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Friday, September 13th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, September 6th, and Friday, September 13th, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 4.4 % from $1,388.80 to $1,327.90
Silver fell 6.6 % from $23.85 to $22.27
Platinum fell 3.3 % from $1,498 to $1,449
Palladium held steady from $701 to $701
DJIA rose 3.0 % from 14,922.5 to 15,376.06
NASDAQ rose 1.7 % from 3,660.01 to 3,722.18
NYSE rose 2.1 % from 9,439.69 to 9,635.07
US Dollar Index fell 0.8 % from 82.15 to 82.49
Crude Oil fell 1.6 % from $110.30 to $108.57

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"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
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“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
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It's (Almost) All Derivative

by Alfred Adask

Wikipedia’s Definition

Last week, I penned my first article on “derivatives”.  My observations and conclusions were unsettling, but flowed from a definition in Wikipedia that struck me as amazing:
Derivative:  A financial instrument which derives its value from the value of underlying entities such as an asset, index, or interest rate—It has no intrinsic value in itself.”
The reason a financial instrument is called a “derivative” is that it “derives” its perceived value from some other source.  The reason a derivative’s perceived value is “derived” from some other source is that the derivative is, by definition, intrinsically worthless.  

If a financial instrument had intrinsic value, it could not be a derivative.   On the other hand, if a financial instrument is a “derivative” its apparent value is only “derived” from some other source and that derivative is and must be intrinsically worthless.

Over the past several years, the world’s total sum of officially-recognized derivatives has ranged from $700 trillion to $1.4 quadrillion—and yet, all of those derivatives are, by definition, intrinsically worthless.

We live in a world where there may be over $1 quadrillion in financial instruments that are known to be intrinsically worthless.

The mind gapes. 

Vast Variety?

According to Wikipedia,
“Derivative transactions include a variety of financial contracts, including structured debt obligations and deposits, swaps, futures, options, caps, floors, collars, forwards, and various combinations of these.”
For some, that description is comforting since most of the varieties of derivatives seem remote from our daily lives and we therefore need not study the concept of derivatives too deeply.  Derivatives appear to be limited to fairly exotic transactions that are too removed from most people’s lives to be deemed as particularly relevant.  Because the nature and complexity of derivatives seem so confusing, most people are discouraged from studying the subject. 

Derivatives are presumed to be somewhat like astrophysics—an important science for astronauts, but largely irrelevant for 99.99% of the world who will never go into space.

Not Rocket Science

 In fact, the fundamentals of derivatives aren’t so hard to understand. 

In fact, I begin to see that derivatives are so omnipresent, that the financial world (especially those who make, sell and profit from derivatives) don’t want the world to understand that virtually all of our perceived , paper wealth is “derivative”.   The Powers That Be don’t want us to understand the extent and fundamentally simple nature of derivatives because, if we did, we’d realize that virtually all of our paper wealth is derivative. 

To understand that virtually all of our modern wealth is “derivative” is to understand that virtually all of our modern wealth is “intrinsically worthless”.  The cash in your wallet, the retirement account that gives you pride, most of your investments, your credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts and savings accounts; and most of your equity are all derivatives and therefore, by definition, “intrinsically worthless”. 

Most of us have spent our lives working, slaving, fearing and fighting to pursue measures of wealth that are derivatives and therefore intrinsically worthless. 

Would you have worked so hard if you’d known all along that most of your accumulated wealth was no more intrinsically valuable than Monopoly “money”?  Would you have been so tempted to lie, deceive or exploit if you’d known all along that the “money” you were fighting for was intrinsically worthless?

The seemingly confused and incomprehensible nature of derivatives isn’t accidental.  Those who make, sell and profit from derivatives don’t want you to understand that your derivatives—stocks, bonds, cash, etc.—are intrinsically worthless.  If you understood, you wouldn’t value your derivatives, you wouldn’t want them, you wouldn’t buy them.  And therefore those who profit from our investing in derivatives would be out of work and having to make do without two or three corporate jets.  

Without our unwitting confidence in derivatives, those who control us by teaching us to lust for derivatives would lose their power and capacity to rule us. 

If we were wise enough to grasp that all derivatives are intrinsically worthless, and if we were wise enough to see that virtually all of our wealth is derivative and therefore illusory, would the bankers of the world lose their capacity to control us?  If we had enough sense to reject that which is “intrinsically worthless” and pursue only that wealth that had intrinsic value—could we regain our former freedoms?


