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Friday, May 24th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, May 17th, and Friday, May 14th, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 1.9 % from $1,360.20 to $1,386.30
Silver rose 0.6 % from $22.26 to $22.39
Platinum fell 0.0 % from $1,454 to $1,453
Palladium fell 1.3 % from $736 to $726
DJIA fell 0.3 % from 15,354.40 to 15,303.10
NASDAQ fell 0.8 % from 3,498.97 to 3,459.14
NYSE fell 1.4 % from 9,576.42 to 9,442.22
US Dollar Index fell 0.6 % from 84.21 to 83.66
Crude Oil fell 2.2 % from $96.02 to $93.87

“A patriot without religion in my estimation is as great a paradox as an honest Man without the fear of God. Is it possible that he whom no moral obligations bind, can have any real Good Will towards Men?

“Can he be a patriot who, by an openly vicious conduct, is undermining the very bonds of Society, corrupting the Morals of Youth, and by his bad example injuring the very Country he professes to patronize more than he can possibly compensate by intrepidity, generosity and honour?

“Scriptures tell us ‘righteousness exalteth a Nation.’”

—Abigail Adams, (wife of the 2nd President and mother of the 6th President), letter to Mercy Otis Warren on NOVEMBER 5, 1775

Where Have All the Flowers Gone
by Robert Long

“If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.  Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” (James 1:26-27)

All “religions” provide a philosophy for living and unless a religion’s teachings instruct compassion for others and respect for self, it is defiled, vain, and thus not a “pure” religion.  The question then must be asked: In a free and civilized society, can a religion be considered legitimate and acceptable if it advocates the killing of others, (whether by crusades, inquisitions, suicides, jihads, etc.) in order to legitimize forced conversion?  History teaches that “state religion” is really nothing more than a political movement (e.g., Romanism, Hinduism, Islam, Communism, etc.) under the guise of religion intent on overthrowing and controlling the government through concordat, Sharia law, dhimmitude, etc.  Violent religions are only peaceful when not in control.  When a “religion” takes control of government there is always tyranny.  Peaceful existence in such religions is merely remaining silent.  It is simply going along to get along; never objecting nor condemning; fearing leadership as in a cult.  Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion but not all religions are “pure.”  If America continues to slumber in political correctness, she will awake some day to religious slavery and fascist poverty.  When will we ever learn?

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Learning from History—
and Profiting from the Knowledge.

by Alfred Adask

On Friday, April 12th and Monday, April 15th, the price of gold plunged over $200.  It appears that the Powers That Be (PTB) intentionally orchestrated the “April Plunge” in order to break gold investors’ psychological back.  If that was the intent, the “Plunge” failed miserably.  Confidence in gold increased.  Global demand exploded as buyers reportedly outnumbered sellers by as much as 50 to 1.

Perhaps the biggest blow to the PTB was the growing awareness that the prices of “paper gold” (gold futures contracts) and of physical gold were not identical.  We heard reports of physical gold being sold for $30 “premiums” over the price of paper gold in some places, and even $300 “premiums” in Japan.  These increased prices for physical gold weren’t simply “premiums”—they were evidence that a basic presumption on which paper-gold markets have previously relied (that the price of paper gold was and would always be equivalent to the price of physical gold) had been refuted.

In retrospect, it seems so obvious that the prices of paper and physical gold should be different, that we’re left to wonder how did we ever come to believe that the two prices were equivalent in the first place?

The answer to that mystery is redemption

As long as paper gold (future contracts) could be purchased with dollars but redeemed with physical gold, paper gold was “good as (physical) gold” and their prices were thought to be identical.  But once evidence began to appear that paper gold could not be redeemed with physical gold, their prices began to diverge. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a divergence between paper and physical gold.  In fact, although largely unrecognized, we’ve been living through an ongoing era of such price divergence since A.D. 1971 (when the price of physical gold was $35/ounce) until today (when the price of physical gold is roughly $1,400/ounce).

As you’ll read, the price divergence over the past 42 years has been between paper dollars (once deemed “good as gold”) and physical gold.  That ongoing divergence is at least similar, and is arguably identical, to today’s divergence between paper gold (futures contracts) and physical gold.  

