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Friday, June 28th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, June 21st, and Friday, June 28th, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 4.9 % from $1,298.60 to $1,235.30
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Platinum fell 2.7 % from $1,376 to $1,339
Palladium fell 2.2 % from $674 to $659
DJIA rose 0.7 % from 14,799.40 to 14,909.60
NASDAQ rose 1.3 % from 3,357.25 to 3,403.25
NYSE rose 1.0 % from 9,018.54 to 9,112.69
US Dollar Index rose 0.9 % from 82.40 to 83.15
Crude Oil rose 2.8 % from $93.89 to $96.49

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“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
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Public Enemy #1

by Alfred Adask

Residents of Maury County, Tennessee, recently expressed concern that their water supply might be contaminated with radiation.  Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) deputy director Sherwin Smith reportedly responded by warning them that complaining about low-quality tap water could be construed by Homeland Security as an act of terrorism.

I can understand government’s concern about false allegations about water quality.  Such false claims could cause a panic and adverse consequences.  But I can also understand that, inevitably, one or more government-employed morons will threaten well-meaning Americans with charges of “terrorism” if they dare to criticize the local water supply. 

I can also understand that equating “unverified” claims about water quality with terrorism is another example of government going too far. 

Somewhere, there must be a line beyond which private acts cannot be construed as “terrorism”.  So far, however, government hasn’t found or even looked for that line.

•  Government’s capacity to charge you with “terrorism” if you make critical claims about the water supply (do you suppose that includes alleging that fluoride might be a poison?) sounds silly.  Surely, America hasn’t yet slipped so deeply into a police state that we can’t even comment on the water without being accused of terrorism—right?

Maybe not.  According to the Boulder Weeky, we may’ve already sunk deeper into the police/surveillance state than many can imagine.  A recent article (“NSA uses ‘terrorism’ to justify mass surveillance that started long before 9/11 and the Patriot Act”) warns that government has been spying on us for decades and that “terrorism” is merely a recent and convenient pretext to do so.  For example, back in the 1980s, long before the excuse of “terrorism” even existed, government used Project ECHELON computers to spy on the content of American phone calls.

Nevertheless, the Boulder Weekly reports that a majority of Americans (about 53%) favor government spying on the American people so long as that that spying catches “terrorists”. 

I disagree with that majority.  For me, the big implication in gov-co’s persistent spying on virtually all Americans is seen in a question:  Who do you spy on—your friends or your enemies? 

The answer is Both.  Husbands spy on wives; wives spy on husbands.  Friends sometimes spy on friends.  But that’s a kind of “amateur” spying.  When it comes to real spying (conducted with trillions of dollars’ worth of equipment and manpower) by the governments of the world—they primarily spy on their enemies.

Insofar as the government spies on Americans, does government regard us all as “enemies” or at least potential enemies?


If so, is it reasonable for Americans to continue to believe that government “is here to help us”?  Or should we recognize that insofar as government views us as its enemies, we should likewise view government as our enemy? 

More, government spying on all of us indicates a bifurcation in the American body politic and an  “us-against-them” mentality.  Won’t this us-against-them mentality ultimately do more harm to America than a few dozen “terrorists”?   Decades of spying will reduce public trust in government.  How can that trust be regained?

The Boulder Weekly article concluded by advising, “We need to get rid of that word ‘terrorism’ that is clogging our ears, so we can hear the truth.” 

In other words, government has successfully used the fear or “terrorism” (just as it’s used “public safety” and “national security”) as a pretext to justify its own criminal (and even “terroristic”) behavior.  We must therefore wake up, recognize that we’re being hustled and even oppressed by our own government, and withdraw our consent to that oppression. 

•  The fundamental question is this:  Is our government really our “enemy”?  Does our government intentionally work against the American people’s best interests?  Or can most of government’s abuses of power be excused as the work of a bunch morons who are well-meaning and zealous but incompetent?

