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Friday, March 22nd, A.D. 2013

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Much Ado About Cyprus

by Alfred Adask

Last weekend—while Cypriot banks were closed—the government of Cyprus proposed a 6.75% to 9.9% “tax” on all Cypriot bank accounts.  The taxes were intended to raise 5.8 billion euros needed to authorize a 10 billion euro bailout of Cypriot banks. 
A sense of shock, fear, confusion and rebellion quickly engulfed Cyprus, then Europe, and then much of the world.
There was no end to interpretations of what happened and why it happened.

No matter.

When all was said and done (and little was actually done, but much was said), this much seemed certain:  confidence in the Cypriot banking system had shattered; confidence in the EU banking system had been shaken; and confidence in the global banking system had been diminished

As I write this on Friday, no new taxes have actually been imposed.  Nevertheless, the “why” behind the Cypriot proposal to tax bank deposits is unknown, the people are perplexed and the pundits have panicked.  Some say the proposed confiscation of depositors’ funds was probably orchestrated by a conspiracy of evil geniuses bent on ruling the world.  Others insist that the proposed taxes were designed by a cadre of financial and political idiots who couldn’t rule a public restroom.

•  Those who believed that the Cyprus crisis was dominated by idiots argued that, fundamentally, the threatened deposit tax were the result of gross stupidity since any fool should’ve seen that it might cause:

1) Widespread public outrage among Cypriots resulting in riots, significant damage to property, substantial costs to the Cypriot economy, and even political upheaval

2) A significant loss of public confidence in Cypriot banks and even banks around the world.  The whole monetary system (like any other lucrative “con-game”) depends on the “confidence” of the “marks” to be robbed (a/k/a the “people”).  Anything that diminishes public confidence should be anathema to the governments and central banker of the world.

3) Contagion.  Bank runs and loss of confidence in the banking system in Cyprus might precipitate bank runs in other countries of the EU—or even the world.  (In fact, since the Cyprus crisis began, the governments of Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Italy have considered proposals to impose similar “wealth taxes” on their peoples.)

And besides, the whole crisis is based on a lousy 10 billion euros.  If the Cypriots don’t cough up 5.8 billion euros, the ECB and IMF will withhold the 10 billion euros that Cypriot banks need to survive. 

But 10 billion euros is chump change.  The US Federal Reserve has already dispersed billions of dollars to foreign banks in the context of QE2.  The Fed is currently printing an extra $85 billion per month to support QE3.  Ten billion euros are less than one week’s QE3.    So why doesn’t some “white knight” (maybe the US, Russia or China) ride to the Cypriots’ rescue and just donate 10 billion euros? 

Forbes magazine, writing in “The Botching of the Cyprus Bailout,” declared that,
“ [T]he German-led group of EU officials who  engineered this weekend’s Cyprus bank bailout . . . have opted for a “solution” that amounts to probably the single most inexplicably irresponsible decision in banking supervision in the advanced world since the 1930s.”
That which is “inexplicable” and “irresponsible” is obviously stupid.  The only way the Cyprus crisis makes any sense is as a farce orchestrated by incompetents and fools.

•  Nevertheless, the conspiracy theorists disagree.   They see the Cyprus crisis as caused by malevolent geniuses such as usually play the villains in spy novels.   

Since Russia reportedly holds at least 23 billion euros in the Cypriot banks, the Russian government, Russian mafia, and former members of the Russian KGB are alleged to be actively threatening the lives of any Cypriot politician or official who surrenders Russian funds to the IMF. 

Some suspect that Russia needs the Cypriot connection to better facilitate Russian relations to Iron and Syria.  Some believe that the IMF intentionally attacked Cyprus as a means to attack Russia.

There are rumors of a Russian deal with Cyprus to provide some or all of the needed 10 billion euros in return for a Russian naval seaport to be located on Cyprus. 

Conspiracy theories abound, but all seem based on a fundamental premise:  Nobody in a position of real power could be dumb enough to have caused the Cyrus crisis without an ulterior motive (conspiracy).   

