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Friday, November 29th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, November 22nd, and Friday, November 29th, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 0.7 % from $1,243.70 to $1,252.00
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Platinum fell 2.2 % from $1,389 to $1,358
Palladium rose 1.0 % from $712 to $719
DJIA rose 0.1 % from 16,064.77 to 16,086.41
NASDAQ rose 1.7 % from 3,991.65 to 4,059.89
NYSE fell 0.2 % from 10,205.71 to 10,183.22
US Dollar Index fell 0.0 % from 80.67 to 80.66
Crude Oil fell 2.0 % from $94.72 to $92.78

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
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“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
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Ohhhh, Black Friday, gotta love it...only in America, do folks trample each other for cheap junk the day after giving thanks for what they already have. Patrick Paugh

I.M.F. Proposes to Legalize "Debt-Restructuring"

by Alfred Adask

The New York Times reported in “I.M.F. Shifts Its Approach to Bailouts” that,
“ The International Monetary Fund, convinced that Europe erred in forcing debtor countries like Greece and Portugal to bear nearly all the pain of recovery on their own, is pushing hard for a plan that would impose upfront losses on bondholders the next time a country in the euro area requests a bailout.”
First, what does the IMF mean by the word “countries” in the phrase, “forcing debtor countries like Greece and Portugal to bear nearly all of the pain of recovery on their own”?  

It means that the people of Greece and Portugal are the only ones being forced to suffer the costs associated with repaying the relevant debts.  The IMF implies that the words “country” and “people” are synonyms. 

But is such implication accurate, fair or even reasonable in relation to national debts?

Who rang up the original debt?  The “country” (the “people”) of Greece?  Or was it the debt incurred by the government of the country of Greece?  Are the “people” and their “government” one-in-the-same?

Who is the real debtor?  The people of Greece or the government of Greece?

What is the legal and/or moral obligation of the people of Greece (or Portugal, or even the United States) to make good on the debts incurred by their governments—especially if those debts are unreasonable, irrational or even the based on lies?

For example, here in the United States, our government claims the “national debt” is about $17.2 trillion.  But is that claim truthful?  Or is the true national debt closer to $90 trillion (as claimed by or, if we include unfunded liabilities, even over $200 trillion (as claimed by the Congressional Budget Office)? 

Is the “national debt” truly the debt of the “nation” (people) or is it the debt of the national government?

•  Some might argue that the American people are responsible for the “official” national debt of $17.2 trillion.  Maybe so.  But who should be responsible the “secret” or “unofficial” debt incurred above $17.2 trillion?

Similarly, did the governments of Greece and Portugal run up excessive debts without their people’s knowledge?  Is it reasonable or fair that the people of Greece and/or Portugal should be held liable for government debts which were negotiated without the people’s general knowledge or approval?

More, if the benefits of the enormous debts incurred by the governments of Greece, Portugal or the United States primarily accrued to the people of those countries, then it would be fair to require the people to repay the resulting debts.   But what if the benefit of the government’s debts primarily accrued to special interests rather than the people at large of each of those countries?  Should the people of each country nevertheless be held liable for the debts incurred by their governments on behalf of special interests

I don’t think so.

•  Second, if the IMF is “pushing hard for a plan that would impose upfront losses on bondholders the next time a country in the euro area requests a bailout,” who are these “bondholders”? 

They’re people, private institutions and even foreign governments who loaned money to the “debtor countries” by purchasing those nations’ governments’ bonds.  They are the government’s creditors.    

But what did the governments often do with the funds received for government bonds?  They gave those funds (especially, here in the US) to private institutions (primarily banks) that were deemed “too big to fail”.  These private banks were the special interests that received the primary benefit of funds received from the “bondholders”/creditors.

These “interests” are particularly “special” because they are not being  required to repay the debts from which they benefited.

