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Friday, July 26th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, July 19th, and Friday, July 26th, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 2.8 % from $1,296.70 to $1,333.80
Silver rose 1.8 % from $19.63 to $19.99
Platinum rose 0.0 % from $1,426 to $1,427
Palladium fell 2.8 % from $746 to $725
DJIA rose 0.0 % from 15,543.74 to 15,558.83
NASDAQ rose 0.7 % from 3,587.61 to 3,613.16
NYSE rose 0.0 % from 9,618.50 to 9,620.13
US Dollar Index fell 1.1 % from 82.58 to 81.66
Crude Oil fell 3.4 % from $108.37 to $104.64

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Butterfly Bernanke:
"Ah don' know nuthin' 'bout pricin' gold, Miz Scarlet"

by Alfred Adask

I recently interviewed Michael T. Snyder on the Financial Survival radio program.  Mr. Snyder is the author of and of a recent novel entitled The Beginning of the End.  He’s an intelligent young man with an enviable education:  B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia; a law degree and a Master of Laws of Taxation from the University of Florida.

In the course of the interview Mr. Snyder confided that, ever since he was a young boy, he sought and expected to find teachers who could explain to him how the world really works.  But he never found such teachers at the grade school, junior high, or high school levels.  That didn’t surprise him, but he did expect to find such teachers at the college level.  He didn’t.  He definitely expected to find such teachers at the advanced degree levels for a Juris Doctorate and Master of Tax Laws.  He found no such teachers.

More, in the ten years since he completed his last degree, he’s come to the shocking conclusion that, in the world of economics, no one actually knows what’s going on.  Our economy seems to bump along from one crisis to another and, so far, has seemed to survive—but no one really knows why

Worse, so long as no one really understands the “why” behind an economy based on fiat currency—no one is truly in control.  There are illusions of economic power, but our government is no more in control than the Wizard of Oz.

I agree with Mr. Snyder. I also suspect that no mortal man really understands how or why the economy continues to function. 

If that’s true, then we’re like a troop of monkeys in a Model-T without brakes careening downhill on a mountain road with a driver who doesn’t even understand the connection between the steering wheel and the front tires.  It’ll take a miracle for us to avoid a crash.

•  If the idea that no one really understands the economy seems implausible, consider one man who should understand economics—the current Chairman of the Federal Reserve System:

According to Wikipedia, Ben Shalom Bernanke was born 1953.  He was educated at East Elementary, J. V. Martin Junior High, and Dillon High School, where he was class valedictorian.  Since Dillon High School did not teach calculus at the time, Bernanke taught it to himself.  Bernanke scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT.

There’s no doubt that Mr. Bernanke was born with an extraordinary intellectual capacity.

Bernanke attended Harvard where he lived in Winthrop House with the future CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in economics summa cum laude in 1975. He received a PhD. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1979 after completing and defending his dissertation, Long-Term Commitments, Dynamic Optimization, and the Business Cycle. Bernanke's thesis adviser was the future governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer.

Bernanke was a tenured professor of economics at Princeton from 1996 to September 2002. From 2002 until 2005, he was a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.  Bernanke then served as chairman of President George W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers before Bush appointed him to be chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve in A.D. 2006. In A.D. 2010, Bernanke was re-nominated and confirmed for a second term as chairman by President Obama.

Clearly Mr. Bernanke has been well-endowed with extraordinary intellect, education, personal connections and experience.  You might think that—like Karnack the Magnificent (the Johnny Carson mystic and fortune teller)—Mr. Bernanke knows “everything there is to know about economics”.

You might think that Mr. Bernanke is the one “teacher” that Michael Snyder has been looking for—the one man who could teach how the system really works.

If so, you’d be wrong.  Bernanke is almost as confused and bewildered by economics as the rest of us—and he admits it.

•  In A.D. 2011, Bernanke was grilled about gold by Representative Ron Paul.  Representative Paul asked, “Is gold money?” Bernanke answered, “No. It’s a precious metal. . . . It’s an asset.” 

“Would you say Treasury bills are money?” I don’t think they’re money either but they’re a financial asset.”

Unfortunately, Rep. Paul did not ask Mr. Bernanke if paper dollars are “money Irredeemable fiat-dollars might be “currency” but they’re not “money”.  It would’ve been fascinating to see if Mr. Bernanke were sufficiently brilliant to define “money” in a way that included paper dollars but excluded physical gold.

In any case, Bernanke’s answer that gold is not “money” contradicts the fact that gold has been “money” for virtually all of the last 3,000 years.   That’s a little like declaring the Hope Diamond to be nothing but a lump of crystalline carbon.

How could the extremely-intelligent, highly-educated Mr. Bernanke defy the 3,000 years of history that defines gold as “money” and instead insist that gold is merely a “precious metal”?

