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Friday, October 11th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, October 4th, and Friday, October 11th, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 2.9 % from $1,311.20 to $1,273.20
Silver fell 1.8 % from $21.74 to $21.34
Platinum fell 1.4 % from $1,386 to $1,367
Palladium rose 1.9 % from $699 to $712
DJIA rose 1.1 % from 15,072.58 to 15,237.11
NASDAQ fell 0.4 % from 3,807.75 to 3,791.87
NYSE rose 0.8 % from 9,675.70 to 9,761.72
US Dollar Index rose 0.4 % from 80.14 to 80.44
Crude Oil fell 1.8 % from $103.65 to $101.74

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
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“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
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Wagging the Dog

by Alfred Adask

English journalist Ambrose Evans Pritchard recently wrote an article for the Telegraph entitled “Rejoice: the Yellen Fed will print money forever to create jobs”.  That article discussed the appointment of 67-year old Janet Yellen as the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the economic consequences that were likely to follow.

According to Evans Pritchard, under Yellen’s rule,
“The FOMC [Federal Open Market Committee] will continue to print money until the US economy creates enough jobs to reignite wage pressures and inflation, regardless of asset bubbles, or collateral damage along the way.
Note the relationship between the currency supply and more jobs.  It is presumed that by increasing the supply of currency (printing more fait/paper dollars), the Fed can “create enough jobs” to cause an economic recovery.  But is that presumption true or false?
“No Fed chief in history has been better qualified. [Yellen] is a glaring contrast to Alan Greenspan, a political speech writer for Richard Nixon, who never earned a real PhD (it was honorary) or penned an economic paper of depth.

“Janet Yellen’s husband is Nobel laureate George Akerlof, the scourge of efficient markets theory. She co-authored "Market for Lemons," the paper that won the prize.”
Fascinating.  Ms. Yellen and President Obama should have a lot in common.  Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace prize for being half-black.  Janet Yellen helped her husband win the Nobel Prize for economics by being intelligent.
“Currently vice-chairman of the Fed, she was a junior governor from 1994 to 1997 under Greenspan, and then president of the San Francisco Fed from 2004 to 2010. She was head of Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers from 1997 to 1999, when she handled the Asian crisis. You could hardly find a safer pair of hands.”
Yellen’s previous experience within the Federal Reserve and government may be greater than any previous appointee to the office of Federal Reserve chairman.
“Note that she confronted Greenspan head-on in 1996, pushing for pre-emptive rate rises to choke inflation and wean the economy of cheap credit.

“Transcripts show that she clashed with New York Fed chief William Dudley in December 2007 over the risks of subprime mortgage defaults, which is telling since Dudley (ex Goldman Sachs) was supposed to be the official with his finger on the market pulse.
Yellen is no pushover.  She’ll even fight the “big boys” when she thinks she’s right. 

Thus, it appears that Janet Yellen is superbly qualified by intelligence, experience, education and courage to assume the office of Fed chairman.   She’s not a mere political appointee. She’s genuinely qualified to run the Federal Reserve. 

For the moment, it appears that Yellen might act with great independence and perhaps even integrity. 

Hmph.  How bizarre. 

When was the last time you can recall when someone occupied a position of real power in our national government who was truly qualified to hold that office?  Yellen may quite probably become “the smartest guy in the room”.  Her administration may become something fascinating to observe.

• According to Evans Pritchard, Ms. Yellen has “backed QE [Quantitative Easing—the printing of an almost endless stream of fiat dollars] to the hilt, fighting a chorus of amateur alarmists who claimed that inflation was poised to take off. She was again proved right. Core inflation in the US is currently hovering near a half century low. The greater danger is still deflation.”

We can therefore expect Fed Chairman Yellen to continue to support QE in the near future.
“She tracks jobs. Her lodestar is the ‘non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment’ (NAIRU) . . . . the Fed is committed to tapering QE to zero once the jobless level reaches 7% (and raise [interest] rates once it hits to 6.5%).”
OK—Yellen will presumably continue to support QE until the unemployment rate falls to 7%. She’ll begin to raise interest rates when unemployment reaches 6.5%.

She is therefore expected to rely on the presumption that increasing the supply of currency in circulation the Fed can cause jobs to be created and unemployment to fall. 

• Before we dissect that presumption, let’s first ask “On whose unemployment numbers will she rely?”  The Obama administration’s numbers that claim unemployment is already down to 7.2%?  Alternative numbers provided by sources like which claim that the true, current rate of unemployment may be over 20%?  Something in-between?

