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Friday, August 30th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, August 23rd, and Friday, August 30th, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 0.1 % from $1,397.90 to $1,395.90
Silver fell 2.3 % from $24.09 to $23.52
Platinum fell 1.0 % from $1,537 to $1,521
Palladium fell 3.7 % from $750 to $722
DJIA fell 1.3 % from 15,010.51 to 14,810.31
NASDAQ fell 2.2 % from 3,657.79 to 3,588.87
NYSE fell 2.1 % from 9,474.82 to 9,270.65
US Dollar Index rose 0.9 % from 81.38 to 82.07
Crude Oil rose 1.2 % from $106.40 to $107.68

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

The National Debt is a "Liar's Loan"

by Alfred Adask

Investopedia defines “liar loans” as,
“A category of mortgages known as low-documentation or no-documentation mortgages that have been abused to the point where the loans are sometimes referred to as liar loans.  On certain low-documentation loan programs, such as stated income/stated asset (SISA) loans, income and assets are simply stated on the loan application.  On other loan programs, such as no income/no asset (NINA) loans, no income and assets are given on the loan application form. These loan programs open the door for unethical behavior by unscrupulous borrowers and lenders.”
By “simply stated,” Investopedia means that, even though I might earn just $20,000 per year, I could walk into bank, “simply state” that I earned $50,000 per year and the bank would take my word as true without verifying my income.  The bank would then issue a mortgage for a house appropriate for a $50,000 annual income rather than a $20,000 annual income.   Because the bank wouldn’t bother to verify my income, I’d be free lie about my income and therefore move into a house that was perhaps twice as large as a house that I could actually afford.    

At first, moving into the more expensive house might seem cool.  But inevitably, it would become apparent that I’d over-extended myself by lying about my income and borrowing more than I could afford to repay.  Then, based on my original lie, I’d lose the house and my equity to foreclosure and be forced to go back to living with my folks. 

And the banking system that accepted and even encouraged my life would be stuck with a non-performing mortgage and a vacant house that couldn’t be sold.

The lesson is obvious:  When borrowers are allowed to lie about their income or debt levels, everyone—both lenders and debtors—lose.

This lesson doesn’t only apply to mortgages and homeowners.  It also applies to bonds and governments.

For example, our national government claims its National Debt is “only” $17 trillion—but the Congressional Budget Office has calculated the total national debt to be over $200 trillion.  The $17 trillion figure is a lie.

When the world accepted the government’s “word” that the National Debt was less that $17 trillion, the world was willing and eager to lend to Uncle Sam.  But, because Uncle Sam lied about the true size of his debt, those loans to the national government were every bit as much “liar’s loans” as the mortgage moneys loaned to borrowers who lied about their incomes. 

Investopedia explained more about “Liar Loans”:
“These loan programs are designed for borrowers who have a hard time producing income and asset verifying documents, such as prior tax returns, or who have untraditional sources of income, such as tips, or a personal business.”
Do you suppose our government has a “hard time producing income and asset verifying documents”?  Does government lie about the size of its debts, assets, inflation and unemployment?

What about being able to spin money out of thin air?  Or cause inflation?  Do those powers count as an “untraditional source of income”?
“These loans are called liar loans because the SISA or NINA features open the door for abuse when borrowers or their mortgage brokers or loan officers overstate income and/or assets in order to qualify the borrower for a larger mortgage. “
“Overstate” means lie.  So does “understate”.

Liar loans don’t merely overstate income and/or assets.  They also understate national debts, inflation rates, unemployment rates, etc. in order to qualify for more credit.

The “liar loans” that helped fuel the real estate boom of the early 2000s, also helped trigger the financial collapse of A.D. 2008 that lingers to this day.

Today’s national debt is fundamentally identical (on a global scale), to the liar’s loans of the early 2000’s.  Just as local banks could knowingly issue overly large mortgages to unworthy credit applicants, so the world loaned excessive amounts of money to the US government in the form of bonds and trade deficits.

Both the local banks and the world’s creditors thought “this time it’s different”.  “This time” they didn’t have to be hard-nosed about enforcing traditional lending requirements or performing their due diligence.  “This time” the system was so smart, so sophisticated, that local banks (and the world’s creditors) could safely lend tens of thousands (or tens of trillions) to individuals (or governments) that lied about their incomes, assets and debts.

