1,610.10 to $1,581.50
Silver fell 3.5 % from $29.80 to $28.76
Platinum fell 4.3 % from $1,680 to $1,607
Palladium fell 2.2 % from $754 to $737
DJIA rose 0.1 % from 13,981.76 to 14,000.57
NASDAQ fell 0.9 % from 3,192.03 to 3,161.82
NYSE fell 0.4 % from 8,933.22 to 8,894.63
US Dollar Index rose 1.2 % from 80.47 to 81.47
Crude Oil fell 2.9 % from $96.08 to $93.25

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Adam Smith: The Origin and Use of Money

by Alfred Adask

Adam Smith (1723 - 1790) was a Scottish moral philosopher and a pioneer of political economics who’s best known for writing An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (A.D. 1776). This book (usually abbreviated as “The Wealth of Nations”) is considered the first modern work of economics. Smith is cited as the father of modern economics and is still among the most influential thinkers in the field of economics today

Chapter IV of Book I of The Wealth of Nations is entitled “Of the Origin and Use of Money”.  In that chapter, Smith explains that,
“[I]t is but a very small part of a man's wants which the produce of his own labour can supply. He supplies the far greater part of them by exchanging that surplus part of the produce of his own labour, which is over and above his own consumption, for such parts of the produce of other men's labour as he has occasion for.  Every man thus lives by exchanging, or becomes in some measure a merchant, and the society itself grows to be what is properly a commercial society.”
But there’s a problem with this system of barter. Suppose one man has more of a certain commodity than he can use, and another man has less.  The former would be glad to dispose of his excess; the later would be glad to buy it.  But if the latter has nothing to trade that the former needs, no exchange can be made between them.

For example, a butcher may have more meat in his shop than he can consume.  A baker might be willing to purchase a part of that meat. But he has nothing to offer in exchange except his excess bread, and the butcher already has enough bread for his immediate needs.  If he doesn’t find someone to buy his meat, his meat will spoil.  If he trades his meat for bread he doesn’t need, the bread will spoil.  Therefore, no “exchange” can be made.

This illustrates the need for money as a means of storing wealth.  I.e., if the butcher could “exchange” his excess meat for gold, he could spend that gold one month or one year later when he finally needed to buy more bread. 

The “storage” capacity of money is based on the fact that true “money” doesn’t spoil.   An ounce of gold, today, will still be an ounce of gold next year and next century.  However, a loaf of bread, today, could be a mound of mold next week, and nothing but dust a year from now. 

Similarly, with a currency like Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), the “storage” capacity is limited by the gov-co’s inclination to inflate the currency and defraud those who hold paper dollars.  FRNs don’t “perish” as rapidly as bread, but FRNs do “perish” due to inflation.

Thus, real “money” must be composed of something (like metal) that does not easily “perish”. 

•  Even more importantly, once a butcher can exchange his “over-production” for a non-perishable money, he is encouraged to work harder, longer, and more efficiently so as produce more and more excess meat that he can exchange for more “money” that will store the value of his excess production.   A viable “money” makes the butcher more industrious.

However, without a “money” that won’t perish or depreciate in value, there’s no point to hard work and “over-production” since the butcher’s excess meat will rot without another buyer who has only bread to trade. 

Implication:  Without real money, it would be inefficient and even unwise to “over-produce” since most over-production would simply go to waste.  Therefore a real money is conducive and even necessary to foster hard work, over-production, profits and a prosperous society

It would seem to follow that, in the absence of real money (gold), a society would tend to suffer economic degradation, diminished profits and declining prosperity.  If so, a “legal tender” (like paper and digital “dollars”) would tend to impoverish a nation.

The “perishable” (inflatable) nature of FRNs guarantees that creditors will be robbed of at least part of the “excess production” that’s stored in their currency.  As creditors are robbed by inflation, there’s less incentive to work, more incentive to live on welfare, less incentive to save and a constant loss of the creditors’ wealth.  As creditors lose their wealth that’s stored in FRNs, there’s less and less savings to invest in new farms, factories, homes or businesses and the entire economy tends to slide towards poverty. 