Was that denial evidence of Mr. Bernanke’s ignorance or a need to lie?

•  In June of A.D. 2011, Forbes published “Bernanke Admits He's Clueless On Economy's Soft Patch”:
“Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke admitted that the recovery was weaker than expected and that . . . he was at a loss as to what was causing the soft patch.  . . . Brutally honest, Bernanke admitted that he had no clue what was actually causing the current fragility in the U.S. economic recovery.”
Again, we see evidence the Michael Snyder is right: no one really understands economics and therefore no one is really in control—including the grand-high wizard of economics, Ben Bernanke.

•  According to a July, A.D. 2013 edition of Forbes magazine, “Bernanke Tells Congress: I Don't Really Understand Gold”:
“Fed Chairman was forced to answer questions about gold on Thursday.  Asked about the falling price of gold, which is down nearly 25% this year, Bernanke admitted he doesn’t understand the yellow metal.

“‘No one really understands gold prices,’ Bernanke told the Senate Banking Committee, adding he doesn’t get it either.”
Say whut?!

Gold has been at the center of world economics around for several thousand years.  Our current economic system has only been seemingly detached from gold since A.D. 1971—just 42 years ago.  And yet, the guy with the 180 IQ, advanced education, political connections that extend back to the 1970s, and chairman of the world’s most powerful and important central bank for the past seven years . . . the guy who’s been responsible for keeping our economy afloat for the past seven years . . . that guy doesn’t understand gold.

How  can anyone claim to control or even understand our national economy, the global economy, or even economics in general who is mystified by the subject of gold?  Can any understanding of economics be complete without an understanding of gold?

Again, Michael Snyder appears to have been right.  No one (including Ben Bernanke) really understands how or why the “economy” works—and therefore, no one is or can be truly in control.

•  According to Forbes, Bernanke also called gold “an unusual asset” and noted that people hold gold as both “disaster insurance” and as an inflation hedge.  He expressed surprise about keeping gold as an inflation hedge, noting that “movements in gold” don’t predict inflation very well. 

Well, it may be that gold can’t predict inflation very well—especially when the price of gold is being manipulated by the kind of men who Bernanke knew as friends at Harvard and MIT and who grew up to be CEO’s for major Wall St. banks and financial institutions.  

More, so far as I know, Bernanke didn’t specify whether gold was unable to predict the free market rate of inflation (over 9%) or the “official” rate of inflation (less than 2%) reported by the government and Federal Reserve.
“Bernanke took solace in the [recent] marked decline in gold prices, though, suggesting they could reflect diminishing concerns over really bad outcomes.”
Bernanke implies that we don’t really need dreary old economists to solve our economic problems (and why would we, if no one really understands economics?).  Instead, Americans can avoid “really bad [economic] outcomes” by simply by diminishing our “concerns” about the economy. 

Perhaps all we need to know about economics is summed up in Bob Marley’s song “Don’ worry . . . be happy!”  

At minimum, by telling us not to be “concerned,” Mr. Bernanke implies that we, “Pay no attention to the little economist behind the curtain!” 

In either case, according to the world’s #1 central banker, all we need do is believe the cheerleaders who tell us that the “recovery” has already begun (or, if not, will certainly begin soon).  We’ll be fine if we just have “confidence” in government and take orders from a group of economists who are completely uncertain as to how the economy will operate without a gold-based monetary system.

•  Forbes continued:
“Gold has been seen as a store of value for thousands of years.”
And yet, the master-economist, Ben Bernanke, doesn’t understand gold.  How is that possible?
“More recently, bullion has become an important financial asset seen by many as a sort of currency that cannot be debased, given its relatively fixed quantity.”
Gold is only a “sort of currency”?!


Gold has been recognized as “money” for all but the last 42 of 3,000 years. 

It’s our paper, fiat dollars that are clearly not “money” but are at best, a “sort of currency.”
“Yet it is difficult to pin down the exact logic behind investors’ appetite for the yellow metal.”
What’s so hard to understand about gold?  Those who are capable of logical thought see the intrinsic fraud in paper, fiat dollars.  Therefore, such people logically seek to protect themselves from the Ponzi-scheme that currently masquerades as our “paper monetary system”.  Not wanting to be defrauded and robbed by their own government and central banks, people buy gold.  That “logic” seems obvious and irrefutable.

Gold is easy.  It’s an expression of distrust in government and/or the economy.  The  more distrustful the government/economy becomes, the more demand there’ll be for gold.

•  It’s easy to make fun of Mr. Bernanke—and I do.  Even so, my primary intent is not to ridicule. 

I respect Bernanke’s candor—especially in light of his difficult position.  If he says something honest that hurts public confidence in the dollar or the economy, there could be adverse economic consequences.  The public knows the economy is unstable and it’s easy to inadvertently “spook the herd” and cause a “stampede”.