•  So, we have four different classes of persons in this story: 

1) The bondholders/creditors who lend money to national governments;

2) The national governments who sell bonds to acquire funds;

3) The special interests who acquire those funds and the benefit thereof from the national governments; and

4) The common people (a/k/a the “chumps”) of each nation who will be “legally” compelled to somehow repay the bondholders (Class #1) for the bonds that were sold by the governments (Class #2) and used to benefit special interests (Class #3). 

Thus, the IMF recognizes that a bail-out program that imposes government debts only on the people-chumps (class #4) is morally or even financially wrong.  Therefore, the IMF is pushing for a new-and-improved bail-out program wherein the debt-burden on the people-chumps (class #4) is reduced by forcing the creditor-bondholders (class #1) to accept the loss of some or all of the funds they loaned to governments. 

The IMF recognizes that it’s immoral to rob the people-chumps of Class #4.  Therefore the IMF advocates that we also rob the bondholders-creditors of Class #1.  

But note that the IMF does not suggest that the governments (Class #2) who actually borrow the funds, or the special interests (Class #3) who receive the benefit of those funds, should be held liable for repaying those funds. 

• The New York Times continues:
“Scarred by its role in misjudging the depth of the Greek recession and rebuffed in its attempt to get European governments to write down their Greek loans, the I.M.F. is advocating a more aggressive approach to debt restructuring to try to ease the rigors of German-style austerity.”
In the previous sentence, the “European governments” are creditors (Class #1) to Greek and Portuguese debtor-governments (Class #2).

“Debt restructuring” means the legal reduction of payments due on bonds.  I.e., if a creditor (Class #1) loaned $1 million to the government of Greece and that government (Class #2) got into financial trouble, the creditor could be forced by law to agree to take, say, only $500,000 as repayment for his $1 million bond.  By passing new “debt restructuring” laws, governments could write off their debts whenever they liked.

“Debt restructuring” is a polite term for legalized robbery.  If the debt due a creditor (Class #1) from a government (Class #2) were legally “restructured,” then the creditor would be legally robbed.   

“Debt restricting” is a polite way for overly-indebted, technically-bankrupt governments to avoid paying their debts without admitting they’re bankrupt.  If bankrupt governments can avoid admitting they’re bankrupt, they can avoid suffering a massive reduction in their credit rating.  So long as debtor-governments can retain the illusion of solvency and most of their credit ratings, they may still find more creditors who are fool enough to lend them even more funds.

In The New York Times’ sentence above, “austerity” refers to the economic conditions that’ll be imposed on the “people-chumps” (Class #4) of the various nations who didn’t receive benefit of funds borrowed by selling government bonds but who will nevertheless be held liable for repaying those borrowed funds.  The result of imposing the bond-debts on the “people-chumps” will be higher taxes, less government services, rising unemployment, a lower standard of living and a likely reduction in life expectancy.    That’s what they mean by “austerity”.

Note that while “austerity” will primarily afflict the people-chumps (Class #4) but will have little or no direct effect on the government (Class #2) or any effect whatsoever on the special interests (Class #3).  The bondholders-creditors (Class #1) may not be plunged into “austerity” but will see their net worth diminished by however much “debt restructuring” (robbery) they’re required by law to accept.

Unfortunately, “austerity” is the driving force behind public demonstrations by the people-chumps (Class #4) who march in streets and sometimes toss fire-bombs at government buildings to express their displeasure at being subjected to higher taxes and a lower standard of living.  

The IMF doesn’t want to tax the people-chumps so much that they riot.  Therefore the IMF proposes to reduce the degree of austerity imposed on the people by “restructuring” the governments’ debts and thereby also robbing the bondholder-creditors.

The IMF’s proposed “restructuring” implies that there’s some minimum amount of funds that must be robbed in order to make the current economic and political system work.  However, the IMF proposes that governments no longer rob only the people-chumps (Class #4), but also rob the bondholder-creditors (Class #1).

Lesson?  Riots work. At least to some degree.  If you’re a member of the people-chumps (Class #4) being over-taxed and robbed by your government (Class #2) and you riot and perhaps even threaten to harm some government employees, officers or property, government will “feel your pain” and start to rob the creditors (Class #1) as well. 