If Yellen’s “lodestar” is truly the unemployment rate, the answer to “On whose unemployment numbers will she rely?” may determine whether her tenure as Fed Chairman will be something heroic or pathetic.  If the current “official” unemployment rate of 7.2% is a lie, and Yellen relies on that lie, her administration will necessarily fail to resolve the current economic crisis and she’ll become a laughingstock. 

On the other hand, if the true unemployment rate is closer to 20%, and Yellen uses that rate of unemployment as her cornerstone, her tenure as Fed Chairman may be marked by great conflict (with the government and their “official” rate of unemployment), great heroics, and perhaps an honest contribution to solving our economic problems.

We know she’s highly intelligent. We know she’s experienced.  We know she’s willing to fight.

What we don’t yet know is whether she’s honest.

Virtually everyone agrees that the official rate of unemployment (7.2%) is a lie.  Virtually everyone agrees that the real rate of unemployment is much higher—perhaps 10%; perhaps even 23%.  If Yellen accepts the 7.2% lie, there’s no way that her administration will be able to help the economy.  If Yellen relies on higher unemployment numbers, there’ll be spectacular controversy but there might also be some degree of economic recovery. 

Thus, the most important characteristic for the next Fed Chairman won’t be intelligence, experience, education or guts.  It’ll be honesty

• So far, it appears the Yellen is committed to the presumption that QE (increasing the currency supply) can cause job creation and reduced unemployment. 

But can QE work?  Or is QE a matter of the tail (currency supply) wagging the dog (job creation and reduced unemployment)?

• Whenever unemployment rates rise, fewer people have jobs, fewer people are being paid and fewer people have access to credit.  As a result, there’s less currency in circulation.  Less currency causes a diminished demand for goods and services and lower prices and an economic recession or depression. 

Note the causal relationship:  High unemployment reduces the amount of currency in circulation which helps cause an economic recession.    Thus, a falling currency supply can be a symptom or effect caused by rising unemployment.

On the other hand, falling unemployment (more jobs) will normally increase the supply of currency. 

Note the causal relationship:  falling rates of unemployment cause more jobs, more currency in circulation, more demand for goods and services, and higher prices.  Just as rising unemployment can decrease the currency supply, falling unemployment can increase the currency supply.

● Factors other than rising or falling unemployment rates can also affect the currency supply.  However, insofar as the Federal Reserve is required by law to maintain: 1) maximum employment; and 2) stable prices (the absence of inflation or deflation)—the Federal Reserve (and, soon, Janet Yellen) tend to focus on the relationship between unemployment rates and prices.

The Fed’s QE policy presumes that by causing an increase in the currency supply, they can create jobs, cause unemployment to fall and thereby cause the economy to recover.  In other words, by treating the symptom (a currency supply shortage) they propose to cure the cause (rising unemployment).  

So far, however, QE’s effect on the economy has seemed marginal.  According to official statistics, unemployment has fallen from 10% to 7.2%. 

According to alternative sources like, real unemployment remains over 20%.  Four years of QE may have postponed a “Greater Depression” but it hasn’t ended the Great Recession.  As measured by true unemployment rates, four years of QE hasn’t yet caused an economic recovery.

Therefore, there’s good reason to wonder if it’s even possible for QE (increasing the currency supply) to cause unemployment to fall and thereby generate an economic recovery. 

We know that rising unemployment can cause the effect of a reduced supply of currency in circulation.   But does it necessarily follow that by increasing the supply of currency (printing more fiat dollars), the Fed can cause the effect falling unemployment rates? 

Are the unemployment rate and currency supply caught in a one-way, cause-and-effect relationship where rising unemployment is always the cause and a falling currency supply is always the effect?  If so, increasing the currency supply should not be able to cause a significant fall in unemployment.

Alternatively, are unemployment rates and currency supplies caught in a inverse relationship wherein, if either one goes up, the other must go down?  Are unemployment rates and prices like two ends of the same teeter-totter?

• These questions are important because their answers tell us whether QE can really cause an economic recovery. 

If the relationship between unemployment and currency supply is always a one-way, cause-and-effect, then QE can’t work.  If unemployment is always the cause and falling currency supply is always the effect, then the Fed can’t precipitate an economic recovery (reduced unemployment) by increasing the currency supply. 

In other words, the “tail”—the effect of increasing the supply of currency in circulation—can’t ever “wag the dog”—the real cause: rising unemployment rates.  

