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Friday, March 1st, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, February 22nd and Friday, March 1st, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 0.3 % from $1,581.50 to $1,576.80
Silver fell 0.6 % from $28.76 to $28.58
Platinum fell 2.2 % from $1,607 to $1,571
Palladium fell 2.3 % from $737 to $720
DJIA rose 0.6 % from 14,000.57 to 14,089.66
NASDAQ rose 0.2 % from 3,161.82 to 3,169.74
NYSE fell 0.2 % from 8,894.63 to 8,874.19
US Dollar Index rose 1.0 % from 81.47 to 82.29
Crude Oil fell 2.5 % from $93.25 to $90.89

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

First Principle: All Rights Flow From Title

by Alfred Adask

What follows is personal conjecture that I cannot prove and might contain fundamental errors.  But I’ve considered these possibilities for over a decade and I remain convinced that they’re at least interesting and possibly correct:

According to Bouvier's Law Dictionary (1856 A.D.), all rights flow from title.

For example, my "right" to drive or sell my car, is based on my "title" to that car. So long as I have valid title, I have the right to drive or sell that car.  My “rights” to any property flow from my title to that property.

But since I lack title to your car, I have no right to drive it. If I attempt to drive or sell a car for which I have no title, I can be charged with a crime. The same is true for houses, computers or any other form of property. Rights flow from title.

Thus, if you have no title, you have no rights.  If you have diminished title, you have diminished rights.

The idea that rights flow from title is, for most Americans, important and unexpected. I.e., most of us believe that we go to a Ford dealer to buy a physical automobile when, in fact, we are actually buying the title to the particular automobile. We don’t buy the car; we buy the title to the car.  This distinction may seem irrelevant, but it's vital. Legally, that 2,000-pound car is virtually insignificant. It’s the title that has value. When you "buy" a property, you're not really "buy­ing" the land, the car, the house—you're "buying" the title to that property.

Anyone who doubts that rights flow from title and the real ob­ject of sales is the title rather than the tangible object, need only try "buying" a new Cadillac from some stranger on the street for $500. I guarantee that if you didn't get a legitimate title to that Caddy, you've got nothing. When the police catch up with you, you'll certainly loose possession of the Caddy and you'll probably have to do some very fancy talking to avoid being charged with receiving stolen property (receiving property without a legitimate title).

Once you recognize that your right to drive the Caddy flows from the title to that car, you'll begin to see that the critical element of every sale is not the physical property, but the title to that prop­erty. In the final analysis, ownership of the physical Cadillac is noth­ing. Ownership of the title to that Caddy is everything.

That being so, next time you purchase a car, you might want to spend less time relishing the new car smell and all the bells and whistles on the dashboard, and instead pay close attention to the real item of value: the title.  But if you’re like most Americans, you don’t even know what the title to your car is.

Ancient principle

The relationship between title and rights is enshrined in the an­cient principle that the person who owns the money also owns what­ever that money is used to buy.

For example, suppose I give an employee $100 and send him to town to buy some groceries—who owns the groceries?  Me or my employee?  In fact, even if the receipt carries the employee's name, if I owned the money, the groceries purchased with my “money” are legally mine.

(But did I really own that "money"?)

That same principle applies to the purchase of automobiles with bank loans. Because the bank "owns" the "money" (actually, credit) that you borrowed to purchase the car, the bank also owns title to the car—at least, until you repay the loan used to purchase the automo­bile.

(But did the bank really own the “money”?)

At first glance, most people would say the relation between title and rights seems fairly clear. But that relationship is actually quite subtle and confusing since every property contains two titles: legal title (right of ownership and control) and equitable title or interest (right of use or possession). While most of us understand whether or not we have a "title" to a particular piece of property, few of us know to ask what kind of title we have.

Determining the kind of title is critical since our rights “flow from title” and therefore our rights relative to a particular property vary hugely depend­ing on whether we have: 1) legal title; or 2) equitable title; or 3) both titles (“perfect title”) to that particular property.  The kind of title we have determines the kind of rights we have.

The difference between legal and equitable titles can be superfi­cially illustrated by comparing the rights of a father who presumably "owns" his car to the rights of his teenage son who wants to "use" dad's car.

If the father has legal title, then he owns the car and can do what­ever he wants with it, whenever he wants. While he may give his son "equitable title" to use the car for his Friday night dates, that equi­table title is always subject to Dad's legal title and consequent right of absolute control.  If dad says no cigarette butts in the ashtray, Junior had better do as dad says if he wants to use dad’s car again. 