The Daily Bell its own conspiracy theory:
“. . . statements made by top EU leaders in the past predicted that it will take a considerable crisis to create the longed-for deeper [European] union. . . .   The only conclusion we can come to, watching events unfold in Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Italy, is that these moves are, in fact, being made to engender a kind of chaos. . . . [that] the crisis is being exacerbated on purpose becomes an increasingly logical opinion.”
•  Gold guru Jim Sinclair commented extensively on Cyprus over the past week.  Some of his comments seem to align with the “rulers-are-idiots” proponents; other seem more aligned with the conspiracy theorists.

Here are a few of his remarks:
“This is one of the most important events in modern times for the popularity of holding gold rather than holding fiat money.” 

There was a great miscalculation . . . and the situation has quickly turned into a catastrophe.  The people at the IMF, which have spearheaded this disaster, never expected the ‘Cyprus Solution’ to blow up in their face the way it has.
Cyprus is showing the world that while your money in the bank may be safe from your local cat burglar, it’s not safe at all from the biggest thief of all:  your government.  I.e., FDIC insurance will protect American bank accounts from losses caused by bank mismanagement—but it won’t protect depositors’ funds from confiscation by the national government.

That leaves us to wonder Which robber do we fear more?  The local cat burglar or the national government?
Sinclair:  “In truth, the IMF disaster which has just taken place in Cyprus is comparable to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand that started World War I.  This is a major event in history.”

“They were going to shift the onus of the funds required from the busted banks to the depositors and away from central banks.  That would have been to the depositors, and away from QE.” [Quantitative Easing]
Sinclair implies that the Cyprus crisis is evidence that central banks are fed up with being the sucker of last resort.  E.g., central banks may be tired of losing money to support every other bank and financial institution that might otherwise claim to be “too big to fail”.  Therefore, central banks are trying to pass their obligation to fund loser banks to taxpayers.

More, “away from QE” means away from inflation.

The fundamental purpose of monetary inflation is to reduce the purchasing power of the dollar so as to allow the US government (the world’s biggest debtor) to repay its creditors with cheaper dollars and thereby reduce the real size of the national debt as measured in purchasing power. 

More simply, the object of monetary inflation is to rob creditors.   

However, if Sinclair is right and the central banks are actually moving “away from QE” (inflation), then could it be that monetary inflation has failed as an efficient means to rob creditors?

Remember, QE was intended to inject enormous sums of fiat currency into the US economy and thereby “stimulate” that economy to become active and regain some level of prosperity.  However, during four years of QE, the Federal Reserve has injected several trillion fiat dollars into the US economy but only generated enough inflation and “stimulus” to keep the economy from collapsing.  

Have the Powers That Be (PTB) rejected inflation as the primary means to rob their creditors?  Is inflation too slow?  Too unreliable? 

But if the PTB can no longer rely on inflation to rob creditors, will they resort to open robbery of creditors’ bank accounts?  Open repudiation of existing debts? Collapsing the dollar?  Global depression or World War?  How far will the Powers go to continue robbing their creditors?
  Sinclair:  “Up to now what has been done is to insure the bank depositors without them having to lose.  This was the ‘Super Glue’ to hold together the possibility of an economic recovery.”
Sinclair is right.  So long as the funds in our bank accounts were guaranteed safe, we could leave those funds in the banks where they could be used to write checks or use debit cards.   Checks and debit card allowed for fast purchasing of products and services.  I walk into a store, see something I want and give the storekeeper a check, debit card or credit card.  The speed and convenience of these means of purchasing make impulse purchases convenient and fast.  Impulse purchases make the economy go ‘round and go fast.

But if the people come to believe that their bank deposits aren’t safe, they’ll withdraw their funds.  Once that happens, there’ll be fewer checking accounts, less debit cards, probably fewer credit cards—and much less “impulse buying”.   Without the speed of checking accounts or electronic methods of payment, the number of transactions and the “velocity of money” will slow significantly, and the economy may grind to a halt.  Without confidence that our funds are secure from all thieves—including the government—we could slide into a full-blown depression.

•  I initially doubted that the consequences of the Cyprus crisis would be as grim as Mr. Sinclair supposed.  The “worst case scenario” is, by definition, always the “least likely” scenario.  Insofar as Mr. Sinclair predicted a “worst case,” odds are he was wrong.

