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Friday, April 12th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, April 5th, and Friday, April 12th, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 6.6 % from $1,582.30 to $1,477.00
Silver fell 5.5 % from $27.35 to $25.85
Platinum fell 3.4 % from $1,537 to $1,484
Palladium fell 3.0 % from $727 to $705
DJIA rose 2.1 % from 14,565.25 to 14,865.06
NASDAQ rose 2.8 % from 3,203.86 to 3,294.95
NYSE rose 2.1 % from 9,000.25 to 9,188.26
US Dollar Index fell 0.5 % from 82.51 to 82.11
Crude Oil fell 2.6 % from $93.05 to $90.66

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Friday, the (Almost) 13th

by Alfred Adask

For those who believe in gold, this last Friday (April 12th) had a “Friday the 13th” demeanor.  The price of gold was slashed by a jaw-dropping $84 in one day.  That might be a record.

The fact that gold fell so dramatically is not of as much concern as the fact that there’s no consensus as to why it fell.  If we don’t know the “why” gold fell on Friday, there’s no way of telling what will happen this Monday (April 15th) or on into this coming week.  

Will the price of gold go up, down or sideways?  Friday was disconcerting.  But without a “why,” Monday and the remainder of this next week could be frightening.

Last Friday, Kitco published an article entitled “Metals Outlook:  Views on Gold May Get Reassessed Next Work”.  According to that article,
“In the Kitco News Gold Survey, out of 34 participants (bullion dealers, investment banks, futures traders, money managers and technical-chart analysts), 21 responded this week. Of those 21 participants, 10 see prices up, while 10 see prices down, and one sees prices moving sideways or are neutral.
Ohh, that’s just perfect!  10 up.  10 down.  1 sideways.  There’s no consensus. 

Nobody seems to know why gold fell $85 on Friday.  Instead, everyone seems bewildered because Friday’s $85 fall seems irrational.  We’ve stumbled into an economic “Twilight Zone”.

More importantly, as I write this article on Saturday, no one has any idea what gold will do next week.

•  Groping for a “why,” some said gold fell because the producer price index showed wholesale inflation was lower than expected.  Others said inflation had no bearing.

Some blamed “Federal Reserve governors talking about ending quantitative easing on the idea that the U.S. economy will improve later this year.”  Bunk.  The Fed merely “talked about” ending QE3 in the 4th quarter and gold fell $84?  Makes no sense.

Some “economists said a cold snap in March may have trimmed sales” and somehow triggered gold’s price fall.   Really?  A “cold snap” caused the price of gold to fall $84?

“Energy costs fell.”  That makes some sense, but not enough to explain an $84 fall.

Some commentators even opined that the price of gold may have fallen because Cyprus might have to sell some of its gold reserves.


As I’ve explained in a previous article on “Fundamentals,” I’m convinced that fundamental economic forces make it inevitable that the price of gold must rise dramatically in foreseeable future. 

On the other hand, I’m also “convinced” that last Friday, gold actually fell under $1,500 an ounce for the first time in nearly two years .  That’s the lowest price level since April 2011. 

And no one seems to know why

•  The absence of reason troubles most people, but it’s great for commentators like myself.

When no one seems to know why something is happening, we have a kind of intellectual “vacuum”.  Commentators abhor intellectual “vacuums” and therefore rush in to fill the void with conjecture and speculation.  (C’mon in!  The conjecture’s fine!)

Some of our ideas may seem half-baked, but so long as no one else knows for sure what’s happening, who can say we’re wrong?

Therefore, in the spirit of shooting from the hip on “a dark and rainy night,” allow me to offer some of my own conjecture.

•  We know that the price of “gold” fell $84 last Friday.

But I’m wondering what kind of “gold” suffered that fall?

There are, after all, two “kinds” of gold being traded at this time:

1) paper gold; and

2) physical gold.

So, when the price of “gold” fell last Friday, did the price of physical gold fall?  Or did the price of paper gold fall?  Or did both fall equally?

We’ve been conditioned to assume that the prices of paper gold and physical gold are equivalent.

But what if that conditioning is false?  What if the paper and physical gold prices are not equivalent? 

Clearly, Friday’s $84 loss definitely struck paper gold.  But it’s not clear that that loss also struck physical gold in a direct sense.  Maybe, the price of physical gold is not actually falling but only seems to be falling as “collateral damage” to the fall in the price of paper gold.

There’s evidence to support this conjecture.  It’s reported that there are 99 units of paper gold being sold on COMEX for every 1 unit of physical gold.  Given the 99:1 ratio, the COMEX price of gold certainly reflects the price of paper gold, but probably does not reflect the true price of physical gold.

For example, let’s suppose the real price of physical gold were, say, $5,000, while Friday’s price of paper gold is $1,478.  Let’s suppose COMEX sold one ounce of physical gold for $5,000 and 99 ounces of paper gold for $1,478.  What would the resulting average price for “gold” (both paper and physical) be? 

A:  (($5,000 x 1 ounce physical) + ($1,478 x 99 “ounces” paper)) divided by 100 total “ounces” sold = COMEX market price of “gold” at $1,513.

