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Friday, December 13th, A.D. 2013

Between Friday, December 6th, and Friday, December 13th, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 0.6 % from $1,230.70 to $1,238.70
Silver rose 0.7 % from $19.54 to $19.68
Platinum rose 0.4 % from $1,355 to $1,361
Palladium fell 2.5 % from $733 to $715
DJIA fell 1.6 % from 16,020.20 to 15,755.36
NASDAQ fell 1.5 % from 4,062.52 to 4,000.98
NYSE fell 1.7% from 10,131.21 to 9,954.84
US Dollar Index fell 0.1 % from 80.27 to 80.19
Crude Oil fell 1.4 % from $97.82 to $96.49

Swiss to reform gold market to aid transparency
Swiss move to make gold market more transparent to abuses in precious metals market

December 13, 2013 10:59 AM

GENEVA (AP) -- The Swiss government has approved a change in how data on gold trade is compiled in an effort to reduce abuses in the precious metals' market.

The governing Federal Council of ministers, which includes the president, says figures on gold imports and exports will be broken down by country starting next year.

The seven-member Council said in a statement Friday the change is intended to comply with international standards "and thereby contribute to transparency in precious metals trading."

An Associated Press investigation in 2008 involving visits to six bush mines in three West African countries and interviews with more than 150 child miners found gold mined by children was bought by itinerant traders to Mali's capital city and then to Switzerland, where it entered world markets.


Italy backs 8 percent minimum bail-in for ailing banks

BRUSSELS Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:30am EST

(Reuters) - Italy's Economy Minister Fabrizio Saccomanni said on Tuesday that public intervention on troubled banks should come after inflicting losses on bondholders through a minimum bail-in of 8 percent of total bank liabilities.

Yet, Saccomanni the introduction of bail-in clauses may spread risks across the euro zone banking sector.

"In case of a systemic crisis, public intervention would be preferable to the risk of contagion generated by an extended use of bail-in (clauses)," Saccomanni said speaking at a meeting of European Union finance ministers in Brussels.

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Fiat Money Fools

by Alfred Adask

One of our readers sent the following question.  It touches on some of the irrationality and outright foolishness that follows when a nation gives up it gold- or silver-based money and replaces it with a fiat (paper or digital) currency:
“I'm having a hard time understanding how Detroit or anyone can have a debt; if there is no real money, how can there be a debt?

“Without real money, how could there even be a bankruptcy court, or bankruptcy protection?  If all we have is debt paper for currency, that debt paper is lent into existence, backed by nothing, how can there be a debt? I'm not trained in finance/accounting but this whole system is insane and makes no sense to dummies like me.”
My Answer(s): 

First, your premise that our “debt paper for currency” is “backed by nothing” is incorrect.  It’s true that our fiat dollars aren’t back by anything tangible, like gold or silver.  However, since A.D. 1971, paper dollars have been backed by the American peoples’ “full faith and credit”.    “Full faith and credit” is fancy language for asserting that the American people will make good on the debts created and denominated in fiat dollars. 

Thus, the national debt and the value of the fiat dollar are backed by your signature; by your presumed or implied promises to pay that debt.  

The “official” national debt is $17 trillion; says it’s closer to $90 trillion; the Congressional Budget Office says that, including unfunded liabilities, the national debt is over $200 trillion.   Depending on whichever total sum you choose to believe most accurately describes the true national debt, your personal “fair share” of that debt may be roughly $50,000, $300,000 or $650,000.

So, how much extra money do you have?  How much of your fair share do you plan to pay? 

I’ll bet that after you explain why you’re in a bind just now (the kid needs braces, Christmas is coming, etc.), your answer is Zee-ro.  You’re not going to voluntarily pay anything on the national debt.

How much of my “fair share” of the national debt do you think I plan to voluntarily pay?  Answer: Zee-ro. 

Do you think the rest of America is any different?   Talk to 100 people. Explain that they each owe somewhere between $50,000 and $650,000 as their fair share of the national debt.  Ask them how much of that debt they plan to pay and how soon government can expect their check.  It’s conceivable that two or three out of one hundred might agree to pay their full “fair share”—but it’s not likely. 