Government will not “feel your pain” to a degree sufficient to stop robbing somebody.  They won’t “feel your pain” sufficiently to stop enriching the special interests who pay bribes/political-campaign-contributions to legislators who legalize the “restructuring” and other forms of robbery.  Under the proposed restructuring laws, governments will merely “feel the pain” of the people-chumps enough to start robbing their bondholder-creditors.

•  However, robbing creditors creates problems:
“But the I.M.F. proposal . . .  is encountering stiff resistance, not just from the powerful global banking lobby, but also from European policy makers, and more recently, the United States government, which is the I.M.F.’s largest financial contributor.

“Indeed, despite tough talk on both sides of the Atlantic about making bond investors [Class #1] share the cost of bailouts with taxpayers [Class #4], the world’s largest economies seem to have accepted the dire warnings advanced by investors and bankers that the I.M.F.’s proposed new approach would badly roil still-fragile credit markets in Europe.”
Ahh,  yes.  We dare not “roil” the “still-fragile” credit markets. 

And how might this offensive “roiling” take place?

Well, insofar as the IMF proposes to legally “restructure” the debts owed to bondholder-creditors’ (Class #1) in order to ease the plight of debtor governments (Class #2), then many of the bondholder-creditors will wake up and realize that if they lend funds to a debtor-government, the risks are high that they’ll never be repaid in full. 

Thanks to legalized “debt-restructuring,” creditors won’t merely lose money to artificially low interest rates or high inflation rates—they might even lose a big chunk of their original principal to “restructuring”.   I.e., if you loaned $1 million to a debtor-government, you might count yourself blessed if you recovered $500,000 and you might not be the least bit surprised if you only recovered $200,000 under “debt-restructuring”.

Given that virtually all western governments (especially the US) are debtors and technically bankrupt, once restructuring were legalized, where would governments find an adequate supply of suckers to keep buying their bonds?  If bond-holders could be legally deprived of their principal by debtor governments, then bonds would degrade from the status of loans to the status of gifts.  If you bought a bond, odds would be high that you really bought a gift for a debtor government.

Once “restructuring” were openly legalized, bondholder-creditors (Class #1) would stop lending anything to debtor-governments (Class #2) on the long-term and might even stop lending short-term.   That might mean no funds for special interests (Class #3) and therefore no bribes (political campaign contributions) for legislators.  And, surely, we can’t have that—can we?

The only option would be to raise taxes on the people-chumps—but if the people are already ready to march and throw Molotov cocktails at government buildings, that’s out.

Oh,wait!  There is one more option:  The debtor-government (or its friendly central bank) might simply start printing more and more paper dollars to give to the special interests.  (We might call this program something like “Quantitative Easing” and claim that it would “stimulate the economy”.)  Eventually, those paper dollars would enter into the economy and cause significant inflation (perhaps even hyper-inflation) that would rob all of the bondholder-creditors (Class #1) and all of the people-chumps (Class #4) while empowering the government (Class #2) and enriching the special interests (Class #3). 

Ta-da!  Problem solved. 

Better “restructuring” through inflation.

•The New York Times concludes:
“‘The [IMF] has been bruised and abused,’ said Susan Schadler, a former I.M.F. economist and the author of a recent paper that argues the fund broke its own rules in lending to near-bankrupt Greece.  ‘But in the end there is no trade-off between austerity and debt restructuring — you have to do both,’ she said.”
First, the people of Greece weren’t “near-bankrupt”.  The government of Greece was bankrupt—it couldn’t pay its bills.  The IMF loaned money to the Greek government to avoid admitting that that government was bankrupt.   If the governments of Greece and then Portugal were allowed to admit they were bankrupt, the world’s creditors might wake up and stop lending to all technically-bankrupt governments.  Then the whole governmental racket might collapse on a global scale.

Can’t have that.