That $1,513 would be very close to the paper price of $1,478—but it would be only about 30% of the price of physical gold.  (In a sense, the price of paper gold can be seen to be a “derivative” of physical gold.)

Because of the hugely disproportionate, 99:1 ratio of paper gold to physical gold traded on COMEX, the market price of “gold” is primarily the price of paper gold. 

Of course, the previous analysis fails because there’s no true, free market for physical gold.  No one really knows if the true price of physical gold is $5,000, $3,500, $10,000 or $1,478.

Nevertheless, however hypothetical, the previous analysis illustrates that the relationship between the true price of physical gold and the current price of paper gold are, at best, tenuous and probably illusory.   Thus, it’s entirely possible that the real price of physical gold might be much different (and much higher) than the current price of paper gold.

• Unfortunately, there’s little evidence in the current gold market that the prices of physical and paper gold aren’t equivalent.  Although common sense makes that conclusion obvious, we can’t prove it because there’s no free market for pure, physical gold.  

A true, free market for physical gold would be a market where 100% of the trades were executed in physical, gold.  Those who sold gold would sell only physical—not paper—gold.  Those who bought gold would take delivery of only physical—never paper—gold.  The daily price of physical gold would go up or down according to the prices established by those who actually bought and sold physical gold in the market—not by some group of elitists (as in the London Bullion Market Association) who arbitrarily set the “spot” price of gold each day. 

•  Is there any evidence that the prices of paper and physical gold are not only different, but diverging?

Yes.   Central banks around the world are buying hundreds (even thousands) of tons of physical gold.  Why?  Because physical gold is being sold for the price of paper gold.  That’s a little like selling a new Cadillac for the price of a plastic, model Cadillac.

Central banks—believing the price of paper gold to be markedly below a reasonable price for physical gold—are cashing in their paper dollars to buy physical gold at paper gold prices.

Thus, it appears that the central banks’ push to buy physical gold is evidence that the prices of physical gold and paper really are different, diverging, and likely to continue to diverge in the foreseeable future.  

Implication:  Central banks must believe that: 1) the price of physical gold will be shown to be much higher than the price of paper gold; and, therefore, 2) if they can buy physical gold, now, at paper gold prices, they should be able to generate significant future profits when the price of paper gold is finally forced to rise to reflect the price of physical gold.

•  In fact, given that the COMEX market primarily reflects the price of paper gold, the current fall in the price of “gold” may not be a fall in the price of physical gold, but only a fall in the price of paper gold.  If so, Friday’s $84 fall may not be evidence of a retreat form ownership of physical gold, but only evidence of a retreat from paper gold. 

I.e., are gold investors giving up their paper gold to buy physical gold?  If they’re not doing so already, as the difference between paper gold and physical gold becomes increasingly apparent, they’ll do so in the future. 

But if Friday’s $84 fall was only in the price of paper gold—and if the price of “gold” doesn’t bounce back—we should see the supply of physical gold dry up over the course of the next week or two as more sellers refuse to sell their physical gold at paper gold prices.  In other words, if sellers refuse to sell their physical gold for paper gold prices, it will confirm that there’s a growing disconnect between paper and physical gold prices.

If the price of gold doesn’t jump up this next week, and if the supply of physical gold shrinks, I think it’ll be a good thing.  It may even be worth last Friday’s $84 “hit” if it signals a growing recognition that: 

1) The true prices of paper and physical gold aren’t equivalent or even closely related; and

2) the world needs true, free market for physical gold.

Buckle up.  This should be an interesting week.

For Whom the Currency War Tolls

by Alfred Adask

According to the South China Morning Post (“Japan stimulus will start currency war, say Chinese economists”),
“The Bank of Japan will double its monetary base to 270 trillion yen (HK$22.1 trillion) by March 2015.”
Doubling their monetary base?!  In just 2 years?!  That’s an average of 50% increase per year!  Ohh, the beasts!  The damn Japs are inflating the yen and starting another currency war!!  Oh-Em-Gee!!!

According to the St. Louis Federal Reserve bank, between A.D. 1971 (when the dollar went off the gold standard) and September of 2008, the U.S. monetary base increased steadily from about $100 billion to $900 billion.  That’s an increase of about $800 billion (800%) over 37 years—an average increase of about 22% per year.

Thus, even in “good times,” the US monetary base could be expected in increase by 22% per year.

However (also according the St. Louis Fed), during the “bad times” since September of 2008, the U.S. has increased its monetary base from about $900 billion to today’s $3 trillion. That’s an increase of over 230% in 4.5 years—an average of about 50% per year—just like Japan’s current proposed increase. 

Q:  If it’s OK for the US to increase its monetary base by an average of 50% per year for over 4 years, why are the Japanese castigated for increasing their monetary base by 50% per annum for the next two years? 

A:  In essence, Japan is being condemned for devaluing the yen over the next 2 years at an annual rate very similar to the US devaluation over the past 4.5 years.  More, Japan is being accused of starting a currency today by doing exactly what the US has done for the past 4.5 years.