However, so long as the “intrinsically worthless” nature of derivatives remains obscure and and even unbelievable, we can be easily induced to spend our lives pursuing things that are known and designed to be intrinsically worthless.  

You can’t grasp this concept without feeling shocked.  All of our lives, we’ve been hoodwinked by derivatives.

My Definition

For me, a fundamental understanding of derivatives is found by simply rewording the definition previously seen in Wikipedia.  Once the definition is rewritten, it’s easier to see that derivatives are omnipresent and far more relevant than most people imagine. 

My definition of derivative is:
Any financial instrument that has a perceived value, but no intrinsic value.”
I haven’t really changed the Wikipedia definition; I’ve just expressed it differently. 

I’m simply saying that, first, every “financial instrument” has some perceived value.

Second, I’m saying that if a financial instrument is seen to have no intrinsic value, it must be a derivative.

If you’ll apply my definition for a while, you’ll see that virtually all paper or digital financial instruments are derivatives.   If so, virtually all modern financial instruments are, by definition, intrinsically worthless.

Again, the mind gapes.

All Paper Debt-Instruments Are Derivatives

 All forms of paper wealth are “derivative”.  All you have to do is objectively examine any paper debt instrument and you’ll see that (excepting the negligible value of the paper, ink and plastic security strip) each such “piece of paper” is intrinsically worthless.

Take a $100 bill in your right hand and a $1 bill in your left.  Compare their size and weight.   They’re identical.  Both have a perceived value and are therefore financial instruments, but which one has more intrinsic value than the other?  Which, in fact, has any intrinsic value?  Neither.  And yet, the piece of paper marked “100” is perceived to have 100 times as much perceived value as the piece of paper marked “1”.  (The fact that the two virtually identical pieces of paper have two distinctly different values is evidence that they are “derivatives”.)

Pick up a US Treasury denominated “$100,000”.  Pick up another denominated “$500,000”.  Which one is bigger or weighs more?  Neither.  Which has true “intrinsic value”?  Neither.  Because they’re both financial instruments without intrinsic value, they are derivatives.

Similarly, your paper (and digital) dollars clearly have no intrinsic value.  But they do have a perceived value that’s “derived” from something other than the paper and ink.  That means your fiat dollars are derivatives.


If your currency is a derivative, it’s intrinsically worthless.   If your perceived wealth (stocks, bonds, cash, retirement funds, etc.)  is derivative, it is therefore illusory and subject to “magically” vanish at any moment. 

You may find that insight scary.  If your fear is too great, you might turn away from the truth.  You might laugh at the idea that your cash and your retirement funds are derivatives.  You might smirk that, of course, your paper wealth has real value.  It couldn’t possibly be “intrinsically worthless”.

But defining a paper debt-instrument as an asset is consistent with my definition of derivatives.  A debt is an absence of value—a negative value.  There is no positive intrinsic value in a paper debt-instrument.   And yet, our monetary system treats paper debt-instruments as “assets”.   We’ve given our debts a perceived value derived from some other source.  But those debt-instruments are clearly without any positive intrinsic value. 

Therefore, according to my definition (and Wikipedia’s), all paper debt-instruments are derivatives.  They have a perceived value that’s derived from something else, but remain intrinsically worthless.

The perceived value of our debt-instruments is derived from the debtor’s promise to pay the debt.  The value of the debtor’s promise is derived from his life’s potential capacity to repay the debt.   But no mere promise can be construed as a tangible value.  If the debtor dies or goes bankrupt, his promise to repay the debt will be worthless—as will the debt-instrument which has no intrinsic value.

Financial Sorcery?

The derivative process is a kind of reverse “magic” act where the magician (banker) stuffs one live rabbit into his hat and then pulls out 100 “paper” (“derived”) rabbits that are accepted by the audience as being as real and valuable as the original rabbit.  But if you’re even called on to make a rabbit stew with a paper rabbit, you’ll see that the 100 “derived” (paper) rabbits are not equal to even one real rabbit.

Thus, the process of “derivation” can be described as a kind of financial sorcery.

OK—describing derivatives as “financial sorcery” may be going too far.

But if derivatives aren’t evidence of abracadabra! sorcery, they’re certainly evidence of illusion.   If not, how do you explain the presence of up to $1.4 quadrillion worth of “derivatives” in the world when the world’s Gross Domestic Product is only about $70 trillion?

