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Friday, July 5th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, June 28th, and Friday, July 5th, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 0.9 % from $1,235.30 to $1,223.80
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Platinum fell 1.3 % from $1,339 to $1,323
Palladium rose 3.3 % from $659 to $681
DJIA rose 1.5 % from 14,909.60 to 15,135.84
NASDAQ rose 2.2 % from 3,403.25 to 3,479.38
NYSE rose 1.1 % from 9,112.69 to 9,214.18
US Dollar Index rose 1.5 % from 83.15 to 84.43
Crude Oil rose 7.4 % from $96.49 to $103.63

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Grow a Pair

by Alfred Adask

Government would have us believe that it’s a vital, necessary and beneficial institution that’s always “here to help us”.  We’re expected to trust all governmental institutions as benign, even when government spies on us or manages the economy in ways that seem incomprehensible.

But is today’s government truly our benefactor?  Or, as George Washington once observed, is all government “like fire—a dangerous servant or a fearful master”? 

I agree with Washington.  Government is, at best, a “dangerous servant”.  I see the relationship between most people and their government as adversarial rather than beneficial.  In fact, I regard government—not just our own, but every government in the world—as the principle enemy of their nation’s people.

It doesn’t take intelligence to see this truth.  It takes courage.

We don’t want to see our government as our enemy.  We want to believe government’s various slogans and claims of beneficence.  For example, when government sends our military to fight in Viet Nam, Iraq or Afghanistan, we want to believe that our soldiers are “fighting for our freedoms”. 

But to those who take comfort in believing that our soldiers are fighting for our freedoms, I’d say “name two”.

In other words, can you name just two “freedoms” (freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, etc.) that have been threatened by any foreign adversary in your lifetime?  Can you name any two such freedoms that have been fought for and won or preserved by our military?

I can’t.

In fact, when I think about American freedoms being lost, I see only one institution in all the world that’s persistently depriving the Americans of their freedoms:  the American government.  

Russia hasn’t taken my freedom of religion.  China hasn’t limited my freedom of speech.  Iraq has done nothing to restrict my right to keep and bear arms.  Instead, in each instance when American freedoms are being restricted, diminished or lost, the cause for those lost freedoms is found primarily in Washington DC.

•  The problem of government adversity is huge, growing and scary.  How can you and I fight or even resist the almighty government?   Isn’t it more comforting to see government as our friend than as our “dangerous servant”?  Don’t we usually look the other way and avoid facing truth while we wait hopefully for another president to be elected, or for whichever political party is currently “out” to come back “in” to power? 

After all, this is America—God’s chosen country, right?  Surely, our freedoms will inevitably be restored when the current politicians are voted out and new ones voted in—right?  We won’t have to fight for our freedoms.  Instead, someone else will do the fighting for us.  After all, our government must be working for our best interests.  While gov-co might make some mistakes from time to time, it will correct those mistakes as soon as they are apparent—right?


If government were really working for the best interests—and especially the freedoms—of average Americans, we could expect that at least some significant government initiatives to be undeniably beneficial.  Sure, government may inadvertently institute some idiotic or even oppressive programs from time to time (the Patriot Act and domestic spying programs come to mind), but government also institutes some programs that expand our rights and freedoms, too—right?  I.e., if half of significant government legislation and rules are oppressive, at least half are beneficial—right?

Wrong—and wrong. 

Make a list of legislation you know to be oppressive and another list of laws that truly serve average Americans.  If government intentions were truly “benign,” you should be able to point at least some legislation that increased our rights and freedoms rather than our oppression. 

Call me a pessimist if you must, but so far as I can see, government never gets it right.  I can’t think of a law in my lifetime that expanded my freedoms.   Worse, gov-co’s persistent failure to “do right” is evidence that gov-co intends to oppress us. 

Diminishing freedoms and rising oppression aren’t aberrations or mistakes.  They’re the result of government’s adverse relationship to the American people and determination to render us subjects rather than free men. 

Our enemy, the government, isn’t destroying America by accident—it’s by intent.