What does Ms. Schadler mean that there’s no trade-off between “austerity” and “debt restructuring”?  She means that there’s some minimum amount of funds that must be robbed from the public in order to repay most of the government’s debts.   Thus, an undisclosed transfer of wealth must take place from the people-chumps (Class #4) to the debtor-governments (Class #2) to shield the governments from admitting they’re broke.

“Austerity” means that the people subject to a bankrupt government must accept higher taxes and a lower standard of living as a consequence of their government being technically bankrupt.  The people must be sureties for the government. 

“Debt restructuring” means that the bankrupt governments’ creditors must accept losing some or all of their principal—but without using the “B-word” (“bankruptcy”).

Who wins under debt restructuring?  The debtor governments.  They raise taxes on people and legally refuse to completely pay debts due to creditors.  Governments grow more powerful by going into debt and bankruptcy at the expense of the people and the creditors.

•  But even bankrupt governments aren’t penniless.  Governments have assets, including buildings, the marble on the walls in federal court houses, treasures in national museums and gold bars.  The US government owns half the land west of the Mississippi River.  Some of these government assets could be sold to pay for government debts.

Governments have employees.  Employees could be fired to cut costs and apply the savings to repaying government bonds. 

Government employees are often overpaid.  A Rand Instituted study concluded that the average federal employee paid double he’d receive for doing the same work in the private sector.  It wouldn’t be easy, but government could cut their employees’ pay and apply the savings to paying off the government’s bond debts.

Government employees are often entitled to retire after just 20 years of employment and start collecting retirement pay around the age 40.  Retirement benefits might be postponed until the employees turn 65 and apply the savings to paying off the government’s bond debts.

Government employees have pension funds  . . . .  Well, you get the idea.

Governments have assets that could be sold or costs that could be cut to pay off their bonds.  There’s no reason why the burden of repaying government bonds should lie solely or even primarily on the people-chumps (Class #4), or even on the bondholder-creditors (Class #1) and not be shared by the debtor-government itself (Class #2).  If the people must accept austerity, so should their government.

And then there’s the special interests (banks; Class #3) that received funds acquired by means of government bonds.  Since A.D. 2008, many of those special interests just sat on those funds rather than lend them to the people-chumps in order to stimulate the economy.  So, why not tell those special interests we want that money back?  Loan it or lose it, hmm?  If the special interests don’t comply, charge their boards of directors with treason for robbing the American people and thereby giving our enemies “aid and comfort”.  Let those high-rollers be judged by a jury composed of the people-chumps and see how many are found guilty and sentenced to be hanged.

•  The IMF are fools.  Don’t they understand that if we legalize “debt restructuring” now, we’ll eliminate virtually all future bondholder-creditors dumb enough to lend to government? 

Can’t have that, can we?


That’s why the US government opposes the IMF debt-restructuring proposal—not because “restructuring” is bad for the people or even for the creditors, but because, ultimately, restructuring hurts governments by eliminating the future suckers government has come to rely on.

Of course, when the time comes for the whole house of paper-debt cards to collapse, government will restructure the debts due bondholder-creditors (Class #1) and rob them blind.  (I doubt that the bondholder-creditors will recover more than 20% of the debts due them.) But that debt restructuring will be deemed “necessary” under the pretext of an economic “emergency” rather than “legal” under a pre-existing law that allows “debt-restructuring”.   It will be promoted by government (and probably accepted by the people) as a shocking surprise rather than a long-term plan.

And why not?

Creditors (Class #1) who are dumb enough to invest their funds in bonds issued by overly-indebted, technically-bankrupt governments are fools.  Why shouldn’t they be robbed?   It’s been axiomatic for centuries that “a fool and his money are soon parted.” 

If the IMF’s proposed restructuring laws are enacted, the fools and their money will soon be “partible”—and inevitably, “parted”—by law.

