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Friday, September 6th, A.D. 2013

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Living in a Derivative World

by Alfred Adask

Wikipedia defines “Derivatives” as:
“A financial instrument which derives its value from the value of underlying entities such as an asset, index, or interest rate—It has no intrinsic value in itself.  Derivative transactions include a variety of financial contracts, including structured debt obligations and deposits, swaps, futures, options, caps, floors, collars, forwards, and various combinations of these.”
First, it’s important to grasp that, by definition, “derivatives” have no intrinsic value.  Because they have no intrinsic value, their perceived value is “derived” from something else that has an intrinsic value.  If a financial instrument has “intrinsic value,” its value would not be derived from something else and such instruments could not be “derivatives”.  Derivatives are and must be, by definition, intrinsically worthless.

Nevertheless, it seems strange, almost incomprehensible, to suppose that although derivatives have no intrinsic value, just four years ago, researchers calculated that the global value for derivatives totaled $1.4 quadrillion.   More recent calculations indicate that there are “only” $800 trillion worth of derivatives on the globe.

How can there be $800 trillion worth of anything that’s intrinsically worthless?

Second, the term “derivative” is so broad and generic that it can be used to describe an almost unlimited variety of financial instruments and activities.   For example, our paper dollars are intrinsically worthless, but are still deemed to have value based on or “derived” from the “full faith and credit” and/or “confidence” of the American people.  From that perspective our fiat dollars are “derivatives” and any financial instrument denominated in dollars is at least party a “derivative”.

Our paper stocks and paper commodity certificates are all “derivatives” that have no intrinsic value, but nevertheless are deemed to have a value derived from the underlying value of a particular corporation or tangible commodity.

Given the enormous variety of derivatives, almost any paper financial instrument can be construed as at least partly “derivative” because the paper itself is intrinsically worthless. 

Because the perceived monetary value and the variety of derivatives are both so great, the term “derivative” can mean almost anything financial.  Derivatives are therefore omnipresent and yet mysterious to the point of being incomprehensible. 

• How can anything that’s intrinsically worthless still “derive” $800 trillion in perceived value from a world whose annual Gross Domestic Product is only about $75 trillion?  Does it make sense that even though derivatives are intrinsically worthless, their total global value is nevertheless claimed to be more than ten times the world’s annual GDP?

Given that derivatives are intrinsically worthless, they seem to a kind of legal fiction, perhaps a financial illusion, that could be easily disposed of.   After all, how much harm can be caused by something that has no intrinsic value and, in a tangible sense, doesn’t even exist except in our imaginations? 

Well, in our brave new world of globalism and fractional-reserve banking, everything is linked to, and dependent upon, everything.  Therefore, if even an imaginary link in our financial chain breaks, the entire global economic system can collapse—and millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, of people might die.

If derivatives somehow fail—no matter how imaginary they may be—our national economy and even the global economy could collapse.  Therefore, derivatives are profoundly important.

Seems crazy, doesn’t it?

It’s no crazier than having a national (and even world reserve) currency whose perceived value depends on nothing more than public confidence. 

• Derivatives are often sold as a financial “hedge”—an insurance policy against disruptive financial events. 

If an adverse financial event required all of the $300 trillion US “derivative”/insurance-policies to be paid, it would cost the entire productive effort of the entire world for 10 years.  A debt that great can’t ever be paid. 

Get that?  There’s no way that all or even most of the derivatives can ever be paid in full. 

OK—so let’s imagine a less extreme financial event that caused just 10% of the world’s “derivative”/insurance-policies to be paid.  That debt could only be paid by the entire productive effort of the world for one year.  Again, a debt that was just 10% of the global derivatives market is too great to ever be repaid.

The truth may be that if just 1% of the global derivatives were required to be paid, the resulting debt would probably be too great to ever actually be paid.  Thus, the derivative market may be about 1% valid and 99% fraud.

More, the illusory derivatives market is fragile.  One little screw-up and the national and/or global economies might implode.

• Stranger still, banks that issue derivatives are obligated to make good on those derivatives before they make good on any debt owed to “unsecured creditors”. 

Who are the “unsecured creditors”? 