But, on the other hand, if Bernanke openly lies to maintain confidence and calm the “herd,” his lies will be discovered and exposed, his credibility will be diminished and the “herd” might still stampede deeper into recession or depression.  The man is caught in a very precarious position wherein he’s darned if he do, and darned if he don’t.  The reason he’s in that position is because no one understands the economy well enough to know what might cause the “herd” to “stampede”.  Everyone is “walking on eggs” because no one understand and no one is really in control.

Still, Bernanke is a grown man who must’ve known what he was getting into when he twice accepted nominations to be Fed chairman.  So, I respect his position, but I don’t have much sympathy for his dilemma.  He got what he wished for and may have come to regret his wish.

My object is to emphasize that no one really knows what’s going on in our economy.  No one is really in control

On the one hand, a lack of economic control may be viewed as cause for great concern.  Perhaps our condition really is analogous to a pack of monkeys, rolling down a mountain road in a Model-T that has no brakes.  Yes, there’s a monkey behind the steering wheel and he looks authoritative and competent—but there’s a good chance that he has absolutely no idea of how to steer or shift gears.  If so, only a miracle will prevent a crash.

On the other hand, if no one person or one group is really in control of our economy, maybe that’s a blessing.  Maybe we’ve avoided an economic collapse for the past five, ten or twenty years, not because of the efforts of people like Ben Bernanke, but because of their lack of genuine control.  I.e., if Ben & Co. had real control over the economy, maybe they’d have caused a catastrophic depression long before now. 

I wouldn’t bet on it, but maybe the reason the economy has remained viable for the past forty years is that, in the absence of absolute control, there are still enough vestiges of “free market” strength at work to keep the economy humming despite all of the government’s and Federal Reserve’s ignorant meddling. If so, the more power government grabs, the more likely we’ll suffer a real crash.

However, for now, it appears more likely that:

1) We have forgotten the nature, advantages and effects of a gold-based monetary system;

2) No one really understands nature and effects of today’s fiat currency and therefore can’t reliably predict the consequences of using more or less fiat dollars;

3) Since fiat currency is constantly changing its value, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to judge whether a particular investment is wise or foolish;

4) Based on the unpredictable value of fiat currency, no one really understands the nature, causes and effects of the current economy;

5) No one is really in control of the economy;

6) Insofar as our economic and monetary systems are highly dependent on public confidence, the inability of anyone to truly control or even understand those systems should diminish public confidence dramatically; 

7) As public confidence falls, so will the perceived value of fiat dollars, the strength of our economy and even our nation’s political integrity;

8) In the absence of real understanding and control of our economy and in the absence of public confidence, how will our economy and political system remain intact?

A:  By force. 

If the United States is going to hold together as a nation, that integration will be increasingly maintained by the force of stricter government regulations and enforcement by a police state.

Implication:  By adopting a fiat, paper, debt-based currency, we’ve adopted a monetary system that is inherently irrational, incomprehensible and uncontrollable by conventional economic means.  Because it’s uncontrollable, it’s subject to sudden collapse.  A sudden economic collapse might destroy the nation.  Rather than allow our irrational monetary and economic systems to collapse under the weight of their intrinsic lies—and risk national collapse as a consequence—people in positions of power will increasingly rely on brute force, criminal acts, fraud and a police state.

That’s not a prediction.  It’s an observation.  It’s already happening.

“Butterfly McQueen” Bernanke is the natural predecessor for Big Brother

There’s a police state in your future that’s a natural consequence of fiat currency.

The kind of “money” that we choose to use will determine our national fate.

Those currently singing “Don’ worry . . . be happy!” may soon be drowned out by those singing “Homeland! Homeland!  Uber alles!”

Amateur Radio & emergency communications
by Jim from W.V.

Long ago, our government realized that we may need a pool of radio operators in times of national emergencies, so they made provisions for them in the Communications Act of 1934.  They’re called radio amateurs – ‘hams’ – for short – and they come out of the woodwork during emergencies to provide emergency communications.

I’ve been involved with ham radio – off and on – for almost half a century.  If you’re not familiar with ham radio, this article will give you a lot of info in very little time so you can prepare for – whatever – wherever you may be – city, suburb, or rural.  Emergency communication may become – vital – soon – very soon.

  Not long ago, the dope on the rope – who occupies OUR White House – said he just might shut down all telephone communications.  WE – built our telephone systems with OUR telephone bills.  They are not HIS systems – to destroy.

  Amateur radio got the name ‘ham radio’ long ago because people said they liked to ‘ham it up’ – an old show business phrase.  For reasons unknown to me, there are many more men than women in ham radio.

