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Friday, December 6th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, November 29th, and Friday, December 6th, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 1.7 % from $1,252.00 to $1,230.70
Silver fell 2.4 % from $20.03 to $19.54
Platinum fell 0.2 % from $1,358 to $1,355
Palladium rose 1.9 % from $719 to $733
DJIA fell 0.4 % from 16,086.41 to 16,020.20
NASDAQ rose 0.0 % from 4,059.89 to 4,062.52
NYSE fell 0.5 % from 10,183.22 to 10,131.21
US Dollar Index fell 0.4 % from 80.66 to 80.27
Crude Oil rose 5.4 % from $92.78 to $97.82

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Promises To Pay

by Alfred Adask

CNN Money reported in “Judge: Detroit can proceed with bankruptcy,” that:
“A federal judge has given a green light for Detroit to proceed with its bankruptcy, the largest municipal bankruptcy in history.

“The ruling opens the door for the city to cut billions of dollars in payments that are owed to city employees, retirees, investors and other creditors.

“Unions and pension funds had argued that the city should not be eligible to use bankruptcy court protections. They said that regardless of the Detroit's financial troubles, city and state officials did not negotiate with creditors in good faith in an effort to reach a deal on its liabilities.”
Good faith is important in most bankruptcies, in that the person or institution filing for bankruptcy is expected to make a “good faith” effort to reveal all of his assets so as to make them available to his creditors. 

However, in the instance of Detroit, I doubt that good faith will be particularly relevant.  Why?  Because What can’t be paid, won’t be paid.  It’s been common knowledge for several years that Detroit not merely penniless, but so deep in debt that those debts can never be paid in full.  Any errors in good faith will be insignificant when weighed against Detroit’s enormous debt.

No man-made law or federal court can overcome reality.  Detroit is broke; too broke to ever repay all of its debts.  No judge can wave a magic wand that makes a bankrupt pay his (or its) bills.  Broke is broke.  That’s why we have bankruptcy law. 

Bankruptcy law is simply a legalized recognition of the fundamental idea that What can’t be paid won’t be paid.  There’s no sense in trying to squeeze money out of a bankrupt.  There’s no point to tossing the bankrupts into a debtor’s prison.  Why assume the cost of $25,000 to $50,000 per year to incarcerate a man for being broke?

You might just as well jail the creditors who were foolish enough to enable the bankrupt to go deeper and deeper into debt.

You can’t fix stupid.  When you run into a man, a city or a nation that’s behaved stupidly, you might just as well let him or them go.  There’s nothing to be done but ascertain that the individual is really bankrupt, and if so, write off all of his debts and get on with life.
“In his ruling, Judge Steven Rhodes found the city did not meet that [good faith] threshold, yet he ruled that such negotiations were impractical because of the huge number of creditors, which total more than 100,000. So, ultimately, he concluded that the city filed its petition properly.”
Apparently, there were defects in Detroit’s bankruptcy petition. 

Nevertheless the judge let Detroit proceed into bankruptcy because reality had overcome the legal technicalities.  Detroit is broke.  Big time.  What can’t be paid, won’t be paid.  Why waste more of time and money trying to squeeze currency out of an absolute bankrupt?
“One major union, the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, has already said it plans to appeal the decision.”
I’ll be very surprised if any creditor’s appeal succeeds against Detroit’s bankruptcy.  At most, the union might force Detroit to refile its technically defective bankruptcy petition and postpone the inevitable.  But, in the end, Detroit is not the Federal Reserve.  No appellate court can make bankrupt Detroit spin currency out of thin air to repay its debts.

There’s an important lesson here. 

The Detroit employees accepted Detroit’s “promise to pay” them their pensions—someday.   The city employees worked today in return for a pension that would be paid “someday”.  But Detroit’s promise to pay that pension is proving to be false.  

In retrospect, those former city employees can probably see that they would’ve been better off to take an actual “payment” (higher wages) at the time when they worked rather than a “promise to pay” a pension as some later date

That same lesson is going to be learned by most Americans when it’s finally understood that fiat dollars and all other paper debt instruments (stocks, bonds, bank accounts, pension funds, 401k’s, etc.)  are mere “promises to pay”—not payments.  Payments are tangible and include land, buildings, machinery, goods, products, gold and silver.  All paper debt instruments are merely IOUs—promises to pay. 

Because our national and private debts are even greater than Detroit’s, those debts are also too great to ever be repaid in full.  Therefore, most of the paper promises to pay that memorialize those debts will inevitably be openly repudiated or stealthily disintegrated by inflation.  When that day comes, those Americans who’ve stored their wealth in the form or paper debt instruments will be every bit as angry, frightened and helpless as the former employees of Detroit are today.

