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Friday, August 16th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, August 9th, and Friday, August 16th, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 4.7 % from $1,314.70 to $1,377.20
Silver rose 13.6 % from $20.56 to $23.36
Platinum rose 1.6 % from $1,499 to $1,523
Palladium rose 2.9 % from $740 to $762
DJIA fell 2.2 % from 15,425.51 to 15,081.47
NASDAQ fell 1.6 % from 3,660.11 to 3,602.78
NYSE fell 1.6 % from 9,622.11 to 9,465.58
US Dollar Index rose 0.2 % from 81.13 to 81.31
Crude Oil rose 1.5 % from $106.03 to $107.67

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

A "Super-Secular" Trend In Gold

by Alfred Adask

Wikipedia defines “market trends” as:
". . . a tendency of a financial market to move in a particular direction over time. These trends are classified as secular for long time frames, primary for medium time frames, and secondary for short time frames. . . .
“A secular market trend is a long-term trend that lasts 5 to 25 years and consists of a series of primary trends.

“A secular bear market consists of smaller bull markets and larger bear markets; a secular bull market consists of larger bull markets and smaller bear markets.

In a secular bull market the prevailing trend is "bullish" or upward-moving. The United States stock market was described as being in a secular bull market from about 1983 to 2000 (or 2007), with brief upsets including the crash of 1987 and the market collapse of 2000-2002 triggered by the dot-com bubble.

“In a secular bear market, the prevailing trend is "bearish," or downward-moving. . . .

“A primary trend has broad support throughout the entire market (most sectors) and lasts for a year or more.

“Secondary trends are short-term changes in price direction within a primary trend. The duration is a few weeks or a few months.”
•  Thus, Wikipedia defines three kinds of “market trends” that differ primarily in their duration. 

Secular trends last between 5 and 25 years. 

Primary trends last between 1 and 5 years.

Secondary trends last only weeks or months—but are certainly less than 1 year long.

•  In September of A.D. 2011, the price of gold peaked at a little over $1,900/ounce.  Today, the price of gold is about $1,370 per ounce.  If we defined that 23-month period as a trend, it would have to be a “primary” trend (greater than 1 year, less than 5).  Thus, we might argue that the “primary trend” for gold for the past 23 months was “bearish”.

But that 23-month primary trend was only one of the several “primary trends” that comprise a longer “secular” trend.  So, while the 23-month primary trend might be described as bearish, what was the nature of the longer “secular” trend—bullish or bearish?

The answer depends in part on whatever time frame we choose to identify our “secular” trend.

•  For example, suppose we defined the start of our time frame as A.D. 2000 when Saddam Hussein began to sell Iraqi crude oil for currencies other than the fiat/petro-dollar and thereby diminished the value of our “petro-dollars”?  What if we extended that trend until today?   

In A.D.2000, the price of gold was about $275/ounce; today, $1,370.  Thus, over the past thirteen years—which is too long to constitute a “secondary” (weeks or months) or even “primary” (1 to 5 years) trend, and must therefore be a “secular” (5 to 25 years) trend—gold rose to $1,370.  That’s a 13-year long “secular trend,” bull market in gold that saw a price increase of nearly 400%.  That averages out to about 30%/year (as compared to the A.D. 2000 price of $275).

Within the context of that 13-year secular trend, the fall from $1,900 (A.D. 2011) to $1,370 (today) is truly only one of the series of bearish and bullish “primary trends”.  Those shorter, primary trends are mere components of the longer, 13-year, secular trend and therefore less important than the longer, secular trend.

•  We could also compute our current “trend” from A.D. 1971—when President Nixon stopped redeeming foreign-held paper-dollars with physical gold at the fixed rate of $35/ounce.  If we calculate the subsequent 42-year rise in the price of gold, we’ll see that gold increased from $35/ounce to $1,370/ounce today.  That’s an increase of 38 times (3,800%) in 42 years = 90%/year (again, as compared to the original, $35/ounce price).

It’s interesting that, according to Wikipedia, the maximum duration for a “secular” trend is 25 years.  And yet, the bullish trend since A.D. 1971 has lasted 42 years—17 more than a conventional “secular” trend.

What shall we call a market trend that lasts longer than 25 years? 

How about “super-secular”?

