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Friday, September 27th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, September 20th, and Friday, September 27th, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 0.8 % from $1,325.60 to $1,336.20
Silver rose 0.4 % from $21.80 to $21.88
Platinum fell 1.0 % from $1,429 to $1,415
Palladium rose 1.4 % from $718 to $728
DJIA fell 1.2 % from 15,451.09 to 15,258.24
NASDAQ rose 0.2 % from 3,774.73 to 3,781.59
NYSE rose 0.9 % from 9,769.73 to 9,684.17
US Dollar Index fell 0.2 % from 80.44 to 80.27
Crude Oil fell 1.7 % from $104.70 to $102.83

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Can Government Corruption Cause Economic Collapse?

by Alfred Adask

Earlier this week, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) spoke for 21 consecutive hours on the Senate floor.  The purpose of his filibuster was to cause the Senate to defund the Obamacare law as the price of passing a new “debt ceiling” law to prevent a government shutdown. The Senate was unimpressed.  Obamacare will be funded, and the “debt ceiling” law will (eventually) be passed with or without Senator Cruz’s support.

The Washington Times published an article entitled “As Sen. Ted Cruz gives a long speech, Treasury gets short on funding” which focused on the Cruz filibuster, but also touched on the debt limit issue.  According to that article,
“The Treasury Department said Wednesday that it has less than a month’s worth of room to maneuver before it hits the debt limit, dropping yet another major fiscal deadline in the lap of a Congress already stymied over the annual spending bills.”
Now wait a second. . . .

I thought the “debt limit” was a number rather than a date.

In fact, I thought we’d hit the current, numerical debt limit of “$17 trillion” about four or five months ago—but government had continued to spend without regard for that “debt limit”.

But now I learn from The Washington Times that the “debt limit”—which presumably should absolutely not last beyond the end of the fiscal year on September 30th—might last at least several more weeks into October.

That news raised several questions:

1) Is the debt limit a number (like $17 trillion) or is it a date (like September 30th)? 

If it’s a fixed number (like $17 trillion), we at least know that the debt limit is. 

But if it’s a date--like September 30th or maybe October 19th or some such—that date is not fixed and we don’t even know what that date is, do we?   Therefore,

2) How can there be a “limit” if we don’t know the nature of the limit (numerical or time)?

3) If the “debt limit” is actually a “time limit,” how can it be a “limit” if no one knows exactly when time will run out?

If the Debt Limit is not a numerical limit (and how can it be since the $17 trillion limit was exceeded months ago) and if the Debt Limit is not a time limit (and how can it be if no one knows when time will run out), then what, exactly, is the “Debt Limit”?

Is it even a “limit” (in the sense of “limited government”) or is it merely the illusion of a “limit” (in the sense of a big, unlimited government that can do whatever it likes)?  (Does “limited government” mean lawful government?  Does “unlimited government” mean lawless government?)

Insofar as the “debt limit” appears to be a numerical limit (currently, $17 trillion) that’s imposed by law, and insofar as the government ignored that numerical limit (it was exceeded months ago), can government also ignore its other obligations to obey the law?

If government isn’t bound to obey the law, what binds you and me to do so, other than brute force?  If no brute force is present, should we still obey the law?

Those may seem like radical question, but they were implied by former Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis who observed in his dissenting opinion in Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438 (A.D. 1928) that:
“Decency, security, and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen. In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious.  If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”
Has government’s refusal to recognize the debt limit law bred public contempt for the law?

Yes—but only a little.  I don’t plan to rob a bank because government refused to be bound by the debt ceiling law. 

Still, government’s refusal to be bound by the law makes clear that, under the right circumstances, the law is negotiable—more of a recommendation than a mandate.  Obedience seems often optional.

Has government’s refusal to obey the existing debt limit law invited each of us to become lawless?  Has our government, by behaving lawlessly, invited anarchy?

No.  Of course not.  At least, not all by itself.  Instead, government’s failure to obey the debt ceiling law is generally viewed with some bemused cynicism. 

But what about in conjunction with knowledge that Congress routinely votes for laws (the “Patriot Act” and “Obamacare” are prime examples) that they don’t even read?  The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the essence of every law is congressional intent.  How can there be any “intent” if Congress hasn’t even read the laws it enacts?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made it abundantly clear that Congress couldn’t have had any intent when they voted for “Obamacare” when she told the Congress, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.” What legislative intent could Congress have had if they couldn’t read the bill until after they voted for it?