So, if there’s a currency war, is it being started now, by Japan?  Was it started in 2008 by the U.S. under the guise of Quantitative Easing?  Or did a global currency war actually begin in A.D. 1971 when the US abandoned the gold standard?
“Many of China's top economists are livid at what they view as an effective currency devaluation [inflation] by Japan and are calling on the People's Bank of China to retaliate by weakening the yuan to defend itself in what they see as a new currency war.”
Have you ever heard of any man, organism or institution that could “defend itself” by becoming “weaker”?  I have not. 

Nevertheless, economists report no danger or inherent contradiction in a policy that advocates economic “strength” through monetary “weakness”.  To me, a policy of “strength through weakness” is either inherently stupid or, more probably, an outright lie intended to deceive.  

If some persons or institutions are going to be “weakened” by inflation in order to “strengthen” the nation, who are those persons/institution?


The justification for currency war seems to be “trickle-down economics”.  If Japan inflates its currency, its multi-national corporations will sell more Japanese products to foreign countries; those corporations will make more profits; and, eventually, those profits will “trickle down” to Japan’s workers in the form of more jobs and/or higher wages.  If government allows the rich to get even richer, sooner or later some of those riches will “trickle down” to the peasants.

That’s a nice theory.  There’s similar theory that every December 24th, a fat man dressed in red will deliver free toys to all the good little girls and boys.  But is there any more evidence to support the trickle-down theory than there is to support the Santa Claus theory?

I don’t think so.  Rich people are rich because they know the value of money.  The pursue money.   They nearly worship money.  Therefore they won’t spend a nickel that won’t earn them a dime. 

Poor people, people on the other hand, have no idea of the value of money and will therefore waste what little they have and seldom escape poverty.

Contrary to the trickle-down theory, if you give more money to the rich, they’ll simply keep more.  If you want to stimulate the economy, give the extra money to the poor and middle class.  They’ll generally waste it in short order, and it will then fall into the hands of the rich.  But the rich will be forced to compete among themselves to acquire the wealth of the poor and middle class rather than simply seek a subsidy or grant from the government under the guise of the “trickle down theory” and being “too rich to fail”.

As a result of increased competition among the rich to get the money of the poor and middle class, the poor and middle class may benefit by seeing products that are lower cost and higher quality. 

But currency wars don’t give more money to the poor and middle class.  Instead, those groups are impoverished by the resulting inflation intended to give more money to the rich.  Probable result of currency war?  Higher domestic prices, lower quality and a declining standard of living.

Currency Wars

The Daily Bell (“Is Japan's Devaluation an Attack on China?”) suggested that Japan’s doubling of its monetary base was intended to “start a currency war aimed at least in part at China.”

We’re all encouraged to believe that “currency wars” are waged by one country against another country.  I believe that belief is basically a bunch of Kabuki.

Yes, one nation’s currency war may be intended to bolster its own exports and thereby cut into the sales of another nation’s exports.   But that cut in sales for foreign countries is more a consequence of currency war than an objective.

Currency wars aren’t aimed at foreign countries—they’d aimed at a nation’s own people


Q:  Who are the principle casualties of a currency war? 

A:  The people of the nation conducting currency war. 

Why?  Because currency wars are fought by means of increasing a country’s monetary base in order to inflate that nation’s currency and thereby make it less valuable.

For example, if the US engages in “currency war” against the “evil” Japs, the US will inflate the fiat dollar, thereby reducing the fiat dollar’s value (purchasing power) and making US exports “cheaper” and more attractive on the global market. 

So, let’s suppose that, in the name of “currency war,” the US gov-co caused enough inflation to reduce the dollar’s value/purchasing power by 10%.  By inflating the dollar, American exports become 10% less expensive and therefore more competitive on the global market.  Multinational corporations manufacturing products in the US would see their profits and share of global market grow. 

Q:  But, just how does inflation cut the price of American exports? 

A:  Primarily, by reducing the value of the dollars paid to the American workers

If gov-co uses inflation to cut the value of the dollar by 10%, an American worker who was making $30/hour will see his pay cut by 10%.  Ohh, he’ll still be paid a nominal $30/hour, but he’ll only receive $27/hour in purchasing power.

Seemingly international currency wars cause domestic inflation which causes a national wage reduction.  Currency wars cut labor costs.  When the average American worker is paid less for his labor, the average multi-national corporation, its stockholders and executives can make more profits.  When the US causes 10% inflation, it causes virtually every American worker to suffer a 10% pay cut

More, 10% inflation causes every retiree to take a 10% cut in their pensions.  Prices go up 10%, but the retirees’ monthly pensions lag behind. 

National Debt

10% inflation also causes a corresponding decline in the actual magnitude (purchasing power) of the national debt.  If the national debt is only $16 trillion and the government causes 10% inflation, the real size of the national debt (in terms of purchasing power) might also be reduced by as much as $1.6 trillion.  That’s nothing to sneeze at.

