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Friday, March 29th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, March 22nd and Friday, March 29th, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 0.7 % from $1,609.20 to $1,597.60
Silver fell 1.6 % from $28.76 to $28.30
Platinum fell 0.9 % from $1,581 to $1,567
Palladium rose 1.6 % from $759 to $771
DJIA rose 0.4 % from 14,512.03 to 14,578.54
NASDAQ rose 0.7 % from 3,245.00 to 3,267.52
NYSE rose 0.4 % from 9,065.7 to 9,107.05
US Dollar Index rose 0.7 % from 82.39 to 82.98
Crude Oil rose 3.7 % from $93.80 to $97.23

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
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Fractional-Reserve Banks are Inherently Risky

by Alfred Adask

A few of us have foreign bank accounts.  Many of us wish to have foreign bank accounts.  No one would want the inconvenience of a foreign bank account unless they didn't trust the domestic bank accounts.

In virtually every case, the primary motive for seeking a foreign bank account is our distrust in a domestic banks.  Because we fear the loss of our wealth to domestic inflation, high taxes or perhaps confiscation by our own government, we seek to deposit our funds in the “safety” of foreign banks.

However, the "Cyprus Crisis" has taught us that foreign banks may be even more dangerous than domestic bank accounts. As a result, we should rethink our desire to open or maintain an account in a foreign bank. 

For example, published an article entitled “Words Of Warning: Get Your Money Out Of European Banks”:
“If you still have money in European banks, you need to get it out.  This is particularly true if you have money in southern European banks.  One thing has become abundantly clear: at least some Cyprus depositors are going to lose a substantial amount of money.  Personally, I never dreamed that they would go after private bank accounts in Europe, but now that this precedent has been set it should be apparent to everyone that no bank account will ever be 100% safe ever again

“Without trust, a banking system simply cannot function, [however] trust in the European banking system has been shattered and that people need to get their money out of those banks as rapidly as they can.” 
Every financial institution that engages in fractional-reserve banking exists only insofar as it exudes an aura of trustworthiness that’s believed by its depositors.  Maintaining this trust is especially difficult for fractional-reserve banks.  I.e., if you deposit $10,000 in a fractional-reserve bank, the banker will then turn around and loan about $9,600 of your money to some complete strangers!

Given that fractional-reserve banking can require banks to keep as little as 3.3% of their deposits in the their vaults, if just 3.3% of their depositors decide to withdraw all of their funds on the same day, the bank can be rendered insolvent and even put out of business.  I.e., if just one depositor in thirty loses his trust in the bank and withdraws his funds, the bank might fail.

Under fractional-reserve banking all banks and all national banking systems are extremely fragile because they are vulnerable to collapse if just a small percentage of their depositors lose faith in the bank, panic, and start a “bank run” of withdrawals.

Arguably, the depositors’ trust is more important to a bank’s survival than the actual deposits.

Implication:  Any bank or national banking system that loses public trust may suffer a “bank run” of withdrawals that could quickly exhaust the 3.3% of deposits that it holds in “reserve”.  Once those funds disappear, the bank could be suddenly reduced to bankruptcy. 

Implication:  If you’re depositing your wealth with a bank that’s lost, or is likely to soon lose, public confidence, you need to consider removing your funds.  

As Mish Shedlock observed, “The first law in any panic is to be the first to panic.”  In other words, the first people to panic and pull their cash out of an untrustworthy bank are likely to get all of their money.  Those who panic later, may act too late and lose everything.

It’s odd, but every bank depositor—even the most ignorant—seems to intuitively know Shedlock’s “law of panic”.  Even though we use banks every day in ways that seem so natural, so automatic, and without cause for concern—it appears that each of us is naturally distrustful of banks. Either we know that banks are inherently fragile institutions, or we’re each so concerned about “my money” that anything that threatens my money precipitates our instant and extreme response.

When it comes to my bank and my money, I am “spring-loaded” to respond to any threat—and so are you.  We’re each primed to panic at any given moment.  It’s human nature.  We have a genetic predisposition to 1) flight; 2) fight; and 3) bank panic.