Christians and The Bible must be destroyed before Obama's plans can kick in
By Laurie Roth ON NOVEMBER 26TH, 2013

Obama sits excitedly at his Communist-progressive ‘machine gun’ in the White House. He loads and reloads, firing away at Americans like a kid lost in ‘Toys R US.’  For over 5 years now commentators have wondered and theorized what was really behind Obama’s radical and UN Constitutional behavior that seems to fly out of him at warp speed. Some have said, ‘Obama is just inexperienced.’  Others have said he is ‘incompetent.’  Those of us who have watched and studied Obama’s actions from before he was first elected realize neither is correct.  He is the chosen one, managed by international and Muslim handlers.  He is passionately committed to his master…Satan, Islam and the new world order.  Perhaps we can call them the ‘unholy trinity’ that inspires and empowers Obama.

Obama is simply a long planned out ‘hammer’ in the hands of the ongoing and multi decade internationalist control agenda.  It has defined itself as many things, but essentially today, hides behind the face lift of ‘agenda 21’  ‘sustainability’ International-human rights (code for Muslim rights). It has created ‘international emergencies’ such as ‘global warming’ that will manipulate and control international taxes, laws, food sources and land. 

4 areas of bold and deadly attacks by Obama that will crush America if we let him

Obama sold out Israel and has Emboldened Iran – giving them 8 billion dollars

Obama’s back door deal with Iran is treason — deadly to Israel and to us.  He has stopped our common sense and desperately needed sanctions against Iran and instead offered them 8 billion dollars so they can quickly and surely finish up their nuclear and ‘attack’ ambitions against Israel and the West.  They will probably take out the Saudis as well when ready.  This is one of the most deadly, disloyal and brazen decisions Obama has made while in office. 

Notice the hatred and real feelings Obama has about Christians.  He didn’t include in his treacherous deal with Iran the demand that the Iranians release the American Christian pastor Saeed Abedini – 33 who was sentenced to 8 years in prison and has been enduring torture.  All this for simply being a Christian.  Saeed is married and a father and a Christian…and an American being ruthlessly tortured and imprisoned.  Obama has nothing to say about it when he should of and could of.  If that doesn’t tell you what Obama really thinks of Christians…nothing will.

Planned incompetence and evil force behind the exchanges and Obamacare

Every day the Obamacare suffering and pain gets bloodier, deeper and wider.  Now, following the Christmas rush, predictions are flying around that from 80-150 million people in January will be dropped from their health care employer plans.  There is no sign of the infamous Obamacare web site working any time soon.  There is only the usual disinformation and sound bite theatre from Obama. 

Obama’s crashing poll numbers however, are bold signs that the masses are not just taking the spoonfuls of rotten vinegar anymore.  Americans and even some of the brain dead media are waking up…and they had better wake up fast or they will die.

Do you get the seriousness of this unfolding attack yet???  Millions of people are now dumped from their insurance plans, with precious few places to go and many of those have illnesses, diseases, need meds, are pregnant, and need treatment.  Obama has created a national disaster, which is just beginning.   This battle will become far more ugly before it gets better.

Internationalism/Islam/New world order is the unholy trinity and lifeblood of the Federally imposed school curriculum Common Core

Every Friday on my national radio show  from 7-8pm PAC, I talk with Christina Michas, a bold activist exposing the real horrors and truth of Common Core in our public schools.  I have screamed about this bold assault on our children and families but not enough are listening yet.  Shockingly, there are alleged conservatives and known GOP personalities who say this is great.  Obviously, they have not read anything in it or studied what it is really doing and teaching!

Just a few tidbits from Common Core

It rewrites our history and compares Boston Tea Party patriots to 9/11 terrorists.  Hello?  Common Core has pro Islam sentiment peppered all through it and Christianity and Judeo Christian values of any kind and reference removed.  Common Core authors are internationalists and into sustainability and agenda 21.  Health and sexuality classes are now pro gay-pro acting out porno parties.  Kids are being taught and even pushed to try on all kinds of sexuality and expression. There is no right or wrong and young kids are referred to reading material that is simply porn for 5 year olds on up.  Check it out yourself.