My doubt was reinforced last Tuesday when The New York Times reported that proposed Cyprus bank-deposit tax had been scuttled:
“[Cypriot] Lawmakers rejected a 10 billion euro bailout package on Tuesday, sending the president back to the drawing board to devise a new plan that might still enable the country to receive a financial lifeline while avoiding a default that could reignite the euro crisis.  After the parliamentary vote, the European Central Bank indicated that it would not immediately cut off emergency cash—without which Cypriot banks probably could not survive.”
See, Mr. Sinclair?  You didn’t have to cry.  The idiotic but kindly folks at the ECB saw the error of their ways and terminated the proposed deposit-tax proposal.  The EU’s economy could continue to limp on. 

• But what a difference a day (or two) makes.  Now, I’m beginning to believe Mr. Sinclair was right because on Thursday, The New York Times published “Mood Darkens in Cyprus as Deadline Is Set for Bailout”.  That article claimed,
“As the European Central Bank threatened to shut off crucial financing for banks in Cyprus without a rapid accord on an international bailout, members of Parliament put off a vote on Thursday on yet another revamped formula.

“The ECB warned that the Cyprus Popular Bank risked an immediate default if [the Cypriot] Parliament did not pass the bailout measure by Monday.”
Dayham!  No more Mr. Nice Guy. 

The “kindly folks” at the ECB and IMF are playing hardball with collection procedures that would make Al Capone proud.  On Tuesday, they agreed to “play nice”—but by Thursday, they were showing their teeth.  The Cyprus government is being extorted by the ECB and IMF.  Pay or die.
“President Nicos Anastasiades presented Parliament on Thursday with a plan that scrapped a controversial tax on bank deposits.  Experts warned, however, that the bank deposit-tax plan might need to be revisited unless the government found other means to reach the goal of 5.8 billion euros, or $7.5 billion, needed to satisfy international negotiators.”
E.g., the Cypriot government has to come up with 5.8 billion euros and the only way they can, is to take it from someone else.  Bank depositors have far more than 5.8 billion euros, so they were the logical candidates to be robbed. 

Unfortunately, the bank depositors wouldn’t consent to be robbed.  Therefore, the government thief had to either find some other wealthy entity to rob (say, pensions)—or simply to rob the bank depositors at “gunpoint” (by overt, non-consensual force). 

Note that, even though the Cypriot government claims to have abandoned their proposed bank-deposit tax, they’re still keeping Cypriot banks closed in a “bank holiday” until (at least) next Tuesday.  

Why the “bank holiday”?  To prevent a “run” on the banks—but also, to keep the bank deposits in the banks where they can be  most easily “confiscated” by government. 

Thus, it appears that the government of Cyprus may not yet have ruled out the idea of robbing bank depositors.
“Lawmakers will also vote on restrictions on taking cash out of banks and out of the country, known as capital controls. The bill would limit cash withdrawals, prohibit or restrict check cashing and bar ‘premature’ account closings and any other transaction that authorities deemed unwarranted.”
The Cypriot government will pass laws that compel the people to leave their money at locations (bank accounts) that are easily robbed by government

If capital controls can be imposed in Cyprus, they can also be imposed in the US.  In fact, US laws already inhibit private Americans from taking their cash from US banks and moving it to foreign banks.  Like Cyprus, the US government wants you to keep your money at a location/bank where confiscation by government is easy.
“The [new] plan sent to Parliament on Thursday would nationalize pension funds from state-run companies and conduct an emergency bond sale to help raise the 5.8 billion euros Cyprus needs to secure a 10 billion euro bailout.”
If the government can’t rob private bank accounts, they’ll rob pensions—but the Cyprus government is going to rob somebody.


The Cyprus crisis suggests that the PTB may prefer to abandon the seemingly “invisible” robbery of creditors by means of inflation to embrace the overt violence of robbing bank depositors by force.  For some reason, the PTB would rather openly steal to keep the fiat currency racket afloat rather than spin new currency out of thin air and rob by means of inflation.

A week ago, I would’ve made a large bet that a shift by the PTB from relying on inflation to in-your-face confiscation was virtually impossible. 

I’d’ve lost that bet.

I’m surprised by the “Powers” possible transition from inflation to confiscation.  That transition suggests the PTB are either very stupid, very desperate or very wicked. 

While we may not yet be able to accurately assess the nature of the PTB, we can reasonably suppose that the transition from robbery-by-inflation to robbery-by-confiscation signals a major change in the current economic scenario.  