The person holding legal title always holds superior, control­ling rights; the person holding equitable title has inferior and condi­tional rights. Dad can regulate or stop Junior from using Dad's car anytime Dad wants, for any reason Dad thinks is appropriate—and Junior has virtually no recourse.

Figuratively speaking, the guy with legal title is always the "man"; the guy with equitable title is always the "boy".

The man who owns the money . . .

If you read the text on the Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) in your wallet, you'll see, "THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE."  Some people still regard this statement as an assur­ance that our paper "money" is as "good as gold". They couldn't be more mistaken.

I’m sure that pre-1933 gold coins were lawful "tender" with which people could buy both legal and equitable titles to property.  When you held a gold coin in your hand, it was presumed that you owned that one ounce of gold and therefore held both legal and equitable titles to that one-ounce coin.  Because you held both legal and equitable titles to the coin, you could use that coin to buy both legal and equitable titles to whatever good or product that you wanted to buy.

However, today, our currency is not “tender” (the term seen in Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1 of the Constitution and refers to gold and silver coin).  Instead, we have pieces of paper (Federal Reserve Notes; “FRNs” and digital units of credit on our credit cards) that are labeled as “legal tender”.  “Legal tender” is not equivalent to constitutional “tender”.  With “tender” (gold/silver) you can buy both legal and equitable titles to property.  With “legal tender” you can only acquire equitable title.

I’m convinced that "legal tender" (a kind of legal fiction that's enforced by law) is a disability since the person using this inferior form of currency can only "purchase" equi­table title to property. (The distinction between "buy" and "purchase" is enormous. You "buy" or “exchange” legal title, but you can only "purchase" or “transfer” equi­table title.)

The "legal tender" statement on every FRN is the government’s/Federal Reserve System's way of providing legal notice (just like the warnings on packages of cigarettes) that FRNs are not as "good as gold" and should not be used unless you're willing to accept the "legal tender" disability.

FRNs are an inferior form of currency (not true money) because the Federal Reserve System loans FRNs into circulation. Being loaned into circulation, FRNs are similar to cars purchased with bank loans. I.e., so long as the money used to purchase the car belongs to the bank (until you completely repay the loan), title to the car remains with the bank. That may be part of the reason why the bank can repossess your car if you fall behind in your payments without even taking you to court. Until the original bank loan is completely repaid, you have no unaliened title to "your" car and thus no right to resist a taking by the bank that holds superior title. The bank can repossess your car just like a daddy can repossess a bicycle from his misbehaving child.

As another illustration, suppose I bought a very distinctive pen that was worth $200.  Suppose I loaned my pen to Bob.  Although I owned both legal and equitable titles to the pen, by loaning my pen to Bob, I would figuratively give equitable title to the pen to Bob.  I would retain legal title to the pen (actual ownership).  Bob would enjoy equitable title to use the pen so long as I agreed to lend it to him. 

Bob’s friends and family would notice the distinctive pen Bob was using and, after a while, would begin to refer to the pen as “Bob’s pen”. People would routinely confuse Bob’s equitable right to use the pen with the legal right to own and control the pen. 

But, if I loaned the pen to Bob, that’s my pen.  Bob might be entitled to use that pen for years, but I can take my pen back anytime I please so long as I hold legal title.  Hypothetically, I might even be able to argue in a court of law that, because Bob used my pen and my ink to write his latest novel, I’m therefore entitled to a percentage of the profits earned from selling that book. 

Similarly, because FRNs are loaned into circulation, until the original loan that placed some particular FRNs into circula­tion is repaid, legal title to the physical pieces of green paper you carry in your wallet remains with Federal Reserve System. You may have equitable title to “use” those green pieces of paper, but you don’t own them.  You don’t have legal title to the FRNs in your wallet.

That's probably why police can seize ("repossess") any sum of cash over $10,000 without going to court. In truth, the person holding all that cash has only equitable title to that $10,000 and thus no legal title and no legal right to resist the government's seizure.  Even though they may have honestly earned the $10,000, they can’t own legal title to that “currency”—any more than you own legal title to the FRNs in your wallet.

