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Friday, August 9th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, August 2nd, and Friday, August 9th, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 0.0 % from $1,313.50 to $1,314.70
Silver rose 3.4 % from $19.89 to $20.56
Platinum rose 3.7 % from $1,445 to $1,499
Palladium rose 1.4 % from $730 to $740
DJIA fell 1.5 % from 15,658.36 to 15,425.51
NASDAQ fell 0.8 % from 3,689.59 to 3,660.11
NYSE fell 0.7 % from 9,690.07 to 9,622.11
US Dollar Index fell 0.9 % from 81.93 to 81.13
Crude Oil fell 0.7 % from $106.83 to $106.03

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Pension Panic II

by Alfred Adask

There are three classes of pension systems in the USA: 

1) Pensions that are exclusively governmental.  They apply only to government employees and are managed exclusively by government.

2) Pensions that are partly governmental and partly private.  They serve employees of private employers but are managed by the government.  Social Security is the prime example.

3) Pensions that are completely private.  They serve the employees of private companies and are largely managed by private entities.   

Last week, in “Pension Panic,” I argued that financial problems facing the first class of pensions (cities like Detroit and Chicago and states like Illinois) were evidence of a growing problem confronting retired government employees:  the purely governmental pension plans would be among the first to be “sacrificed” and looted by their former government employer, leaving the government retirees bankrupt. 

This week, I’ll consider problems faced by the second class of pensions—those that are partly governmental and partly private—like Social Security.  

The Risk of Longevity

Wikipedia defines “pension” as follows:
pension (a/k/a “retirement plan” or “superannuation”) is a contract for a fixed sum to be paid regularly to a person, typically following retirement from service.  . . .  Retirement pensions are typically in the form of a guaranteed life annuity, thus insuring against the risk of longevity.
How odd.  Pensions protect us against “the risk of longevity”.  Apparently, it’s risky to live a long time.  Does it follow that we may be safer in death than in old age?

Actually, that odd definition makes sense.  The idea, of course, is that we might live longer than we’re able to independently provide our own food, shelter, and basic needs by means of our own savings and/or our own work.  As a result of such “excessive” longevity, senior citizens might regularly find themselves living in poverty that they can’t escape or endure.  In the midst of such poverty, seniors might be condemned to die a slow, painful death characterized by homelessness, neglect, fear and, ultimately, starvation.  In order to make our last years more comfortable and safe, we have pensions. 

But note that if the “risk of longevity” was originally and naturally assumed by each individual, each individual was responsible for saving funds for his own retirement. However, thanks to pension programs, the responsibility for each individual’s “risk of longevity” is now transferred to some other entity. 

For example, my “risk of longevity” was formerly imposed on me alone and compelled me to be responsible for saving enough of my own earnings to survive whenever I became too old to work.  Today, however, for most people, the “risk of longevity” has been assumed by the national government under the guise of Social Security (SS).

But, we can wonder if we’re truly safer when we transfer our personal “risk of longevity” to the government.   This doubt is reasonable because, if we found ourselves in circumstances where the government could no longer afford to assume the “risk” of my “longevity,” would government be compelled to reduce, abandon or even terminate that “risk”?

Pension Crisis

Today, we’re in or near such “circumstances”.  As a result, we have a “pension crisis” which Wikipedia defines as,
“. . . a predicted difficulty in paying for corporate, state, and federal pensions in the U.S. and Europe, due to a difference between pension obligations and the resources set aside to fund them.”
Note that pension crisis is based on two causes: 

1) high and/or growing pension “obligations” (costs); and

2) insufficient “resources set aside” (savings, primarily) to pay current pension obligations.

As you’ll read, the government is much concerned with the first cause (growing pension costs) but reluctant to discuss the second (“insufficient resources set aside”).

Growing pension “obligations”

Wikipedia explains that pension “obligations” are growing because of “shifting demographics” caused by a lower ratio of workers to retirees.

In A.D. 1940, there were 160 workers contributing to SS for each retiree who collected a SS pension.  In essence, each worker had to contribute enough money each year to support one retired person for only about three days.  The cost to each worker of providing SS for reach retiree was almost trivial.

Today, however, due to the “demographic shift,” there are less than three workers contributing to SS for each retiree who’s collecting a SS pension.  Thus, each of today’s workers is obligated to pay for at least four months of the annual living expenses of one retiree.    The resultant burden on workers—and government—has become almost too large to bear.  