•  We might also compute the current market trend in the price of gold from 1933 when the government removed gold as backing for the domestic dollar.  In 1933, the price of gold was $20/ounce; today, $1,370/ounce.  That's a price increase of over 65 times (6500%) in 80 years for an average of about 80% per year (as compared to the original $20/ounce).

Again, we see evidence of a long-term market trend that exceeds the 25-year definition for “secular” trends and might therefore be defined as an 80-year-old, “super-secular” trend in the price of gold.

•  Over the past 80 years, the price of gold as measured in paper dollars has sometimes increased dramatically (in primary bull markets), sometimes fallen dramatically (in primary bear markets), and sometimes stagnated for extended periods.  But, depending on whether you want to calculate from A.D. 1933, A.D. 1971, or A.D. 2000, the price of gold has increased, on average, between 30% and 90% per year (as compared to its starting price) over a “secular trend” period of 13-years and two “super-secular” trends lasting up to 80 years.  So far.

Yes, the price of gold has fallen from its $1,900 peak in 2011 to $1,370 today.  That’s a mind-numbing fall of almost 30% in 2 years.  But it’s only a 2-year primary trend and only one component in each of the three, longer secular and super-secular trends in the price of gold. 

These three secular and super-secular trends represent the fundamentals in gold and they’ve all been bullish for up to 80 years.

•  What are those “fundamentals”? 

The 80-year, super-secular rise in the price of gold isn’t evidence of a conventional “bull market” in the sense of ordinary commodities or stocks.  Instead, it’s evidence of the declining value of the fiat dollar.  Fiat dollars are thefundamental” that drives the price of gold.

Gold isn’t going up based simply on conventional notions of supply and demand.  Supply and demand play a part in the price of gold, but the primary motivator is the fiat dollar’s loss of public confidence.  Gold rises in the secular and super-secular trends to reflect that loss.  

There’s no evidence, and virtually no reason to imagine, that the value of the fiat dollar will ever again increase significantly.  Therefore, insofar as all evidence and common sense says the dollar will continue to depreciate, it follows that the price of gold will, on average, continue along the secular and super-secular trend lines illustrated in the following graph, until the fiat dollar dies

Graph of secular and super-secular market trends in gold

The graph is simplistic and omits the 23-month decline in the price of gold from $1,900 to $1,370.  Even so, it illustrates that despite the recent 23-month decline, the fundamental secular and super-secular relationship between gold and fiat dollars remains bullish.  Every time the fiat dollar becomes worth less, the price of gold rises and rises persistently.  This persistent rise will continue so long as we rely on fiat dollars.

Again, this rise isn’t evidence of a conventional “bull market” in gold.  It’s evidence that the fiat dollar is dying in its own super-secular, 80-year, bear market. 

The fiat dollar’s death is concealed by a variety of market manipulations and reminds me of Weekend At Bernie’s—a 1989 comedy about two young guys trying to conceal their boss’s (Bernie’s) death.  The movie was based on a funny premise, but no matter how many gags made Bernie seem alive, the central fact remained that Bernie was dead and wouldn’t be reanimated in this life.  Similarly, the fiat dollar is dead (intrinsically worthless) and although an endless series of “gags” by the Federal Reserve of US gov-co can make the fiat dollar seem to “alive,” it’s dead and won’t be revived in this economy.

There’s nothing to suggest that the secular and super-secular trends in gold have ended or are even close to ending.  So long as the fundamental remains that fiat dollars are being issued by the Federal Reserve, the price of gold will rise.  That price will go up sometimes.  Sometimes it’ll go down.  But, long-term, so long as we have fiat dollars, the secular and super-secular price of gold will rise.

Homeland, Homeland! Uber Alles!

by Alfred Adask

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelation of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) spying on Americans and the world, many Americans are furious.  However, Senator Diane Feinstein (Dem. CA) has spoken in support the NSA’s spying.

Below, you’ll see a link to a 37-second video of Senator Feinstein presenting a recently “declassified chart” that lists 54 terrorists “events” that have been stopped by means of the NSA’s spying.

'Homeland' = North American Union?

Of these 54 terrorist “events,” 13 were in the “Homeland,” 25 in Europe, 5 in Africa, and 11 in Asia.