Ask the same questions of all 310 million Americans, and you’ll probably get similar replies.  Ohh, they may not object to other people being held liable for the national debt.  But how much are they able and willing to personally pay?  Just about Zee-ro.

Given that no one is ready to personally pay his fair share of the national debt, what’s the true value of the “full faith and credit of the American people” that’s allegedly backing our national debt and our fiat dollars? 

It’s also just about Zee-ro. 

Why?  Because you will break your presumed and/or implied promise to pay your “fair share” of the national debt.  So will I.  So will just about every other living American.

So, what are the real values of the national debt and fiat dollar backed by the “full faith and credit of the American people” if the American people aren’t able or willing to pay their fair share of the national debt?

Pretty close to Zee-ro.

Americans are no more likely to voluntarily repay our national debt than Greece, Cyprus or Zimbabwe.  So, when that debt finally comes due, those creditors holding the paper debt-instruments (stocks, bonds, bank accounts, 401(k)s, etc.) are going to take  a “haircut”—just like they did in Greece, Cyprus and Zimbabwe.  Those creditors who trust in the “full faith and credit of the American people” are going to get just as screwed as those who trusted in the “full faith and credit” of Greece, Cyprus or Zimbabwe. They’re gonna lose their assets.


First, because you, and I and the rest of America don’t have the money or even sufficient net worth, to pay the national debt. 

Second, because we say in our hearts, “Screw the debt; let someone else pay it.”  We aren’t about to personally kick in $50,000 to $650,000 to pay off the national debt. 

The purpose of this analysis is to illustrate that you will not personally pay your fair share of the national debt.   If you won’t pay, what makes you think I will?  Why should anyone else? 

Once you recognize that you won’t voluntarily pay your fair share of the national debt, you can extrapolate that recognition to see that virtually no one will voluntarily repay that debt—and therefore, most of that debt won’t ever be paid. 

Sooner or later, almost every creditor who loaned currency to the US government will come to the same conclusion.  Sooner or later, everyone holding a piece of the US national debt or storing their wealth in the form of paper dollars will lose most of their purported wealth and recognize that they’ve been playing the fool.

•  The danger of all debt is that "one man's debt is another man's asset".  Debt is always an express or implied promise to repay the debt—someday—but not today.  

If I borrow $100,000, I sign a note for $100,000.  That note is my “promise to pay”.  Someone then holds that note and treats it as an asset.  If you ask them, they'll tell you that they have $100,000 in "savings" because they have a piece of paper with my signature on it.  (When you think about it, isn’t it almost laughably foolish for anyone to believe that piece of paper bearing someone’s signature is a form of wealth?)

But, if I go broke, I can't pay my debts.  I can’t make good on my promise to pay.  If I can't pay my debts, I destroy the value the paper debt instruments that memorialize each of my debts.  If I go broke, my $100,000 note becomes worthless and the man who thought he had $100,000 in savings will learn the difference between a “payment” (receiving something tangible) and a “promise to pay” (receiving a signed piece of paper).  

But it gets worse.  In a debt-based monetary system, bankruptcy doesn't just wipe out the debtor's debts, and the creditor's assets, it actually destroys that part of the money supply that’s based on the debt.   Because bankruptcy in a debt-based monetary system (like our) makes currency disappear, bankruptcy diminishes the national money supply and attacks the economy itself.  Thus, we have three “losers” in a bankruptcy proceeding:  the borrower, the creditor and the economy.

• This three-party loss wouldn't happen if we had a 100% gold- or silver-based monetary system.

I.e., if I borrowed $100,000 in gold and I went bankrupt, I couldn't repay the $100,000 in gold and the paper debt instrument that memorializes that debt to my creditor would also be worth zero.  I’d be broke and my creditor would lose $100,000 in gold.

But the $100,000 in gold would still remain in the hands of multiple people within the economy.  I would’ve borrowed the gold and spent the gold (foolishly, perhaps).  I might not have any more gold, but the gold I’d borrowed would still exist.

I'd be bankrupt for being a fool, and the man who was fool enough to lend me $100,000 in gold would also suffer a $100,000 loss.  But the gold/money would still exist in the hands of people who were not so foolish and the economy, itself, would not be diminished.  I'd be diminished; my creditor would be diminished; but the economy would not be impaired by my bankruptcy.