Currency Wars: China's Yuan vs the US Dollar

by Alfred Adask

CNBC posted “Yuan overtakes euro as 2nd most used currency in trade finance”.  In that article, CNBC reported that,
“The yuan has overtaken the euro as the second most used currency in international trade finance, according to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

“The share of the Chinese currency's usage in trade finance, such as Letters of Credit and Collections, grew to 8.7 percent in October, from 1.9 percent in January 2012, data from the transaction services organization showed.”
Note that the yuan’s share of the global trade rose from 1.9% to 8.7% in less than 2 years.  That’s an average increase of over 3% per year.
“It now ranks behind the U.S. dollar, which remains the leading currency with a share of 81.1 percent.

“The euro's share, meanwhile, dropped to 6.6 percent in October, from 7.9 in January 2012, and is now in third place.”
The yuan’s rise to the #2 currency in international trade is an important, but largely overlooked, story. 

If the yuan continues to grow at the rate of 3% per year, the US $ and the Chinese yuan would be equal in terms of usage by 2025—12 years from now.  If the yuan’s rate of growth accelerates—and it probably will—the yuan and fiat dollar will reach parity much sooner.

For example, if the use of Chinese yuan increased by 5% a year (instead of 3%), we could expect a dollar/yuan parity by 2020—just 7 years from now.

Why might that parity be important? 

Because we can wonder how long the fiat dollar will retain its position as “world reserve currency” if the Chinese yuan becomes more commonly used.  If the fiat Chinese yuan provides a viable alternative to the fiat dollar, I suspect that a lot of nations who are sick of US monetary exploitation will be happy and eager to shift from US dollars to Chinese yuan. 

And if China ever provides a currency backed by gold, the flight from US fiat dollars into Chinese gold-backed yuan would be almost instantaneous. 

The fact that we even see a mainstream media article comparing the growing use of Chinese yuan to the use of US % is evidence that a change is taking place that’s likely to accelerate over the next several years.
“The top five countries using the renminbi (RMB) for trade finance in October were China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany and Australia.”
There’s no surprise that Asian countries like China, Hong Kong, and Singapore use China’s currency to settle their international trade.  And, given that Australia is geographically close to China, it’s not surprising that Australia is one of the top five countries using Chinese currency.  But it is surprising to learn that Germany—the most important economic and political power in the EU—is also one of the top five countries using China’s currency.  Insofar as Germany uses Chinese currency to settle foreign trade accounts, we can expect the rest of the EU nations to soon follow suit.
“According to a poll by HSBC . . . , a quarter of 700 global businesses surveyed said they expect to start using the currency in trade settlements within the next five years.

“The bank expects the yuan to account for 30 percent of China's external trade settlement by 2015, up from 12 percent at the end of 2012, ultimately paving the way for full yuan convertibility.”
An increase in the use of the yuan in China’s external trade is not the same thing as an increase in global use of the yuan.  Thus, it’s possible that the Chinese yuan might double in Chinese foreign trade by A.D. 2015, but still reflect only 10% or 12% of global trade.

But, if it were true that use of Chinese yuan in Chinese trade increased from 12% “at the end of 2012” (which corresponds to the beginning of 2013) to 30% “by 2015” (which corresponds to the end of A.D. 2014), then we can see that the use of Chinese yuan in Chinese trade will increase by 50% in two years.   That translates into an average annual increase of 25% per year.

If that same rate of growth for Chinese foreign trade also applied to global use of the yuan—and it might—we could expect use of the yuan to reach parity with that of the dollar in as little as 2 or 3 years.

Although no one knows for sure that the use of the yuan will continue to grow, or how fast it might grow, that usage is likely to grow and can reasonably be expected to reach parity with the fiat dollar within 2 to 5 years. 

Once that parity is reached, the fiat dollar will probably lose its status as world reserve currency.

More, it’s not clear that the Chinese yuan must actually reach a 50/50 parity with the fiat dollar before the dollar loses its status as world reserve currency.   The psychological impact of the Chinese yuan being used in just 25% to 35% of global trade might enough to terminate the fiat dollar’s status as world reserve currency. 

Once that status is gone, the dollar’s value might fall precipitously and the dollar might even collapse.  Conversely, the price of gold in US dollars should also rise dramatically.

•  I’m guessing that prior to A.D. 1999 (when the euro was first introduced into global trade), the fiat dollar was used in roughly 98% of all international trade transactions.  If so, the use of fiat dollar has fallen from 98% to 81% in just the past 14 years. 

Even so, some people might naturally assume that the “little” Chinese yuan (currently used in just 8% of international trade) would still never rise to match the level of the (current) 81% fiat dollar.  After all, the yuan is just another fiat currency, with no more intrinsic value that the fiat dollar.

But Chinese fiat currency has one enormous advantage over US fiat dollars:  China has the world’s largest stockpile of monetary reserves while the US is the world’s biggest debtor. Given the choice, which fiat currency would you rather do business with:  that of a nation whose wealth is growing at a remarkable pace, or a nation that’s not merely going deeper into debt, but which is technically bankrupt?  

•  When the dollar’s status as world reserve currency might actually be lost remains to be seen.  But China’s gains on the dollar in global trade suggest that the “world reserve currency” status won’t last for more than five more years, and might be lost in as little as two.