Thus, you and I may get to "use" (have equitable title to) the FRNs in our wallets (just as Bob can "use" my pen to write his novel), but legal title to those FRNs remains with the Federal Reserve System (just as legal title to my pen remains with me after I loaned the pen to Bob).

Bizarre implications

If this chain of conjecture is valid, we're led to the seemingly bi­zarre implication that whenever we "purchase" property with FRNs, legal title to that property goes to the Federal Reserve System. (Re­member? The party that owns the money, owns whatever that money is used to buy.) As a result, by making a purchase with FRNs, we may divide the title to that property such that the Fed receive legal title and we only receive the inferior equitable title (right to possess and use) to that property.

If so, legal title to everything we've ever "purchased" with FRNs (our homes, cars, boats, clothes, etc.) may belong to the Federal Reserve System. And although we get to "use" all that property and presume it to be our own, we have no more legal rights to "our" property than the teenage boy has to his father's car. Yes, the boy's equitable right to use that car will stand up against all other boys—but it will not stand up against any controls imposed by his dad. By virtue of his superior title, dad wins every time.

Legal exchange vs. equitable transfer

True "money" (generally, gold and silver) is known as a "medium of exchange".

The word "exchange" is significant, since any transaction includ­ing legal title is described as an "exchange" while transactions involv­ing only equitable title are called "transfers". I.e., you "exchange" le­gal titles to property.

You can also simultaneously "exchange" legal and equitable title to property.

But when the title that's chang­ing hands between the seller and purchaser is only "equitable," the trans­action is a "transfer".

In an actual "exchange" of legal titles, the parties are called the "buyer" and the "seller". In a transfer of equitable title, the parties are identified as the "transferor" (corresponding to “seller”) and "transferee" (purchaser).

In a transfer there may be no true "buyer" since that term (and also "buy") normally signals the "exchange" of a legal title. Instead, in a transfer of equitable title there’s a "seller" and a "purchaser"—one who merely receives equitable title to property. While the terms "buy" and "buyer" imply the exchange of legal titles to property, "purchase" indicates only the "transfer" of a property's equitable title (and thus only the right to use—but not truly own and control—the prop­erty).

Certificates of (which?) title

The distinction between legal exchanges and equitable purchases is illuminated by Article 6687-1(24)(a) of Vernon's Texas Civil Stat­utes (1994). That article declares that an automobile's Certificate of Title must include:
"The name and address of the purchaser and seller at the first sale or transferee and transferor at any subsequent sale." [emph. add.]
The "first sale" refers to the transaction between the new car's manufacturer (seller) and the first person to "purchase"—not "buy"­ the vehicle.  All subsequent "sales" of the (now) "used car" will be between "transferor" and "transferee".

Why does the manufacturer “sell” his newly-manufactured auto to a “purchaser”?  Because the “purchaser” pays in FRNs and therefore can’t personally acquire the legal title to the new automobile.  Because FRNs are loaned into circulation, the Federal Reserve System retains legal title to the FRNs.  The purchaser who holds FRNs in his wallet is only entitled to equitable title (right of use) to those FRNs.  Thus, when FRNs are used to purchase property, the purchaser can only acquire equitable title.  Legal title to the property purchased defaults to the owner of legal title to the FRNs—the Federal Reserve System.

All subsequent sales of the (now “used” car) will not affect the legal title since the original “purchaser” only acquired equitable title and, thus, has no legal title to sell.  Therefore, all subsequent sales will be “transfers” of equitable title to the “used” car from the current owner (transferor) to another “purchaser” (transferee) who will only acquire equitable title to the “used” car.

Conjecture Applied

Let’s assume the previous conjecture is roughly correct.

And let’s assume that Bob is paying $20,000 for a new car today plus additional fees for “tax, title and license”. 

I guarantee that when Bob pays an additional fee for the “title” (in “tax, title and license”), Bob believes he’s buying perfect “title” to his car from the STATE.

But Bob is a public school graduate and therefore ignorant.  Bob doesn’t understand that when he paid $20,000 for the car, he didn’t buy the physical car, he purchased a title to that car.   Bob doesn’t understand that the actual perfect title to the car is the MSO—the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin.  Bob doesn’t understand that when the car dealer sends the MSO to the STATE, that the STATE acquires legal title (ownership and control) over “Bob’s” car.  Bob doesn’t understand that the “Certificate of Title” that the STATE sends back is not the actual “Title”—it’s merely a document that “certifies” that a title exists, that the STATE holds legal title (true ownership) to the car, and Bob holds equitable title (right of use). 