Therefore, once there’s any hint of open distrust in a bank, virtually every depositor knows it's time to get out now.  If many withdraw their funds, a panic can ensue, and the bank can be suddenly destroyed.

Government recognizes our inherent distrust of banks and natural tendency to "panic".  Therefore, the FDIC insures individual bank accounts up to $250,000.  Given the presence of FDIC insurance, we’re willing to trust our local banks enough to deposit our funds therein.  We trust the banks because we trust the government.  Or, at least we did trust the government until Cyprus showed us that government might not be much more trustworthy than banks.

In fact, the FDIC is just as vulnerable to bank runs on a national level as individual banks are on a local level.  If 3.3% of all Americans tried to withdraw their funds from their banks at the same time, they might not only collapse their individual banks—they might even collapse the entire national banking system. 

Given the interrelated nature of all national banking systems, if one nation’s banking system collapsed, the domino-effect might collapse several other nations’ banking system.  For example, the current Cyprus Crisis was caused by the Cyprus bankers’ willingness to invest in Greek bonds.  When the Greek government and financial system failed to make good on Greek bonds, they instigated a process that eventually caused the current Cyprus Crisis. 

Just as the Greek financial problem triggered today’s Cyprus Crisis, we can wonder if the current Cyprus Crisis will push yet another nation’s banking system towards bankruptcy. 

The point to all of this is that foreign banks are nowhere near as safe as many of us have previously supposed.

Domestic banks may be as unsafe as foreign banks

So.  If our confidence in foreign banks is diminished, does that mean we can safely deposit our funds in US banks?

Not necessarily.

Writing for Forbes magazine, economist Laurence Kotlikoff recently observed:
“Whatever happens, no one is going to trust or use Cypriot banks.  This will shut down the country’s financial highway and flip Cyprus’ economy to a truly awful equilibrium in a replay of our own country’s Great Depression, which was kicked off by the failure of one-in-three U.S. banks.

“Cyprus is a small country.  Still, the failure of its banks could trigger massive bank runs in Greece.  After all, if the European Central Bank is abandoning Cypriot depositors, they may abandon Greek depositors next.  A run on Greek banks could then spread to Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Italy and from there to Belgium and France and, you get the picture, to other countries around the globe, including, drum roll, the U.S.   Every bank in each of these countries has made promises they can’t keep were push come to shove, i.e., if all depositors demand their money back immediately.”
Mr. Kotlikoff explains the potential for contagion that’s inherent in the interconnected global banking system. What we see in Cyprus today could trigger similar problems in Greece, Portugal, Ireland . . . and even the US. 

But Mr. Kotlikoff underestimates the problem when he writes that such debacle will be triggered “if all depositors demand their money back immediately”.  If all of those nations’ banks are keeping only about 3% of their deposits in their vaults, a global bank collapse is conceivable if only about 3%—not “all”—of each nations’ depositors withdrew their deposits simultaneously. 

•  As a practical matter, we probably wouldn’t see a national or global banking unless 10% of a nation’s depositors demanded to withdraw their funds at the same time.

But what is 10% in our brave, new internet world? 

Thanks to the internet, we can all engage in “online banking” that allows us to pay our bills “online” and also move funds from our savings accounts to our checking accounts.  Very convenient. 

But online banking also allows us to move our funds in one bank to another bank.  Therefore, we don’t need to drive to our bank to create a bank run of the sort seen in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”.  We don’t even need to visit the local ATM.  All we need to do is fire up our computers and make our money move at the speed of light from one bank to another.  This isn’t theory.  Back about A.D. 2010, a number of California banks suffered “electronic bank runs” that nearly put those banks out of business. 

So, let’s suppose that a rumor appeared on the internet that the ABC Bank was about to go bankrupt.  Let’s suppose that rumor “went viral”.  Let’s suppose that 10% of the ABC Bank’s depositors were capable of online banking and saw and believed that internet rumor.  If that 10% simultaneously “panicked” and moved their funds to another bank, their original bank might be rendered insolvent in a matter of minutes

One lesson seen in both the Cyprus Crisis and online banking is how quickly banking problems can take place.   In the Cyprus Crisis a nation’s banking system has been torched in a matter of days.  In the case of online banking, an individual bank could be destroyed in minutes.