Instead, the “dog” (real unemployment rates) alone can wag the “tail” (currency supply).  The real cause can precipitate the real effect.  The effect, however, can’t alter the actual cause

On the other hand, if the relationship between unemployment and the currency supply is inverse (like a teeter-totter), then by raising either, we could cause the other to fall.  If unemployment rises, the supply of currency falls.  If the supply of currency rises, unemployment falls. Therefore, by controlling the supply of currency, the Fed could control the unemployment rate.  By increasing the currency supply, the Fed could reduce the rate of unemployment.

The Fed, and Janet Yellen, apparently presume that the relationship between unemployment and the currency supply is not an immutable, one-way, cause (unemployment rate) and effect (currency supply).  Instead, the Fed’s QE is based on the presumption that the relationship between employment and currency supply is complex but fundamentally inverse

If the relationship is inverse, then it follows that by merely controlling the supply of paper dollars (which are cheap to print and easily added or removed from circulation), the Fed can control something as massive, tangible and important as the rate of unemployment. 

If the relationship between unemployment and currency supply is truly inverse, the tail can wag the dog.  Because the Fed can control the tail (currency supply), the Fed can wag the “dog” (unemployment rates) and the Fed is therefore powerful.

If the relationship between unemployment and the currency supply is a one-way, cause-and-effect, the Fed is impotent and nothing more than the “little man behind the curtain”.  Changing the currency supply will have little or no effect on creating jobs and lowering unemployment.

• Determining the nature of the relationship between unemployment and currency supply is critical to both understanding the cause of the Great Recession and also to assigning blame to the party responsible for that economic decline. 

If the unemployment/currency-supply relationship is inverse (teeter-totter), the Great Recession was caused by an insufficient supply of currency in the economy prior to A.D. 2008.  Thus, the Federal Reserve caused the Greater Recession by failing to print enough paper dollars.

If the unemployment/currency-supply relationship is a one-way, cause-and-effect, then the cause for Greater Recession of A.D. 2008 was the loss of jobs and wages caused by the national government’s commitment to global free trade, higher taxes, reduced tariffs, and willingness to ship American industries (and jobs) to foreign countries.  In this case, the President and Congress would be responsible for the Greater Recession.

Trying to decipher the nature of the fundamental relationship between unemployment and currency supply is difficult.  That analysis is further confused by the possibility that under classical economics (where our money is gold or silver), it may well be that the relationship between the supply of gold in the economy and the rate of unemployment is direct (rather than inverse or even one-way, cause-and-effect).  By “direct” I mean a two-way, cause-and-effect relationship.   Either “end” of such a “direct” relationship could sometimes be a cause; either end could sometimes be an effect; but both ends would rise or fall together.  I.e., increase the number of jobs and you’ll increase the amount of gold in circulation; increase the amount of gold in circulation and you’ll increase the number of jobs.   

However, in “modern” (fiat currency-based) economics, it’s unclear if the relationship between unemployment and currency supply is always inverse or always one-way, cause-and-effect.  Sometimes, one explanation seems true; sometimes the other. 

It’s even likely that the real answer in “modern” economics isn’t “either/or” so much as “both”.  In other words, it may well be that the Greater Recession was caused by both: 1) the national government’s decision to send our jobs to third-world countries; and 2) the Federal Reserve’s failure to pump enough fiat dollars into the economy. 

If so, the next questions are:  Which cause and which actor was predominant? Was the Greater Recession primarily caused by loss of jobs precipitated by the national government’s global free trade?  Or was it primarily caused by the Fed’s failure to pump enough paper dollars into the economy?

But even if the national government and the Federal Reserve were both responsible for the Great Recession, can we escape the Great Recession by only increasing the currency supply

If there are two causes for the Great Recession (sending jobs overseas and reducing the currency supply), but we only address one of those causes (currency supply), can we expect to end the Great Recession?  Or, is that recession likely to drag on until we also bring our industries and jobs back to this country?

To me, the answer seems obvious:  No matter how much currency the Fed injects into Wall Street, Main Street, or the economy, the Great Recession will drag on until the government restores our productive jobs.

More, if the Fed’s manipulation of the currency supply isn’t the complete answer to the Great Recession, then all attempts at “recovery” that don’t include higher tariffs and less global free trade will be futile.  As long as we subscribe to global free trade, the Great Recession will persist.

• Look around.  What do you see?

The Fed has pumped trillions of fiat dollars into our economy over the past four years.  A few percent of Americans who were already rich have grown richer.  The majority of Americans have grown poorer. The middle class has largely disappeared.  For most Americans, the Great Recession persists. 