The Founding Fathers viewed government as a necessary evil.  George Washington compared government to “fire—a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”  According to Washington, the best you’ll ever get out of government . . . the very best . . . is a “dangerous servant”.  At worse, you’ll have a “fearful master”. 

How can government morph from a “dangerous servant” to a “fearful master”?  By the people bestowing their uncritical trust on their governmental “servants”.  If you’re dumb enough to trust the government when it claims to be working against “terrorists” (or for “public safety” and “national security”), you’ll pay for that trust with higher taxes, less rights and (as you’ll read) diminished prosperity.

Washington was not alone in his distrust of government.  Virtually all of the Founders agreed—and therefore designed a Constitution based on distrust of government and desire to prevent the “dangerous servant” from becoming the “fearful master”. 

We have three branches of government to encourage government “servants” to fight amongst themselves rather than oppress the people.  We have the rights of free speech and free press so if one of us catches government’s “dangerous servants” committing a crime, we can sound the alarm before government becomes the “fearful master”.  As per the Preamble to the Bill of Rights, we have the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of preventing “misconstruction or abuse” of the “powers” of the Constitution by our “dangerous servants”.  We have “checks and balances”.  We even have elections every two years to give us the opportunity to eject any “dangerous servant” who threatens to become a “fearful master”. 

It’s the genius of the Constitution of the United States to be the world’s only anti-government constitution.  This official anti-government sentiment laid the foundation for American “exceptionalism”.   So long as we distrusted government, this nation rose to prosperity and glory.  On the other hand, as we’ve slowly assented to government pretexts for violating the Constitution, we’ve also seen our nation devolve into a police state, our rights disappear and prosperity wane.

•  A lot of readers might dismiss the previous anti-government comments as too extreme, irrational or even un-American.

I’d say that being a good American means living in harmony with the “spirit” of the Constitution.  Insofar as that “spirit” is anti-government, those who trust the government are fools guilty of un-American activities—including treason.


Since A.D. 2001, the US government has spent over $1.4 trillion on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.   Our government has plenty of money to invade foreign countries for no discernible reason (“weapons of mass destructions”?)—but it has little or no money to protect this nation from an invasion of illegal aliens.

Instead, government seeks to reward the illegals with a blanket amnesty. 

In exchange for the amnesty, government promises (cross their hearts and hope to die) to double the number of Border Patrol Agents in order to prevent the next wave of illegals from pouring into this country.

That promise is a bunch of crap.  Government will grant the illegals amnesty—and that will stick.  Government will also, temporarily increase the number of Border Patrol Agents.  But the first time the economy is admitted to be in recession of depression, the first time gov-co needs more money to invade Syria, Iran or any other nation on the globe, those new Border Patrol Agents will be furloughed as too costly and the border will be opened to a new wave of illegals aliens.

If government was not your enemy . . . if our government gave a damn about this country . . . it would have protected this nation from an invasion by illegal aliens.  But it didn’t.  And it won’t. 

We are left to ask why government rewards lawbreakers and allows America to be invaded.  Whatever the specific reasons may be, it’s apparent to many that our “dangerous servant” has morphed into a “fearful master” that’s intentionally working to impair or destroy this country.

•  Bold talk, hmm?  Radical, extremist prose, right? 

Well, what about this headline from  “IRS Sent $46,378,040 in Refunds to 23,994 ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens at 1 Atlanta Address”? 

Here, in the surveillance police state, where the NSA tracks virtually all of our phone calls and emails, IRS computers overlooked the fact that almost 24,000 income tax returns, totaling $46 million (averaging $1,900 each), were sent to “unauthorized aliens” (illegals) at a single address in Atlanta.  Can such oversight be excused as an accident?  Or is it evidence of intent to harm this nation?

More, the previous report was no anomaly.  There were at least three other Atlanta addresses that also received a total of 18,000 income tax returns for illegal aliens worth $6 million. Similar reports from California, North Caroline, Arizona, Florida, indicate that the IRS sent thousands of refunds totaling millions of dollars to single addresses in those states.