It’s not hard to see that truth, but it is hard to face that truth.  Facing that truth requires courage.

Sure, some special interests like gays, illegal aliens and multi-national corporations may cheer big government for expanding their rights.  But I can’t recall any significant legislation that benefited average Americans in several decades.   Instead, increased rights for special interests inevitably come at the cost of former rights and freedoms of the now-shrinking middle class. 

Yes, the 5% of Americans who are gay will have the right to “marry,” but the 80% who believe in God will see their faith (which declares homosexuality to be an “abomination”) diminished.  20 million illegal aliens may cheer for amnesty, but a similar number of native-born Americans will lose their jobs.  Multi-national corporations may applaud the removal of tariffs and the increase in “global free trade,” but the majority of American workers will see their wages and standard of living decline as they’re forced to compete head-on with cheap Chinese labor.

•  The term “Quantitative Easing” (QE) describes the Federal Reserve’s post-2008 policy of injecting over $2 trillion in fiat currency into the economy.   QE’s purpose is to increase the domestic money supply to a point where people spend more freely.  It’s presumed that as consumers spend more, more products and services will be purchased, employers will hire more employees, unemployment will sink, and the resulting economic “stimulation” will end the recession.

QE has seemingly worked insofar as the economy “stabilized”.  Admittedly, the economy hasn’t “recovered” from the recent recession, but it hasn’t collapsed, either.

Still, after four years and $2 trillion of QE, a question lingers:  Why hasn’t QE caused more inflation?     

The Economic Collapse blog answered that question in an article entitled, “The Federal Reserve Is Paying Banks NOT To Lend 1.8 Trillion Dollars To The American People”.  The banks have not only received nearly $2 trillion but have also been paid by the Federal Reserve to simply sit on those QE funds and not lend them to the American people.   Since most of the $2 trillion spent on QE never reached the public, QE also failed to precipitate massive inflation.  But, more importantly, those QE funds also never stimulated the economy.
“Back in 2008, U.S. banks had less than $2 billion of excess reserves parked at the Fed.  Today, they have almost $2 trillion.  In less than five years, the pile of excess reserves has grown nearly 1,000 times larger.”
University of Texas Professor Robert Auerbach explained:
“One reason that the excess reserves grew [from $2 billion to nearly $2 trillion] is that in October 2008, one month after the financial crisis began, the Bernanke Fed began paying interest on bank reserves. Although it has been [only] 1/4 of 1 percent interest, this risk free rate was not low compared to the Fed's policy of keeping short-term market rates near zero. The interest banks received was and is an incentive to hold the excess reserves rather than lend to consumers and businesses in the risky environment of the major recession and the slow recovery.

“The Bernanke Fed is now facing a $1.863 trillion time bomb (that they helped create) of excess reserves in the private banking system.  If rates of interest on income earning assets (including bank loans to consumers and businesses) rise, the Fed will have to pay the banks more interest to hold their excess reserves.”
I.e., if interest rates rise significantly, banks will have an incentive to take QE funds out of the Fed and start lending it. 

Worst case result?  A potential "avalanche" of nearly $2 trillion—about 25 times the current QE3 of $85 billion/month—pouring into the economy.   That $2 trillion could cause hyper-inflation, dollar devaluation and a possible economic collapse

I don’t expect to see a “worst case result.”  I doubt that the banks will suddenly release all $2 trillion parked at the Federal Reserve into the economy.

But if Professor Auerbach’s report is true, it follows that the Fed chairman Bernanke and President Obama must have known that nearly $2 trillion of QEs 1, 2 & 3 have not yet reached the economy and has therefore had no “stimulative” effect.  If so, how could anyone in government have honestly supposed that QE would ever stimulate an economic recovery? 

If gov-co knows that—as administered—QE wouldn’t foster an economic recovery, it follows that government doesn’t want an economic recovery.  They seemingly want a recession/depression for reasons that may advance government power, but will cause great poverty, lost rights and possible chaos for most Americans.

Gov-co is undeniably here to help the banks.  But is government really here to help average Americans?  Or is gov-co here to impoverish us and reduce us to the status of subjects and dependents?

