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Friday, April 5th, A.D. 2013

Between Thursday, March 28th, and Friday, April 5th, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 0.9 % from $1,597.60 to $1,582.30
Silver fell 3.3 % from $28.30 to $27.35
Platinum fell 1.9 % from $1,567 to $1,537
Palladium fell 5.7 % from $771 to $727
DJIA fell 0.1 % from 14,578.54 to 14,565.25
NASDAQ fell 1.9 % from 3,267.52 to 3,203.86
NYSE fell 1.2 % from 9,107.05 to 9,000.25
US Dollar Index fell 0.6 % from 82.98 to 82.51
Crude Oil fell 4.3 % from $97.23 to $93.05

It is said growing old is not for sissies and neither is going against mainstream beliefs of having gold in your investment portfolio.   It takes courage and strength to remain calm when faced with a week of volatility as we saw in the precious metals sector this week.  Even though pressure remains on gold and silver the positive side is the opportunity of purchasing gold and silver at lower prices.

A stronger stock market, a stronger U.S. dollar and without doubt, strong manipulation in the precious metal markets kept gold and silver from being sought after as the safe haven.  All eyes were focused on the U.S. jobs report released from the Labor Department on Friday.  From the beginning of the week I believed the markets were being set up to have the least amount of negative impact as the highly disappointing numbers were announced.  By keeping equity markets higher and gold and silver lower all week they succeeded, temporarily.

The employment report showed the U.S. economy created only 88,000 jobs in March versus the 190,000 jobs that were expected.  The unemployment rate fell to 7.6% only because fewer people dropped out of the system completely.  We have the lowest employment participation rate since 1979 of 63.3%.

There seems to be a huge disconnect between the various problems facing the world and the ultimate safe haven of gold.   With recent banking problems from Cyprus to the Bank of Japan, with a new prime minister Shinzo Abe who’s vowed to adopt a large stimulus, cut interest rates to help revive growth in his recession desperate country.  With 1 trillion yen (2 trillion in U.S. dollars) of fiat money flooding into world market it remains to be seen how they will preserve the targeted 2% inflation rate. 

All bets are off on North Korea.  In normal markets gold would already have a war premium as Korea’s leader continues to issue threatening statements and move missiles to its eastern coast.

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"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Fundamentals of Financial Survival

by Alfred Adask

After eleven years of up, up, up, gold has been down, sideways, or down since it peaked at $1,900 in August of A.D. 2011.  This past week, we saw several consecutive days of gold falling between $10 and $24 per day.  On Thursday, gold fell below $1,550 and left many wondering how low gold can go.  Confidence in gold was badly shaken.

Société Générale S.A. is a French multinational bank headquartered in Paris.  It’s France's second largest bank and the no. 8 bank in the European zone.   So it didn’t help to restore confidence in gold when Kitco News posted an article entitled “Societe Generale Sees Gold Under $1,400 By Year-End”

$1,400 gold!  Two weeks ago, I would’ve dismissed such predictions as silly.  But, last week, I began to wonder if maybe $1,400 gold was possible.

According to that article,
“Societe General looks for a U.S. economic recovery to mean that quantitative easing is likely to be scaled back in the fourth quarter, with bond yields rising ahead of this.”
Say whut?  Societe General is predicting $1,400 gold based on a “U.S. economic recovery”?  What “recovery” is that?  I’ve heard predictions of a U.S. economic recovery for at least three years, and I’ve yet to see credible evidence that such recovery is close or even possible. 

Sure, there’s evidence of an illusory recovery—if you believe our central government’s illusory statistics on inflation (1.7%), unemployment (7.7%), and national debt ($16 trillion).  

But if you believe, the real, non-illusory inflation rate is about 5.5%, the real unemployment rate is over 20%, and the national debt is $85 trillion (the Congressional Budget Office says that, including unfunded liabilities, the national debt is over $200 trillion)—then there’s no recovery nor can there be a recovery in the foreseeable future.

Thus, I can’t see an objective foundation for Societe General’s prediction for $1,400 gold.  But that prediction still has me talking to myself.
“Societe Generale listed a 2013 full-year forecast of $1,500 for gold. The bank listed a first-quarter forecast of $1,625, then $1,550 and $1,450 the next two quarters before $1,375 in the fourth. Silver was forecast at $30 in the first quarter and $24 in the fourth.”
Q: Are those predictions even possible?

A:  Absolutely.

Q:  Are those predictions probable?

A:  Not in my opinion.

Why?  Because I see certain “fundamentals” that can’t be doubted or ignored which guarantee the long-term trend for gold should be up, up and up.  These fundamentals are:

1.  First and foremost, the national debt is too great to ever be repaid.

Obama claims the national debt is $16 trillion. If so, each American man’s, woman’s and child’s “fair share” of the national debt is about $50,000.  In theory, that debt , might be paid in full over a period of ten or twenty years.  It wouldn’t be fun, but we could do it.