How can we explain that the officially-recognized sum of derivatives is somewhere between 10 and 20 times the world’s total annual production?  That ratio can’t be real.  It must be illusory. 

That illusion is made possible by the fact that the derivatives have no intrinsic value—which would be limited and precise.  Without an intrinsic but limited value, a financial instrument can be presumed to have any value we assign to it   One intrinsically-worthless piece of paper can be presumed to be worth thousands, millions or even trillions of dollars.

According to the Boston Consulting Group’s 13th annual Global Wealth Report, the world’s total financial wealth (stocks, bonds, cash, etc.) is about $135 trillion.  How do we explain that the total sum of derivatives ($700 trillion to $1.4 quadrillion) is somewhere between five and ten times greater than the size of the world’s recognized financial wealth?

Part of the explanation may be that the distinction between “financial wealth” and “derivatives” is arbitrary and meaningless.  Most of both classes of wealth are “derivatives”. 

Pick up a paper stock certificate.  Hold it in your hand.  Inspect it for “intrinsic value”.  It has none.   Yet it does have a perceived value.   No intrinsic value + perceived value = derivative. 

Same thing is true for commodity certificates, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and virtually all paper financial instruments.  They have perceived value, but no intrinsic value.  That makes them derivatives.

Therefore, the world’s total wealth is not $135 trillion in “officially-recognized” financial instruments like stocks and bonds.  Instead, the total financial wealth consists of that $135 trillion in “officially-recognized” derivatives plus the other $1.4 quadrillion in “unofficially-recognized” derivatives.  Thus, the world’s total financial wealth works out to be about $1.54 quadrillion in derivatives—and every bit of that $1.54 quadrillion is intrinsically worthless.

The world’s paper wealth is intrinsically worthless.   The whole, damn financial system is only an illusion.  More, it’s an illusion that’s become so irrationally large that not even “magicians” like David Copperfield or Barack Obama can’t sell it to the audience.   That’s why most of the world has stopped buying US Treasuries (derivatives; irrational illusions) and the only remaining buyer is the Federal Reserve (the magician’s helper). 

All of which may explain the derivatives’ seductive appeal.  The financial institutions that are empowered to make, sell and profit from derivatives can attach almost any price (perceived value) they please to any intrinsically-worthless piece of paper.   That power can generate virtually unlimited (but illusory) perceived value and perceived wealth. 

The world’s major financial institutions aren’t spinning “money” out of thin air—they’re spinning derivatives.  More, they’re spinning an irrationally large supply of derivatives. 

Under the Law of Supply and Demand, whenever the supply of anything becomes excessive, the price of that thing must fall.   Sooner or later, the world will realize that the $1.4 quadrillion worth of derivatives is an irrational over-supply and the price (perceived value) of derivatives will fall.  Virtually everyone caught holding paper derivatives will lose his assets.

Nothing New Under the Sun

Although the explosion in the supply of derivatives is recent, derivatives aren’t a recent invention.  By my and Wikipedia’s definitions, we’ve had derivatives (paper debt-instruments, promises to pay, paper or parchment deeds to land or other properties) for thousands of years.

So, I’m not writing this article to complain that derivatives are necessarily bad. 

I’m writing this article to explain that:

1. Virtually every paper financial instrument is a derivative and therefore intrinsically worthless.
2. Derivatives aren’t some exotic variety of financial instruments that most mortals will never see or encounter.
3. Instead, we deal with derivatives every day.  Every time you touch a dollar bill, a credit card, a check, a bank loan or a retirement fund, you’re touching a derivative.
4. Thus, derivatives aren’t rare; they’re as common as corn cobs—except that corn cobs have some intrinsic value while derivatives do not.
5. The supply of derivatives has grown so enormous that it’s become irrational.
6. Being irrational, it seems certain that the entire derivative “illusion” will collapse in the foreseeable future.
7. In the event of such collapse, those holding paper financial instruments (that are derivatives and therefore intrinsically worthless) could suddenly see their “illusory” wealth vanish.

Seeking Intrinsic Value

So, how do you protect yourself from a financial system composed of an irrational supply of intrinsically-worthless derivatives? 

The answer’s obvious. You convert your derivative wealth (cash and credit) into physical things that are tangible and therefore have intrinsic value. 

A bushel of corn has intrinsic value.