It’s interesting that of the 54 events thwarted by the National Security Agency, 41 of them (76%) occurred in Europe, Asia and Africa and therefore outside of our “Nation”.  

My first thoughts are to wonder: 1) Why our National Security Agency stops three times as many terrorist events from occurring outside of our “nation” as they do within our “nation”?;  and 2) Why should the NSA be justified in spying on Americans if 76% of the terrorist events which the NSA stops occur in foreign countries?

Why not let the foreign countries take care of their own terrorist events?  Why must the US be the world’s policeman?

My questions are answered in part (or perhaps further confused) by the recently “declassified chart” (above) wherein the NSA reveals that the “Homeland” is not the United States, per se, but instead consists of Canada, the United States, Mexico and apparently several Central American countries.

(The “declassified chart” does not make clear whether Hawaii–which is clearly not part of North America–is or is not part of the “Homeland”.  Therefore, it’s possible that Hawaii is outside the “Homeland”.  If so, does this help explain why President Obama announced plans to retire to Hawaii after he leaves the White House?  Does President Obama want to live out his life outside the “Homeland”?)

In any case, the Department of Homeland Security cannot be accurately described as the “department of US/National security”.  Instead, it might be described as a “department of North American security”.  Further, the term “Homeland” is almost identical to the former “North American Union” (NAU) espoused by G.W. Bush except that the “Homeland” appears to also include several Central American countries immediately south of Mexico which were not part of the NAU.

The “Homeland’s” boundaries revealed in the “declassified chart” may explain why the “Department of Homeland Security” (DHS) does so little to prevent the invasion of millions of illegal aliens from Mexico into the United States.  Apparently, the “Homeland” consists of virtually all of North America as a single, contiguous “economy” and therefore DHS may be reluctant to recognize or enforce any border between Mexico and the U.S..

•  The publication of this “declassified chart” may be evidence of how stupid and panicked the government is over Edward Snowden’s exposure of NSA spying.  

Government appears to be so fearful of both the domestic and international repercussions of the spying scandal, that it’s trying to prove that the NSA is protecting the world against terrorists.  That, presumably, explains the reason for admitting that 76% of the terrorist plots were discovered and prevented outside of the United States and/or the “Homeland”.

Like all agencies of big government, the NSA is not merely “here to help us” (the people of the United States); it’s also here to “help” the whole world by spying on the whole world.  Given the number of foreign terrorist plots that the NSA has exposed, foreign countries should be grateful that the NSA is, yes, spying on them–but also for them.  The NSA would have us believe that the sentences “We’re here to help you” and “We’re here to spy on you” are synonymous.

(“Better living through government surveillance,” hmm?)

Insofar as the NSA’s “protections” extend to Europe, Asia and Africa, I presume that the governments of those regions are beneficiaries of the NSA spying and therefore, to some degree, complicit in that spying on their own people.

Insofar as NSA spying extends globally, we might also presume that the NSA is central to the existence and operation of one-world government and the New World Order.  I doubt that it’s true, but it might be argued that the NSA is the NWO.  More likely, the world’s central banks are the heart of the NWO–but the NSA may be their “strong, right arm”.

•  I see the release of this “declassified chart” as evidence of government’s panic and consequent stupidity because the chart reveals for the first time that the “Homeland” is not the United States nor The United States of America, but includes virtually all of North America.  It’s interesting that the government’s reaction to Snowden’s revelations suggest that government is more concerned about foreign anger over the spying than the anger of the American people.  Apparently, the damn fools at the NSA were in such a panic to mitigate the foreign nations’ anger over being spied on, that they didn’t realize that their “declassified” chart would reveal the true dimension of the “Homeland” to the American people.

•  Finally, if the “Homeland” consists of all or virtually all of the nations in North America, then it may follow that the Department of Homeland Security may be operating under international law.  If so, then it may also follow that if you were assaulted by “Homeland Security,” your defense might begin in international rather than domestic law.

If anyone assaulted by “Homeland Security” could introduce into evidence a copy of the “recently declassified chart” (above) and/or the video of Senator Feinstein (below) that reveal the true boundaries of the “Homeland,” it might be difficult for gov-co to convince a jury that the accused was guilty of diddly.  Once a jury understood that the “Homeland” was not the United States and had no lawful existence under our Constitution, that jury should be unlikely to rule in favor of the prosecution and “Homeland Security”.