However, according to the total national debt is actually about $90 trillion.  That works out to about $290,000 for every American man, woman, child.  There’s no way to squeeze $290,000 out of each living American.  That debt can’t ever be paid.  Instead, in my “guesstimation,” at least 80% (and probably 90%) of the national debt will be repudiated.

It gets worse.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, when we include the government’s unfunded liabilities, the national debt is over $200 trillion.  That’s about $650,000 for each living American.  There’s no conceivable way for that debt to ever be repaid in full.  I’d guesstimate that at least 95% of that debt must be repudiated.

The implications are enormous.

2.  What can’t be paid, won’t be paid.

My second “fundamental” sounds so obvious, it seems silly.  But I’ve argued the importance of that principle for at least four years.  If the national debt is too big to ever be repaid, then some or most of that debt will not be repaid.

Instead, most of the national debt will be repudiated by inflation or by an open admission that the government is bankrupt.

Big deal, hmm?  Who cares?

Well, it is a big deal and you should care because my third “fundamental” is:

3.  One man’s paper debt is another man’s paper asset;

I.e., paper debts and paper assets are mathematically equal and two sides of the same “coin”.

If I borrow $100,000 from you, I have $100,000 to spend, and you have a piece of paper bearing my signature and promise to repay you $100,000 plus interest.  If anyone asks, you’ll tell them you have an asset worth $100,000 because you have a promissory note (paper-debt instrument) that bears my signature.  I have a $100,000 debt and you have the correlative $100,000 paper asset

In our fiat monetary system, there are no paper assets (debt instruments) without a correlative paper debt.  Without the paper debt, there can be no paper asset.

Therefore—if, for whatever reason, I can’t repay my $100,000 debt, your paper asset (my $100,000 promissory note) becomes worthless.  The value of your paper asset depends on the value of my paper promise to repay the debt.  Similarly, the value of your US Treasury bonds depends on government’s ability and willingness to repay that debt.

Whenever any paper debt can’t be paid, its correlative paper asset (paper-debt instrument) becomes worthless.

This principle is of enormous significance because it means that you can’t repudiate a paper debt (say the national debt) without also destroying the value of the correlative debt instruments (bonds, pensions, So-So Security, etc.) that memorialize that debt and are currently treated as paper assets

Thus, if the national debt is $200 trillion and the government can’t pay 80% ($160 trillion), then $160 trillion dollars in paper assets will rendered worthless.  Our economy can’t withstand the loss of $160 trillion in paper assets without collapsing into a depression and widespread poverty.

If and when the government admits that it can’t pay the national debt and the paper “assets” memorializing that debt vaporize, where will we find the currency to borrow to build another factory, house or shopping center?  

More, once the national debt is openly repudiated, if there’s any “money” left to lend, the interest rate will be so exorbitant that borrowing will be almost impossible for a decade or more. 

Without assets to lend, there’ll be no credit.  Without credit, the economy will not only collapse, but tend to stagnate for years, even a decade or more.  As with the Great Depression, the only way we may finally dig our way out may be by means of another World War.

We can get by without debts, but we can’t get by without assets.   There may be some reality to our paper debts, but our paper assets are definitely illusions and thus subject to disappear as easily as Cypriot bank accounts.

4.  The value of physical gold is not debt-dependent.

As people start to see the falling value of paper assets, they’ll increasingly invest their wealth in something tangible like gold because the value of gold as an asset is not dependent on someone else’s debt

I.e., if I hold a paper-debt instrument in my hand as an asset, the value of that paper “asset” can be instantly destroyed by a debtor’s refusal or inability to pay that debt.  But, if I hold a gold coin in my hand, its value as an asset remains without regard to anyone else’s promises to pay.  Unlike paper assets, a gold asset is not debt-dependent.

In a world where 80% to 95% of the debts can’t, and won’t, be paid, it follows that 80% to 95% of the paper assets can and will be deemed worthless.  In such a world, gold has enormous utility as a means of preserving wealth since gold assets can’t be destroyed by debt repudiation.  Gold is an asset, no matter what.

As people begin to appreciate that gold assets are reliable, but paper assets are illusory and unreliable, the demand for gold will inevitably rise.  The price and value of gold will follow

5.  Government wants inflation.

The only way the US government can avoid openly admitting that the national debt can’t be paid is by inflating the currency so they can pay off the national debt “nominally”—but with cheaper dollars.  I.e., if the national debt were $16 trillion, and government could cause 100% inflation, they could pay off the national debt with $16 trillion that had an actual purchasing power of only $8 trillion. 100% inflation can cause the real national debt (as measured by purchasing power) to be cut in half. 

By reducing the dollar’s purchasing power by 97% since the end of WWII, government has demonstrated its determination to inflate the currency. 

Given the persistent history of inflation, I presume that government’s policy of inflation will continue and even accelerate.  I presume that the only way the current, overly-indebted economic system can survive for even a short while longer is by means of inflation and perhaps even hyper-inflation.   So long as inflation persists, the price of gold must rise.