An acre of land has intrinsic value.

Tools, cars, firearms, bullets, water all have intrinsic value.

Anything physical has some intrinsic value.  Anything that you can own and possess that has physical substance will have an intrinsic value that can’t magically “vanish” if our derivative world collapses.

But, a bushel of corn is not a financial instrument.  Neither is an acre of land, a car or a rifle.  Yes, they can be traded in a barter system, but none of them can be truly described as “financial instruments”.

If you want a financial instrument that is not intrinsically worthless . . . if you want a financial instrument that is not a derivative . . . If you want a financial instrument that will survive the coming crash in derivatives—I can think of only two possibilities:  gold and silver.

Gold and silver are both recognized as “monetary metals”.  That makes them “financial instruments”.  Both are “liquid” in that they are easily traded.  Both are capable of storing your wealth over long periods of time.  Both have intrinsic value that’s been universally recognized for several thousand years. 

Physical gold and silver that you can hold in your hand can’t be derivatives.   They can’t be intrinsically worthless.   They are therefore the only financial instruments that will survive if and when our “derivative” monetary system collapses.

The $4 Coiled Hair Stella gold coin from 1880 is scheduled to be auctioned on September 23 by Bonhams in Los Angeles and could pull in up to $1.5 million. The extraordinary coin containing six grams of pure gold was struck in the United States, but never released into circulation and will be sold in a lot with 26 other coins worth up to $8 million. Paul Song, director of rare coins for Bonhams told Reuters, “That's an average lot value of almost $300,000 per coin. That may not be a Monet painting but in my world, that's pretty amazing. It's been a privilege to handle them, and they are gorgeous, just because they're gold, perfectly struck and the designs are really incredible."

Song explained that the rare miniature work of art, featuring a representation of Liberty, was designed to match the weight of coinage of countries in the Latin Monetary Union like France, Belgium and Switzerland, to make intercountry trading easier. He said, “At the end of the day, there was just not enough public support for it, and it became a political issue so it was basically a scrap heap of history, which also is what makes it so rare today." Song added, "The 1880 $4 Coiled Hair Stella is one of the so-called white whales of the coin collecting world. They are so rare, they come on the market maybe once or twice, at most, every decade…That particular coin, there's only 10 or 12 now, and most of these are in public institutions or private collections.” The 27-piece Tacasyl Collection are all gold proof and available for public viewing from September 20-22.

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Aging before your eyes?
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

In this issue we will explore some of the factors that make us age faster.  The scientific research on aging has grown. Grant money is dispersed to explore all kinds of reasons why we age from genes to hormones and psychological processes. Anything and everything, which can possibly affect our lifespan is under the microscope of science. When did mankind become so obsessed with looking young and staying young? The legend of the Holy Grail comes to mine and according to history professor Joseph Goering of the University of Toronto, Canada, this legend can be traced back to at least the 12th century.  The written history of man seeking immortality through the ages has included myths, legends and alchemy. Major TV networks today produce fictional shows which charm the viewer with the very thought of living for centuries such as the show Vampire Diaries.  If you ask what is the allure of living forever you will get all kinds of answers such as; "If I don't have to worry about dying I can finally get some stuff done and I'll have time to learn a new language." Of course, living forever is not for everybody and if it were possible immortality would be awarded like Olympic medals to a select few.


If you think about it, science is on a course to understand, map out and eventually control "fate."  Scientists and researches desire to have dominion over the ultimate in human destiny; when you die. If they are able to break the genetic code they think controls aging it will be herald as a humanitarian success. Nobel prizes will be handed out and the recipe to immorality will have a price. If anyone has seen the 1992 movie Death Becomes Her knows that immortality has its traps and one could conclude that immortality is overrated.   For the sake of argument, if science does find a way to stave off death, one thing is for sure – you would still get old mentally. At some point you'd lose the excitement that comes with discovery and learning. Here's a question; would your brain run out of room to store hundreds of years worth of memories? Have you considered the generations and generations of family members coming to you for financial help. Think about the tax returns you'd accumulate and we thought Social Security was bankrupt now. How long would we have to live before our entire first half of our life becomes a blur? Has anyone considered the psychological impact of living forever and watching mortal family and friends die generation after generation? The grieving loss would be enormous. According to Science , "If the aging processes could be attenuated (weakened), humans would have additional healthy years to bring their personal goals to fruition. The challenge to society will be to ensure that those goals are compatible with the needs of humanity." How could such a thing ever be managed? Humans make mistakes and what if science enabled the likes of Hitler to have unlimited generations to fulfill his goals?