That guesstimate gives us a timeline on which we might be able to reasonably predict when the value of the fiat dollar will crash and the price of gold, at the latest, will skyrocket.

If I can come back so can America
By Laurie Roth ON December 4TH, 2013

Obama’s December is stealing the manger scene and replacing it with the horrors of Halloween and Obamacare.  His continued and feeble attempts at propaganda lies and smiley face deception are massively boring in their criminal predictability.  America now sees Obama walking over the bodies he created.  He roams around the burning buildings, and crushed hopes, while throwing empty speeches out to the survivors barely breathing.  Obama has tried to destroy the greatest nation on earth, and he will not get away with it. This week I was reminded about the time in my life 8 years ago when I was nearly destroyed and looked like road kill as America does now.  As America ponders if she can ever come back, I also was forced to ask the same question.  Can I come back?  Is it possible to come back from SO much loss?

I have been hit many times with the seduction to just give up.  The first time involved the flattening of my only dream at the time to make it as a singer and songwriter.    From childhood on I had entered contest after contest, choir after choir, then sent off tape after tape trying to get noticed.  Finally, after years of pushing, calling and selling myself and songs I finally got what I thought was a break.  I formed a little production company, established a team I believed in, raised money and signed a distribution deal with a major label.  The reviews were coming in and great.  When my record was starting to go up the charts and it seemed I was going to finally make it as a singer after all these years….the unbelievable happened.  I ended up being a victim of crime, had hard to raise money stolen by a company overseas and my record promoter was linked to a major crime family.  My prize for finally starting to make it out of a small town was to go bankrupt, watch my record fall quickly off the charts due to an absence of stolen promotional dollars, become yesterday’s news overnight and fall into despair for losing my long fought for career and everyone’s money that I loved.  

Oh yeah, along with so many being mad at me for losing all their money, being evicted from my home and my car being repossessed,  I was sickingly aware I was too old to start all over again in the music business.   Now what?  Too old and too poor;  Don’t feel any pressure!  I disappeared into the woods with my dogs.  Maybe I could sing to the trees in between crying and praying.

It was finally out of my boredom of my whining and  feeling such despair that I started thinking that maybe I could do something else, like talk radio.  I felt I was too old for a recording contract now, plus I didn’t know anyone honest in the music business.  So I started volunteering at a small station in Eugene Or and developing a national radio show out of my music disaster.  Maybe I could compete here somehow.

From the start up of my national radio show in 2003, I was working hard as an Independent, growing markets, ratings and advertisers.  Maybe my life would start to go in the right direction now.  My listeners quickly knick named me The Annie Oakley of the Airwaves due to my hard-hitting and satirical style.  I was just having fun that is all I knew.

Things were going great until Aug 2005 when I made national news by nearly being killed on my motorcycle when a Deer slammed into me as I turned a corner.  My skull split open on the hot pavement.   I’m told I was about 2 minutes from death at the scene and my lungs were filling with blood.  I was suffocating.  1st responders expected me to die.   My forehead was fractured.  My cheekbones were shattered.  My jaw was broken in 3 places.  My eye socket caved in. The roof of my mouth was severed.  It was suddenly the end of almost everything for me.  I slipped into a coma and did not awaken for several weeks.

It marked an abrupt close to my broadcast career.   Along with breaking nearly everything from the neck up, I had bruises and severe damage to my cranial nerve, inner ear and immediate recall and memory storage area of the brain   I would easily forget any new conversations.   I remember my close friends and husband telling me how I would repeat myself in a conversation for the first 3-4 months of recovery.  How lovely, a formerly pretty girl who looks like Frankenstein now and acts like she has Alzheimer’s.  Isn’t that special!?

The other huge hit for our family was financial.  Our only income had been the small income we received from my little but growing radio show.  My husband and I had made this show our only income so he and I could be home since we had foster adopted two precious and needy children who needed much attention.  We thought at the time that being there for the kids  was more important than two incomes at the moment.   In addition we had no health insurance when this accident occurred.  We couldn’t afford it.  I had no disability insurance and I had no coverage whatsoever.  My annual income was less then $30,000.  That was covering a family of four. 

As the massive medical bills started to climb quickly past $250,000, my husband applied to Medicaid for help.  They checked out our income and tax records, and then said we qualified.  Otherwise we would have quickly gone bankrupt.  Medicaid at least paid a lot of the major stuff. 

After a month and a half in the hospital I came home.  My show was off the air after 3 months of guest hosts.  After 6 surgeries, a year of braces on my teeth, therapy and endless visits to Doctors I saw enough healing and growth that when I looked in the mirror I saw back the reflection and face I had always known.   With my cranial nerve being seriously damaged to my left eye, and struggling with seeing double to this day, my munched inner ear began healing ever so slowly.

After 10 months of daily work and practice with walking, talking, exercising my very injured eye and more, USA Radio Network offered me the opportunity to return to my national radio show, 7-10 pm each night again. 