This analysis parallels what we’ve seen in the US ever since our currency became a pure fiat dollar in A.D. 1971. 

Point:  A real “money” is indispensable for a prosperous nation.

•  Result:  Centuries ago, people realized that they needed some 3rd, common commodity that everyone always wanted that could be used a medium of exchange that would allow the butcher to sell his meat to the baker—even when he didn’t need any more bread.  Adam Smith listed some of those early “common instruments of commerce” as cattle, salt, shells, dried cod, tobacco, sugar, hides and even nails.  However,
“In all countries, men seem at last to have been determined by irresistible reasons  [non-perishable, store of value] to give the preference, for this employment, to metals above every other commodity. Metals can not only be kept with as little loss as any other commodity, . . . but they can likewise be divided into any number of parts, [and] by fusion those parts can easily be reunited again; a quality which no other equally durable commodities possess, and which more than any other quality renders them fit to be the instruments of commerce and circulation.

“The man who wanted to buy salt, for example, and had nothing but cattle to give in exchange for it, must have been obliged to buy salt to the value of a whole ox, or a whole sheep, at a time. He could seldom buy less than this, because what he was to give for it could seldom be divided without loss . . . . [But] If, on the contrary, instead of sheep or oxen, he had metals to give in exchange for it, he could easily proportion the quantity of the metal to the precise quantity of the commodity which he had immediate occasion for.

“Different metals have been made use of by different nations for this purpose. Iron was the common instrument of commerce among the antient Spartans; copper among the antient Romans; and gold and silver among all rich and commercial nations.” 

“[However,] the use of metals in this rude state was attended with two very considerable inconveniencies; first with the trouble of weighing; and, secondly, with that of assaying them.”
I.e., if the butcher wants to sell his excess meat and is willing to take a chunk of iron in return, how much does that iron weigh?  Does the chunk weight a full pound—or only 10 ounces?  More, is it pure iron, or has it been adulterated with impurities that would make that “chunk” less valuable? 

The difficulty inherent in both weighing and assaying each “chunk” of metallic money for each transaction would render the “chunks” of metallic money inconvenient and hard to use.  More,
“Before the institution of coined money, unless they went through this tedious and difficult operation [of both weighing and assaying each “chunk” of metallic money], people must always have been liable to the grossest frauds and impositions, and instead of a pound weight of pure silver, or pure copper, [they] might receive in exchange for their goods an adulterated composition of the coarsest and cheapest materials . . . .

“To prevent such abuses, to facilitate exchanges, and thereby to encourage all sorts of industry and commerce, it has been found necessary, in all countries that have made any considerable advances towards improvement, to affix a public stamp upon certain quantities of such particular metals, as were in those countries commonly made use of to purchase goods.

“Hence the origin of coined money . . . .  meant to ascertain, by means of a public stamp, the quantity and uniform goodness of those different commodities when brought to market.”
What is this “stamp”?  It’s a security device that consists of the total, engraved image that’s cast onto both faces (the “head” and the “tail”) and the edge of the coin. 

The metallic disk (say, one ounce of gold) is the “money”.  The image that’s engraved into the two faces and edge of that metallic disk is the “stamp”.   Because the “stamp” covers the entirety of the surface of the coin, it’s virtually impossible for portions of the coin to be removed without instantly revealing the loss.  Therefore, the “stamp” essentially certifies that the particular disk is of a particular weight and fineness. 
“The inconvenience and difficulty of weighing those metals with exactness gave occasion to the institution of coins, of which the stamp, covering entirely both sides of the piece and sometimes the edges too, was supposed to ascertain not only the fineness, but the weight of the metal. Such coins, therefore, were received by tale as at present, without the trouble of weighing.”
Webster’s A.D. 1828 Dictionary offers seven definitions for “tale”—one of which one seems similar to the meaning Smith intended:
“4. Number reckoned.—The ignorant reckon by tale, not by weight.”
In other words, a money “received by tale” would be received as whatever amount was declared on the face of money itself.  The “number reckoned” by the government and “stamped” on the face of the coin would be accepted as the true weight of the mass of the pure metal within the coin—without need to weigh or assay the coin, itself.  Common people would trust the governmental “stamp” on the coin to accurately reveal the value/weight of the metal in the coin.

