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Friday, November 1st, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, October 25th, and Friday, November 1st, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 2.7 % from $1,352.90 to $1,315.80
Silver fell 3.2 % from $22.60 to $21.87
Platinum rose 0.0 % from $1,451 to $1,452
Palladium fell 0.5 % from $742 to $738
DJIA rose 0.3 % from 15,570.28 to 15,615.55
NASDAQ fell 0.5 % from 3,943.36 to 3,922.04
NYSE fell 0.3 % from 10,053.84 to 10,018.15
US Dollar Index rose 1.9 % from 79.22 to 80.71
Crude Oil fell 3.4 % from $97.90 to $94.61

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Central Banks Want Out

by Alfred Adask

The Bank of International Settlements (“BIS”) was established in A.D. 1930 and is the world’s oldest international bank.  It’s been described as the central bank for the world’s central bankers.  In the sense that most psychiatrists have their own shrinks, the world’s central banks (like the Federal Reserve) have the BIS to turn to whenever they’re feeling blue.

Jaime Caruana is the BIS General Manager and ranks with Ben Bernanke as one of the most knowledgeable and influential bankers in the world.

Mr. Caruana delivered a speech last June 23rd at the BIS Annual General Meeting.  The speech fascinates because: 1) it comes from the world’s leading banking authorities; 2) it advises against going deeper into debt; 3) it does not exude a sense of economic optimism; and 4) it implicitly advises central banks (including the Federal Reserve) to run like hell.

•  According to Mr. Caruana, when the Great Recession began in A.D. 2008, it caused central banks and national governments to work together to support national and global economies with “unprecedented measures”.  

These measures included buying “toxic [worthless] assets”, Quantitative Easing (inflating the currency supply) and near-zero interest rates.  The purpose for these monetary measures was to increase public borrowing and debt so as to “stimulate” economies to sell more, produce more and thereby avoid a national or even global depression.

These “unprecedented measures” had some success:
“Without these forceful and determined policy responses, the global financial system could easily have collapsed [after A.D. 2008], bringing the world economy down with it. But the subsequent global recovery has remained halting, fragile and uneven.  In the United States, the expansion continues, albeit at a moderate pace. In major emerging market economies, growth is losing momentum. Most of Europe has fallen back into recession.”
The central banks’ “unprecedented measures” bought time for national and global economies to recover.  However, as a result of this stimulation, central bank balance sheets—based on the purchase of “toxic assets” which have a book value of, say, $5 trillion but a free market value of, say, $500 billion—doubled from $10 trillion to more than $20 trillion. The banks’ balance sheets are inflated by false valuations of the “toxic assets”.  That’s fraud. 

Similarly, many governments “have been piling up debt, which has risen by $23 trillion since 2007.”  Mr. Caruana implies that, since A.D. 2008, as much as $30 trillion in fiat currency has been issued by central banks to prevent a global depression.  The problem with that $30 trillion in “stimulation” is that it’s necessarily balanced by $30 trillion in new, global debt—much of which will never be repaid. 

Even so,
“As the risks mounted around mid-2012, central banks rode to the rescue yet again . . . with a conditional programme to buy sovereign [governmental] debt of troubled euro area countries. The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan likewise pushed forward with additional expansionary measures.”
Central banks, which had initially worked with governments as partners to issue credit to private corporations and individuals stimulate their national economies, are now issuing credit all by themselves to support insolvent governments.   We see this phenomenon in the Federal Reserve’s current purchase of over 80% of the bonds issued by the United States.  The US and other governments are financially exhausted.  Private lenders have shunned US bonds.  Central banks are the only remaining source of funds sufficient to prevent or postpone an economic depression. 

•  Insofar as people and corporations were willing to borrow and go deeper into debt, the central banks’ “stimulation” seemed to work.
“But easy financial conditions can do only so much to revitalise long-term growth when balance sheets are impaired and resources are misallocated on a large scale.”
Central bank balance sheets were impaired by buying “toxic assets” (such as mortgage-backed securities) that were accounted as ostensibly valuable when everyone knew they were virtually worthless.  Private corporation balance sheets were impaired by going deeper into non-productive debt.  The balance sheets of insolvent governments were concealed by political fraud.