This “demographic shift” (too many retirees; too few workers) has been caused by a several factors: 

1) Retirees live longer.  Back in A.D. 1940, most retirees died just two or three years after retiring and therefore imposed only a short-term burden on workers contributing to the plan.   Today, retirees may live for two or three decades after retiring and thereby impose a much greater cost on the SS program.

80 years after assuming Americans’ “risk of longevity,” the costs of SS are exceeding government’s ability to pay.    

Solutions:  This substantial “risk” of retirees collecting SS for decades after they retire could be mitigated by: a) raising the retirement age from 65 to, say, 70 or even 75; b) reducing the retirement benefits paid to retirees from, say, $1200/month to $800/month; c) inflation which allows government to pay off on SS with “cheaper dollars”; and/or d) by instituting programs (ObamaCare) that deprive senior citizens of adequate medical care and thereby shorten the seniors’ life expectancy.  (If I were to kill a senior citizen, it would be murder.  If government uses ObamaCare “death panels” to causes seniors to die, that’s just sensible public policy.)  By such means, government can reduce the “risk of longevity” and associated costs of Social Security. 

2) Lower Birth Rates—the number of SS contributors is falling.  Social Security is a pyramid—a Ponzi-scheme—that depends on the number of American workers to grow in direct proportion to the growing number of American retirees.  Unfortunately, we’re not creating enough new workers needed to keep funding Social Security so the Ponzi-scheme is in jeopardy. 

I’ve seen a recent estimate that it costs nearly $250,000 to raise a child from birth to age 18.  Thanks to rising taxes, inflation and global free trade (lower American wages), many Americans can no longer afford to raise children.  Result? We also can’t afford to raise the children who might otherwise become the new workers needed to support SS.

Solution:  Increase immigration.  By inviting millions of third world legal and illegal aliens into this country and persuading them to contribute to SS, the ratio of workers to retirees can be increased to a point where SS isn’t such a painful financial burden on current workers.  Of course, by increasing immigration from 3rd world countries, we’re compromising or destroying the culture that helped make this country great.  Thus, we may be destroying America in order to perpetuate a government’s SS program.

3) High unemployment.  Thanks to the recession and global free trade, unemployment is rising.  As unemployment rises, less people have jobs and those that do, are paid lower wages.  With higher unemployment, there are fewer workers to contribute to SS and less funds to support retirees.

Solution: Stimulate an economic recovery.  But that’s been tried for five years without success.  

“Insufficient Resources Set Aside”

The second cause for the pension crisis is “insufficient resources set aside” (saved). 

Just in case you suppose that there’s plenty of money saved in the SS bank accounts, you might note that we’re within a month or two of our next congressional “Debt Ceiling” debate.  You might also recall that in our last Debt Ceiling debate in A.D. 2011, President Obama warned,
"If we default, we would not have enough money to pay all of our bills—bills that include monthly Social Security checks, veterans' benefits and the government contracts we've signed with thousands of businesses."
In other words, SS is broke; it has no funds in the bank and is completely dependent on funds flowing from the national government.  SS only survives and is able to send out SS checks so long as the national government can go deeper into debt and give some of its newly-borrowed funds to SS.

As you’ve already read, when it comes to reducing the first cause (growing SS obligations) for the current “pension crisis,” government has a fairly broad spectrum of possible solutions. 

However, when it comes to dealing with “insufficient resources set aside”—Wikipedia reported a fairly limited array of government responses:    Gov-co could help fund future SS pensions by “increasing contribution rates and raising taxes”.

Ahh, yes—the ultimate object of all government—to raise more taxes and drive more people deeper into poverty in order to justify even more government programs.

Gov-co implicitly declares that, gee whiz, due to some unforeseen increases in SS costs caused by “shifting demographics” and such, it’s now necessary to raise SS contribution rates and/or taxes on today’s workers.

On today’s a pay-as-you-go SS system, that might true.  But what about the save-as-you-go system that Americans orignally supposed SS to be?  What about the money that I’ve been “putting aside” (saving) in my personal SS Account for the past 40 years? 

Abandoning the “save-as-you-go” SS system is no small problem.

Daddy said

My step-father was not an intellectual, but he was a hard-working owner of a small business and no dummy.