One example of a “money” that might’ve been “received by tale” was the $1 trillion platinum coin that was recently proposed as a solution to the budget deficit.  The gov-co would take a one-ounce disk of platinum (currently worth about $1,700), stamp an image on that coin that included the words “One Trillion Dollars” and look for some sucker to accept that coin by “tale” as being worth $1 trillion.)

Here’s another example.  Until A.D. 1968, the “dollar” was defined as a particular weight of silver.  Therefore, prior to A.D. 1968, if the stamp on a coin read “One Dollar,” it would be automatically accepted and received as one dollar’s weight of silver without need for weighing or assaying the coin.  More, if the “stamp” on a paper dollar said “One Dollar,” that stamp would be deemed worth one ounce of silver since the paper bill could be redeemed for a silver dollar.

The government’s stamp on the coin created confidence in the minds of the people that the coin was truly of a particular weight and purity, without need for further measurement and that the paper dollar was also worth one ounce of silver. 

As people’s confidence in the weight and purity of “stamped” coins grew, there was no need to weigh and assay the metallic money in each transaction and the “velocity” of commerce increased.  If “stamped” money didn’t truly “make the world go around,” it at least made it “go around” faster.

•  But note that Webster’s definition of “tale” also explained that “The ignorant reckon by tale and not by weight.” 

In other words, the ignorant are so trusting that they believe whatever they read on the stamp on the coin, rather than taking time to actually weigh and assay the coin to ascertain it’s true weight and purity.  The ignorant/trusting are thus easily subject to counterfeit and fiat currency.

And note that today, most Americans figuratively accept whatever value is “stamped” by the government and/or Federal Reserve on a piece of paper as being the true “weight” (value) in dollars of that piece of paper. 

But a $100 bill has no more intrinsic weight (value) than a $1 bill.  The only difference is the “stamp”.  Thus, if we were to judge modern Americans’ use of FRNs by Webster’s definition of “tale,” we’d have to admit that those of us who accept paper dollars based in their “stamp” rather than their weight are “ignorant”—and easily defrauded by counterfeit and fiat currency.  

As Americans, we have come to “ignorantly” accept the value of any monetary instrument, be it coin or paper, to be based on the government’s “stamp” rather than its weight in metal.  Our willingness to trust in the “stamp” rather than in actual weight in metal has allowed our government to grow monstrous.  All government has to do to make more “money” is to place its “stamp” on a piece of paper.    Government can issue tons of paper stamps that we ignorantly accept as “money--but which are actually debt-instruments.

According to Webster, our willingness to accept the government’s “stamps” as if they were money means we are “ignorant”.

Webster was right.

Our willingness to ignorantly accept the government’s stamp as if it were real “money” (a physical mass of gold or silver) is based on our willingness to trust our government.  As late as A.D. 1968, that confidence in government and belief in the tale/stamp was justified insofar as a One Dollar stamp on paper could be redeemed with One Dollar’s weight in silver.  The $1 paper stamp was worth one silver dollar (one ounce of silver).

But, today, that same government stamp of “One Dollar” is worth only about 1/30th of an ounce of silver.   In the 45 years since A.D. 1968, the true value of the One Dollar “stamp” has diminished by 97%.  Nevertheless, we accept the government’s stamp as if the government was trustworthy and their stamp (rather than metal) is money.

Perhaps Webster was too kind when he described those who reckon by “tale rather than weight” as merely ignorant.  It might be more honest to describe such people as a bunch of fools headed for poverty and national self-destruction.

Mr. Smith explains why:
“For in every country of the world, the avarice and injustice of princes and sovereign states, abusing the confidence of their subjects, have by degrees diminished the real quantity of metal, which had been originally contained in their coins.