The sheer speed at which fractional-reserve banks can be destroyed has to diminish public confidence in banking around the globe.  As a result, can we expect to see significant withdrawals from not only banks that are suspect, but from the entire banking system?  How great must those withdrawals be, before a full-fledged national, or even global, bank run ensues?

I’m not suggesting that American banks are as vulnerable to bank runs as the banks of Cyprus.  I presume that American banks have more reliable mechanisms to prevent or endure bank runs.    But, both the Cyprus and US banking systems are based on fractional-reserve banking.  So, how much real difference in vulnerability exists between the two national banking systems?  Not much.  


Big deal.  24 Krugerrands were confiscated from a safety deposit box.  It’s a triviality. 

But it’s also the kind of story that could go viral and, next thing you know, people around the country could be pulling their property out of their safety deposit boxes and withdrawing funds from their bank accounts.  That’s a bank run; maybe a national bank run.  Out of little rumors, giant bank runs grow.

•  If the loss of two dozen Krugerrands is a triviality, here’s another article from Canada that seems more ominous—especially if we presume that fundamental principles seen in Canadian bank law are also likely to be found in US laws. headline: “CANADA INCLUDES DEPOSITOR HAIRCUT BAIL-IN PROVISION FOR SYSTEMICALLY IMPORTANT BANKS IN 2013 BUDGET!” The article describes,
“. . .  an alarming provision that has been buried deep inside the official 2013 Canadian Budget that will result in depositor haircut bail-ins . . . during the next bank crisis.”
I.e., the Cyprus “bail-in” declared that the wealthiest bank depositors (having over 100,000 euros in a bank account) were liable to “contribute” between 20% and 40% of their funds to keep their bank afloat.   In return for their funds, depositors will receive shares in the newly re-capitalized bank.

This “Economic Action Plan 2013,” declares:
“The Government also recognizes the need to manage the risks associated with systemically important banks—those banks whose distress or failure could cause a disruption to the financial system and, in turn, negative impacts on the economy. This requires strong prudential oversight and a robust set of options for resolving these institutions without the use of taxpayer funds, in the unlikely event that one becomes non-viable.”
“Systemically important” is Canadian for “Too Big To Fail” (TBTF).

“Without the use of taxpayer funds” implies that the funds needed to keep “systemically important banks” afloat will come from a source other than taxpayers.  Gee, I wonder who that source could be?  Depositors?

Based on that new law, we can reasonably assume that the Canadian government anticipates a significant series of bank collapses.  Therefore, Canada is passing laws to legalize the robbery of bank depositors’ funds.  

By excluding taxpayers from liability, if and when a crash comes, there’ll be less probability of public riots.  Instead, if the liability for supporting the banks rests only on the shoulders of the few wealthy Canadians who have more than 100,000 Canadian dollars in their accounts, there’ll be little or no organized protests.  The government and banks will, like Robin Hood, rob the rich—but like the Communists—keep it for themselves.

The new Canadian bank looting law continues:
“The Government proposes to implement a bail-in regime for systemically important banks. This regime will be designed to ensure that, in the unlikely event that a systemically important bank depletes its capital, the bank can be recapitalized and returned to viability through the very rapid conversion of certain bank liabilities into regulatory capital.
Lessee if I can translate Canadian legalese into American English:

We know that bank “bail-outs” are based on funds coming to the bank from outside sources like the Federal Reserve or government (taxpayers). It follows that “bail-in” funds will come from sources inside the banks. 

If the bank is broke, what sources remain inside the banks besides the depositors’ accounts?  Thus, the “bail-in regime” is code for the bank looting its own depositors’ accounts.

But, only the banks that are “systemically important” (TBTF) will be empowered to loot their depositors’ accounts. Banks that aren’t “systemically important” won’t be empowered to loot their depositor’s accounts.