I am still recovering 8 years later and struggle with distortion in my left eye.  I also struggle with my sleeping patterns, energy issues and dumbness in my mouth.  I was off the air 10 months recovering enough to do my show again, so naturally I had to start from scratch with new stations, one at a time.  My ego was about 2 inches high but at least I was in the ring and had a chance to build my show again.  Oh yeah….I was sane and alive, more than anyone thought I would be. 

I started back, still recovering and with double vision and no guarantees.  Most professionals were saying ‘she can’t do it’.   “What is she on drugs?  She has no money, is her own producer, has a small network and she thinks she will get her show rolling again.”  Yeap!  That is about it.  Me with my bad drooling mouth and no money just got out of bed and started back…..then kept walking, tripping, getting up, seeing double and walking some more.  That is how real Americans and people of faith do things.  There is no fanfare and magic. Real Americans  don’t give up because the challenges are huge,  money is scarce and their body hurts.  They find a way.

America looks like road kill now and Obama is arrogantly strangling her on the side of the road with Obamacare to make sure she dies a painful death.  My career and life was also road kill.  If I can make it back and conquer the enemy so can America!  Conquer the 2014 elections!  Conquer by communicating with your representatives and Senators and demand they destroy Obamacare.  Conquer by getting behind any real push against Obama, and then keep pushing until he is out of office and justice is done

We will survive and fix our country.  Pray, work and believe right!!!

Join me each day on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC at

"I Fear For What's Coming" – 68 Percent Of Americans Believe The Country Is On The Wrong Track
By Michael Snyder, on November 25th, 2013

Family watches sunrise

Are you deeply concerned about the future of America?  Is something in your gut telling you that our system is fundamentally broken and that the mainstream media is not telling you the truth about what is happening?  If so, you are definitely not alone.  Right now, there are millions upon millions of Americans that are absolutely horrified as they watch this nation deteriorate.  In fact, according to an analysis of recent polling data conducted by Real Clear Politics, approximately 68 percent of all Americans believe that the country is on the wrong track and only 23.5 percent of all Americans believe that the country is on the right track.  And of course our problems did not appear just recently.  In fact, many of them are the result of decades of very foolish decisions and they are not going to be fixed easily.  Unfortunately, there is very little consensus among Americans about how to fix any of our problems.  There is more anger, frustration, hatred and division in the United States today than there has been in decades, and there is very little hope that the great storms that are looming on the horizon will be averted.  Those that are wise are preparing for what is coming.  Those that are not are going to be absolutely blindsided by what is rapidly approaching.

Once upon a time, America was the wealthiest nation on the entire globe by a huge margin and it had the largest and most thriving middle class the world had ever seen.  But now America is drowning in the biggest ocean of red ink in the history of the planet and the middle class is being systematically destroyed.

If you read my articles on a regular basis, you already know all of this.  But now there are certain factors that are going to cause the problems of the middle class to greatly accelerate.

For instance, just consider what Obamacare is going to do to millions of American families.

The Foundry recently posted a story that detailed the extreme hardship that Obamacare is going to impose on one middle class family in Sonora, California.  This particular family is very healthy and does not have a history of health problems.  Up until now, they have had a health insurance policy with Anthem Blue Cross Insurance that they have been very happy with.

Back in 2011, this family was paying $389 a month for health insurance.

In 2012, due to changes in California law that figure went up to $499 a month.

Now, this family has just received a letter informing them that their current plan is being canceled and that if they want a new plan it is going to cost them $1,252 a month.

Needless to say, that news did not go over very well with that family.

Just think about it.

Can you come up with an extra $753 a month for health insurance?

Most American families certainly cannot.

Well, Kate Joy and her husband sat down and started trying to figure out how they could squeeze the new health insurance policy into their budget.  It turned out that they would have to cut out a lot of things.  The following is a list of the proposed cuts that they have come up with so far...

1.Stop paying the extra payment on my mortgage: $100/month
2.Stop eating out: $150/month
3.Don’t go to the movies: $36/month
4.Switch to getting a haircut every other month: $15/month
5.Stop getting manicures: $40/month
6.Stop monthly charitable donations to Wounded Warrior and Habitat for Humanity: $70/month
7.Stop saving for an annual anniversary getaway: $60/month
8.No Christmas gifts to extended family: $40/month
9.Quit buying beef at the grocery store: $100/month
10.Teeth cleaning only once per year: $30/month
11.Cancel all magazine/newspaper subscriptions: at least $30/month
12.Cut DISH service to cheaper plan: $50/month
13.Cancel land line phone service: $70/month

If they make all of those cuts, it will save the family $791 a month.

Understandably, that family is having a very hard time feeling optimistic about the future right now.  In fact, at the end of the article Kate Joy is quoted as saying the following...

"I fear for what’s coming."

And of course her family is not the only one that is being absolutely hammered by Obamacare.