It doesn’t take intelligence to answer that question.  It takes courage.

•  How ‘bout illegal aliens?  They’re the folks who allegedly “take the jobs that Americans don’t want.” But do they take the jobs we don’t want?  Or do they take the wages we don’t want?

According to The Washington Times (“Immigrants account for all job gains since 2000: native-born workers’ employment has fallen”),
“Immigrants—both legal and illegal—have accounted for all of the job gains in the U.S. labor market since 2000 . . . .  A Center for Immigration Studies report . . . says 22.4 million immigrants of working age held jobs at the beginning of this year, up 5.3 million over the total in 2000. But native-born workers with jobs dropped 1.3 million over that same period . . . .”
Illegal aliens aren’t employed because they’re adept at English or snappy dressers.  They’re employed because they work cheap.  As they “take the wages American don’t want,” they help depress average Americans’ incomes.  Government must know that by granting amnesty to illegal aliens, they’ll help deprive more “native-born” Americans of their jobs and their former wages. 

Do you think government that allows, encourages and even rewards illegal aliens is “here to help us”?

•  Here’s another example of government working against the American people.  According to The Economic Collapse (“Wall Street Banks Extract Enormous Fees From The Paychecks Of Millions Of American Workers”), an increasing number of U.S. companies pay their workers with payroll “debit” cards rather than checks.
“Today, there are 4.6 million active payroll cards in the United States, issued by some of the largest banks—including JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup.  The big problem with these cards is that there is often a fee for just about everything that you do with them.”
There’s a $1.75 fee for withdrawing earnings in the form or cash from an ATM machine.  Want a paper statement?  $2.95.  Lost card?  $6. There’s even a $7 fee if your card been inactive for a while.

Admittedly, it’s not government that’s collecting those fees, but government has passed laws that allow big banks to systematically extract huge fees from the working poor.

CNBC recently explored the problem:
“These fees can take such a big bite out of paychecks that some employees end up making less than the minimum wage once the charges are taken into account . . . .  Devonte Yates, 21, who earns $7.25 an hour working at a McDonald’s in Milwaukee, says he spends $40 to $50 a month on fees associated with his JPMorgan Chase payroll card.”
If Mr. Yates is employed 30 hours a week, his after-tax earnings might be about $600 per month.  $50 in fees each month equals an 8% “tribute” that Mr. Yates has to pay the banks for the “privilege” of being paid by debit card rather than by check.

If you were a banker, how’d you like to receive a 5% to 8% tribute on the monthly incomes of millions of American workers?  The profit potential would be enormous.  But, is it fair that—after government imposes an income tax on however much the workers earn, and a sales tax on whatever the workers then spend—that gov-co allows banks to rip workers off for another 5% to 8% for the “convenience” of using payroll debit cards?

Are these payroll card fees evidence of that government is here to help us or here to exploit and oppress us?   Is government working for our best interests—or for the bankers’ best interests?

It doesn’t take brains to answer these questions, but it does take balls to face those questions.

•  And then there’s the Affordable Care Act—“ObamaCare”. What a cartoon, that is—hmm?

ObamaCare was initially sold as “health care” for all.  But, in fact, ObamaCare was intended from the onset to be “rationed”.  Rationing means that ObamaCare was never intended to provide adequate health care for everyone.  In fact, under ObamaCare, there’s a good chance that the total quantity of health care available to Americans will actually decline. 

As a result of rationing, ObamaCare includes a proviso for what’s come to be called “death panels” composed of bureaucrats who will decide who receives or is denied access to limited health care resources.  In general, if two people are vying for a similar costly medical procedure and one of them is 20 years old and the other is 65, the government will provide health care for the 20-year old (the “human resource” who will likely work and pay taxes to gov-co  for another 45 years) and leave the 65-year old (who may pay no more income taxes but instead collect So-So Security from government for the next 20 years) to die.

In this way, ObamaCare will reduce health care costs by shortening life expectancy of the elderly and thereby reduce government’s pension liability to senior citizens.

