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Friday, April 19th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, April 12th, and Friday, April 19th, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 4.8 % from $1,477.00 to $1,406.50
Silver fell 9.9 % from $25.85 to $23.29
Platinum fell 3.9 % from $1,484 to $1,425
Palladium fell 4.2 % from $705 to $675
DJIA fell 2.1 % from 14,865.06 to 14,547.51
NASDAQ fell 2.7 % from 3,294.95 to 3,206.05
NYSE fell 2.1 % from 9,188.26 to 8,994.12
US Dollar Index rose 0.8 % from 82.11 to 82.78
Crude Oil fell 2.9 % from $90.66 to $88.00

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In the past two weeks we saw the take down of gold and silver.  There really isn’t much more I can add that you probably haven’t already heard.  I didn’t like it but once again the blatant manipulation confirms once again just how rigged the markets are and how important it is to own physical gold and silver.

Gold’s dramatic drop over the last several trading days has shown that the fluctuating premiums of generic U.S. gold can certainly soften the blow when the spot markets turn sharply. As I have touted many times in the past, generic gold gives you not only the opportunity to gain with the change in the spot price, but also the benefit of fluctuating premiums. This has certainly proven to be true over the last several days. With gold dropping from $1565 on Thursday to yesterday’s close of $1386 ($179) the price of generic $20’s only fell by between $55 (for MS61 $20 Saint Gaudens) to $105 (for MS63 $20 Liberties). This is largely due to strong public demand and limited available generic product as the spot price tumbled. The public certainly appears to be strong buyers during the recent decline in metals prices.  

Silver has a different story.   Prior to the drop in price inventory for American Silver Eagles was tight.  Silver delays were there but not significant.

However as of Monday of this week the availability for silver eagles halted.  The main reason is the backlog was increasing so quickly the treasury could no longer keep up with the demand.  Every Monday the Mint releases product numbers to their direct buyers.  These buyers will place their order and then the price is fixed on Tuesday morning and the product is released to the various wholesalers and then retailers.   This coming Monday we will have a better idea of what is available.

There are numerous dealers selling silver eagles at a significant premium.  To this I ask why would anyone who is trying to take advantage of the lower price in silver pay such a high price?  They are defeating their own purpose of buying at a lower price. When some of the biggest wholesalers in the country are not selling to retailers…I can’t imagine why anyone would bother sending funds to someone who actually says the money goes into “escrow” until product is available. WHAT!!   Morgan silver dollars VG+ pre 1921 and 40% silver  are available for immediate delivery.


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Holy War between Paperbugs and Goldbugs

by Alfred Adask

Over the years, I’ve read Business Insider with respect.  Their articles always seemed insightful, well-written and authoritative.  However, after last week’s gold crash, Business Insider published an article which openly celebrated the plunge in gold’s price and struck me as largely nonsensical.

In “EVERYONE Should Be Thrilled By The Gold Crash” Business Insider wrote:
“On Friday, when the price of gold plunged, we said it was ‘great news.’ The idea behind saying the gold news ‘great news’ is basically this:  The last few years have seen a major ideological battle take place.”
Absolutely true.  The difference between investing in physical gold and investing in paper stocks, paper bonds, paper gold or even paper cash isn’t like the difference between investing in GM or IBM.  The difference between investing in physical gold and any other paper debt-instrument is as profound as the difference between Muhammad and the Christ.  The clash between physical gold and paper debt instruments (between actual payments and mere promises to pay) is the financial equivalent of a holy war.  No compromise is possible.  In the end, there can be only one.
“On one hand, you have established economists, who believe the government has tools at its disposal to address a crisis. These tools include deficit spending and a violent expansion of the Fed's balance sheet.”
“Established” economists?  “Established” by who and for how long?  42 years since the US adopted a pure fiat currency?  A century (since Lord Maynard Keynes)?  The fact that any economist is “established” proves nothing about the validity of his theories—especially at a time when, despite his “establishment” connections, the economy is impaired and perhaps on the verge of collapse.
“Conversely, you have critics who slam the arrogance of economists and central planners, and who have predicted that all of this economic acrobatics would result in an economic collapse, hyperinflation, and an explosion in the price of gold. Gold is important to their worldview, because it represents a quasi-money that's not tied to any government or central bank.”
Bunk.  Gold is not “a quasi-money”.  Gold is the real deal.  Gold has been the primary “money” for 3,000 years.  Paper, fiat currencies like the US dollar are the “quasi-money”. 