“The Roman As [an early measure of “money” by weight of iron], in the latter ages of the Republic, was reduced to the twenty-fourth part of its original value, and, instead of weighing a pound, came to weigh only half an ounce. The English pound and penny contain at present [A.D. 1776] about a third only [of their original weight in precious metal]; the Scots pound and penny about a thirty-sixth; and the French pound and penny about a sixty-sixth part of their original value.”
Nothing new under the sun.  Virtually all governments for the past 1,000 years have routinely debased their national currencies.  Currency debasement (inflation) isn’t rare or recent.  It’s what governments do.

How much “metal” is currently contained in your fiat dollar?  Zero. 

The astonishing thing is not that our fiat dollar has lost 97% of its value in the past 45 years.  The astonishing thing is that it’s retained any value (3%) whatsoever.
“By means of those operations the princes and sovereign states which performed them were enabled, in appearance, to pay their debts and to fulfil their engagements [promises] with a smaller quantity of silver than would otherwise have been requisite.”
By inflating their currencies, they could figuratively “pay off their debts with cheaper (less metallic) dollars”.  If they borrowed $100,000 they would repay $100,000 and thereby appear to have repaid their debt in full.  But after inflating their currency, they might repay the $100,000 loan “nominally” with dollars worth only 50 cents each and thus rob their creditor of $50,000 in purchasing power.
“It [government’s purported ‘payment”] was indeed in appearance only; for their creditors were really defrauded of a part of what was due to them. All other debtors in the state were allowed the same privilege, and might pay with the same nominal sum of the new and debased coin whatever they had borrowed in the old. Such operations, therefore, have always proved favourable to the debtor, and ruinous to the creditor, and have sometimes produced a greater and more universal revolution in the fortunes of private persons, than could have been occasioned by a very great public calamity.”
By “universal revolution,” Smith refers to the kind of catastrophic “economic depression” that can strike a nation that allows its government to issue stamps (fiat currency) rather than metallic money.  These catastrophes are caused by public ignorance and governmental avarice.
“It is in this manner that money has become in all civilized nations the universal instrument of commerce . . . .”
And, in this manner, paper, fiat “money” has also become the universal instrument of fraud whereby people have been “trained” to accept a governmental “stamp” as if it were money.

•  I never cease to be amazed at my own ignorance—or by the ignorance of others.  236 years ago, Adam Smith warned how money has been routinely devalued by governments for at least 1,000 years.  And yet, most of today’s Americans can’t even imagine that our government is intentionally robbing us by means of inflation. 

Those who won’t learn from history are destined to be robbed.

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Report on Human Immune System
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

It is an interesting thing when I talk with people and I ask them if they feel their immunity is strong (and I mean strong enough to protect them from drug-resistant pathogens)? For the most part most respond with "probably not" or "I'm not sure." I hate to say it but we live in times when you'd better make sure. If they are not sure if their immune system could deal with a rhinovirus developing into an URI without drugs, then I guess I'm glad I didn't ask if they could survive a plague.  The statistics on how frail our human immune system is today is shocking. We have 89.9% of Americans exposed to vaccines and antibiotics from birth. Vaccines and antibiotics are the major tools being used to strip away our natural immune system leaving us vulnerable to disease.

We are now in the heart of the cold and flu season. The media is telling us that fewer people are seeking medical treatment for the flu. What most are not hearing is that there is an up-tick in the URI's and it is so bad that it is requiring a 4-week course of some very strong antibiotics. Most folks can take an antibiotic and reduce the symptoms enough to be able to go to work or school. Of course they are still coughing and spreading the infection to others. Through treatments modern medicine has created a super-race of pathogens that soon no drug will be able to stop. Everyone knows this day is coming; scientists, medical physicians, drug companies and you and I know this problem exists and it is not going away. What makes our situation much worse is that the drug and vaccine treatments have weakened our immune systems and are changing our bodies. Today, the immune system of the average vaccinated, antibiotic-popping adult is not as strong as the antibiotic-free, non-vaccinated three-year-old.