Is government “here to help us” when they pass programs likely to reduce our life expectancy?

•  ObamaCare was initially sold as “free”.  In fact, it will be prohibitively expensive for many people.  The basic “bronze” program will probably cost about $5,000 per person per year.   Those taxpayers who don’t want to cough up the $5,000 can expect to be fined by the IRS. 

Even Congress (which enacted ObamaCare without bothering to read the bill) is upset by the costs.   Whoever drafted ObamaCare neglected to include an exception for congressional staff members.  Since ObamaCare is so expensive, it appears that Congress will lose many of its own staff who can’t afford the ObamaCare insurance premiums. 

Therefore, Congress has been holding secret hearing to figure out how they can amend ObamaCare to exempt themselves and their staff.  Of course, there are no secret hearings to exempt all the rest of the “chumps” (taxpayers) out there in TV-land.   ObamaCare will be great for the great unwashed, but not good enough for congressional staff.  (As George Orwell warned in Animal Farm, “All animals are created equal—but some animals are created ‘more equal’.”) 

And here’s the punch line:  Despite ObamaCare’s original intent to provide health care for the uninsured,  the Wall St. Cheat Sheet reports (“Here’s Who Obamacare is Leaving Behind”)  that,
“Expanding Medicaid is essential to the Affordable Care Act’s two-part strategy for covering the uninsured—but because many states have not expanded Medicaid coverage as President Barack Obama initially planned, nearly two in three uninsured low-income Americans who would qualify for subsidized coverage under the act might just be out of luck. . . . Of the 15 million potentially eligible adults, 9.7 million live in states that have refused to expand Medicaid . . . .  The fact that a majority of people most in need of access to health care will likely remain uninsured is a predicament unforeseen by the president and congressional Democrats who designed the provision. The law’s pledge that all U.S. residents will be able to afford health insurance will not be fulfilled . . . .”
Gee, there’s a surprise.  The geniuses in Washington DC designed some “signature legislation” that no one—not even Congress—can stand or make work. 

On one level, it’s hilarious.  Government of the people, by the morons and for the banks. 

But it’s not funny.  It’s evidence that government is either grossly incompetent or intentionally subjecting Americans to legislation that we can’t afford and may not survive. 

Every time we see major legislation, it means big trouble for the average American and middle class.  Result?  The middle class is shrinking while the lower classes expand.  The trend is strong, persistent and without obvious exception.  That means it’s intentional

America is being intentionally destroyed by its own government.

•  And then there’s gold.  

The US Treasury reportedly holds over 8,200 tons of gold—the world’s largest reported stockpile.  That’s the American people’s gold. 

But our stockpile of gold hasn’t been audited since A.D. 1953.  We’re led to believe all that gold is in Ft. Knox or the New York Federal Reserve’s vaults, but we can’t actually check and see. We’re supposed to take and trust government’s word on the matter.

OK—but who is dumb enough to trust the government’s word on anything?  Does any living adult who’s interested in the rates of inflation or unemployment or the size of the national debt believe the government’s “word” as to those numbers is even close to accurate?  Isn’t it common knowledge that government routinely lies to us about economic indicators so as to avoid diminishing “public confidence”?  If so, why should anyone automatically believe government’s claims that we still have all 8,200 tons of gold? 

Many observers contend there’s good reason to believe that our government has been secretly selling the US Treasury’s gold to foreign banks and governments for a decade or more.  If so, much, most, maybe almost all of the 8,200 tons of gold that Americans are supposed to own may be missing. 

If gov-co has secretly sold off some substantial portion of the US Treasury’s gold, it’s no small thing.  In the event of an economic collapse, and the resulting loss of the US government’s credit, we’ll need that gold as capital to rebuild our economy.  Without that gold, any coming depression may be much deeper and longer than might otherwise be the case.  Without that gold, an entire generation of Americans could be deeply and indefinitely impoverished and perhaps subjected to a reduced life expectancy.

Secretly selling our gold is arguably an act of treason.