In a previous article, I discussed the results of one study which showed that health insurance premiums for men are going to go up by an average of 99 percent under Obamacare and health insurance premiums for women are going to go up by an average of 62 percent under Obamacare.

And a different study found that health insurance premiums for healthy 30-year-old men are going to go up by an average of 260 percent under Obamacare.

All of this is going to suck a tremendous amount of "discretionary income" out of the economy.

In addition, millions upon millions of Americans are going to make the choice to go without health insurance altogether.  And considering the level of care that we get in many of these hospitals that is understandable.  For example, the body of 57-year-old Lynne Spalding was recently discovered in a stairwell at San Francisco General Hospital 17 days after she had disappeared from her hospital room.

Those that provide our "health care" don't care about us as much as they did in the old days.  Instead, the health care industry just wants to get as much money out of us as rapidly as they can and then move on to the next victim.

And of course health care is not the only thing that middle class families have to be concerned about these days.  Our national employment crisis is getting even worse, incomes are shrinking, and Obama is pushing Congress to approve a secret treaty that will ship millions more of our jobs out of the country.

And there are certainly a lot of troubling economic signs as we head toward 2014.  Just consider the following examples...

-Pending home sales in the United States have fallen for five months in a row.

-Machinery giant Caterpillar is reporting negative retail sales growth in every region on the globe.  Historically, the sales growth of Caterpillar has been one of the most important indications of where the economy is headed next.

-Major banks are warning the Federal Reserve that they may have to start charging depositors a fee.  In other words, you may soon have to pay for the "privilege" of putting your money in the bank.

Of course this is just the beginning.  Things are going to get much, much worse in the years ahead as our economy continues to deteriorate.

And as things continue to fall apart, people are going to become a lot more desperate.  To get an idea of what is coming to America, just look at what is happening in Greece.  Some poor people in Greece have become so desperate that they are literally infecting themselves with HIV just so that they can get monthly government payments...

Suicides rose by 17% between 2007 and 2009 and to 25% in 2010, according to unofficial 2010 data (398). The Minister of Health reported a further 40% rise in the first half of 2011 compared with the same period in 2010. Suicide attempts have also increased, particularly among people reporting economic distress (610). Homicide and theft rates have doubled. HIV rates and heroin use have risen significantly, with about half of new HIV infections being self-inflicted to enable people to receive benefits of €700 per month and faster admission on to drug-substitution programmes. Prostitution has also risen, probably as a response to economic hardship. Health care access has declined as hospital budgets have been cut by about 40% (398) and it is estimated that 26 000 public health workers (9100 doctors) will lose their jobs (611). Further cuts are expected as a result of recent negotiations with the IMF and European Central Bank.

If you doubt this, you can find the original report with these findings right here.

A lot of people accuse me of being a "doom and gloomer" for writing articles like this.

A lot of people accuse me of trying to spread worry and fear.

But I do not see it that way at all.

I was recently asked what the number one issue is that has me so worried that it keeps me up at night.

Do you know what my answer was?


Nothing that I write about keeps me up at night.

I am not worried about what is coming and I do not believe in giving in to fear.

Rather, I believe that there is hope in understanding what is happening, and I believe that there is hope in getting prepared.

Do you want to know who is going to be totally giving in to worry, fear and despair in the years ahead?

The people that are not getting prepared right now.

Do you want to know who is going to be jumping off the top of tall buildings in the years ahead?

The people that are laughing at articles like this one.

For most adults in America, they primarily define their lives by their jobs, their material possessions and by all of the toys that they have accumulated.  When those things get taken away, we are going to see a national hissy fit that is absolutely unprecedented.

The Republicans are not going to save us from the storm that is coming and neither are the Democrats.

It is coming.

That is why I am urging people to get prepared on an individual basis, a family basis and a community basis.

If you prepare yourself and your family now, you will have a much better chance of surviving the coming storm.  And you will be in much better position to help those that will need your assistance.

If you think back throughout history, most of those that we consider to be the greatest "heroes" emerged during times of great crisis.

Well, another time of great crisis is coming, and this will be a tremendous opportunity for a new generation of heroes to arise.

So do not cower in fear because of what is coming.  Rather, use this time to get prepared for the greatest challenges and the greatest opportunities that you have ever known.

When things are the darkest, that is when the light is needed the most.

Choose to be a light.  America will soon need you greatly.

Be sure to listen to Financial Survival radio program live at and Short-wave radio 7.490 AND 9.880Mhz M-F 4:00PM ET. We broadcast in cities of Spokane KTAC 93.0 5-6pm Eastern, Metairie WVOG 600AM 3-4PM Eastern and Dallas KXBD 1480AM 4-5PM Eastern.

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Immune system busters
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

This is the season when people enjoy holiday feasts and everything that can be good or bad for the immune system. The Thanks giving and Christmas holidays offer us more sugar than any other time of the year (with the exception of Halloween). If you compound the hectic holiday schedule with sugar, the immune system can be negatively affected. If you wonder why people are especially sick around the holidays or shortly thereafter, it is most likely because the largest source of holiday calories is coming from sugar. Americans are consuming 180 pounds of sugar annually. Let's take a look at sugar and the major things that can suppress your natural defenses against bacteria and viruses during the holidays and try to avoid them.