With paper debt instruments, that's not so.  

If I go bankrupt, my $100,000 note becomes worthless, my creditor loses $100,000, but so does the economy.  The currency/credit which was created in the original loan and which became part of the national money supply would cease to exist. 

More, because of fractional reserve banking in a fiat monetary system, if I signed a $100,000 note, the banking system could use my note as collateral to lend ten times that much ($1 million) to other borrowers. Therefore, if I go broke, my $100,000 note not only becomes worthless, but the bank may have to "call in" $1 million in loans based on my failed $100,000 note.  

Now the economy is in big trouble.  It hasn't merely lost $100,000--it's effectively lost over $1 million

That couldn’t happen with a purely gold- and/or silver-based monetary system because banks can't “spin” ten ounces of physical gold out of thin air for every ounce of gold they loaned out. Spinning dollars out of thin air is only possible—and highly profitable--with paper or digital fiat currencies.  That’s why central bank love fiat currency and hate gold and silver.  Bankers can’t make a fast buck off gold or silver.  They can off fiat dollars.

•  The obvious (but seldom recognized) point is that currency in a debt-based monetary system is made of debt (promises to pay) rather than tangible assets like gold or silver.  The debt instruments generated by loans become part of the “money supply”.  Therefore, every bankruptcy in a debt-based monetary system doesn't merely destroy the debt owed by some unfortunate borrower and cause creditors to lose their assets—it destroys some of the debt-based currency itself and thereby threatens the entire economy.  

That threat isn’t confined to individual bankruptcies.   Suppose the US government is declared to be bankrupt—what happens?  The national debt is wiped out and however much of that debt is held by foreign countries is also wiped out.  The consequent loss of currency could cause the whole world economy to collapse.

Again, that can't happen with a 100% gold- or silver-based monetary system.  The US government could go bankrupt and there’d be a big problem for the US economy.  Americans would be mad.  A lot of politicians would be thrown out of office.  But the actual money (gold/silver) that the US had borrowed would still exist.   Those who’d treated the gold/silver foolishly would lose their gold/silver.  But the gold/silver lost by fools would still exist in the hands of people who were more prudent and the economy would not be impaired. 

•  Bankruptcy punishes fools and teaches prudence.

In a gold- or silver-based monetary system, the only fools punished are the borrower who defaults and his creditors. 

In a debt-based monetary system, the original borrower is punished for playing the fool.  His creditors are punished for being fool enough to trust the borrower.  But the entire public—and thus, the economy—are also punished by seeing their national money supply diminished. 

Does it seem unfair that the people at large are punished?  It’s not.  The people should be punished for being fool enough to allow their government to subject them to a debt-based monetary system.

In a gold/silver-based monetary system personal bankruptcies can actually strengthen the economy by: 

1) Taking gold and silver out of the hands of fools and placing it in the hands of the wise; and,

2) Serving as an object lesson to teach all others what kind of financial behavior is foolish and self-destructive and what behavior is wise and profitable. 

But in an economy built on a debt-based monetary system, widespread bankruptcy poses an enormous threat that must be avoided wherever possible in order to avoid destroying the “money supply” that’s composed of nothing but debt made from an illusory fiat currency.  If enough debt is destroyed, enough currency may be thereby destroyed and the result can be deflation, depression and economic collapse. 

That’s why we have “too big to fail” banks.  They’re not “too big to fail”; they’re “too big to bankrupt”.

Any bank that’s deemed “too big to fail” is, by definition, incompetent and foolish.  Technically, they’re the worst banks you could possibly invest in or trust.  In a gold- or silver-based monetary system, such banks would be executed in bankruptcy for the “sin” of financial recklessness and irresponsibility.  

But in a debt-based monetary system, if government allows the “too big to fail” banks to slide into bankruptcy, under fractional reserve banking, the economy might suffer the loss of ten times as much currency from the “money supply” as the bank was worth.  If the “too big to fail” banks were allowed to slip into bankruptcy, the resulting destruction of paper and digital dollars could be enough to collapse the US and even global economies.