How th’ hell can illegal aliens who don’t even speak English be smart enough to con the IRS out of hundreds of millions of dollars?  Is the government and/or the IRS really just that freakin’ stupid?  Or are these IRS handouts for illegal aliens intended by our government to reward and encourage a further invasion?

•  Still unconvinced?  Still don’t see the government as your enemy?  Well, you may not give a damn about illegal aliens, but I guarantee you give a damn about your income.  So, get a load of this next article and see if you still refuse to see government as your enemy.

Reason magazine recently published an article entitled “Federal Regulations Have Made You 75 Percent Poorer”.  In that article, Reason reports on a study conducted by economists John Dawson of Appalachian State University and John Seater of North Carolina State:
“According to a new study in the Journal of Economic Growth, the growth of federal regulations over the past six decades has cut U.S. economic growth by an average of 2% per year. As a result of government regulations since A.D. 1949, the average American household receives about $277,000 less annually than it would have received in the absence of six decades of accumulated regulations—a median household income of $330,000 instead of the $53,000 we get now.”

“The proliferation of federal regulations especially affects the rate of improvement in total factor productivity, a measure of technological dynamism and increasing efficiency. Regulations also affect the allocation of labor and capital—by, say, raising the costs of new hires or encouraging investment in favored technologies.

“Overall, they calculate, if regulation had remained at the same level as in 1949, GDP would have been $53.9 trillion instead of $15.1 in 2011.  In other words, current US GDP in 2011 was $38.8 trillion less than it might have been.”
The report is breathtaking.  If we were as free from government regulations today as we were in A.D. 1949, our average incomes would be about six times whatever we currently receive.  Six times

How much governmental welfare or subsidies would you require if your income was increased by 600%?  What would it mean to your children, if you made $333,000 each year instead of $53,000?  Could you afford to pay for their braces? Could you afford to pay for their college?   How many problems do you have right now that you couldn’t solve all by yourself if your income was increased by 600%?

How many people would need public welfare if all of our average incomes rose by 600%? 

Conversely, if government regulations have reduced our average incomes from a potential $333,000 to the current $53,000, how many people are now so impoverished as to be desperately dependent on government support?  Have government regulations diminished our incomes (and our independence) by accident or by intent?

And, don’t forget, if our incomes were increased by 600%, guess who’d probably have 600% more tax revenue?  Yes, indeed—your favorite federal government. 

Would we have a significant national debt, if government hadn’t regulated us into poverty and an inability to repay most of our debts?

Nevertheless, our government seems determined to “over-regulate” (rule) the American people rather than allow the freedom that could increase everyone’s prosperity—including government’s.

Are you beginning to see evidence that our “dangerous servant” is determined to become and remain our “fearful master”?  Are you beginning to wonder if my “radical” claims might not be as extreme as they’d first seemed?

Reason continues:
“Defenders of regulation will argue that regulations also provide benefits to Americans: lower levels of air pollution, higher minimum wages, and so forth.  But the measure devised by the economists Dawson and Seater accounts for both the aggregate benefits and the costs of the regulations. The two researchers note their results ‘indicate that whatever positive effects regulation may have on measured output are outweighed by negative effects.’

“So, if the effects of regulation are so deleterious to economic growth and the prosperity of citizens, why do countries enact so much of it?

“Dawson and Seater’s research does not address the question of ‘why society allows excessive regulation . . . . It's an important [issue], but it’s one for the public choice people to study, not for macroeconomists like ourselves.’”
However, Dawson and Seater did list four possible explanations including,
“George Stigler's view that industries capture regulatory agencies in order to exclude competitors and increase profits, and Mancur Olson, who argued in The Rise and Decline of Nations (A.D. 1982) that economic stagnation and even decline set in when powerful special-interest lobbiescrony capitalists if you will—capture a country's regulatory system and use it to block competitors, making the economy ever less efficient. The growing burden of regulation could someday turn economic growth negative, but Dawson and Seater suggest that in the long run that will ‘not be tolerated by society.’ Let's hope that they are right.”
Fascism has been broadly described as such close cooperation between corporate businesses and government that it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. 