The holidays keep us hopping with shopping, decorating, meal preparations, parties, travel, work and school. It is very easy to get run down and sick during Thanks giving and Christmas. The lack of sleep alone is a big problem for your immune system. If you cut your sleep short to only 4 to 6 hours for 5 to 7 days there is a study at the University of Chicago which suggested that sleep deprivation will negatively affected the immune system by at least 50%. Without enough sleep your immune system cannot make adequate antibodies to fight of infections.  Lack of sleep will also increase stress hormones and encourage more inflammation. So, during the holidays if you secure 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night you have increased your resistance to disease by 50% to 75%


There is no other time during the year (except summer vacation) in which people start to skip their daily exercise routine. When you skip the 30 minute or 60 minute regular exercise you suppress the immune system. When you do regular exercise the immune system is heighten. One study noted that if Siberian ginseng is used in conjunction with aerobic exercise, it helps the body to release killer T-cells to kill unwanted microbes and infections for 24 hours compared to exercise alone that releases killer t-cells for only 2 hours. Regular exercise also improves your sleep.


Holiday diets contain more sugar. One candy bar will suppress an immune system for 6 to 8 hours and allows cold and flu bugs to attach cells. If you can't resist the sugar plums and grandma's holiday cookies, then you counter that with eating more fruits and vegetables with beta carotene, zinc and vitamin C. If that fails then use the immune boosting herbs such as Astragalus root, garlic and Echinacea and ginseng. You can also use whole food organic vitamin food mixes like the Body Foundation Food Mix from Apothecary Herbs.


Try not to over commit yourself over the holidays and instead of accepting every party invite, try to slow down to reduce stress hormones. This doesn't mean you should isolate yourself and not participate in holiday activities. Connect with your close friends, tell some jokes and laugh. People who have a good sense of humor have stronger immune systems because their stress levels tend to be lower. Therefore, if you have something to look forward to, it can elevate the immune system response.

"Sugar acts like fertilizer for cancer cells." Mark's Daily Apple Post


During the winter season we consume more sugar and it can put your immune system into what I call a sugar coma. The immune system struggles to respond and at most may initiate an inflammatory response. You may not realize how much sugar you can consume at one holiday get-together. If you arrive at a party you may start out with a soda or one with alcohol in it. The average soda contains 20 teaspoons of sugar or 1/3 cup. Studies have shown that just 75 to 100 grams (2.5 to 3.5 oz) of sugar is enough to suppress the immune system. You may snack on carbohydrates that convert to sugar. Add some honey-baked ham, sweet potato casserole (with melted marshmallows on top), green bean casserole (with fried onion rings on top), a dinner roll, maybe some wine and a slice of pie or cake for dessert. Before you know it you've consumed more sugar than you normally do in a month. The weight gain is the least of your problems. This can negatively affect the liver, heart, pancreas (create insulin resistance), increase bad cholesterol and enough sugar can give cancer a foothold. By-the-way, when you arrived at the holiday gathering and have consumed that first soda, within 30 minutes the immune system is suppressed by 40% to 75% for 5 to 8 hours.


How does sugar lower your immune system? According to a 1973 study from Loma Linda University, the sugar negative affects the white blood cells (leukocyte) into making responsive killer T-cell macrophages to search and destroy infectious pathogens. It appears that sugar can create a chain reaction of responses in the body, in which the immune system may not know which to respond to address first. Sort of like a flash-bang to the body that temporarily blinds the immune system. Inflammation could be the immune system response and explains why people with gout will have a flare up at the holidays.


If you been on an airplane and there are cranky kids onboard, the chances are they've had sugar. Children are adversely affected by processes sugar and this makes them restless and irritable. Some children are super sensitive to sugar and can affect their attention span, sour their behavior and impact their capacity to learn. According to Dr. Keith Conners, author of Feeding the Brain, children are more sensitive to sugar than adults. If you have a child with a sweet tooth, you could try using Celtic Sea salt to deter the sugar cravings. 


I've said the getting the flu shot often gives you the flu and starts the spread of the flu to others. Now, layer in the extra sugar during the holidays to suppress the immune system and the flu vaccine (which has bypassed all the immune system blockages to activate the immune system to manufacture of antibodies) and you can see why people are sick. The 1970's research of Dr. Linus Pauling demonstrated the devastating effect of sugar and your body's ability to defend itself from disease.


When you tap into nutrition and medicinal herbs you can skip the holiday sick days. If you feel run down and think a cold is coming on, use the synergistic effect of three herbal formulas to nip it in the bud; Astragalus Root, American Ginseng and Immune Booster. For children substitute the Immune Booster for Children's Echinacea or just look for My 3 Amigos at Apothecary Herbs. You can also bring some Celtic Sea Salt along to squelch the sweet tooth this holiday and use the Body Foundation Food Mix for the fruits and vegetables you may be missing. All at Apothecary Herbs toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless. 