“Resources [were] misallocated on a large scale” by government programs that diverted huge sums to institutions that might be “too big to fail” but weren’t truly productive.  Trillions of dollars that would’ve been better spent on industries were instead given to Wall Street financial institutions.

Again, these “unprecedented measures” bought time for national and global economies to heal and delayed the Greater Depression—but didn’t generate increases in productivity sufficient to eliminate the possibility of a global economic collapse.

Because household debt remained high, consumers worked hard to reduce their current debt loads and therefore refused to borrow.  The “unprecedented measures” weren’t stimulating the consumers to borrow and buy.

Corporations, on the other hand, were willing to borrow, but used that “cheap bond funding to lengthen the duration of their liabilities instead of investing in new production capacity.”   I.e., corporations used the “easy money” provided by central banks to refinance their existing debt rather than create more productive (largely, industrial) jobs the world needs to actually escape the Great Recession and avoid the Greater Depression.

•  The post-2008 injection of “easy money” into the economy did not provide as much “stimulus” as had been hoped for.  De common folk knew that debt had grown too great and wouldn’t borrow to buy more stuff. 

Result?  The “recovery” languished. 

In a debt-based monetary system, Quantitative Easing—giving $85 billion a month to banks to lend to customers in order to “stimulate” the economy—can’t work if consumers aren’t willing to borrow and go deeper into debt.  (“You can lead a consumer to a bank, but you can’t make him borrow.”)

More, according to Mr. Caruana, the currency injected by governments and central banks into the economy wasn’t an unmitigated blessings:
Debt-financed growth [stimulation] masked the downward trend in labour productivity and the large-scale distortion of resource allocation in many economies. Adding more debt will not strengthen the financial sector nor will it reallocate resources needed to return economies to the real growth that authorities and the public both want and expect.”
The “easy money” was going to the wrong recipients.  It wasn’t enough to simply scatter money from helicopters into the economy.  The money had to be primarily given to productive entities rather than financial entities.  But that wasn’t happening.
“Moreover, such borrowing has costs. As the stimulus is sustained, it magnifies the challenges of normalising monetary policy; it increases financial stability risks; and it worsens the misallocation of capital.”
Mr. Caruana wants a return to “tough love” banking where funds are allocated to people, businesses, and  governments based on their ability to produce rather than their need to consume. 

Since the onset of the Great Recession, the only entities going more deeply into debt have been insolvent governments . Central banks are being jeopardized by being forced or at least cajoled into lending at near-zero interest rates to governments that surely can never repay their loans in full.  Some governments had already gone broke and were relying on central banks to bail them out. 

It’s only a question of time before the central banks also go broke from making loans to governments that won’t be repaid.   Once the central banks go broke, the governments will have no further source of funds, “stimulus” (like Quantitative Easing) will end, and  national and/or global economies will collapse.

•  Mr.  Caruana entitled one subsection of his speech, “Ending the dependence on debt”. 

Coming from a banker, that’s a strange sub-title since banks earn their incomes from debt.  To recommend that the world end its dependence on debt is very much like recommending the world end its dependence on banks.   If a banker recommends a significant reduction in world debt, the world’s financial system must be in a lot of trouble.

I.e., if we end our dependence on debt, then we’ll also end our access to credit.  No borrowing for the majority.  Cash and carry for the peons.  Credit only, and then rarely, for governments and/or major corporations.   There’ll be a premium, even a black market, for capital made available to the average man.  Loan sharks and outright theft will replace local banks.  Without real capital (gold/silver) or access to credit, the majority of the world will slip deeper into abject poverty, violence and government corruption.

Nevertheless, debt should be reduced because:
“Extending monetary stimulus is taking the pressure off those [government officials] who need to act. Ultra-low interest rates encourage the build-up of even more debt . . . . in some countries, total debt , private and public, has generally increased as a share of GDP since 2007. For the advanced and emerging market economies . . . it has risen by about 20 percentage points of GDP, or by $33 trillion—and rising government debt has been the main driver. This is clearly not sustainable.”
Insofar as Mr. Caruana:  1) wants to reduce the world’s debt;  and 2) believes government is the “main driver” behind the world’s (and certainly America’s) debt; then, 3) Mr. Caruana implicitly advocates that governments be prevented from going any deeper into debt.