If there’s no “intent,” can there really be an enforceable “law”? 

And, since Obamacare was enacted, some members of Congress have read the law and realized that it would not only impose significant burdens on the American people, but also (Gasp!) on congressmen and their staffs.  Congress has therefore sought to exempt themselves and their staffs from Obamacare but otherwise, leave ordinary Americans subject to its burdens. 

What about Justice Brandeis’ observation that “government officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen”?  Should Obamacare be imposed on the people, but not on Congress and their staff?

When Congress exempts itself from any law it imposes on the people, does that inspire your respect for Congress?  How ‘bout your respect for “law”. 

The truth is that the debt ceiling “drama” is just one more evidence of a big government that views itself as above the law.  That’s what big, “unlimited” government is all about:  lawlessness.

• Insofar as “confidence” is essential to maintaining both the economy and the value of the fiat dollar, does government increase or decrease public confidence by behaving lawlessly?

Was Justice Brandeis making a profound observation or merely providing some rhetorical glitter when he warned that “Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy”? 

By “anarchy” did Brandeis imply economic collapse

Was Brandeis right when he predicted that the result of lawless government could even include termination of that government’s “existence”?

Is it reasonable to have confidence in an economy or a currency subject to the central planning of a government that’s openly lawless?  Can governmental lawlessness precipitate a general loss of confidence in government that might, in turn, be sufficient to trigger an economic and/or monetary collapse?

Is governmental lawlessness just one more reason to prepare for a serious economic decline?

Fear the Boom, Not the Bust?

by Alfred Adask

Frank Hollenbeck, PhD, teaches at the International University of Geneva.  He recently wrote an article entitled “Fear the Boom, Not the Bust” for Mises Daily

In that article, Mr. Hollenbeck described the modern “boom-and-bust” business cycle.  Most people celebrate the boom when the economy is running hot and everyone seems to prosper.  Most people fear the bust (recession or depression) when we’re almost all suffering from diminished incomes.  However, Dr. Hollenbeck argues that the irrational excesses of the booms cause the painful corrections in the busts.  Thus, because the booms cause the busts, we should be more afraid of the booms and less afraid of the busts.

He argues that today’s QE ($85 billion per month) mixed with no “tapering” is an explosive combination.  He supports his argument with references to the recession of A.D. 1937, saying
“If we do not learn from history we are bound to repeat it. We have been here before. The depression of 1920 and Roosevelt recession of 1937 show us what happens when excessive monetary printing is followed by tepid tapering.

“The 1937 Recession . . . was severe but short. Output fell by 11 percent and industrial production by 32 percent. Unemployment surged back up from 14 percent to 19 percent.

“The real cause of the 1937 recession occurred much sooner. The die was cast early in 1934 when the United States set the price of gold at an overvalued $35 an ounce. The ensuing gold inflows caused the money supply to explode, increasing 12 percent per year (M2) from 1934 to 1936. A boom ensued with real output growing 10 percent in 1934, 8.9 percent in 1935 and 1 percent in 1936. . . . the additional money masqueraded as real savings. Since no real resources had been liberated, a scramble for resources followed.
Dr. Hollenback does not specify the source of the “gold inflows”.  But he apparently means that the American people who hadn’t voluntarily surrendered their gold to the government at $20/ounce in A.D. 1933, were eager to sell their gold in A.D. 1934 for $35/ounce.  The net result was an “explosion” in the supply of paper dollars and the economy was seemingly “stimulated”. 

However, those paper dollars didn’t represent any newfound “real resources”.  Therefore, people began using their paper dollars to compete to purchase real resources, causing monetary inflation and economic stimulation that were dramatic but illusory.
“Eventually, many of the investment projects [probably speculation based on the increased supply of paper dollars] that had been undertaken [during the 1934-1936 boom] turned out to be unprofitable and needed to be abandoned. The 1937 recession was necessary and desirable to free up resources from the malinvestments of the previous years. A recession is a realignment of resources closer to what society really wants to be produced.  The central bank could have continued printing [more paper dollars], extending the illusion of prosperity, but this would have just delayed and amplified the final adjustment.”
That’s a brilliant argument.  If it’s true that recessions and depressions are necessary and even beneficial, then government’s attempts to avoid recessions necessarily prevent a healthy “realignment of resources” in our economy.   From this perspective, a recession (or even a depression) isn’t something to be feared and avoided, but welcomed as a medicine that’s particularly foul-tasting but nevertheless necessary to cure a persistent disease.  