But, in fact, “this time” it wasn’t different.  “This time” it’s never different.  No one can safely lend money to borrowers who are unable or unwilling to repay their loans.  No one can safely issue loans based on lies.

When creditors do lend to debtors who lie about their incomes, assets and debts, the fault is not only with the borrowers who lied about their incomes—it’s also with the bankers and lenders who allowed their lies, believing “this time it’s different”.  Bankers and creditors who knowingly lend to liars aren’t the victims of fraud—they’re co-conspirators in the fraud.  So, when the moment inevitably arrives when the creditors and borrowers are forced to face the consequences of “liars loans” both sides deserve to suffer losses.  The liar will lose his overly large home and his equity.  The creditors will lose their principal.  Both sides will be impoverished by their willingness to lie and to knowingly accept lies.

Just as the inability to repay the loans given to unworthy mortgage applicant “liars” helped trigger the “Great Recession” of A.D. 2008, the inability of our government to repay the loans that comprise the National Debt will likewise trigger a global “Greater Depression” in the foreseeable future for exactly the same reasons.

In the end, our theories of economics and credit aren’t based on mathematics and financial formulae so much as morality.

When it comes to credit, if you’re lyin’, you’re dyin’.  Maybe not immediately.  But soon.

Minimum Wage, A.D. 1968 and Now

by Alfred Adask

Michael Snyder ( penned an article entitled “40 Percent Of U.S. Workers Make Less Than What A Full-Time Minimum Wage Worker Made In 1968”.  According to that article,
“American workers are not making as much [today] as they used to after you account for inflation.  Back in 1968, the minimum wage in the United States was $1.60 an hour. That sounds very small, but after you account for inflation a very different picture emerges.  Using the inflation calculator that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides, $1.60 in 1968 is equivalent to $10.74 today.”
Today’s minimum wage is $7.25. 

Thus, according to the BLS, today’s minimum wage provides only two-thirds the purchasing power of the minimum wage of A.D. 1968.

Michael Snyder continues:
“[O]fficial government inflation numbers have been heavily manipulated to make inflation look much lower than it actually is, so the number for today should actually be substantially higher than $10.74, but for purposes of this article we will use $10.74. 

“If you were to work a full-time job at $10.74 an hour for a full year (with two weeks off for vacation), you would make about $21,480 for the year.  That isn't a lot of money, but according to the Social Security Administration, 40.28% of all workers make less than $20,000 a year in America today.  So, that means that more than 40% of all U.S. workers actually make less today than what a full-time minimum-wage worker made back in 1968. That’s how far we’ve fallen.”
Mr. Snyder is right. In terms of national prosperity, American has fallen enormously in my lifetime. 

Back in A.D. 1968—the last year that paper dollars were redeemable 1:1 for silver dollars—the minimum wage was $1.60/hour.  That equalled 1.6 silver dollars per hour. 

Today’s silver is roughly $25/ounce.  I.6 ounces of silver = $40. 

Thus, $1.60 in A.D. 1968—in terms or silver—was equal to about $40 today.  A minimum wage of 1.6 ounces of silver/hour today should be equivalent in purchasing power to an annual gross income measuring fiat currency of $70,000.   That level of real income and purchasing power might’ve been our minimum wage—if we’d kept gold or silver based monetary system.

Instead, today’s minimum wage is $7.25/hour which equals $14,500 gross annual income.

Thanks, in large measure, to allowing our government to impose a pure fiat currency (rather than maintain the “gold and silver coin” required at Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1 of the Constitution), Americans earning a minimum wage today are earning less than 20% of what minimum-wage workers earned in A.D. 1968—when the currency was still backed by silver.

How’d that happen?  Who acquired the “missing” 80% of the minimum wage that’s no longer being paid to workers?

Government.  Corporations.  Banks.  Special interests.  Perhaps even globalists.

But the truth is that over the past 45 years the average person has been robbed—with the complicity of his own government—of 80% of the purchasing power he might otherwise have expected to have earned—if we’d stayed with a constitutionally-required, gold or silver-based currency.

I’m sure that a lot of readers would say that’s crazy to suggest that the loss of gold or silver-based currency has cost the average worker 80% of his purchasing power.

Most Americans can’t even imagine that we might be living on just 20% of what our parents or grandparent lived on in A.D. 1968. 