Can the public bring sufficient political pressure to make government give up its addiction to debt? 

No—not in a nation where half the people receive government welfare or subsidies. 

Can a government like that of the United States—based on nothing more than moral rectitude and the strength of government “character”—be expected to voluntarily quit its addiction to debt?

Of course not.

Therefore, if the people won’t force government to stop borrowing, and the government won’t voluntarily stop borrowing, how can the borrowing (and resulting debt) be stopped?

A:  The banks have to stop lending to government.

Which banks?

The central banks—they’re the only ones making significant loans to insolvent governments.

Thus, we’re treated to spectacle of the General Manger of the Bank of International Settlement implicitly advising his “customers” (the world’s central banks) that they should stop lending to the world’s governments.

•  Admittedly, Mr. Caruana did not expressly advise the central banks to stop lending to governments, but that implication is clear in his June 23rd speech.

More, this is not a new idea.  Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke advanced much the same idea just one month earlier (May 22nd) when he addressed the Joint Economic Committee at Congress and expressly proposed the idea of “tapering”.  

I.e., the Federal Reserve would stop taking the federal government’s IOUs for the $85 billion in Quantitative Easing (QE) being injected into the economy each month.   These “injections” would not stop all at once.  They’d “taper off” from $85 billion, to maybe $70 billion for a few months, and then maybe $55 billion for a few more months, etc., until the economy was eventually weaned from its addiction to debt and the QE “injections” were finally brought to zero.

Wall Street investors reacted within minutes of Bernanke’s tapering proposal with a sudden downward spike in stock prices.  A shell-shocked Ben Bernanke quickly changed his shorts and within days declared that he was jus’ spitballin’ about that “tapering” thing and we could all rest assured that our $85 billion monthly fix would continue without interruption.

The equities markets resumed their upward trajectory and there was peace in Wall Street’s valley.

It’s not surprising that Mr. Caruana would’ve learned from Mr. Bernanke’s May faux pas. Therefore, Mr. Caruan only implied (rather than expressly declared) in his June speech that the central banks should reduce their lending to governments—especially to the U.S. government.

But it is surprising that just one month after Fed Chairman Bernanke unsuccessfully advocated tapering, that the GM for the Bank of International Settlements would do the same.

I can’t believe that it’s a coincidence when the world’s two most important bankers both recommend that governmental debt must be diminished.

Instead, I read Bernanke’s May speech and Caruana’s June speech as evidence that the central banks of the world want to stop or at least reduce lending to the world’s governments.  The central banks want out.

If that conclusion is valid, it implies that the central banks want to distance themselves from the world’s governments because one or more of the following are deemed true:

1) The central banks know that the currency they lend to insolvent governments will never be repaid in full;

2) The central banks know that they, themselves, might go broke if they continue to lend an endless stream of eventually hyperinflated currency to world’s insolvent governments; and/or,

3) The whole, darned system is on verge of collapse; it’s every man (and bank) for himself and the central banks should at least save themselves since they can’t save the governments and national/global economies.

•  Unfortunately, the US and global economies are now so addicted to the central banks’ fiat currency, that any suggestion of a reduction could trigger a stock market and/or economic collapse.  And who’d be blamed for such collapse?  The central banks.

When the Great Depression began in A.D. 1929, very few people knew who to blame.  Some blamed Wall Street; some blamed government; some blamed the bankers.  More, there was no consensus that there even was a depression until around A.D. 1933.   Eventually, a lot of people came to believe that the Federal Reserve caused the Depression by tightening up on the public’s access to credit.  But that opinion took years or even decades to develop.  By the time America agreed that the Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression, the crash of A.D. 1929 was old news and interesting but not cause for retribution.