Q:  But why would government officials and major corporations agree to cooperate to betray the best interests of the average Americans?

A:  Money.  

More precisely, bribery.  Fascism isn’t really about ideology, goose-stepping and blitzkrieg.  It’s about mo’ money and unearned wealth.

Major corporations bribe government legislators, officials and judges to enact or enforce laws and regulations that protect major corporations (those “too big to fail”) from competition from smaller, newer, smarter and more aggressive businesses.  As major corporations are protected from the rigors of competition, they become less competitive, less efficient and less able to survive without government support.  As major corporations become less competitive, prices of their products rise and become increasingly unaffordable; the increasingly inefficient nation slides towards poverty, depression and political chaos.

As the American economy becomes dominated by the forces of big, multi-national corporations, that economy becomes increasingly inefficient until it finally collapses under the weight of its own corruption (fascism) and greed. 

That’s a good thing.  The more power the fascists gain, the more inefficient they become and the sooner they reach an economic and/or political collapse.

That’s also a bad thing because when the fascist-economy finally falls, a lot of ignorant—but largely innocent—people will also be ruined by the collapse.

• One intriguing implication of the theories advanced by Stigler and Olson is that the key to fascism may be lax political campaign contribution laws.  The more money that politicians can receive from wealthy special interests, the more regulations are passed (ostensibly to protect the public from unsafe products, but actually to protect the major corporations from free-market competition)—and the less efficient and less prosperous the nation becomes.

For example, I can remember that in the early 1990s, the cost of long distance telephone calls could run to 25 cents per minute.  Then, elements of government actually “de-regulated” the telephone industry and today long distance charges are minimal.  If we talk on Skype, they are zero. 

The decline in the cost of long distance and increased telephone inefficiency is classic evidence of the benefits that can flow to the people by means of de-regulation.  Conversely, the story of falling long distance charges is also evidence how damaging government regulations can be.

I’m not going to even start on the price of gold except to ask, Do you really believe the price of gold could’ve recently fallen below $1,200 without government-sanctioned manipulation?  Do you really think the Dow Jones could’ve recently broken the 15,000 mark without government manipulation?  Do you think that manipulation could’ve taken place without the complicity of the government “regulatory agencies”?  Except for government regulation, where would the price of gold and the Dow Jones be today?

•  If you agree that our government has become increasingly fascist (corrupt); that, in return for fat bribes (often called “political campaign contributions”), government legislators and officials have betrayed their fundamental duties to protect American borders, enforce laws and regulations favoring the general welfare rather than special interests, and maintain an economy where we can all compete freely, efficiently and prosperously—one of the first steps should be to break the bond between major corporations and Congress. 

Breaking that bond is called “de-regulation”.

To the extent that government/corporate bond is based on bribery, we could reduce fascism, increase freedom, and even dramatically increase our incomes—by forcing politicians to enact and enforce ruthless political campaign and anti-bribery laws.  Let’s suppose that the board of directors of any major corporation that offered bribes and any politician or official who received such bribes would be jailed for one year for every $100 in bribes offered or received.  And let’s make it the Number 1 objective for the FBI to find and prosecute all such bribery.  Would the growth of new government regulations wither?  Would our economy become competitive?  Would our incomes begin to grow?


Do you want a real economic “recovery”?  Stop government regulation.

Q:  And what’s the first step to forcing politicians to stop taking bribes?

A:   Recognizing—as did our Founding Fathers—that the principle enemy of every nation’s people (including those of the USA) was and will always be their own government.  In the final analysis, you’re not losing your freedoms or your prosperity to Alcaida, or Red China or even illegal aliens.  You’re losing your freedoms and prosperity to your own government. 

When are you going to wake up, face that truth, and do something about it?

If we would simply stop trusting the government, we could expect a renaissance in American productivity and prosperity.   On the other hand, so long as we allow politicians and government officials to take bribes and otherwise profit from working in government, get ready for the Greater Depression.