•  A fool and his money may be soon parted in an economy based on gold and silver money.  But, in the fiat monetary system, the greatest fools (the “too big to fail” banks and governments) are protected and even rewarded for their foolishness by giving them even more currency.  Because we can’t risk having our greatest fools slide into bankruptcy, we must keep them “alive” at any cost.  Therefore, we have Quantitative Easing to give more money to our biggest fools

Who are our biggest fools? 

We can identify them by asking Who’s getting the currency under Quantitative Easing? 

Answer:  The Federal Reserve doles out $85 billion each month that’s being divided roughly 50/50 between the big Wall Street banks and the federal government

Thus, America’s biggest fools are the big banks on Wall Street and the federal government.   The Wall Street banks are technically bankrupt because they hold billions, even trillions of dollars in derivatives that will one day require payments that can’t possibly be paid.  The federal government is technically bankrupt because it holds a national debt that can never be paid in full.

1st  Implication:  The federal government and the Wall Street banks are our least competent institutions and biggest fools (with the possible exception of the American people who allow this crap to continue).

2nd Implication:  Insofar as we allow our biggest fools to run our government, economy and nation, we are inevitably headed for a national catastrophe.  (If you’re going to put your trust in fools, you are a fool—and you are heading for a fool’s reward:  poverty.)

3rd implication: All of this foolishness (and our inevitable economy collapse) flows from the fundamental foolishness and irrationality of replacing a gold- and silver-based money with a fiat currency.

Obamacare will create Cold Hard Bodies

By Admin ON December 12TH, 2013

Join me each day from 7-10pm PAC on my national radio show at

 From the beginning, the Affordable Care Act – otherwise known as ‘Obamacare’ was always a ‘bright shiny thing’ appealing to the dumbed down masses in America who had wants, needs and health issues. Just like with all wanna be dictators, Obama knew that if he just stacked enough lies together and twirled in circles while screaming out his F5 tornado promises, people would bite. Find the need and if the need isn’t big enough, create the need so people feel desperate and are looking for a savior. Obama just knew that people would run to the exchanges and eagerly sign up for Obamacare. He was wrong but on we go. This would draw the gullible masses to his real goal – total control of our accounts; total control of our health and financial records; total control over who gets what medical care and when. Then when the need was magically much larger and the exchanges and Health policies were dumping millions, Obama would swoop in with the single payer, Government rescue. Only, it appears the pain, failure and losses smothered Americans too fast and too deep. The Narcissist N’ Chief’s plan is backfiring big time.

Run by Obama’s SS (IRS), people would be automatically intimidated, contained and controlled through Obamacare. Those who resisted would be fined and punished severely. Obama has plagiarized right out of Hitler’s playbook. I have written and screamed about this on my show for years. We are now in the middle of this Christmas Obamacare nightmare and wondering whom the heroes are and who will fight for the people, our lives and freedom???

The enemy list so far

Seniors must die Among the endless list of ‘enemy’ targets that are to be destroyed at the hands of Obamacare are our seniors. Obamacare is doing this through the now famous ‘Death panels’ where much needed care is denied seniors. The older you are and the more you need quality care, the bigger the lines, longer the wait and louder the denials are! Obamacare is nothing but ‘killing fields’ for our parents.

The bravest and finest generation in America — our Parents, are considered in their retirement years as ‘useless eaters’ Obama can’t control. They are uncontrollable, too conservative and simply in Obama’s way. Obama would love to trip over their cold, hard bodies on the way to building his empire. Well, Obama can trip over this — the country rising up, including seniors, warming up their bodies, guns, prayer life and courage for the battle against the tyrant of the century. Americans don’t lose but tryants do!

Vets must have their guns taken away through Obamacare

This week I interviewed on my show Constitutional attorney and Army Vet Michael Connelly. He is the Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation and is shining the light of truth on Obamacare and just what Obama is doing to our vets. We talked of two major lawsuits he is at the helm of with United States Justice Foundation, First, they are suing over the brazen violation of the Origination clause in our Constitution with Obamacare. This clear violation makes the entire Health care bill completely illegal. Obama is forcing a literal ‘crime’ on the people to submit to.

The Origination clause in our Constitution says all financial and tax bills originate in the House. However, when the House handed the proposed bill to the Senate and Harry Reid, they gutted every word of it and put in the Senate version, knowing at that time they were violating the origination clause in our Constitution. Knowing what they were doing they did it anyway. Like their messiah — Obama, laws and the Constitution are just in the way. They thought no one would even notice or dare stand against them. Well, guess again!