Today—thanks to the internet—if we have an economic crash at noon, there could be people screaming for the heads of every Federal Reserve officer by the end of the week.  There’ll be little doubt and less delay. Passions might erupt almost instantaneously.  

Would the great unwashed therefore attack the “evil” central banks with bricks, bullets and firebombs? 

Who can say?

But we clearly live in “interesting times,” and those times aren’t merely “interesting” for those of us who wonder if we’ll have any food in six month.  They’re also “interesting” and even scary for a lot of rich people who currently sit in seemingly powerful positions.  They may be rich and powerful, but they aren’t safe.

The world’s central banks are caught in circumstances analogous the last meth dealer in Brooklyn.  If he stops supplying the junkies, he’ll have addicts chasing him down every street in town.  The addicts will blame that last dealer for cutting off their meth and they’ll want his blood.

Same thing with the world’s central bankers.  They’re our fiat currency “dealers”.  If they dare stop providing our fix of fiat currency (Quantitative Easing), they just might get themselves lynched.

I think the central bankers are caught in an untenable position.  They can’t keep lending. They want to quit lending.  But they can’t stop lending.  They’re darned if they do, and darned if they don’t.

•  What’s that mean to you and me?

If my analysis is correct, it means that we’re in a situation a lot like taking a vacation on a Carnival Cruise Line ship.  We’re in the middle of the Caribbean and everything seems wonderful.   The sun’s shining, the sea is blue, food is good, entertainment is fine, and the mojito’s are great.

Just one little problem.  If you sober up long enough to look around with an objective eye you might notice the captain and crew trying to quietly abandon the ship.

Does that mean you and I should stay close to a life boat?  Or is it merely reason to celebrate that there’ll be more mojitos for you and me?

Clearly, if the “captains” (like Ben Bernanke and Jaime Caruana) try to abandon the ship of debt, we must be close to serious trouble.

The Federal Reserve and the Bank of International Settlements both want to stop lending to governments.  That can’t be a good sign.

Find a lifeboat and stay close.

Virginia Democrat Calls For Forcing Doctors To Accept Medicare And Medicaid Patients
From a Blog of Robert Sarvis, November 2, 2013

You would think that when your party is burying a hole that is getting harder and harder to get out of, you wouldn't want to that hole get deeper faster.  But here is Kathleen Murphy, Democrat running for the House of Delegates against Barbara Comstock, telling a forum in Great Falls that she believes it should law to force doctors to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients.  Forced by government decree, mind you.  A birdie sent me this:

FYI last night at the Great Falls Grange debate, Democrat delegate candidate Kathleen Murphy said that since many doctors are not accepting medicaid and medicare patients, she advocates making it a legal requirement for those people to be accepted.  

She did not recognize that the payments are inadequate to cover the doctors' costs.  She also did not recognize there is a shortage of over 45,000 physicians now and that it is forecast to be 90,000 in a few years.  

Democrats appear to want to make physicians slaves of the state, but Democrats don't admit they would just drive more doctors out of practice into retirement and other occupations.  The Obamacare law and regulations are causing millions of people to lose their health insurance, drop many doctors and hospitals. The HHS internal forecast is 93 million Americans would lose their health insurance due to the Obamacare law and rules about adequacy of insurance.

Many more people will be uninsured.   The penalties for being uninsured start at $95 per year, but the penalties can't be collected by the IRS if a person does not have a tax refund to attach.  

The out of pocket costs required by Obamacare's Silver Plan for a non-smoking mother and father with two children making a gross before income taxes of $50,000 (roughly average salary for VA) would be $13,765 per year including the deductible of $10,400.  That's 28% of their gross income -- not very affordable and about the same as guidelines for a mortgage payment.  For such a family making $100,000 of gross income, The cost would be $21,431 including the deductible of $12,700, or 21% of gross income.   

With such high deductibles doctors are stuck with trying to collect cash from the patients, even at regulated charge structures.  Thus is makes sense for primary care doctors not to participate in Obamacare, medicare and medicaid.  They should encourage patients to participate in Concierge Care and insurance programs run by the doctors themselves with patients who can do simple math.  Patients can take out catastrophic insurance with high deductibles for major surgeries.  Tax deductability for individual medical savings accounts would make health care more affordable.