More, the fundamental idea of Keynesian economics is to smooth out the business cycle of booms followed by busts.  That idea is evidence of central planning that’s virtually identical to that of the former Soviet Union.  On the one hand, Keynesian central planners at the Fed would try to moderate or minimize the irrational booms in the business cycle.   But, on the other hand, they’d also like to eliminate the “busts” (recessions and depressions) that may be best viewed as beneficial corrections rather than painful losses.

In a sense, economic booms are analogous to enjoying a big feast at Christmastime. Economic busts are analogous to the need to defecate a day or two later.  If government claims that they’ll save us from stinking up the bathroom by preventing us from defecating, it may sound like a great idea.  However, we’re going to get really sick and we’ll stay sick until we’re allowed to defecate. 

The point Dr. Hollenbeck makes is that economic busts are natural, necessary and even healthy.  Trying to prevent recessions and depressions is ultimately detrimental to real economic health.
“By late 1936, The Fed started to get worried [about the excess money supply], and in March 1937 the chairman of the Fed, Martin Eccles, said ‘[r]ecovery is now under way, but if it were permitted to become a runaway boom it would be followed by another disastrous crash.’

“[In fact,] the 1937 bust was written in the cards. It could not be avoided, just postponed. It is not the bust, but the boom that should be feared. The bust was of short duration, and could have been much worse if the Fed had not pulled the punch bowl then and there.”
The Fed “pulled the punch bowl” by restricting the money supply (“tapering”).  If they hadn’t “tapered” the bust would’ve been worse.

An economic imbalance or “disease” had been spawned by artificially increasing the supply of paper currency between 1934 and 1936 causing a boom.  That disease wouldn’t be cured until we “took our medicine” in the form of a small dose of recession.  If we wouldn’t quickly take our medicine (recession), our economic disease would grow until the only medicine that could cure it would be a big dose of depression.

Why should we fear the boom?  Because, as you’ll read, much of that boom is not merely irrational but also often criminal.
“We currently fear Fed tapering, as we should. Yet, we should be even more fearful that it doesn’t taper. Today, we really have a dreaded choice of losing an arm now or two arms and a leg tomorrow.

“Because the price distortions have been massive, the adjustment will be horrendous. Government policy makers and government economists simply do not understand the critical role of prices in helping discovery and coordination.”
Dr. Hollenbeck’s use of the term “price distortions” sounds agreeably “economic,” mathematical and morally sterile. 

But what do “price distortions” really mean?

First, “price distortions” mean that some people, corporations, or industries are being paid far more than they’ve earned—and other people, corporations or industries are being paid far less.  Some products are hugely over-priced; others are ruinously under-priced. 

Thus, “price distortions” are morally wrong

Second, “price distortions” are caused and even mandated by central planners.

Once we see that “price distortions” mean “significant, unearned profits” (at least for some), we can also see that those who benefit most from price distortions have a vested interest in maintaining and even causing those price distortions as a means to gain unearned wealth.

Thus, “price distortions” aren’t morally sterile or merely mathematical.

In fact, when sustained by plutocratic clout or political influence, price distortions are evidence of criminal acts perpetrated the government’s central planners for the purpose of defrauding and robbing the majority in order to enrich and empower a few.  

“Price distortions” are code for crony capitalism and rigged markets.  “Price distortions” are code for fraud and criminal conspiracy committed by the rich and politically powerful.

• Government policy makers claim to know better than the private, free markets as to what the majority of people want and what they need. 

But (assuming government is really working for the best interests of the majority rather than working to enrich the elite few who bribe our legislators) the public’s wants and needs are constantly changing in both nature and magnitude.  When the central planners in Congress and the Federal Reserve adopt a fixed system of values, those values can’t be changed except by congressional mandate.  That means the fixed system of value can’t change fast enough to suit the free market and people’s fast-changing needs and wants.  Thus, the central planners’ fixed values cause disruptions in the economy that are so irrational that they ultimately cause the economy to collapse.