But, our parents didn’t live on credit, did they?  How deep in debut are you, ladies and gentlemen?  All of your credit (and resulting debt) is helping to conceal the fact that you’ve been robbed, big time, by your own government and government-approved special interests.

More evidence?

Three weeks ago I reported on a study conducted by two East-coast economists who calculated the costs of growing government regulations on the economy since A.D. 1949.  They concluded that if the level of regulation was the same today as in A.D. 1949, the median family income would be $330,000 rather than today’s $53,000.  According the researchers’ numbers, since A.D. 1949, government regulations have cut your purchasing power by 80%

According to those economists, we’ve lost 80% of our purchasing power in 64 years based on government regulations.

According to my calculations, we’ve lost 80% in 45 years based on loss of gold and silver-based currency.

The researchers’ numbers and my own aren’t identical, but they’re sufficiently similar to support the argument that, one way or another, with the complicity of our own government, the American workers’ standard of living has fallen by 80% in my lifetime.  Maybe that loss is due to over-regulation.  Maybe it’s due to the loss of gold- and silver-based currency.  Maybe its due to lowered tariffs and global free trade.  Maybe it’s due to all of the above.

But in every case, the vast majority of that loss can be traced back to our own government.

Those losses will continue until Americans decide to 1) get smart; and 2) get tough. 

You need to find both the smarts and the courage to recognize your true enemies.  Then, you must become sufficiently tough to throw the treasonous whores out of public office.

If you won’t get smart and won’t get tough, you’ll see your purchasing power cut even more as compared to what Americans could earn when I was a young man.

How do you get tough?  How do you get smart?  Start pushing government to restore a gold- and/or silver-based dollar.  As long as you consent to be paid in a fiat currency, I guarantee you will continue to be robbed.  As long as you agree to store your savings in any form of a fiat currency, I guarantee you will continue to be robbed.

If you want to preserve your wealth, get gold.

If you want to preserve your purchasing power and your children’s futures, force your government to restore a gold- or silver-based monetary system.

Or, if you prefer, you can sit on your hands, go with the flow, and wonder whatever happened to the American Dream and the once-great United States of America.

It doesn’t take brains to see the truth.  It takes balls.

NSA Spying will expand

by Alfred Adask

Russia Today reports that,
“Former NSA chief Michael Hayden told television host Bob Schieffer of CBS’ Face the Nation that . . . not only does ending the NSA’s domestic surveillance programs seems unlikely, but he images those endeavors could expand in scope during the coming years.”
I recently went to court with a friend.  He was being tried for a class-C misdemeanor for allowing the grass to grow too high and storing some junk in his backyard—even though he had a privacy fence. 

Unfortunately, my friend was found guilty, but I was still pleased by the courtroom “drama” because it seemed fair.  My friend lost but he wasn’t railroaded.  He lost largely because of his own lack of preparation.

Nevertheless, during the voir dire selection of the jury, I saw something that made me laugh and even gave me some real hope.  I saw something in the jurors’ comments that may explain why government is so determined to spy on all of us:

The city brought in 20 potential jurors.  The prosecutor asked them a number of questions, including whether they’d ever had any tickets from the city’s code enforcement officers.  At least 8 potential jurors spoke out that, Yes they’d been ticketed by code enforcement—and they didn’t think it was fair. 

Some of ‘em were visibly upset with government.

After the prosecutor asked about city code enforcement tickets, three more potential jurors started complaining about traffic tickets or red-light camera tickets they’d received that they also thought were unjust.

I didn’t count them at the time, but in retrospect, I’d bet that at least half of the 20 potential jurors had an ax to grind with the city government.

That surprised me because I’ve attended a couple of other voir dire jury selection procedures in the past and I’ve never before seen potential jurors willing to say “boo” to the prosecutor or implicitly criticize government as unfair.  But I saw that happen for the first time at my friend’s trial.

That tells me that:  1) the natives are, at least, “restless”; and 2) it may be increasingly difficult for our growing police state to recruit jurors who aren’t biased against the government. 

Result?  Fewer convictions. 

Or, as in my friend’s case, lower fines.  The jury could’ve fined him $2,000 but instead ordered him to pay the minimum fine of $300.  I’m sure the cost of the trial cost more than $300.  The city (which is a business) lost its butt on that case.