Ordinary bank depositors

That’s interesting because, according to Tyler Durden at, there are about $9.3 trillion in US bank deposits and almost $300 trillion in “total US financial derivative exposure”.  Thus, if just 1% ($3 trillion) of the US derivatives had to be repaid, that payment could wipe out the savings accounts of nearly one-third of US bank depositors.   If 2% of derivatives had to be paid, two-thirds of American bank deposits could be wiped out.  If 3% of derivatives ad to be paid, bank depositors might lose all of their deposits.

Some depositors suppose that all of their savings are protected by FDIC insurance.   That’s true, but only up to the limit of the FDIC’s total capital reserves.  Currently, the FDIC has $25 billion in reserves.  $25 billion is enough to insure only 0.26% of all US bank deposits.  $25 billion is enough to insure repayment of only  0.0083%—less than one one-hundredth of a percent—of total US derivative exposure.

Thus, if just a fraction of a percent of total US derivatives exposure had to be repaid, the FDIC could be wiped out.  Once FDIC reserves were exhausted, we’d see a national banking system panic that would quickly bankrupt the vast majority of US banks.  Result?  The vast majority of US bank depositors would quickly see that their credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts and bank deposits were gone, gone, gone and, um, gone. 

Thus, the entire US savings deposit system is extraordinarily vulnerable to any event that might cause the repayment of even 1% of derivatives. 

• Bonds are vulnerable to losses caused by rising interest rates.   Many derivatives are tied to interest rates.  They’re “insurance policies” that guarantee that if interest rates climb significantly, those companies that invested in financial instruments (like bonds) would be protected against losses. 

For example, suppose I were fabulously wealthy and I decided to invest $1 billion in US bonds when the interest rates were low and likely to go lower.   So long as interest rates stayed low, my investment would be safe.  If interest rates continued to decline, I might even make a handsome profit. 

I might be bright enough to know that investing in paper debt instruments was risky.  If interest rates rose, I could lose a lot.  But, I might still believe that such a huge profit could be made in bonds that I couldn’t resist the temptation to invest in paper-debt instruments.

But—seeing as I didn’t acquire $1 billion by being a complete idiot—I could hedge my “bet” on bonds by also investing in some derivatives.  Those derivatives would act as an insurance policy against the possibility that interest rates would climb so high that my bond investments might suffer losses. 

By buying both bonds and derivatives, my investment strategy would be something like “Heads I win, Tails You Lose”.  

There’s a problem with my “heads I win, tails you lose” investment strategy:  I’m not the only guy smart enough to use it.  The other “big boys” are just as smart and just as greedy as I am.  Therefore, they’ve also invested in (i.e., “bet on”) paper bonds and also bought paper derivatives to hedge (insure) their bets. 

So, if interest rates ever climbed high enough to cause me to lose money on my bond investments, all of the other “big boys” would also lose money on their bond investments.  Thus, at the same time I made claims on my derivative/insurance policy, all of the other “big boys” would also be making claims on their derivatives.  In a sense, rising interest rates could cause a “bank run” on the financial institutions that had sold the derivatives.

This wouldn’t be an ordinary bank run of the sort seen in the A.D. 1946 movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” (starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed).  In that movie we saw a bank run at a small bank where scores, perhaps hundreds, of “little guys” heard the bank was in trouble and therefore jostled to get their $10, $20 or even $100 out of the bank’s vault.  Today, if we saw a similar bank run, we might see thousands of “little guys” pushing, shoving and cursing to get their $2,000, $5,000 or even $50,000 out of their savings accounts.

However, if there were an event that triggered claims on derivatives, we wouldn’t see an ordinary “bank run”.   We’d see a “derivatives bank run” that would be very different in that only a few individuals—the few “big boys” who held derivatives—would be demanding that banks pay whatever financial obligations were associated with their derivatives.  But each of those individuals (or institutions) would be trying to collect billions—not thousands—but billions of dollars from the bank. 

Thus, a “derivative bank run” might barely be visible in a physical sense.  There’d be no crowd of bank customers screaming for their savings.   There’d be only a few lawyers, politely demanding the funds owed to a handful of individuals or institutions.  But a “derivative bank run” could still be monumental in a financial sense because each lawyer would be demanding billions of dollars.

The FDIC’s $25 billion “insurance policy” is intended to protect against one, two, perhaps even five “bank runs” by the “little guys”. 