Want to restore our prosperity?  Start objecting to government corruption and any increase in government regulation.

And while you’re at it, start thinking about public hangings for any politician or government employee convicted of taking bribes. 

(Interesting idea, hmm?  Kinda makes you smile, doesn’t it?)

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A side of poison
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

If I were an insurance company I would look into how I could protect my policy holders from some of the new major health threats. Food is our medicine and without good, healthy food people will be sick. There isn't a day that goes by that we here of some other source of food being corrupted with GMO's. Last week it was wheat and this week it is flax seed.  There are so many foods that seem to be infiltrated with GMO that it is hard to keep up what is safe to eat. Let's see if we can find some resources that will help us out.


Some people don't thing the GM foods are a risk to health and people are making a fuss over nothing. Yes, there are too many people that think "if it tastes good, it's good for you." So, scientifically, what is it about GMO that can be threatening to our health? It comes down to the safety assessment (or the lack of them) regarding the GM foods. There have been enough independent studies which showed the GM food contains toxic nutritional properties. These properties tend to provoke allergic reactions, which are directly linked to the stability of the inserted modified gene creating the unintended effects. It is no surprise that scientists understand that these are acceptable risks associated with gene insertion. This is particularly relevant with antibiotic resistant genes, which are abundantly used in creating GMO's. However, science tells us the risk is very low. As scientists try to outwit our Creator, they find it isn't that easy.


For the most part the public is aware that GMO'S were introduced in 1996 and since then chronic illnesses have increased 7% to 13%. These stats would include food allergies, reproductive disorders, digestive problems, cancer, asthma, autism and other conditions.


Some folks seem to be astonished when they sit down for family movie night and discover that their Redenbacher popcorn is genetically modified. All corn products are GM (unless otherwise identified on the label). The same goes for soy and most likely wheat and flax seed. You will have to be careful and buy sources that you are sure contain organic corn, wheat, soy, or flax. If you are into reading product labels you quickly learn that corn (corn starch), soy (soy protein) and wheat (and the derivatives of these ingredients) are in a majority of products and most likely are GM. The Monsanto Protection Act March 2013 allows for the planting of GM crops with limited federal safeguards. However, there is a slight chance the Washington will revise the bill.


The debate on whether it is GMO's or chemicals which is adversely affecting the pollinating honey bees is still a hot issue. However, we're being told that it won't matter since Harvard Micro Robotics Lab is developing the Micro Air Vehicles.  Since 2009, they are making robotic bees to replace the natural honey bee. Monsanto is supporting this project and uses the robot bees to pollinate their GMO crops. Science has truly lost its mind. In Europe the GMO is banned but it is sneaking in and corrupting the organic corps there – is it perhaps do to the robot bees?


If you were to pull the products in your pantry, how many would be GM? One lady did just that to discover a majority of the products she purchased had GM ingredients. Her list of products is here at the bottom of the page


Don't give up and say it is hopeless to find non-GMO foods. Yes, GMO's seem to be taking over the commercial foods. You just need to avoid the major food outlets and find the healthy food markets such as Earth Fare that stock the organic foods. Don't stop reading labels no matter where you shop. We may have a corrupt government that refuses to protect us from poisonous foods but every consumer can vote with their wallet and grow a garden.     


More people are questioning if biotechnology is beneficial to their health. Europeans do not trust this new food technology and refuse to knowingly buy or eat GM foods. So, if you don't know the GMO is in there you will buy the products – this is why government is against GMO food labels. No agency wants to accept accountability for the health risks the GM foods produce. What can we expect in the future? The debates will continue and scientists will still be splicing and dicing our food chain pushing up the cost of wholesome organic food and heirloom seeds. We can expect more GM foods modified to fight drought and disease, as well as gene insertion to increase nutrient levels so we don't have to care that the soil is depleted of nutrients. More fish modification is also in our future producing giant-size fish that are inserted with GM growth characteristics. Also, we can expect more alteration of plants and animals where they produce special proteins for vaccine use. Of course all of this is encouraged and monitored by the WHO and their Codex ad hoc Task Force on Foods Derived from Biotechnology. A food harmony network is what we are told the outcome will be. An ever increasing WHO network of biotechnology foods is now being implemented under their safety and ethical protocols (they think is holistic). The key focus of the WHO is to now bring in other International organizations (a.k.a. United Nations and their environmental program) under the biotech food umbrella to broaden the view of GM foods.  Yep, a more systematic coordination is necessary if GM foods are to prevail worldwide.