  In 1918, the federal government took control of all frequencies below the upper end of our AM broadcast band.  Everything above that – was a free-for-all.  As of that time, folks didn’t know what the short wave frequencies were capable of - - - and it was the tinkerers – hams – who led the way. 

  Frequency: I will use the terms cycles, kilocycles, and megacycles instead of Hertz, kilohertz and such because that is what Mr. Hertz – who did the research – called them.  This gives you an intuitive grip on frequency.  Some ‘educator’ decided we should call them ‘Hertz’ – and that does not carry the real meaning of what they are.  60 cycle AC means that the polarity of the electricity changes 60 times a second.  1000 on your AM broadcast band means that signal switches back and forth one thousand thousand times per second – a thousand kilocycles or – one megacycle per second.   

  The Communications Act of 1934 – established the FCC and licensing.  Not all licensing is bad.  A license is a thing – like a piece of firewood.  A piece of firewood can warm the body and soul, or it can be used to murder someone.  I call that firewood abuse.  Licensing isn’t necessarily bad.  License abuse – can be very bad.

The FCC’s amateur division isn’t very corrupt – however it isn’t perfect.  After I started raising a stink about the International Property Maintenance Code – either the US Postal Service – a private corporation – or the FCC (also a private corporation) decided that my license renewal wouldn’t go through.  I did what I was supposed to do.  They didn’t do what they were supposed to do.  I am ex-AB8PX – my ham call sign. 

Very important: According to the Communications Act of 1934 – the law – not the rule or regulation: If there is an immediate threat to life and/or property – you can operate any radio you can get your hands on – and that frequency is basically yours for the duration of the emergency – and this is also part of international law.  So if it’s an emergency, you can use any radio for the duration. 

The FCC established licensing procedures for various radio services.  Ham radio licenses are easier to get – now – than ever before and the Morse code requirement was dropped some time back.  You can get the pool of questions for each of the licenses – Technician, General and Extra Class from the Internet – for free.  Higher class licenses give you access to more frequencies.  You can take practice tests at one of my favorite websites – (repeat it)  You can learn all about the diversity and abilities of ham radio at - another favorite ham radio website and they sell wonderful publications.

The FCC parsed out the frequencies, they say which modes of communication can be used on different frequencies – and they continue to do so to this day.  Amateurs got a bunch of them – a greater variety of frequencies than any other users of the radio spectrum.  Over the years, we’ve gained some frequencies – lost some frequencies.

  The mainstream media does NOT want people to know about it.  I’ll leave it to you to figure out why this is.  Hint: it works when nothing else works – as in power or communications shutdowns.  The Internet and cell phones have lowered interest in ham radio – however – when things go down, the bands come alive.  Even if the dope on a rope in the White House says hams have to shut down in a national emergency – as happened during WWII – I think that most hams will thumb their noses at him.  Hams are generally better informed than the general public.  

  We have many modes of communication.  It started out long ago with Morse Code called CW meaning continuous wave – where you key the carrier on and off – and CW will cut through when nothing else will.  From there it branched into voice communication – AM, FM, and Single Sideband.  From there, it branched out into slow scan TV – like the old wirephotos in newspapers and various what I call teletype operations – digital modes – became available.  We have ham radio satellites – OSCARS – Orbiting Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio.

Hams developed packet radio in the ‘70s – that sent packets of 256 bytes of information with an address for it to go to and an address of where it came from.  After it got delivered, IT came back so another packet could go out until the end of the message was reached.  If the packet didn’t get there with one route, it tried another until it got there.  Packets sound exactly like the ‘gronks’ you can hear on a telephone dialup Internet service – because those are – packets.  It was THIS TECHNOLOGY- this protocol – that hams GAVE to the world – that made the Internet as we know it possible – but did anyone in the mainstream give hams credit?  Of course, not!  They told us that Al Gore invented the Internet.  The first so-called Internet set up by our military in the 50s was NOT the same.  It was just a teletype system like news services, and the weather bureau, and Western Union and railroads used – that spewed until it stopped; not automatically interactive between computers, like the Internet.

What I will concentrate on is voice communication.  I will also chop the subject up into two big pieces – the long haul bands below 30 megacycles, and the spectrum above 30 megacycles. 


We have a bunch of what I call long haul bands – sometimes called world bands.  In order to receive most ham radio communications on the long haul bands, you MUST have a shortwave radio that can receive SSB – meaning Single Side Band – signals.  SSB sounds like duck-talk on an AM short wave radio – but SSB receivers can detect these signals.  All the new SSB shortwave radios I’ve seen cost over a hundred bucks.  The ability to communicate has been greatly increased due to better receivers rather than better transmitters.  A hundred watt transmitter produces a hundred watts – always has and always will.  Modern receivers – even the cheapest of them – amaze me.   