What pushed the “Powers” to reduce their reliance on inflation and resort to outright theft?  I presume that whatever force caused that shift must be huge.

If so, we may be heading into an era of very violent “snatch-and-grab” robberies by the PTB.

Thus, Mr. Sinclair may be right.  Maybe the “Cyprus Crisis” is as important as the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in that it might mark the beginning of an era of outright, Gestapo-style theft.

•  All of this suggests that you might be wise to move some of your wealth from your “easily-accessible” bank account to another location or even to another form of wealth that’s not so easily found, accessed or confiscated by our friends in Washington DC.

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Hospital Buyouts and Vaccines
by Wendy Wilson, Herbalist


The number of vaccines mandated by the government has drastically increased since 2010. Initially healthcare workers, first responders, military and nursing home employees were in the crosshairs of government and big pharma to be vaccinated. According to North Carolina vaccine attorney Alan Phillips, the U. S. Department of Health and Human Resources pushed aggressively for 90% of all healthcare workers and US employees to get the flu vaccine. In 2010, there were over 330 vaccines on the market and some in development. States are changing policy regarding vaccine requirements and administrative authority to approve and administer vaccinations. Currently the Texas Senate is voting on Bill 63 to remove the stumbling block of needing parental permission to vaccinate any newborn, toddler or school-age child. Money is attached to these shots. That means that hospital authorities, nursing homes schools and state government, which do not reach 90% vaccination saturation will have federal funding reduced. Our Constitutional and God-given rights are being violated and the immune system of billions of people is being corrupted.


Where did there term vaccine originate? Edward Jenner's influence with cow pox in 1796 inspired the term vaccine. The term vaccine was adapted from the Latin vaccinus derived from the term vacca meaning cow.


The hypothesis behind vaccines is that a vaccine resembles disease by containing a disease-causing microorganism. We are led to believe that the organism is a weak or dead form of the disease. Therefore the disease is artificially altered to become a macrobiotic protein toxin. We are lead to believe that this toxin will stimulate our natural immune system to recognize the toxic disease agent and therefore the immune system will make antibodies to destroy any future infection. The other hypothesis is that the adjuvants used (such as squalene, aluminum or phosphates) in the vaccines promote a better immune response and larger doses of these additives will be in vaccines for older patients (ages 50-75) assumed to have weaker immune systems. If vaccines work as we are told they do, why would booster shots be necessary? Why dose medicine call patients that do not generate antibodies to the vaccinated disease "non-responders?"


Medicine has a list of reasons why a vaccine will not supposedly improve immunity and they are careful to avoid admitting vaccines do not protect us. Here are their reasons why a patient would not benefit from a vaccination:

• the disease used (some diseases are better than others)
• the vaccine strain (different strains of disease can make or break the success of the vaccine)
• if patients kept to the vaccination time table
• some patients just don't respond well to vaccines known as "non-responders" (in other words it's the patient's fault)
• other reasons – patient's ethnicity, age and gene pool  

The truth about vaccines is suppressed because according to microbiologist Howard Urnovitsz,
"The government will not fund science that makes it look culpable."
--Microbiologist Howard Urnovitz, Ph.D., Boston Globe

Hasn't anyone stopped to consider why booster shots are needed and why we're told that some patients don't develop any antibody protection from the vaccinated disease? Dr. Harold Buttram answered these questions in his 2011 report Basics of the Human Immune System Prior to Introduction of Vaccines; Are Vaccines Turning Our Children's Immune Systems Inside Out?When you inject a disease into the bloodstream you bypass the natural immune system check points. These check points help the immune system to identify a disease threat and to manufacture an antibody. If a disease turns up unexpectedly in the blood the immune system thinks the pathogen is suppose to be there and dose not make an antibody. When blood is analyzed there are no antibodies to the disease and this is why booster shots are given. This is also the reason for the so called "non-responders." The vaccine works opposite of what we are being told and does not work with our immune system but against it.
"Vaccines are used to test biological weapons. I found that vaccines are used to spread diseases. They are used for targeted genocides."
--Guylaine Lanctot , MD

"Vaccines are the weapons of mass destruction and the US government and military classify them as biological weapons."
--Rebecca Carley, MD