The real unemployment rate is almost certainly still in double-digits.  The effects of Fed’s increase of the currency supply have seemed almost insignificant. 

Doesn’t that suggest that the “tail” (increasing the currency supply) can’t really “wag the dog” (create jobs and reduce unemployment)? Doesn’t that tell us that the unemployment/currency-supply relationship is not inverse? Doesn’t that imply that the predominant cause of the Great Recession is not too few paper dollars, but rather too few real (productive) jobs? 

If so, the Fed’s fundamental premise (that it can control unemployment rates and thus the economy by controlling the currency supply) is false.  The tail can’t wag the dog.  If so, no amount of freshly-printed paper dollars can recreate our lost jobs and QE can’t cause an economic recovery. 

If so, pumping $85 billion per month into the US economy and/or Wall Street banks is a colossal waste of time and currency. Instead, the solution to our economic malaise is to abandon global free trade, reestablish high tariffs and cause industries and real (productive) jobs to relocate back into the USA. 

• It seems increasingly doubtful that the Fed’s “monetary tail” can effectively “wag” the real economy.

Nevertheless, Janet Yellen will try to do just that.  Not because she’s brilliant, but because she has no other option.  She can’t cause industries and jobs to return to the US.  Only gov-co can do so.  Her only power is manipulate the currency supply—so that’s what she’ll do. 

In fact, manipulating stock, commodity and gold prices on the US and global markets is another example of government’s “wag the dog” mentality and presumption that by manipulating the “tail” or economic symptoms, they can control the real economy. 

The Powers That Be seem convinced that they can control the economy and the American people by merely controlling our economic indicators (effects).  They seem to believe that the world runs entirely on subjective concepts like “public confidence” and appearance rather than tangible reality.

But does it?

Can reality be denied forever with nothing more than subjective “happy talk” and by printing more paper currency? 

I don’t think so.

We’re caught in difficult times based on a reality (lost productive jobs) that’s too tangible to be made to vanish with cheerleading, bedtime stories and the manipulation of economic effects.  Reality will ultimately overcome subjectivity.   The tail may seem to wag the dog for a while, but ultimately the dog will wag its tail—and may even bite—good and hard.

I suspect that Janet Yellen has volunteered to take responsibility for the manipulating “tail” just before the “big dog” (reality) shows who’s really in control of the tail.

I respect Ms. Yellen’s credentials, but I doubt that anyone’s credentials could be sufficient to cope with the current economic problems by merely manipulating the currency supply.

Fundamental causes will soon be seen as undeniable. 

Buckle up.

Killing me softly with 'Palliative Care'
BY ADMIN, ON OCTOBER 8TH, 2013  Laurie Roth

Join Laurie Roth each day from 7-10pm PAC as I take on these and other issues.

America has long celebrated the uniqueness and value of every man, woman and child. Our founders knew that God brought people into the world and God was to bring them out. We were built on Judeo/Christian values as we watched our military heroes in war after war defend a person’s right to life and freedom. All people are unique, created by God and have the right to life. These elementary and critical values reflecting the very heart of our country have been under ruthless attack since our inception. Culprits are numerous who demand that God of the Holy Bible step down and they step up. These god monsters include: The new world order – sustainability and Agenda 21 goons and Islam. They both have a Caliphate set of goals — forced conversions, taxation or death. They have turned people into widgets, only valued if they are part of their cult and belief system. They demand total control over our land, food, children, faith, healthcare, education, speech, guns, politics and work.

Palliative Care

What we see now hiding behind the most ‘saintly’ and trusted professionals, physicians, bioethicists and nurses is the deadly push to kill patients. God isn’t to decide anymore when life ends but they are. The song of Palliative Care is quickly becoming ‘killing me softly.’

Just as Obama lies with his smooth tongue and context distortions, so does the mission of palliative care. Their goals and statements sound so good on the surface? The statement below is taken directly from one of their main sites – smooth and caring…

Meeting the needs of an aging population

 Hospitals are filling rapidly with seriously ill and frail adults. By 2030, the number of people in the U.S. over the age of 85 is expected to double to 8.5 million. To meet the needs of these patients, the hospital of the future must successfully deliver high-quality care for its most complex patients while remaining fiscally viable. Palliative care is essential to achieving the goal of excellent and cost-effective care for the growing population of people living with advanced illness.