Later, Bob might wonder why the STATE gave him a traffic ticket for not fastening his seat belt, not having a Drivers License, or not having insurance on “his” car.  After all, if Bob hasn’t hurt anyone by having a accident with his car, where’s the injured party to complain about no seat belt, license or insurance? 

But Bob doesn’t understand that by virtue of discharging his debt for the car with FRNs, he only acquired equitable title to the car—and the STATE acquired legal title.  Bob doesn’t understand that by donating the MSO to the STATE, the STATE became the owner of the car and can set any rules and regulations it likes concerning the operation of its property. 

I.e., if the STATE/owner of legal title to the car says the person driving the car must have a drivers license, the driver better have one.  If STATE/owner of legal title to the car says the operator must fasten a seat belt and have insurance, the operator better comply—just as Bob once had to comply with his dad’s requirements, when Bob used his dad’s car to take his girlfriend to the Junior Prom. 

The owner of legal title to the car has every right to set the terms under which its car can be used/“operated” by the holder of equitable title.  All those traffic tickets aren’t really based on “law” so much as who holds legal title to the automobile.

Same principle applies to home and land.  The STATE can tell you how high your grass can grow or how much junk you can have in the back yard because the STATE holds legal title to your land.  You may have purchased equitable title your property, but that only entitles you to “use” that property on whatever terms are set by the STATE/owner of legal title to that property.

So long as you only hold equitable title to any of your property, you may think you “own” that property, but you don’t—you only have a right of use.

So long as you purchase property with FRNs, you’ll never purchase more than equitable title.

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Self Sufficiency

The Kitchen Sink Is Here

With all that is going on now, it brings to mind something I was told by a friend 15 years ago: when  you see a kitchen sink fly by your face you'll know that the end is near. What brings it to mind is that I  could swear I just noticed a kitchen sink fly past my face.

This friend is the same person who introduced me to William Cooper so many years ago. What he said  in full was "When they are ready to collapse the economy and bring us to the predicted WW3 (See Pike,  Manzinni) they will come at us on all fronts.

Gun Control
and TPTB's favorite, War!

The reason for the all fronts in this war against us is that we are in the process of being liquidated, and just  like the pick-pocket uses distraction to lift your wallet out of your pocket, TPTB are now in the process of using distraction  to pick our pockets one last time.  While some of us may notice TPTB picking our pockets, that too  is only a distraction. The real end game is the upcoming WAR!

While most people are busy noticing their paychecks are much smaller due to increased payroll taxes  (Obamacare) and reduced hours that so many people are having to live with, the war drums are beating  louder and louder.  China and Japan are mobilizing for war over some worthless islands and Korea has become an ICBM nuclear power and now has the capability of sending a Hiroshima-type bomb to the center of the USA to create an EMP blast that will knock out the electrical grid for most of the USA. 

We  are busy complaining about increased payroll taxes and lack of jobs, while on the western front Israel and the USA are pounding the war drums over Syria and Iran and doing everything they can up and and not limited  to calling the Syrians and Iranians little sissies to prompt the war!

The truth is TPTB need a good war to clear the books and hide their crimes. Hegel, Machiavelli to  name a few, all have advised to make sure to leave the thieves in charge when you exit the office, and  TPTB all seem to have taken that advice very seriously. Brings to mind a joke a recently heard....
A dying priest living in Wash DC (the District of Criminals) has one last dying request and that was to  meet with Obama and Harry Reid before he died. Both granted the old priest's request and met with  him. Upon meeting the old priest Obama asked why his last request was to meet with them.  The priest's answer was, "I wanted to be like Jesus.  He died between two lairs and theives."
The point is that all the above mentioned points are only distractions to the main event, and that main  event is WAR! It will matter very little if you have a good paying job once you hear the air raid sirens blearing – if you get lucky enough to get that much warning. 

I know that some may say that this is an  extreme view, but "they" (you know, "they" –  like the "they" Edmond O'Brien speaks of in the Sam Peckinpah movie, "The Wild Bunch", who substituted iron washers for gold coins). Are always known only after the fact. We are seeing unfold the same type of circumstance that brought about the Second World War and then like now people were distracted – because it was   planned that way. To quote FDR "nothing happens in Washington, DC unless it was planned that way".  The  thing to notice is the level of distraction TPTB are using today to hide their real plans.