I’m not sure how to read that.  At first, I supposed that the law implied that depositors might be better off to do business with a small bank since they couldn’t be looted by their own bank (as they could if they banked with a TBTF bank).  Cause for celebration, hmm?

Maybe not. 

On further consideration, I realized that in the event of a nation banking crisis, there might be no help whatsoever from taxpayers for either the big banks or the small.  And there’d be no help from the depositors in small banks to support their floundering small bank.  Thus, depositors in small banks would probably lose everything if their bank collapsed.

However, in the event of a systemic banking collapse, those whose savings were deposited in a “systemically important” bank would probably lose only about 40% of their savings—rather than all of their savings like the saps who bank with the little banks.

So, YAY!  Let’s bank with the “systemically important” banks and lose only 40% (although that percentage could rise) of our wealth!

What we’re seeing in Cyprus, and what we may see in other countries like Canada, are plans to rob the rich and keep if for the banks and/or government.  This isn’t quite the same as the Communist mantra, “From each according to his ability; to each according to his need”—but it’s so similar that it may offer a glimpse into government’s plans for Canadians.  Perhaps they’re about to be officially “communized”.

•  The implications in all of this are:

1) Because fractional-reserve banks keep only a small “fraction” of their bank deposits in “reserve” in their bank vaults, all “fractional-reserve” banks and banking systems are inherently vulnerable to bank runs and economic adversity. (Those who live by the “fraction,” die by the “fraction”.)

2) Foreign fractional-reserve banks may be riskier than US banks.

3) If US banks are generally less risky than foreign banks, the difference in degrees of risk are only marginal.

4) Economic adversity seems likely to increase and could throw many of world’s banks and banking systems into bankruptcy.

5) If you’re preserving most of your wealth in fractional-reserve banks, there’s a strong probability that you may lose much or all of your saving in the foreseeable future. 

6) It would be good idea to diversify at least some of your savings out of fractional-reserve banks and into a non-digital currency that can’t be taken by means of government or bank computers.  (“Non-digital currency” means physical gold or silver.) And,

7)  You should hide some significant portion of your wealth where only you and/or your spouse know the location.   Not a safety deposit box, but a hidey-hole on your property, on a trusted relative’s property, where government and bankers can’t find it. 

Such hidden, physical savings might be just what you need to see you through a possible banking crisis.

Be sure to listen to Financial Survival radio program live at and Short-wave radio 7.490 AND 9.880Mhz M-F 4:00PM ET. We broadcast in cities of Spokane KTAC 93.0 5-6pm Eastern, Metairie WVOG 600AM 3-4PM Eastern and Dallas KXBD 1480AM 4-5PM Eastern.

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Self Sufficiency

Not 99%
By Jess —

You shout this at the top of your lungs as if you know what it means. Although, if you really are rebelling – that is cutting yourself from the cord of tyrants – you are most certainly not 99% of the population. 99% may not be implementing the agenda of psychopaths, but 99% of us are also not necessarily doing anything about it. If the odds really did add up to that, the real counter-world would not have the challenge we do to get the real 99%  away from the plasma screen for more than ten minutes to look at what the government that represent them are doing. They do NOT represent me and they do NOT represent you if you can read this without cognitive dissonance.

It is an insult to anyone seriously removing themselves from tyranny to put us in league with drooling masses currently paying tribute, working at banks, collecting the government dole, voting for tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. The rest of us have worked hard to break our dependence and that 99% do not deserve the same credit. Those who read into a small fraction of the mystery like the economy or Zionism,  and then stop looking as if they're at the apex of the problem. The truth is that it is not some people in government, it is all government.  It is not some people in control, it is the sickness that is the need to control. And your need to be controlled is because you're too afraid to make decisions for and defend yourself. 

No, I'm afraid that if we were the 99%, the situation would not be so grave.  If that great a number were really working against control, we would already be in control of our own lives. Unless what you mean is that 99% of us are neutrally sitting around quoting relatively subversive movies like V or bitching about their money on Wall Street then, my apology, you are the 99%.