Thus, jury nullification may be about to become quite popular.

If that jury pool is any indication, the number of Americans who are upset about being subjected to too much taxation, too much inflation and too much regulation is substantial and growing.  Most of us will grin and bear “big government,” but some will make it their business to “get even” by voting “not guilty” in court. 

I’m sure government is aware of that potential bias.  I’m sure government knows that most Americans are just about fed up with big government.

I doubt that government is overly perturbed about losing a few court cases to juror biases. 

But I’ll bet government is concerned that a handful of disgruntled citizens may do more than vote against government in jury trials. I’ll bet that government is concerned that some Americans are so angry over big government that they may even resort to violence against the government.  I doubt that almost anyone in America hasn’t privately spoken out against big government.  Anti-government sentiment may not yet be public, but it appears to be growing.

If anti-government sentiment drives some to commit violence, government will describe such attacks as “domestic terrorism” but perpetrators may claim such attacks are “resistance to tyranny”. Before 9/11, virtually every American would agree with the “domestic terrorism” description.  Today a lot of Americans might be tempted to go with “resistance to tyranny”.

Government’s problem is that there are so many Americans who are angry at big, overly-intrusive government, that government is beginning to fear all of us.  That’s why government must either spy on all of us—or reduce the size of the police state that’s making a lot of people mad.

Government has upset so many Americans with laws, rules and regulations that are arbitrary and contrary to our best interests that government can no longer trust us.  Government knows it, and therefore feels compelled to spy on us and intrude into our lives.

In the end, people don’t get angry at government unless government first intrudes unfairly into their lives.  Insofar as government continues to grow, spy and intrude, more and more Americans will become increasingly critical of government.

I don’t expect government to voluntarily reduce its size or obtrusiveness.  I therefore agree with former NSA chief Michael Hayden’s prediction that we can expect government spying on Americans to grow.

We can also expect growth in the number of Americans who are mad at government.
And we can wonder how long both government spying and anti-government sentiments can grow without causing a real conflict.

'Obama Games' and 'Hunger Games'
by Laurie Roth, August 29, 2013

This week I was watching ‘Hunger Games’  again with my kids and found myself comparing this run away hit movie of 2012 to the twisted and dangerous world we are living in now.  You may recall with ‘Hunger Games’ the Capital of the nation of Panem randomly drew a teenage girl and boy from 12 districts for the Hunger Games.  These teens were trained, obtained sponsors then were dropped into an area and watched by the viewing mobs with cameras everywhere.  The bottom line was only one could win and live.  All else would die.  It was modern day ‘Gladiators.’The President of Panem stated that the only thing more powerful in controlling the people through fear was with hope.  Thus, the idea of a national game, Hunger Game, where the 24 ‘forced’ contestants were treated like stars, entertained and was used to distract and control the masses.  The contestants each died with attention and honor after inspiring ‘hope.’

Who else controls with ‘hope’ then fear?

False front groups and loyalties are created and supported by Obama and the progressive left.  Hope and change is fed to the masses over and over again.  It pulls them all into the arena and grandstands.  Fear then keeps them there.

Remember Occupy Wall Street.  Though some involved with the protests meant well, the masses that were manipulated with this did not.  Crimes, rapes, robberies and mob rule was everywhere.  Remember that this group of thugs was described by Obama and the media as ‘old fashioned revolutionaries’…inspiring hope — Obama kind of hope.

We saw the same definition of ‘hope’ with ‘Arab Spring.’  Only Arab Spring was hope for radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, not for freedom and the people dying to taste just the edge of any real hope in the Middle East. 

The promise of hope was used with the take over of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.  To achieve this, the hope and change lie had to be built to mob level and Hosni Mubarak had to be thrown out.   As always with the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam, the threats and fear ‘walls’ were put up everywhere in Egypt.  Dissenters were murdered and raped. The Egyptian Constitution was gutted and freedoms were crushed.  

I don’t think Morsi and the radical Muslim Brotherhood expected millions of Egyptians to march in the street and protest.  Thankfully and surprisingly, the military stood with the people and against the evils of Morsi and his Government.  Morsi was thrown out along with his lies about hope. 