The economy is as moody as a woman.  One day she wants chocolates.  Next day, she wants diamonds.  The day after that, she wants furs.  If the law mandates that you can only give her chocolates (no diamonds or furs) and that you can’t give her something different on other days, “she” is going to be very unhappy.  Odds are, “she” will also make you very unhappy.  That’s true for women and it’s true for the economy.     

The most rational economic system is one based on the seemingly irrational, free markets that are free to change every day—rather than the seemingly rational central planning conducted by a bunch of smooth-talking economists and politicians who deny us the right to daily changes.  

Governments that would rule and economists that would control have masses of data, statistics, formulae, and reasonable arguments.  But every time governments engage in central planning, they precipitate the same fraud, exploitation and then economic collapse seen in the former Soviet Union. 

• Freedom includes the right to play the fool and act like an idiot.  But freedom also includes the obligation of being held personally liable for your foolishness and idiocy. 

Government control and central planning claims that it will protect us from the consequences of our own foolishness and idiocy.  But, by allegedly protecting us from the responsibility and pain of our own errors, government deprives us of a chance to learn from our mistakes.

If we invest in a stock market that’s rigged to go up, up and up, we may seemingly make some pretty large profits—but we won’t really learn how to invest in private corporations that are truly productive. 

Instead, we’ll learn how to invest (indirectly) in the government that rigs the stock market and favors some stocks or industries over others.  We’ll learn how to send lobbyists to Washington, how to bribe congressmen and senators, how get our own laws passed to favor our continued success in the markets.  We’ll learn how to invest in politicians with political campaign contributions (bribes) rather than learn how to read a corporate balance sheet.  We’ll learn to buy stocks based on government’s most recent regulations rather than a particular corporation’s ability to produce a particular product at a profit.  

If we can’t learn from our mistakes—in fact, if we’re not forced to learn from our mistakes—then we become an ignorant and mistake-prone people.   As we are dumbed down by our government’s central planning, we become increasingly vulnerable to, and even increasingly needful of, a catastrophic “bust” exactly as Dr. Hollenbeck explained.

• in the free market you might invest in a “sure thing” and lose $100,000 in the first week.  That’s called a “learning experience”.  But if you learned from your mistake on your first investment, you might do better with your second investment. 

More, although your loss of $100,000 may be disastrous for you, for the markets and the economy that loss is merely a “micro-correction” that tells us all that at this particular time the particular stock you invested in was a bad idea.  It may be that your stock pick was a winner six months earlier and it may be a winner again, six months from now.  But, today, your $100,000 loss teaches all of us that your stock pick is, currently, a loser.  We can all learn from your loss.

Relatively small, daily losses like yours don’t add up to an economic collapse.  They’re merely “micro-corrections” that a free market economy can absorb, learn from and go on to profit from in future investments.

When you’re guaranteed to suffer little or no loss –as was the case with the housing market in the early 2,000s, and stock market (thanks to the Plunge Protection Team) since the Reagan administration--you play the fool.  You buy one house; you buy a second; you buy a third.  You buy stocks.   You can’t miss because . . . well,  . . . because “you can’t miss” because the game is rigged by the government’s central planners.  But then there’s a housing collapse or a stock market plunge and you wind up losing all three of your homes and much of your paper wealth.  

Central planning (manipulated markets) may work for a while, but they’ll inevitably implode under the weight of the “price distortions” (fraud) committed by the government, Fed and all “central planners”. 

So, here’s the bright side:  Recessions aren’t your enemy.  Recessions are primarily the enemy of the gangsters who exploit their governmental powers to cause and profit from the “price distortions” during the boom years. 

The longer we avoid our next recession (or even depression) the longer the crooks can profit—at your expense—from rigged markets.

The recessions/depressions tend to hurt everyone.  But, if Dr. Hollenbeck’s argument is correct, those economic busts may be the only available means to hurt the gangsters, crooks and plutocrats who’ve seized control of government. 

If so, the correct reaction to recessions might be Hooray!

Obamacare – Give me your money and your health
BY ADMIN, ON SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2013  Laurie Roth
Join Laurie Roth each day on her national radio show. Listen from 7-10pm PAC each night or later on archive.