But it takes so much more than that. These bizarre circuses that excite the inherent rebellion in all of us, just enough that you feel satisfied without doing anything about your own livelihood's dependence on tyranny. The truth is  that few of us actually want an end to tyranny because they wouldn't know where the next meal would come from. This is because they haven't taken the responsibility to ensure that through their own self worth, not buying power. 

You have a credit card, a mortgage, you have worked for them all of your life, yet you insultingly call yourself the 99% because you can't get a job in the food court and this is why you repeat these mind numbing memes. The point is not to bring the corporate jobs back. Do you get it yet? The point is to eliminate the need for them. Slaves that first came to this country had the exact opposite problem. Americans are most proficient at this because they have instituted the first voluntary slavery. This degrading work force where you repeat whatever equally mind numbing slogan that your respective bosses tell you to, to avoid the "horrors" of manual labor. The madness continues because we work for them more than we work for the people and ourselves. When we lose the opportunity to support the machine, we complain about not having the boon to mankind that is voluntary wage slavery.

No, I'm afraid that if you understand this, you are not among the 99% of us!

The alternative is to work together in a way that soon we won't need the outside to agree with us. If we can produce our own food and technologies then it will be soon. What they do will not affect us and it won't be a matter of getting the controllers to stop what they are doing, it will be a mater of continuing what we do for ourselves.

If you're in debt, get out of debt soon.  It makes no matter how you do that, some  may choose to sell their consumer junk to achieve that while others may choose to use a debt cancellation service. Either way, until you get out of debt you'll still be a wage slave. 

Stop being someone's wage slave.  For some of you it may require that you become SELF EMPLOYED and for others it may mean going off the grid and becoming truly SELF SUFFICIENT!

Most importantly stop being controlled by the MainStreamMedia and politicians who know all the right buzz words to activate your mind to their benefit.

Until you become really FREE, all the bitching in the world will only be a pressure release valve that TPTB know only too well how to use and all the bitching in the world will  only work to keep you in this rotting corrupt system. 

From the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock, available at


Victory Garden
by Wendy Wilson, Herbalist


A trend has developed across America to grow your own food. Victory gardens were all over the US during WWII. Over seventy years has passed since the victory gardens and if Americans think they can go outside in their yard and plant a garden they are finding out that it just isn't that easy. Homeowner associations, townships, states and federal laws are enacting restrictions on personal gardens. States located in arid regions will have laws on water restrictions and gardens are frowned upon.   However, people are fighting back to keep the food they grow for personal consumption no matter what.


Almost daily you read some report where another state drafted a bill or a city tries to enforce ordinances to prohibit private gardens.   If you get a summons regarding your illegal garden on your property it would be smart to check the city ordinance to see if they actually state a personal garden on your land is prohibited. Many municipalities don't actually have an ordinance prohibiting a garden and issue the summons and fines anyway. Note the link below on the feds in 2009 pushing garden regulations down our throats. These bills had the support of 30 House members. This is all done under the guise of food safety while they approve GM foods. You grow a cucumber in your yard and it ends up on your neighbor's table, this is a problem say the feds. They need to track all food even if it is not grown commercially (S425 Food Safety & Tracking Improvement Act). Who knew that we would be living in such times that you could become a criminal for growing your own vegetables? Some states have listed online prohibited vegetation such as herbs and fruit trees.


The USDA is aware that more people are interested in organic gardening. So the USDA announced "People's Gardens" specifically for Community Gardens So what? The USDA wants people to register their community gardens. This is a program that has developed since Bill S 510 (The Food Safety Act) was being put together. The USDA has a database of community gardens. The public can to go to the USDA's online site and sign up. It is understandable that communities are proud of their hometown garden and want to show it off. The USDA encourages communities to do just that and to include the exact location of the garden with an interactive map. Group photos of everyone participating may also be required. They intend to make this a global database. This is the USDA's press release on the "People's Garden" project;

With the opportunity for the people to enter their People's Gardens into the database, they will be able to describe each garden, identify who is involved, where it is located as well as attach photos and add the contact information for their partners. Start a People's Garden and ask to have a People's Garden sign shipped to you. To access the database go to

The USDA is the same agency approving more commercially grown GM foods each month. So, why would you register a garden with these people? It is programs like this that people fall for and volunteer information which put them at risk of being regulated with licenses and fines.