•  America is being destroyed by its own government. The evidence of that destruction isn’t hard to find, but it is hard to face.  That destruction will continue until the American people find the courage to admit that government is not “here to help us” but is, instead, the “dangerous servant” that’s morphing into a “fearful master”.

Want an economic recovery?

Well, you could read a lot of books and articles and write letters to the editor or Congress.

But if you can’t find the courage to fight for freedom, I guarantee that you’ll be both a subject and impoverished.   

If you really want an American recovery, first thing you do is grow a pair sufficient to see the truth and then force Congress to serve our general welfare rather than special interests.

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Holiday travel alert
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

We are in the height of summer and folks are traveling within the US and abroad. Global travel has given regional sickness wings the ability to spread far and wide in a short amount of time. There are a few odd health things to report on the travel radar. There is a disease being spread by the Tiger Mosquito called chikungunya (chicken-gunja). This virus is invading parts of the US . Let's find out what can you do to protect yourself from this health threat.


What the heck is chikungunya? It sounds like a combination of a Cajun dish and a children's fast food restaurant. Researchers report that chikungunya is a virus, which originated in Central Africa and has become an endemic in Southeast Asia . Apparently chikungunya is a "traveler's virus", which has spread by mosquito from the Asian continents to other parts of the globe. This makes sense because there is more global travel from Asia to Hawaii and then to the US than any other route. Currently the CDC has posted outbreaks in FL, CA, TX, NY, NJ and GA. However since 1980, the US has become home to the Asian tiger mosquito. In climates which have seasonal changes the virus threat is higher during the warmer months. In locations such as FL the weather allows the tiger mosquito to breed year-round. The tiger mosquito hasn't been too much of a nuisance until now where their numbers have ballooned out of control. Cornell University has built a computer model to track the progression of this pest and also sites global warming as creating conditions in which this insect can flourish.


Apparently the tiger mosquito can transmit several varieties of disease; it is estimated up to 20 different viruses including dengue fever. The mosquito will become infected with the virus after it bites an infected animal (monkey or other wild animals).This situation is complicated when local mosquitoes begin to pick up the same pathogens and add to the real estate the disease can cover. This was discovered by the computer model Cornell developed. They predict as temperatures rise in the summer heat so does the infection rate and it is estimated that 5,000 people in NY could be infected.


If you are traveling this summer to any of the mentioned US cities and are bitten by an infected tiger mosquito and come down with chikungunya what are the symptoms? Thus far the CDC reports fever, severe joint pain, aches, headache, nausea, fatigue and intense and prolonged pain in the small joints of the hands and feet.


Make sure you have no standing water around your home or office. Check your window and door screens for holes and repair them. Apply bug repellent and wear long sleeves and pants during the day when mosquitoes feed. There is no vaccine or drug for the chikungunya virus. A blood test can confirm if there are virus-specific antibodies but will take 1-2 weeks to confirm. You can be on the lookout for the tiger mosquito and there are two types; the mosquito from Egypt called the Aedes Aegypti (also known as the yellow fever mosquito) and the mosquito from the Indian Ocean region called Aedes albopictus. The mosquitoes will be easy to spot because both have white stripes (like tiger stripes) on their black bodies and legs. According to the CDC this species aggressively feeds all day but especially likes to feed at twilight. 


If you have an outdoor space you like to hang out in you can sprinkle your patio or deck with potted plants that repel mosquitoes. Plants which have an odorous attribute such as marigolds will help keep mosquitoes away. Other plants which repel are horsemint, rosemary, ageratum and catnip. If you are not fond of the chemicals in bug repellents then crush some marigold flowers and rub them on your arms and legs. You can also burn some sage or rosemary on the grill to keep mosquitoes away. Keep the weeds around your home cut down to help prevent a mosquito habitat. Researches also know that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors so wear light colored clothing and flood your outdoor area with white light instead of just citronella candles and torches. If you have outdoor ceiling fans on your porch or deck, turn them on high to also help keep mosquitoes away.    


