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Friday, November 15th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, November 8th, and Friday, November 15th, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 0.0 % from $1,289.50 to $1,290.40
Silver fell 3.4 % from $21.51 to $20.78
Platinum fell 0.4 % from $1,443 to $1,437
Palladium fell 3.4 % from $757 to $731
DJIA rose 1.3 % from 15,761.78 to 15,961.70
NASDAQ rose 1.7 % from 3,919.23 to 3,985.97
NYSE rose 1.6 % from 10,032.13 to 10,189.80
US Dollar Index fell 0.5 % from 81.23 to 80.81
Crude Oil fell 0.6 % from $94.35 to $93.74

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Middle East Prognosis

by Alfred Adask

The DEBKAfile (“Geneva fallout: Iran becomes a nuclear power, followed by Saudis. Israel loses trust in Obama”) described the recent attempt by the “Six Powers” to negotiate a nuclear power treaty with Iran:
“Israel’s most painful lesson from the two-day Geneva conference on Iran’s nuclear program is that the man who guaranteed to defend Israel’s security, President Barack Obama, is now marching hand in hand with Tehran towards a nuclear-armed Iran.”
The proposed “Six Powers” treaty was deemed too easy on Iran and, implicitly, too hard on Israel.  The treaty wasn’t consummated and France is (depending on your point of view) condemned or congratulated for saving Israel from the treaty’s terms.
The most important point is that the US argued in favor of the treaty and thus argued against what Israel perceived as its best interests.  As a result, whatever trust Israel may have had in Obama prior to the treaty negotiations has been at least diminished and perhaps destroyed.   
We can expect that  Israel will feel increasingly isolated and vulnerable. 
Likely reaction?  Israel will be more prone to “go it alone” by initiating a first strike against whoever Israel deems to be its most immediate threat—probably Iran.  Or, in the alternative, Israel will seek one or more allies other than the US. 

•  The BBC News reports in “Saudi nuclear weapons 'on order' from Pakistan” that:
“Saudi Arabia has invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons projects, and believes it could obtain atomic bombs at will . . . .

“While the [Saudi] kingdom's quest has often been set in the context of countering Iran's atomic programme, it is now possible that the Saudis might be able to deploy such devices more quickly than the Islamic republic.

“Earlier this year, a senior Nato decision-maker said he had seen intelligence reporting that nuclear weapons made in Pakistan on behalf of Saudi Arabia are now sitting ready for delivery.

“Last month Amos Yadlin, a former head of Israeli military intelligence, told a conference in Sweden that if Iran got the bomb, ‘the Saudis will not wait one month. They already paid for the bomb, they will go to Pakistan and bring what they need to bring.’”
Israel and Pakistan already have the bomb, Iran may soon get the bomb, and the Saudi’s could quickly buy the bomb from Pakistan.  It won’t be long before every nut in the Middle East will have their atomic weapons.  Who wants to bet on whether the next nuclear weapon to destroy a civilian target will be detonated by terrorists in Europe, terrorists in the USA, or by a Middle East government attacking another Middle Eastern country? 

I’ll bet that the next atomic blast we hear just might be the result of the Saudi’s aligning with Israel to nuke Iran. 

The world is growing increasingly dangerous and unpredictable.   Old alliances (between the US and Israel) are fragmenting.  New alliances (Israel and Saudi Arabia) are forming.

•  And . . . just for fun, Michael Snyder reports in “Obama Plans To Force Israel To Accept A Palestinian State With Jerusalem As The Capital,” that:
“If Israel and the Palestinians do not agree on a ‘two state solution’ by the end of this year, the Obama administration plans to propose its own solution and force it on the two sides in early 2014.  For Obama, the goal is to have this agreement in place in time to influence the November 2014 mid-term elections. 

Ultimately, Obama plans to force Israel to give up the West Bank, East Jerusalem and control over the Temple Mount in exchange for a “promise of peace” that is not even worth the paper that it will be printed on.”
I’m not sure that Israel could survive the surrender any of the Temple Mount.  The resulting riots within Israel might be enough to cripple or even destroy that nation.  I can’t imagine that Israel will ever agree to “pre-1967 borders”. 

If it’s true that President Obama intends to “force” Israel to accept a “two state solution” in the first half of 2014, I’d bet on Israel to destabilize the Middle East by attacking Iran and thereby distracting the world from Obama’s plan for a “two state solution”. 

All of which raises the possibility that we may see one or more nuclear devices detonated in the Middle East within the next 8 months.

•    President Obama isn’t the only one stirring the Middle East hornets’ nest.  World Net Daily reports in “U.S. THREATENED WITH 'HEAVIEST DAMAGE IN HISTORY' that:
“In a pointed message to Washington, the second in just days, an Iranian general has warned of great destruction being delivered to the United States.

“The Americans’ catch-phrase ‘the military option is on the table’ (over the nuclear issue) is a bluff,” said Gen. Massoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces.