Some of you may be thinking I have lost my mind. I am an‘extremist’ that apparently thinks medical professionals helping seriously ill patients and families are dangerous and leading to premature death. You would be right. That is exactly what I think after interviewing a few on the front lines in this battle and researching how this ‘care’ really works for all kinds of people. I talked with Dr. Elizabeth Wickham of and she is a brave and fabulous truth teller on the cutting edge exposing the dangers of ‘palliative care.’

I’m not talking ‘terminally’ ill patients who are breathing their last breath but those with serious illnesses like ALS, MS, Alzheimers, cancer, heart disease – and those who are simply older. They are being thinned out like a heard of cattle…young and old – the undesirables. “Don’t trip as you walk to the oven. Here is a candy bar and your Bible.”

Lets look at the background and leadership of Palliative care

John Mallon (Journalist) found all kinds of interesting people backing this movement. Many leaders were connected to Compassion & Choices (remember the Hemlock Society…same thing) and boldly admit to supporting assisted suicide and the controversial euthanasia. The tricky part is that there are many, even more threatening who say they are not supportive if this. These are the bioethicists, physicians, community organizers and hospice/hospital administrators. This includes thousands peppered all across the country in every hospital ready to implement the medial ‘caliphate’ of Obamacare.

This group blurs all the lines. In fact, they are killing people all the more through ‘passive euthanasia.’ The ‘killing me softly/Palliative care’ push is right out of Nazi Germany and the vehicle of Obamacare. Obamacare promotes the death of the most disabled and seriously ill by not allowing certain care for seniors and approval of medical payments in time.

Obamacare and this vehicle from hell, Palliative care is simply denying ‘life-sustaining treatment on time and/or killing with an overdose of opioids. Medical professionals in this world would think of all this as common sense and simply honoring the patient and family needs. They are God and decide when life has no value and must end…not God. Is quality of life defined as ‘perfection’ and absence of disease or was that the world of Hitler?

Who is behind this and who funds this movement?

George Soros with his Open Society Institute and (RWJF) Robert Wood Johnson Foundation fund a ton of this soft euthanasia/palliative care – training centers and hospitals. They knew that euthanasia and assisted suicide were too front door and controversial to kill off millions of undesirables overnight. Therefore the strategy was changed to ‘passive euthanasia’ – palliative care. “The stupid masses won’t really notice that we are rushing along the killing of the most needy and elderly.”

Mallon, found the RWJF boldly promoting a single-payer universal health-care. He gave all kinds of grants among other ‘right-to-die groups to make transitions and changes in the health care system. You have to have everything ready for Obamacare don’t you?

There are too many new world order and euthanasia people behind the movement — training and funding of palliative care to ignore. It is the ‘killing me softly’ vehicle behind Obamacare that will cull out the heard of undesirables.

Just a few additional ‘visionaries’ behind palliative care that should give you a real idea of the philosophy and agenda behind this.

Read John Mallon’s research and full article at

“Fairly new ‘palliative care experts’ are members of radical right-to-die organizations that supported the decriminalization of physician assisted suicide in Oregon or wrote articles in support of it:

Timothy Quill, A Death with Dignity board member, is notable for his article on facilitating the death of his patient “Diane.” He is now considered an expert trainer at the Center to Advance Palliative Care’s Leadership Centers.

Sean Morrison, who coauthored a controversial national survey on physician-assisted suicide with Quill in 1998, is now director of the National Palliative Care Research Center and was recently elected president of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

Nancy Neveloff Dubler, a Compassion & Choices advisory board member, is influential in pediatric palliative care. Dubler was tapped by the Hastings Center (arguably the nation’s most influential bioethics think tank) to standards and government policies, as do most Hastings Center guidelines.”

I am most certain there are health care professionals in the middle of Palliative care systems who want only to serve and help the patient. However, most of the funding, philosophy and leadership of this movement has been traced to support for assisted suicide and euthanasia. Many through out this system believe in ‘culling the herd’ for cost reasons and quality of life reasons. Obama and the leadership in this feel they are the ones to decide what ‘quality of life really is.’ It is their job to manipulate and work with the patient and family to convince them of their definition and treatment outcomes, not their own.

Palliative care is the Obamacare vehicle to cull out the herd all across the country. Question everything. You have the right to live with and through to the end point of any challenge or disease. God will decide when you go home…not Obama or ‘Palliative care Doctors.’

Join me each day from 7-10pm PAC as I take on these and other issues.