“Paperbugs” (those who value paper debt-instruments more highly than physical gold) see faith in gold as a kind of blasphemy.  Today’s holy war between the paperbugs and goldbugs is to determine whether gold or paper will be our economy’s “god”.
“Investing in gold is a rejection of government money and finance.”
Absolutely right.  People invest in gold because they fear and distrust the government and financial system.  Insofar as the fiat monetary system depends on public confidence, any investment in physical gold evinces a loss of public confidence and therefore strikes at the heart of the fiat monetary system.
“Money flowing into gold-related assets represents a belief that rocks (however shiny they are) are a better place to invest than human endeavors (like stocks).”

“Arguably, 2000 represented a peak in belief in the capabilities of humans. Of course, that bubble crashed. Then we had 9/11. Then we had two wars. Then we had the housing implosion. Then we had the financial crisis. Then the horrible recession. Then the European crisis and the debt ceiling and everything else.   In other words, we had a series of a events that, for good reason, shook our faith in humanity.”
Business Insider would have us believe that fiat currencies represent a faith in humanity while faith in gold is merely a form of primitive rock worship.  To embrace gold is to reject “humanity”.  We primitive goldbugs should be ashamed, hmm?

But recent events have done nothing to shake my faith in humanity.  I’m still inclined to believe P.T. Barnum’s observation that “There’s a sucker born every minute”.  I have faith in persistent human ignorance and greed.  My faith in the human tendency to support any idiotic program—like fiat currency and paper debt instruments that promise something (tangible) for (virtually) nothing—remains unshaken.

I.e., if I want to buy a new Cadillac, I can pay for the car with physical gold.  But because gold is hard to find, refine and coin, paying for products with gold is difficult—even painful.  Such payments are based on hard work and the personal discipline required to save your money. 

On the other hand, with fiat money and paper debt-instruments, I can purchase that Cadillac with nothing more than my promise to pay the debt at some later date.

So, if I want a Cadillac, it’s obviously much easier to give the dealer my mere promise to someday pay rather than my actual payment (physical gold).  Thus, in the world of fiat dollars, you and I can acquire “something” tangible (the physical Cadillac) for “nothing” (or virtually nothing)—our intangible promises to pay (someday).

Promising to pay is called “credit”.  People love it.  Most people would much rather pay with an intangible “promise” (which they can personally spin out of thin air) than with a physical ounce of gold—which is hard to find and save.  Therefore, when a fiat monetary system is first established, everyone feels pretty good since they can ultimately purchase tangible things (like cars and homes) in return for nothing more than their intangible promise to pay at some future date. 

Consumers (people who want Cadillacs; the political majority) will look at a paper monetary system and exclaim, “Is this a great system—or what?!” 

Producers (people who manufacture Cadillacs; a political minority) won’t be so impressed.  Sooner or later they’ll realize that they aren’t actually being paid for their productivity.  They’re selling tangible Cadillacs for intangible promises to pay. That’s a sure formula for going bankrupt.

The problem with an economy based on promises to pay rather than actual payments, is that, inevitably, people go too far and make more promises than they can ever possibly keep.  (Witness today’s national debt and the “liar loans” of the previous decade.)  Once it becomes clear that the promises can no longer be kept (as has happened with “liar loans” and will happen with the national debt), the value of the paper “promises to pay” (debt-instruments like US bonds, stocks and dollars) falls dramatically, illusions of paper wealth are destroyed, and the economy may collapse into chaos. 

Thus, thanks to fiat currency, we might have one to two generations who get to live in apparent prosperity, followed by a third generation who will live in poverty and political turmoil.  Given the price that the third generation will pay, I see no reason to regard paper debt-instruments more highly than gold.

•   Paperbugs (also called “Keynesians”) argue that it’s possible to run a prosperous economy forever based only on promises to pay. 

Goldbugs, on the other hand, argue that, sooner or later, the world will demand actual, physical payments rather than more intangible promises.  

Common sense can tell you which argument must inevitably prevail.
•  “If we measure stocks in relation to gold, we see that stocks actually bottomed in Summer 2011.”
Could be—but was that “bottom” the result of natural forces in the free market?  Or was that bottom achieved artificially by means of market “stimulation” by government, the Fed and Wall Street in the manipulated market?  Have the prices of stocks risen since A.D. 2011 because the free market values them more highly, or because government manipulators are doing everything possible to sustain the illusion that stocks are gaining value?

•  Business Insider claims that A.D. 2011 was the moment of both maximum belief in gold (“rocks”) and the minimum belief in “humanity”.  Since then, a politically-correct belief in “humans” has been growing while the anti-social faith in “rocks” (gold) has fallen.