• Occupy Wall Street – Obama supported

• Arab Spring – Obama supported

• Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi overthrow of Egypt – Obama supported

• Dictator Zelaya who violated the laws and people of Honduras and was legally thrown out – Obama supported Zelaya

• Obama now is shouting out war plans against Syria and al-Assad accusing them of using chemical weapons.  All the real and Arabic based intelligence proves the use of chemical weapons with the Rebels, not al-Assad and his military.  Obama is on the wrong side with Syria and this could lead to WW3 if we aren’t careful.

Obama is the biggest inventor of ‘hope’ then giver of fear the world has ever seen.  Where are the millions marching in the streets in America?  Where is the courage of the House and Senate to stand against the lies and unconstitutional behavior of our Zelaya and Morsi – Obama?  He already uses the IRS, NSA, EPA and other Obama controlled groups to attack his enemies.  Soon he will ad Obama care to attack more enemies and unwanted people in his regime.

Obama chronically has linked his hope card with volunteerism,  service, manipulated health care and a new kind of Americanism – Nationalism and sameness with others.

This Obama hope is to be inspired and controlled once the masses are in the arena,  by Islam in one barrel and the new world order – sustainability and agenda 21 in barrel number 2.  Obama ‘hope’ and ‘fear’ – both barrels are at America’s head.   He MUST be thrown out, impeached or tried for treason.

Let America experience real hope for a change and Obama experience real fear for a change.

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New disease
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

New diseases and disorders are popping up like daisies in this disease driven proxy for profit age. Many people are beginning to realize that the biggest part of modern medicine is about sickness and not wellness. The only thing modern medicine seems to be good for is triage (emergency medicine). Preventing disease is not their focus and when folks come to realize this, the term preventable healthcare takes on a whole new meaning. As some readers are well aware, disease is big business and patients today become a pawn of proxy for profit. With that said, it is astonishing how folks will again trust their medical authorities to tell them the truth about a new disease or a new treatment not knowing that the disease may have been created on purpose in order to sell them the treatment. No one wants to believe that however, when nearly 50% of the healthcare profits fall off because folks are no longer buying the current hokum it is time to invent something new. Let's take a look at two new diseases; and be prepared for the mainstream medical propaganda.


The latest disease coming out of big pharma is something called "shift work disorder" or SWD. And yes, there is a drug for this called Nuvigil. So, according the medicine the folks that work late or rotate shifts, have a biological clock out of sync with the sun and feel a little tired which authorities in healthcare now call a disease. Nuvigil is a prescribed drug and therefore a controlled substance and can be addictive according the FDA (Nuvigil is a level C-IV substance). Let's not forget the side effects of this new drug; rash, hives, mouth blisters, swelling, skin peeling, yellowing of the skin and eyes, trouble swallowing and breathing, dark urine, fever, serious allergic reactions and life-threatening blood cell and liver risk requiring hospitalization. You will most likely will see this drug promoted on TV or in print ads via a friendly cartoon delivering the risks of this drug in the least offensive way. Oh, almost forgot to list that a common side effect of Nuvigil is insomnia. So, do you see how ridiculous this is to take a drug for feeling tired and fatigued from working third shift and then developing the inability to get rest. The potential for serious addictions on this product is significant as well the likelihood of death by prescription and possible suicide.


French scientists have what they think is the discovery of a new pair of viruses called the Pandoravirus. One virus was discovered off the coast of Las Cruces, Chile (Pandoravirus salinus) and the other in a pond near Melbourne, Australia (Pandoravirus dulcis). These two viruses seem to stem from the same virus family. What has the scientists surprised is that the viruses have a unique set of genes not seen before with a unique code. So, researchers have latterly nicknamed the virus pair "Pandora's Box." The scientific community is determining that since the viruses are so unique that they could be classified as some point as a new life form. This is highly unusual because viruses are not a life form or a living object. According to the French scientists the viruses are so large that they can be seen with a regular microscope. To give a comparison of its size, a regular virus genome has 1.18 million DNA bases and the pandoravirus has DNA base genomes of 1.91 million and 2.47 million. Why are scientists saying this is a new family of viruses? They discovered that the virus instead of splitting into two parts to multiply will instead spawn hundreds of new cells in a single cycle. One defining sign that they are viruses is that they lack genes for energy production and could not manufacture proteins without infecting a host cell (amoebas). Pandoravirus dulcis from Australia has 1,500 genes and Pandoravirus salinus from Chile has 2,500 genes. Your average flu virus has 10 to 1,000 genes. At this stage scientists don't know what the Pandoravirus genes are programmed to do. There also seem to be irregularities in the Pandoravirus scientists are calling the "fourth domain or unknown branch of life."  The first three domains are; bacteria, single-cell organisms and lastly animals and plants. The biotech and biochemical industries are already interested in learning more about Pandoravirus. Source: Journal of Science and Inside Science