But, as the national debt grows, the potential impact of 10% inflation also grows.   For example, if the national debt is actually over $200 trillion (as claimed by the Congressional Budget Office) and the government causes 10% in inflation, the real size (purchasing power) of the national debt might be reduced by as much as $20 trillion.  In one year.  That’s big bucks.

Thus, the larger the national debt, the greater the incentive—even necessity—for government to repudiate that debt by inflating the fiat dollar.  If the national debt is only $16 trillion, the government might not inflate the dollar.  If the national debt is actually over $200 trillion, you can bet that inflation will cause significant inflation.

By means of just 10% inflation, the gov-co might cause a 10% reduction in the standard of living of almost every American who doesn’t understand that inflation is organized crime (theft) committed against the people by their own “benevolent” government.  Currency war and the resulting inflation may be great for corporations exporting products to foreign countries—but it’s terrible for the average American workers, retirees and creditors. 

So wake up.  When your government inflates the dollar, you are being robbed . . . by your own government.  Therefore, stand up, scream, shout and protest.

Insofar as a nation’s workers, retirees and creditors bear the brunt of the losses caused by currency war, those people must be the true, intended targets of “currency war”. 

Nevertheless, the Daily Bell observes that,
“It is indeed possible to hypothesize that Japan's current policy is intended to confront China and therefore is being used as a monetary ‘weapon of war’."
Again, I disagree that hypothesis.  China is not Japan’s real target.

“War” is traditionally waged against a foreign nation.

“Currency war” is primarily waged against a nation’s own people

Therefore, I’d say that increasing the monetary base and inflating a nation’s currency is not a “weapon of war” (against foreigners) so much as a “weapon of genocide” because that “weapon” is primarily directed by a government against its own people.  

•  I guarantee that as Japan inflates the yen, Japanese workers will be paid less and Japan’s standard of living will fall.  I guarantee that as Japan’s stand of living falls, so will their people’s life expectancy.  That decline in life expectancy may not be dramatic but it will be measurable.  Therefore, by means of “currency war,” the Japanese government will cause the premature deaths of millions of elderly Japanese. 

As those elderly Japanese die, so will the pension obligations of Japanese companies and/or Japanese government. 

Thus, currency war is not only waged to cut the costs of labor, it’s also waged to:  1) cut the expense of keeping the promises to feed the no-longer-productive/profitable retirees; and 2) cut the cost of repaying the government’s national debt to its creditors. 

Even so, insofar as Japan engages in currency war, the “popular opinion” (ignorant opinion) of the Japanese people will probably be that the “currency war” is being waged against China, South Korea or even the US.   But Japan’s currency war (inflation) will be primarily directed against the Japanese people since they’ll be the primary losers of both income and life expectancy in that “war”. 

•  Likewise, when the US increases the monetary supply by 200% over 4 years, the American workers are the “casualties” who suffer the losses in pay, jobs, standard of living and life expectancy. 

Each nation’s government wants its people to believe that it’s waging currency war against some foreign country.  But, actually, every government’s currency war is primarily against its own people

In the name of fighting China, Japan will conduct “currency war” against the Japanese workers and retirees. In the name of fighting Japan, the US will conduct “currency war” against American workers and retirees.  In the name of fighting the US, China will conduct “currency war” (inflation) against the Chinese people. 

Currency war is largely political theater intended to conceal a government’s determination to reduce the income of the vast majority of its own people.

The nation that engages in currency war reduces its own national debt and impoverishes its own people.

Therefore, Ask not for whom the currency war tolls; the currency war tolls for thee.

The Case for Metals

This article will be shorter than the first.  By the nature of the subject(s) I will cover, it will be rather – disjointed.  Please accept my apologies. 

Let me give you a little of my background.  I am not an expert in the law, politics, history or economics.  I’ve just been a casual observer of the way things really work for way to long.  I had two parents who would be called super-geeks – today.  By a few twists of fate, my father found himself among the intellectual elite at Cornell University – a New World Order playground – before and during WWII. 

It was there that he learned about the private Federal Reserve – that he called a counterfeiting company – because they practiced fractional reserve banking.  (Do a ‘net search if you don’t understand fractional reserve banking.)  He learned about false flag operations that were used to deceive the American people into foreign wars, as well as the matrix of interlocking corporations that had slowly replaced our lawful government – corporations that had been under Federal Reserve control since March of 1933.  He learned the basic facts of the New World Order’s plans for this nation and the world as of that time.  He learned that intellectual visionaries had dreamed up all kinds of things to invent – the transistor – spy satellites they would refer to as weather satellites – television – to program the masses.  I could go on. 

From there, he went to work at Union Carbide as a research chemist – got two chemical patents to his name – was given the job of overseeing and trying to protect Carbide’s intellectual property as a federal patent agent – a job that became impossible after Carbide realized that the US Patent office did almost the exact opposite of what they told people they did.

To do his job, he had to pass the exam to become a US Patent Agent – learn ‘patent law’ – and the matrix of what he called contract law, equity law, maritime/admiralty law, commercial law, administrative law – that had little if anything to do with common sense, common law, or the Constitution!