Thus, Senator Feinstein’s exposure to the public of the recently “declassified chart” may have been really, really stupid.

You can view the 37-second video of Senator Feinstein displaying the “declassified chart” at:

•  Can anyone tell me what part of the Constitution authorizes the President, Congress or the Senate to enter into international agreements that surrender US sovereignty and subject the American people to living in a New World Order without their knowledge and consent.

If this treason isn’t stopped soon, everyone from the North Pole to the Panama Canal may soon be goose-stepping to the toe-tapping beat of “Homeland, Homeland!  Uber Alles!”  

Benghazi – The cover up deepens
by Laurie Roth on August 15, 2013

This week I interviewed Whalid Shoebat on my national radio show, about his ongoing investigation to find the truth about Benghazi.  Whalid stated he only looks at Arabic sources for his news to really find out the links, persons involved and real truth about Benghazi.He linked the Benghazi attack to directives straight from ousted Muslim Brotherhood President – Mohammed Morsi.  He gave 2 ‘smoking gun’ points. 

A)    A video was shot at the attack scene where gunmen were running toward the camera screaming ‘don’t shoot us, We were sent by Morsi.”  Although spoken in Arabic,  Whalid said the word ‘Morsi’ was understandable. 

B)     He found a  Libyan Intelligence document brought to the forefront by Arabic translator Raymond Ibrahim.  This lead to the arrest and interrogation of 6 members of an ‘Egyptian cell.’  They were all Egyptians and belonged to the Ansar al-Sharia group.  In their confessions they mentioned their link to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

It is most clear that ousted – Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi was behind these attacks.  This is the same Morsi who Obama was and is boldly behind.  Hmmmm….who is behind Morsi?

Since the Benghazi event and murders, theories and conspiracies are flying everywhere.  The latest that is most intriguing is the strong possibility that Valerie Jarrett gave the stand down order.   We know that Obama disappeared after 10:00 pm that night and was not heard from again until morning.  Who ever gave the ‘stand down orders’  Jarrett, Obama or the Janitor, it was Treason and it all goes back to Obama.

Other sources and news sites talk of Benghazi being a botched kidnapping.  Obama was to look brave like John Wayne and do an exchange for Ambassador Stevens and the Blind Sheik who Morsi wanted back in the worst way.  I think this scenario is highly likely since now the attackers have been linked back to Mohammed Morsi in several ways. 

This link to Morsi must be part of the real investigation of Benghazi by our congress. It points to an act of war by the former President (buddy of Obama) of Egypt against America. 

We already know that untold weapons were being shipped through Libya to the rebels in Syria — allegedly under cover but backed and supported by Obama and his cronies. 

The links and cover-ups just get uglier and uglier.  Notice the ‘brilliant wisdom’ of John McCain and Lindsey Graham who just went to Egypt to strike poses of concern over ousted President Morsi.  They boldly stated that Egyptians had no right to oust Morsi. 

Really???…Are they talking about the same Morsi who is directly linked with the Benghazi attacks on America.  Are they talking about the same Morsi who gutted the Egyptian constitution, violated the people’s freedoms and encouraged his ‘Muslim Brotherhood troops’ to rape female protestors??? 

Muhammad Morsi should be treated as an enemy to the people of Egypt AND America.  I’m surprised John McCain and Lindsey Graham in Egypt weren’t joined by William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Clinton.  They would have had more ‘idiot morons’ to play cards with after hours.

Join me as we take on more issues each day and listen to my show from 7-10pm PAC at

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How to beat liver disease
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

According to the CDC, in 2010 there were over 100,000 hospital admissions for chronic liver disease and over 31,000 deaths from liver disease. So, for every 100,000 people, three will die from sick livers.  However, according to the American Liver Foundation there are over 30 million Americans (1 out of 10 people) with liver disease. What kind of liver disease we are talking about? The usual liver diseases such as hepatitis C, (non-alcohol) fatty liver, liver cancer, cirrhosis and hepatitis B.


To help prevent liver problems make sure the lifestyle is healthy and avoid the overuse of alcohol. Hand sanitation is important and avoid aerosol sprays. Avoid sharing personal care product and items such as toothbrushes, nail clippers and razors. Intimacy is also an area you will want to exercise caution. Illegal drugs will always harm the heart and liver. Also, educate yourself on the liver and what affects it.