“They are aware of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s capabilities. The slightest military mistake against Iran will make the Americans witness the heaviest damage in their history in their own eyes,” the semi-official Fars News Agency reported Monday.
The meaning of the phrase “in their own eyes” is unclear but at least implies that:

1) The Iranians are capable of causing significant destruction right here, within the borders of the USA; and

2) The Iranians may have already planted some sort of terrorist devices within the USA that are known to our government.

I regard the Iranian general’s threats as mostly bluster.  If the Iranians are stupid enough to detonate nuclear weapons on American soil, Iran will cease to exist.

Still, the general’s threat is provocative and more conducive to war than peace.

•   The New York Times reports (“ Private Donors’ Funds Add Wild Card to War in Syria”), that private donors are subsidizing the war in Syria.  Thus, these “private donors” are putting their money where their mouth is.  They’re not engaged in bluster; they’re waging private war: 
“AL SUBAYHIYAH, Kuwait—The money flows in via bank transfer or is delivered in bags or pockets bulging with cash. Working from his sparely furnished sitting room here, Ghanim al-Mteiri gathers the funds and transports them to Syria for the rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad.

“Mr. Mteiri—one of dozens of Kuwaitis who openly raise money to arm the opposition—has helped turn this tiny, oil-rich Persian Gulf state into a virtual Western Union outlet for Syria’s rebels, with the bulk of the funds he collects going to a Syrian affiliate of Al Qaeda.

“One Kuwait-based effort raised money to equip 12,000 rebel fighters for $2,500 each.

“Another campaign, run by a Saudi sheikh based in Syria and close to Al Qaeda, is called ‘Wage Jihad With Your Money.’ Donors earn ‘silver status’ by giving $175 for 50 sniper bullets, or ‘gold status’ by giving twice as much for eight mortar rounds.’”
Insofar as private donors are openly funding guerilla wars, does this signal that war is increasingly a “private” conflict waged by the super-rich individuals or multinational corporation rather than a “political” conflicts waged by governments and nations?  Will future wars be fought for increasingly private rather than political reasons?

Will wars increasing be waged by the “oligarchy” (rich people) rather than cash-strapped governments? 

Who will the oligarchy attack?  Poor people, poor governments—or other rich people?  Other nations, or other corporations?

• And then there are the four “blood moons” (lunar eclipses where the moon seems to assume a reddish color) scheduled for Jewish holy days in A.D. 2014 and A.D. 2015.  Some believe these “blood moons” constitute prophetic evidence that Israel will soon face great changes, challenges or threats.

I’m not betting for or against the blood moon prophecies.  But I can see that those who believe in such prophecies will be thereby pushed closer to expecting and preparing for war.  

•  Implication:  The Middle East is increasingly characterized by instability, fear, incompetent politicians, distrust, fragmenting political alliances, arrogant oligarchs, blood moons, and the proliferation of nuclear weapon.  These “coincidences” make A.D. 2014 look increasingly like a year for explosive violence in the Middle East.  It may be that nothing less than a true miracle can prevent such violence in A.D. 2014.

The Never-Ending (Obamacare) Story

by Alfred Adask

In “Obama announces ‘keep your plan’ Obamacare fix,” the Associated Press wrote that,
“Under heavy pressure by congressional Democrats to fix Obamacare, President Barack Obama announced Thursday that the administration will allow insurance companies to keep individual customers on their existing plans for an additional year, even if they don't meet the law's standards. 

“The president's plan does not now require the insurance companies to take back the Americans they kicked off, but does give them the option of taking the customers back if they want. The government will inform state insurance commissioners that they have permission to allow insurers to offer the out-of-date plans for an additional year. It's up to them whether to allow them to continue or not.”
That meant Obama was still trying to keep most people off their old policies.  He’s shifting the blame from himself to the insurance companies.  If your insurance company allows you to stay on your old policy, fine.  If they don’t—too bad for you . . . but don’t blame your fearless leader in the White House. 

“Pontius” Obama is trying to wash his hands of the whole affair.  I doubt that he’ll have any more success than Pontius Pilate did.

On Thursday, Obama announced that he’d allow private insurance companies to keep existing insurance policies for another year.  Just two hours later, the Insurance Commissioner for Washington State rejected Obama’s proposal.  If you live in Washington State, your former health insurance policy was officially dead and would absolutely not be resurrected.

On Friday, 39 House Democrats defied Obama and joined the Republican Congressmen in voting for the Keep Your Health Plan Act.  That act would compel insurance companies (and even state insurance commissioners) to restore the health insurance policies that had been recently terminated by Obamacare.

Thus, it may be that the former health insurance policies for those who live on Washington State will be resurrected.

Of course, the bill passed by the House must also be passed by the Democrat-dominated Senate.  That’ll be an up-hill battle. 

And if the bill passes both the House and the Senate, President Obama has promised to stop it with his veto.

Therefore, those of you who live in Washington State will not regain your former insurance policies.

But.  If the public screams loud enough for their former insurance policies both the Senate and President Obama may again bend to the public will . . . and Washington State insurance policies will be resurrected.

(The whole process is kinda like an old Marx Brothers movie, isn’t it?)

But, regardless of how the public screams or the politicians vote, there’s the issue of practical reality that can’t be overcome by the wave of a democratic wand:  It’s not that easy for insurance companies to reinstate millions of insurance policies that have already been cancelled. 