If my presumption (persistent inflation) is mistaken, then we’re headed into an era of deflation where paper dollars grow more valuable, government is forced to repay its debts with more expensive dollars, and the national debt (as measured in purchasing power) grows larger and increasingly unpayable

The only way the national debt can be easily repudiated is by inflation.  If government can’t or won’t cause inflation, the government won’t be able to borrow currency, it won’t be able to “stimulate” the economy, and the whole economic system must collapse.  In the midst of such collapse, paper dollars will be worthless but everyone will desire gold.

5.  Economic knowledge is growing.  

As inflation accelerates, people increasingly recognize the inherent dangers of paper debt instruments.  As that knowledge spreads, people will try to move their wealth out of paper and into something tangible whose value is not debt-dependent and therefore preserves wealth during an economic depression or collapse.  That “tangible something” might be land, guns, food or tools.  But primarily, that “tangible something” will be gold and silver.   As the demand for gold and silver rise, so should their prices and value.

7) Two trends are your friends

We aren’t the first nation to implement a fiat (debt-based) monetary system.  Throughout history, a score of nations have succumbed to the temptations of a fiat monetary system.  Every attempt to rely on paper-debt as a source of wealth has failed.   The persistent failures of fiat/paper monetary systems is a trend you can depend on.  Just as the Weimar marks and Zimbabwe dollars inevitably failed, so will the fiat dollar.  As the dollar fails, the price and value of gold will rise.

Another dependable trend is the fact that while the fiat dollar has lasted for just over 40 years, gold has been recognized as money around the world for over 2,000 years.  While gold is sure to be recognized as money 5 years, 50 years and probably 500 years from now, it’s not even certain that the current fiat dollar will even exist 5 years from now.  Doubt about the dollar’s survival will move people to seek gold.  As the demand for gold rises, so will it’s price and value.


For me, when it comes to predicting our economic future, the fundamental “fundamental” is the national debt.   Unless that debt can be paid, the whole debt-based monetary economic system must collapse.  If our “money” is based on debt, and it becomes common knowledge that the underlying debt can’t be paid, the “money” must become worthless.  It’s that simple.

Inflation makes an illusory “payment” possible and will at least allow the “system” to survive a while longer.  Deflation (more valuable dollars; a falling price for gold) makes paying the national debt increasingly difficult and will accelerate the inevitable collapse.

Deflation is a hallmark of economic depression.  If the government allows deflation, the economy will collapse.  That collapse will quickly destroy the value of most paper debt instruments.  Economic hardship and political uprising could follow. 

Therefore, once a government embraces a fiat currency, that government should not allow deflation unless government is too weak to actually control the economy or government wants an economic collapse.

Although the decline in the price of gold over the past 18 months is consistent with deflation (dollar growing more valuable; price of gold falling), I remain convinced that government wants inflation.

But government can’t have inflation without allowing the price of gold to rise. 

Therefore, despite the past 18 months of falling gold prices, I still expect inflation to continue and even accelerate (perhaps to hyper-inflation).  If I’m right, with rising inflation, the price of gold must rise

I’m arguing that it’s in government’s self-interest to allow and even cause the price of gold to rise.  This is not to say that the price of gold will be allowed to skyrocket.  But I am arguing that the price of gold must be allowed to rise by 10% to 20% a year in order to confirm that inflation is real. 

Why?  Because gold is the primary indicator of the fiat dollar’s value.  If the prices of bread and gasoline double, that’s evidence of the inflation that government depends upon.  But if the prices of bread and gasoline double, while the price of gold remains static or even declines, many will believe that deflation is becoming predominant.  

The system runs on public confidence.  If a substantial number of Americans conclude from a falling price of gold that we are in an era of deflation, they’ll also believe that we’re in or near an economic depression.  If that belief propagates among the American people, that belief will be lethal to the economy and the US government. 

I’m therefore compelled to connect my seven “fundamentals” into what strikes me as a “chain of logic”.   As I do, a conclusion becomes inescapable:  the price of gold must rise.  

Why?  Because:

1) The national debt is unpayable;

2) What can’t be paid, won’t be paid; 

3) Paper assets depend on paper debts.  When we repudiate national debt that can’t be paid, we must also destroy value of their correlative paper assets (bonds, pensions, So-So Security and even paper dollars);  

4)  The value of physical gold is not debt-dependent.

5)  Government wants inflation to repudiate the national debt; 

6) Economic knowledge is growing.  As it grows, the people will move their wealth from inflatable paper to gold and silver;

7) Two historic trends (fiat currencies always fail; gold has been the primary money for over 2,000 years) are unlikely to ever be reversed.  Thus, the fiat dollar is destined for damnation and “money” must once again be based on gold.

Despite the decline in gold’s price over the past 18 months, I remain convinced by the “logic” of my “fundamentals” that the price and value of gold must rise dramatically in the foreseeable future. 

Unfortunately, my “fundamentals” don’t tell me when the price of gold will again rise or how high that rise might be. 