Thus, if we look back at the earlier price divergence between paper dollars and physical gold, we might learn something about the current price divergence between “paper gold” (COMEX futures contracts) and physical gold.

In A.D. 1971, President Nixon closed the “gold window” for foreign-held paper dollars by refusing to continue to redeem them with gold at the previous rate of $35/ounce.

Why’d he do dat?

French President Charles De Gaulle (and others) had realized that that the price of gold should’ve been much higher than $35 paper dollars/ounce.  $35/ounce might’ve been a reasonable price for gold in 1934 (when the US gov-co increased the price from $20 to $35)—but it was irrational in 1971.  As priced in paper dollars, physical gold was irrationally cheap in 1971.  Conversely, as measured by gold, the value of the paper dollar was irrationally high.

Therefore, President De Gaulle began trading his paper dollars for US physical gold.  The US Treasury began to hemorrhage gold. 

Nixon could see the writing on the wall.  If he continued to redeem paper dollars with physical gold, the US Treasury’s gold supply would soon be exhausted.  Therefore, rather than surrender all of the US gold, Nixon refused to redeem any more paper dollars with physical gold.


By refusing to redeem paper dollars with physical gold, Nixon shattered the former belief that the paper dollar was “good as gold”.  Once that equivalence was destroyed, the prices/values of paper dollars and physical gold became separated, and the price of physical gold skyrocketed while the value of the dollar fell.

After Nixon refused to redeem paper dollar with physical gold, the price of physical gold jumped 400% (from $35 to $175) in just four years.  As compared to the 1971 price of $35/ounce, that’s an average increase of 100%/year for four years.  Once the paper dollars could no longer be redeemed for physical gold, the prices of paper dollars and physical gold rapidly diverged.

The price divergence that began in A.D. 1971 continues to this day when gold is roughly $1,400/ounce.  As compared to the $35/ounce price when the gold window last closed, today’s price of gold is up 39 times—that’s 3,900%—in just 42 years.  As compared to the original $35/ounce, that averages out to about 93% price increase per year.   

This 93%/year average is not the same as saying that the price of gold in 2008 rose another 93% by 2009.  The 93% figure is based on the original $35 price in 1971.  Even so, if you’d spent $10,000 buying physical gold in 1971 at $35/ounce, and kept your gold until today, the value of your investment (as measured in paper dollars) would’ve grown to $400,000. Not so shabby.  If you’d invested $30,000 in gold back in 1971, you’d have over $1.2 million today.

Half of the purchasing power of that $1.2 million might’ve been eaten away by inflation. But even so, between 1971 and today, a $30,000 investment might’ve resulted in a $600,000 gain in purchasing power.   That’s impressive.

There are several lessons to be derived from the story of Nixon’s refusal to redeem paper dollars for physical gold:

1. Nothing made of paper or even electronic digits is truly “good as (physical) gold”.

2. The illusion that paper or digital “gold” is “good as (physical) gold” can only be sustained so long as the paper or digital gold can be redeemed with physical gold. 

3. Once the issuers of paper/digital “gold” are unable or unwilling to redeem their paper/digital “gold” instruments with physical gold, any previous notion of price equivalence will disappear, the prices of the paper-gold debt instruments and physical gold will diverge rapidly, and the price of physical gold skyrockets.

Therefore, if we knew of another instance where:  1) an institution (perhaps a government or a market) was issuing enormous volumes of paper gold; 2) the price of this paper gold was presumed to be equivalent to price of physical gold; but 3) that institution couldn’t possibly redeem all of its paper-gold debt instruments with physical gold—then, 4) we’d know of an investment opportunity of the sort that comes around only once or twice every century. 

I.e., we would know that the price of physical gold would start to skyrocket just as soon as the institution (government or market) was no longer able to redeem its paper gold with physical gold.

Do we know of another institution that’s issuing volumes of “paper gold” that it claims to be equivalent in price to physical gold?

Yes.  COMEX, in particular, and the US and English gold markets in general.

If so, do we know that that COMEX can’t possibly redeem all of its paper gold certificates with physical gold? 