For reasons I can’t fathom, I still clearly remember him talking to me about SS back about A.D. 1959.  He said that if a man invested as much in private savings in a bank account each week as he contributed into SS then (thanks to compound interest rates and having a currency that was still backed by silver) by the time he retired, he’d have a nest egg of over $1 million in the bank. 

I don’t know if my step-dad’s mathematical conclusions were accurate, but I have no doubt that the principle was correct.  If the wealth that you’ve contributed to SS over the years had been invested in an individually-discrete bank account in the form of a specie-backed currency, today your retirement principal would be at least hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly over $1 million.  

That $1 million would be a huge cushion in the event of an emergency or if you wanted to buy a retirement home in Florida.  If you spent $30,000 per year on retirement ($2,500/month), your private savings could last you over 30 years—and it wouldn’t be a burden on current workers.  If you died at a fairly young age, the remainder of your savings would be left to your heirs and assigns.

However, by making the same contribution to SS over the past 40 years, after you retire you might receive $1,200 a month (maybe less).  You’ll be pretty much tied to your existing home or perhaps a small apartment and have little opportunity to travel or invest in a retirement home.  If you died at a fairly young age, there’d be virtually nothing left for your heirs or assigns.  Whatever excess funds you’ve “contributed” to SS will remain with the government. (Given that government might profit from your death, thanks to SS, government has an interest in seeing you die.)

With private savings (instead of SS), we might each have $1 million (maybe more) in the bank when we retired.  We’d have assets for emergencies and a sizable estate to bequeath to our children.  With SS, we have little for ourselves and nothing to leave to our kids.

That means that during our lives each of us may have earned enough to retire as a millionaire—but thanks to SS, we’ll instead retire near the poverty level.  What happened to our earnings?  Where’d they go?

A:  the gov-co got ‘em. 

The gov-co has been robbing you and me since the first day we contributed to SS (or at least since A.D. 1971 when government turned the dollar into a pure fiat currency).  The government has understood all along that SS is a Ponzi-scheme that would inevitably collapse and leave an entire generation of the “little people” (that’s those of us who work as employees in the private sector) busted. 

There’s never been a moment when people at the top of our gov-co doubted the ordinary SS contributor would eventually be robbed.  There’s never been a moment when government doubted that the money you earned and you saved was better spent by gov-co than by you.

Given that SS was intended from the beginning to rob the American people, it makes sense to suppose that gov-co is still determined to steal whatever remains of SS funds.   Gov-co intended to rob Americans SS “savings” back in the 1930s and will no doubt complete that robbery in the foreseeable future. 

Government Looting

There’s no such thing as a personal SS account and whatever money I thought I was saving in SS has been long spent by the national gov-co.  My “personal SS account” (if there were such thing) holds zero dollars.     

In the end, any saving achieved by reducing SS costs or raising SS contributions will be consumed by increases in governmental size and spending rather than in increased benefits for retirees.  The national government is the primary predator consuming SS retirements funds that have already been accumulated.

Evidence?  There are rows of filing cabinets full of gov-co bonds at the Social Security Administration offices.  These bonds memorialize the “loans” made from SS to the gov-co over the years and the gov-co’s correlative promises to repay those loans. 

The fact that government has borrowed nearly $3 trillion from SS is evidence that those funds weren’t originally intended to be the government’s property.  Instead, those contributions were supposed to be ear-marked exclusively for SS use in a “save-as-you-go” SS system wherein each SS contributor saved a little out of every paycheck to fund his retirement account.

The average American supposes that the gov-co has collected SS contributions from him over the years and those contributions are being held in a discrete bank account with the contributor’s name on it.  It’s commonly assumed that those contributions will remain untouched until that particular person retires and begins to collect “his” SS pension payments.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In fact, gov-co has been borrowing and spending SS contributions as fast as they came in the door for decades as if SS was always intended to be a “pay-as-you-go” system.  Under this “pay-as-you-go” system, today’s workers and taxpayers are expected to pay however much is necessary to support today’s retirees—but no SS participant actually save any funds for their own retirement. 

As a result, instead of bank accounts filled with trillions of dollars, the SS Administration has rows of filing cabinets filled with the national government’s promises to repay the money that’s already been “borrowed” from SS.   The problem is that the national government is so deep in debt that most of its debts (including those to SS) will never be repaid.  That means the time is coming when SS will have to renege on its promises to provide pension checks to all of the current retirees. 