The legalities are questionable.  Can the insurance companies unilaterally reinstate terminated policies?  Or do they have to renegotiate policies with each policy holder?

The paperwork problems are massive. In the tidal wave of new paperwork, the probability for more data entry errors is huge.  The probability is close to 100% that more frustrated consumers will be screaming at Congress.

The public relations problems will be maddening.  What’s going to happen to the guy who calls his insurance agent to demand that he be able to sign up for a brand-new policy, just like the one his brother-in-law has?  If he can’t get what his bro-in-law has, how many angry phone calls will he make to the insurance agent?  How will the insurance agent find time to handle all of those angry calls and also renegotiate cancelled policies with customers who are only mildly annoyed and therefore willing to behave rationally?

What’re the chances that some disgruntled health insurance customers will visit take their complaints directly to their insurance agents’ office and “go postal”?  Will insurance company actuaries calculate a higher probability of insurance agents being murdered and therefore raise life insurance premiums on everyone in the health insurance industry?  Will health insurance industry employees start screaming at Congress for protection against their crazy customers (who, incidentally, were driven crazy by politicians who voted for Obamacare without bothering to read it)? 

•  The Obamacare follies probably won’t be as comical or as critical as I’ve suggested.  But you can bet that there’ll be at least another year of debate, frustration and aggravation before Obamacare is resolved or perhaps abandoned. 

With the one-year moratorium on Obamacare, there’s going to be another year for Americans (and even politicians) to reevaluate Obamacare in depth.  That means Obamacare will probably remain a live issue for the public, for the Congress and for the candidates running for election in 2014.

But, can Obamacare survive another year of open scrutiny? 

If Obamacare can’t suddenly spring, full-grown, into the body politic—and if private insurance policies aren’t instantly and simultaneously terminated—Obamacare will be constantly compared to the still-available private health care policies.  I doubt that Obamacare can survive a year-long comparison to private health care insurance policies.  I’ll bet Obamacare can’t compete against private insurance policies except for the poor who can’t afford private health care.

Obamacare will be viewed as a blessing for the poor who can’t pay for private health care and who will receive Obamacare with enough government subsidies and exemptions to make Obamacare function as welfare and an entitlement for the poor.

But for the middle and upper classes, Obamacare will be seen as a curse, an additional tax, and a lower standard of health care than was previously provided by private health care policies.

There’s a chance that Obamacare is so innately flawed that, by the time next year’s election rolls around, Obamacare will be primarily for the poor—but only optional for the middle and upper classes.

I’m not predicting that Obamacare will be terminated before next year’s elections.  However, I am predicting that Obamacare will be fundamentally changed so as to be no longer compulsory or universal.  It’ll be amended to become a grand welfare scheme for the poor, but perhaps only optional for the middle and upper classes.

•  In the meantime, the only characteristic of Obamacare that will remain “universal” will be criticism. 

According to Republican House Speaker John Boehner, "There is no way to fix this.  I am highly skeptical that they can do this administratively."

39 Democrat congressmen defied Obama to vote for the Keep Your Health Plan Act.

Bill and Hillary Clinton also criticized Obama and began to distance themselves from the Obamacare trainwreck in anticipation of Hillary’s A.D. 2016 run for the presidency.

In “No Hope Left for Obamacare’s Website, Techies Say” The Fiscal Times agreed that the current Obamacare website won’t be fixed.  Ever.
“‘When I visited on October 1, that was the worst piece of software I’ve ever experienced in my life,” said Luke Chung, founder and CEO of the software company FMS. 

“According to Sumit Nijhawan, CEO of Infogix, a data security firm working with private insurers, even if the White House can fix the problems associated with the site, they're going to find new ones immediately. Nijhawan also warned that the systems that allow CMS [Centers for Medicare and Medicaid] and health insurance companies to exchange information are nowhere close to being ready, meaning tech problems could last years

"‘What we’ve seen so far is the first set of problems that come up,’ he said. ‘Then you have the next set of problems. It’s one set of issues leading into another.’ 

“Chung, who testified in front of the House Oversight committee, said, ‘I have contended all along that this is not that difficult of a project.  It doesn’t provide health care, it doesn’t even provide insurance. It’s just a form to apply for a subsidy to get health insurance. It’s automating a paper form. It shouldn’t be that hard.  Technically, this is not that difficult.  It shouldn’t cost more than $10 million. And it should be something that can be done in a couple of months.’”
Fascinating.  The website might’ve been done for $10 million and in just a few months.

How much did the website cost so far?  According to one report, the Obamacare website started with a $93 million no-compete bid that was awarded to one of Michelle Obama’s college girlfriends. Then, over the next several years, the bill ran up an additional $600 million in cost overruns for a total of roughly $700 million.

But now, Mr. Chung testifies that the entire project could be completed in a couple of months for $10 million.  If Mr. Chung is right, $10 million is one-seventieth of the current website’s “final” cost.

Q:  Assuming Mr. Chung’s claims are accurate, how did the current website costing $700 million fail when a $10 million website might’ve succeeded

A:  Intentional cost overruns.