There seems to be over 100 million different kinds of bacteria and science estimates that only 0.002% have been identified and sequenced. Virologists love to muck around in sewage water to find all kinds of matter including the infectious kind. One of the better bacteria water holes is in Vilnius, Lithuania. Research on bacteriophages is a big deal to virologists as these phages transfer their genetic material in just a few minutes and start replicating their genes into viral proteins to invade host cells. Bactoiophages are very tiny; about 100 times smaller than bacteria. You have to see them using an electron microscope. Why are virologists jumping into sewer water in search of these phages? In the past, medicine used phages to cure bacterial infections such as dysentery and cholera. Antibiotics came along and the phage treatment was dropped. Now that most bacteria are antibiotic resistant, scientists are going back to the phage therapy. The phage therapy was used to target specific bacteria and left friendly bacteria alone. So, there is no risk of yeast overgrowth. If deadly bacteria are resistant to the phage, the phage can quickly mutate to overcome that resistance. Also, unlike antibiotics the phage destroys all unfriendly bacteria leaving none left. The phage treatment can be accomplished with low doses and minimal toxicity to patients. In comparison, new antibiotics take ten years to develop. The virologists know that phages can be used to target multiple drug-resistant bacteria and can be found in sewage. Pharmaceutical companies are banking on developing phage applications to also be applied to agriculture, veterinary medicine and how food and drugs are delivered in our bodies.


According to the CDC the human race is preoccupied with five common viruses. These are viruses that will essentially carjack your cells and replicate all over the place. 


Science has identified over 200 viruses which can give us the common cold known as the rhinovirus. However, according to Dr. Stephen Greenburg's article in the Archives of Internal Medicine there is a specific group of viruses which cause 50% or more of the common cold.


Viruses that cause diarrhea are known as rotavirus. Children and the elderly are most susceptible to rotaviruses. Over 500,000 children globally die from diarrhea viruses annually.

Herpes Simplex

Two versions of the herpes simplex virus (simplex 1 and 2) are known for a wide array of infections such as; cold sores, genital herpes, eye infections, encephalitis to name a few. People with herpes simplex tolerate a rollercoaster of symptoms as the virus will lay dormant on nerve cells and then reactivate (usually brought on by stress). 


The HPV or human papillomavirus has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years brought about by the development of the HPV vaccine. There are over 100 types of papillomaviruses. They can cause benign skin warts to form on hands and feet (plantar warts) and the more common neck, face or hands (plane warts). The sexually transmitted genital warts are a product of 30 different types of HPV. According to the CDC, there are approximately 20 million Americans infected with HPV. Next year 6 million more Americans will be added to the list. Some doctors admit that in most cases the HPV resolves itself without medical intervention.  


The most common types of influenza are types A & B. The more sever flu bugs stem from type A influenza. So, your pandemic level infections will be a type A influenza.


Climate and health experts are already predicting a bitter cold winter and lots of bacterial and viral infections. Be prepared for a heavy push for pill popping, vaccine jabbing and aerosol sniffing drugs to try and counter disease. The "trivalent" flu vaccine will be on the march again this season (contains two different influenza strains and the H1N1 bird flu). The new version is the "quadrivalent" vaccine (also contains influenza B/Brisbane or Victoria lineage flu). Apparently none of the vaccines for this flu season include the virus H3N2v pig virus or swine flu. According to CDC statistics, their vaccine program is making an impact but not in the way you'd think. Since 1976 to 2007, there were 31 flu seasons reporting flu-associated deaths from 3,000 up to 49,000. Since the CDC reports that their flu inoculation campaign has grown to an inoculation rate of 75% of the US population, then one could conclude that the flu vaccines are contributing to the manifestation of flu cases and deaths. The CDC's push for flu shots starts in October. Apparently there is a "regular" flu shot for infants 6 months or older, a high-dose flu shot for the elderly 65 and older and a intradermal flu shot for everyone else (19 to 64). What is an intradermal flu shot? It uses a smaller needle and injects flu vaccine into the skin layer but not the muscle. As Dr. Rebecca Carley often points out, none of these vaccines have been tested for cancer and are considered by the military as biological weapons. I personally do not get vaccinations and I rarely get the flu and if I do it is gone in 2-3 days. Natural life-long immunity is superior to immunizations.