Vaccine attorney Alan Phillips also mentioned that healthcare workers have reported to him that hospitals are being bought out all over the country. Is this a coincidence especially with a healthcare dictatorship about to take over? I don't believe in coincidences. I've talked with healthcare workers over the years and I've noticed an increase in their objections to new and oppressive management. Tyrants often try to convince you that their policies are in your best interests. As vaccine exemptions dissolve away and a policy of "must be vaccinated in order to work" becomes commonplace, you know the general population is the next target. If the medial propaganda does not convince you, what could the government and big pharma use to blackmail you into being vaccinated with a biological weapon? Oh, I know, you have to prove you were vaccinated before you get your food stamps or list it on your taxes or be fined. If doctors and nurses don't want to be vaccinated you have to ask why? You would think that they would be the poster child for rolling up your sleeve and getting the jab. Instead they are calling Alan to help them fight to keep their rights. The others quit, take early retirement or get vaccinated and work toward a career change. You can read more


Recently the medical establishment freaked out that they have no antibiotics to kill 70 different strains (species) of drug-resistant bacteria. Never mind that medicine created this mess. Hundreds of vaccines are weakening the human immune system. Antibiotics still on the markets being dispensed suppress the immune system. Do you think big pharma and the government don't see what is happening? Next new pandemic could break on the news at any minute. I can see the headlines; BAT FLU PLAGUES MAN and we have a new vaccine. Oh, why bother with a vaccine with 1-4 different pathogens in it when we can develop a UNIVERSAL VACCINE. 

Scientists are excited and biotech companies are lining up to make the first universal flu vaccine. With regard to the universal flu vaccine, immunologist John Schrader from the University of British Columbia said something very important; "it may be possible to generate broadly neutralizing antibodies, if it's done correctly ." Who wants to volunteer to see if they did it correctly? Sadly, I guess the doctors, nurses, military, nursing home staff, and prisoners will do just fine. See how that works. This universal vaccine has all kinds of scary things that could go wrong by "forcing the immune system."


You can rebuild your weak immune system. Recovering your natural immunity will require a conscious effort but you will have real disease resistance. Learn how to use herbs to boost your immune system and shorten the duration of illness. Learn how to detoxify the body making it easier for your immune system to work. The folks at Apothecary Herbs specialize in organ cleansing and immune boosting. Information is available on their website or call for a free product catalog 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 or visit them online at , where your healthcare options just became endless. If you have your self defense ammo, don't forget to stock your immune system ammo. Order now and receive FREE ground ship in the continental US with coupon SFRE15. Hurry! Expires 3/31/13.

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The Curtain Continues to be Pulled Back on the Medical Wizards
by Rebecca Carley, MD

In last week's newsletter I discussed a show that the Wizard of Oz did on Alzheimer's Disease that aired on 3/8/13. On this show, Dr. Oz had as his guest Dr. Neal Barnard, author of the book "Power Foods for the Brain".  This is a perfect example of how the propaganda machine works.     Dr. Barnard warned Dr. Ozs' listeners that the dangerous elements that can cause Alzheimer's are  Iron, copper and zinc.   Mostly, he blames food and cookware (especially cast iron and copper based cookware) for an overdose of these elements.  The Wizard of Oz is there to give his approval of this disinfo, and thus the great and powerful creates big pharma's "truth"  (forgetting" to mention that the classical pathology for this disease describes aluminum as the base to which the dead neurons in the form of "neurofibrillary tangles" adhere).

I am now witnessing the medical mafia re-define what Alzheimer's is, removing the hallmark aluminum deposits found in brain pathology specimens from the description.  Please go to
which was sent to me to let me know that the mad scientists are now trying to develop a "universal" flu vaccine that will replace the annual shots now given.  The article quotes Dr Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health in regards to this ongoing research.  (If you go to you can read the bio of Dr. Collins; "a physician-geneticist noted for his landmark discoveries [creation] of disease genes and his leadership of the international Human Genome Project, which culminated in April 2003 with the completion of a finished sequence of the human DNA instruction book. He served as director of the National Human Genome Research Institute at the NIH from 1993-2008".)  Since corrupting our genetic structure is one of the effects of vaccines, it is a huge red flag that this minion is in this position.  However, the REAL news in this article is found under "other advances springing from investment in biomedical research", where it is stated that "Alzheimer's studies suggestinflammation, rather than brain-tangling proteins, triggers many cases of the dementia that afflicts more than 5million, according to NIH".  Note that Alzheimer's has been described as neurofibillary tangles surrounding aluminum deposits for decades.  As I explained last week, the neurofibrillary tangles are created by neurons destroyed by mercury; these dead neurons wrap around aluminum deposits.  When I was in medical school in the early eighties, although the aluminum deposits were discussed, it was claimed that scientists had "no idea" where the aluminum was coming from.  Since I had watched my grandmother who developed Alzheimer's consume aluminum from pots and pans, foil, etc., I was shocked that the "experts" had not figured this out.  (of course, this is before I knew about lobbyists, "health" agencies that protect those poisoning us, etc.).