The $600 million in cost overruns weren’t corrections to the existing system.   They were almost certainly make-work designed by the contractor, programmers and software engineers in order to “milk” the Obamacare website budget (and the taxpayers) for an additional $600 million (on top of the original $93 million). 

But, in the process of milking the $600 million out of Obamacare’s website, the contractors had to actually provide some computer code that could be seen and measured.  If they only needed $10 million in computer code but they added $600 million in computer code, they necessarily created a mass of unnecessary and irrelevant code that probably seemed pretty funny one, two or three years ago.  Today, however, as all of that digital gibberish is being exposed as incoherent and irrational, the computer code is no longer quite so comical. 

More, given that the digital gibberish was unnecessary, irrational and incomprehensible when it was written (except as a pretext for charging more money for the website), there’ll be no logical way to spot the glitches and repair them.

The glitches will be discovered alright, but they won’t be repaired so much as ripped out, until the program is “slimmed down” to the minimal components needed to simply process the application form for Obamacare subsidies.

Then it’ll work.  Maybe.

We can wonder if the contractor and people responsible for screwing Obamacare up will be held liable for the cost-overruns that were more likely the result of fraud than incompetence.

We can even wonder if Michelle Obama received a kick-back for helping her old girl friend to “win” the $93 million,  no-compete bid.
“Nijhawan also touched on a problem that has yet to be widely addressed. He said the exchanges that are expected to allow insurance companies to share information with the federal government are not close to being ready. Without this information, CMS would not know who enrolled in the plans.”
Groucho would be proud of the current website contractors.  This is a circus. 

How will the IRS be able to enforce Obamacare by imposing fines on taxpayers, if the IRS doesn’t even know who is or is not enrolled in the Obamacare plans?

Is that an important question?

Does the word “Duh” come to mind?

Implication:  Obamacare won’t be ready for “prime time” by the end of November.  Nor by the end of December.  And it might not be significantly functional until the second quarter of 2014.  It will probably never be fully functional with the existing website.

The Obamacare debacle is a tribute to corrupt and incompetent government in general, and to the Obama administration in particular.

In the end, Obama got played by his wife’s girl friend.  She got away with tens, perhaps several hundreds of millions of unearned taxpayer dollars.  And Obama was, quite properly, left holding the bag.

The “signature legislation” of the Obama presidency is a train wreck.

Which proves an important principle:  the truth will out.

Thank God.

More 'I feel your pain' and 'Nothing Central' from Obama
By Laurie Roth


Join me each day as I take on these issues on from 7-10pm PAC each day.

In the face of our current health care emergency caused by Obama himself, we get the empty/ empathy/ I feel your pain speech.  He is the one who blew up the building and splattered bodies and blood everywhere and he is the one giving us the empty dog bone of empathy for our lost healthcare plans.  Obama dared in his empty speech to walk around his healthcare graveyard, acknowledging the headstones and bloodstains, but flooded us with ‘oh well, things will be fixed soon and what do you expect? There are always a few glitches.’ 

Obama gave no promise or assurance of delayed fines.  He gave no specific strategy to fix and support tattered health insurance companies, policies and plans…only insults and statements saying he would dictate to them how things would be.  They are the bad boys because they dropped millions from their plans.  Not Obama, who made sure health insurance companies couldn’t survive with his draconian rules and regulations.  He planned for them all to go under along with our healthcare and choices.

Obama can stick his empty speech, addressing absolutely nothing and offering zero solutions in the toilet of dung he lives in and flush.  Rise up, people in the HOUSE and SENATE and forget delays and trying to restore health plan rights.  You cannot fit the broken GENIE back in the bottle.  Obamacare must be destroyed as in repealed — as in eliminated.  It is un constitutional, doesn’t work, has substandard security measures to protect our information. It offers substandard health care decided by a Government board and rations health care to our seniors like they are unwanted widgets to be destroyed.

This Obama care roll out has violated millions of people already by making sure they have lost perfectly good health insurance policies and are now left to grope around with few choices in the dark.  They can go with the exchanges that don’t work – the 600 million dollar computer that doesn’t work – or with the visiting Witch Doctor that is in town to try and fill the gap.

Obama’s speech this week was like Adolph Hitler standing next to his ovens empathizing with the families who had to take off their clothes before they were burned alive. 

President ‘empathy and empty pants’ MUST be impeached and Obamacare MUST be repealed.  It is time for the people; a grassroots movement from heaven…(we already have the Government from hell) to rise up and turn frustrated feelings into hard-hitting action. 

Keep believing, keep praying and get ready to roll.  Frogs can boil in water some place else…not in America.


Hundreds of thousands of retired union workers are facing pension cuts that could slash their monthly payments in half — or even more.

The proposed cuts are part of a desperate effort to head off insolvency at multiemployer pension plans, pensions that typically provide benefits for workers at several companies.

It's an unconventional move: Pension law has long maintained that cutting the benefits of those already retired is off-limits. Current law allows troubled multiemployer plans to reduce the benefits that employees earn going forward, cut early retirement and disability benefits and hike employer contributions instead.
But things have gotten so dire that a coalition of employers and labor unions is asking Congress to change the law.