Therefore, when it comes to discussing the problem of “insufficient funds set aside” (saved), gov-co is fairly tight-lipped.  Gov-co doesn’t want to admit or even discuss the fact that the “insufficient funds” (no savings) problem has been largely caused by government having “borrowed”/looted funds saved in the SS account.  The SS problem is not that you and I didn’t save enough for our retirement.  The problem is that government has already borrowed and squandered our savings and has little intention or capacity to repay those loans.

In fact, government has already spent most of SS contributions and is looking for a way to avoid having to make good on its promises to repay its debt.

Six Possible Solutions

I can see six possible solutions to the gov-co’s SS debt crisis:

1) Raise the retirement age to 70 or even 75;

2) Change the formula used to calculate SS benefits.  I.e., promise to pay today’s worker, say, $1200 a month 30 years from now, but when 30 years rolls around, change the “formula” so as to reduce that debt to say, $900 a month.

3) Inflate or hyperinflate our fiat currency so as to pay off the SS debt with much cheaper dollars;

4) Allow illegal aliens enter the country; get ‘em to contribute to SS for the next 20 years, and then rob the illegals 20 to 40 years from rather than existing American nationals;

5) Openly repudiate the SS debt and say “to heck with the SS retiree’s”;

6)  Kill the creditors (retirees) and thereby reduce the gov-co’s debt (ObamaCare may help achieve that objective).

But, no matter how you slice it, what can’t be paid, won’t be paid. 

The fundamental challenge to SS is government debt.  The government is too far in debt to ever repay all of its bonds.  One of the biggest chunks of that debt is owed to current and future SS retirees.  Thus, one way or another, the SS retirees will be robbed by the government.

It’ll take a few more years, but the time is coming when your Social Security pension fund will be clearly seen to be every bit as bankrupt as the government pension plans of Detroit, Chicago and state of Illinois.

No one’s pension that’s owned or operated by the government is safe.  Those who are trusting their retirement to government pensions and/or Social Security are in peril.  Many of you will collect at least part of those pensions.  But, many, maybe most of you will be robbed—by your government—and left to reassume your own “risk of longevity”.

That means that if you want to have some money to support yourself after you retire, it’s up to you to earn that money, save that money in a form that’s not easily assaulted by inflation, and shield that money from government confiscation.   

Gold and silver (of course) come to mind.

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How to beat liver disease
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

According to the CDC, in 2010 there were over 100,000 hospital admissions for chronic liver disease and over 31,000 deaths from liver disease. So, for every 100,000 people, three will die from sick livers.  However, according to the American Liver Foundation there are over 30 million Americans (1 out of 10 people) with liver disease. What kind of liver disease we are talking about? The usual liver diseases such as hepatitis C, (non-alcohol) fatty liver, liver cancer, cirrhosis and hepatitis B.


To help prevent liver problems make sure the lifestyle is healthy and avoid the overuse of alcohol. Hand sanitation is important and avoid aerosol sprays. Avoid sharing personal care product and items such as toothbrushes, nail clippers and razors. Intimacy is also an area you will want to exercise caution. Illegal drugs will always harm the heart and liver. Also, educate yourself on the liver and what affects it.


There are hundreds of prescribed drugs that can damage the liver. Your common pain relievers (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin), oral contraceptives and antifungal drugs can promote viral hepatitis, damage blood vessels in the liver and scar the liver tissue causing cirrhosis. Prescribed drugs can give you a fatty liver, jaundice and liver tumors. A more detailed list of drugs and the harmful affects to the liver is here


Read the warning literature for the prescription drugs and also do a more detailed search online of the drug recommended to you. Many of you may be taking birth control pills or heart medications (such as statin or tetracycline drugs) and you end up with an inflamed liver. Liver disease can often be the side effect of the drug. The pharmaceutical manufacturer may tell you to notify your doctor if you experience; abdominal pain, dark urine, diarrhea, fatigue, fever, headache, jaundice, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, rash or white-colored stools. In other words, you are experiencing liver damage and could end up with hepatitis A, B, C or D.  You are also at risk if you use needles or are exposed to poor hygiene at a hospital or nursing home.