Absolutely.  According to some reports, COMEX is trading 99 “ounces” of paper-gold for each one ounce of physical gold.  There’s no way in the world that COMEX can indefinitely continue to issue paper-gold futures contracts at a ratio of 99:1 physical gold contracts and ever hope to redeem all of those paper-gold futures contracts with physical gold. 

COMEX currently succeeds in issuing paper-gold futures contracts only because most people still believe that paper-gold futures contracts are “good as gold” and could therefore all be redeemed with physical gold.  

However, as it becomes increasingly clear that it’s mathematically impossible for COMEX to redeem all of its paper-gold futures contracts with physical gold, investors will increasingly demand to redeem their futures contracts with physical gold.  The rate of loss of COMEX physical gold should accelerate (and is probably accelerating already).  Sooner or later, COMEX—like President Nixon—will see the writing on the wall and close the COMEX “gold window”. 

Perhaps COMEX will wait until it’s completely out of physical gold before it openly refuses redeem paper-gold futures contracts with physical gold.  Maybe they’ll close their “gold window” months or even years before their physical gold inventory is completely exhausted.   But, inevitably, COMEX will one day openly refuse to redeem any more paper-gold future’s contracts with physical gold.

When that happens, the price of physical gold will diverge from the price paper gold.  The price of physical gold could jump much like the price of physical gold jumped when President Nixon closed the gold window on paper dollars back in ’71.  400% in four years.

Think of it.

If COMEX closed its gold window today, with the price of both paper and physical gold at roughly $1,400/ounce, and the price of physical gold jumped 400% in four years, we might see $6,000 gold by 2017—and such price increase could happen a lot quicker or go a lot higher.

There is nothing unreasonable or hyperbolic in this prediction. 

This has happened before.  It could, and almost certainly will, happen again. 

You and I are at a moment when we have good reason to believe that in the near future, COMEX must and will stop redeeming paper-gold futures contracts with physical gold.  Thus, we’re are at a moment comparable to early 1971, or maybe 1970 or even 1969 when logic would’ve told us that President Nixon would soon be forced to close the gold window, stop redeeming paper dollars with physical gold, and the price of physical gold would therefore soar several hundred percent in a relatively short period.  That means we’re at a moment when the purchase of gold may be one of the best investments the world will see in the balance of this century.

We don’t know exactly when COMEX will close its gold window, but we can see that such closure is mathematically certain.  Plus, we’ve already heard a few reports of COMEX refusing to redeem a few paper-gold futures contracts when investors demanded physical gold rather than paper dollars.   Plus, we’ve seen global demand for physical gold rise, and we know that rise will only increase the number of investors who seek (as De Gaulle did circa 1970) to redeem their COMEX paper-gold futures contracts by taking actual delivery of physical gold rather than paper checks.  Plus, we’re already seeing the price of physical gold being sold at “premiums” above the price of paper gold.  That means the price divergence between paper and physical gold has already begun.

Finally, we know that, thanks to the “April Plunge,” the world is beginning to understand that paper gold and physical gold are two entirely different investment vehicles.  That means the world knows that COMEX paper-gold is not “as good as (physical) gold”.  And that means the jig is up.  Almost.

If we’d had as much information in 1970 as we do today, we could’ve predicted that President Nixon would close the gold window in 1971 and send the price of physical gold soaring.  With that information and the courage to act on it in 1970 and early 1971, we might’ve made a fortune by investing in physical gold.

Likewise, given the information currently available, a little logic, and enough courage to act on that information, we might make another fortune over the next few years by investing in physical gold today.  

It’s all about redemption.  Once COMEX refuses to redeem its futures contracts with physical gold, those futures contracts will become virtually worthless, and the price of gold rise to unprecedented heights.   Those holding physical gold at that time should prosper dramatically.

The FINAL Point in the ‘Case for Metals’

For the sake of new readers, I will attempt to recap/review all the ‘Case for Metals’ articles I’ve written so far – for Melody – and you before I make the final point.     