The International Medical Council on Vaccination offers some information resources for physicians and laypersons on immunity. There is an interesting 2011 report on our immunity and vaccines by Dr. Harold Buttram and Catherine Frompovich, titled; Basics of the Human Immune System Prior to Introduction of Vaccines: Are Vaccines Turning Our Children's Immune Systems Inside Out? According to Dr. Buttram, newborn babies have temporary protection with maternal antibodies and that the baby's immune system is like a muscle that must be exercised to become strong. Through natural exposure to childhood disease the immune system is challenged to become fully functional by the time the child is three. In our early years, disease strengthens both epithelial and endothelial tissues, respective organs and lymph nodes. When we are exposed to disease naturally, it offers a conferring permanent immunity, which is not the case with vaccines. If that were not true there would be no need for booster vaccinations. Dr. Buttram's report is sprinkled with research by others supporting what Dr. Rebecca Carley has been saying that vaccines are causing autoimmune diseases, asthma, diabetes, cancer and the disease list is long. 

According to Dr. Buttram's report, the way to avoid childhood disease isn't necessarily through vaccines but is through diet. Nutrition plays a big role in health and avoiding sugar and eating more fruits and vegetables with vitamin A & C helps to protect your immunity. Most people link the cold and flu season to winter cold weather and being in doors more. Perhaps, but it is also the time of year more sugar is served up in holiday festivities.  Research by Professor Emanuel Cheraskin at Alabama University Medical School showed that drinking one sugar-rich soda is enough to paralyze our macrophages (immune system white blood cells) by more than 50%.

When you pump drugs and vaccines into the human system it will make changes. The antibiotics will stifle the immune system with repeated suppressions each time the drug is used. The immune system muscle becomes very weak. When vaccines are injected into the blood we are changing our DNA and RNA code. Dr. Carley has reported on this as well and researchers are calling this "transcession." This term describes the vaccines as bringing about genetic hybridization. This is a big threat to future generations and Dr. Buttram calls this "the greatest hazard of today's childhood vaccine program." He goes on to say that vaccine pharmacology has many ripple effects and medicine is either not prepared or unwilling to address the unknown effects that are awaiting us. You can read more about childhood vaccines in Dr. Harold Buttram's book, A Commentary on Current Childhood Vaccine Programs (ISBN:1-891485-30-X).

I do not believe it is an accident that the vaccine program is destroying our immune system, creating disease and changing the very fiber of our bodies. Injecting what is essentially a bio-weapon directly into our bloodstream is not logical and is insanity. As science sees the vaccine industry becoming more advanced it is in realty becoming more deadly. Animal DNA used in the vaccines will change us on a cellular level. Fetus tissue in the vaccines is tantamount to cannibalism. Making such vaccines mandatory for certain employees and public school students is even more threatening to our way of life and existence. When you don't do your homework and roll up your sleeve or your child's sleeve, you are hoping the shot will do no harm. Evidence once suppressed is now being exposed thanks to researchers, parents and physicians such as Dr. Carley who have the guts to speak out. This is where you stand up for yourself, your family and the next generation and say NO. More people die from vaccine-induced disease than from firearms. If you can say no to gun confiscation you can say no to vaccines.

Now is the time to rebuild your weak immune system. If you can't get past a sinus infection, bronchitis, head cold, virus or flu without over-the-counter or prescription drugs, then it is time to get to work. My concern is that eventually there will be a tight restriction on drugs through government healthcare, drugs will be very expensive or their availability will be almost nonexistent. What will the folks with weak immunity do then? Recovering your natural immunity will require effort and you need to rest as much as you can when sick. There are herbs to help you rebuild your immune system and you can get over the common cold and flu bug in 2-3 days. The more aggressive strains may set you back 5-7 days but you will have produced antibodies making you much stronger the next time the bug is around. Call Apothecary Herbs for their free product catalog. Learn how to use herbs to boost your immune system and shorten the duration of illness. Learn how to detoxify the body making it easier for your immune system to work. The folks at Apothecary Herbs specialize in organ cleansing and immune boosting and more information is available on their website. Call their toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 or visit them online at, where your healthcare options just became endless. February is the BIG flu month and you can save an additional 15% off on the Deluxe Cold & Flu Package with coupon FEB13. Check out their FREE Stuff Monday - not to be used with other discounts or promotions.