"An empty stomach is not a good political advisor." Albert Einstein


Americans living in some of the largest cities are getting green thumbs. Roof top gardens are being cultivated and any stretch of dirt not being used is garden real estate to these folks. Ron Finley likes to plant vegetable gardens in abandoned lots, traffic medians and along curbs for anyone to partake of. It is his way to give back to the community and make people healthier. He has taken some heat from California officials but the community backed him up. You can hear him tell his brief story but be aware he has some colorful language

"The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig for Him there." George Bernard Shaw


Kids and gardens naturally go together. Children who learn to plant and grow food have a deeper appreciation for their provision, health and environment. Today we associate the word kindergarten with preschool children becoming exposed to the government school environment. The term kindergarden became popular in France around 1840. Frenchman Friedrich Froebel envisioned an environment where children would thrive and learn while being nurtured. Can you imagine and environment where children and their "budding" curiosity are encouraged instead of being dumbed down? Froebel's kindergarden was actually a large track of land where children could garden and learn about nature, play games, dance and be creative. Everything in Froebel's kindergarden was stimulating. The first US German Kindergarten opened in 1856 and was run by German immigrants Carl and Margarethe Schurz in Wisconsin. Notice the name change from kindergarden to kindergarten. Garten is German for garden.  The English version of kiindergarten opened in Boston in 1860.

"Children are like tiny flowers; they are varied and need care, but each is beautiful and alone and glorious when seen in the community of peers." Friedrich Froebel 1840


The next time bureaucrats want to tell you where you can dig and what you can plant to eat, tell them that they lack standing according to God. You see, God owns the earth and the fullness thereof and no town, state or government can regulate what isn't theirs. Yes, God gave man dominion over the earth but not to a select few. We all have a God-given right to protect and feed ourselves.

"God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures." Francis Bacon


Ron Finley knows that for his neighbors to be healthy they must eat organic, unrefined food. Your healthy lifestyle is your biggest ally against disease. As Ron Finley points out, there is a lot of money to be made with dialysis clinics popping up like Starbucks. Ron is turning food deserts into a food oasis one street curb at a time. Instead of the drive thru Ron offers a free garden salad to the poor. Ron says, "Grow your own food is like printing your own money." Harvest your plants and seeds and reap what you sow. You'll transform more than your own life and take back your health.


In your garden don't forget to save some space for your medicinal herbs. If there is no room for growing the medicinal herbs then call Apothecary Herbs and start stocking up on your cleansing and immune system ammo. The products have a long shelf life and are easy to store. You will find formulas for your heart, liver, gall bladder, kidney, prostate and more. Call Apothecary Herbs toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless. Take advantage of last year's low prices now before new prices go into affect April 30, 2013.

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The "Inflammation" Cause of Disease Has Now Been Extended to Autism by Disinformers
by Rebecca Carley, MD

In last week's newsletter I discussed the fact that the classic pathological description for Alzheimers disease which describes aluminum as the base to which the dead neurons in the form of "neurofibrillary tangles" adhere has now been rewritten to blame inflammation as the cause.  This is mentioned in the article about a universal flu vaccine posted at
coldflu/story/2011/07/Long-term-universal-flu-shot-on-horizon/49671698/1 .
 The article quotes Dr Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, under  "other advances springing from investment in biomedical research", that "Alzheimer's studies suggestinflammation, rather than brain-tangling proteins, triggers many cases of the dementia that afflicts more than 5 million, according to NIH".   As I explained last week, the neurofibrillary tangles are created by neurons destroyed by mercury; these dead neurons wrap around aluminum deposits. Aluminum deposits surrounded by neurofibrillary tangles have been the hallmark pathological findings described in autopsies of patients with Alzheimers disease for decades. This means that medical books will have to be rewritten, and that pathologists already in the field will have to be ordered to change their findings in these patients to hide the truth.