But I’m a patient man.  I invest in the future rather than speculate (gamble) on the present.  My “fundamentals” tell me that the price and value of gold must increase dramatically over the course of the next several years.  

So long as that’s true, I’ll hold my gold.

If you’re interested in financial survival, you should do the same.

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Real economics – not the ‘stuff’ you learned in school – is so simple it shouldn’t even be called a science.  It studies what people need and want – and how people produce what they need & want.  Anybody who can balance a checkbook can get a complete grip on real economics that is necessary to see through the double-talk on TV, etc. 

If the economy operates efficiently, the quality of life goes up for all.  If the economy is burdened in any number of ways, the quality of life goes down.  The economy is affected by everything from the education of the people – to the tools that are available to them – land & access to resources – the size of the government – transportation – technology – laws – credit & currency – I could go on.  Most economics courses go on and on about supply and demand – different sectors of the economy – savings/investment – production – consumption – credit & currencies – stocks & bonds – imports and exports – currency exchange rates – ad nauseum.  They complicate the subject and bury the basics.  Let’s stick to basics:

The only difference between us and the cavemen – are our tools – and the knowledge to use them – the efficiency with which we produce what we need and want.  Digging in the ground with a stick to plant a garden – not so efficient.  Using machines to till the soil – much more efficient.  Walking to town – carrying goods to barter – not so efficient.  Driving to town to trade with some form of currency – much more efficient.

Just like the law of gravity – in physics – there are basic economic laws that almost define economics – and just like gravity – there’s no way I know how to go around the basic laws of economics.  I’ll give you some of the basics that my parents (born a century ago) learned in grade school.  I’d say that not one in ten Americans – today – knows just these first five basics.  Before I start, I must define real wealth – not as currency or money (there is a difference) – but as what people most want and need.  The necessities of life top the list.

A) All wealth starts by being dug out of the ground or grown out of the ground – removed from the planet – one way or another.  This is why control of the land is most important – and why people fight wars over land & resources.  Land and its resources are the starting point for all worldly wealth. 

B) You create wealth when you take something of little or no value and increase its value as the result of human endeavor – called work.  A little rhyme about butchers, bakers and candlestick makers comes to mind.  If you are getting a paycheck of some sort, but you’re not producing what people want and need – what they are willing to pay you for – you are not creating wealth.  You are consuming it.  It’s true that students aren’t actively creating wealth – they’re in the process of putting mental tools into their brains. 

C) REAL value is determined by what a WILLING seller and a WILLING buyer are willing to trade for – at a particular time.  a) Umbrellas are worth more on rainy days.  b) If some thug – even if he’s dressed up in a cop costume – sticks a gun in your face and says ‘Gimme your dough’ – and you get nothing in return – that is not a real determiner of real value in that transaction.  We call that – theft. 

D) Currency – is the means of exchanging or storing REAL wealth – IF – there is any real wealth to exchange or store.  If you’re alone a deserted island – with a pallet of Federal Reserve Notes or a ton of gold and no food – you are not a wealthy man or woman. 

Before I list out the fifth – maxim – I can safely say that most people in America know that something is very seriously wrong with the economy, but precious few have a clear understanding as to why our economy is in such trouble – that a simple education in real economics (that you’re getting) would have given them.  Here’s one of the most important – and least known – maxims in economics: 

E) ALL TAXES ACCUMULATE IN THE PRICE OF THE FINAL PRODUCT OR SERVICE!  All but maybe a few taxes aren’t listed as taxes on the receipt – but countless taxes are in there.  Anybody who has a business knows this.  A century ago, something like 90% of the people working in America had their own business – be it a farm or a shop – or maybe a peddler’s wagon.  They worked for themselves.  If they got taxed, the cost of what they produced had to go up to pay the taxes.  It has been said that no business in history has ever – ever – paid taxes because the money to pay those taxes always came from the business’s customers.  I agree.  A business tax is – in effect – a business customer tax.  Business taxes serve only to 1) raise prices and/or 2) decrease availability of goods/services – 3) create unemployment – 4) chase the business either A) out of the taxing jurisdiction or B) out of business.  Does that sound like what’s been going on in America for the past few decades? 

Today – I’d say that maybe 10% of the working people in America have their own business, so most folks don’t realize the mechanism by which they’re taxed at the cash register, or how much they’re being taxed by all these taxes – hidden in price tags.  They don’t see that governments cause more poverty than all other factors in life – combined.  So many people blame businesses for high prices.  Truth be known – government knows this.

They love to tax businesses for three reasons – but I’ll only list two – for now.  1) They can shut the business down if they don’t cough up the bucks and 2) the business – not government – gets the blame for high prices – in the minds of most folks.  Governments get the money – businesses get the blame. 