Multiemployer pension plans cover more than 10 million workers and retirees in the trucking, construction, retail, mining, manufacturing and other industries. Historically, the plans were considered more secure since multiple employers pay into the plans instead of relying on the fortunes of just one company.

But in the past decade, many plans have struggled with supporting an aging workforce, and large employers have been pulling out of the plans. In addition, many are still dealing with significant losses incurred during the recession.

The proposal would allow cuts for those plans that are closest to insolvency. According to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, which insures pension plans, up to 10% of the roughly 1,500 multiemployer plans will run out of money in coming decades.

If cuts are allowed, retired truck driver Glenn Nicodemus, 63, could see his monthly benefits fall from around $3,300 a month to as little as $1,180. He retired in March after nearly 40 years on the road, and his only other source of income is $1,700 a month in Social Security benefits.

"I probably could get a job driving again. I really don't want to," he said. "These are the years I was looking forward to being together (with my family) and enjoying what time I do have left. It takes a lot of that away."

Nicodemus receives his checks from one of the country's largest multiemployer plans, the Central States Southeast and Southwest Area Pension Fund, which is also one of the most troubled. The fund is projected to become insolvent in the next 10 to 15 years. If cuts are allowed, the fund's more than 200,000 retirees could see their checks slashed by as much as 60%.

"Without timely intervention, workers in the most deeply troubled plans are at risk of seeing the benefits they have earned drastically reduced," Thomas Nyhan, executive director of the Central States pension fund said at a recent Congressional subcommittee hearing.

Detroit tries to rise again

The PBGC guarantees a significantly lower benefit level for participants in multiemployer plans than it offers for single employer plans, since employers in multiemployer plans pay much lower premiums. So retirees could ultimately see drastic benefit reductions either way.

If a multiemployer plan goes insolvent, a retiree is guaranteed $12,870 a year at most, which is slightly less than the minimum benefit allowed under the proposed cuts. In contrast, a retiree in a single-employer plan is insured for up to $59,320 a year.
Groups like the AARP, the Pension Rights Center and an increasing number of unions oppose the proposed cuts. They say that retirees are counting on their pension benefits, which they were promised through decades of union contracts.

They argue that other solutions should be considered, such as allowing troubled plans to merge with healthier plans and raising the insurance premiums employers pay the PBGC.
"This is unprecedented," said Karen Ferguson, director of the Pension Rights Center, a nonprofit advocacy group. "These retirees in most cases are barely scraping by with their pension and Social Security benefits. It would be devastating to them."
Official legislation is likely to be introduced in Congress in coming months. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of retirees are left unsure whether their pension benefits are safe.

"I'm very, very concerned," said 69-year-old Jim Carothers, a Central States' retiree. "I've lost a lot of sleep over it."

There are numerous articles circulating the internet referencing the purging of the military.

I have a high level source in the Navy who sent his response to those who sought out his opinion.  Even though the internet helps to define some truths…it can also distort and mislead.

Please refer to the links for additional reading.

Thank you


There have been various Internet references to a “purging” of Generals and Admirals by the Obama Administration.  One going around has pictures of seven or eight Flag officers (generals or admirals), mostly one and two-stars, who have either retired or been fired.  I was asked my opinion on that email and pretty much discounted it as at least four of the Flag officers cited I knew were involved in matters for which they should have been fired. 

For example, the email portrays RADM Charles Gaouette as one of those “purged.”  If you look over this link and browse the attached IG report, I think you will find the Admiral “did himself in” by some talk that was apparently less than professional…to say the least.  Essentially, what the Admiral thought he was saying in private was made public – the classic “gottcha!”  He was “gotten good!”  Relieved of his Battle Group command and sent home.  It was the right thing to do.  The Navy captain who turned him in, by the way, retired early…my opinion is that any captain of an aircraft carrier “winging it” at high speed in one of the world’s busiest shipping channels should have been relieved.  I see absolutely no reason to think this was anything other than the Navy taking appropriate actions to uphold accountability and good order and discipline.

There are similar stories for the others in that circulating email who have been taken out of their job.  One of them, and I would have to look it up to be sure of the details, was accused of misusing funds for his personal travel around Africa.  As I remember the story, the general concerned was living large at taxpayer expense and was investigated because of it.  I don’t think this had anything to do with a purge.  He was travelling around his Africa command and living like a petty dictator and/or king.  He got caught on a fraud, waste and abuse complaint…rightfully. 

That said, here is a much more substantive article about was is going on at the highest levels of the military and Administration.  I think it nails what is a pretty sorry state of affairs and what should be of great concern to all of us who love our country.  It was one of the “Top Five” articles highlighted in this morning’s “Early Bird Brief” of military related news articles.  This is a story that, at least to me, carries much more import (and concern) than Internet emails such as the one mentioned. 

Yesterday we read Dr. McGee’s comment that “When men choose their own rulers and leaders, what kind of man do they choose?  Generally it is one who is like they are, and that is the reason we are getting such sorry leaders in the world today.  The leadership of the world is frightful – they are the kind of folk we picked out.  God has said right here in the Book of Daniel that He would set over the kingdoms of this world the basest of rulers.”  Unfortunately, it looks like Dr. McGee is right again.  It’s frightening!