If you've been keeping up with the American Survival Newsletter it was Dr. Rebecca Carley that provided the link to see what companies are in bed with Monsanto's GMO ingredients I was shocked to find some items on this list I actually buy such as Lipton tea and Uncle Ben's Rice. I called the folks at Uncle Ben's Rice and asked them if there product was in fact GMO. The customer service representative politely put me on hold for 30 seconds and came back read me a corporate response that said, "Yes some of our products could contain GMO ingredients." I asked her if the company offered any non-GMO rice and she said, "Yes under the name Seeds of Change Foods and is only available in health food stores or online" I also found this for those of you who want to utilize your smart phones while shopping for non-GMO foods


As more people wake up and refuse to be a part of science's experiments, and the government's craziness, they are looking for safe guards for their health. First realize that you are the guardian of your health and modern medicine isn't. Second, educate yourself on what you'll need to do and then do it. Enough talking about getting healthy; it is time to act. Read your labels; grow what you can and eat organic. For natural medicines call Apothecary Herbs for immune boosting and organ cleansing protection toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online , where your healthcare options just became endless. Call for their FREE new 2013 product catalog or download the PDF version from their site.

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Super selenium
by Ty Bollinger

From my research, I havebegun to realize that selenium is possibly the most powerful anticancer nutrient there is. I am certainly not alone in singing the praises of selenium. Dr. E. J. Crary states, "Selenium is the most potent broad-spectrum anticarcinogenic agent that has yet been discovered."

That's right.The trace mineral, selenium, has been shown in multiple studies to be an effective tool in warding off various types of cancer, including breast, esophageal, stomach, prostate, liver, and bladder cancers. The scientific and medical literature is filled with studies that demonstrate selenium's anticancer effects in humans.

For example, in an epidemiological study, Dr. Raymond Shamberger categorized the states and cities in the USA according to whether there was high, medium, or low selenium availability in the diet. He demonstrated an inverse association between selenium availability and age-adjusted mortality for all types of cancer. To put it simply, the more selenium available, the lower the levels of cancer.

In a worldwide study Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer, M.D., Ph.D. (professor of medical chemistry at the University of California at San Diego) analyzed the blood-bank data from 27 countries around the world. He compiled a list in order of their blood selenium levels disclosing an inverse proportional relationship to cancer incidence, reporting specifically that areas with low levels of selenium in the diet had higher levels of leukemia and cancers of the breast, colon, rectum, prostate, ovary, and lung. In other words, the number one nation in blood selenium level (Japan) had the lowest cancer level (and consistently has rated highest in longevity) while the number two selenium level nation had the second lowest cancer rate, etc. etc.

Selenium was initially used in conventional medicine as a treatment for dandruff, but our comprehension of the mineral has dramatically increased over the past 20 years.  It is an essential component of a powerful antioxidant manufactured by the body. This antioxidant, called glutathione peroxidase , defends specifically against peroxides, a type of free radical that attacks fats. Like other antioxidants, glutathione peroxidase also reduces the risk of developing cancer and heart diseases and stimulates the immune system's response to infections. This important enzyme is selenium dependent, with each molecule of the enzyme containing four atoms of selenium.