There are hundreds of prescribed drugs that can damage the liver. Your common pain relievers (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin), oral contraceptives and antifungal drugs can promote viral hepatitis, damage blood vessels in the liver and scar the liver tissue causing cirrhosis. Prescribed drugs can give you a fatty liver, jaundice and liver tumors. A more detailed list of drugs and the harmful affects to the liver is here


Read the warning literature for the prescription drugs and also do a more detailed search online of the drug recommended to you. Many of you may be taking birth control pills or heart medications (such as statin or tetracycline drugs) and you end up with an inflamed liver. Liver disease can often be the side effect of the drug. The pharmaceutical manufacturer may tell you to notify your doctor if you experience; abdominal pain, dark urine, diarrhea, fatigue, fever, headache, jaundice, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, rash or white-colored stools. In other words, you are experiencing liver damage and could end up with hepatitis A, B, C or D.  You are also at risk if you use needles or are exposed to poor hygiene at a hospital or nursing home.


I mentioned the typical pain relief products can have adverse affects on the liver. If you have chronic knee, elbow, shoulder, neck or back pain and you take on a regular basis Tylenol, Advil, Motrin IB, Aleve or Extra Strength Aspirin, you are putting your liver at risk of developing hepatitis. 


Some antibiotics can also cause hepatitis of the liver such as the amoxicillin drug called Augmentin. The heart drugs Lipitor, Mevacor, Pravachol, Zocor, Lescol and Crestor all have the potential of causing hepatitis. Long-term drug therapy will put your liver at risk.


Some herbs that are intended for short-term use and which should not to be taken in pharmaceutical concentrated doses can also harm the liver such as; cascara, chaparral, comfrey, kava, mistletoe, germander and ephedra. Shark cartilage and other supplements are also to be mentioned because liver damage from these will be dose-related. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that thirty pounds of an herb contained in a mega dose is not the normal way to use the herb. I am also unaware of any death certificate issued as listing an herb or supplement used properly as a cause of death. It is also not recommended to mix herbs with over-the-counter, prescribed medications, alcohol or street drugs.


There are a number of vaccines that have been scientifically documented as causing liver disease. The influenza vaccines and Hepatitis B vaccine are common culprits.


There have been several animal studies on nutrients and how the liver reacts to them. We learned earlier that the mineral magnesium helps to protect the body from lethal toxicity. Interestingly chlorella contains high magnesium.  The research on chlorella makes it an inexpensive nutrient to assist the liver to detox.  I recommend the broken-cell chlorella to improve digestion and the absorption of the amino acids and protein.


One of my favorite herbs to help the liver is Milk Thistle. It contains antioxidants (silymarin) which the liver utilizes through protein synthesis to make new healthy liver cells to replace old cells. The antioxidants in Milk Thistle also help protect the liver from toxicity with the mineral content (magnesium). Milk Thistle has been used for hundreds of years for various liver ailments such as fatty liver, inflamed liver, jaundice, cirrhosis and hepatitis.


Other herbs you can use which will also contain high magnesium to assist the liver are the pain and anti-inflammatory herbs; willow bark and meadow sweet. So, you have an option to the OTC and prescribed pain relievers. And the heart herbs of cayenne, red clover and ginger root also contain high magnesium to help the liver while strengthening the cardio system. Looks like you have options to the heart drugs too. If there is a cancer risk to the liver the folks at Windsor Medical Hospital in Canada have discovered the power of dandelion root in helping all cancer cells commit suicide. 


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What's Ailing America?
The genocide and tryranny continue to escalate

by Rebecca Carley, MD

As we are being distracted with yet another psyops that many embassies are being closed due to "chatter" that  Al Qaeda (i.e., Al CIAda) is getting ready for another terrorist attack that will give the psychopaths an excuse to continue their endless war against the terror that the CIA is creating, so much is happening that you need to know about.  I know that facing reality is very depressing, however to NOT do so is suicide.  I continue to give you information that you can share with others so we can reach the critical mass of humanity necessary to put a stop to the destruction of everything that matters.  