There’s no insurance policy—not one—that can protect against a “derivative bank run” by the “big boys”.  In a fractional-reserve banking system where every dollar is leveraged ten or a hundred times, the likely result of even a tiny “derivative bank run” could be a systemic collapse. 

• Why?  Because the bankers engaged in fraud by selling far more “insurance policies” than they could ever hope to repay.  in the event of a “derivatives bank run,” the financial institutions that sold the derivatives would be forced to default on all or even most, of the “big boys’” claims.  

That would cause a bunch of the “big boys” to lose much of their investments in bonds—and in derivatives—and therefore suffer huge losses. 

Because one man’s paper debt is another man’s paper asset, if the debts due on derivatives can’t be paid, the value of correlative “assets” (the paper derivatives, themselves) would vaporize.   The ripple effect could be massive.

I.e., if I were holding a derivative, made a claim on that derivative and the bank that issued my derivative defaulted, then I’d not only lose money on my bond investments, I’d also lose whatever value was attached to my derivative.  In an instant, I might be reduced from the status of a paper multi-billionaire to that of a man merely holding a handful of paper. 

Well, big deal, right?  Who cares if one of the “big boys” is suddenly impoverished?

In fact, everyone should care if a paper-billionaire goes broke because some or all of that billionaire’s paper wealth is probably being used as collateral to fund more loans.  I.e., under fractional-reserve banking, if I had $50 billion in paper-derivatives, I or some financial institution might be able to use that $50 billion as paper collateral sufficient to justify lending as much as another $500 billion in paper loans to others.   Some of my $50 billion in paper wealth might fund construction of new skyscrapers, bridges, businesses, homes or cars.   

Suppose that the bank that issued my $50 billion paper-derivative was forced to default.  Then, the perceived value of my (intrinsically-worthless) $50 billion derivative would instantly crash.    If my $50 billion derivative was suddenly seen to be worthless, it could no longer suffice as collateral for the $500 billion loaned out to fund the building of skyscrapers, bridges, businesses, etc.  All of those loans might have to be called in.  All of those projects might have to stop.  All of the people who’d invested in those projects might lose much of their capital.  All of those working on those projects would be suddenly unemployed.  If banks defaulted on $50 billion in derivatives, the banking system might have to call in $500 billion in loans.  The result could be catastrophe.

All of these numbers are only hypothetical.   My hypothetical $50 billion derivative might only be used as collateral to lend $10 billion.   Nevertheless, the principle remains:  in a fractional-reserve world, almost every investment is so leveraged and inter-dependent, that if just one “little thing” screws up, the entire banking system might collapse.

$300 trillion in US derivatives is not a “little thing”. 

$300 trillion in US derivatives is arguably the single biggest thing in US finance.  If just 1% of that $300 trillion defaults, the whole financial system could collapse.  In the midst of such collapse, millions of Americans might not merely be inconvenienced or infuriated—they might die.

Thus, on the one hand, derivatives are no game.  On the other hand, they’re the biggest game in town, the biggest in the country, the biggest in the world—the biggest financial “con-game” of all time.   

• You might suppose that big banks (being lenders) would want higher interest rates so they can make more profits off lending capital to borrowers.  That’d be true—if banks weren’t up to their ears in derivatives. 

However, so long as the big banks have issued derivatives which must pay off if interest rates rise excessively, those banks have an unexpected interest in suppressing interest rates.  There’s a mathematical point where rising interest rates could cause banks to lose more money paying off derivatives than they could gain by charging higher interest rates on their loans.  

I don’t know where that mathematical point is.  However, given the massive quantity of derivatives, it’s likely that the “mathematical point” in interest rates is fairly low. 

I.e., if bankers saw the interest rates rise from 3% to 6%, they’d double their profits from their loans.  Hooray! 

If bankers saw interest rates double, that rise might also be sufficient to cause the bankers to pay out hundreds of billions of dollars on derivative claims.   Unable to pay those billions, the banks would be bankrupt.  Boo!

• So, here we are, living in a world where big banks—whose principle business is supposed to be earning profits by making loans at relatively high interest rates—have a vested interest  in keeping interest rates low.

Does that make sense to you? 

Isn’t the big banks’ interest in suppressing interest rates evidence of the financial madness that’s inherent in our current economic system?