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The hygiene hypothosis
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

What does "the hygiene hypothesis" mean? In essence a cleaner world or cleaner lifestyles have created what is being called hygiene hypothesis. The idea that when we are exposed to infections it can decrease the risk of allergies. This idea was first brought forward in the medical community by David Strachan and his work was published in 1989 The British Medical Journal. Should we care about this hypothesis? I think it should concern everyone as I don't think is merely a hypothesis and it can have a monumental effect on the human immune system. Natural physicians have known that the immune system needs to flex its muscles and come in contact with pathogens if it is going to protect us. When children are born they are washed with antibacterial soap, vaccinated, possibly given antibiotics and in most cases miss out on the colostrum in mother's milk (the mother's protective antibodies). By the child's third birthday he/she receives nearly 30 vaccinations and should have a strong immunity but science and the population are finding out that isn't the case. What can we do?


I'm not knocking a clean lifestyle by any means. The problem is that society is using more cleaning and sterilizing chemicals on a daily basis that with no germs to fight, our immune system is on vacation. Science Daily asks the question; is a little dirt good for your immune system?  According to pediatric physician Marc McMorris of the University of Michigan Health System, when we strive to eliminate all germs from our environment in an attempt to prevent spreading germs it is known as hygiene hypothesis and as a result our immune systems (which are designed to be engaged in fighting germs) is instead reacting on an allergic level. The question is; is an ultra clean lifestyle causing this problem or is it the immune system's reaction to vaccines or  both?

"The human immune system evolved two types of biological defenses. When one defensive system lacks practice fighting bacteria and viruses, perhaps from an overly sanitary lifestyle, the other system becomes too powerful and overreacts; as an allergic reaction – to harmless substances like pollen. Dr. Erika Von Mutius, Health Researcher


Medicine looks at the invention of broad-use antibiotics as a tool that essentially unburdened our natural immune system with the pesky task of having to fight off bacteria and in some cases life-threatening bacteria. Based on what science is now learning about bacteria's ability to mutate, that even if antibiotics were used sparingly over the last 75 years that we would still end up with drug-resistant bacteria. Before the invention of antibiotics and vaccines, those with the strongest immune systems survived the childhood illnesses, plagues and flu and pneumonia pathogens. Strong immune systems are directly linked to those getting good nutrition, generational resistance thru DNA and antibodies passed down through breast milk.

"The natural immune system does not have as much to do as it did 50-years-ago because we've increased our efforts to protect our children from dirt and germs.
Dr. Marc McMorris of the University of Michigan Health System


What modern medicine has essentially done through vaccines and antibiotics is give our natural immune system a pink slip. Few life-long immunity opportunities are offered these days to your immune system. If the immune system is prevented from working (suppressed by drugs or paralyzed by vaccines) it can become disabled (in a wheelchair if you will). Allergic reactions seem to be the most it can muster. According to Dr. McMorris, the average family of fifty years ago had twice as many children with fewer allergies because the children were exposed to bacteria and viruses more. Modern medicine would have you believe that our cleaner society lends itself to less disease but more allergies. More allergy-riddled people will create more allergy-prone generations according to Dr. McMorris. Are we accepting this as the price we will pay for fewer diseases? I disagree. Allergies are a disease because they are treated with drugs and have their own insurance ICD9 and CPT codes. In essence we've swapped a few diseases for one big category of diseases (also known as internal medicine). We've also reduced the functionality and efficiency of the natural immune system by controlling the natural exposure to bacteria and viruses and promoting an artificial exposure through vaccinations, which cripple it.


Physicians nationwide will encourage people to use common sense with regards to disinfecting our lives and in the same breath urge us to keep getting vaccinated. Common sense dictates that artificial infections via vaccines are anything but natural and shock the immune system. According to Dr. Russell Blaylock of Advanced Nutritional Concepts, vaccines pumped full of powerful adjutants can over stimulate an immune system and paralyze it. There are numerous medical studies that established in 2006, 2007 and 2008 that vaccines do not protect against disease as there is little if any real scientific evidence that they do. Vaccinations also do not offer life-long immunity to certain diseases, however if the immune system is allowed to work to overcome disease unhindered, the life-long immunity to that disease is established. (Cochrane Database of Systematic Review 2006)


What part of modern healthcare is being used in ways the average person prefers not to think about? You can ask Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, who states we can control 10% to 15% of global population through healthcare, vaccines and reproductive health services to lower the population from 6.8 billion to 1 billion. This tells me they are using disease to suppress the natural immune system with artificial infection (vaccination) and increase susceptibility to allergic diseases and further suppress the natural development of the human immune system. Most internal medicine (degenerative) diseases are created by corrupting the immune system through artificial infection.