But goldbugs don’t believe in “rocks” over humans.  We believe in objective reality over the “appearance” of reality.  Therefore, we believe in tangible “rocks” (physical gold) rather than paper “certificates of rocks”.  We believe in payments rather than promises to pay.  We believe in people who are smart enough to value tangible, objective reality (gold) rather than the illusions and the appearance of reality provided by paper certificates and mere promises to pay.  We aren’t cruel.  We’re merely objective—and smart.
“So ultimately, the decline of gold and the rise of stocks [and growing confidence in ‘humanity’] is a big trend that everyone should cheer.”
Everyone should cheer”?  I might agree if the decline in gold and rise in stocks was caused by free, rather than manipulated, market pressures.  But if gold is falling and stocks are rising because they’ve been artificially “stimulated” (manipulated) by the Powers That Be, we goldbugs contend that the “truth will out,” the lies (manipulated prices) will fail, and soon gold will again rise dramatically while stocks fall.
•  “The huge corpus of economic research, which has informed the US' efforts to stimulate [manipulate] the economy, is not a pile of garbage. You can do a lot without blowing things up, as the goldbugs claimed would happen.”
Now I’m inspired.  My confidence soars like an eagle.  By arguing that “You can do a lot without blowing things up,” the paperbugs implicitly admit that if they do “too much,” they might “blow things up”—just as goldbugs have warned.

No doubt you can “do a lot without blowing things up”—for a while.  But who knows where the line is between doing “a lot” and doing “too much”?  And who believes the stimulation/manipulation of our economy can go on forever?  No one. 

The stimulation/manipulation must inevitably end.  But, when it does, will the economy be able to sustain itself? 

Paperbugs believe that once they jump-start the economy with enough stimulation/manipulation, the economy will be empowered to proceed on its own force. 

Goldbugs believe that even if the stimulation/manipulation doesn’t result in an economy that’s so addicted to stimulation/manipulation that it’s unable to proceed on its own—the debts incurred by the stimulation/manipulation will still be sufficient to cripple or collapse the economy once the stimulation/manipulation ends.

•  One of the big questions we face in the today’s markets is Who is in control?  Are the central planners in Washington DC in charge of the stimulated/manipulated markets

For the moment, Yes—but should they be?

Shouldn’t we have a free market where the people are in charge?   Ohh, the free markets would probably be a lot more volatile than the stimulated/manipulated markets.  But they also wouldn’t be so prone to a collapse that might ultimately cripple the entire economy.

More, with a “free” market dominated by the people, we’d see the “power” of the markets distributed among millions of individual investors.  That kind of distribution of power is conducive to freedom and minimal corruption.

On the other hand, with a stimulated/manipulated market, the power is in the hands of central planners.  That centralization of power is contrary to the fundamental principles on which this nation was founded and is conducive to widespread exploitation and criminal behavior.

So, what we’re witnessing in our markets and economy right now is a “holy war” between those who believe in paper promises and the central planning required to make those paper promises good—and the goldbugs who believe in payments, savings, and personal freedom of the “free” market.

Whoever is going to run out markets—either the people or the government—will be the same entity that runs this country.    Shall we have freedom or central planning?

Any fool (including Business Insider) can see what the answer to that question should be.  But what should be and what is can be two very different conditions.

Today’s “holy war” between the paperbugs (promises, promises) and the goldbugs (payments) will not merely determine whether American invest in paper or gold.  It will determine whether this nation shall be free or slave.

History of 'Our' So-called Money

Hundreds of books have been written about the money, currency & banking system in America.  Most histories of ‘money’ going way back in history start with barter – then they go into various things that were used for trade.  The Bible has more information about money – than talk of heaven and hell.

This article is rather long, but it’s an attempt to give you the greatest amount of information in the fewest, simplest words – so you can understand 1) the relationship between real wealth (value), money & currency – 2) the history of ‘money’ in America – and 3) what will happen beyond the Federal Reserve era.    

Money – has what’s called intrinsic value – value within as opposed to any kind of attached ‘value.’  Worldwide examples of money in history include almost anything of value that could be moved about & bartered – from chickens & cattle – from salt to tobacco & animal hides – that required a sizable amount of human effort to produce.  There were a few exceptions to this rule.  Englishmen bought Manhattan from the Indians with beads that were almost worthless – in England.  

According to the Bible, four forms of real wealth are land, cattle, gold & silver.  Gold and silver have always had real value that varied from place to place – but they were never worthless.  The only time that gold has dropped in value was during the time when the Spanish were robbing the New World of its gold.  It dropped to about a third of its value over the span of about a century – in Europe.    