"We are all amateurs; we don't live long enough to become anything else." Charlie Chaplin


Ask anyone who has seen great suffering and they will tell you that death can be a comfort. Would being immortal make one impervious to non-fatal, chronic illness? Could fixing one gene code to make you immortal make other genes more vulnerable or malfunction? I find it odd that funding for immorality is abundant in the scientific community while government healthcare policy contradicts extending life for those over a certain age. In 2002 Science journal stated this, "Research on aging is increasingly important in the public policy arena as well. The Policy Forum by Juengst (Eric Thomas Juengst; the Father of social policy issues in genome research) argues that we need to start thinking about the practical and ethical ramifications of research on aging now, before the decisions are made for us by circumstance." What circumstances - Natural Death? Or was he referring to the Affordable Care Act, which at that time was not yet officially proposed to Congress?


Recently I reported on a new scientific discovery that there are new viruses dubbed Pandoravirus because science is unfamiliar with the viruses genetic code and don't know what to expect from the viruses. Science really doesn't know what to expect from gene splicing, manipulation, modification either. It is all theory they are working off of – an educated guess. The world food chain is currently one big experiment with regards to GMO. Why in heaven would anyone allow, or trust, science to alter human genes in hope of living longer?


Recent research from Brigham Women's Hospital in Boston stated that long-term or intense fear or anxiety (or phobic anxiety) lends itself to accelerated biological aging. The research suggested that middle-age and older women were more at risk. At least 8 million Americans have some form of phobia. The kind of phobia the research tested was not if people wondered about the weather. The research was targeting those who overly worry about everyday things such as their computer crashing. Apparently the researchers think they have identified a blood marker in those who had acute or phobic anxiety, which were more frequently found in the older women. The researchers think that repeat stress creates an oxidative effect on our cells and affects cell division and therefore women have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and dementia. So, this research seems to point to stress causing rapid or premature aging. Again, this is an educated guess. Since phobic anxieties start early in life and are treatable, then who needs gene modification when a little training and therapy can reduce or clear the phobia condition and remove the risk of premature aging? Findings on this research are published online in the July issue of PLoS One


Space medicine has discovered some interesting facts about magnesium and the aging process. Astronauts experienced accelerated aging in space due to the loss of magnesium, which governs over 300 enzymes function in the body and help the mitochondria of the cells to function better to produce more energy to the brain.


If you are worried about premature aging make sure you are eating the right foods to counter the oxidative effects such as berries. Organ cleansing will also help reduce the oxidative effects on cells. If you are anxious and prefer a natural product, try Valerian Root or the St. John's wort in the Emotional Stress formula. If you are concerned about your immune system although we are told our immune system gets weaker as we age is just not so. Use your immune boosting herbs if necessary to shorten duration of illness. Don't forget, they also have natural sun dried Celtic sea salt with magnesium. Call Apothecary Herbs for a free product catalog or to order your organ cleanses, immune boosting or anxiety herbs today toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online , where your healthcare options just became endless. IF subscribers save 15% on orders over $50 with coupon AUT13.

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What's Ailing America?
Disinformation about colloidal silver

by Rebecca Carley, MD

In my opinion, colloidal silver is the most effective way to eradicate bacteria and viruses and one celled parasites that is available today.  Not surprisingly, many disinformation minions on the internet and mainstream media are "warning" people not to use this very effective product, which will put Big Pharma's antibiotic and antiviral divisions out of business (not to mention that the vaccine manufacturers will go out of business when people start using silver to protect themselves, instead of allowing themselves to be injected with bioweapon vaccines (which not only CAUSE the very infections they are alleged to protect us from, but also corrupt the immune system causing all autoimmune diseases, non-traumatic seizures, cancer and genetic damage, in people and in pets). 