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Misleading Drug Info
by Dr. Stefanie Gross-Rodsater D.C. 

The drug leaflets given out by your pharmacy should be read but according to a patient survey most people don't read them. Why? People assume that the drug their doctor prescribed for them is safe. However, your doctor has nothing to do with the printed information dispensed at the pharmacy with the drug. Your doctor has no way of knowing what information is disclosed on the drug by the drug manufacturer or pharmacy. Based on recent discoveries that the drug trails are not accurate and in a majority of the studies the results are completely fabricated and ghost writers are hired by the pharmaceutical companies to make the drugs look good in medical journals – the literature you doctor reads. 

By law, your pharmacist is required to provide some kind of information (called leaflets) on the drug they are filling for you. Patients think the information contained in these leaflets is scientifically proven without any doubts. The leaflets will contain the drug's name (if generic the generic name is listed), dose and usage information, as well as the side effects. Are all the side effects known on the drug listed? Most often they are not.

The Public Citizen's group reported that drug companies are not meeting the FDA's goals and the requirements of Congress on prescribed medications. And why should they? They have a powerful presence in the industry and influence many.  The only way patients would be 100% safe taking any prescription drug is if the human behavior of corruption or greed were no more.

In 2002 a study was done in Washington DC evaluating the top 23 drugs sold, which were required by the FDA to have a "black box" warning on the product packaging. They discovered that not one of the leaflets distributed at the pharmacy provided this warning as required by law. The information in the leaflets was provided by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and was incomplete and inaccurate. Another study by the University of Wisconsin, they evaluated 1,300 leaflets on four common drugs and determined that the information given had only minimum scientific and accurate drug information. So, let's say patients are given about 50% of the information on the drug they are putting into their body. Would you say that is acceptable? Would you think that the incomplete drug information is misleading and dangerous?

"Half the truth is a whole lie." Benjamin Franklin

"A lie that is half-truth is the darkest of all lies." Alfred Tennyson

Any prescription drug can be dangerous and even lethal. Thoroughly investigate any medical treatment. Get more than one opinion because there is always more than one way to address problems.

Patient Information Program Failing Under Private Sector Management July 31, 2003
Patients Get Bad Information on Drugs. The Chiropractic Journal, December 2003
Mansfield, RP, How Does Pharmaceutical Company Promotions effect Prescribing, International Conference on Improving Use of Medicines.

This information was provided by Dr. Stefanie Gross-Rodsater D.C.,  a doctor of chiropractic in Huntersville, NC at Adjusting the World Chiropractic.  Dr. Stefanie has been certified through the ICPA in Webster's technique and Pediatric Chiropractic.  Check out and

What's Ailing America?

by Rebecca Carley, MD

This newsletter is a continuation from last week.  I am going to continue to enumerate very important documents and websites which prove beyond ANY doubt that vaccines are bioweapons being intentionally used to depopulate the earth.  This is genocide, a crime against humanity.  Since there is no agency that is not aiding and abetting the psychopaths behind it all to report these crimes to, only a critical mass of humanity facing reality and rising up against their predators will stop this.  And the answer is so simple just say NO!  Take heart at the fact that there is a massive awakening of humanity happening at this time, as I have witnessed based on the number of people I hear from in other countries.  The investigation into the vaccine induced paralysis and seizures in the Tibu children of Chad has brought together a number of investigators who are exposing this atrocity.  One of the amazing people who is involved is Desiree Rover, medical research journalist, author and radio host from the Netherlands.  She has translated many of the documents involving the Tibu children from French to English.  