Currency – on the other hand – usually does not have what’s called intrinsic value – but it has value that is attached to it by that government.  It must be portable, something that people will accept as payment for goods or services.  It must be hard to counterfeit – or at least – carry very stiff penalties for counterfeiting.  In order for its value to be stable, the amount of currency in circulation must match the total output of goods and services in the private sector.  Government invariably props upthe value of paper and non-monetary metal currency (such as zinc, aluminum, and ‘sandwich’ coins) – with laws.

The word ‘currency’ has the same root word as current – as in current in a stream.  The idea of ‘current’ goes to the concept that currency – in the economic body – is like blood flow in a critter’s body.  It carried what was needed throughout the body – between the various organs in the economic ‘body.’ 

If gold, silver, copper & nickel are used as currency – that currency is also – money.  ‘Money’ – that has little if any intrinsic value is just currency – and it is referred to as ‘fiat’ (Latin for ‘let it be’) money.  Fiat ‘money’ doesn’t have intrinsic value because it requires very little effort to produce.  Government attaches value to it, and with time, all fiat currencies have failed.  Their failures coincide with the failure of the institutions that issued the currency, and/or the governments that enforced its value.  This has happened before – in America.  Neither the Continental ‘dollar’ nor the Confederate ‘dollar’ are used as public currency.

Examples of what I call private fiat ‘money’ – abound.  I have some old mining company ‘scrip’ that could be redeemed for goods at that coal company’s company store – until the company went out of business.  I have a bus token that lost its value after the bus company no longer accepted tokens as bus fare – and a now-worthless lunch token from junior high school.  If you have a gift certificate redeemable at a business – and that business fails – you have a piece of failed private currency.

The first time that I’m aware of that the world used fiat ‘money’ as currency – was in Ancient Babylon.  They made little pottery ‘tablets’ that people used in trade.  When the Jews came back from Babylon, they brought this monetary system back with them.  In Jesus of Nazareth’s time, they had ‘temple money’ that was issued by moneychangers – the richest men in Jerusalem and these moneychangers were in cahoots with the Jewish government at the time.  People would come to Jerusalem and trade things of real value for some of this fiat ‘money’ – to use in Jerusalem.  Some of these moneychangers set up shop in the temple.  Rome – on the other hand – demanded gold, silver and copper coins for taxes.   

An example of a currency that worked – well – were ‘tally sticks’ that the English Crown made out of wood.  It was recognized as having value – the Crown controlled the amount in circulation – it was very dangerous to counterfeit  – and its discussion is beyond the scope of this article.  You can do the research.

The advent of the printing press brought us paper ‘money’ – currency.  Currency is money if and only if it has intrinsic value.

The main reason – according to Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson – that colonial America rebelled against the Crown – was – currency – the ‘money.’  ‘The Problem’ wasn’t the stamp act or any tax the crown put on America.  The English government asked Ben Franklin – why the colonies were growing so rapidly – economically.  He replied that they had their own ‘colonial scrip’ – currency they used for trade. 

The bankers (Bank of England – established 1692) basically ran the Crown and they wanted the colonies to use money they made money with!  The government of England put forth a decree that the only thing that could be used for money in the colonies was gold or silver or English ‘money’ that they could buy English goods with – and the problem was that there wasn’t enough of it to keep trade going – so this plunged the colonies into poverty.   

For any economy to work – efficiently – money or some kind of currency has to be used as the means to store and/or transfer real wealth – what people need and want.  The only other option is barter, that is limited by what you have to barter and what someone wants and has for trade. 

We started out with gold and silver coins, then we created colonial scrip that was banned.  We went into the Revolutionary War in 1776 and along with the war came the paper Continental Dollar – that rapidly depreciated in value – went out of circulation in 1781.  To this day, some folks say something is ‘not worth a Continental’ and they are referring to the Continental ‘dollar’ – not the automobile – that I thought the phrase meant when I was a kid!

After the war ended, the battle between fiat currency and hard money was on – again!  The Constitution stated that the states could only make coins out of gold or silver but even that didn’t stop the battle! 

People have used written IOUs – a form of paper currency – ever since the first person dreamed up the idea of a written IOU, and most fiat currencies start out as promises to pay monetary metal.   

The Coinage Act of 1792 gave us a lawful definition for the American dollar.  It was the measure of a substance – much like a quart of oil, or a pound of hamburger.  It was listed as so many grains of gold or silver – either 1/20 of a TROY ounce (12 per pound) of gold – or ¾ of a TROY ounce of silver – in the simplest terms.  It also called for the death penalty for those who debased or counterfeited the currency. 