Here are just a few ways to use colloidal silver:

  • Add to drinking water when traveling or camping.
  • Burns sprayed with ionic silver heal rapidly without scarring.
  • Safely sterilize anything from toothbrushes to surgical instruments.
  • Use topically on cuts, wounds, abrasions, rashes, sunburn, razor nicks, bandages.
  • Spray on garbage to prevent decay odors.
  • Mist kitchen sponges, towels, cutting boards to eliminate E. Coli and salmonella bacteria to prevent food poisoning.
  • Add when canning, preserving, bottling.
  • Use like peroxide on acne.
  • Add to juices to enhance shelf-life.
  • Add to milk to delay spoiling, fermenting, deteriorating, or curdling.
  • Spray in shoes, between toes, between legs to stop most skin itch, athlete's foot, fungi, jock itch.
  • Diminish dandruff, psoriasis, skin rashes, etc.
  • Add to bath water, gargle, douches, colon irrigation, nasal spray and dental water-pic solutions.
  • Cuts downtime dramatically with colds, flu, pneumonia, staph, strep, respiratory infections and rhino viruses.
  • Skin itch, eye and ear infections, some moles and warts vanish when colloid is sprayed on body after bathing.
  • Use with Q-tip on fingernail, toenail, and ear fungi.
  • Neutralize tooth decay and bad breath. Silver colloid stops halitosis by eliminating bacteria deep in throat and on back of tongue. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, silver colloid never permits strain-resistant pathogens to evolve.
  • Put a few drops on band-aids and bandages to shorten healing times.
  • Health professionals might consider IV and IM injections. Tumor and polyp shrinking is reported when masses are injected directly (when colloid is added in correct proportions to sterile physiological saline or Ringer's Solution which contain sodium chloride).
  • Toothaches, mouth sores, bacterial irritations are diminished.
  • Soak dentures to reduce bacterial count and help prevent mouth infections.
  • Spray refrigerator, freezer and food storage bin interiors.
  • Stop mildew and wood rot.
  • Mix in postage stamp, envelope, and tape moistening wells, paint and paste pots to prevent bacterial growth, odors, spoiling or souring.
  • Add to water based paints, wallpaper paste, dishwasher, cleaning and mopping solutions, etc.
  • Spray pet bedding and let dry.
  • Spray on top of contents of opened jam, jelly, and condiment containers and inside lids before replacing.
  • Mix in pet water, birdbaths, cut flower vases.
  • Always add to swamp cooler water.
  • Spray air conditioner filters after cleaning.
  • Swab air ducts and vents to prevent breeding sites for germs.
  • Use routinely in laundry final rinse water and always before packing away seasonal clothes.
  • Damp clothes or towels and washcloths will not sour or mildew.
  • Eliminate unwanted microorganisms in planter soils and hydroponics systems.
  • Spray plant foliage to stop fungi, molds, rot, and most plant diseases.
  • Treat pools, fountains, humidifiers, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, baths, dishwashers, re-circulating cooling tower water, gymnasium foot dips, and bath and shower mats.
  • Spray inside shoes, watch bands and gloves and under fingernails periodically.
  • Treat shower stalls, tubs, fonts, animal watering troughs, shavers to avoid trading germs.
  • Rinse fruit and vegetables before storing or using.
  • Put in cooking water.
  • Human and animal shampoos become disinfectants.
  • Prevent carpets, drapes, wallpaper from mildewing.
  • Wipe telephone mouthpieces, pipe sterns, headphones, hearing aids, eyeglass frames, hairbrushes, combs, loofas.
  • Excellent for diapers and diaper rash.
  • Spray toilet seats, bowls, tile floors, sinks, urinals, doorknobs to disinfect.
  • Kill persistent odors by spraying area.
  • Rinse pillowcases, sheets, towels and bedclothes.

There are literally thousands of other essential uses for this ridiculously inexpensive, odorless, tasteless, colorless, totally benign and easily produced powerful non-toxic disinfectant and healing agent. You'll find that a spray or misting bottle of silver solution may be the most useful health enhancement tool in your environment.

I have personally been using silver for about 16 years for myself and all my pets.  I have suggested it to thousands of my clients over the years, and they have recommended it to thousands of others.  The testimonials I have received over the years are truly amazing.  NOT ONE SIDE EFFECT HAS EVER BEEN REPORTED BY ANYONE.  With the mad scientists at the over 1,300 biowarfare labs in the US alone weaponizing various organisms, silver is your best defense.   The visual documentation of silver's healing capabilities are most obvious in burns and wounds, which are healed with NO SCARS when silver is sprayed on damaged skin liberally throughout the day.  In fact, one of my dogs who likes to bury his treats in the backyard abraded all of the skin off his nose 3 days ago when he got too rambunctious. I have been spraying his nose multiple times a day, and the black pigment on his nose has almost been completely replaced with healthy tissue.