An inexpensive and natural repellent is garlic. If you eat enough garlic your skin will have an aroma unpleasant to mosquitoes and your blood will also taste unappealing to them. So, garlic gives you a natural mosquito barrier. If you don't want to eat garlic you can take garlic juice, dilute it with 5 parts water and put into a spray bottle to spray around the outdoor space and also a light spray on exposed arms and legs also works. Reapply after 5 hours. Vinegar or Tea tree oil is also an option.


Areas known to have bats have few mosquitoes. Bats love to eat them. Bats can eat up to 600 mosquitoes per hour. Some folks take advantage of these insect eaters and encourage bats to hang out nearby by constructing or buying a bat house. Less than .005% of bats contract rabies. The squirrel in the bird feeder is a greater rabies risk than a bat. The Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association reported in 2002 that people who consume alcohol attracted more mosquitoes than those who don't drink.


So, what can you do to help protect yourself from mosquito bites especially if you don't like to use the commercial repellents? I like to use my All-In-One product and take a dose three times a week and I sometimes will dab it on my arms and legs to prevent bug bites. I tend to smell like Italian dressing when I do that but I am pretty successful at avoiding mosquitoes. This is a nice option if you don't want to eat gobs of garlic. If you are concerned about getting chikungunya there are a few herbs that will help the body fight the virus. I would use Immune Booster, Milk Thistle and American Ginseng to isolate and neutralize the virus. For pain and inflammation I would use the willow bark and meadow sweet in the Extra Strength Pain formula. I would also add the Calcium formula to strengthen bones and connective tissue in the hands and feet. And as the cherry on top I would do a short 3-day burst of the Blood Cleanse formula to sweep the blood system of the virus. You can find all these viral defense herbal weapons at Apothecary Herbs. Call now toll free to order or for a free product catalog 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless. Look for our Independence Day Special on the homepage of our website. Newsletter subscribers will receive 10% off in addition to FREE ground ship on orders of $30 or more now thru 7/6/13 with coupon ID4JULY13 

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What's Ailing America?
Americans keep waving their flags as they are genocided and enslaved

by Rebecca Carley, MD

House Passes 2014 NDAA; NSA Surveillance Will Lead to Indefinite Detention:

"The Fiscal Year 2013 NDAA retained the indefinite detention provisions, as well as the section permitting prisoners to be transferred from civilian jurisdiction to the custody of the military. "The frightening thing here is that the government is claiming the power under the Afghanistan authorization for use of military force as a justification for entering American homes to grab people, indefinitely detain them and not give them a charge or trial,"Representative Amash said during House debate last year.  In his impassioned speech supporting the amendment he proposed last year, Representative Smith reminded his colleagues that the NDAA granted to the president "extraordinary" powers and divested the American people of key civil liberties, as well as divesting civilian courts of their constitutional jurisdiction.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Members of Congress — mostly Republican members — have united in firm defense of the president's unconstitutional power to apprehend and indefinitely detain Americans.

Finally, there is in the NDAA for 2014, a frightening fusion of the federal government's constant surveillance of innocent Americans and the assistance it will give to justifying the indefinite detention of anyone labeled an "enemy of the [traitorous] regime".  Section 1061 of the 2014 NDAA approved by the House expands on the scope of surveillance established by the Patriot Act and the AUMF. Sec. 1061(a) authorizes the secretary of Defense to "establish a center to be known as the 'Conflict Records Research Center.'"According to the current text of the NDAA, the center would be tasked with compiling a "digital research database including translations and to facilitate research and analysis of records captured from countries, organizations, and individuals, now or once hostile to the United States."