Obama is going for the guns of our Vets in the Obamacare horror who by manipulating and redefining ‘mental health’ and ‘risk’ issues. As it stands now, more and more vets are put on lists that demand they turn in their guns because they once, ages ago had PTSD when returning from war. Doors have been kicked down and guns seized. We are not talking about a record of criminal activity, violence and abuse, but nightmares and depression when adjusting back from a war zone.

Michael mentioned that others were put on the ‘take the gun list’ simply for saying they paid their bills automatically. I guess it escapes me how this is mentally ill or dangerous. Millions have their bills paid through automatic this or that…DA. The bottom line according to Connelly is that Obama has redefined and rearranged descriptions of risk and mental health so he can, as Hitler would do, take the guns from the Vets. You see, along with seniors, this is another dangerous group he must disarm, control and contain.

Obama has tried to control and contain all the military he can by pushing the NDAA Bill that would turn the military on the American people under Obama’s sole control. Once again, I think Obama is smoking the dope of his narcissism. Some military may kiss up, be intimidated and submit to the Dictator if they are ordered to turn on Americans and back a fraudulent Marshall law plan, but I predict, the majority WILL NOT. Our military is the finest on earth and 99% did not get into the military to build the empire of a tyrannical dictator and attack their own people so Obama can rule and destroy.

Battles at hand

We must boldly back real conservatives and patriots running in the 2014 elections. Find out who is running in your area, what they stand for and get behind them. It is critical we win more seats in the HOUSE and win back the SENATE.

Get behind important lawsuits, listed out at that stand against the violation of our origination clause and attacks on our vets and seniors.

Finally, as I have screamed for months now, don’t sign up for any exchanges and don’t give out your personal or financial information. Let the Obamacare beast from hell die a painful and loud death. Then, we will fix things and get on with our lives.

Join me each day from 7-10pm PAC on my national radio show at

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Nation of narcissists
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

Have you noticed that the term narcissist is being used more and more? It is being used to describe a detached and wicked personality disorder, which is becoming all too common in the US and over the world. According to the American Medical Network they report that in the US general population 1% are narcissistic and in the clinical populations anywhere from 2% to 16% are narcissistic. It is estimated that 50% to 75% of the narcissists are male. What is going on that more people are being diagnosed with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)? More importantly, how can you identify the people around you if they have these tendencies and protect yourself? Let's take a look.


Creating a narcissist takes negligent parental skills. Parents may not be directly influencing the child but may be unaware of family, friends or caregivers that are abusing their child and twisting their personality. There are some general correlations that seem to crop up in many of the cases surrounding NPD and they are:

• Ignoring or overindulging the child with unrealistic feedback creating an imbalance in perspective and self worth or self esteem.

• Unpredictable or unreliable care from adults

• Learning to manipulate behaviors from adult care givers

Some would have you believe that a narcissistic personality is necessary in life and that the traits are too ambiguous to be considered a personality disturbance. That is nonsense. The narcissist is not someone you want to meet in a dark alley. The American Psychoanalytical Association publications have stated that the narcissist can have a wide range of personality projections and can appear shy, charming, or as they say in the South; as good ole' boy. They can function in a variety of settings while wearing the mask of detachment as if they just snorted a snoot full of cocaine to project confidence and trustworthiness. The prominent businessman that lives next door, the mayor or a premeditating murderer can all have NPD and get away with it. How come? A majority of narcissists are not clinically diagnosed; however those that have relationships with narcissists are the ones running for clinical help in order to cope. If there is anything to be learned about living with a narcissist it is that coping is not controlling. It takes a trained professional with experience with NPD to spot NPD. Or if you've lived with a narcissist you can identify the traits. There is this old saying

"A reputation is what someone knows about you; character is what God and your spouse knows about you." Billy Sunday

The narcissist is a paradox of self-centeredness and feelings of worthlessness. They do not possess empathy for others and see people other than themselves as objects. The standard narcissist to the untrained eye will appear a little arrogant but not abusive. They will seem aggressive but not dangerous. Their tales will seem plausible while they convict the innocent. However, under their iron mask of always being right they are people who suffer from extremely low self esteem and envy.  