A private credit and currency-issuing bank opened in America and started bleeding the economy.  After Andrew Jackson shut that bank – down – America returned to hard money – gold, silver, copper & nickel.  The bankers made two attempts to murder Andrew Jackson.

Abraham Lincoln – love him or hate him – issued government issued ‘greenbacks’ – that private bankers didn’t make money on – and paid with his life.  The bankers – whom I refer to as banksters – also murdered Presidents Garfield and Harding for their support of hard (monetary metal) money.  John F. Kennedy – paid for his ‘sin’ of fighting banksters – with his life – ten days after he announced that he would not allow the Federal Reserve to charge interest on loans it made to the US government.

When America used ‘hard money’ – coins that had intrinsic value – our economy grew – immensely.  When we wandered away from it – all except the private banksters – suffered – economically.  When the currency-issuing banksters eased credit – that cut a lot of currency loose in the economy.  Economic activity would go up – for a little while – then it would always – go down the tubes – by bankster design – so the banksters could buy (basically steal) real assets – real cheap. 

The private for-profit banksters finagled their way back into control of our monetary policy and thus our government – in 1913 – with the passage of a constitutional amendment, and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 that gave them a 99 year charter to issue currency – and credit.  They did this by duping the American public – with the help of politicians & the mainstream media – that the Federal Reserve Board was a government agency!  It is no more ‘federal’ than Federal Express.

The Federal Reserve people infiltrated this nation to 1) rip it off, 2) bankrupt its people & government and 3) destroy our military with the long range goal of having one-world government – that they controlled.  The Federal Reserve was designed to bankrupt and thus destroy the national government.  The IRS and the BATF & E are Federal Reserve subsidiaries – designed to bankrupt and disarm private citizens.

Ronald Reagan – love him or hate him – took a bullet after he appointed the Grace Commission to find out how much money that went to the IRS found its way to the US treasury.  The answer – NONE OF IT!  Reagan took a bullet over that deal.  Incidentally, we still owe the Federal Reserve for the ‘money’ we borrowed to fight World War One!  All we do – is pay them interest on ‘money’ they (essentially) create w/paper, ink, ledger entries, and computer keystrokes!  And – they not only have horrendous control of our economy – they dictate what our government does – first behind the scenes – and now – almost openly.   

The Federal Reserve used to issue Gold Certificates and Silver Certificates that could be exchanged for gold or silver.  The Gold Certificates became Federal Reserve Notes that were not redeemable for gold in the 1930s.  The Silver Certificates became Federal Reserve Notes in the ‘60s – no longer redeemable for silver at banks.

It was illegal for Americans to own gold – except for jewelry and certain coins – from the 1930s until a few decades ago – but – but foreigners could exchange US paper ‘dollars’ for gold until 1971 – when President Nixon totally disconnected the Federal Reserve Note from gold.  More inflation followed – very quickly. 

After the Federal Reserve note went completely off the gold standard in 1971 – the ‘dollar’ was propped up by the Breton Woods Treaty – that stated (in the simplest terms) – that all trade in oil had to be done using Federal Reserve Notes – mislabeled US dollars – so anyone who had need of oil had to trade their currencies for ‘dollars’ in order to buy oil.  As such, it was almost – a worldwide currency – and it was referred to as the world reserve currency.

Over twenty years ago, Saddam Hussein broke the treaty by selling oil in ‘Euros’ – to keep his people from starving due to US ‘trade sanctions’ – a nice term for ‘embargo’ or ‘blockade’ – that are acts of war!  After that, the US ‘dollar’ started dropping in value more dramatically.  This has been accelerating, as more and more nations agree to trade in whatever currency they choose.

In the simplest terms, the demand for ‘dollars’ is dropping into the basement – the supply is going through the roof due to ‘Quantitative Easing’ – so the value has to drop – dramatically.

Please note: A lawful dollar is 1/20 of an ounce of gold.  With gold trading at 1600 Federal Reserve Notes – that means that it takes 80 Federal Reserve Notes – to buy – a lawful (Coinage Act of 1792) dollar.  That means that the ‘dollar’ is now worth 1.25% of its original value that it had retained from 1792 until the Federal Reserve era that started in 1913.   

This present currency system is supported by a parallel ‘legal’ system – that I will write about sometime in the future – and this legal system will also fail – in part or in whole.