Achievement and individuality is crushed in Common Core, while kids are pushed into a ‘sustainable’ ooze of sameness…nothing exceptional, unique…just a sustainable work blob to be data mined and manipulated.  You can find out more at:   This curriculum will destroy and control the minds, sexuality, work choices and spirituality of our children.  It is time to find out if Common Core is in your school system yet and if so…get your kids out before it is too late.

Coming soon if we let Obama and his dictatorship fantasy rule

Government will control:

What you own

Where you live

Where you work

What you eat

How and who you worship

What you say

What you drive

How long you live

If you get medical care

I see the International power elite, with Obama involved in leadership pushing for a Government approved ‘combo’ religion, perhaps like ‘Chrislam’ or a Unitarian type religion on the surface that is really controlled by Islam and Dictators.  This religion will be nothing more on the surface than a placebo for the masses, but will be full of tyrannical controls just underneath the surface’ sugar.’

Christianity and Christians will be described as pushing and teaching ‘hate crimes’  ‘anti Government because God is above Obama.’  Since ‘real’ Christians won’t be controlled, they will be targeted and outlawed eventually.

Obama MUST resign, tried for treason, impeached or be arrested.  He is brazen and prolific in his assaults on America.  House and Senate rise up!  American people rise up!  ‘Put away food, emergency items, guns, ammo, medicine and gasoline.’  Pray hard and vote only for conservatives in the 2014 elections so conservatives can get back the Senate and fortify the House.

Join me each night from 7-10pm PAC at  as we take on these issues.

Be sure to listen to Financial Survival radio program live at and Short-wave radio 7.490 AND 9.880Mhz M-F 4:00PM ET. We broadcast in cities of Spokane KTAC 93.0 5-6pm Eastern, Metairie WVOG 600AM 3-4PM Eastern and Dallas KXBD 1480AM 4-5PM Eastern.

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Kidney and bladder problems
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

In the US there are about 8 million doctors office visits for UTI (urinary tract infections) and is considered the second most common infection we get. Pregnant women are 4 to 5 times more likely to develop urinary tract infections. Overactive bladder problems are also a big money-maker for the drug industry and doctors. The WHO reported that bladder control problems affect over 200 million people globally. The medical establishment expects women over 45-years-of-age will develop overactive bladder problems and women are told that it is treatable. I think most people have lost sight of what "treatable" really means. I think people assume it means "cure" when it does not. Treatable really means manageable as in disease management. It does not guarantee a cure or a reversal of symptoms but at best offers a reduction of symptoms and only while taking the drugs. Women are told that the drugs will offer them "better coping strategies," which means the drug is another layer of protection when used with pads or adult diapers. What amazes me is that doctors and drug companies look at their so-called preventable and treatable tactics as a cure. Let's see if we can improve on this problem the natural way.


One of the triggers for bladder problems is stress. Women seem to be more sensitive to stress in this area of their bodies then men. Add menopause to the mix and the nervous system and hormonal system are under duress. The men seem to retain stress and it likes to crop up as a problem in their prostate. According to National Association for Continence survey of 2004, people with bladder control problems will wait on average 4 to 6 years before they consult their doctors.


If you have overactive bladder and you go see your doctor, there are six drugs your doctor might prescribe.

Oxbutynin (Ditropan, Gelnique)
Tolterodine (Detrol)
Darifenacin (Enablex)
Solifenacin (Vesicare)
Trospium (Sanctura)
Fescoterodine (Toviaz)

The side effects from such drugs are dry mouth, constipation, heartburn, blurry vision, tachycardia, flushed skin, cognitive side effects (impaired memory, confusion) and urinary retention (difficulty urinating). Also, drowsiness, dizziness, upset stomach and extreme pain for prolonged periods of 3 days or longer, weakness, dry eye, hot and dry skin, extreme thirst, pain and burning upon urination, sore throat, body aches, flu-like symptoms, eye pain, itchy rash, swelling of face, tongue or throat and difficulty breathing. These drugs to not interact well with other drugs such as antibiotics, antifungal, antidepressants, anti-malaria meds, arrhythmia drugs, HIV drugs, medication for nausea, vomiting, migraine headache, narcotics or psychiatric medications. Obviously, you don't want to use these drugs while pregnant or nursing.   