So getting back to the topic at hand, in our opinion the time is now to get ready.  The time for waiting is over and you must begin now to prepare for the inevitable and that inevitability is WAR! This war is not going to be over land or resources it will be a population reduction war, plain and simple.  The question you must ask yourself is, do you want to be one of the many who will be  eliminated?

If you did not notice the kitchen sink fly past your head there is a name for that condition.  It's called Cognitive Dissonance.

Festinger's (1957) cognitive dissonance theory suggests that we have an inner drive to hold all our attitudes and beliefs in harmony and avoid disharmony (or dissonance) (  In simple terms, it is insisting that facts are not facts because we don't want them to be.  This is your wake up call! TPTB are very predictable, if you take the time to notice their "modus operandi". There is a Season of Sacrificial Rites during which they tend to begin wars.  This is between March 19th and 22nd, the Spring Equinox (Mark Passio, Podcast #36).  Look at the dates we invaded Iraq, Afghanistan and Lybia.  Coincidence?

What to do?

Here is a "To Do List" for your consideration:

· First and foremost GET FOOD NOW! You can do little to save your self when you are dying of hunger. I know that most say " I'm going to get around to that some day soon," but the time is now and if not now the chances are good it will be never. It makes no difference to me if the food you decide to store is some of the food many companies are hawking on the net or just a load of beans and rice. The time to do this is NOW!

· Have a source of water. It can be filters that can make non potable water drinkable or cases of bottled water. Every person in your group will need at least one gallon of potable water per day or death will come in a matter of days.

· Have a safe place to be.  If you live in a highly populated area, GET OUT NOW! Having storage food and guns and ammo will do you little good if the bombs fall on your head.  The key here is knowing what a safe place is. The greatest threat will be crowds of people who are not prepared. If you live in a densely populated area the threat will be greatest. So if you live in a densely populated area think of places you can go SOON that have the least threat.

· Guns and Ammo. I know that the cost of semi auto rifles has gone through the roof, but for those of you who have up to now put off purchasing a gun and ammo will have to pay some pretty high prices for what up till recently was affordable (I have heard that M4's and Mini 14 have gone through the roof. Some reports have it that even M1 carbines are going for $2500) So for those who have waited till the last minute, I have some suggestions. The Ruger 10-22 22 caliber semi auto (an old favorite) and a Mossberg pump shotgun may be the way to go if you can fine one to buy. The reason to have guns is not so that you can join in the "fun" of starting a revolution.  It is for defense and for hunting.

I have heard all the excuses...

My wife/husband/children, etc. will think I'm crazy
My job is here and I need my job
I not sure the time is now.... I must have more time!
I don't have enough money!

All these excuses will do you no good once war breaks out! I recently heard an ad for storage food and the catchy tag line was "better one year too early then one day too late".

Truer words were never spoken.  But again, the time to finish your preps is NOW – not sometime in the future. I know that some may say  that I'm being alarmist but you should know that "THEY" always have said people were alarmist in the past when good advice was given. At least you won't be able to say that someone did not tell you!

From the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock, available at


Double Edged Antibiotics
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

We are seeing more reports on the downside of antibiotic use. The BBC reports that "the overuse of antibiotics over the last several generations has created one of the greatest threats to modern health" ( ). Not only are the antibiotics losing their effectiveness but there are no new drugs waiting to replace the last major class of antibiotics we now have. Instead pharmaceutical companies are embarking on research to create antiviral drugs and new vaccines for non-life-threatening problems such as hair loss or snoring. Are modern medicine and the drug cartels leaving mankind holding the bag when it comes to solutions to drug-resistant pathogens? Looks like it. No amount of leaflet handouts to raise awareness to the inappropriate use of antibiotics is going to make a dent at helping patients to strengthen their weak immunity. However, there is something you can do.


When the first antibiotics were born medicine didn't contemplate the serious threat of creating drug-resistant strains. Instead, in the 1940's they celebrated that scientific medicine had defeated the death threat of bacterial infections. The arrogance reminds me of what the owner of Titanic said, "Even God could not sink this ship." Scientific medicine admitted they had no misconceptions about their golden antibiotics and allowed antibiotics to pollute our animal husbandry and food chain. Mankind has consumed more antibiotics on a daily basis than the medical establishment is willing to admit.  