Since A.D. 2008, the Federal Reserve has held interest rates down close to 1%.  The express purpose of these low interest rates was to encourage borrowers to take out cheap loans, spend the money, and thereby stimulate the economy.

However, I believe the primary reason that the federal government and Federal Reserve have both:  1) subsidized the big banks with nearly $2 trillion in Quantitative Easing; and, 2) held interest rates artificially low—was to prevent interest rates from rising high enough to trigger disastrous claims on derivatives.

The financial collapse of A.D. 2007-2008 was allegedly triggered by a collapse real estate values.  But the real problem was the mortgage-backed securities that were suddenly shown to be “toxic” (worthless) when borrowers began to default on the underlying mortgages. 

The “mortgage-backed securities” were derivatives.  They had no intrinsic value.  Their perceived value was “derived from” the value of the underlying mortgages.  When borrowers started to default on their home loans, the underlying mortgages were shown to be worthless.  The resulting loss in home prices was not as critical as the resulting, leveraged losses in the “derivatives” we called “mortgage-backed securities”. 

The reason some banks were deemed “too big to fail” was probably that they’d issued more derivatives than they could make good on.  If they defaulted on the derivatives, the whole system might collapse.  Therefore, the gov-co did everything from give the banks free money and also to “buy” the customer’s “toxic assets” (failed derivatives) in order to hold the system together.

Despite gov-co’s Herculean efforts to save the banks from a “derivatives bank run,” our economy has not recovered.  Instead, the consequences of the failure of “mortgage-backed securities” (derivatives) in A.D. 2008 are still plaguing our economy.

Plus, there’s another round of defaults headed our way based on derivatives that allegedly insure against high Interest rates.  Does government have sufficient resources to withstand another wave of derivative defaults?

• If US bonds become “toxic assets,” will the Federal Reserve buy them as they once bought the “mortgage-backed securities”?  Isn’t the Federal Reserve already buying US bonds as “toxic assets” insofar as the Fed is purchasing about 80% of all US bonds issued by the federal gov-co?

Still, I have to give the gov-co credit.  I begin to see that gov-co efforts helped us to weather our first big derivative default (“mortgage-backed securities”).  The US and global economies suffered huge losses and slipped in recessions and/or depressions. But we haven’t seen economic collapse.  We haven’t seen economic chaos.  Not yet.

But interest rates are rising and threatening to touch off another wave of derivative defaults.  Does gov-co still have enough resources to weather a second wave of failed derivatives?

I don’t think so.  While the “mortgage-backed securities” comprised a relatively small slice of America’s derivatives, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 75% of derivatives are based on interest rates.  If 75% of America’s current $300 trillion in derivatives failed, there’s no way that even world government could prevent a collapse. 

Sooner or later, the world’s $800 trillion in derivatives will likely collapse the US and global economies.  The only question is “When?” 

• Derivative are defined as “intrinsically worthless”.  Derivatives are known to be intrinsically worthless. 

Nevertheless, we’re living in a world wherein, if derivatives are actually shown to be worthless, our national and global economies could collapse.  Thus, a widespread appreciation of the truth about derivatives might be sufficient to plunge our economy into chaos.  Conversely, we are dependent on lies and illusions to sustain our economy.

Our fiat-currency/fractional-reserve financial system is a kind of madness that’s based on illusions and lies.  And almost every one of us is caught in that system, right up to our ears.  The only people who are separated from this madness are those who hold their wealth in a form that is not derivative and not intrinsically worthless. 

In view of America’s collective madness, do you begin to understand why it’s so important to flee intrinsically-worthless, paper-debt instruments (whose values are “derivative”) and store your wealth in a tangible media like gold or silver whose value is “intrinsic”?

Are Republicans useful idiots in Obama's hands?
by Laurie Roth, September 3, 2013

Join me each week as we take on the tough issues. Listen in at: from 7-10pm PAC, or listen to the  archives.

Obama is turning America into his ‘sustainable’ GI Joe sized progressive Zombie doll. Soon he will have this doll attacking Syria. Masterfully from the beginning of his reign he has used and positioned the political game pieces as he wished. Most Republicans and poser conservatives have ‘politely’ played right into his hands with a dinner here and a glass of wine there. McCain, Boehner, Cantor and Lindsey Graham are all GI Joe sized fools sliding through Obama’s smoke stained fingers. I used to scream out… ‘They all know better. What are they doing?” However, watching their endless compromises and betrayals to the people and our Constitution, it is clear what their real agenda is and it isn’t American. They all just run around in their Halloween, conservative costumes positioned to play good cop and bad cop but they and their pumpkins belong to Obama as he carves away.