Stop wishing for a better more responsive Senate. Stop wishing for more heroes like Senator Ted Cruz and less of the Republican sell outs peppered all over. Stop feeding despair and cynicism because of who is in the White House and his anti American agenda. It is what it is. We have to act! Your emotion and energy assigned as total disgust, walking through the Obamacare graveyard will do nothing but give all the power to Obama, the House and the Senate. It will secure your fate as Obama and the progressive left hope and plan. Sadly like millions you will hope from afar. You will wait quietly and pray over coffee — you will let it all happen not owning for a second that YOU have the power to change this.


Now is the time that the pressure must mount up to the size of Mount Everest and keep pushing on the House and Senate regarding the defunding Obamacare. Everyone already knows the name-calling is bouncing off the walls as the green slime of ‘Government shut down’ drips down the walls. What is to be done?

Now is the time for all of us to contact our Representatives and Senators through calls, emails and faxes several times a week until this process of actually defunding Obamacare is complete. We cannot just settle with the bull rot that we are too busy to pick up the phone or send an email. WE are the dreaded pressure wash machines that will get stuff done for America – millions of us continuously rising up, marching in the streets, calling, emailing and faxing.

Have we already forgotten what the Egyptians just did to get their country back? Here, they were being run by the radical Muslim Brotherhood member, Morsi. They were watching their freedoms, Constitution and way of life go down the tubes…in between murders and rapes of protestors. Even with the Government power and pressure aimed dead set against them; millions marched in the street until the military stood with the people and removed Morsi. The bottom line is that the people won and the evil Morsi administration that Obama supports to this day was thrown out.

Now is the wake up call for America – We are needed.

The bat signal is in the sky and you are expected to put on your bulletproof costume and cape. The Riddler and Joker must be thrown out before it is too late. Start a several week push today and organize ALL your friends and lists to do the same. Keep pressure on the House and the Senate to do whatever they have to do to defund and stand against Obamacare! Say something like this:

“I (or we…if a group) demand that you stand with Senator Ted Cruz and do what is needed to defund and stop Obamacare. Obamacare is bad on every level for America. We are watching your actions closely and will hold you accountable in the 2014 elections and beyond. Do the courageous and right thing. Defund this very unpopular Bill Obamacare.”

Here are the links:  Senate and House

If all of us, young and old, Democrat and Republican will keep this pressure going for the next 3-4 weeks, we will win and our health care system and freedoms will be saved. What do you plan to do – watch and be a sad victim, or snap out of it, put your cape on and get to your phone and computer??? This isn’t magic and it sure ain’t over. Let’s get to work…together!

Join me each day on my national radio show as we take on these issues. Listen from 7-10pm PAC each night or later on archive.

Be sure to listen to Financial Survival radio program live at and Short-wave radio 7.490 AND 9.880Mhz M-F 4:00PM ET. We broadcast in cities of Spokane KTAC 93.0 5-6pm Eastern, Metairie WVOG 600AM 3-4PM Eastern and Dallas KXBD 1480AM 4-5PM Eastern.

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Controlling the uncontrolable
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

I've talked about incontinence or overactive bladder before and there is a way to naturally calm down the nerve endings in the bladder wall to avoid this problem. Adult diapers have become big business offering a temporary solution for malfunctioning bladders. I recently read a report where some adults voluntarily wear adult diapers not because they have incontinence issues but because it saves tem time. How many folks on the floor of the stock exchange wear diapers? It is not something you advertise but the adults in Japan love to save time and are big into the disposable diapers. Japanese women are using adult diapers not because they have an overactive bladder but because they don't want to take time out for a pit stop. Is there a way to get at the cause of incontinence and overactive bladder function? Let's find out.


An article in the Japanese magazine SPA and Oddity Central, stated that Japanese women are acting more like men. The article complained about how women are becoming slobs and not cleaning or picking up after themselves, neglect to shave and wear adult diapers. Wearing adult diapers in Japan among women has become so popular that sales for them surpass the baby diapers. So, in Japan you've got the elderly and the younger adults wearing disposable diapers. In 2008, the manufacturers of adult diapers held a fashion show and recent TV ads with actresses modeling how no one will know you are wearing one. There are so many diapers sold in Japan that they must be recycled and are used as fuel pellets. It also seems commonplace for gamblers to wear diapers into casinos. If you don't want to be kicked off the casino floor make sure your adult diaper isn't showing, or is not smelly. Gamblers are betting that their adult diaper will hold 9 cups of fluid before it needs to be changed.  