Lately the obesity epidemic has become a global problem. The Saturday Evening Post published an article on antibiotics called, The War on Bugs – Why We Really Need Germs. ( ). According to their medical contributor, Sharon Begley, people are becoming immune to antibiotics and the antibiotic use has created microbiota genomes. What the heck is that? These genomes, they think, are determining who is more prone to disease. Begley also states that antibiotic use has lead to an obesity epidemic by changing the gut flora. Certain gut bacteria makes us feel full and prevents us from overeating. Apparently, research points to antibiotics stripping away those friendly floras and therefore we keep eating. The report links antibiotics to making changes to our system making us more vulnerable to asthma, chronic sinusitis and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease.


Recently the threat of gun confiscation has concerned millions of Americans. All of Congress knows that death by medical doctor far outweighs death by firearms, which was stated by Virtual President Bill Whittle's address to Congress ( Corruption of our government and healthcare is a travesty and folks are going to have to rely on their own wits for protection.


It really comes down to a matter of trust and who you believe in. If you trust your medical doctor you will take any advice, drug or treatment he or she recommends to you. The word polypharmacy means "many drugs." By the time you are 65, you will most likely be on 6 or more prescriptions. Don't take my word for it. The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey in 2009 published the number of prescriptions we buy by age ( Here is their breakdown:
Age 5-17      2.2 prescription drugs
Age 18-44    2.9 prescription drugs
Age 45-64    4.7 prescription drugs
Age 65-74    6.3 prescription drugs
Age 75-84    6.7 prescription drugs.

In 2012, the FDA and Kaiser Health Foundation did their own analysis on how many drugs our retired folks are taking and the stats are up from 2009. Dr. Mercola states that the average 65-year-old is filling as many as 31 prescriptions per year (
Age 4-17         4 prescription drugs annually
Age 19-64     11 prescription drugs annually

So, what is medicine's solution to all these prescriptions? Let's make the drugs over-the-counter medicines, which don't require a prescription. When this is accomplished it will push the use of these prescribed drugs even higher. OTC sales were $17 billion in 2010 (did not include Wal-Mart sales). What drugs to they want to make OTC? The major drugs of course, such as for blood pressure, cholesterol, migraine/headache and asthma drugs. The reason given is that it will make the drugs more accessible and less expensive reducing medical costs. The number of deaths these drugs bring while under the care of a doctor is huge. What will the mortality be when they become OTC? If doctors and pharmacists are sloppy in checking for drug interactions, can you imagine the general public self medicating with these drugs?


According to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA), 92% of Americans think OTC medicine is safe and effective. According to Dr. Mercola, drug overdoses have gone up five-fold since the 1990's. So, if the average American is taking 4 prescription drugs and an array of OTC medicines; you can see the risk they are taking. As I've pointed out before, the drug labels don't always contain all the safety information consumers need. The safety information on the vast array of drugs available is impossible to keep current and provide it to consumers. We have over 100,000 OTC just in the US .

"Acetaminophen (Tylenol-type products) are the leading cause of liver failure in the US ." Dr. Mercola

Be aware that I personally would not mix drugs or OTC with herbs or vitamin products. The only exception would be to wean off the drug to a natural, nutritional source. You are in control of your lifestyle and that is the most powerful influence you have over your health. Drugs, more drugs or new drugs are not the answer to better health; a clean lifestyle is.


I often repeat myself saying that cleansing the system of toxins and putting in good nutrition (cleanse & nourish approach) is the best way I know of to reduce the risk of disease. When illness occurs the last thing I'd do is compromise the immune system with antibiotics. Instead I use herbs to support the immune system, glands, heart, and filtering organs. I work with the system and not against it. You will build a strong immune system that way. Germs help our immune system to flex its muscle and manufacture the antibodies we need but the germ has to enter the body naturally and not artificially via a vaccine. So, to get started and rebuild your immunity and to cleanse your system of pharmaceutical residues, heavy metals, radioactive particles, food preservatives and more call the experts, call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless. Don't forget to check out their New Lung/Congestion Kit and save 15% with coupon FEB13 (exp 2/28/13), great for sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia (

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What's Ailing America?

by Rebecca Carley, MD

My last 2 newsletters listed 11 documents which I suggested all of you download and put into a notebook to share with any family member or friend who beLIEves that vaccines prevent disease.  This list of documents has gone viral, and I have been doing radio shows every day to discuss this self evident proof that vaccines are bioweapons designed to create disease and kill.  We must continue to educate others, as the vaccine assault is one thing citizens can stop by simply using the word NO.  The reality that a practice touted to prevent disease is actually causing the biggest epidemic the world has ever known (vaccine induced diseases) will cause people to question everything our corrupt government is doing.  How long the psychopaths who control every area of our lives are able to continue their crimes against humanity depends on how long citizen inaction allows them to do so.  Always, remember, SILENCE IS CONSENT.