All kinds of paper ‘wealth’ will devalue or disappear as the value of the Federal Reserve Note declines and our economy continues to ‘tank.’  If you have currency from a banana republic, it isn’t worth a lot unless you want to buy bananas.  Eventually, the Federal Reserve Note will be worth very little – internationally – unless you want to buy what America produces – weapons, show business, and we are beginning to produce more oil.  The days of cheap imports – including food – are coming to a close - - -     

Alfred Adask refers to these IOUs as paper promises to pay.  We have everything from paper ‘dollars’ to bonds to stock certificates – Social Security cards & pension plans – insurance policies & FDIC that are promises to pay.  They’re only as good as the institutions that issued them.  People in Cypress have learned that even the ‘money’ they put into their bank accounts – became promises to pay – overnight – promises that the banks did not fulfill!  We have cashless digital currency – totally controlled by the institutions that issue this currency – not you!

I have no way of knowing if Federal Reserve Note currency will decrease in value – overnight – or over a much longer time.  The only form of currency that will survive – no matter what – is lawful money – gold and silver and (probably) copper & nickel money!

It’s an ancient battle.  Jesus of Nazareth cleaned the moneychangers out of the Temple – twice.  He got away with it – the first time.  Do you think that it’s a coincidence that they nailed Him to the wood – three days after He did it – the second time?  He had just finished trashing the moneychangers (counterfeiters) – the Pharisees (attorneys who practiced Talmudic law) – the scribes (official media of the day) as well as the preachers and teachers (of the law) – the same well-funded people who stand behind podiums and pulpits – today.  So – has anything really changed?  Will anything change?  That is going to be up to the American public.

The Federal Reserve Note is failing, so you will be forced to trade with something else – things and/or labor (services).  The only money that will have solid value beyond the Federal Reserve Era will be monetary metals – whether we undergo a horrid economic collapse/regime change in America – or an all-out bloody civil war that tears the nation apart.

The next time, I’ll list out exactly why all the various paper promises to pay will implode in value while commodities, farmland, tools & skills necessary to produce real wealth will explode in value, so you can prepare for what we’re facing.

Right now, it’s time to give Melody a call & pass this life-saving information on to others you care about.


Jim from West Virginia

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Age of Fear
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

Super power societies of today are living with increasing fear. Other parts of the world have been living with terrorism for decades. America is new to this fear. While some people are in shock over terrorist attacks on American soil, others seemed to be desensitized to it. The Boston Marathon attack blazed across the afternoon news in our living rooms, in our cars and work place disturbing the normal pace of the day and stealing our peace. Memories of 911 flashed in our minds and our hearts are sick with grief for the families harmed by this recent bombing. Terrorism is a psychological attack as well as a physical attack. It bends the mind. We begin to think twice before going somewhere. We analyze the likelihood of terrorism like those in countries who have had to live with this evil. It is understandable that we would experience anxiety, distrust and even panic over what is taking place. However, we need to function, keep our wits about us because life goes on. There are things we can do to stay in control and think clearly in stressful and life-threatening circumstances to help others and ourselves. We will not let fear rule over us but can use it to survive.


Fear does have its advantages. Fear certainly makes us uncomfortable but it is one of our best survival instincts. Anyone that has been in a threatening situation will experience heightened senses as various chemicals of the body from the adrenal glands rush through the system responsible for the fight or flight response. I read this book The Gift of Fear by security expert Gavin De Becker and it is a book worth reading if you want to protect yourself from violence. One real life story De Becker describes in his book involved a young women who lived in an upstairs apartment in a big city. She was in his office trying to remember the details of her attacker. She said she had stopped by the grocery store on her way home and had a few grocery bags in her arms as she entered her apartment house. A key was needed to enter the breezeway, which lead to the stairs. She closed the breezeway door behind her and started up the first flight of stairs to her second floor apartment. Before she reached the first landing she dropped a can of cat food. It rolled down two steps before it was caught by a nice looking young man. He smiled and was very charming and offered to carry one of her bags for her. She said she felt uneasy and she didn't know why. She thanked him but refused his help. With persistent politeness the man took one of the bags from her arms and walked the next flight with her asking about her cat. De Becker already knew the details of the attack; the man forced her into her apartment and sexually assaulted her. De Becker pressed the young woman to answer why has she felt uneasy when she first met her assailer. She said she didn't know why but De Becker said to her, "Your unconscious mind knows." It occurred to her that she did not hear the breezeway door open and shut behind the young man who would have entered in after her. This left only one place for the young man to have been, which was under the stairs waiting for his victim. Her unconscious mind knew that. Had she listened to her fear instinct, she might not have become a rape victim. After the attack, she managed to sneak out of her apartment when the man went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. She went across the hall way to a female neighbor and called the police. Later she learned that the young man was not just a rapist but a serial killer. 