I did a show on 9/7/13 about disinformaton re: silver, but the archive hasn't been posted yet when it is, it should be available at . In my opinion, everyone should purchase their own silver generator, so they can make silver for pennies a day.  The EPA has labeled silver a PESTICIDE, so it is just a matter of time before it is taken off the market at health food stores.  The silver generator I use is made by the Silver Lungs company; you can check it out at

On this show, I covered the 2 types of silver solutions (ionic vs colloidal):


The silver ion (Ag+) will not be found free-roaming (as an ion) in the body because as soon as it gets into the body it combines with chloride (Cl-) in sodium chloride, (NaCl) in the blood or hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach to form (AgCl) or silver chloride. This is a far less potent form of silver versus a pure metallic nano particle of silver metal. The only ions that can exist as such in the body are those for which there are ion channels in cell membranes, such as K+ (potassium), Na+ (sodium), and Ca++ (calcium). Therefore, ionic silver is best for TOPICAL use on skin wounds, decubitus ulcers, burns, in ears, and in the nose where chloride is minimal to non-existent. Ionic silver appears clear. Parts per million (PPM) of silver in these solutions are accurately measured with a water test meter (conductivity or TDS). 


Pure silver metal particles in the nano range are the best form to swallow or breathe, as they can't form AgCl nor any other compounds of silver in the stomach or the lungs. True colloidal silver is made by taking ionic silver and combining it with a reducing agent which breaks down in water and releases thousands of free electrons that combine with the ions of silver. By providing a free electron for a silver ion, the silver ion will be "reduced" back into a complete atom of silver and thus converts the ions to atoms and then ultimately particles (i.e. a colloid.) "Plasma absorption resonance" causes these true colloidal solutions to appear yellow once they are converted from ionic to colloidal. This is how you will know that you have true colloidal silver due to the shift in color from clear to yellow. When these colloidal solutions are measured with a water test meter, the true PPM will not be detected any longer as these meters only give the PPM concentration of ions. This is because particles cannot be detected/measured with a water test meter, only ions. This explains why you should check the PPM of the solution you make with a test meter before you add the reducing agent.

Oxygen molecules can also combine with silver ions and form silver oxide, which then break down over time. Silver oxide particles are not considered to be colloidal as these are compounds of silver containing oxygen. Silver oxide (upon entry into the blood and/or stomach) will be quickly converted to (AgCl) silver chloride due to a more favorable reaction with chloride in those environments. This is why it is important to have a closed system (absent of a bubbling mechanism) which will greatly limit any oxygen from being introduced into the solution during production. The only other way to make particles of silver (better defined as large chunks) during electrolysis is if you have too much voltage and this will break large agglomerates of silver off of the electrodes in a process called "undercutting". This is entirely eliminated in the Silver Lungs generator which only produces a controlled release of 0.23 nanometer silver ions (which can be optionally converted to true colloidal metal particles later if pursuing a true colloidal silver for oral administration.) In summary, ionic silver solutions are far better for topical/external administration types, whereas pure metal particles of silver are better suited for the stomach where they will be exposed to an acidic chloride environment. Partciles of silver are the only form that survive a chloride-rich environment, and this is why yellow colloidal solutions are the type of choice for oral administration.


When toxicity studies are done, the studies are performed in vitro (i.e., in a lab petri dish), rather than real-world studies in the body. This does not provide real-world data for silver's activity (inside) the body. There has NEVER been a single death proven from silver (unlike the myriad of deaths from ALL of Big Pharma's drugs). 

In the 1920's, silver was FDA approved as an antibiotic. Some people (chemists) were experimenting and combining it with nitric acid to form (AgNO3) silver nitrate, which caused some people to get a slight grayish discoloring of their skin (called Argyria). It is important to note that even in the impractical dosages that were used which caused this, there were never any health effects. This is a chemical compound of silver involving nitric acid (i.e. apples and oranges.) This was simply the case of failed experimentation of creating silver compounds which have nothing to do with pure silver solutions produced properly today. Big Pharma used this as an excuse to run to the FDA to get silver red flagged and hopefully removed as it was a direct threat to the patented, side-effect riddled prescription medications that were produced and pushed into the medical system at that time. Silver is a considerable threat to Big Pharma as it cannot be patented, it has incredible efficacy and absolutely no health side-effects whatsoever in its pure form. In essence, they cannot control it.