"Because more and more reports are appearing citing vaccine failure, their manufacturers' answer is to make the vaccines potent. They do this by making the immune adjuvants more powerful or adding more of them. The problem with this approach is that in the very young, the nutritionally deficient and the aged, over-stimulating the immune system can have an opposite effect--it can paralyze the immune system." Russell Blaylock, MD, Advanced Nutritional Concepts, LLC


We should all count the cost when we evaluate medical treatments and this includes residual side effects. Do your homework before you use any product or therapy. I've always trusted in God's good herbs to work with my natural immune system, to strengthen my body and pull me through. If you'd like to learn how you can tap into the power of immune boosting and organ cleansing herbs then call the experts Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless. Be prepared with their Cold & Flu Package, Pandemic Kit special immune system formulas Take advantage of their Labor Day Special – orders over $30 receive $10 off and FREE ground ship in the US with coupon DAYL13. Offer expires 9/7/13 

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What's Ailing America?
America is a gulag indistinguishable from Bolshevik Russia

by Rebecca Carley, MD

The definition of "gulag" is "a network of forced labor camps in the former Soviet Union, especially for political dissidents". The word archipelago compares the system of labor camps spread across the Soviet Union with a vast "chain of islands", known only to those who were fated to visit them. The answer to the question "What's Ailing America?" on my 8/25/13 radio show was HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF; COMPARING WHAT THE JEWS ARE DOING TODAY IN AMERICA TO WHAT HAPPENED IN THE USSR AS PER THE BOOK "GULAG ARCHIPELAGO" by Aleksander Solzhenitsyn.  My guest was historical researcher Bill Maeur.  The link to a you tube of the show is

The book "Gulag Archipelago" traces the history of the system of forced labor camps that existed in the Soviet Union from 1918 to 1956.  On this show we covered 3 main categories of indistinguishable characteristics of the gulag in Russia to the reality of where we now find ourselves in America today.  These 3 categories include policies of the ruling "elite", the security apparatus which controlled the people, as well as the impact on families. In fact, it is self evident that we are in an even worse position today due to the technology enabling unprecedented surveillance and covert killing using big pharma drugs, especially bioweapon vaccines.  Not to mention an executive order by traitor in chief Obama allowing drone strikes on AMERICANS who his cartel deem need to be killed; no trial, just a death sentence mandated by this monster who actually received the Nobel Peace prize!  The mind control of the majority of Americans could not be more self evident.  However, the not talked about provisions of Obamacare which will kick in as of January 2014 will bring the destruction of the family to a whole new level, allowing home invasion of CPS agents and kidnapping of children into state custody for almost any reason.

The "forced home inspections" which are part of the Obamacare atrocity can be reviewed at There you will learn that "clearly, any family may be visited by federally paid agents for almost any reason. The Health and Human Services website states that your family will be targeted if you fall under the "high risk" categories below:

Families where mom is not yet 21

Families where someone is a tobacco user

Families where children have low student achievement, developmental delays, or disabilities [in most cases because they were inoculated with bioweapon vaccines]

Families with individuals who are serving or formerly served in the armed forces, including such families that have members of the armed forces who have had multiple deployments ouside the US [I bet they are not telling young people who show up at military recruiting offices about that little factoid!]

A homeschooling family may be subject to "intervention" in "school readiness" and "social-emotional developmental indicators"

A farm family may be subject to "intervention" in order to "prevent child injuries"

Firearms will also be included as a potential safety hazard requiring home inspection


An even more extensive discussion of this "Mother of All Conspiricies Aimed at Our Children" can be found at "According to a previously unreported Obamacare regulation that has managed to escape "scrutiny" from the mainstream media, millions of American families will be targeted for home invasion by the forces of the Federal government in the name of preventing parental neglect resulting in disabilities in their children. And the Fourth Amendment be damned, after January 1, 2014, Federal officials may enter your home without a warrant in order to "intervene" for the purpose of saving "high risk" children the home invasion will be conducted by CPS on behalf of HHS". 