This is an example of the extent of scientific fraud that is being committed by top level mad scientists to obfuscate the true cause of all diseases.  What will it cost to rewrite the medical books?  What will they call it when aluminum with neurofibrillary tangles is seen on a pathology specimen?  Perhaps pathologists will just be instructed that they must ignore such findings, as they have also been ordered to not report findings of vaccine induced pathology in the children who die from SIDS, etc.  This mind boggling research fraud is occurring in all areas, such as "global warming" being caused by CO2 instead of chemtrails.   And obviously now that the knowledge of chemtrails containing aluminum is becoming widely known by the public, it is important for the psychopaths destroying our world to pretend to eliminate aluminum as a factor in the escalating number of people with dementia.

And in regards to the Wizard of Oz, I was amazed that on yesterday's show (3/18/13), Dr Oz had a segment on his show where he claims that people think he is the great and powerful Oz ; powerful indoctrination.  In fact, he showed a film clip reportedly created by Jimmy Fallon with him as the wizard; at the end Dr. Oz's face is seen in green light behind the curtain.  I recorded this, but unfortunately I can't find it online.  This is an obvious admission that the release of this movie is no "coincidence"; we are being covertly told that Dr. Oz is a con man, as the character in the great and powerful Oz movie is.  And we can be sure, when this "universal flu vaccine" is ready to go, the wizard will be recommending it as well as other big pharma products, such as statins for cholesterol.  Despite the fact that "Statins for Cholesterol may affect your memory":

The people discussed in this article all regained their memories after discontinuing the drugs.  How many patients with actual Alzheimer's are given these drugs as well?  I hope you are seeing how fast anyone who goes to a white coat can fall deep into the dark hole of dis-ease  once the prescriptions commence.
In case you did not hear about the potential nuclear risk detected in Chicago's Oglivie Transportation Center on 3/14/13, please go to

You will learn how the TSA's elite VIPR team detected radiation levels high enough to put them on alert that there could be a dirty bomb being brought onto one of the trains.  They went through trains with their radiation detectors, and found the source; an attorney who had undergone a nuclear stress test earlier that day.  (This is where a radioactive substance is injected into the bloodstream, and images are taken of whatever organ is being evaluated). THUS, the radioactivity emanating from this attorney sitting on the train was so high that it was suspected he had a dirty bomb.  However, when the VIPR team realized that this radioactivity had been injected by a white coat, all of a sudden there is no problem.  The radioactive attorney was allowed to go on his way, carrying his radioactivity with him to endanger the public.  How many radioactive patients are we being exposed to everywhere we go, especially in hospitals? Obviously these patients are not warned that they will be emitting radiation to everyone they live and work with, to the spouse they are sleeping next to, to the environment as their radioactive urine and feces are flushed down the toilet.

In closing, check this out:  As I am writing this, a commercial was just aired on tel-lie-vision where residents of Mecklenburg county here in NC are being requested to report any crime of littering that is witnessed. We are told to write down the license plate, date and time, location and type of litter, and report it to the above website or by calling 311.  Perhaps citizens should start calling to report the aluminum and other toxins being littered on us from airplanes.

If you need help in reversing your disease with natural therapies. please go to learn how Dr. Carley does consults.  (Note that Alzheimers can be reversed as long as there is family available to give the person their remedies).  Also, listen to "What's Ailing America? on on Sun from 4-6 PM EST. You can also access many archives of shows Dr. Carley has done over the last few years at

The information contained herein is not designed to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure disease. Seek medical advice from a lincensed medical physician (if you dare) before using any product or therapy.

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