As a dramatic tactic to scare people into not using silver solutions a few years ago, a man by the name of Paul Karason ("the BLUE man") made the rounds on national TV (including the Oprah show), apparently sponsored by Merck pharmaceutical company. Karason claimed his bright blue skin was a result of ingesting colloidal silver. However, on closer examination it turns out that he was drinking gallons of extremely high concentrations of experimentally produced home-brewed colloidal silver per week and was not using distilled water to make it! He was adding table salt as a catalyst to speed the process which created a completely different form of silver called silver chloride. Quite simply, the silver ions were combining with the table salt in the water to form a chemical compound of silver. It was even reported that Paul was using tap water (which contains copper) and this is another sign that Paul's skin discoloration was possibly due to excess copper bound to the silver through metallic bonding. Despite the bright blue color of his skin, he suffered no ill health effects nor any organ damage. I am convinced he was probably paid to do this to himself so he could do his "tel-LIE-vision" appearances to scare people away from silver. 

Silver has been used as an anti-bacterial/anti-viral agent for thousands of years without a single death ever reported. In fact, no pathogen has ever been found which is not destroyed by silver and without any creation of resistant organisms (which occur with antibiotic use). 


Robert O. Becker, MD (author of the books "The Body Electric" and "Cross Currents; the Perils of Electropollution and the Promise of Electromedicine") is a pioneering researcher and leading expert in the field of biological electricity and regeneration. Twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, he is an orthopedic surgeon and full professor at the State University of New York, Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, as well as Louisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport. 

Dr. Becker conducted extensive research at SUNY Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, NY for many years, and concluded that silver works on the full spectrum of pathogens without any side effects or damage to the body, and that it also causes major growth stimulation of injured tissues due to the conduction of electricity by ionic silver (thus allowing normal tissue instead of scar tissue to form).  I have seen this personally in my own experience with a very serious infected wound, and in clients with burns.


Since the FDA could not find sufficient grounds to ban colloidal silver when pressured to do so by Big Pharma due to its long history of safety & effectiveness, the agenda changed to limiting access of information about it to the public. Thus, the FDA passed a "final ruling" in 1999 that places severe restrictions on claims that can be made re: colloidal silver. It can only be sold in the US as a "mineral supplement". No claims in advertising or on the label can be made regarding its effectiveness as an antibacterial or antiviral; if such occurs, the FDA can shut down the company and confiscate its inventory.  Yet, toxic drugs which are killing & maiming people are "approved" by the FDA and are the only treatments covered by insurance; the only treatments taught in Big Pharma controlled medical schools to doctors who lose their license to practice medicine should they step out of the box and learn how to actually heal people. Since patients themselves continue to spend billions of dollars out of pocket every year to purchase natural therapies, the latest ploy was to create "America's doctor"; the wizard of Oz, who discusses a few natural herbs and supplements (which he obviously didn't learn about in medical school) to hook in daytime TV viewers, while at the same time promoting vaccines (in which he owns stock), electroshock therapy, the toxic poison aspartame, microwave ovens, toxic sunscreens (which cause skin cancer), buying the cheapest supplements, etc. (A "psyop" of the highest order.)  He did recently mention silver on one of his shows with Gwenth Paltrow, but only in regard to spraying it into the mouth in the case of a sore throat.

It is not just the FDA going after silver; the EPA has joined in as well. The Samsung company manufactured a washing machine that released silver into the rinse cycle (to prevent the moldy smell of clothes not removed in a timely fashion). Obviously the reason the EPA took it off the market was to hide the education of the benefits of silver from the mass public.

Even more ridiculous, the company Logitech was fined $400,000 because they impregnated the top cover of a computer mouse with silver and marketed it as antimicrobial, but failed to consult the EPA and register it as a PESTICIDE device!

The FDA & EPA are just 2 of the alphabet agencies we pay taxes to support; yet they do the opposite of the reason they were created (i.e., to protect the public).

In closing, I found it hilarious that combining silver with antibiotics is now being promoted ( ).  Rather than admitting that silver should be REPLACING antibiotics, they are combining the 2 to get rid of superbugs!

So if anyone tries to dissuade you from checking out the healing benefits of silver, they are (in my opinion) a disinformer. Disinformers in general give 90% truth and 10% lies, so you much question ALL information.  ALWAYS CHECK THINGS OUT FOR YOURSELF!

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