At time present – on average – about 2/3 the price of anything you buy in America ultimately goes to pay a part of EVERY SINGLE TAX on every BUSINESS, PERSON, PLACE, AND THING that had anything do to with the production of the product or service you bought.  They’re cleverly hidden in the price of what you bought!  CHISEL THAT IN STONE!  Just think about it.  You’re paying part of all the income taxes of the employees – land taxes – Social Security taxes (employees’ share and employers’ share) – fuel taxes – all the business taxes – all the taxes on the utilities – excise (activity) taxes – the permits & fees & fines – you-name-it taxes from raw materials to finished whatever.  Where else could the money come from except the money charged for the goods or service?  NOW you see why our businesses & products cannot compete with countries that have small governments!

  I used to read economics books – written by economists who studied things like how many bales of cotton a country produced – how many tons of steel – barrels of oil – bushels of wheat, etc.  At the time I was reading one book, about 2/3 the cost of any product of heavy industry that was made in America went to pay taxes – and I don’t think that heavy industry taxes have gone up much since then.  Also – at that time – South Korea’s industry was coming on-line – big-time.  If you bought an American made car, about 2/3 the price – went to pay taxes.  If you were in South Korea – and bought a South Korean car – something like 11% of the cost – was the tax bill.

So, if you buy a $30,000 American car – today – you bought about $10,000 worth of car – and you also bought about $20,000 of taxes.  (Doesn’t that make you feel good?)  At the time I read that book, if you were in South Korea and bought a South Korean car, almost all of it was – car.  The same car as made in America – if made in Korea – would cost about $12,000 as compared to $30,000 – based on the cost of government taxation – alone!  One of the main reasons South Korea’s economy is growing – in real terms – is because they have a relatively small government. 

So many times, you will hear the media and politicians and educators say that workers in other countries are paid pennies to our dollars.  If you stop and think about it – in terms of real wealth – what people must have to live – they have food – and a place to live – some form of transportation – even if their wages are listed in terms of pennies per hour – and they (usually) have children.  If you have a job in America that pays ten ‘dollars’ an hour – you’re very hard pressed to obtain the same necessities.  What the media and politicians don’t tell you is how much American ‘governments’ cost Americans, or how they get the money out of everybody! 

I don’t know off-hand – what the tax takes are for other countries – today – but this is why you get a whole lot more for your buck when you buy things from countries that don’t lay claim to the biggest government in world history – and WE CAN’T BLAME THE CHINESE OR ANYONE ELSE FOR THIS! 

These taxes are levied against anyone who buys anything.  That means – whether you’re rich or poor – taxation is taking over half your money any time you buy anything – about 2/3 on average.  Everything costs about three times the real cost of production – due to governments.  That also means that you spend 2/3 of your effort and time – working – for the government!  And – what did you get – for being 2/3 enslaved?

Money is a form of stored life.  If you make $10/hour on a job – it takes $9/hour to live – you gave an hour of your life to keep one ‘dollar.’  If someone takes that $1 – he basically took that hour of your life – because you’ll have to work another hour to gain back what he took.  The power to tax is the power to destroy - - - people.

I think it’s time for a little rant: Many Americans seem to think that government somehow creates wealth.  Governments can only consume wealth!  GOVERNMENTS – THAT CAN OFTEN BEST BE DESCRIBED AS VERY ORGANIZED CRIME – ARE THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF UNEMPLOYMENT AND POVERTY – WORLDWIDE – THROUGHOUT ALL HISTORY!!!  MORE TAXES ONLY DESTROY MORE WEALTH! 

What this all means is that in America, taxes cost more than food, clothing, housing, transportation, utilities, children, education, insurance and medical expenses – COMBINED!

At this point – on average – everything made here costs about three times the real cost of production – and people who import goods know this – so they place a terrific markup on what they import.  This explains why people in China work at very low wages in sweatshops to produce athletic shoes – for instance – for very little money – but these shoes in America can cost more than a day’s wages!  Our high tax rate even increases the cost of imported goods! 

Whether you’re filthy rich or a pauper – this basically means that YOU – are in the 60% to 70% TAX BRACKET – levied when you buy ‘stuff’!!!!  Fact: You – are already 2/3 enslaved – to the government – and they want even more.  You are already more enslaved than sharecroppers of old in the Deep South because you’re basically handing over 2/3 of the ‘crop’ you ‘harvested’ – to the bankster-owned – corporate – thieving – ‘governments!’  And what do they do with the money they take from you?  (dream up more ways to take control and money and lives)  Next question: What do you get for your hard-earned ‘money’?  (more enslavement) 

And that 2/3 does not include the costs businesses must bear and pay to satisfy all the business-damaging rules and regulations and such.  So, more then 2/3 of the price of things is directly or indirectly traceable to our ‘governments’.  (Sometime or another I’ll write an article that clearly explains that our ‘governments’ are actually an interlocked matrix of privately controlled for-profit corporations – but that’s for another day.) 