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Leap from viruses
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

The idea of infectious disease leaping from animals to humans is a new kind of threat people are not used to. Scientists don't seem to be as surprised by this phenomenon. Over the years I've reported on scientists searching for viruses in some strange places. Nearly two years ago a story appeared about researches investigating caves looking for bats. The researchers were investigating what diseases bats carry and in particular looking at the viruses they carry. Apparently bats are an important source for various viruses. Aside from rabies, what kind of viruses could bats have and possibly transmit to other animals or even humans? Let's find out.


According to the National Academy of Science, researchers have identified that bats can harbor and possibly transmit the following diseases; hepatitis C, Ebola, rabies, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome a.k.a. coronavirus), Marburg (similar to Ebola), Nipah (Nee-pa zoonosis which is from fruit bats causes encephalitis & acute respiratory disease) and Hendra (originally a horse virus causing respiratory and neurological disease). According to virologist Phenix-Lan Quan at Columbia University, bats are natural hosts for a variety of hepatitis viruses (approximately 83 viruses).  At this writing there does not seem to be a link for these hepatitis strains being transmitted to humans. However, it does not mean that scientists won't find that genetic bridge.


According to the CDC's historical archives, the influenza A virus infects many animals such as ducks, pigs, whales, horses and seals. There are subtype influenza strains which cause widespread disease such as the bird flu (H1N1). The subtype influenza can cause illness in pigs and horses. So, how is it that some people in Asian countries are dying from these subtype influenzas found in animals? Scientists have often explained that it is extremely difficult if not impossible for animal diseases to cross over and cause illness in another animal species or in humans. So, how did the H1N1 which was predominately found in pigs cross over into birds? And how did the subtype influenza H3N2 found in humans cross over to infect pigs? A recent report informs the public that the H2N8 virus known to infect horses has now crossed over into dogs.


So, how does science explain this viral expansion from one species to another? We're told that these viruses can cross with direct contact with contaminated birds or pigs and they can be transmitted to humans. Apparently influenza viruses have 8 gene segments that can attach to various hosts in different species. The genome can mix to create a new subtype virus and then cross over to infect other species and humans. This is called genetic re-assortment. However, this sounds manmade to me. Think of these virus gene segments as one big Rubik's Cube®. If science is right about how these viruses create new subtype viruses and infect a species which has little or no immunity protection against the virus, then the illness can transmit to other animals and humans causing an outbreak. and


While I was researching the Nipah (NiV) and Hendra (HeV) viruses I came across some information that science has known about these animal viruses for some time (since the 1990's) and they've become transmissible to humans. These viruses are classified as bioterror agents. In 2005 a team of researchers at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) were said to have discovered the receptors to these viruses. Their work was published July 5, 2005 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences They reported a human cell line that is not susceptible to the virus infection and ten genes which are most susceptible. Then they transinfected each individual gene into the resistant cell line in which one of the viruses cell proteins (Ephrin-B2) was able to corrupt the resistant cells and make them susceptible to the viral infection. This corruption makes a broad range of species susceptible to the viral infection. This research was also published in the July 6, 2005 online journal of Nature. Ask yourself, why would they want to corrupt the natural resistance to such a deadly virus? Here is the scientific answer

"It will be of interest to determine whether (EPhrin-B2) serves as the virus receptor in these natural animal hosts." Benhur Lee, MD and Christopher Broder, PhD Research Team

In 2005 there was not a vaccine for Nipah or Hendra viruses. However, scientists have now tested a vaccine which is supposedly promising. I suspect they are injecting animals with these viruses and using the Ephrin-B2 protein to make the animals susceptible to the disease and of course we are told it is to help build immunity. and


Scientists have isolated the germ called the coronavirus (SARS) said to have originated with bats. Isolating the germ and to culture the live virus and knowing which receptor the virus will bind to in human cells suggests they know how to make viruses transmit from animals to humans without needing an intermediate host. This research was reported in the journal of Nature October 2013.


Science is tearing down immunity in animals and humans under the disguise of building and protecting immunity. They are creating terrible bioterror weapons from disease. As you are aware, the H1N1 Bird Flu pandemic of 2010 was not the threat the WHO portrayed it to be but it did allow them to achieve acceptance to include the H1N1 Bird Flu and Swine Flu strains in the standard human influenza vaccines. It is quite realistic that we may face another WHO pandemic in the future which includes new viral strains from bats, horses or pigs to achieve the scientific ability to include the viruses in the flu shots. No one likes to think that the brilliant minds of science would be involved in such an inhumane thing as to create new avenues for disease to infect and kill humans. Many of these viruses have a 9% or higher mortality rate. The evidence seems to be mounting that this is exactly what is happening. The motive behind such acts could be numerous such as; greed - create the disease to sell you the antidote (vaccine). Perhaps it is a depopulation method. Bill Gates admitted the elite can control 10% to 15% of the world's population with vaccines. Maybe the scientific community has gone mad. Most likely it is all three.