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JFK Assassination – 50 Year Anniversary in Dallas
by Ty Bollinger

I traveled to Dallas on Thursday, November 21, with my brother, Ron, to the JFK "50 Year Anniversary" at Dealey Plaza. We arrived Thursday afternoon just as Alex Jones and crew were beginning to film. Ron and I were proud to be able to stand up for truth, while the mainstream media's lies were abundant. Every news report we saw mentioned how Lee Harvey Oswald "acted alone" and was the "lone nut" that killed JFK. Those were definitely the "talking points" to make sure that the good sheeple remember not to question the official story of a "lone nut" assassin who "acted alone." Pure hogwash! I have an entire chapter devoted to JFK's assassination in my latest book, Monumental Myths .

Thursday afternoon, after the rally, Ron and I hooked up with my good friend, John B. Wells, who is the weekend host of Coast to Coast AM. We had some dinner and then headed to a small church in east Dallas, where I was honored to participate in a roundtable discussion about the assassination of JFK. Other participants were John B. WellsJim Marrs(author of Crossfire: The Plot That Killed KennedyLuke Rudkowski  (founder of "We are Change"), and Judyth Vary Baker (Lee Harvey Oswald's girlfriend and author of Me & Lee).

After speaking with Judyth and listening to her speak to the crowd, there is no doubt in my mind that she is credible and that Oswald did not kill JFK. No doubt. Period.  If you still believe that Oswald killed JFK, you are delusional and living in a dream world. You do NOT want to know the truth. How many hours of research have you ACTUALLY done with an open mind?

Interestingly, in contrast to the conclusions of the Warren Commission, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) concluded in 1978 that JFK was most likely assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The HSCA found the original FBI investigation and the Warren Commission Report to be "seriously flawed." The HSCA stated that there were at least four shots fired (only three of which could be linked to Oswald) and that there was " a high probability that two gunmen fired at (the) President." Anyway, if you want to learn more about what really happened with the assassination of JFK and many other "conspiracy" topics, you'll love my latest book, Monumental Myths , where I shatter the myths and expose the truth. At least, for those who actually WANT to know the truth. You can't open someone's eyes to the truth, if they don't want to see it. I know, I know, it's much more comfortable to stay asleep and believe the lies. I have some relatives that love the lies and don't want to even discuss the possibility that they've been lied to and that the government is corrupt and that we're living in the matrix (not literally, of course).

Anyway, back to the JFK 50 year ceremony in Dallas. So, Friday morning, November 22, 2013, exactly 50 years to the day of the assassination of JFK, Ron and I picked up John and we traveled to downtown Dallas, where a large crowd was gathering to march and protest the official story. While speaking to the crowd, I talked to an elderly African American gentleman who told me that he was there in Dallas 50 years ago and he heard SIX shots and saw a puff of smoke (after the last shot) coming from the Grassy Knoll. There were dozens of other eyewitnesses who saw and/or heard shots from the Grassy Knoll. But the "official story" has only 3 shots being fired from the School Book Depository. I guess everyone else was just "imagining" the shots. Why are 3 bullets (and 3 bullets ONLY) essential to the official story?

Here's why: The Secret Service and the FBI reported that three cartridge cases were found at the scene.  This information was given to the Warren Commission and it became their "ball and chain" because they were forced to work within those parameters (i.e. three bullets and three bullets only). So let's account for all three bullets, shall we?
One bullet hit JFK in the back. The best evidence of this exists in the form of his suit coat and shirt. One bullet hit JFK in the head. This evidence is found in the Zapruder film, and attested to by numbers of witnesses. One bullet hit Governor Connally, and one bullet missed, injuring James Tague. The Warren Commission admitted this fact of the missed shot.

This forced them into the "magic bullet" scenario that combines the back shot and the Connally hit. According to Arlen Spector, who came up with what is now known as the "magic bullet" theory, Oswald fired his gun in a right-to-left trajectory, and the bullet went through the back of JFK's neck, exited the front of his neck, turned right to enter into Governor Connolly of Texas, who was sitting in the front seat. The bullet entered right behind his armpit, then changed angles, crushing a rib, exiting the front of his chest, then changed angles again, moved upward and then angled down, going through his wrist, changed angles again, and eventually lodged in his thigh. Seven wounds one bullet. Eventually, like most bullets do (sarcasm intended), it plopped out of his leg and deposited itself on a gurney next to the governor, where it was later found by an employee at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Oh yes, it was in pristine condition.
Seriously? They want us to believe that? Hey, I know what happened! A miniature leprechaun leapt out of the gurney and transformed the bullet back into perfect condition. Yeah, that's what happened! It was a leprechaun!  That's the ticket! Oh, by the way, for his "magic bullet" balderdash theory, Arlen Spector was made Senator, practically for life. A non-zombie, thinking person knows that there were at least  four bullets fired. We all know the precise timing of the shots by means of the Zapruder film. We all know that the indisputable "fourth" bullet means at least one more gunman.  Two (or more) gunmen mean a conspiracy. This is the pin that bursts the balloon of the mainstream media's monumental myth that Oswald was a "lone wolf nut." From here on out the discussion is purely academic, relatively trivial, and mostly contrived. The official story is all done with "Four bullets, Two gunmen." Game Over!  By definition there must have been a conspiracy to kill JFK.