What would Republicans like on their menu

It is tragically clear that no one has ordered the Constitution and Bill of Rights dish on the menu. Now that the high priced dinner is being served, the Republicans are noticing how small the portions are and how raw the meat is. Like the Joker in Batman, Obama’s lipstick is smearing as he laughs and eats the bloody raw meat of his foes in the House and Senate. He loves this meal as the rest of the table throws up but ‘graciously’ endures. It was time for a real food fight many years ago with Obama and Congress.

When are the Republicans going to learn that this is a bloody war we are in largely thanks to their lack of leadership and guts! It has been a war for the life of the nation and Judeo Christian values since the beginning of the Obama reign. We can thank the ‘look the other way’ choices of the Republicans. Most of them didn’t have a thing to say about the elegability issue accept call people like me birthers and other names when we pointed out the national crises regarding this issue alone.

Too many Republicans aided and abetted the national fraud of the NDAA Bill and kissed up on the Obamacare Bill and the right to peacefully assemble. They have been pitiful with their momentary displays of courage regarding the IRS and NSA scandals. The push to find real accountability over the disaster of Benghazi is weak at best and seeming to fizzle. America hasn’t just wanted endless investigations of the numerous Obama scandals. We want justice…period whether it is smelly, harsh, messy, politically incorrect or plain rude.

We have never needed conservative sounding political speeches, but real and continuous confrontation and action against Obama and his UN Constitutional agenda and use of power. Where are the people in America who will do what is right because it is right and forget the outcome? Outcomes should and must be left up to God, not up to our egos and career plans.

Obama is a committed progressive zombie with an UN Godly, international, Islamic and New World Order agenda for America. He does nothing without benefiting this political agenda. Now he is using his Syria and Obamacare skewer for his next play.

We see a little too quickly, Speaker Boehner, Cantor and McCain supporting the President’s desire to go to war with Syria. This is in stark contrast with all but 11% of the entire nation and most of the world. Why would GOP leadership, knowing how unclear the real intelligence is, the huge expense of attacking Syria and attitude of the American people, not stand up against Obama and this Syrian attack? GOP leadership hasn’t even paused. That speaks to a total back door sell out agenda. This has been the response of the progressive Republican establishment. What will the rest of them do now?

As the 2014 elections approach, Obama will paint all his enemies in a more vivid color of red and turn the people and conventional media against them. Who will do what is right because it is right and let God handle the rest? America is waiting.

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Location Risk
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

Is there a significant risk factor of where you live and risk of dying early? Aside from wars or famine, are there safer places on the planet to live and thrive in? According to the WHO's Global Health Risks Mortality and Burden of Disease Attributed to Selected Major Risks, there is a link we should consider.  The global health risks are hypertension, smoking, diabetes, lack of adequate exercise and obesity. So is the WHO report saying that there places on earth that offer a higher burden of disease, shorter lifespan and higher than average mortality? Let's take a look.


We are led to believe that the non-fatal health risk for young individuals is; being underweight, having unprotected sex, alcohol use, unclean water, poor hygiene and sanitation. All of which make us more susceptible to infectious agents. In the poorer countries of the globe diet is also a risk factor. Insufficient nutrition leads to zinc, copper and iron deficiency. Millions of children die before they turn five-years-old however, we have three times the mortality rate of teenagers who perish before their sixteenth birthday.


The VOA Special English Health Report offers some interesting statistics on how humanity is doing globally regarding death rates over the last forty years. According to their report, which cited the May issue of Lancet, a fifteen-year-old today will most likely die before the age of sixty. Globally for men the death rate declined by 19% and for women by 34%. The rates stem from the death reduction of young mothers and children, however other mortality rates did not improve.


I've read reports that the United States is falling with regard to mortality rates while other reports claim the US has the very best (but expensive) healthcare system. Regarding mortality rates, the US fell from 34th to 49th place for women and for men from 41stto 45th place. Currently 7 in 10 deaths are those of 70 years of age and older.