I know a few people who are very proactive with their health, diet and exercise that as they age are able to avoid the need for pharmaceutical drugs. When they get examined by a doctor either for work requirement or for an injury, they often face surprised or negative attitudes from medical professionals. If you are over fifty and you tell the nurse you don't take blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetic medicine they look at you like you have horns sticking out of your head. Drug dependency has become the norm when it should be the exception. Science and medicine have lost their perspective and no longer do no harm.


Medicine should work to strengthen a body and help it to function like it was designed to and not override functions causing organs to become weak and atrophy. Artificial infections with vaccines does not stimulate the proper immune response and can paralyze the immune system and make it so weak that all it can do is manifest allergic reactions. Each of us has a duty to uphold the foundations of health and protect what God gave us. Educate yourself on what natural therapies will empower your health and then use them. If you would like to know where to begin call Apothecary Herbs to find out how to rebuild your immune system and how cleanse and nourish the body to heal itself. Call Apothecary Herbs toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless. Cold & flu season is hear so don't forget to stock your organic whole food vitamins and immune boosters and take advantage of the Thanks Giving Special. Receive a FREE 1 oz bottle of Calcium Formula ($24.50 value) with a purchase of $100 and also receive a FREE Power Herbs e-book with a purchase of $150.00 now until 11/30/13.

By popular demand The Power Herbs e-book is available with symptom/herb reference guide, information on organ cleansing and how to make your own herbal tinctures plus a whole lot more. You must have email to order and receive the e-book a PDF version of The Power Herb book for just $14.99. At this time, we do not offer this title in hard copy.

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What's Ailing America?
Vaccine induced diseases—the biggest epidemic the world has ever known

by Rebecca Carley, MD

Since I realized that my son Joey was brain damaged by vaccines over 17 years ago, my mission in life has been to stop the biggest epidemic the world has ever known; vaccine induced diseases.  The amount of self evident proof I have acquired to prove that vaccines are actually biological weapons being used to kill and create disease is so massive that my main problem in getting my book on this subject finished is determining what to edit out so that it is not the length of an encyclopedia. 

Over these many years, I have come across many critical documents which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am correct.  These documents include, but are not limited to:

1. The Science of Vaccine Damage – available here. Here you will find 19 scientific studies conducted by NON PHARMA funded veterinarians who validate what I have determined after all my years of research; i.e., that vaccines cause a corruption in the immune system which leads to essentially all diseases in internal medicine. 

2. The explanation of Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE) found in Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine (the book which medical students all over the world use to study "Internal Medicine") – see this link. When I read this, I realized that SSPE is in fact autism; and that they had changed the name to hide the fact that the live measles vaccine (which has NEVER contained mercury) is the culprit.  This was proven by UK investigative journalist Christina England, when she uncovered secret documents where the vaccine promoting minions were discussing this reality.  Those documents can be accessed at. 

3. At Last! Government Documents Locked Up for 30 Years Proving This Vaccine Unsafe Finally Revealed -  Read more

4. RECENT FED COURT DECISION IN AUTISM CASE PROVES DR. CARLEY RIGHT Read more. My critique of this decision proves that Hannah Poling had vaccine induced encephalitis. As icing on the cake, it was documented that she also acquired chicken pox from her chicken pox vaccine.

5. The rabies vaccine package insert available here makes an amazing admission: "tissue-origin vaccines contain extraneous protein in addition to rabies antigen that can lead to autoimmune disease".  Since ALL vaccines are made of viruses grown on whatever tissue (and the tissues cannot be separated from the viruses when the vaccines are made and subsequently injected into people or pets), this fact is true for ALL vaccines (although the rabies vaccine is the only place I have seen this admitted).  Now that increasing number of vaccines are cultured on aborted fetuses, the autoimmune diseases due to vaccines are skyrocketing.  This is because a microscopic rejection phenomena occurs when foreign tissue is injected along with the vaccine virus.  For example, if fetal pancreas tissue is injected into you or your child, you develop antibodies against that foreign pancreatic tissue, and those anti-pancreas antibodies then attack YOUR pancreas, resulting in insulin dependent diabetes (Type 1).  In fact, I am now hearing from at least 2-3 callers/week who have children with recently diagnosed type 1 diabetes (the youngest being only 18 months old). Although "genetics" is always blamed, almost never does anyone else in the family have the same problem.  It is obvious that this is being done on purpose to these children who, if they do not reverse this autoimmune assault on their pancreas with my protocol, will be life long customers of Big Pharma. Vaccine induced type 1 diabetes is also addressed at .

6. Another very important court decision, " US Government Concedes Hep B Vaccine Causes Systemic Lupus Erythematosus", can be found at .  Of course, as described above, which autoimmune disease is created depends primarily on what tissue is used to culture the vaccine virus.  There is no question in my mind that CREATION OF DISEASE is the real reason for the injection of the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth.  Even if we pretend that vaccines work, obviously babies are not shooting up drugs nor having orgies in the nursery. This is why dads must guard their newborns like hawks until they are discharged to make sure they are not vaccinated with Hep B against your wishes.  Remember, the admission papers you sign when you enter the hospital state that the staff are free to do whatever they deem necessary to the patient.