For long haul communication, I’m going to ASSUME you’re in an electrically quiet location.  A lot of hams have moved to the country to get away from electrical noises in cities.

I’m going to ASSUME that you have a good antenna.  My all-time favorite is a horizontal loop antenna – a wire strung through the trees with pieces of plastic pipe for insulators.  You can use one on a shortwave radio and I’d go for at least fifty feet of wire – preferably more.  One end goes to the antenna terminal – the other to the ‘ground’ on the radio.  It’s omnidirectional, it’s quiet because it cancels some forms of local noise.  With an inexpensive antenna tuner, I can tune my 160 meter – over 500 foot – full wave loop to all the long haul bands to transmit with it. 

When I talk about the range of these bands, I’m also going to ASSUME that there aren’t any thunderstorms in the vicinity of the receiver. 

Also - - - range – propagation is a term we use – changes from hour to hour – day to day – season to season and year to year – because that’s what short wave radio does.  It has a lot to do with solar radiation.

Some of the signal travels along the ground – called ground wave, and some parts of these signals bounce off the ionosphere – sometimes called sky wave – sometimes called ‘skip’ – and the higher frequencies go right through the ionosphere.  Each band is different and you can use different modes – Morse code – various digital modes – voice and such on different bands.  I’m only going to cover the most utilized bands.  You can find the whole band plan on the Internet.

160 meter band – 1.8 to 2 megacycles – right above the AM broadcast band – mostly ground wave.  The ham band is much quieter than the AM broadcast band – has similar propagation.  At night, I can communicate  – with 100 watts – with all of West Virginia and the surrounding states, and then some.  500 miles is not unusual.  

80 meter band – 3.5 to 4 megacycles – also primarily a night-time band.  People with good stations can hear my hundred watts – most anywhere east of the Mississippi River.  Incidentally, the longest running net on ham radio is the liberty net – patriots – on 80 meters every Saturday night.  You can go to (repeat it) – to investigate and listen.

Radio is such a gift from God.  How far does the light from a hundred watt light bulb go?  I’ve talked to New Zealand at 3 in the morning – with a hundred watts – on 80 meters.  I’ve talked to people in about 30 countries on different bands – with a hundred watts.

40 meter band – 7 to 7.3 megacycles – part ground wave – part bounce – sky wave.  It works – more or less – around the clock.  During the day, from West Virginia, I have a pipeline so to speak with Cleveland – the Northeast states – Richmond and Atlanta and Nashville for an example.  Folks halfway to those locations receive a weaker but readable signal. 

20 meter band – rock ‘n’ roll during the daytime.  Depending on conditions, you can talk to Europe in the morning – Asia late in the evening.

The 15 and ten meter bands display similar characteristics to the 20 meter band – depending on solar activity called solar flux.

All of these bands work locally – 100 watts easily covers a county – all the time.

Whenever a nasty storm goes through West Virginia, there’s a particular 40 meter frequency that West Virginia hams monitor during the day, and an 80 meter band they monitor at night.  Hams check in – tell folks where they are, and what kind of backup power they have. 

You can buy long haul ham rigs new – for less than a thousand bucks. 


Frequencies above 30 megacycles are primarily local in nature and the entry level Technician license gives you access to these bands.  Also, you can buy new handheld transceivers – called HTs – for the most frequently used bands above 30 megacycles – as well as new mobile (meaning higher power 12 volt) radios for a couple hundred bucks, and the antennas aren’t very expensive.   

6 meter band – 50 to 54 megacycles – mostly regional communication – not very active at time present.

2 meter band – 144 to 148 megacycles.  This band is the most popular ham band – and it is populated with repeaters.  (explain how they work)  These repeater might cover – part of a county – a county – or counties – depending on their height and the terrain.  Some of them are linked to multiple repeaters so you can talk across a state, for instance.  This band comes alive in local emergencies.     

420 to 450 Megacycle band – is akin to the 2-meter band but much wider – more room.  You can find anything from TV signals to satellite communications on this playground band.  A lot of repeaters are on this band – in densely populated regions.

You can use a ‘police scanner’ to listen to these frequencies – and you can find out which ones are in use from local hams.  Once again, I’m not mentioning all the bands – just those most interesting to preppers. 


What I’m going to say next is probably the most important idea I will give the greatest number of people.  You can access the FCC license database from a number of websites.  I like (repeat it).  The last time I looked, it had a call sign lookup tab at the upper left – where you could search the FCC database – learn who the hams are in a region – search by call sign – name – license class – a rather versatile system.  A lot of hams are preppers.  They’re also – generally speaking – some of the nicest people in – the world.  Contact them.  Make them part of your plans for what might come down on America. 

If you haven’t the time and/or bucks to get your license and station set up, contact hams in your area.  Set up SOME KIND of communication system with them.  When banksters break down governments, we see certain patterns.