I often hear from folks say that they don't know what the world is coming to or is there anywhere one could go for a better life. According to the VOA Special English Health Report there are three countries which always seem to be on top of the heap when it comes to lowest male mortality rates and they are; Sweden, Netherlands and Norway. They also looked at adult mortality over a forty year span and found that there are three countries with the overall lowest adult mortality and they are; Albania, Chile and Tunisia.


According to the Discovery Fit & Health site the wealthier countries may not be as healthy as other countries with a lower economic status. According to the WHO statistics on wealthier countries people there have a better chance of dying from cancer, lung disease, cardiovascular disease or dementia. Children and adolescent deaths in the wealthier countries are recorded as 1 in 100. In poor countries 4 in 10 deaths involve children who die before their fifteenth birthday and 2 out of 10 deaths are those over seventy years old. The fatal health risk in a poor country is not heart disease from eating too much red meat or smoking cigars while sipping on brandy. The death by disease in a poor country stems from respiratory infections, HIV, diarrhea, malaria, premature birth and death by childbirth. Learn more


According to Sara Novak of Planet Green, there are places on earth where health prospers. One such place we're told is Iceland with its smaller population, clean air and cooler climate. Icelanders work out to counter the winter weather and therefore are pretty fit. Life expectancy in Iceland for women is 74 and men is 72 and also boasts the lowest infant mortality rate (2 to every 1,000). Japan was also on the list however , the Fukushima incident has cast a shadow on the mortality rates and life expectance of the island population. In the past Japan's life expectancy was 74.5 years and on the island of Okinawa it was common to live to over 100 and it is due mostly to their diet. Sweden is another country who's diet includes a significant amount of omega fatty acids from fish and are one of the countries that is healthier than most. New Zealand is on the list and is similar to Iceland's population. New Zealanders spend a lot of time outdoors and are adventure enthusiasts (hiking, camping and fishing) and they are all avid gardeners. Getting closer to the Mediterranean, Sardinia near Italy made the healthy place to live list. The people live simpler lives there, such as being shepherds and everyone walks. And Finland made the list with their astounding comeback from being one of the worst places for heart disease (thirty years ago) to being a country with a healthy lifestyle, less pollution and low stress levels. They've traded in red meat for fish and load up their plates with fruits and vegetables.


You too can be healthier than you are right now with some very sound lifestyle changes. The power is all yours. As more people wake up to the racket and hype that the drug companies are pushing and turning to healthier eating habits, they find that they can get off the expensive medicines they were told they'd need for life. You have an awesome opportunity to make changes right now before your health declines beyond the limits where only God can tread. When God is in the fight, numbers don't matter. So, ask God to guide you.

"Battles do not belong to the strong, valiant or the great but they belong to the Lord." Eccl 9:11


The folks at Apothecary Herbs have been helping people find their health quest for over 13 years. Everyone needs a little support and what better place to turn then to God's good herbs. "Herbs are for the service of man." Ps 104:14 Learn how you can use powerful herbs to boost your immune system and your metabolism. Learn how you can remove toxins which can slow you down and make your more susceptible to disease. Cleanse away years of pharmaceutical residues, heavy metals and radioactive particles with the herbal organ cleanses. Apothecary Herbs has a 24/7 toll free number 866-229-3663 and a web store that never closes , where your healthcare options just became endless. Call now to order or for your free product catalog today. Take advantage of their Labor Day Special – orders over $30 receive $10 off and FREE ground ship in the US with coupon DAYL13. Offer expires 9/7/13 

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What's Ailing America?
Poisoning people (in America) is not news

by Rebecca Carley, MD

In my 16 years of answering the question "What's Ailing America?" on public access TV and internet radio, styrofoam and asbestos poisoning is one subject I had never covered.  On 8/31/13 I interviewed ex-trucker Charles Lake, who was poisoned by these substances by hauling them in his truck.  His journey in attempting to get a diagnosis from the white coats as well as workmen's compensation for the damages he sustained is an excellent example of how corrupt the "system" is.  And if you believe Charles' story does not affect you, listen to how YOUR FOOD is being poisoned by being hauled in the SAME trucks used to haul poison; and how the traitors in the district of criminals and agencies including OSHA, FDA, USDA & EPA KNOW what is going on, yet do nothing.  The icing on the toxic cake is when Charles is told by the media that "CHEMICAL POISONING OF PEOPLE IS NOT NEWS".  To listen to the you tube archive of this important show, go to .