The head of Obamacare programs, Berwick, loves the socialized medical system in the UK, but never mentions that malpractice insurance is minimal.  In the UK, panels of doctors review and approve malpractice awards, rather than emotional juries misled by trial lawyers.  Malpractice reform like this with caps on malpractice awards would go a long way in making health care affordable.

I hope physicians rise up and speak out for common sense, protecting quality medical care in the US and giving patients freedom to choose

THIS along with the fact that Terry McAuliffe has already said he'd go to the government shutdown mat to get a state exchange in Virginia.  Unbelievable.  Combine the chaos of thousands of people across Virginia losing their health insurance, we are going to add to that on the state level by forcing doctors to accept patients they can't afford to help?  Unbelievable.  Dark days are ahead, but there is still time.    Three days to make sure this does not happen.  

Democrats in Virginia will drive up health care costs, drive doctors out of the state, and then drive health care costs up even more because there will not be enough doctors practicing in the state.

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The synthetics

by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

The Fox network is launching a new TV show in November called Almost Humanfeaturing what is essentially a remake of the movie I Robot. The robots have been renamed and are referred to as "the synthetics." The point is that robots are not real like humans. They may look like and sound like a human but they are not the same as a human. The same comparison can be made regarding real whole food nutrition and synthetic vitamins. The holidays tend to be hectic and you will need all the organic fuel for your body you can get. Don't mistake synthetic vitamins as a nutrition source. Let's find out how you can avoid this problem.


New research is revealing that the major box store vitamins made by pharmaceutical companies are doing more harm than good. Check your pantry because you could be inviting disease if you bought vitamins such as One-a-Day, Flintstones, Sam's Club, Equate or Centrum. These are not the old fashioned kind of vitamins made from dried fruits and vegetables that folks purchased in the early 1900's. Pfizer pharmaceutical produces Centrum brand vitamins and Bayer produces One-a-Day. Today, 95% of the vitamins sold in health food stores and 100% sold in major outlets are produced by a few pharmaceutical companies. The difference in product brands sold at the health food store Vs the drug store brand is that the health food brand may not contain artificial chemical colors. Don't let the new marketing term "nutraceutical" fool you. These are far from providing good nutrition to the human body. If you are not careful, you will purchase a vitamin supplement that is a petrochemical laced with animal-by-products, human waste material, ground-up stone, shell and metal.


The imposter vitamins have been around since the 1940's. Millions of people are swallowing synthetic vitamins thinking they are fortifying their body when they are stressing their liver, kidneys and bowel. How does that happen? Synthetic vitamins are hard on the body to digest and metabolize. These petro-chemicals are full of fillers, additives, food coloring and flavors and preservatives. If you read the label and see ingredients such as talc, dyes, cellulous, silicon, titanium dioxide, BHT, aspartame, sorbitol or sodium benzoate you should not ingest these. Always investigate the ingredients as these chemicals can more than one name. Many of the vitamin additives are carcinogenic to the body and can foster various diseases such as arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis and skin and respiratory disorders.


Most of your major brands that contain vitamin B12 are extracted from sewage and cow liver full of antibiotics, steroids and GMO feed. Coal tar is also used. The same company that is making drugs for hospitals to use in radiation and cancer treatments is also pumping out chemical vitamins. Consumers are convinced that their chemical version of a vitamin (courtesy of big pharma) is full of nutrition because the Nutritional Guidelines on the label indicate it is good for you. Does the FDA care about the nutritional difference in a whole food vitamin C ingredient and a synthetic one? No, they don't. The FDA considers the laboratory chemical vitamin and the natural nutrient as one in the same. Ninety percent of the vitamin C on the market is made by Hoffman-LaRoche pharmaceuticals. Vitamin A is taken from fish liver and where have the fish been- Japan? Vitamin D is also synthetic made from irradiated oil made from petroleum extracts such as coal tar and animal organs and often contain ammonia and formaldehyde. Therefore when you ingest this you risk unnatural mineral deposits appearing in your heart, lungs and kidneys. The acid blends which are passed off as vitamin C are very irritating to the digestive tract. Often by-product chemical agents are used in big pharma's version of vitamins. So, your mainstream brand vitamins are actually petrochemical drugs.,