1) Real Economics: Most folks do notunderstand real economics.  Real economics is real simple and necessary to understand if we are to survive/thrive in the times that lie ahead (as our currency tanks.)  Food – not currency or money – is king in economics – alongside those things most necessary for survival. 

2) ‘No Holds Barred’ Information On How It All Comes Down: What I have learned from dozens of refugees I’ve interviewed – mostly from Latin America – about what really happens in economic collapses/bankster-crashes – from relatively bloodless ‘regime changes’ – to all-out shooting revolutions.  All the stories were heartbreaking & some of them were horrifying.  

What happened there is coming here.  Inner cities will most likely become very violent.  If you live in a wealthy suburb the roving mobs will most likely loot your house – first!  (Any appearance of wealth invites attack.)  So you’re way out in the country – and think you’re safe?  Think again.  Who is there to assist you?  Make friends with your neighbors.

If you have valuables, or if people think you have valuables – there are those who will torture you to get them.  Do not trust anybody with information about everything you have stashed.  Do you think the contents of a safe are really safe?  Imagine yourself opening it while a thug holds a cocked revolver against the back of a loved one’s head.  This often happens in war zones.  Knowledge that you have a safe attracts thieves.  The only place where anything is safe is where ‘they’ can’t find it, but if they know you have it – they can get it if they overwhelm you!         

Escalating inflation, unemployment & high food/fuel prices preceded every collapse as their currency became more worthless.  All of these refugees said that their politicians & mainstream media lied about the economic state of their nations – right up to the day of the collapse.  About 80% said they couldn’t believe that their country’s economy was collapsing as it came down around them.  The end game usually came down fast in these small countries – bank closures – riots – stock market & government office shutdowns – empty grocery store shelves – currency revaluations – layoff slips & business closures – utility failures – all kinds of shortages – escalating violence of all sorts.  As people got hungry, they trapped or shot any animal they could find to eat – including dogs and cats.  And there were reports of cannibalism.  All I spoke with didn’t think these things could ever happen in their country, but people are the same everywhere. 

Most of the violent crime came from gangs of youths, but at least some of the troops went totally rogue – and you didn’t know if the soldiers were good guy or thugs.  Depending on the level of upheaval, government forces were known to slaughter entire little villages if any of the people offered any resistance to the soldiers – after they publicly raped the women and tortured anyone they wanted to torture.  Some soldiers had been ordered to steal food, and some would take anything they wanted.

Mobs burned out government buildings, burned down government employees’ homes – tortured and slaughtered judges, policemen, soldiers, bureaucrats (and their families).  There were varying levels of police/military on the streets depending on the country and their location in the country.  I’ve seen photos that no American newspaper would print.  

All I spoke with had lost jobs/businesses.  90% of those I spoke with were in their country when it collapsed.  About 10% saw the ‘handwriting on the wall’ – sold out and got out before the ‘stuff’ hit the fan.  People lost bank accounts – homes/land – investments – cars – everything they couldn’t carry with themif they waited until the economy collapsed to leave.  So, almost all of these folks literally ‘lost it all’ – much worse than watching your house go up in flames – for instance.

The radio show ‘Financial Survival’ and DGS coins are all about where to put your assets to protect them – right now!  Federal Reserve Notes – US ‘Dollars’ – are losing value at an increasing rate – destined to go into hyperinflation – so the ‘US Dollar’ is one very lousy measure of value – and an even lousier investment.  If any investment isn’t appreciating more than the rate of inflation and any tax liabilities it accrues, you’re losing money.  The government lies regarding most statistics.  For some good numbers, go to - - -     

3) Investment Markets: It’s about the last place I’d invest – now.  I gave a quick, clear explanation of our stock – bond – commodity markets – and why almost all investments – except for solid commodities/things (including in-hand gold & silver) – are in great danger.  The stock and bond markets are on the brink of total crash.  And if you’re thinking about investing in ‘forex’ or offshore stock markets – you don’t understand the worldwide collapse that we’re going into - - -

4) Bank Accounts: The FDIC – a scam from its inception – only has a quarter of a penny to ‘insure’ every ‘dollar’ in banks and it was the IMF located in and run out of Washington, DC – that ordered the Cyprus government to raid their citizens’ bank accounts!  One big bank failure will bust the FDIC!