I mentioned the typical pain relief products can have adverse affects on the liver. If you have chronic knee, elbow, shoulder, neck or back pain and you take on a regular basis Tylenol, Advil, Motrin IB, Aleve or Extra Strength Aspirin, you are putting your liver at risk of developing hepatitis. 


Some antibiotics can also cause hepatitis of the liver such as the amoxicillin drug called Augmentin. The heart drugs Lipitor, Mevacor, Pravachol, Zocor, Lescol and Crestor all have the potential of causing hepatitis. Long-term drug therapy will put your liver at risk.


Some herbs that are intended for short-term use and which should not to be taken in pharmaceutical concentrated doses can also harm the liver such as; cascara, chaparral, comfrey, kava, mistletoe, germander and ephedra. Shark cartilage and other supplements are also to be mentioned because liver damage from these will be dose-related. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that thirty pounds of an herb contained in a mega dose is not the normal way to use the herb. I am also unaware of any death certificate issued as listing an herb or supplement used properly as a cause of death. It is also not recommended to mix herbs with over-the-counter, prescribed medications, alcohol or street drugs.


There are a number of vaccines that have been scientifically documented as causing liver disease. The influenza vaccines and Hepatitis B vaccine are common culprits.


There have been several animal studies on nutrients and how the liver reacts to them. We learned earlier that the mineral magnesium helps to protect the body from lethal toxicity. Interestingly chlorella contains high magnesium.  The research on chlorella makes it an inexpensive nutrient to assist the liver to detox.  I recommend the broken-cell chlorella to improve digestion and the absorption of the amino acids and protein.


One of my favorite herbs to help the liver is Milk Thistle. It contains antioxidants (silymarin) which the liver utilizes through protein synthesis to make new healthy liver cells to replace old cells. The antioxidants in Milk Thistle also help protect the liver from toxicity with the mineral content (magnesium). Milk Thistle has been used for hundreds of years for various liver ailments such as fatty liver, inflamed liver, jaundice, cirrhosis and hepatitis.


Other herbs you can use which will also contain high magnesium to assist the liver are the pain and anti-inflammatory herbs; willow bark and meadow sweet. So, you have an option to the OTC and prescribed pain relievers. And the heart herbs of cayenne, red clover and ginger root also contain high magnesium to help the liver while strengthening the cardio system. Looks like you have options to the heart drugs too. If there is a cancer risk to the liver the folks at Windsor Medical Hospital in Canada have discovered the power of dandelion root in helping all cancer cells commit suicide. 


The answer to liver problems is just a phone call away. Apothecary Herbs has the above mentioned herbs to help your body heal itself. The herbs for pain and inflammation are in their liquid Pain Formula (Regular or Extra Strength). Chlorella is in their Body Foundation Food Mix. Of course they have Milk Thistle tincture with the antioxidant silymarin. They also have the heart herbs in the Heart,Cholesterol, BP formula and Dandelion Root tincture is also available. Liver disease from toxins, prescription drugs or poor hygiene can be addressed another way.  Call Apothecary Herbs toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online Our subscribers receive special discounts at Apothecary Herbs. Take advantage of coupon code SUMSAV13 and receive 15% off your order. Hurry! Coupon expires 8/10/2013. Fall is just around the corner – use your discount coupon to stock up and SAVE!

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What's Ailing America?
The genocide and tryranny continue to escalate

by Rebecca Carley, MD

As we are being distracted with yet another psyops that many embassies are being closed due to "chatter" that  Al Qaeda (i.e., Al CIAda) is getting ready for another terrorist attack that will give the psychopaths an excuse to continue their endless war against the terror that the CIA is creating, so much is happening that you need to know about.  I know that facing reality is very depressing, however to NOT do so is suicide.  I continue to give you information that you can share with others so we can reach the critical mass of humanity necessary to put a stop to the destruction of everything that matters.  

Let's start with bananas which are apparently not long for this world, thanks to the bioterrorism company Monsanto's Roundup:

Here you will learn that "bananas are dying. They're killed by a fungus, one known to be caused by glyphosate [in Roundup], which is used on bananas. But the loss of bananas may be only the tip of the disaster. The bananas we eat today are not the same ones that were eaten in the first half of the 20th century. Those were tastier and creamier. They were lost to monoculture. A fungal infection, Fusarium, couldn't be overcome because nearly all bananas were clones, and therefore susceptible to the same disease.  The bananas we eat today, a different variety that had been secure from Fusarium are now falling to the same fungal infection. Agribusiness responds simply by closing up shop where the disease has taken over and starting up in a new area. In true earth scorching approach, they walk away from their disasters and do exactly the same thing elsewhere, thus recreating the same disaster again and again."