He reported directly to Carbide’s CEOs, and had to rub shoulders with some of the most despicable people on Wall Street and in Washington, DC.  Carbide was primarily a research company.  They invented Nylon and Teflon – licensed them to Dupont.  Carbide invented synthetic rubber – machine-saving oil additives – and weatherproof coatings – licensed them to rubber and oil and paint companies.

Because the US Patent Office and the Justice Department refused to do what they were supposed to do, intellectual espionage became the name of the game in the chemical industry.  He worked at Carbide’s Tech Center – the site of almost all their research – located in South Charleston, West Virginia.  Research work is almost always compartmentalized, so very few people are aware of all the (secret) ongoing research.  He was one of the few at Carbide who knew about all their projects.  So, he was right in the middle of all this – feared for his life and our lives until he retired.  His greatest fears were that he would be captured and tortured because he knew so much, or one of us would be kidnapped!  I knew none of this at the time.  He did say that because Carbide would not produce weapons or poisons, they were under constant attack.  I didn’t understand that when he first said it.      

I grew up in what amounted to a small library.  We didn’t have a TV in our house until I was fifteen – because TVs lied.  My dad turned me onto short wave listening when I was ten.  I made one radio from a kit, then we fixed up a gorgeous old short wave radio that had been made in the ‘30s.  Compared to my peers, I gained a very different perspective on the world.     

1965: My parents found – not just omissions – but bald-faced lies in my 8th grade American history book and became very angry.  They sat me down and told me about the Federal Reserve, the corporations that pretended to be our governments, and the false flag operations that had taken us to five foreign wars, but they didn’t use the phrase ‘false flag operation.’  Using language my father only rarely used – he adamantly told me to keep my blankety blank blank mouth shut about that information – because at that time – it was dangerous to say that to the wrong people – and he gave me a few examples of this.  That scared the daylights out of me! 

They gave me the Mayflower Compact to read.  Then they gave me the COMPLETE Declaration of Independence that included all the reasons we had rebelled against the Crown.  My history book had omitted most of them.  I had to memorize at least twenty to satisfy them.  Then they absolutely hammered me with the Constitution.  EG: Unless we’re in a war, there is no provision for a standing army in our Constitution.  I had to read the Federalist and some of the Anti-Federalist papers – tough reading. 

At that time, they did not have any books on the Federal Reserve, or American false flag attacks, or the corporations that had usurped our original lawful government, but for the next four years, they made me read a big stack of about two dozen real history books.  They also made me read an economics book – ‘Wealth of Nations’ – written by Adam Smith in 1776 – tough read – along with a smattering of books about government in general – communism & fascism that were twin brothers – and a smattering of information on a variety of relevant subjects.  They made me read the Coinage Act of 1792 – that defined the lawful dollar.  I read a pamphlet on the history of money that went back to the Roman Empire, and a pamphlet that explained the difference between ‘lawful’ and ‘legal’ (that are almost exact opposites).  My mother had the despicable habit of putting bookmarks into one of her books – then she’d tell me to read something about Thomas Jefferson – or maybe – Mahatma Gandhi.

I confess that I skipped a lot of sentences, paragraphs & pages.  I saw all of this as a form of kid hell!  I DID NOT want to read all that – ‘stuff.’  I wanted to play music, take pictures, and chase girls!  I wanted to hear about sunshine – roses – and moonlit nights! 

I did not grow up in what I call the American Matrix.  By the time I was in high school – from reading real history – I knew that ‘educators’ & national mainstream media & politicians on both sides of issues lied – with impunity!  The last two weeks I was in high school, I saw (1) photographic evidence that the mechanical voting machines – patented in 1906 if memory serves (Dad got a copy of the patent) – and from the patent, I (2) verified that they were carefully designed so they could be set to record the opposite for any or all races – and neither one of our local newspapers – that I had trusted – would publish the information!  That double-whammy was almost too much to bear.

After about another decade, I had absorbed enough additional information about the New World Order – hard to come by at that time – to realize that what my parents made me learn were the most important issues of the day.   

My father had real inside information – all along – from contacts he’d made at Cornell and inside the Pentagon during WWII, and from his job in industry.  People w/real inside intel don’t talk – except maybe – to their wives.  I had no idea – what all he knew until after my mother died in 1988, and he made the decision – consciously I think – to drink himself to death.  He would drink – and talk – sometimes scream – and occasionally weep.  I thought I was listening to a drunk man – gone mad.  Only after I dug through two boxes of evidence that he had – that I was to destroy after he died to protect individuals named in those documents, the photos and little reels of tape – did I realize that things were much worse than he had told me.

He had said – over and over – ‘Americans won’t know the truth about their government until it’s too late.’  This statement has haunted me – and powered my efforts to get the truth out to America.  Most of the most important information I learned long ago has found its way into the patriot community.   

In a drunken stupor, my father lit his last cigarette that set the house on fire – mercifully died of smoke inhalation in 1992 at age 79.  I didn’t speak to anyone about what I had learned from him until a few years ago. 