Turning our adult diaper needs to the US we find that these articles are worn by 25 million Americans. Discarded diapers account for 17.5 million tons of garbage taking up 7% of the landfills. This does not include the infant and toddler disposable diapers. Can you imagine what Japan is like where Japanese mothers change infant diapers twice as often as American mothers. Some may say biodegradable diaper is the answer however the California Integrated Waste Management Board says that would not make a dent because the diapers would not break down fast enough taking 500 years to decompose. The materials to make a years' worth of diapers consists of 250,000 trees and 82,000 tons of plastic (source: Natural The average adult will add 1,100 to 1,500 diapers per year to the landfill. Which means billions of adult diapers are made and sold annually.


The drug industry says they may have the answer to saving all those trees and our global landfills. They've come up with this trans-dermal patch called Oxytrol. The patch contains a drug said to reduce the muscle spasms of the bladder and urinary tract. There are plenty of warnings that come with this patch such as; don't use if you have glaucoma, intestinal or stomach blockages or urination problems. The side effects are; blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness and should use caution when operating machinery or driving. Alcohol consumption will magnify the side effects. You should also use caution if you exercise because you should not get overheated while using the Oxytrol patch. Avoid dehydration and hot weather and your patch has a vampire aversion to sunlight – don't expose the patch to sunlight. You can't be wearing one of these patches and undergo a study such as an MRI. There also seems to be a medical concern using the patch if you suffer from liver, kidney or prostate disease. You may not be able to use the product if you have a neurological disease. Pregnant women must avoid this patch as the FDA states it will harm unborn children. The drug company is not sure if the chemicals in the patch will penetrate breast milk and harm the baby.  The drug industry offers approximately two drugs designed for incontinence and overactive bladder (flavoxate pill and Oxytrol patch) and nineteen (19) off label drugs. that these drugs will do is temporarily block signals to the nerves in the bladder and urinary tract responsible for making the spasms. Antispasmodic drugs are usually the first drugs the physician will roll out to treat this problem. If that doesn't work the next prescription in your hand may be an antidepressant (tricyclic drug) to calm the nerves responsible in stimulating urination. The side effects of these drugs are; make your eyes sensitive to light, dry mouth, blurred vision, lightheadedness, headaches, stomach cramps, nausea, skin discoloration, allergy symptoms (stuffy or runny nose), hair loss and genital pain.


There are some natural therapies to consider before you resort to drugs, surgery and adult diapers. Kegel exercises can help strengthen the muscles involved in the urinary tract to help control urine flow. These are exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, which is imperative for women to keep this area strong after child birth. Books, videos, physical therapists and yoga instructors are resources to use for pelvic floor exercises. Weight loss will also go a long way in taking pressure off of the bladder.  


There are several books that can assist you in your research of what may be going on in your pelvic floor. If you need strengthening in this area check out these books:

The V Book by Elizabeth Stewart

The Female Pelvis by Blandine Calais-Germain

Pelvic Power by Eric Franklin

If your pelvic floor suffers from gripped muscles or you may have cystitis or other conditions in the pelvic region and you can check out these books:

A Headache in the Pelvis by David Wise & Rodney Anderson

Ending Female Pain by Isa Herrera (helps with pain and tips on massage)


Magnesium – You will want to make sure you have adequate amounts of minerals such as magnesium, which is needed for muscle and nerve function. A study from Tel Aviv University found that women who improved their magnesium intake also improved their bladder and urinary tract function. The women experienced fewer trips to the bathroom especially at night. An excellent source of natural magnesium will be in foods such as turnip greens, sardines and oatmeal and Celtic Sea Salt. For a free Magnesium Food List or to order Celtic Sea salt contact Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, 704-885-0277

Smoking – A few studies done in 1992, 1995 found that there seems to be a strong relationship between current and former cigarette smoking and urinary incontinence in women.

Caffeine & Alcohol – Avoiding substances that can irritate or stimulate the bladder and urinary tract is beneficial. Caffeine and alcohol will stimulate the nerve endings in the bladder wall as well as to excite the brain which helps control bladder function. Your coffee, tea and alcohol work like diuretics.