(One of the most important documents she translated was the WHO adverse event following immunization guidelines (, which they NEVER follow). Desiree is very active in the Netherlands regarding the "big picture" of assaults being made in the war being waged on humanity; please listen to her interview of me on 2/17/13 available at (she will also be my guest this Sunday (2/24/13) on As we on the front lines compare notes and strategies, the momentum of the awakening is increasing. It is very important to remember this as the psychopaths'gnashing of teeth becomes more obvious.

I will now continue to list other important documents which I suggest you print out and put in your "Proof that Vaccines are Bioweapons" notebook. 

Document # 5:  "Not for publication" documents  uncovered by UK investigative journalist Christina Endland proving the UK vaccine promoters have known for decades that vaccines cause subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (which is autism) .  These documents are available in her article available at

Document # 6:  Article "A Dragon by the Tail" by Lisa Reagan which reveals the massive conflicts of interest involving all of the vaccine promoting agencies ( ). This one article proves criminal conspiracy among so many entities who promote bioweapon vaccines as a health care miracle.

DOCUMENT # 7: Physicians Warranty of Vaccine Safety  available here.

This very important document I found years ago on the internet can be downloaded and presented to anyone trying to coerce you to accept inoculations.  They will be signing that they know everything in the vaccines, and guarantee these ingredients cannot hurt your child (or pet).  NO VACCINATOR WILL EVER SIGN THIS FORM; and in addition to the available vaccine exemption(s) in your state, you should be able to put up a wall to protect your loved one from assault by syringe. 

DOCUMENT # 8: "Science of Vaccine Damage" article available here. This article includes references from 19 scientific studies done at Purdue University Veterinary School between 1985and 2005 which found what I have been saying for so many years that vaccines cause a corruption in the immune system which leads to all autoimmune disease, non-traumatic seizures, cancer and genetic damage, in people and in pets. (Note that Big Pharma was NOT involved in these studies; rather they were funded by the Hayword Foundation (as concern that vaccines were affecting the immune system already existed).  Yet, this evidence going back almost 3 decades has been ignored by the "Dragon by the Tail" crowd.  I was sent this article a few years ago, and it has validated what I figured out over 15 years ago that vaccine induced diseases are the biggest epidemic the world has ever known.

 DOCUMENT # 9: Package Insert for Rabies vaccine  available at This is the only vaccine package insert I have ever seen that admits that "Tissue-origin vaccines contain extraneous protein in addition to rabies antigen that can lead to autoimmune disease."  Ask your white coat to explain why this fact is not true for ALL vaccines.

DOCUMENT # 10: NIH grant to the Wistar Institute to develop a vaccine for WEAPONIZED RABIES VIRUS which can be given orally or intranasally (and therefore can be aerosolized)  available at OBVIOUSLY THEY HAD TO DEVELOP THE WEAPONIZED RABIES VIRUS FIRST.

DOCUMENT # 11: Special Article: Fifty Years Later: The Significance of the Nuremberg Code" From the New England Journal of Medicine available at It states in this article that "The Nuremberg Code is the most important document in the history of the ethics of medical research. 1-6 The Code was formulated 50 years ago, in August 1947, in Nuremberg, Germany, by American judges sitting in judgment of Nazi doctors accused of conducting murderous and torturous human experiments in the concentration camps (the so-called Doctors' Trial). 7 It served as a blueprint for today's principles that ensure the rights of subjects in medical research."  Putting aside the fraud involved in the "holocaust fairytale", the fact that the NEJM would be publishing an article on the Nuremburg Code and how important its ethical principles are the ultimate example of "opposite day".  The medical mafia of today is controlled by psychopaths who are causing disease intentionally, committing euthanasia and genocide, and developing new ways to cause neurological dysfunction at many levels.  Documents 1-10 when combined with document 11 should send any vaccine promoter running with their tail between their legs.  Please do e-mail or skype me with any experiences you have SHARING THESE DOCUMENTS!  

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