Ever since the ‘70s, I have tried to get general information out.  Most conversations would end up with ‘Well, it’s worked pretty good so far!’ and/or ‘America is the greatest country in the world!’ – along with the well-worn ‘If you don’t love America, why don’t you just leave?’  I’ve been called most of the names you can imagine.  If you think that getting truth out now is difficult – you should have tried a few decades ago.

I am not anti-American nor any kind of theorist!  I am a patriot!!! 

Lets say – that you know a beautiful, gracious lady.  She could be somebody’s mother – grandmother – daughter or sister.  Lets say – that you know there’s a cancer hidden inside this lady – and you point out that she has a cancer growing inside of her.  Now – do you do this because you hate the lady – or do you do this because you love – the lady – and want her to be healthy?   

The lady I’m referring to – is America.  The cancer – is the Federal Reserve – and all the evil that its perpetrators have laid on America for way over a century.  Had that cancer been removed – a half-century or even a quarter century ago – it would have been fairly painless and the lady would surely have survived.  At this time, the cancer has metastasized into every organ.  Removing it will be bloody at best – maybe fatal at worst.  Now do you see – the importance of the information you are receiving?   

We are staring at a total – total – financial collapse – some form of ‘social unrest’ that could be anything from a horrendous economic collapse – mass hunger and homelessness – to an all-out shooting war – bloody revolution – the breakup of our nation.  The intensity of this will surely vary, depending on where you live in America – but history is repeating – RIGHT NOW!  We are not in uncharted territory!  What’s happening here has happened in most of the nations of the world!  No government in history has survived – intact – the collapse of its currency and the Federal Reserve Note is going DOWN! 

Precious little of what you think of as ‘normal’ – now – will survive such as this.  Some of what will survive – will be monetary metals. 

Ever since I learned about the direction our monetary system and nation had taken – I have sought out those who survived major banking collapses/regime changes in other countries – that in some cases – were bloody revolutions.  Survivors – refugees – are oftentimes not very forthcoming with what they know due to fear for relatives (and missionaries) left behind. 

After a while, I saw what was in common to their stories.  All of them lost their jobs or businesses.  They had to leave almost everything they owned – behind.  Their country’s stock market collapsed.  Their stock accounts – bank accounts – were worthless or became worthless during or after the collapse because the currency tanked.  Some folks escaped with little more than their lives.  What was amazing to learn was that almost all of them said ‘We couldn’t believe this happened in our country!’  They had believed – in part or whole – their mainstream media - - - -

Precious few escaped with precious metals.  There are countless stories about people who escaped from Nazi Germany, for instance, only because they had a few pieces of gold – enough to insure passage.  This has happened – many times – all over the world.   

I am NOT saying that the worst case scenario is going to happen in America.  I have no crystal ball nor ‘inside intel’ (that’s usually BS). 

I am making the point about how important monetary metal is.  It can survive even when all else fails – and the only threat to its value is the threat of someone stealing it.

It’s my guess that some folks in America will leave where they presently live if conditions get bad enough.  Some will stay put.  I don’t know what your present situation is but what I’m trying to tell you is that monetary metals are about the only asset that is almost guaranteed to survive what is going to happen in America – no matter what happens. 

There – I’ve made my case for metals – even in the worst-case scenario. Now – will you think about what I’ve just told you – or pretend you didn’t read it?  Please pass this along to others who may need the information more than you need it.

Jim from West Virginia 

PS – the next article will have to do with the history of our monetary system.

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The Strong Antioxidants
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

I am continuing my series on how we can protect ourselves from the killer viruses and bacteria with our own immune system. Each day that goes by the scientific minds are discovering what the ancients knew regarding health. Our ancestors of long ago may not have known what free radicals were but they knew which plants made them feel better and stronger against disease. They had no idea that the plants and herbs they were eating are rich in antioxidants. The term antioxidant is just what it means; against oxidation. Foods with chemical antioxidants will inhibit the destruction to living tissue caused by oxidation. What chemicals give antioxidants their power? Is it enzymes, vitamins or minerals? If you answered enzymes and vitamins, you are correct. Your antioxidants are very important in developing a strong immune system defense.


In the 1950's Dr. Denham Harman was the first to seriously link accumulative free radical damage to disease and premature aging. A nutrient problem America has is the government's recommended daily allowance (RDA). This system divides people into two nutrient categories; those below fifty-years-of-age and those above fifty. Do you think someone who is ninety would require the same nutrition of a fifty-one-year-old? Dr. Art Ulene has stated that there are scientific studies linking free radicals to a decline in immune system function. The elderly may not be eating well and their immune system is not getting old; it just isn't getting the nutrients it needs to protect them. There is no doubt that antioxidant nutrition can enhance the human immune function.


There are several ways to wage war. Our bodies encounter foreign matter every day. The job of our immune system is to neutralize any foreign invaders that are threats to our wellbeing and dispose of them. When our bodies do not get the nutrition it needs through vitamins and enzymes it is unable to stop the chain reaction of what are called free radicals. This is a transfer of electrons or hydrogen to an oxidizing agent. All this can occur in your cells and can damage or kill the cell. Your antioxidant nutrition in foods and herbs will terminate the replication of free radicals, which science declares as the cause and consequences of disease.