"In one experiment, synthetic vitamin B (thiamine) was shown to render 100% of a group of pigs sterile." Dr. Timothy O'Shea


When you put fractionalized chemical compounds into your body you can expect a myriad of health problems. A study done on the effects of organic Vs synthetic vitamin A found that the synthetic version accomplished opposite effect of the organic nutrient. When people took the synthetic version of the beta-carotene there was a higher risk of stroke, lung cancer and fatal heart attacks.


Scientists already know that when you use "real" whole foods for your vitamin and mineral nutrition that your body does not require "mega doses". When you take the natural whole food form of the nutrition you can get what your body needs on much lower doses. The large unit doses recommended on supplement products can be harmful when used long-term (a year or more). Taking the wrong supplement in the wrong amount can suppress your immune system and give disease a foothold. The pharmaceutical companies producing their toxic vitamins have created a health risk for millions of people. The human body is not able to assimilate the toxic minerals produced by big pharma and the industry will add pig digestive enzymes to act as a chelate effect to force the body to accept the toxic product. Your mineral supplements produced by big pharma are pulverized mined ore. The ore is supposed to be a source of iron, calcium and zinc. What you also get is shall and this can clog kidneys.

"The real truth about vitamins and antioxidants is what occurs with all synthetic vitamins: the body treats them as toxins." Dr. Judith DeCava


A large study done at UC Berkley by researcher Gladys Block revealed that those taking synthetic supplements did not fare any better when it came to disease than those not taking any supplements and this included the famous Shaklee products. This was shocking to those using the Shaklee products for more than twenty years. This tells me that when companies over process their natural ingredients they make them a non-nutrient.


Your best source of nutrition is your organic foods. If you can't always eat healthy then your organic whole food supplements can help. Just make sure you are buying whole food supplements and not over processed or synthetic kind.


Savvy consumers are aware that there are different levels of organic. When it comes to your herbal supplements always look for products made with certified organic herbs grown to Tilth Standards. What this means is the land the herbs were planted in has rested to regain the natural mineral content. It also means that the land has not been treated with chemicals or fertilizers for five years prior to the planting. Apothecary Herbs uses certified organic herbs grown to Tilth Standards. The ingredients and the natural aging process and cold pressing make a superior product. If you are looking for a professional strength herbal supplement then contact Apothecary Herbs toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless. Ask about their Body Foundation Food Mix (vitamin, mineral, amino acid, plant protein whole food) If you missed the big sale last weekend you can still pick up what you need for the cold & flu season or for your organic whole food vitamins and save 15% on orders of $45 or more with coupon THKG13. Hurry! Expires 11/9/13. For those on a budget, check out the MY 3 Amigos product to ward off bacteria and viruses.

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Herbalist Wendy Wilson on Herb Talk Live

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What's Ailing America?
Ongoing war against humanity

by Rebecca Carley, MD

I receive calls and e-mails from people who make statements such as the following on a regular basis:



VENGANCE IS THE LORD'S ("Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord" Romans 12:19)

It is self evident, in my opinion, that these are excuses to do nothing about the ever increasing horrors happening all around us which we are paying for. Unfortunately,avoidance of reality is a death sentence for people, nature and the planet itself. I continue to do all I can to shine a light on the psychopaths destroying everything that matters in an attempt to motivate those with a conscience to do something, ANYTHING, to turn things around. We can do it; in fact, we are the only ones who can. A TSUNAMI STARTS WITH A RIPPLE!

I highly suggest you read JB Campbell's latest essay, "Communist America", available at . His essays are direct, to the point, and filled with undeniable truth; such as the following paragraph:

" Total surveillance is, again, the hallmark of a Communist dictatorship and Alexander has taken this practice to a level of totality that has stunned the world. He has destroyed humanity's expectation of privacy. Edward Snowden in return has destroyed Alexander's veil of secrecy and has revealed the entire spy industry – all sixteen agencies – to be an inbred pack of gutless, degenerate liars and murderers who have been waging a hidden war on virtually everyone in the world. The CIA and military assassins, kidnappers and torturers are supplied information on their victims by the NSA eavesdroppers. Then we learn from Snowden that Alexander's NSA turns over all raw data on us Americans to the Mossad." TREASON ON STEROIDS.