The new drug for bladder problems is the trans-dermal patch called Oxytrol. The patch contains a drug said to reduce the muscle spasms of the bladder and urinary tract. There are plenty of warnings that come with this patch such as; don't use if you have glaucoma, intestinal or stomach blockages or urination problems. The side effects are; blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness and should use caution when operating machinery or driving. Alcohol consumption will magnify the side effects. You should also use caution if you exercise because you should not get overheated while using the Oxytrol patch. Avoid dehydration and hot weather and your patch has a vampire aversion to sunlight – don't expose the patch to sunlight. You can't be wearing one of these patches and undergo a study such as an MRI. There also seems to be a medical concern using the patch if you suffer from liver, kidney or prostate disease. You may not be able to use the product if you have a neurological disease. Pregnant women must avoid this patch as the FDA states it will harm unborn children. The drug company is not sure if the chemicals in the patch will penetrate breast milk and harm the baby.  The drug industry offers approximately two drugs designed for incontinence and overactive bladder (flavoxate pill and Oxytrol patch) and nineteen (19) off label drugs. All that these drugs will do is temporarily block signals to the nerves in the bladder and urinary tract responsible for making the spasms. Antispasmodic drugs are usually the first drugs the physician will roll out to treat this problem. If that doesn't work the next prescription in your hand may be an antidepressant (tricyclic drug) to calm the nerves responsible in stimulating urination. The side effects of these drugs are; make your eyes sensitive to light, dry mouth, blurred vision, lightheadedness, headaches, stomach cramps, nausea, skin discoloration, allergy symptoms (stuffy or runny nose), hair loss and genital pain.


Magnesium has been shown to improve bladder function. Natural magnesium is needed by the body for muscle and nerve function. A study from Tel Aviv University found that women who improved their magnesium intake also improved their bladder and urinary tract function. The women experienced fewer trips to the bathroom especially at night. An excellent source of natural magnesium will be in foods such as turnip greens, sardines and oatmeal and Celtic Sea Salt and does not encourage hypertension.


Some foods will aggravate the bladder and contribute to urge incontinence should be avoided such as; white sugar, corn syrup, honey, fructose, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks (usually loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners and colors).


Some drugs which can irritate bladder function are blood pressure and heart medications, muscle relaxants, sedatives, diuretics and any products that also include Excedrin can be a problem.


So whatever the plumbing problem is; overactive bladder, UTI, incontinence, cystitis, constipation, IBS, there are natural solutions you can use without the risk of expensive drugs. The herbs I like to use to cleanse away irritating pathogens and help strengthen the bladder wall and PC muscle are: uva versie leaf, horsetail, pipssisewa leaf, marshmallow root and golden flower. You will find these in my Kidney/Bladder Cleanse Kit. To help with stress I like to use Valerian Root to calm nerves and for natural magnesium I use Celtic Sea salt. If hormones are also involved with the bladder malfunction I like to use the six female herbs in the Female Maturity Formula. For men see Male Hormone Formula  and Prostate Kit. You'll find organic organ cleanses and immune boosting herbs at Apothecary Herbs. If you are searching for herbal products with more vitamins, minerals and proteins than what is in stores call Apothecary Herbs to order or to request a free product catalog 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless. Thanks giving special 15% discount & Free Ground Ship in continental US on orders of $50 or more.  Use Coupon AUT13. International subscribers use Coupon INT13 for 20% off orders of $75 or more. Hurry! Coupons Expire 11/27/13. 

By popular demand The Power Herbs e-book is available with symptom/herb reference guide, information on organ cleansing and how to make your own herbal tinctures plus a whole lot more.  You must have email to order and receive the e-book a PDF version of The Power Herb book for just $14.99. At this time, we do not offer this title in hard copy.

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