Antioxidants are so powerful as a natural preservative that gasoline manufacturers will add antioxidants to gasoline to prevent the formation of gums, which clog engines. Likewise, we don't want to gum up our bodies and make us targets to heart disease, neurological disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, cataracts, macular degeneration and so on.


In the 1990's researchers discovered that the most potent antioxidants as a preservative were vitamins A, C and E. Biochemistry was revolutionized by the discovery of the influence that these vitamins have on living organisms. The industrial world will use antioxidants to preserve their products; gas, tires or unsaturated fats. That's great, but you want to use antioxidants to preserve YOU and rebuild or boost your immune system.


How many antioxidants you have in your system depends on your lifestyle. Antioxidants are classified into two categories; the water-soluble antioxidants found in your blood and the lipid-soluble antioxidants designed to protect your cell membranes. You body can make antioxidants but needs the right nutrition to do it. Foods and herbs with selenium and zinc will help your body built its antioxidant reserves. How? These minerals will help your body to utilize your antioxidant enzymes.


You can tap into the foods that assist the body to make antioxidants with foods containing selenium and zinc such as; cashews, kidney beans, salmon, haddock, wheat germ, miso, beef, turkey, pumpkin seeds, pecans, pinto beans, walnuts, eggs, peanuts, oatmeal, almonds and anchovies.


The foods which will contain more antioxidants are; fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, lentils and even chocolate. Green tea and vegetables with dark green, yellow and orange pigments will have more antioxidant nutrition. 


Way before microscopes and labs were created there were the ancient healers such as Pliny and Elder who wrote about the healing power of plants. Today we know these plants are supercharged with antioxidants and we can tap into them just like the people of ancient Rome . Herbs such as Milk Thistle, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Red Raspberry, Cayenne, Echinacea root, astragalus root, garlic, onion, ginger, horseradish and others.


It is interesting that modern science has focused on milk thistle and ginkgo herbs regarding antioxidants. Ginkgo is said to be the world's oldest tree species. Science has studies these herbs for years trying to unlock God's secrets.


Fat and oxidized fat is deadly to the organs of the human body, especially the liver. Researchers and Dr. William Lee have stated that using Milk Thistle herb is a proactive way to help prevent fat and poisonous substances from hurting the liver. Scientific studies have shown Milk Thistle to be effective in detoxifying the liver. So far the essential chemical nutrient identified in Milk Thistle to accomplish this is the antioxidant called silybum marianum (a.k.a. silymarian). Milk Thistle is originally indigenous to the Mediterranean region but is not cultivated all over the world. The early Europeans would use the seeds of the Milk Thistle plant as a coffee substitute.


If you have used prescription drugs for heart conditions, infections, arthritis, blood pressure and other chronic disease; then you will also have a suppressed immune system. Your antioxidant foods and herbs can help revitalize the immune system function. It is estimated that between 75% and 85% of the American population do not eat enough or any fruits and vegetables for antioxidant protection. A good example of what free radicals can do to your cells is to cut an apple and expose it to oxygen and watch it turn brown and rot. What most folks don't think about is that although free radicals are a byproduct of our metabolism and lifestyle, they are also a product of exposure to chemicals, dust, mold, excessive sunlight, water and air pollution. So, your diet and immune support herbs will play an important role in protecting you from free radicals and a weak immune system.


Who knew that foods and herbs provide powerful anti-germotic and anti-viral protection? God knew and said so; "Herbs are meat." Gen 1:30-31. God also said, "Herbs are here for the service of man." Palms 104:14.  Your antioxidant foods and herbs will also benefit you as allergy season starts. Call Apothecary Herbs and ask for their antioxidant-rich herbs such as Milk Thistle Tincture, Heart, Cholesterol, BP Tincture, Herbal Eyewash, American Ginseng, Brain Concentrate (with Ginkgo), Echinacea Deluxe (sinus formula), All-In-One (plague tonic), Astragalus Root (immune booster) and more. Call Apothecary Herbs now toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online,where your healthcare options just became endless. Check out their Herb Kits, Immune System Formulas and Vitamin Vault savings plan. Hurry! Take advantage of last year's prices before new prices take effect April 30, 2013. Received FREE ground ship in the continental US on orders over $20.00 now thru 4/12/13 with coupon FRSH18  

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Under "Standards of Practice", MDs are Now Assassins
by Rebecca Carley, MD

Last week I covered how the ongoing financial exhaustion of humanity is intentionally being caused by the psychopathic serpant seedline that controls the earth. Of course, all areas of our lives are being destroyed by these devils; today I will go deeper into the rabbit hole of death and disease being caused by these same monsters.  Should you choose to follow the advise of the medical devils without checking things out for yourself, you shall reap unimaginable suffering. Death will be looked at as an escape from this hell on earth.  So when the MD's who took an oath to first do no harm kill you or your loved ones, you can accept it, being grateful your execution is covered by insurance.  Or you can face the evil head on, refuse to participate, and say NO.