So, back to the gathering in downtown Dallas on November 22, 2013. Shortly after I spoke to the elderly gentleman who told me that he heard SIX shots, Alex Jones and the Infowars crew arrived at the park where we had gathered. As soon as Alex saw John, he asked him to do a live interview on the Alex Jones show. Of course, John obliged.Regarding the mainstream media's bobble-heads and the endless regurgitation of the official story, one of the brilliant statements that came from John's mouth follows:  "Those people sitting up on those bleachers up there, it's nothing personal, but there's this thing called a 'Judas Goat' – that's the animal that leads the sheep into slaughter. You should be ashamed of yourselves towing the party line. You're supposed to be journalists, you're supposed to be interested in the truth, you're supposed to be interested in the welfare of the people. So walk the walk we've heard enough of your talking the talk."

At one point, during the march, the Dallas Police threatened to arrest me and Ron, since we were standing in the middle of an entrance to a parking lot and "obstructing traffic" . . .  despite the fact that there was no traffic – it had all been blocked off. After they warned us 3 times, I realized that they were talking to us, so we cleared the entrance. At one point, John looked over at me and said, "Ty, this is sort of eerie. It's too calm. This would be a perfect opportunity for a false flag." Little did I realize how correct he was.

As we marched with the peaceful crowd for over 2 hours, there was no profanity – no violence from the crowd – no threats – just a bunch of peaceful protesters, including families with small children. I walked right behind a father carrying his 6 year old girl on his shoulders. I remember this specifically because she was about the size of Tabitha – our 7 year old girl.

Nobody without an "official" armband was allowed into Dealey Plaza for the ceremony. You see, dissenters were not welcome. Free speech was not allowed. Only the government's ludicrous "official story" was welcome in the cordoned off area. Is that indicative of living in the "land of the free and home of the brave "? Sounds more like North Korea to me After the ceremony was over, the Dallas Police (under court order) removed the barricades and Alex Jones and the Infowars crew began to head toward the Grassy Knoll area. Keep in mind that this was AFTER the event was over and the Dallas Police removed the barricades and told everyone that it was OK to enter. Within a minute, a large group of over 20 jack-booted thugs (Dallas County Sheriff and DHS working together) swarmed the crowd and began pushing and hitting the peaceful crowd. They literally attacked like a bunch of dogs, forcing the group back to the street away from the Grassy Knoll. There are several videos of the surreal attacks. The little girl was knocked off her father's back as the thugs hit him, and she was almost trampled. Several folks were hit in the stomach and face. It only lasted less than a minute, but the mere fact that it happened at all makes me sick.

After the incident, within 2 hours, the Dallas Morning News had posted an article calling us "conspiracy theorists" and "violent protesters." This is a LIE. The only violence at that event came from the thugs that attacked the peaceful protesters.
I know. I was there. The story was pure rubbish.

According to the story, Carmen Castro, spokeswoman for Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez, said that deputies repeatedly told the demonstrators to move and to "cease their disorderly conduct," which, she said, included "using profanity and obscenities." Two more damnable LIES!  Nobody told the crowd to move. They just attacked. And there was no profanity or obscenities. The only obscene thing about the entire incident was that those who are commissioned "to protect and to serve" were attacking innocent protesters.  Finally, Ms. Castro stated, "They were forcibly moved back when they refused to obey. Deputies did not use any chemicals or weapons, and no one was injured." Oh really Carmen? No one was injured? Tell that to the man who had his head smashed into a brick wall and was bleeding profusely.

At the event, I saw first-hand how the mainstream media lies, obfuscates, and pushes the "official" story . . . truth be damned! I saw in person how truth is suppressed, how dissent is squelched, and how DHS and local law enforcement agencies are armed and ready to take down American citizens for daring to even QUESTION the official story. Thank God that none of the protesters fought back. I'm sure that DHS would have loved to kill some civilians that day.  You could see the insanity in their eyes. Remember Kent State . . .

We all need to wake up to the reality that we are being lied to constantly and that our country is quickly descending into tyranny.

In the end, the events of November 22, 2013 are confirmation that I did the correct thing when I published my latest book, Monumental Myths

~ Ty Bollinger is the host of "Outside the Box Wednesdays" on the Robert Scott Bell Show. He is also author of the best-selling book, "Cancer-Step Outside the Box" and his latest book, "Monumental Myths of the Modern Medical Mafia and Mainstream Media and the Multitude of Lying Liars that Manufactured Them."

His websites are and

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