Some people lump the narcissist in with the bipolar disorder folks. The way you can differentiate is that the narcissist will have grandiose fantasy of his life while the bipolar will have characteristic mood swings.


There is this question that if the parent is a narcissist will the children become narcissists too? Not necessarily especially if one parent is loving, balanced and has a sound mind. The reason you want to be careful when it comes to exposing kids to NPD is that the child will feel guilt when the narcissistic parent shows no genuine empathy towards the child. The narcissist has a very limited capacity for unconditional love for their own children or grandchild. This alone will give any rational parent pause for concern. The pattern of behavior from a narcissistic parent towards their children is to belittle and criticize the child or act as if they were invisible. The narcissist wants all the love for them self and sucks approval, admiration, and attention from everyone around them. It is a form of worship to them. Those with NPD do not seek approval or love from their spouse or children. They are masters of turmoil, shock, manipulation to get what they want from others.


So, what happens when the children come of age? They begin to balk at being played, being used as pawns for the narcissists to get what he wants. They can hold grudges and become angry for what the narcissist parent has done to them and the family in the past. The silver lining is that as the children mature they are able to reason that the narcissist is not as important as they were lead to believe and that he/she was typically a blowhard falling below the bar of achievements and parenting skills. When this occurs the narcissist will see the children as threats and will devalue them in order to stabilize his fantasy of him or herself. Typically the narcissistic parent will lose all interest in the children and ignore them as if they do not exist. The usual excuse given for being absent is work responsibilities or no time in the schedule. The family unit will not survive the narcissist as he fails to realize any responsibility towards family members including having to support them. The narcissist blames the family for everything and often will claim, "They are all against me." Once the family unit has outlived its usefulness to the narcissists, they are discarded like a used paper towel.


The narcissist is a social rebel; doing what they want, when they want and never explaining themselves. They are resistant to change and get worse with age. Some exhibit passive-aggressive behavior where they refuse to cooperate or intentionally sabotage family members. Some narcissists are very active in the areas of abuse where they will be excessively critical, unpleasant, verbally and psychologically abusive. They like to gaslight their target and are cruel and play mind games. To the spouse of a narcissist this is torture. The narcissist is educated, usually from ordinary middle-class background and has a high IQ. They think that their thinking is logical but it is weird. They are wonderful copycats of behavior. They will fill in the gaps of their personalities borrowing from others. For instance, they know it is appropriate to cry or be solemn at a funeral but they feel no sadness or loss. Their opinions are not their own either and are taken from someone they know or read about in a book. The poor thing is emotionally dead inside and their whole life is as if they beheld themselves in a mirror. They don't know how to emotionally live a full life. If you know someone who is a narcissists you'll notice that they don't have vision and they don't talk about their dreams, aspirations, memories very much if at all. They have trouble with memory association as in one thing leads to another. They don't share themselves with anyone. The narcissist has self-obsessed tunnel vision which leads to nihilism (rejection of moral beliefs). They also may have an obsessive preoccupation with a part of their body (usually a reproductive organ). What a sad state to be in if you can't relate or even perceive your spouse and children as something precious. Long-term exposure to a narcissist shows that their ideas of whom they are and the world does not change with experience. They seem to be stuck at the age of sixteen. As they age they may become depresses as their fantasy life did not turn out like it should have and they blame the world for their personal disappointments. At some point in their childhood narcissists made a conscious decision not to love. They are complete all by themselves, perfect of course in their minds and nothing can outdo their fantasies which are not made for two.


The person who unknowingly gets involved with a narcissist is in for a rude awakening and it is impossible to have a normal relationship with them. There is no smooth sailing, or rationalizing that this is just a phase and it will work out. It never does. If you are in a relationship with one you know that they are like living with a large infant that takes up all your time to try to make happy and you never can. This is an infant that refuses to develop and mature and won't love you back. The narcissist is a full-time job with a part-time job on top. The narcissist does not play by the rules because they think rules are for you only and do not apply to them. So you'll be wasting your time being the nice, rational person in the relationship. My advice is to get out. Loving a narcissist is dangerous to you, your children and your extended family. The good book says to get away from contentious and wicked people. It is a sin to reward evil for good and that is exactly what a narcissist will do.