Research shows selenium, especially when used in conjunction with vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene , works to block many chemical reactions that create free radicals in the body. Remember, free radicals can damage our cellular DNA, which eventually can lead to degenerative diseases like cancer. Selenium also helps to prevent damaged DNA molecules from reproducing and proliferating, a process called mitosis. In other words, selenium acts to prevent tumors from developing. " It contributes towards the death of cancerous and pre-cancer cells. Their death appears to occur before they replicate, thus helping stop cancer before it gets started," says Dr. James Howenstine in A Physician's Guide to Natural Health Products That Work

Selenium research over the past 20 years has focused heavily on a novel form of selenium: methylselenocysteine (MSC). A relatively simple organic selenium compound, MSC is formed naturally in various plants, including garlic, broccoli, wild leeks, and onions grown on high selenium soil. MSC is easily converted to methylselenol by an enzyme called beta-lyase, which is widely distributed in the body.

According to Dr. Daniel Medina (Baylor College of Medicine Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology), methylselenol has been shown to be an effective anti-cancer form of selenium that kills cancer cells through apoptosis, which is programmed cell death.("Se-methylselenocysteine: A new compound for chemoprevention of breast cancer," Nutrition & Cancer 2001, 40:12-17)  Methylselenol is also known to inhibit angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessels) in beginning cancer tumors and represents the safest and most effective anti-cancer form of selenium available today.

One of the most important blind studies on selenium and cancer was a double-blind intervention trial conducted by Dr. L.C. Clark (and colleagues) at the University of Arizona Cancer Center. When all the results were tabulated, it became clear that the selenium-treated group developed almost 66% fewer prostate cancers, 50% fewer colorectal cancers, and about 40% fewer lung cancers as compared with the placebo group.

The old expression is "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." It would take almost 100 years at almost 800 mcg daily of selenium to consume a pound. Only 200 mcg daily supplementation of selenium has been documented to dramatically reduce cancer incidence, when in a grown, food-formed variety. A daily intake of 400 mcg was recommended by Dr. Schrauzer, mentioned earlier in this article. A daily intake of 600 mcg has been documented for residents of Japan on a traditional Japanese diet where cancer incidence is lowest and longevity is the greatest in the world.

If every man, woman, and child supplemented with 200 mcg of selenium, we could almost wipe out the cancer epidemic over night! There is no downside to selenium supplementation, except perhaps to Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia, as this would definitely cut into their revenue stream!

Some of the best natural sources of selenium are Brazil nuts, garlic, broccoli sprouts, and brussel sprouts.  All of these foods contain selenium in the form of MSC. Although garlic has the greatest concentration of MSC, you are not likely to eat enough of it to produce the desired results, so Brazil nuts, broccoli sprouts, and Brussels sprouts are your best choices.

˜ Ty Bollinger is the host of "Outside the Box Wednesdays" on the Robert Scott Bell Show. He is also author of the best-selling book, "Cancer-Step Outside the Box." His website is

What's Ailing America?
Criminal minds with self-evident evil intentions

by Rebecca Carley, MD

It is truly amazing the number of independent journalists that are putting together websites and documentaries exposing the many acts of treason being carried out against the people, giving documentation which cannot be refuted.  It is very important that this information be shared with a critical mass of people with a conscience so we can stop what the psychopaths are doing.

A very good you tube which gives much of the big picture of what is happening is:

USA, Inc.  Depopulation & You:

The NASA document mentioned in this video regarding the future of war can be located at

I suggest you download and read all the source documents at IF you realize that fear is one of the main techniques being used to paralyze you.  ACTING on the truth you will find in these documents will set us free.

The nefarious actions against the people continue to multiply.  Now, the Supreme Court has blocked generic drug liability suits:,0,3529718.story

This means "that federal approval trumps a state's consumer-protection laws."  "You go to the pharmacy, and in most states they substitute a generic drug for the name-brand drug because it's cheaper. And when they do that, they wipe out your rights," said Arthur Bryant, executive director of public interest law firm Public Justice."  This follows the creation of vaccine courts which have also made vaccine makers immune for the damage their products cause.  Thus, not only are the alphabet agencies we pay to protect us NOTdoing so (they are actually protecting the poisoners), but there is no legal recourse for financial compensation because the federal agency not doing its job deemed a generic drug "approved".  Always remember, SILENCE IS CONSENT.