Websites discussed on the show include the following: Dr. Weil's site reports that "While the NTP (National Toxicology Program) describes evidence that styrene can cause cancer as "limited," it reports that the occupational hazards include an increased risk for leukemia and lymphoma as well as genetic damage in white blood cells of workers exposed to the chemical. Beyond that, styrene also has been associated with respiratory problems among workers exposed to it as well as with "styrene sickness," a combination of headache, fatigue and feelings of drunkenness. Styrene causes lung tumors in several strains of mice.  To find out whether food containers are made with polystyrene, look for the number 6 inside the recycling symbol. Apart from the dangers styrene may pose to human health, it also poses a risk to the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, of the nearly 20 million pounds of waste styrene generated annually, about 17.8 million pounds winds up in the air and 1.7 million pounds gets into surface waters." Since styrofoam is so light, you can imagine how much styrofoam we are talking about to reach 20 million pounds!

So, Charles was told by mainstream media minions that poisoning of people (in America) is NOT NEWS. Yet, the psychopaths in control of our corrupt government who have already bankrupted our country (largely with their fake wars) are beating the war drums again; this time planning a cruise missile attack for a release of sarin gas in Syria blamed on the Assad regime. Of course, the death and destruction caused by cruise missiles will massively outweigh the deaths due to the release of sarin; but this is how the psychopaths operate. Our Nobel peace prize winning traitor in chief was all ready to order this strike on his own but after the Parliament in the UK voted NO to getting involved in yet another war crime, he "reconsidered" and opted to consult with Congress first.  We can be sure that the arms of the traitors in the district of criminals are being twisted big time now, and that they will fall in lockstep with the never ending war agenda.

As expected, the mainstream media is busy promoting the attack on Syria with their propaganda.  Since we are witnessing the same master template of lies which brought us into war against Iraq, people in the know are paying attention. Turns out that Anderson Cooper and CNN have been caught staging fake news about Syria to justify military intervention:

"The primary "witness" that the mainstream media is using as a source in Syria has been caught staging fake news segments. Recent video evidence proves that "Syria Danny", the supposed activist who has been begging for military intervention on CNN, is really just a paid actor and a liar." No surprise there. And while this corrupt administration is preparing to kill more innocent civilians in the middle east, the Obama Department of "justice" has requested that immunity be granted to the Bush administration for their crimes involving the fake war against Iraq:
By David Swanson - Posted on 20 August 2013
"SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (Aug. 20, 2013) — In court papers filed today (PDF), the United States Department of Justice requested that George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz be granted procedural immunity in a case alleging that they planned and waged the Iraq War in violation of international law."
Of course, our corrupt government is not the only one committing crimes against humanity with the old "do as I say, not as I do" mentality. America's pimp, Israel, continues the same pattern and practice:

And the traitors in the district of criminals have voted to "support" these predators with billions of dollars via HR 4133 dubbed the "United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012," which makes it "the policy of the United States to help Israel preserve its qualitative military edge" and "to provide Israel the military capabilities necessary to deter and defend itself by itself against any threats."

And then there is Project Shad: Learn how the Navy exposed their own men to chemical and biological weapons in the 1960's by putting monkeys in cages on open decks on ships and spraying the monkeys (and the seamen) with SARIN GAS, VX nerve gas and various microbes from airplanes.  5,000 veterans have not only been denied benefits for 40 years, but were even threatened with arrest if they revealed this classified project that made them all sick. So our government spraying sarin gas on its own seamen is OK, but sarin gas used in Syria is an excuse to launce cruise missiles?  HOW DOES THAT COMPUTE, PEOPLE?

Of course, we know that it is only going to get worse: " The outgoing Homeland Security Secretary has a warning for her successor: A massive and "serious" cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way. So prepare, and bring "a large bottle of Advil," Janet Napolitano told her yet-to-be-named replacement in a farewell address Tuesday morning." Because the psychopaths in the district of criminals make big big bucks on "disaster capitalism":

The most glaring example of an inside job/disaster capitalism, of course, was 9-11 not to mention it was the excuse used to turn us into a police state. The best video re: 9-11 I have ever seen (which uses humor to make the point) can be found at Please share this with others to get them to open their brainwashed brains!

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