5) Insurance Companies: are heavily invested in the stock and bond markets.  As insurance company losses mount – from claims and from their investments – many will not survive.  If the cash value of a life insurance policy is $25,000 now – can you tell me what it will be worth in buying power after a few years of hyperinflation?  You might want to get money out of insurance, and invest it more wisely.  Also – no insurance company I know of can cover all the risks they’re exposed to – all at once - - -

6) Retirement Accounts: The 2009 West Virginia Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) indicated that a lot of the funds that had been set up to provide for government employee retirements were full of what I can best refer to as ‘junk bonds.’  Those ‘CAFR funds’ had already been robbed.  Our ‘government’ plans to grab all retirement accounts – take real assets – leaving in their place what will amount to worthless IOUs.  They’ve already done that with Social Security, and the government retirement funds I just mentioned. 

7) Real Estate: The New World Order is all about stealing land and resources.  There are two main issues that indicate that real estate – now – is a very risky investment – even if it’s debt-free – particularly if it is debt-free in some locations.  These two issues are the second and third worst scams in US history.  A) The issue of ‘clouded titles’ – where

payments made to ‘pay off’ a mortgage never get to the individual who holds the original note. - will give you a very good explanation of this complicated scam.  You can even buy a house/land – cash – right now – only to discover that someone else still holds title to it (the original note) from a past mortgage.  About 70 million pieces of real estate have this problem!  B) The International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) – an Agenda 21 real estate theft scam – designed to roll out – full force – as ‘governments’ run out of tax revenue.  They most like to steal debt-free real estate and the more valuable it is – the more they want to steal it!  The IPMC is incredibly important yet very poorly understood by the patriot community or nation at large because nobody wants to run with the information.  My last article covered clouded titles & the IPMC basics.   

If you would like more info on any of these subjects so far, I suggest that you obtain the past half-dozen or so issues of Melody’s newsletter e-mails.        

8) On To The FINAL point in the ‘Case for Metals’ – and I do mean final: It’s IRS Form 706 – the gift and inheritance tax form – the ‘death tax.’  I had to deal with Form 706 in 1992/1993 – the worst accounting mess this self-employed businessman has ever encountered!

I’m the only person I know – personally – except for a tax attorney – who had to fill out a Form 706.  I also had what was probably one of the worst case examples of all that can go wrong with an individual’s estate.  The tax attorney told me that there is only one IRS form that’s worse – that has to do with corporate depreciation – and maybe natural resource depletion allowances.  He said that 90% of Form 706s were audited – by attorneys!  He said that in an audit, I would need to prove– one way or another – every single number and statement on that form.  If there was one single asset of any value the IRS knew about that I didn’t report, that would probably start a criminal investigation – and that would mean that they could arrest me at any time they chose.  He told me to photograph every single listed physical item – make extra copies of all pertinent documents.  He told me that after I filed the Form 706, I needed to store the extra copies and photos – under towels in a closet, or in the freezer, or better yet – off the property – because the IRS could seize any documents I had in my house or on my property.  They do that to render someone’s defense – almost defenseless – when they walk into the audit!  (It always takes them by surprise to discover that you have made extra copies.)   

The numbers, rules and regulations may have changed, but from a quick overview of the present form – the procedure has not changed.  One must make a complete inventory of the estate and a certified appraiser has to appraise things of value.  I made up a spreadsheet that listed anything worth more than $100.  I took a picture of the contents of a closet for instance – took a guess as to its ‘yard sale value’ for household items. 