The usual method to take a city down: The natives get hungry, grow restless, and riot.  Police and military stand down.  Things get worse.  People cry out for the government to save them.  The government shuts the power down and blames the restless natives for the shutdown.  Government places troops around the power facilities – to protect them – of course – but the power doesn’t come back on.  That takes out refrigeration, air conditioning, water and thus sewage treatment as well as most heating.  Then, the government goes in and saves the day – by taking people to camps where diseases wipe out so many – mission accomplished.

Point: As the batteries in the phone systems discharge – the phones go down.  That leaves – 2-way radio including amateur radio.  Make sure your most vital ‘stuff’ runs on 12 volts, and make sure you have a decent 12 volt battery – OK? 

When national governments break down, government falls to the neighborhood level – ‘I’ll watch your back if you watch mine’ – watchmen on patrol – neighbors on alert.  Whether you get radios you’re supposed to get a license for or not – make sure you get together with other people and get radios that talk to each other over the range you need for your neighborhood or rural area or – apartment building.  I won’t list all the various radio options – but they must be able to talk to each other, and they must have a power supply.  I know that if things go ‘hot’ – some folks will probably just use ham radio gear whether they’re licensed or not.  Just – get the radios you think you’ll need, and the means of powering them.  If things get crazy, that ham you contacted may find that he’s the center of the operation to keep things under control and he may welcome all the help he can get to man the radios – and you can legally run any radio as long as he’s there.

When things get crazy – if they get crazy where you are – work out various other signals – such as three blasts on a car horn means stranger in the area.  Four means they have left – whatever you work out.  Get a bullhorn.  Get a handheld horn like boaters use.

Get with people you know.  Get stuff get ready.  Get ready.  Do – something.   I’m into the basics of ham radio – nothing esoteric or expensive.  All my ham radios run on 12 volts – about fifteen amps for the long haul rig – maybe ten for the 2-meter 50 watt rig.  You can put tens of thousands of bucks into ham gear if you want.  You could buy all the ‘stuff’ I have for ham radio for – I’d say – six hundred bucks – tops. 

Just get your radios.  Get your batteries.  Get with other people in your area and get ready.  There are gobs of internet sites dedicated to this hobby – that will most likely prove to be most valuable in times to come.

Be sure to listen to Financial Survival radio program live at and Short-wave radio 7.490 AND 9.880Mhz M-F 4:00PM ET. We broadcast in cities of Spokane KTAC 93.0 5-6pm Eastern, Metairie WVOG 600AM 3-4PM Eastern and Dallas KXBD 1480AM 4-5PM Eastern.

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More wheat, less nutrition
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

I was reading the August 2013 issue of Mother Earth News and came across a reader feedback note to the editor regarding her long-term wheat intolerance issue until she traveled to Europe . What does traveling overseas have to do with someone being intolerant to wheat or not? Well, that was what was so interesting; was her gluten allergy really  geographical? Is there a difference in the wheat the US produces and the European wheat? Let's find out.


According to the Mother Earth News reader, called Carolyn, she had difficulty eating any US wheat products. If she ate anything with wheat in it she would experience gastrointestinal distress. Carolyn visited Hungary this summer and gave into the temptation to eat some crusty bread knowing she'd have to pay for it later with digestive distress. However, she did not have any. No distress which she had come so accustomed to eating wheat products in America As her European travels continued she bravely tried pizza, croissants, pretzels and cake without any digestive discomfort at all. Carolyn didn't have any negative symptoms eating wheat in Europe and reported that she felt healthier. It got her thinking if other people experienced the same thing and she searched the Internet to find out. Carolyn found that she was not alone and that other gluten-intolerant Americans had no health problems eating the overseas wheat products. So, are these folks really allergic to wheat or to whatever we are calling wheat in the US ?


What is the US growing and calling it wheat? The ancient wheat species (einkorn, emmer and spelt) are usually not cultivated anymore by modern agriculture. There are approximately six classes of wheat and hundreds of varieties. Most of the wheat the US is sown in the fall and harvested in the spring (winter and summer wheat). The modern wheat product is grown in cooler climates and planted in the fall to become our grain crop. About 75% of the wheat grown in the US is the winter wheat variety and is a product that contains a very high percentage of gluten. It is cultivated to be used to make bread and cakes. The hardest wheat cultivated is durum is used to make macaroni, spaghetti and other pastas. The softer, paler wheat varieties have more starch and are used for flour to make piecrust, biscuits and other breakfast foods. When wheat is milled the residue (bran and other plant parts) is used to make livestock feed. Some wheat grain is also used to make whiskey and beer.