7. The 1972 WHO memoranda available at 1) and (Memo 2) technically outline the ability to create biological weapons in the form of vaccines that:
1) First totally disable the Immune System.
2) Load every cell of the Victim's body up with Infection.
3) Switch the Immune System on causing the host to kill themselves in a Cytokine Storm (where you literally drown in your own body fluids).

8. The book "Immunological Adjuvants and Vaccines" pulished by NATO's "Advanced Science Institute Series" in 1989 (ISBN 0-306-43386-9) is a treasure trove of admissions as to how vaccines create disease, including:

a. How aluminum adjuvants in vaccines create IgE (the antibody of allergy and anaphylactic shock)

b. How vaccines can be used to destroy fertility by conjugating HCG (the hormone women make when they become pregnant) to diphtheria toxoid in DPT vaccines, thus causing women to create antibodies to human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).  These antibodies will then attack HCG produced when women become pregnant, resulting in miscarriage.   THIS IS THE REAL REASON WOMEN ARE BEING BRAINWASHED INTO GETTING THE DPT VACCINE WHILE PREGNANT TO "PROTECT" THEIR BABIES FROM PERTUSSIS (population reduction).

9. Vaccine fraud exposed: Measles and mumps making a huge comeback because vaccines are designed to fail, say Merck virologists

Although this article is important in stating that Merck scientists are coming forward to expose that vaccines are a fraud, Mike Adams states that they are "designed to fail", and that "[he is] NOT an opponent of the theory of inoculation".  This insane theory is that injecting a person or pet with germs cultured on various tissues directly into their bloodstream will create antibodies that protect them.    When common sense is applied to the concept of injecting a dangerous organism directly into the bloodstream as a way to "protect" the recipient from becoming infected, the self evident fraud in the claim that vaccines provide "protection" is obvious.  SO WHY ISN'T MIKE ADAMS AN OPPONENT TO THIS RIDICULOUS THEORY?  The best hard question to ask any vaccinator trying to cajole you into allowing this insane practice be done to you, your child or your pet is:  "how is injecting organisms into the bloodstream a better stimulus for the immune system than being coughed and sneezed on by an infected person"? Especially when we were actually taught in medical school that there is an antibody called secretory IgA found in the saliva and secretions of the respiratory mucosa which is critical in the normal immune response that occurs in natural immunity which leads to the ability of the organism to be eliminated from the body, as well as recognition of the organism in subsequent exposures. SECRETORY  IgA IS BYPASSED WHEN VACCINE VIRUSES ARE INJECTED DIRECTLY INTO THE BLOODSTREAM, RESULTING IN CHRONIC INFECTION. 

In fact, due to the inclusion of adjuvants in vaccines (which are there to boost the production of antibodies by the B cells in the "humoral" immune system), the proper balance of the humoral pole of the immune system with the cellular pole (which includes cytotoxic T cells whose job is to destroy organisms that have been coated with antibodies) is corrupted.  Since the humoral and cellular poles of the immune system have a reciprocal relationship (i.e., when one is stimulated, the other is suppressed), the adjuvants cause a corruption in the immune system which results in a hyperstimulated antibody response and subsequent suppressed cellular response.  If organisms are covered in antibody in the face of a suppressed T cell response, this results in the formation of antigen-antibody complexes which can clog up small arteries and cause mini-strokes in an organ; and, the suppression of T cells prevents the removal of the antigens (resulting in chronic infection). Additionally, cancer cells grow and become tumors as the cell mediated pole of the immune system cannot clear them. The corruption of the immune system is explained in much greater detail in my paper "Inoculations: the True Weapons of Mass Destruction" on  It was originally published in 2004, and was last updated in 2008 (and will be further updated in my book).  Note that I have had a $10,000 reward posted on for many years for any vaccine promoter to refute any of my information to date there have been NO TAKERS.

You can access the False Claims Act filed by the former Merck Virologists at . It is great that former Merck virologists have a conscience and are risking their lives to come forward.  However, until others (including Mike Adams) are willing to tell the WHOLE truth (i.e., that ALL VACCINES ARE BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS), the biological assault on every creature on the planet will continue.

THIS IS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE NEWSLETTER I HAVE YET WRITTEN ON BIO-WEAPON VACCINES; please send this newsletter to everyone you know to stop the extinction of humanity, before it is too late.  I will be discussing my protocol to reverse vaccine damage on my next show with Wendy Wilson on AVR on 11/19/13 at 7:30 PM EST.

If you need help in reversing your disease with natural therapies. please go to to learn how Dr. Carley does consults.  (Note that Alzheimers can also be reversed as long as there is family available to give the person their remedies).  You can access many archives of internet shows Dr. Carley has done over the last few years at  Dr. Carley has removed her show "What's Ailing America?" from Revolution Radio at due to censorship. She is guesting on many other shows while concentrating on consults and finishing her book. 

The information contained herein is not designed to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure disease. Seek medical advice from a lincensed medical physician (if you dare) before using any product or therapy.

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