The first step was to be confirmed as the executor of the estate.  Thank God – I had a copy of my parents’ Last Will and Testament – because his got destroyed.  If there is no will, the court can appoint anyone – usually an attorney (who is probably one of the judge’s golfing buddy) – to settle the estate and the attorney or whomever gets to charge the estate for his services!  How sweet!  I heard of one instance whereby an attorney-executor sold the deceased’s mortgage-free house for about 20% of its value – to a buddy of his in the rental business!  If one or all of the heirs sued to try to correct the ‘mistake’ – do you think that justice would be done in the courts?  They knew not to bother.  This ‘stuff’ – happens!  If you die ‘in testate’ – without a will – the odds of those you love getting any of your assets are usually about zip!  Many people have been forced to sell family homes and businesses to pay the inheritance tax.  You do not want an estate that appears to be worth more than the inheritance tax threshold.  (You might want to look into trusts)  

Form 706: At the moment someone dies, the executor of the will – or someone he appoints/hires – has to come up with a financial ‘snapshot’ of that time – then fill out form 706 – send a pile of money to the IRS (depending on the value of the estate) – and any other taxing entity as required.  The initial tax rate (38% in 1992) goes up as the value of the estate goes up.  The procedure sounds simple, but go about it so that you can prove every statement you make – every number.  That means gobs of documentation, and extra copies! 

Point – if you haven’t figured out that privacy is a very attractive feature of precious metals – it’s time for you to do that.  If you’re holding more than $600,000 of traceable wealth – your heirs will have to deal with the Form 706 nightmare – one way or another.  Cheers!   

So – you don’t have an estate that’s worth $600,000?  We are staring hyperinflation in the face.  An estate that would be valued at $100,000 now – could easily be valued at well over $600,000 in a few years.

And that’s the final point I have to make in my ‘Case for Metals’ – before I move on to other issues – many of which have been overlooked by many in the patriot community.


Jim from West Virginia

PS – if you find this series of articles are important enough for you or anyone else to refer to – maybe you can convince Melody to post them somewhere on her website - - - so you can direct others to these most basic economic truths – brought to you from Discount Gold and Silver Trading and the Financial Survival radio show - - - Jim

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Thyroid connected to breast bone?
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

In the wake of movie star Angelina Jolie's medical mutilation of her breast (if it's true) in order to avoid future breast cancer, it led me to investigate some questions about the correlations on breast cancer and thyroid disease that have been floating around the medical community for over 50 years. We already know that routine mammograms expose women to more radiation increasing their risk of getting cancer. However do radiation treatments, radiation studies and regular exposure to daily radiation increase our risk of damaging our thyroid and increase our risk of getting cancer? Let's find out.


First, let's look at your thyroid. It is a butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your trachea located towards the lower part of your neck. This gland is very sensitive and reacts by enlarging when you are under stress. It also enlarges during pregnancy, puberty and other hormone-induced changes such as during menstruation. Can this reactionary gland when damaged by radiation be responsible for breast cancer?


We are to told by modern medicine that chemotherapy won't hurt a thyroid but that radiation does cause damage. When exposed to radiation the thyroid can become sick. When there is damage to the primary thyroid gland you can develop hypothyroidism. We are also told that in order to get this type of damage your body will need to be exposed to 750 cGY (centigray absorbed dose of radiation) or a direct exposure of 1,500 cGy to the neck region. Physicians say the thyroid can show signs of malfunction immediately after radiation or may not occur for many years .


If your thyroid is sick you will begin to see symptoms called hypothyroidism (not enough thyroid hormone); fatigue, depression, constipation, weakness, swelling around the eyes, puffy hands & face, weight gain, brittle hair, joint & muscle aches, slow heart rate, low blood pressure, high cholesterol, intolerance to cold and exercise. If you have hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormone) the symptoms are; nervousness, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, muscle weakness, tremors, rapid or irregular heartbeat, excessive perspiration, heat intolerance, diarrhea, weight loss, menstrual irregularities, protruding eyes, neck tenderness and decreased tolerance to exercise.


If being exposed to excessive radiation were not enough to risk the health of your thyroid there is the lack of natural iodine in the foods. Our thyroid uses natural iodine as a food to feed the mitochondria of all the cells of the body. In the 1980's process food manufacturers replaced iodine with the carcinogen called bromine in baked goods. The iodine was used to condition dough but the bakers switched to bromine when someone questioned the safety of iodine. Therefore, we have less iodine in our diet and bromine will interfere with the thyroid utilizing the iodine you do get.