Stay regular - Avoid constipation, which can put pressure on the bladder and irritate it. Hydrating with green tea and water is helpful. Find that balance and don't overdo the liquids.

Stress - Avoid stress which can contribute to incontinence issues.

Chocolate – Avoid eating chocolate due to the caffeine. Also, chocolate acts like an antispasmodic or tranquilizer on thepubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle). This muscle is a hammock-like muscle that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) and forms the floor of the pelvic cavity and controls urine flow. If your PC muscle is strong you are less likely to have urinary incontinence. The culprit chemical in chocolate that can make your PC muscle sleepy is methylxanthine.

Foods to Avoid – Some foods will aggravate the bladder and contribute to urge incontinence should be avoided such as; white sugar, corn syrup, honey, fructose, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks (usually loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners and colors).

Spices – Some people don't do well with spicy foods which have curry, chili and cayenne as they can stimulate the bladder.

Cranberry juice – Often this juice people think will help with urinary and bladder problems but can make the situation worse due to the high pH content.

Drugs – Some medications can affect urinary and bladder functions. Blood pressure and heart medications, muscle relaxants, sedatives, diuretics and any products that also include Excedrin can be a problem.


Save your money and the environment regarding adult diapers and look for the natural solution. There are herbs which can cleanse away irritating pathogens and help strengthen the bladder wall and PC muscle. Herbs such as uva versie leaf, horsetail, pipssisewa leaf, marshmallow root and golden flower can eliminate the need for diapers. Dietary modification should also be part of the plan to avoid further irritation of the urinary.  The herbs to help muscle and connective tissue to support the pelvic floor are also what I would use. You will find these herbs in the Calcium Formula and in the Kidney/Bladder Cleanseat Apothecary Herbs. You will also find Smoker's Helper if you need to quit smoking as well as Bowel Cleanse A to avoid constipation.Valerian Root can calm nerves especially if there is stress and Celtic Sea salt is available for organic magnesium.  Call Apothecary Herbs now to order or to request a free product catalog 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online,where your healthcare options just became endless. Subscribers can save 15% on their herb products with coupon SFALL13. Hurry! Expires 9/30/13.   

MORE HERB SECRETS IN THE POWER HERBS e-BOOK. By popular demand The Power Herbs e-book is available with symptom/herb reference guide, information on organ cleansing and how to make your own herbal tinctures plus a whole lot more. PDF version of The Power Herb book for just $14.99. At this time, we do not offer this title in hard copy.

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What's Ailing America?
Criminal conspiracies against the people

by Rebecca Carley, MD

So we have just experienced another obvious false flag attack at the naval shipyard in the district of criminals.  The good news is that the ever increasing number of awakened Americans figured out that this was another false flag immediately; the assumptions made by many was that it was another distraction, a shock and awe campaign to horrify citizens but especially to give our traitor in chief another photo op to speak about how important it is to take guns away from American citizens. Which he did, just like after the false flag Newtown school shooting, the false flag Boston marathon bombing, etc.:

In this article it states that "Obama suggested that better security and expanded mental-health services might avert some shootings.  But he said the main need is some means to "take the basic, common-sense actions to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people."

CRIMINALS AND DANGEROUS PEOPLE?  Who are they? Obviously they are the traitors in the district of criminals Obama being at the top of the list.  The psychopath sending drones to spy on and kill Americans the monster who is colluding with his Talmudic handlers to destroy this country, in collusion with our "representative" traitors in the district of criminals.  However, apparently this navy yard false flag had a very special purpose; that being to PREVENT THE ARREST OF OBAMA FOR TREASON!

If you don't check out any other links in this newsletter, PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS ONE.  This report is highly referenced and rings true; especially after Napolitano recently resigned and got out of dodge with the warning on ABC News Aug 27, 2013:  "A massive and "serious" cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way."  The only way anyone could know that there is "a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way" is if you are the one planning and preparing it.  "You also will have to prepare for the increasing likelihood of more weather-related events of a more severe nature as a result of climate change, and continue to build the capacity to respond to potential disasters in far-flung regions of the country occurring at the same time.  "You will need a large bottle of Advil," Napolitano joked.