If you have been vaccinated, used antibiotics and use antibacterial sundry items to ultra clean your life, then I would say you have some immune system rebuilding to do. Stop what is corrupting your immunity and start strengthening it. Within a short time you will notice the difference and your resistance level is much higher. If you get the flu you can overcome it in just two days instead of ten days. Call Apothecary Herbs for their line of immune boosting natural and organic herb formulas. Cleansing the system of toxins will also unburden your immune system. Call the experts in immune boosting and organ cleansing, call Apothecary Herbs toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your real healthcare options just became endless.Receive a FREE Power Herbs e-book (valued at $14.99) with your order of $45.00 or more. Hurry! Offer expires 10/9/13 use coupon EBK13.

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What's Ailing America?
Clueless and dangerous white coats

by Rebecca Carley, MD

On my show on 10/5/13 (archive available at ), I discussed how Obamacare forces big pharma poisons while denying therapies which actually work to reverse disease (like homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture, etc.)  On this show I discussed a new autistic client of mine, who is a child of an internal medicine doctor.  It is a frightening example of how clueless the medical doctors of today really are and an indication of the "health care" Americans can expect with their forced Obamacare. CONSIDER YOURSELVES WARNED.

This is what I wrote to the mother, who had been encouraged by relatives for months to get a consult from me for her son, but Dr. Daddy refused.  Finally she told him she was going to do so whether he approved or not.   I always take a very detailed history for my clients, and I was horrified as I read the history form submitted for this 5 year old autistic child. Their entire family has been damaged by mediSIN.  Obviously the older brother is also vaccine damaged, which is why he has speech delay.  Mom reported taking Metformin during pregnancy, a drug given for Type 2 diabetes (which is insulin RESISTANCE, not insufficiency).  As I am seeing more and more, injectible insulin is being given to people who are resistant to insulin, but have plenty produced.  What this injected insulin does is cause a negative feedback on the pancreas, leading to decreased production of insulin by the pancreas.  Not only does this create a customer of big pharma for life, but it is common for anti-insulin antibodies to be created, leading to attack of not only the injected insulin, but the patient's own insulin as well.  Since this was happening while Mom was pregnant with my new client, his pancreas was likely affected as well.

This child received 43 vaccines before Mom finally stopped them, a MASSIVE assault (note that DTP is 3 vaccines as is MMR when you are counting them up).  This is one of the highest number I have seen in such a young child, not to mention the flu vaccine he received as a fetus. 

One of the most disturbing things in this child's history was his diet, which consists of Cheeze its, Ritz crackers, Gold fish, Cool Ranch Doritos, Lays potato chips, Pringles, cheese crackers, chicken nuggets, pizza and Capri Sun.  Therefore, he is getting essentially NO NUTRIENTS from his diet, but rather preservatives, food dyes, GMO and food additives (especially MSG).  This is why he is mouthing non-food items...he is STARVING.  This condition is called PICA, where children eat paint chips, dirt, all kinds of things with this condition because their bodies are looking for the nutrients they need.  Frankly, I was shocked that Dr Daddy did not recognize what is going on with his own child. But then medical doctors are taught almost nothing about nutrition; when I was in medical school, we received 10 hours of nutrition disinformation (such as that vitamins give expensive urine), and 2 years of pharmacology.

The only "treatment" they had him on was ABA (Applied behavioral analysis), which is worthless; trying to train the normal areas of the brain to do what the demyelinated areas no longer can.  Instead, my protocol will heal the damaged areas of his brain.

As expected, he was given PRESCRIPTION  Polyvisol vitamins - see .  "Other ingredients"  in this compound include glycerin, ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR & CARAMEL, & polysorbate 80.  I suggested to this Mom that I would stop this, and instead go to her local health food store and find a good children's multivitamin/mineral supplement with none of this crap. 

The child was also on prescription  Miralax – (go to ), a drug for constipation which she was giving to him DAILY.  This will create a situation where he can't have a bowel movement without it. THE REASON HE IS CONSTIPATED IS BECAUSE HE IS NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER!  The colon's job is to extract water out of the stool, and when there is not enough water in the stools, the colon extracts too much water and creates hard pellets which are difficult to eliminate.  Once again, something Dr Daddy should know.   Thus, I told her that if I were her, I would wean him off this while increasing his water consumption.