Dave Hodges continues with the following VERY important information:

"Meet the Creators of the State Sponsored Child Kidnapping Rings

The primary author for this insane manual for HHS/CPS and their designed home invasion interventions is Diane DePanfilis, Ph.D., M.S.W. She is the Associate Dean for. Research and an Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Maryland. More importantly she is a co-editor of the Handbook on Child Protection Practice In other words, DePanfilis has been a major player in the unconstitutional practices we see in CPS in all 50 states. As if this is not concerning enough, all of the other contributing authors have their professional origins and affiliations with the same organization.

Lindsay Ritter Taylor from Caliber, an ICF International Company
Matthew Shuman, M.S.W, A consultant with Caliber, an ICF International Company
Jean Strohl, A consultant with Caliber, an ICF International Company
Jeannie Newman, M.S.W, M.I.B.S., A consultant with Caliber, an ICF International Company

It was at this point, I smelled a rat. We have the primary author being a CPS author designed to teach their field operatives on the methods of how to abuse parents and undermine parental authority. And all of the contributing authors come from the exact same corporation, ICF. At this point, it is prudent to ask the question, who is ICF?

ICF Is the Biggest Player That You Have Never Heard Of

ICF International partners with government and commercial clients to deliver consulting services and technology solutions in climate change, energy, environment, transportation, social programs, defense, and homeland security markets. In my mind, this established ICF as a major player in the introduction and implementation of the globalist agenda by designing matching Federal programs. And as it turned out they are a major player in Obamacare through their subsidiary acquisition, Caliber Associates.

Caliber is an "established leader in providing research, consulting, and innovation in human services and human resource issues." ICF acquired Caliber in 2005 in order "to serve HHS, the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Education." Caliber Associates and their four contributing authors to the HHS/CPS field manual, which will be used to enforce child welfare regulations, was the undeniable link to Obamacare through this field manual. But as I discovered, the rabbit hole went even deeper.

After I found the co-authors of the HHS/CPS policy manual which will guide these forced home inspections, I smelled the distinct odor of the United Nations and Agenda 21 and sure enough, this was exactly what I found.

The United Nations and Obamacare

At times, I feel that I have the globalist playbook and I am able to often anticipate their next move. Please allow me to briefly illustrate how the globalists have operated in another area, education, and then draw the parallel to how the UN is deeply involved in Obamacare.

The Common Core Curriculum, which is sweeping the nation's education system, was the product of "Education for All." Education for All comes from the United Nations education arm, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Common Core went from UNESCO to the National Governors Association who in turn farmed out the development of the details to various NGO's, which in turn sent the standards to each state for implementation. This is the standard model that the globalists follow when implementing a controversial program and Obamacare follows a similar pattern as did Common Core.

There is no doubt that the provisions of allegedly protecting children in Obamacare, originated with the United Nations.

In the United Nations document entitled, Human Rights, Persons with Disabilities, ICF and the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities - Training toolkit, implementation for programs designed to help people, children in particular, with disabilities, came from the World Health Organization (WHO) [Page 36], UNESCO [Page 37], the International Labour Organization (ILO) [Page 36] and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)[Page 38]. As one can see from the title, ICF and the UN have partnered to "protect"  people/children with disabilities."

And what will be done with these allegedly "at risk" children abducted from their families?  This is where the rabbit hole gets so dark that those with a conscience will not even be able to conceive of such evil.  As I have documented many times before in these newsletters, children abducted by the state are put into international child tracking/pedophile rings, used for child pornography,  experimentation of psychiatric drugs, and worse.  And since government agents will be committing these crimes against your children, who will you turn to for "justice"?

I realize that the things I report in this newsletter and on my shows are very disturbing, and the majority of citizens prefer to put their heads in the sand and pretend all is well.  In so doing, you are consenting with your silence and inaction.  Do not complain when the wolves come knocking at your door. I have been dancing with these wolves since the late '90's, when I described the cause of all disease and developed a protocol to reverse all disease with natural therapies.  The deafening silence of those who know the facts of my situation tells me that no one will care when the wolves come into your life. If you are not aware of what I have experienced, listen to a radio show about it posted on you tube at YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, because you and your children are next


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