When recruits joined the Air Force they gave up a sample of blood. Dr. Joseph Murray, gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic, noticed that blood samples from the 1950 recruits showed that 1 in 700 recruits had celiac disease (an autoimmune disease affected when the person eats gluten). Dr. Murray knew that it couldn't be a genetic disorder as we are told and said, "Human genes haven't changed that much, so there has to be something pervasive in the environment that is making this disease more common." Dr. Murray published his study in the 2009 journal ofGastroenterology. His research begs us to ask, is the US wheat being cultivated and processed differently causing disease? Have the scientists bred a wheat variety that magnifies the gluten content creating a health problem in the US ? If folks with gluten-intolerance eat ancient wheat varieties do they still have gastrointestinal problems and celiac disease? Apparently not. In one generation the wheat source in the US has been changed.


The European countries reject genetically modified foods including wheat. Recently they have found some GMO contamination in wheat and are testing all sources. The big contrast regarding wheat grown in the US and wheat grown in Europe is that Europe has just one or two classes of wheat. The class is determined by the variety characteristics (when and where planted), milling and food use.


If you visit the mill in East Riding in Yorkshire , UK you can ask the lady that works at the mill about the wheat and what makes it different from US wheat. She will tell you that the European wheat berry is softer than the US hard wheat variety, which is believed to be influenced by climate. They also grind their wheat into what is called "wholemeal" (tightly controlled whole wheat flour which has nothing added or removed). Ahh! So, what does this mean in comparison to US wheat flour? Wholemeal is handled differently; is it heavier flour and was designed by the millers to get around the bread and flour regulations. Wholemeal is harder to manage because it contains all of the grain offal making it much heavier. This type of flour is full of the grain oils and must be frozen or processed to remove the oils or it will go rancid. By-the-way, when flour is ground and used right away to make food products; those oils feed the cardiovascular system.  Less than 100 years ago, the wheat in America was like the flour milled in the UK . It had less gluten, more oils and nutrition.    


Before 1870 the US used softer wheat with less protein (gluten). Then the harder spring wheat variety with more gluten from Central Europe arrived in the US . Americans loved this gluten-rich grain because it made for fluffier baked goods. Supply and demand changed the variety of wheat grain grow in the US . The white processed flour was more expensive at first and became a status symbol in the US In the 1900's new farming and milling technology along with mass transportation helped bring down the cost of white flour. Breakfast cereal did not exist before 1890. By 1920 Cream of Wheat was on everyone's breakfast table. An interesting find is a study done in 1966 and was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which showed a correlation globally between the increase in gluten-rich wheat consumption and increase in the number of schizophrenia patients ("Wheat Consumption and Hospital Admissions for Schizophrenia During World War II" ) . Currently wheat is the most cultivated crop worldwide. By the 1980's bakers discovered how to make their products "ultra fluffy" by adding additional gluten called "vital wheat gluten." Gluten is used as meat substitutes in vegetarian entrees. When man made wheat the dominant food source we became less tolerant of it.  We look at the gluten-intolerant folks as a minority and that something must be wrong with them. When in fact the human body was not designed to ingest mega amounts of refined wheat, (usually accompanied with refined sugar) causing ill health. In 1992 the USDA food pyramid assigned a large chunk of the American diet to wheat products . By 2005, the pyramid changed, called MyPyramid, restructuring the nutritional guidelines to make the vegetable category almost equal to the  wheat category


Folks with gluten-intolerance who have experienced European wheat with no gastrointestinal problems have learned to import their wheat from overseas and make their own breads. They feel better, they liver healthier lives and stay out of the doctor's office. They also have a stronger and healthier immune system. Americans consume too much wheat, dairy and sugar and have the highest rates of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Americans can change all that without AMA physicians, without pharmaceutical drugs and without medical insurance. Lifestyle changes put power into your hands.


Even if you don't have a gluten issue you can take advantage of herbs designed to give you lots of energy which have no hint of gluten. Wheat grass has no gluten compared to the wheat berry. You can tap into the nutritional power of wheat grass and avoid the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort. Call Apothecary Herbs to ask for the Body Foundation Food mix loaded with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. If not enough energy has been an issue for you try Body Foundation Food mix in a smoothie, juice or water. Visit Apothecary Herbs now to order  or call 833-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless.

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What's Ailing America?
So many atrocities it is impossible to keep up

by Rebecca Carley, MD

As I read e-mails and work on consults on my computer, I monitor tell-lie-vision to see what is being fed to the sheep.  Last night, 7/22/13, I came across a show on the OWN network titled "Small Town Scandals".  One of the segments featured Gerald, Missouri, where a fake drug enforcement agent by the name of Bill Jacob brought together a band of hoodlums who, in the guise of being federal agents, would break down the doors of citizens (including the elderly), hold guns to their heads, and demand to be told "where the drugs are". In reality, they were thieves.  A journalist who witnessed this happening to one of her neighbors started an investigation; turns out that police chief McCreary (who was later fired) had not even done a background check on this individual when he presented himself as a federal agent, and allowed him and his thugs to carry out these raids on citizens.  Had this journalist not done her job, who knows how long this would have continued.  Since we are seeing more and more of these swat team home invasions, I felt it was very important to alert my readers to the fact that such things are going on.