I forgot to include another very important document in my list. This involves US Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520 & 1524 which is posted at .  When I first heard about this law from some internet radio show I was listening to, I could not believe it.  So I went into the law library at Hoffstra University and checked it out for myself.  I made a copy, which is what you will find at the above link.  (Note that the stamp on the side dated 8/9/01 proves that I filed this document with the Nassau County Clerk's office to alert them as to what is going on).  You will see in this document (in Section 1520) that human subjects can be used for testing of chemical or biological agents by the Department of Defense as long as "local civilian officials" are notified at least 30 days in advance (obviously so they can get out of town).  Section 1524 states that "the secretary of Defense may enter into agreements with the Secretary of Health and Human Services to provide support for vaccination programs .THROUGH USE OF EXCESS PEACETIME BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS DEFENSE CAPABILITY OF THE DOD".  HUH?  (As I mentioned in document #3 in my newsletter 2 weeks ago, the definition of weapons of mass destruction can be found at the top of .  If you haven't checked that out yet, please do so).

Due to the fact that so many people had found out about this insane law in the US Code, in April of 2000 this law was repealed (this can be found at ). This is a perfect example of how these traitors operate.  As you can see for yourself from this document copied from Title 50 of the US Code, Section 1520a now states that experiments on human subjects are now prohibited.  However, the "exceptions" under (b) which follow state that "the prohibition does not apply to a test or experiment carried out for the any of the following purposes:
(1)   Any peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity (THUS THEY HAVE JUST LOOPHOLED EVERYTHING "PROHIBITED" BACK IN!)
(3)  Any law enforcement purpose, including any purpose related to riot control.  (So not only have they loopholed back in all of the areas in which the population can be experimented on, now they have announced another that people can be assaulted with chemical and biological weapons by the police when the people "riot"; i.e. demonstrate against the genocide).

It gets even more insane.  Under (c ), informed consent required, it states that "the secretary of Defense may conduct a test or experiment described in subsection (b) of this section ONLY IF INFORMED CONSENT WAS OBTAINED FROM EACH HUMAN SUBJECT IN ADVANCE OF THE TESTING ON THAT SUBJECT". Huh?  Informed consent?  Are you kidding me?  Are the police using biological and chemical weapons on protestors going to get their informed consent first? 

Let's go on to (d) prior notice to Congress.  Now it is Congress that has to be notified not later than 30 days after the DOD approves any experiment or study on human subjects.  This is proof that the committee on armed services of both the senate and house of representatives know about all the genocide being perpetrated against the American people.  They are traitors of the highest order, and are committing treason.

Be sure to read (e) "biological agent defined" (which is pretty much identical to the definition of weapons of mass destruction).  Then check out the "special virus cancer program" information posted at .  I have thousands of pages of documents from this program where they document all of the experiments being done to create cancer with viruses combined with pesticides, radiation, etc.  In Progress report #9, 1972 on page 177 it states that "epidemiological, virological and animal studies indicate that BREAST CANCER IS ONE OF THE MOST LIKELY FORMS OF HUMAN CANCER TO BE CAUSED BY VIRUS".  40 years later, has anyone you know with breast cancer been informed it is due to a virus?

A few other articles I suggest can be found at (peanut oil being put in vaccines to cause life threatening peanut allergies).  Guylaine Lanctot, MD (author of the outstanding book "The Medical Mafia") wrote an excellent article on "vaccination, the silent genocide" which can be accessed at .  Also, Merck is now suggesting people take antidepressants to "make vaccines more effective", even if they don't help the person with their depression: .  (Of course, psychotropic drugs cause a chemical lobotomy .what a great excuse to get more people to take psychiatric drugs.)

That's it for this week.  Please share with others, IF you care that humanity is being destroyed by the psychopaths that control the world.  If you are consenting to the genocide because that is your "job", may you reap what you are sewing ASAP.

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