This case is an excellent example of how incompetent and brain dead medical doctors are.  I am sure Dr Daddy loves his son, but is so brainwashed by big pharma that he can't see what is going on before his own eyes.  I look forward to him watching his son come back to him with my "quackery"; who knows, he may then decide to take the course I give others to learn how to do my protocol, which can reverse all disease in internal medicine.

Then I received an e-mail from a supporter who informed me of being fired by her pediatrician for refusing to vaccinate:
"Hi Dr. Carley,

I just wanted to email you about my my experience at my son's pediatric office for a yearly check up on Friday 10-4-13. I was taken aback by the doctors decision to not see my son as a patient anymore due to my husband's and my decision not to vaccinate our son. The doctor was very low key during the appt. and nice. She had with her an up and coming new female doctor shadowing her that day. The main female doctor that did the exam said that my son was doing great and was on the 95% for height and weight. Also passed his hearing and eye exam and short test for cognitive development. All went well during the appt. until she asked what we were going to do about vaccinations at this time. I said that my husband and I chose to not vaccinate as my son has not been vaccinated at all since he was born. She obviously reviewed the chart before she entered the room b/c she had a manilla envelope with standard pamphlets and info regarding how safe vaccinations are and that we can schedule an appt. with the main doctor who is Quote "The Guru" on vaccinations and that he could  help us with any questions we had about our concerns with vaccinations by scheduling a "Vaccine Consultation Appt." with this guru doctor who is handling all the questions with parents whorefuse vaccinations."

"She said all children should be vaccinated to root out the disease and by not vaccinating this perpetuates the disease to still spread. But yet she said that these viruses mutate all the time and new vaccines need to be updated and that is why some children still get the disease. Really!?

So vaccinations are the magic bullet. Well I kept my mouth shut to a point and so did she as we both probably didn't want to go there on our own soap boxes. I was polite and preceded to check out. She did say they would give me a 90 day grace period to make a decision to agree to their terms of vaccinations and to catch up on all shots needed to allow my son back in as a patient. I am like whatever!!! I left that office and did not look back!!

Ok, with all of this said, I finally experienced discrimination first hand for my choices and decisions regarding on raising my child. Yes, I knew this day would come but you hope deep down that its not true that our freedom is really being taken away from us! Some how deep down in my gut I believe I know my child has been fortunate to not have had vaccinations and that his immune system has been allowed to naturally build itself up to his benefit, since he has not been vaccinated. Both of my babysitters were always so amazed how my son never got sick when all the other kids came down with flu, stomach virus, throwing up, strep throat, high fevers, etc. They just always expressed to me how great an immune system he has like they have never seen before. My son has only seen the doctor for yearly checks up since he was 12 mos old. He has never been on antibiotics either. He has endurance that lasts forever and goes all day until late night for bed.So with all of that I consulted with a friend of mine who I could trust in this matter of my son not being vaccinated,  to direct me to  a physician who will not penalize us for my son not being vaccinated. Well, I hope that is true and will be calling to make an appt for the future.

The school my son goes to is a christian school and they were fine with my son attending their school, as long as, I signed the immunization exemption form from Ohio along with his doctor's signature on their yearly check up form stating he was seen by a physician for the school year. I only wanted to email you my experience so you can add this documentation to your archives of discrimination of non vaccinated children who are denied access to receive medical care unless you comply with their own protocols of what they say is "in the best interest of your child".  Like many of my fellow friends and family members who have heard some of the truths about this matter but choose to still believe the BS and state that your kid will be denied access to public school if you don't do as they say! Oh well I feel like a lone wolf out here with my belief system but I have no regrets as I have a very healthy boy with  a strong immune system.

Thanks again for educating and exposing the lies to the public about the hidden agendas of the medi-sin community!


What I suggested to this Mom was:

1. Stop using the word beLIEve when you talk about bioweapon vaccines.  Say you KNOW what the dangers are, as you have done your homework; since using the word beLIEve implies that those who do no research have a right to impose their ignorance on others.

2. Stop going to these medical devils!  Find a naturopath to fill out the forms the school uses as a way to try to force parents to go to the pediatricians who will push their bioweapon vaccines.

3. Print out the "Physicians' Warranty of Vaccine Safety" available at .  Give this to the vaccinator, and see how fast they run to the bathroom.

CF attached a number of the propaganda pamphlets they gave her in that manila envelope, to try to convince her that her instincts and research were wrong.  Outright LIES for which these inoculation pushers should be held accountable. 

This Mom has stood in the gap to protect her child from these disease causing monsters ..WILL YOU?

Please spread the word.

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