Regarding autism, this has been listed as a psychiatric diagnosis for many years in an attempt to distract from the fact that it is actually subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) caused by vaccines.  I realized this over 15 years ago, when I reviewed the book "Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine" which is used to teach "internal medicine" to medical students all over the world. You can read the page on SSPE at
, where you will see the symptoms discussed; as well as the statement that a "few reported cases may have been related to measles vaccination".  Of course they then make the statement that "the risk of SSPE following measles vaccination is far less than the risk of encephalitis or SSPE following natural measles" (a ridiculous statement since the measles vaccine is a live virus injected directly into the bloodstream, and the admission of vaccine reactions is almost non-existent anyways). Every single autism group has been made aware of this fact by myself; yet, without exception, they all perpetrate the "mercury causes autism" fraud while soliciting donations from the parents they are lying to.  Worse yet, not telling the parents that the protocol I have developed has reversed thousands of cases of autism (as well as all other vaccine induced diseases, in people and in pets).

One site I have promoted is because it publishes the work of UK investigative journalist Christina England.  Christina's research led her to secret documents detailing the meetings of various vaccine promoting minions where they were discussing autism being SSPE.  (You can find this article published in August of 2012 at ).  I was thrilled that she found this evidence that they know SSPE is autism, and have been hiding it from the public for decades.  This article went viral, and should have put an end to the "mercury causes autism" scam.  It validated what I have been saying for over 15 years. 

The editor of the vac truth website is Jeffrey John Aufderheide, who claims he has a vaccine injured child  (although he turned down my offer to do a free consult for that child a few years ago).  I told him years ago that autism is SSPE, yet he ignored me and continued to publish the "mercury causes autism" lie.  That was until last August, when Christina England came up with her incontrovertible proof in her above referenced article.

WHY then, since the true cause of autism has been identified, would he write the article posted at
, where he has now joined the "inflammation" disinfo crowd?  Is this a coincidence as the NIH director is now claiming inflammation also causes Alzheimers?  In this article he discusses " 2 Studies Show Inflammation in Pregnancy Linked to Autism and Vaccines".  The articles he sites are written by the NIH, who are also proclaiming this new "inflammation" cause of autism  allegedly due to vaccination of pregnant women . of course, the incidence of autism skyrocketed when the MMR vaccine was introduced.  Vaccines were started in pregnant women many years later.  Worse yet, he also brings up the mercury issue distraction.

As I have stated many times, every ingredient in vaccines is toxic and causes damage in different ways.  Mercury and aluminum in vaccines cause Alzheimers.  However, SSPE/autism is due to an autoimmune attack on the myelin sheath leading to demyelination due to the molecular mimicry of the measles virus being similar in structure to myelin basic protein (which serves as the insulator to allow conduction in nerves, analogous to the plastic coating on an electrical cord).  AUTOIMMUNITY IS NOT THE SAME AS INFLAMMATION.  I tried to find a link where you could learn the difference;  unfortunately, I could not find any information that was written in terms plain enough so as to be easily understood.  However, the sudden appearance of the "inflammation" explanation for these 2 diseases is an obvious  attempt to distract from the truth.  Please ask yourself why Aufderheide would write such an article trying to distract from the truth that Christina England has published.  The minions who lie to the people must be identified, and I will continue to do so as the destruction of the human race is happening, in large part, due to bioweapon vaccines.  THIS IS NOT A GAME. 

It is now self evident that the vac "truth" site is run by a minion who profits by lying to and confusing the people. Please spread the word.

If you need help in reversing your disease with natural therapies. please go to to learn how Dr. Carley does consults.  (Note that Alzheimers can be reversed as long as there is family available to give the person their remedies).  Also, listen to "What's Ailing America? on on Sun from 4-6 PM EST. You can also access many archives of shows Dr. Carley has done over the last few years at

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