So, while the people in Egypt take to the streets in the hundreds of thousands to send their dictator a message that they are firing him, the sheeple in the US will be waving their flags.  It is inconceivable to think that every one of these flag wavers doesn't KNOW that their "representatives" in all branches of the government are committing treason against the people every day.  Of course, based on the unprecedented attacks on whistleblowers coming forward to expose what their tax dollars are really paying for, the flag waving cowards beLIEve that as long as they "go along to get along" and lick the boots of the traitors destroying our country, they will be left alone (even though they are being genocided every day with poison food, water, air, personal care products, tattoos, poison perfume, medicine, etc., etc things I have been covering in this newsletter for over a year).  Instead of being concerned about their own destruction at the hands of their public "servants", the sheeple are more likely to be concerned about whether their teeth are white, whether they have fine lines and wrinkles, belly fat, whatever.    I know I am preaching to the choir here, but it seems as though the worse things get, the more people are paralyzed with fear and choose to put their heads back in the sand.  If any of you have found an effective way to wake up your friends and family, please do let me know what you have found to be effective (my e-mail is  The contributors to this newsletter are dedicated to giving our readers solutions when possible; but if we have any hope to actually change things, the psychopaths who control the world have to be stopped.  When you realize as I have that we are already dead if we do nothing, it makes it much easier to grow a backbone and stand up against these psychopaths.

As I always say, unfortunately I will never run out of answers to the question "What's Ailing America?".  What amazes me is how bad things are getting here in the states as compared to the rest of the world.  You may remember the recent horsemeat scandal in Europe: .  In this report it is stated that "there aren't any legal horse slaughterhouses in the U.S.;  in fact, slaughtering horses for meat was rendered de facto illegal between 2007 and 2011".  Guess what the psychopaths have now done? "USDA approves horse slaughterhouse to produce meat for human consumption":

"While horse meat can't legally be sold in the USA for human consumption, it can be used in pet food. It may also turn up in the U.S. food supply despite its legal status because it can be sold to Mexico for human consumption, then re-labeled and shipped back into the USA for use as a low-cost meat filler."

Of course, since the public "servants" in the senate have voted NOT to label GMO foods so we know what is in our food (, we can see where this is going.  If we are not already doing so, soon we will be eating Flicka which, as a horse lover, I find absolutely disgusting.

Lastly, as I am constantly monitoring the "scientific" literature, I came across the most amazing disinfo article entitled "The Clinician's Guide to the Anti-Vaccinationists' Galaxy" published by the Mayo Clinic Vaccine Research group. You will have to pay $31 to download the actual article; however, fortunately this has been covered in an article from Vac Truth; check out .   This is an absolutely STUNNING example of the corruption and fraud going on in the "scientific" literature.  Below are the Disclosures at the end of the article:

Dr.Poland is the chair of a Safety Evaluation Committee for investigational vaccine trials being conducted by Merck  Research Laboratories. Dr. Poland offers consultative advice on new vaccine development to Merck & Co., Inc., Avianax, Theraclone Sciences
(formally Spaltudaq Corporation), MedImmune LLC, Liquidia Technologies, Inc., Emergent BioSolutions, Novavax, Dynavax, EMD Serono, Inc., Novartis Vaccines and Therapeutics and PAXVAX, Inc.

Dr. Jacobson is a member of a safety review committee for a post-licensure study funded by Merck & Co. concerning the safety of a human papillomavirus vaccine. He is also a member of a data monitoring committee for an investigational vaccine trial funded by Merck & Co. He also serves as a principal investigator for twostudies, including one funded by Novartis International for its licensed meningococcal conjugate vaccine and one funded by Pfizer, Inc. for its licensed pneumococcal conjugate vaccine.


There are too many lies in this article for me to address them all in this newsletter. What I will say is that this is proof positive as to how desperate the vaccine promoting psychopaths have become.  How I wish I could get one of these minions to debate me however, I know that will ever happen. 


In closing, I must comment on the 19 firefighters who lost their lives in the most painful way I could ever imagine being trapped in the massive fire in Arizona trying to save the homes of their neighbors.  THESE are the true heroes in this country; not the military fighting the fake wars for the psychopaths, not the cops who are tasering grandmas.  When I was an ER attending at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn (the biggest trauma center in the US), I treated many firefighters. Whereas cops would try to get notes to be out of work for sprained fingers or other minor injuries, the firefighters would leave the hospital after being treated for smoke inhalation or minor burns, and go right back to the fire to help their comrades. THAT is bravery, that is courage.  Those are REAL MEN.  Please help their families if you can.

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