Let's start with bananas which are apparently not long for this world, thanks to the bioterrorism company Monsanto's Roundup:

Here you will learn that "bananas are dying. They're killed by a fungus, one known to be caused by glyphosate [in Roundup], which is used on bananas. But the loss of bananas may be only the tip of the disaster. The bananas we eat today are not the same ones that were eaten in the first half of the 20th century. Those were tastier and creamier. They were lost to monoculture. A fungal infection, Fusarium, couldn't be overcome because nearly all bananas were clones, and therefore susceptible to the same disease.  The bananas we eat today, a different variety that had been secure from Fusarium are now falling to the same fungal infection. Agribusiness responds simply by closing up shop where the disease has taken over and starting up in a new area. In true earth scorching approach, they walk away from their disasters and do exactly the same thing elsewhere, thus recreating the same disaster again and again."

Making it crystal clear that Monsanto is a terrorist organization, we now find out that they have purchased Blackwater:

"A report by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation revealed that the largest mercenary army in the world, Blackwater (later called Xe Services and more recently "Academi") clandestine intelligence services was sold to the multinational Monsanto. Blackwater was renamed in 2009 after becoming famous in the world with numerous reports of abuses in Iraq, including massacres of civilians. It remains the largest private contractor of the U.S. Department of State "security services," that practices state terrorism by giving the government the opportunity to deny it."  As global protests take place against Monsanto one can only wonder if these mercenaries are being used to infiltrate the protestors, or worse.  Of course, as I have reported before, the traitors in the district of criminals actually voted NO to the labeling of GMO food , which by itself should have activated the American people. The only thing more dangerous to our genetic integrity than genetically modified food is bioweapon vaccines.  Many people have been educated as to the dangers of vaccines, and are just saying NO to the inoculations being pushed on them.  However, since we are not allowed to know what GMO's we are putting in our mouths, many are unwittingly ingesting these frankenfoods.  In fact, it has now been reported that even supplements are often laced with GMO's: .

How far will these mad scientists go to alter our food?  Apparently, the sky is the limit, as we now learn that "beef" is being created in laboratories:

"The era of robotic, factory-produced test tube hamburger meat is nearly here. Yesterday, the first stem-cell-grown hamburger "meat patty" was grilled up and consumed by taste testers who declared it edible. The burger cost $332,000 to "grow" in test tubes, a project spearheaded by vascular biologist Mark Post of Maastricht University, reports The Guardian. "  Yum.  Of course, as chemtrail and HAARP induced droughts and floods destroy ever more crops across the globe, I predict it won't be long before we are eating "soylent green", a movie made in 1973 to "get us ready" for the times we live in:  check out for the trailer, and for the plot summary.  You will see it states that "in the year 2022, overpopulation and the greenhouse effect have made life extremely difficult for the majority of people. The population of New York City is 40 million and the constant heat is unbearable. The city's infrastructure has broken down. Water is rationed and fresh food is virtually non-existent".   I found it very telling that the "greenhouse effect" is mentioned in this 40 year old movie as an excuse for the lack of food an excuse we live with today.  Of course, since CO2 is used by plants to undergo photosynthesis and create oxygen for us to breathe, this is an obvious excuse for the damage being done by chemtrails.  Interestingly, the National Academy of Sciences is pretending it is "considering" geoengineering (although they have been doing it for over a decade): .   As often occurs, environmental Scientists Eugene Franklin Mallove, Juventina Villa Mojica and Dorothy Stang were murdered after releasing lab test results linking chemtrails to the mass death of fish, plant and animal life:

One of the most disturbing articles I received from my clients and listeners was the following:
DARPA TO GENETICALLY ENGINEER HUMANS by adding a 47thchromosome:

Here you will learn that "DARPA, the Department of Defense's research arm, has just put out a new solicitation for a project called, "Advanced Tools for Mammalian Genome Engineering" on the government's Federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) site.

This project isn't just for engineering any mammal's genome, however; it's specifically for the bioengineering of humans.  How far is humanity going to let these psychopaths go before they rise up and say NO MORE?

And lastly, for any of you who beLIEve their elderly loved ones are safe in nursing homes, check out the following:  WW2 Hero Refuses Medical Care, So Police Kill Him in His Nursing Home:

I will leave it there for this week much more to follow.  Please spread the word.

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