Another important economic point – reporting of economic activity:  At one time – the GNP – Gross National Product – among real economists – meant the output of goods and services from the private economy.  We’re talking in terms of food, fuel, fiber, tools and materials – finished goods and services that people choose to buy.  Somewhere along the line that got morphed into meaning the total economic activity – both private and public sectors and the name morphed into GDP – Gross Domestic Product.  In this fashion, when the GDP goes up, it looks like the growth of government means the economy is growing.  Fact: Government spending takes from the real economy because government does not produce real wealth and the only ‘service’ it provides could best be described as nothing more than a protection racket.  In the name of protecting our health, wealth, and lives – governments take – most of our health, wealth, and the time out of which our lives are made. 

If the size of government increases, it must remove more money from the private economy.  So, if you correct the GDP – by removing government expenditures at all levels – you will see that our real economy has been shrinking at an accelerating pace for decades!  So, when you hear the GDP – it is yet another – ruse – and it is reported in terms of shrinking ‘dollars.’

Fact: Our economy – our real gross national output of real goods and real services from the private sector has been shrinking since before we went off the gold standard in 1971!

Fact: A depression is defined as three or more quarters with no economic growth – and when corrected for government economic ‘growth’ that isn’t growth of the real economy and also corrected for inflating ‘dollars’ – we’ve been in a depression for decades!

Fact: Our wages per man-hour worked – when corrected for taxes and inflation – have decreased every year since 1973, with the exception of 1976 – that held steady.

Fact: It takes about two and a half to three times the number of man-hours worked per week to have the same basic standard of living this country enjoyed in the ‘60s.  (Think in terms of square feet of living space – calories of food – age of car – number of bathrooms in the house, etc.)

Fact: Once you get a grip on real economics, you can see – clearly – through all the Washington and Wall Street double-talk. 

No matter what you say, or what you’ve been told, you can’t get away from economic REALITY.  You can stick your head in the sand, but you can’t escape the consequences of sticking your head in the sand.  And – ignorance is a very short-term form of ‘bliss.’  Get smart!  Truth is usually very simple. 

This has probably been the longest article I’ll write for the newsletter.  I had to lay out the basic economic language & groundwork for what will follow.  This information is so basic, and so important, you might want to save the newsletter, and pass it along to others.

I’ll write more about the inter-relationships between currency, money, and real wealth – which is what you can buy with currency or money – which means real life.  (Hint: Real money has what’s called ‘intrinsic’ – meaning real value.)  The next article will explain the utter importance of owning monetary metals – even in the worst circumstances.


Jim from West Virginia


Armor Plated Germs
by Wendy Wilson, Herbalist

Back in 1996 I came across this booklet written by William H. Lee, PhD and Lynn Lee CN called The Killer Plagues to Come; How You Can Be Invulnerable to Them. It is still an amazing instruction manual for anyone wanting to outsmart the super bugs with nutrition and herbs. There is so much beneficial information to empower you that I will have to split the information over several articles. Strengthening your weak immune system 1,000 fold is within reach and you will learn how. Understanding how super bugs and your immune system work is part of the learning curve and developing a strategy to defeat disease.

The bacteria of today have changed. It has mutated to develop a protective armor against the poison we call antibiotics. Modern medicine didn't worry too much at the drug-resistant reaction bacteria was developing in the 1940's because pharmaceutical companies would just turn over another rock to dig up a new antibiotic. However, one-by-one the bacteria that survived the antibiotics created an armor plate against these poisons. This transition went on for several decades as drug companies were keeping just ahead of the bacterial mutations in the 1990's. Wall Street celebrated the pharmaceutical success as bacterial infections such as pneumonia, blood poisoning, syphilis, gonorrhea and tuberculosis were supposedly disappearing into nonexistence. The reality is that they didn't disappear but were reinvented and medicine is admitting that it is stumped to know how to circumvent the deadly problem of drug-resistant disease.

The word 'germ' refers to a microorganism, which causes disease. The germ category contains certain viruses, fungi and bacteria. Each germ has its own shape and character and can differ on the way it reproduces or spreads in a host. Bacteria are different from viruses. Viruses are so small that they are seen with the use of an electron microscope. Viruses cannot replicate and must take over a host cell that provides a metabolizing function. Therefore scientists don't refer to viruses as "living." Bacteria on the other hand are much larger and more complex than viruses even though they are microscopic. The outer layer of bacteria contains a hard, rigid cell wall and gives the bacteria its shape and support. Inside is a plasma membrane found around living cells. The membrane acts like a toll booth as substances come and go. The guts of a bacteria are called cytoplasm and inside that is ribosomes (for protein synthesis), the nucleoid (genetic material) and plasmids (DNA, which control resistance to drugs). Your antibacterial products including antibiotics are designed to attack the ribosomes to prevent it from producing protein and hopefully destroy it. Other antibiotics are designed to attack the cell wall of bacteria. Bacteria has three basic shapes; spheres, rods and spirals. Some bacteria will have what look like octopus tentacles called flagella, which is thought to give the bacteria locomotion or movement.