On Sunday, 4/7/13, the title of my show was "What's Ailing America?  MD'S ARE NOW MEDICAL ASSASSINS".  My guest was Jennifer Daniels, MD; who, like myself, was persecuted and eventually de-licensed by the NYS medical board because she dared to heal people with nutrition. If you have any lingering doubts about the true intention behind medical "treatment", or if any one in your family continues to allow themselves to be poisoned with big pharma drugs, I strongly suggest you listen to the commercial free archive for 4/7/13 available at .  

Hear Dr. Daniels explain how she found out that she is on the "terrorist watch list". THIS IS CRITICAL TO UNDERSTANDING THE PSYCHOPATHS CONTROLLING OUR WORLD, who create the pollution of our world and bodies which cause all the diseases that their insurance "covers".  Of course, when licensed professionals step out of the box and reveal the answers to all of these problems, they are persecuted for doing so the charges include ECONOMIC TERRORISM!  Because as it turns out, the never ending financial devastation that is bringing America into the "New World Order" involves "disaster capitalism", where disasters are created on purpose and then contractors of all types who stuff lobbying bribes into the back pockets of the traitors in the district of criminals make a fortune in "responding" to the disaster.  Should any one find a natural solution to the created disasters, they are termed "economic terrorists" because the natural solutions which would save billions of dollars to the public would take cash out of the coffers of the disaster capitalism traitors.  LET ME REPEAT THAT; IT IS CONSIDERED ECONOMIC TERRORISM TO COME UP WITH A SOLUTION FOR HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS WHICH THE PSYCHOPATHS HAVE CREATED.  Do you see how insane this is? 

In fact, I discussed with Dr. Daniels how it is now a crime in some states to go against the "standards of (big pharma) care" which kill people. As long as an MD follows these standards (which use only big pharma promoted therapies), they can kill people; Dr. Daniels has estimated with her research that doctors kill an average of 16 patients/yr/doctor. However, as is reported on page 2 of the document at  ; "In California, there is a law that if a patient has received conventional treatment and is not responding, the doctor cannot prescribe a change in diet rather than additional medication lest the doctor lose his/her medical license, be fined, and possibly go to jail.  The California law is not isolated. In most states, in fact, it is against the law to use food as a healing modality.

HUH?  RUN THAT BY ME AGAIN?  WHO WOULD WRITE SUCH A LAW? Obviously only psychopaths with no conscience.  Individuals such as myself and Dr. Daniels spend many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in school loans to enter this profession whose oath states one will "first do no harm", beLIEving we will be helping people; only to find out that doing harm is mandatory to remain in "good standing" with this profession that has been totally corrupted. Realizing this fact will save your life. As Dr. Daniels stated on our show, MD's murder on average 16 people/year using the "standard of practice" covered by insurance and as long as that big pharma standard has been followed, there will be no legal consequences to your executioner.  They are just "doing their job" as per the corrupt standards here in Amerika.  However, in other countries MD's are charged with murder when their actions or inactions are direct causes of the deaths of their patients.  Dr. Daniels discussed the fact that 10 doctors in Panama (where she now lives) are incarcerated because of their patients dying of  MRSA (methcillin resistant staph aureus).  Additionally, a doctor in Brazil and the staff that followed her orders have been charged with murder ( ).  It is time to demand that MD's in the states be charged with murder for the lives they take, rather than be promoted to prestigious, high paying positions.  Who must accomplish this necessary action?  YOU, THE PEOPLE BEING MURDERED BY MEDICINE.

In the meantime, Karma is a beautiful thing .the assassins are now starting to go bankrupt;    
Let me close with a few other links that should activate you .if you don't think you are being poisoned with aerosol spraying, check out the Airforce chemtrail manual found at .  Just imagine how many people have sold their souls to participate in spraying their neighbors with poison under this program.  Same result (murder), different delivery system.  These traitors should be shunned in their communities at all levels for their crimes against humanity.

Good news the military is waking up.  Check out Veteran Ken O'Keefe:"Iran is not the threat; WE are!  (He will be my guest on 4/21/13 on ). The military is afraid of the soldiers who have a conscience and thus suffer post traumatic stress syndrome , and they are being labeled "mentally ill" and robbed of their weapons lest they decide to follow their oath to protect us from the terrorists in the district of criminals .  In the meantime, the military psychopaths are creating humanoid robot soldiers which have no conscience and will kill anything that moves  Once again, your tax dollars at work.  And of course there are the drones being created to kill US citizens, which of course also benefits Isreal and wall street

Please now watch the speech from the 1976 "Network" movie, which holds true even more today .

ARE YOU OUTRAGED YET?.  Please spread the word

If you need help in reversing your disease with natural therapies. please go to to learn how Dr. Carley does consults.  (Note that Alzheimers can be reversed as long as there is family available to give the person their remedies).  Also, listen to "What's Ailing America? on on Sun from 4-6 PM EST. You can also access many archives of shows Dr. Carley has done over the last few years at .

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