"Iodized salt is a poor source of iodine in our diets and the RDA for iodine is inadequate too."
—Dr. David Brownstein

Certain natural foods will contain natural iodine. If you don't want to increase your risk of getting thyroid disease don't neglect to eat certain foods such as; fish, seaweed, organic "sun-dried" salt, and if you are a vegan and don't neglect to use organic salt. If you think you might have a sick thyroid and want to be tested, make sure you skip the unreliable skin test and use the more accurate urine test.  


In the 1700's and 1800's Empress Maria Theresa of Austria made it the law to autopsy those who died at the hospital. Thyroid disease was an epidemic in Austria especially in the town of Graz . Data analyzed between 1944 and 1958 showed that patients had hypothyroidism and goiter. The rates correlated with the high rate of all cancer. This data was published by Broda Barnes in the book Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected illness. Later in 1976, Broda Barnes published an article in The Journal of the American Medical Association titled Thyroid Supplements and Breast Cancer and

" Graz , Austria is a goiter area; the entire population suffers from a relative thyroid deficiency. Thyroid replacement is rarely employed there. Yet the incidence of breast cancer is as high as ten times that seen in the United States ."

—Broda Barnes, Author

We live in times where we are exposed to radiation due to everyday technology. The amount of radiation matters and the accumulative affect also matters.  We are told by medicine that the radiation you get from a mammogram (1.0 MSV "milisieverts") is less than a chest x-ray (9.0 cGY "centigray absorbed dose"). The new mammograms are 3-D and offer more views, which most reasonably will offer more radiation exposure. Now, take into account the radiation exposure from your TV ( 1.0 cGY), dental x-rays (0.6 cGY), Chiropractic x-rays (0.2 cGY), Smart meters, smart phones, microwave ovens, high power lines, your computer and you get more radiation daily then you think. The FDA states that the maximum we should be exposed to is 75 cGY. It will be a tragedy if the radiation we are exposed to is affecting the thyroid and increasing the risk of developing cancer. Women are exposed to more radiation with mammograms further increasing their risk of cancer. Treatments for cancer often involve more radiation and as Dr. Joseph Mercola puts it, if women survive the treatments they become promotional material for the medical industry.

"The only calculable dimension of this world-historical failure is the billions of dollars that were made in the process of converting healthy, asymptomatic women into 'patients,' and if fortunate enough to make it through treatment, become 'survivors."
—Dr. Joseph Mercola


I came across an interesting report by Dr. David Gorski of Health Tips, Opinion, Quackery Exposed. He says that the scientific model regarding establishing safe radiation levels is theory. He explains the theory that low radiation exposure is not considered harmful but beneficial. The hypothesis of scientists is that when humans are exposed to low level radiation it stimulates your DNA to repair any damage and deploy protective mechanisms not normally activated without radiation. The hypothesis goes a step further to reason that the protective mechanisms are more than we need and therefore offer a protective benefit against low-level radiation-induced cancer. It is interesting the government agencies do not use this model in determining what is called the "linear no-threshold (LNT) in determining the safe dose of radiation because they know that radiation is accumulating in the human body with each dose.


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What's Ailing America?
Non-existent informed consent

by Rebecca Carley, MD

On Sunday, May 19, 2013 the title of my internet radio show was "What's Ailing America?  INFORMED CONSENT IS NON-EXISTENT REGARDING VACCINES". My guest was Maine State representative Andrea Boland, who had introduced Bill LD754, titled "An Act to Encourage Transparency in the Disclosing of the Ingredients in Vaccinations for Children".  If passed. this is the first time in the history of vaccinations in the US that  parents will be given a full list of ingredients before their child is vaccinated.  Of course, the medicals doctors who "serve" in the Maine state legislature are totally against this legislation; certainly knowing that if parents knew the ingredients of the bioweapon vaccines being injected into children, they would never allow the assault to occur in the first place.  Thus, their children would not develop autoimmune disease, non-traumatic seizures, cancer and genetic damage.  Thus, big pharma would implode.