When it comes to the drug resistance the bacteria have developed, it is due to their reproduction function called binary fission. The bacteria will divide in two and will be a clone of the original. Bacteria can double in number in just twenty minutes. In just ten hours you could be invaded by billions of bacteria if your body had unlimited space and nutrition to support that growth.

So how has bacteria outsmarted the poison of antibiotics? The bacteria have evolved by changing its own mechanisms and it chemically modifies the antibiotic. In other words the bacteria developed its own antibiotic for the antibiotics, rendering prescription drug ineffective. Usually it accomplishes this through enzymatic inactivation of the drug. The bacteria will modify the cellular enzyme which reacts with antibiotic drugs to make it no longer effective. Bacteria have learned to remove the antibiotic poison from the cell. Another defense the bacteria have mastered is to change the part that is the target of the antibiotic to make it unrecognizable by the antibiotic. Just like Michael Jackson and other celebrities would don disguises to go out in public to fool their fans, the bacteria dons a disguise to fool the antibiotic.

Gram negative bacteria have a natural resistance to an antibiotic. This bacterium will have a cell wall covered with an outer membrane creating a barrier against antibiotics. Other bacteria are able to modify their DNA to make new genetic material as a defense against antibiotics. It is frightening to scientists and doctors at just how fast the bacteria are able to attain the means to develop drug resistance in its population. The resistance is transferred to the clone bacteria during DNA replication, known as vertical gene transfer or vertical evolution.

The path our society has taken to antibiotic resistant bacteria picked up more speed as we layered in more uses for antibiotics.

  • Not finishing a course of antibiotics leaving bacteria to develop resistance
  • Flushing unused antibiotic down the sewer pumping the drugs into water, soil and later used on crops.
  • Indiscriminate use of antibiotics for diseases in man, veterinary medicine and animal husbandry areas.
  • Antibiotic contaminated fertilizer used on crops
  • Antibiotic resistance in GM crops
  • Development of stronger antibiotics to combat antibiotic resistance

The super bug bacteria can spread from animals to humans; usually infecting over 5 million a year because of these microbes found in meat and poultry. Do you like chicken wings? Dr. Rebecca Carley pointed out that chickens are inoculated with antibiotics in the wing. The poultry is full of poisonous antibiotics. So, eat organic instead. What dose of antibiotic are you getting when you have a glass of milk or container of yogurt or cheese on your sandwich? Cow's milk is bad for your heart but you can be drinking as many as 20 different chemicals in a glass of milk. Dr. Mercola says that they have found painkillers, antibiotics, growth hormones, anti-fungal drugs, steroids, anti-malaria drugs, sex hormones and anti-inflammatory drugs in cow's milk. Milk is anything but a wholesome food The reality is that antibiotics and other prescription drugs are showing up in the food chain and you don't need a doctor's prescription for it. Now you know why there is such a fuss to prevent raw milk consumption from the small farms because it is a cleaner source of cow's milk. Also, remember cheese is ten times the concentration of milk.

So, what we now have are super bug-smart bacteria that can kill in a very short time. If you are unfortunate enough to pick up bacteria which causes blood poisoning, there are now more than six antibiotic drugs that cannot stop it. If you contract meningitis or pneumonia there are more than five drugs that will not save you. If you get tuberculosis, medicine has eliminated five of their top antibiotics to treat the disease. The list is similar with gonorrhea, malaria, diarrhea and Staph surgical infections.

"Whenever your immune system deals successfully with an infection, it emerges from the experience stronger and better able to confront similar threats in the future." Dr. William H. Lee

A healthy human immune system when it detects foreign bacteria entering the body normally (without vaccination), will take a week to produce antibodies. If the bacteria are encountered again later the immune system will already have the antibody configuration and will release it right away to prevent the illness. The immune system is capable of learning. Scientists know that your immune system can actually analyze its experiences with infections, remembers them, and passes the information onto the next generation. So how do you cripple this magnificent immune system? You destroy is with antibiotics, antiviral and vaccine drugs. You pump that garbage into animals and crops. You keep the human immune system from training. Imaging a heavyweight boxer not allowed to lift weights, run, and box or do anything that would prepare him for the big event in the ring. That is what science has done to the human immune system. The moment you are born to the moment you die your immune system is suppose to be on duty. 

"Just six antibiotic injections make your immune system a cripple." Dr. William H. Lee


So, what can we do to protect ourselves from bacteria, virus, fungus, mold and God knows what else? First, protect what God gave you and don't undermine it. Instead of weakening the immune system – strengthen it. Instead of eating nutrient depleted and chemically treated food – eat organic. Instead of being inactive – be more physically active. Also, prayer improves health. Science doesn't know why but people of faith who pray are healthier and recover faster from illness (Ps 91). One way to strengthen the immune system is to support it when it is working hard. You can do that with immune boosting herbs. Herbs are packed full of concentrated minerals, protein, enzymes, amino acids and the nutrition the immune system needs to make antibodies to defeat infections. Call Apothecary Herbs for more information on their immune boosting and organ cleansing herbs toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online where your healthcare options just became endless. Hurry! Take advantage of last year's prices before new prices take effect April 30, 2013.  Received FREE ground ship in the continental US on orders over $20.00 now thru 4/12/13 with coupon FRSH18

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The Intentional Exhaustion of Humanity
by Rebecca Carley, MD

Unfortunately, there is no school to teach people who have a passion for waking others up (knowing that our very survival is at stake) to learn how to do so without causing so much fear as to result in paralysis.  This is the dilemma.  