Another important article entitled "There are monsters and then there are really sick monsters" is available at , where the following is stated:
"This is an open letter to our ruling elite and its shills. For centuries now you have brought death and misery upon us. If we don't stop you soon, you will kill or enslave all of mankind. Having power over other humans brings along responsibility for their well-being. You and your ancestors had plenty of opportunity to make this world a better place. Instead you supremacist, self-chosen, parasitic psychopaths chose to treat us like cattle.

You have murdered hundreds of millions of us in wars for your selfish financial and political gains.
You have starved to death hundreds of millions of us because of your hate and greed.
You have killed millions of us with your false flag terrorism.
You burned us by the hundreds of thousands with phosphor and atomic bombs.
You have stolen our water, land, towns and livelihoods.
You have enslaved us with your taxes, interest, rents, and your inflated home and energy prices.
You have destroyed our families and marriages with your promotion of feminism, promiscuity, homosexuality, single parenthood, divorce, third-date-sex and cohabitation
You have poisoned our children with your drugs and perversions.
You have destroyed our health with your pollution, poisoned food, pharmaceuticals and depleted uranium.
You have sedated us with your fluoridated water, professional sport, sex, music and television.
You have filled our heads with your perpetual lies and deceptions on just about anything we know.

And just when you think it can't get any worse you embodiment of Satan embark on introducing a one world global dictatorship. You are making preparations to microchip, cull and enslave us like cattle. You genetically modify our staples such as rice and wheat, to make them resistant to the diseases you are about to spread so that you can control the production and availability of food. You are not just sickingly greedy, you are hell-bent to spread evil and destroy the world.

This is not just an open letter, it is a declaration of war."

Obviously, although there are consequences to telling the truth here in hell, these 2 authors and myself are not intimidated by the fearmongering of the psychopaths and their shills. WE ARE ALREADY DEAD IF WE DO NOTHING TO STOP THESE PREDATORS OF HUMANITY. So, STAND UP NOW! Be a hero to your children!

Further facts to get you off the couch of inaction: A Drone Warrior's Torment: Ex-Air Force Pilot Brandon Bryant on His Trauma from Remote Killing "After he left the active duty in the Air Force, he was presented with a certificate that credited his squadron for 1,626 kills." He claims the people of the US GAVE THEM PERMISSION to do this when his drone killed a child, it was reported that the child was a DOG." Let these killers know that Americans DO NOT give them permission to commit such crimes against humanity. (see p 60; "advanced forms of biological warfare that can "target" specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool".) THIS WILL BE DONE WITH TARGETED BIOWEAPON VACCINES; and, once again, the psychopaths have documented their genocidal intentions. EXHIBIT A for targeted biological warfare using vaccines: . The "cluster of flaccid paralysis" reported is due to the polio vaccine, just as occurred in India; ""In 2011, there were an extra 47,500 new cases of NPAFP [in India]. Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received."

The cooking of humanity [with microwaves] is discussed in this interview withscientist Barrie Trower:

New China H7N9 strain gives kick to mutant bird flu research. . UNBELIEVABLE that they ADMIT the following: "Dutch scientists hidden away in a top-security laboratory are seeking to create mutant flu viruses, dangerous work designed to prepare the world for a lethal pandemic by beating nature to it." Rarely are the intentions of the mad scientists stated in a more straightforward manner.

Next: EUGENICS OF THE ELDERLY. A recent show I did on this can be accessed at . On this show I discussed with host Roger Noorthoek (who witnessed the murder of his mother in a nursing home) the following FACTS:

1. When you sign the admitting papers at a nursing home (or a hospital for that matter), the patient is basically abdicating all their rights and allowing "whatever the medical team deems necessary" to be done to them. READ THE FINE PRINT!