Here's another one:  Supreme Court Rules that Synthetic Genes Can Be Patented, Natural Genes Cannot

 "The high court ruled that genes naturally found in the body cannot be patented, but that synthetically created genetic material, called cDNA, can be patented. That leaves an opening for Myriad to continue making money, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in the court's majority decision."

This is very important, as they continue to use genetic vaccines to corrupt our genetic structure; once they do so, the gene mutations are patented and then the creator of the mutation can charge for tests to detect it.  Brilliantly evil, especially as, like vaccines, these tests are touted as "health care miracles". 

Our Congress at work again:

 BIO commends Congress on passing excise tax on influenza vaccine:

The Biotechnology Industry Organization recently applauded Sens. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Representatives Jim Gerlach (R-Pa.) and Richard Neal (D-Mass.) for passing H.R. 475, which would add the four-strain influenza vaccine to the excise tax.

"The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was established after many manufacturers left the vaccine market due to litigation concerns," BIO CEO and President Jim Greenwood said.  "The VICP is a no-fault alternative to the traditional tort system for resolving vaccine injury claims that provides compensation to people found to be injured by certain vaccines. The existence of the VICP has allowed for continued innovation [weaponization] in the vaccine market over the past 25 years."  "The excise tax legislation also supports the vaccines against diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, measles-mumps-rubella, polio, tetanus, hepatitis B, rotavirus, pneumococcal pneumonia, hepatitis A, seasonal influenza, meningococcal and human papillomavirus."

And what about the toxic chemicals in our environment?  Where is the EPA?  Check out:  How safe are those everyday chemicals? : .  "Drugs are thoroughly tested before they are approved for use. However, the situation is quite different for environmental chemicals that humans may be exposed to through the workplace, consumer products, or their natural environments.

Only pesticides and related compounds are tested before they are approved. Chemicals in use before the Toxic Substances Control Act became the law in the 1970s were all "grandfathered" in, meaning they were assumed to be safe.

New chemicals require registration, not approval, by the Environmental Protection Agency, and the burden is on the U.S. government to prove the compounds may be hazardous to humans. Of the estimated 100,000 chemicals that may have been released into the environment, only a small fraction has been evaluated for posing potential health risks." [And of course the compounded effects of many toxic chemicals is never addressed].

Over 5,000 Children's Products Contain Toxic Chemicals Linked to Cancer and Hormone Disruption

Makers of kids' products reported using 41 of the 66 chemicals identified by WA Ecology as a concern for children's health. Major manufacturers who reported using the chemicals in their products include Walmart, Gap, Gymboree, Hallmark, H & M and others. They use these chemicals in an array of kids' products, including clothing, footwear, toys, games, jewelry, accessories, baby products, furniture, bedding, arts and crafts supplies and personal care products. Besides exposing kids in the products themselves, some of these chemicals, for example toxic flame retardants, build up in the environment and in the food we eat.

Examples of product categories reported to contain toxic chemicals include:

Hallmark party hats containing cancer-causing arsenic
Graco car seats containing the toxic flame retardant TBBPA (tetrabromobisphenol A)
Claire's cosmetics containing cancer-causing formaldehyde
Walmart dolls containing hormone-disrupting bisphenol A

In closing, the review of the movie "WWZ" at is very telling:

"The real world has real things to worry about," said Enos. "To be scared in a safe way, by something we know is not possible, it allows you to play. There's something fundamentally satisfying in being scared this way. It's pretend."  NO, the movies reveal the methods being used on us, calling them fiction even though they are actually documentaries.

Reportedly in the movie, there are hints about a "rabies outbreak" on the news.  Of course, Rabies is the virus that would create cannabilistic zombies.  When it happens, it will be due to a weaponized inhalable rabies virus that has been developed with a government grant:


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