"True fear is a gift. Unwarranted fear is a curse. Learn to tell the difference."

      Gavin De Becker, author of The Gift of Fear


In Gavin De Becker's book, The Gift of Fear, you learn to pick up on the subtle signs of danger. Most violent acts are predictable. When someone offers unsolicited help and won't take no for an answer, that should send up a red flag. Did anyone involved with security at the Boston Marathon have a gut instinct that they didn't listen to act on? As the investigation unfolds perhaps we will get the answer to that. Your gut instinct is usually your unconscious mind hastily processing information and signaling you that something is wrong. More often than not, disobey this warning and you'll pay the price.


Distressing events tend to make some reach for a stiff drink. Others will smoke the heck out of a pack of cigarettes. Some may turn to illegal substances to forget what upsets them for just a little while. Nicotine, alcohol and drugs may offer temporary relief but is not the answer and can create a substance abuse problem. Is there anything we can do to take the edge off without using narcotics and other substances that will impair our coordination and judgment? Yes, there is.


Instead of reaching for substances that can impair your judgment, reach for herbs to provide the system with nutrition to help you deal with stressful circumstances and to control anxiety and fear. To be clear, control does not mean to suppress or ignore because as we pointed out; fear can be our ally. An airplane coming in for a successful landing is called a "controlled crash." Unexpected events can crash into our lives, so lets control the crash as best as humanly possible.


I've mentioned ginseng before and we can use in conjunction with other herbs to nourish our organs, soothe our mind, improve our eyesight, stop unnecessary palpitations of the heart, and give us more control in fight or flight situations. Ginseng is called one of the great panax herbs. The term panax is Greek meaning "all-healing" or "panacea".  In ancient Rome it was so sought after it was used as currency. Ginseng is also used as an immune system stimulant. Athletes all over the world tap into ginseng's stamina and energy enhancing abilities. Danish researchers proved in a double-blind study that ginseng improves memory, abstract thinking and reaction time. Ginseng is also known to support the major filtering organs of the body and the heart. How does ginseng do that? According to Chinese research, ginseng invigorates our system by mobilizing our metabolic functions such as; breathing, digestion, reflexes, sleep, strength and sexual function. Ginseng will help deliver more oxygen flow to the lungs, which elevates everyone's health status.  Ginseng will stimulate the cerebral cortex regulating metabolic functions and increases our survival duration to resist dangerous threats. It will also support our adrenal, thyroid and thymus glands. There have been thousands or research studies on the benefits of ginseng.


In the 1800's and early 1900's, Valerian root was the herb of choice for conditions of hysteria. It has also been used for migraine headaches, nervousness, irritability, insomnia and depression. Valerian root has a calming affect on the nervous system without having the side effects of a narcotic. Valerian root is not a sedative. Valerian root is used to help ADHD children in Argentina . You can layer this herb with other herbs such as ginseng, lobelia and astragalus root.


I use the heck out of ginseng (American and Siberian) and Valerian root. It helps me stay focused and pay attention to the important signs no matter how subtle. I make sure I also get a good organic source of vitamin B's because the nervous system lives on B vitamins. It is hard to get organic B vitamins – so many products are synthetic or use questionable sources to make the supplement. Look for the Ginseng formulas at Apothecary Herbs along with Valerian Root Tincture. The Body Foundation Food Mix will contain your natural B vitamins. For muscle tension I will use lobelia herb and you'll find that in the Relaxation formula (great for sleep and can use with Valerian Root). These herbs will help you to be able to stay in control and think clearly in stressful and life-threatening circumstances to help others and ourselves. So, Apothecary Herbs has more than just immune system boosting and organ cleansing herbs. Call Apothecary Herbs for a free product catalog toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless. Hurry! Take advantage of last year's prices before new prices take effect April 30, 2013.  Coming soon – new product catalog.  American Survival Newsletter subscribers take 15% off your herb order with coupon: SPSV20. Expires 5/1/13.

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What's Ailing America:
False Flags and Fake Debates

by Rebecca Carley, MD

HERE WE GO AGAIN.  Another "terrorist attack" at the Boston Marathon.  George Stephanopalis asked on ABC news this morning "how will our country change after this attack?"  For anyone with a memory and the ability to overstand the patterns and practices of the psychopaths which control our world, there is nothing like a terrorist attack to use as an excuse to bring forth more tyranny against the people as an excuse to "protect" them. 