2. Patients in nursing homes are routinely given yearly flu & pneumonia shots which contain aluminum and mercury, which cause Alzheimer's. Suddenly the parent/ grandparent doesn't remember his children/ grandchildren. This often destroys the family bond.

3. They keep them alive as long as they have good insurance; when that runs out or when the estate is dried up, the outright murder by medicine ramps up.

4. If the patient is quite wealthy, they will be given a drug cocktail which turns them into zombies. They will then be ruled "incompetent", and a guardian ad litem will be appointed that will take control of all their assets; sell their homes and belongings, wipe out their bank accounts, and pay themselves and various predators for any "service" they can think of until every dime is gone. If a family member tries to stop this, they will be deemed a "danger" to their loved one, and denied any access or visitation. The patient will be told that their family member doesn't care about them as a reason why visits have stopped. FURTHER TRAUMA.

5. There is a group of parasite doctors, the worst of the worst, who prey on the elderly at nursing homes and hospitals and pick them up as their "patients". They are called hospitaliers These bottom dwellers appoint themselves "attending physicians" and basically have total control over their "patients". You can't fire these parasites, as most doctors don't have "visitation rights" once the patient is admitted and the hospitalier has taken control. The hospitalier will order every test under the sun covered by the elderly patient's insurance, especially daily blood tests resulting in anemia and subsequent blood transfusions when the insurance is used up (one of the most efficient methods of killing these elderly patients). Needless to say, true alternative care practitioners will never get in the door; not even a vitamin will be allowed to be given to these medical captives. "Nutrition" consists of red or green jello.

6. These hospitaliers (who are MD's that can't get a job anywhere else) get rich off of this. They "follow" the patients when they get transferred into nursing homes and make a "cash run" where they see each for 5 minutes, prescribe some new drug and collect $200 a person for their "services". $1,200 for half an hour's "work". Quick, dirty, easy money.

7. TO GET INTO THE NURSING HOME, A "FINANCIAL SNAPSHOT" IS DONE (TO SEE HOW MUCH CAN BE STOLEN FROM THE ELDERLY VICTIM). If a financial gift has been given to a family member in the past 3 years (for college or whatever), that will have to be GIVEN BACK.

8. Once they are on a ventilator it is basically over, as it is almost impossible for an elderly person to be weaned off a ventilator. They are doing this to maximize the insurance payout and make sure they never escape except to the morgue. Being on a ventilator is extremely painful for the patient. The intubation itself is like being "raped in the throat"; and if it is done with no medication to relax the patient, the stress of intubation itself can cause a massive heart attack.

9. The patients become totally disoriented when in ICU by the 24/7 bright lights, which destroys the sleep wakefulness cycle. Also, very 2 hours they are turned over supposedly to prevent bedsores. The fact that their sleep is regularly interrupted causes further delirium.

10. Most of the "diagnostic tests" have dangerous side effects in themselves.

11. ""Informed consent" is nonexistent. The true dangers of what they do are never revealed, and there is NO discussion of "alternatives". Only big pharma treatments are allowed.

12. They ban supplements / nutritional products on the pretext that they interfere with the medicines.

13. The "integrated/complementary" medical practitioners are just conventional doctors that give a few vitamins in addition to big pharma. It is a marketing gimmick.

14. If you try to stop the evil they call the cops on you, and you are banished from the hospital (therefore prevented from further witnessing and documenting the murder by medicine).

15. They literally put DOZENS of different drugs in them. For example, Coumadin, a RAT POISON, is given as a "blood thinner"

In closing, here are a few other links to check out if you CAN handle the truth:

Fuel Removal From Fukushima's Reactor 4 Threatens 'Apocalyptic' Scenario

Why the Entire Pacific Fishery Could be Tainted; Fukushima's Radiation Gusher regarding the poison brew that is now the Pacific Ocean.

With this ongoing nuclear catastrophe getting worse every day, one has to wonder WHY WAS JAPAN CHOSEN TO HOST THE 2020 OLYMPICS?

Help wanted in Fukushima: Low pay, high risks and gangsters

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