The article in by Christina England which discusses Rep. Boland's bill can be found at:

Sanford lawmaker wants doctors to disclose vaccine ingredients

You can listen to Representative Boland being interviewed on my show at

(Note that I hear on a regular basis from those who receive my newsletters that the links I provide are often disabled.  This is likely no "coincidence", and when it happens I suggest that you put the heading for the link into a search engine and you should be able to find another source for the information.  It is very important that everyone check things out for themselves, as we have all been lied to about everything)

Before that interview, I was discussing possible strategies as to how to energize the "Ban Vaccines 2013" movement being conducted with the founder of that movement, Sallie Elokordy. (She was interviewed on my RBN show on 4/28/13; and she interviewed me on her show regarding the true cause of autism and all the disinfo out there on 5/19/13; link available at  ).  Sallie told me that she and another individual had been talking about the strategy of bringing up the violations of the principle of "informed consent" in regards to the inoculation of children with disease.  This sent me on a mission to find the definition of "informed consent".  The best site I found can be located at:  

This site has definitions from many sources and for many professions. Some of the highlights are:

1. From Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier:
"The document used must be written in a language understood by the patient and be dated and signed by the patient and at least one witness. Signed consent should be obtained by the person performing the procedure. Informed consent is voluntary. By law, informed consent must be obtained more than a given number of days or hours before certain procedures, including therapeutic abortion and sterilization, and must always be obtained when the patient is fully competentAn individual must be of a certain legal age to give consent; laws vary from state to state".
My comments; when I was a surgical resident, it was standard operating procedure to have a 1st or 2nd year surgical resident obtain the "informed consent" for a procedure they oftentimes knew little about.  Patients were often times asked to sign documents after they received preoperative sedation; by definition, they are not then fully competent. The fact that an individual must be of a certain legal age to give consent; this is being blatantly ignored in states trying to legislate that children can consent to vaccines in school without the knowledge or consent of the parents.

2. From  Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, Seventh Edition. © 2003 by Saunders:
"Consent must also be free of coercion or fraud Seven criteria define informed consent : (1) competence to understand and to decide, (2) voluntary decision making, (3) disclosure of material information, (4) recommendation of a plan, (5) comprehension of terms (3) and (4), (6) decision in favor of a plan, and (7) authorization of the plan. A person gives informed consent only if all of these criteria are met. If all of the criteria are met except that the person rejects the plan, that person makes an informed refusal The physician must explain to the patient the diagnosis, the nature of the procedure, including the risks involved and the chances of success,and the alternative methods of treatment that are available In medical research , the patient must be informed that the procedure is experimental and that consent can be withdrawn at any time. In addition, the person signing the consent form must be informed of the risks and benefits of the experimental procedure and of alternative treatments."
My comments:  The state mandates for vaccination are illegal coercion. Fraud is occurring in regards to the true side effects of vaccinations, as demonstrated by the secret documents found by Investigative reporter Christina England regarding SSPE being autism ( ), as well as the secret documents found by researcher Lucija Tomijenovic, PhD that prove that "the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization) withhold critical data on severe adverse reactions and contraindications to both parents and health practitioners by doing so both the international guidelines for medical ethics and also their own code of practice have been violated"  ( ).  Informed consent must also inform the patient of "alternative" methods of treatment available; of course, since medical doctors are taught only what big parma wants them to do to manage dis-ease, they are incompetent in this regard.  In regards to patients in clinical trials being warned of risks of experimental procedures and treatmants, this is an insane concept since the whole point of a clinical trial is to see what happens to an experimental subject.  In fact, clinical trials are being done more and more in third world countries , where the children are used like lab rats.  When they suffer severe adverse reactions denial and cover-up commence ( ).

3. From Mosby's Dental Dictionary, 2nd edition. © 2008 Elsevier, Inc.:
Informed consent is an agreement after being told in sufficient detail of possible risks.
My comment: WHO decides what "sufficient detail" is?

Please access these definitions of informed consent, and start demanding that any white coat you deal with give you true informed consent before any treatment.

If you need help in reversing your disease with natural therapies. please go to to learn how Dr. Carley does consults. (Note that Alzheimers can be reversed as long as there is family available to give the person their remedies). Also, listen to "What's Ailing America? on on Sun from 4-6 PM EST. You can also access many archives of shows Dr. Carley has done over the last few years at

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