Making it crystal clear that Monsanto is a terrorist organization, we now find out that they have purchased Blackwater:

"A report by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation revealed that the largest mercenary army in the world, Blackwater (later called Xe Services and more recently "Academi") clandestine intelligence services was sold to the multinational Monsanto. Blackwater was renamed in 2009 after becoming famous in the world with numerous reports of abuses in Iraq, including massacres of civilians. It remains the largest private contractor of the U.S. Department of State "security services," that practices state terrorism by giving the government the opportunity to deny it."  As global protests take place against Monsanto one can only wonder if these mercenaries are being used to infiltrate the protestors, or worse.  Of course, as I have reported before, the traitors in the district of criminals actually voted NO to the labeling of GMO food , which by itself should have activated the American people. The only thing more dangerous to our genetic integrity than genetically modified food is bioweapon vaccines.  Many people have been educated as to the dangers of vaccines, and are just saying NO to the inoculations being pushed on them.  However, since we are not allowed to know what GMO's we are putting in our mouths, many are unwittingly ingesting these frankenfoods.  In fact, it has now been reported that even supplements are often laced with GMO's: .

How far will these mad scientists go to alter our food?  Apparently, the sky is the limit, as we now learn that "beef" is being created in laboratories:

"The era of robotic, factory-produced test tube hamburger meat is nearly here. Yesterday, the first stem-cell-grown hamburger "meat patty" was grilled up and consumed by taste testers who declared it edible. The burger cost $332,000 to "grow" in test tubes, a project spearheaded by vascular biologist Mark Post of Maastricht University, reports The Guardian. "  Yum.  Of course, as chemtrail and HAARP induced droughts and floods destroy ever more crops across the globe, I predict it won't be long before we are eating "soylent green", a movie made in 1973 to "get us ready" for the times we live in:  check out for the trailer, and for the plot summary.  You will see it states that "in the year 2022, overpopulation and the greenhouse effect have made life extremely difficult for the majority of people. The population of New York City is 40 million and the constant heat is unbearable. The city's infrastructure has broken down. Water is rationed and fresh food is virtually non-existent".   I found it very telling that the "greenhouse effect" is mentioned in this 40 year old movie as an excuse for the lack of food an excuse we live with today.  Of course, since CO2 is used by plants to undergo photosynthesis and create oxygen for us to breathe, this is an obvious excuse for the damage being done by chemtrails.  Interestingly, the National Academy of Sciences is pretending it is "considering" geoengineering (although they have been doing it for over a decade): .   As often occurs, environmental Scientists Eugene Franklin Mallove, Juventina Villa Mojica and Dorothy Stang were murdered after releasing lab test results linking chemtrails to the mass death of fish, plant and animal life:

One of the most disturbing articles I received from my clients and listeners was the following:
DARPA TO GENETICALLY ENGINEER HUMANS by adding a 47thchromosome:

Here you will learn that "DARPA, the Department of Defense's research arm, has just put out a new solicitation for a project called, "Advanced Tools for Mammalian Genome Engineering" on the government's Federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) site.

This project isn't just for engineering any mammal's genome, however; it's specifically for the bioengineering of humans.  How far is humanity going to let these psychopaths go before they rise up and say NO MORE?

And lastly, for any of you who beLIEve their elderly loved ones are safe in nursing homes, check out the following:  WW2 Hero Refuses Medical Care, So Police Kill Him in His Nursing Home:

I will leave it there for this week much more to follow.  Please spread the word.

If you need help in reversing your disease with natural therapies. please go to learn how Dr. Carley does consults.  (Note that Alzheimers can also be reversed as long as there is family available to give the person their remedies).  You can access many archives of internet shows Dr. Carley has done over the last few years at ..  Dr. Carley's "What's Ailing America?" can now be heard on, studio B, every Saturday from 6-8 PM EST.

The information contained herein is not designed to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure disease. Seek medical advice from a lincensed medical physician (if you dare) before using any product or therapy.

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