I would like to thank Sallie Elkordy, host of the "Ban Vaccines 2013" radio show  (the same station I am now on) for a recent interview she did with me where I gave the "big picture" of what I have endured for speaking the truth.  This interview can be accessed on you tube at  My experience demonstrates the corruption and fraud at all levels of the medical mafia, courts and government agencies. It is SO important that people wake up to what is going on with MD's who step out of the box and learn how to heal people with natural therapies (which are not covered by insurance to further prevent people from escaping the damage done by toxic drugs and diagnostic tests).  If you don't have your health you have nothing...and if people want information from doctors like myself as an option, you must stand up against our persecution.  As with all of the atrocities going on here in the most corrupt country on the planet, SILENCE IS CONSENT.

Since the CDC link admitting that the polio vaccine contaminated with the SV40 virus is causing millions of people to have cancer was taken down after last week's newsletter went out, I was grateful that one of my listeners sent me this link with that information that had been saved by an astute individual: .  Note that the SV40 virus is one of the cancer causing viruses mentioned in the thousands of pages of documents I have from the "Special Virus Cancer Program" started when Nixon was president where they have been DEVELOPING cancer causing viruses (funded by the NIH, which is funded by your taxes).  Of course, it is not just the cancer causing viruses being intentionally put in vaccines that is causing the epidemic of cancer; toxic poisons were are being exposed to (especially pesticides) and radiation (especially from diagnostic tests like mammograms) are also highly involved, as is the very corruption of the immune system caused by the inoculation of bioweapon vaccines.  (how this occurs is explained in my paper "Inoculations the True Weapons of Mass Destruction" which can be found at  Processed meat has also been found to contribute to cancer:'t expect to read that on the label!

Thank you to UK investigative journalist Christina England for sending me a link to a psyops  "peace" campaign whose true agenda is apparently vaccinating children with bioweapon vaccines (listen to the short video on this page):

Further proof that vaccines cause the very infection they are purported to protect against can be found at .  In fact. one of the admitted side effects of the shingles vaccine is CHICKEN POX INFECTION (note that both chicken pox and shingles are caused by the same virus). This is evidence that these psychopaths know exactly what they are doing; sadly, the sheep blindly submit to whatever the white coat recommends without doing any homework. As I always say, anytime your white coat recommends ANY "treatment", it is your responsibility to put the name of that drug or vaccine into any search engine, and see what big pharma ADMITS to.  The information your pharmacist gives you in the little printout barely scratches the surface.  CHECK THINGS OUT FOR YOURSELF for your own protection.  

Of course, diagnostic tests can be deadly as well. Check out what happened to patients in Kansas who went in for a colonoscopy, and were exposed to life threatening infections:

And now it comes out that a company has developed microchip implants to be put in the NEEDLES of the syringes used to inject bioweapon vaccines:

Further evidence of how the mad scientists are tinkering with our genetics:  PUTTING HUMAN CHROMOSOMES INTO MICE (obviously the opposite is being done as well):  YOU MUST WRAP YOUR HEAD AROUND THE SELF EVIDENT FACT THAT THE VERY EXTINCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE IS AT HAND IF WE DON'T STOP THESE PSYCHOPATHS

Another patent regarding alteration of brain functions:,729,337&OS=6,729,337&RS=6,729,337

Thanks to herbalist Wendy Wilson (who we all have to thank for this newsletter) for a link which any of you even considering donating your organs should check out: .  Imagine waking up during a surgery where the white coats are getting ready to cut out your organs! If you have not done so, I also suggest you watch the movie "COMA", which is pretty much a documentary on the organ harvesting industry.

Another VERY important article connecting the dots:

And lastly, to any of you who use public transportation: did you know the WINDOWS can "talk" to you?

Welcome to our "Fringe" world any of you who have watched that series must realize it is actually a documentary on what the psychopathic mad scientists are doing with grants paid for with your tax dollars.

Are you outraged YET?

I will leave it there for this week much more to follow.  Please spread the word.
If you need help in reversing your disease with natural therapies. please go to learn how Dr. Carley does consults. (Note that Alzheimers can also be reversed as long as there is family available to give the person their remedies).  You can access many archives of internet shows Dr. Carley has done over the last few years at Dr. Carley's "What's Ailing America?" can now be heard on, studio B, every Saturday from 6-8 PM EST.

The information contained herein is not designed to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure disease. Seek medical advice from a lincensed medical physician (if you dare) before using any product or therapy.

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