This article states the legal definition for conspiracy – "An agreement between two or more persons to engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act, or an act that is innocent in itself but becomes unlawful when done by the combination of actors".

A conspiracy is codified as a criminal offense.  A conspiracy is not fiction, made up, make belief or theory.  A conspiracy is an indictable offense wherein – two or more persons engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act.  The evidence reveals that Obama, the DHS, FEMA and other agencies  of the United States are actively conspiring to levy war against the United States through another false flag – an unlawful or criminal act.

Of course, government paid shills respond to divert attention from the real puppetmasters;  if you replace the "Vatican" with "Talmudic jews" in the comments made by "press core" on this site,  you get the big picture of what is going on.  The Vatican is obviously satanic, and controlled by the same NWO puppet masters that control the majority of the globe through debt induced slavery.   The self evident terror threat in the world is the U.S. government, controlled by Talmudic psychopaths; THE ENEMY OF THE HUMAN RACE.

As soon as the patsy had been identified for the navy yard shootings, it was reported all over the mainstream media that he had reported "hearing voices and being microwaved".  Of course, the talking heads all attributed this to him being "mentally ill".  However, it has been WELL documented that the military (ESPECIALLY THE NAVY) has been experimenting with mind control (research MK Ultra) and creation of Manchurian candidates to carry out missions to benefit the psychopaths who control the world.  A VERY important interview with Dr. Barrie Trower (who has been exposing the black ops technology being used to control the population and cause mass genocide) explains many aspects of  this technology; including microwaves and voice to skull technology obviously used on the navy yard (alleged) shooter patsy to make him hear voices can be found at : .  I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU LISTEN TO THIS, as you and your family are being affected with these satanic technologies (THAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR) as well.

Speaking of genocide and destruction of health, on my show "What's Ailing America?" on 9/21/13, anti-vaccine songwriters spoke out about bioweapon vaccines with music. Guests were Sallie Elkordy (Ban Vaccines 2013, ), Michael Belkin of the Refusers, Ronnie Prine & Joe Jones. Michael Belkin's daughter was murdered with the Hepatitis B vaccine, given at birth.  You will hear him explain how the medical examiner initially reported finding massive brain inflammation (a hallmark of vaccine induced encephalitis), but then changed that report after the fact, Michael learned by attending many dog and pony show hearings regarding vaccines how huge the cover-up is regarding vaccine induced diseases, and turned to music to wake people up as to the necessity of investigating the truth about bioweapon vaccines.  You can find the 2 part archive of this show at: .

In a "twilight zone" moment on the show, father Ronnie Prine (whose child starting having seizures after a DPT vaccine which caused such massive brain damage that he is now an "adult" the size of a 5 year old, unable to do anything) mentioned that his wife is an RN.  When I asked him if she warns people about what vaccines did to her child, he replied that "she is not allowed to unless they ask about vaccine side effects first".  So much for "informed consent".

Songwriter Joe Jones sang a song he composed for a woman named April who "wants her son back" from his vaccine induced autism.  Yet, no one has referred her to me to get a consult, even though my protocol has reversed over 4,000 cases of autism (as well as all other autoimmune diseases, non-traumatic seizures and cancer).  This does not compute.

Thank you to my clients/listeners who sent me the following links:

Polish study on Neurologic events following vaccination:

Funny how the psychopaths in white coats in Amerika continue to deny side effects to vaccines

Toxic effects of formaldehyde (one of ingredients in vaccines):

Yet, formaldehyde continues to be injected into children; but one of many CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

In closing, if you go to the movie "Prisoners" being promoted on all the talk shows (where the horrors of child abduction are portrayed), remember that under Obamacare, starting in January 2014, home invasions by pycho cops will include CPS workers who will be kidnapping your children for ANY reason (to be used for child pornography, experimentation with psych drugs, global pedophile rings, etc.)  SILENCE IS CONSENT.  Maybe that is what it will take for the mind controlled sheep in this country to finally stand up .

If you need help in reversing your disease with natural therapies. please go to to learn how Dr. Carley does consults.  (Note that Alzheimers can also be reversed as long as there is family available to give the person their remedies).  You can access many archives of internet shows Dr. Carley has done over the last few years at ..  Dr. Carley's "What's Ailing America?" can now be heard on, studio B, every Saturday from 6-8 PM EST. 

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