Unfortunately, to anyone with eyes to see it is becoming self evident that the tyranny is escalating, the corruption and fraud being committed by the traitors in the district of criminals is mind bending.  Knowing that the people have the power to stop the psychopaths who control the world by saying NO MORE to all that is being done to people of conscience throughout the world, I wait for the tipping point; that situation which makes it so obvious that these puppet masters are intentionally destroying everything that matters that the lemmings who have been going along with their programming by the mainstream media finally face the fact that they are being murdered and losing everything they have as intended, and it is getting worse every day.  

I think that we are now seeing that which will force the awakening of those who continue to refuse to face what these monsters are capable of and that involves the theft of depositors' funds starting in Cyprus, but soon to spread globally ( ). Cyprus is now "the only place in the continuing euro currency crisis in which thegovernment has agreed to force bank account holders to help pay for the rescue of debt-ridden banks. The cost for many savers and businesses would be staggering: as much as 40 percent of accounts that hold more than 100,000 euros ($130,000) in the country's two biggest banks." 

So, first the corrupt banksters caused the recession by gambling with the funds of depositors and investors by trading in "derivatives" and other "financial products".  The use of money in clients' accounts for investment purposes should have landed many of these banksters in jail by itself.  To make the financial crimes against the people even more outrageous, our corrupt Congress voted to bail out many of these banks with taxpayers' funds (TARP). Then we find out that the Federal Reserve has "lost" over $9 trillion (  ).

And now we see the next outrageous move these thieves are starting to make on the people is to outright steal the money of depositors out of their accounts.  An excellent article outlining how this confiscation scheme is being planned for US & UK depositors can be accessed at . 

We now find ourselves in another position which demonstrates the loopholes that legal landsharks write into legislation/laws which transform the original intention of various agencies into the exact opposite of what the people are made to beLIEve the intention is.  One of the shocking truths you will learn in the aforementioned article is that "although few depositors realize it, legally the bank owns the depositor's funds as soon as they are put in the bank. Our money becomes the bank's, and we become unsecured creditors holding IOUs or promises to pay. But until now the bank has been obligated to pay the money back on demand in the form of cash. Under the FDIC-BOE plan, our IOUs will be converted into "bank equity."  The bank will get the money and we will get stock in the bank." 
" No exception is indicated for "insured deposits" in the U.S., meaning those under $250,000, the deposits we thought were protected by FDIC insurance. This can hardly be an oversight, since it is the FDIC that is issuing the directive. The FDIC is an insurance company funded by premiums paid by private banks If our IOUs are converted to bank stock, they will no longer be subject to insurance protection but will be "at risk" and vulnerable to being wiped out, just as the Lehman Brothers shareholders were in 2008." "In the US, depositors have actually been put in a worse position than Cyprus deposit-holders, at least if they are at the big banks that play in the derivatives casino. The regulators have turned a blind eye as banks use their depositaries to fund derivatives exposures."

What will it take, people, to get you outraged and activated?  Not only are we now being forced to purchase "health" insurance that will then force us to be vaccinated, mammogrammed, etc.  to KEEP that insurance; but now we are going to be forced to surrender a huge percentage of our bank accounts in exchange for bank stock which is by definition worthless based on the fact that the bank is stealing from its own depositors to survive in the first place.

California has already started confiscating the property of its depositors by seizing the content of safe deposit boxes (  First they claim the owner is unknown, then they steal the contents to sell and place the proceeds into a general fund which they spend as fast as possible. This, following all the corrupt foreclosures on homes, some of which did not even have mortgages ( ).  

And as we all file our tax returns to pay for the "services" we are receiving from the most corrupt government on the planet, let me not neglect to mention the most recent outrage at the hands of the mad scientists; check out to learn about the "missing vial" of a hemorrhagic virus from a biolab in Galveston, Texas. "The Galveston biolab requires the most stringent safety measures because it studies biosafetly level BSL-4 materials, or dangerous infectious diseases that have no vaccines or cures. BSL-4 materials include Guanarit, Ebola and smallpox." We see how well those "stringent safety measures" are working.  Once again, your taxes at work.  

I know all of this is overwhelming; how do we stop this evil which has created a hell on earth?  First and foremost, the perpetrators at the top must be identified.  Here is what is revealed in the last sentence of the 10th protocol of zion:  "it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people's relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanitywith dissension, hatred, struggle, envy, torture, starvation, BY INOCULATION OF DISEASES, by want, so that the goyim see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else".  Tidbits from the Talmud are also very revealing .  Please spread the word

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