I have gleaned from listening to these mainstream media propaganda broadcasts that yesterday was "Patriot's Day" in Boston; a Massachusetts holiday which celebrates the opening battle of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. The bombs went off at the finish line.  It is obvious to me that this is a strong message to those of us trying to wake up the masses as to who the real terrorists are that there is nothing we can do to stop the psychopaths. 

The bombs went off at 4 hours and 9 minutes, when the bulk of the 23,000 runners were to cross the finish line.  One of the runners, a coach from the University of Mobile's Cross Country team, reported (as per ) that "he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.

They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it's just a training exercise," Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15.

Stevenson said he saw law enforcement spotters on the roofs at the start of the race. He's been in plenty of marathons in Chicago, D.C., London and other major metropolitan areas buthas never seen that level of security before.

Evidently, I don't believe they were just having a training exercise," Stevenson said. "I think they must have had some sort of threat or suspicion called in."

There were thousands of police, FBI, reservists, etc. who were assigned to make sure the marathon proceeded safely with no problems.  At the least, we see how worthless their "services" are.  Knowing how false flags work, I suspect that it is more likely that many of these government minions were involved at some level.

The Boston Marathon started in 1897.  Runners from all over the world participate.  Thus, the participants from other places can go home and relate what happened.  Just like with 9-11, the horrors of what happened can be personalized.  Continual playing of the videotaped horrors on tell-lie-vision creates PTSD in many who watch; this is how the psychopaths prime the sheep to demand police state solutions which will result in the further loss of their freedom (problem – reaction – solution). This has happened so many times, it is mind blowing to me that so few people can see the master template.  ABC news "investigate journalist" Brian Ross reported "there is a killer at large possibly a "lone wolf" domestic terrorist".  As soon as I heard that, I realized that it is very likely that they will target some veteran, which will strengthen Janet Napolitano's claim that veterans are potential "lone wolf" terrorists, allowing for demand for those veterans who have PTSD (because of what they have witnessed during the fake wars in Iraq and Afghanistan) to be targeted so that they will be forced to give up all of their weapons.  Perfect timing, since so many in the military are now waking up as to how they have been used to commit horrific war crimes to benefit the psychopaths.  One of these veterans is Ken O'Keefe, who has a you tube video entitled "Iran is not the threat; WE are!" at  (He will be my guest on 4/21/13 on These soldiers must be robbed of their weapons lest they decide to follow their oath to protect us from the terrorists WITHIN in the district of criminals.  Or, perhaps they will be labeled as terrorists and targeted with drones.  We are watching what is happening to hero Bradley Manning, who is being persecuted for sharing with Wikileaks evidence of crimes against humanity by the US.  Perhaps they will kill him with a drone as he sits in jail to keep anything else from coming out. 

Below the HLN reporting of the "terrorist attack" this morning, a banner scanned across the bottom of the screen stated "experts say that the attack may have been planned to coincide with other domestic terror attacks that have occurred in April, including the Oklahoma city bombing, Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings, as well as WACO.  Very interesting that they would include WACO, since it was self evident who the terrorists were at WACO

As I write this newsletter, I monitor the main stream talking heads, who continually spout that "our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston".  Are any of you as sick as I am of hearing those worthless words when these horrific false flags events occur?   Flags all over the country are being lowered to half staff.  They love to memorialize their crimes against humanity.

Diane Sawyer stated that "you cannot escape the graphic images" [because we will continue to broadcast them as we did after 9-11, to induce trauma based programming in the slave work units].  This is how they accomplish getting those slave work units to accept further tyranny as a solution.

A funny "coincidence" that occurred during the morning ABC news broadcast was that as the reporters in NY were spewing out the fact that we will now have to live with a "new normal" just as occurred after 9-11 there was a bus driving by in the background that had a huge ad taking up the entire side of the bus which stated "DECEPTION" (the name of a new series on TV).  This while the lips of the media whores were moving.  I would call that a divine intervention however, I am sure that this was lost on most. And then there is this mention of bombing at Boston Marathon in recent "family Guy" cartoon episode .

Once again, I ask you to please now watch the speech from the 1976 "Network" movie, which holds true even more today .ARE YOU OUTRAGED YET?.  Please spread the word and be sure to listen to my interview with veteran Ken O'Keefe this Sunday. Scheduled before this latest false flag but perfectly timed.

If you need help in reversing your disease with natural therapies. please go to to learn how Dr. Carley does consults.  (Note that Alzheimers can be reversed as long as there is family available to give the person their remedies).  Also, listen to "What's Ailing America? on on Sun from 4-6 PM EST. You can also access many archives of shows Dr. Carley has done over the last few years at .

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