Inappropriately supervised children today can be exposed to the stimuli that can breed NPD. The youth today want to be superstars, celebrities or idols. Social media can also have its place in skewing the personality development of our youth. Parents please be on your guard. There are narcissists out there and they can victimize your family. They can be on social media, or work in law enforcement, or God forbid become the President of the United States.


So, you can now spot a narcissist. If you suspect someone is a narcissist you can carefully test the waters for confirmation. Above all, be safe and use common sense around narcissists. In the dictionary describing a narcissist is the word "STRESS."  Stressful times calls for stress-buster herbs. I like to use cayenne, ginseng and valerian to calm anxiety and help the body control stress better. I like to use lobelia herb to relieve muscle tension and sleep better. Immune boosting is also a benefit with garlic and Echinacea. Super foods like spirulina, chlorella will feed the nerves to be more resilient. You will find Circulation Formula (liquid cayenne), Valerian Root tincture, Siberian or American ginseng formulas,Emotional Stress FormulaRelaxation formula (liquid lobelia),Immune Booster formula (Echinacea & garlic) and Body Foundation Food mix (spirulina, chlorella) at Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online where your healthcare options just became endless. Save 15% off your order with Coupon: WIN13. Hurry! Expires 12/13/13.


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Healthy Holiday Spices
by Ty Bollinger

Nothing signals the start of the holiday season better than the scent of holiday spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. But did you know that these popular holiday spices have much more to offer than pleasing scents?  They each have unique health benefits that will not only offer great taste to your holiday dishes but also give your body a healthy boost.


The scent of cinnamon heralds holiday cheer, doesn't it? This amazing spice prevents colds, chases chills, and warms the hands and feet of those who feel cold all the time. Cinnamon has been used for over 3,000 years as an appetite enhancer, a stomachic (helps with digestion), an anti-microbial, and an anti-fungal. A cup of cinnamon tea is a good way to prevent the flu and also eases menstrual cramps, soothes sore joints, and relieves gas. A sip or two of cinnamon tea before meals improves digestion and prevents acid reflux. Interestingly, those who drink cinnamon tea regularly will have fewer cavities and stronger gums.

One of the most talked about benefits cinnamon relates to type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes. A 2003 studyfound that half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day significantly reduces blood sugar levels  in people with type 2 diabetes. It also reduces triglyceride, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol levels among this group.

Cinnamon tea is a gentle but effective remedy for both childhood diarrhea and infestations of worms. In India, cinnamon tea is regarded as a remedy against halitosis (bad breath), nausea, and vomiting.  The essential oil of cinnamon is a good substitute for clove oil in treating toothache, and it is particularly effective in killing the organisms that cause periodontal disease. Cinnamon also relieves joint and muscle pain, thins the blood, is great for cardiovascular health, and is loaded with calcium, manganese, fiber, and iron. Those who are pregnant and those with stomach or intestinal ulcers are advised to avoid cinnamon.


Cloves have a potent, sweet and spicy, aromatic flavor that makes a great complement to many foods.  The Chinese used cloves to get rid of bad breath over 2,000 years ago, and it is even said that anyone who had an audience with the Emperor was required to chew on cloves so that their breath was sweet! Among the clove's most well-known healing properties is its ability to relieve tooth and gum pain, but it has many benefits beyond that.

Cloves are stimulating and have antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. They are also a natural sedative (due to the eugenol oil) which is why they were often used for dental procedures in centuries past and are still used in some cultures to cure toothache. It is the oil that is derived from the cloves that is so potent, and this is often used for medicines (both topically and internally).

Cloves are a great spice to heal ailments of the digestive system. They are well known for relieving flatulence and can actually help promote good digestion as well as metabolism. They may also help relieve vomiting and diarrhea as well as a host of other digestive disorders. Cloves are used in Asia to treat conditions such as malaria, tuberculosis, scabies , and cholera. Cloves can also treat skin problems when applied as an ointment. Cloves are chock full of manganese, vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and omega-3 fats.


Nutmeg is another spice that has a variety of healing properties and can be used in a wide range of dishes during the holidays and all year long. Studies show that it can help lower blood pressure and sooth a stomach ache as well as stop diarrhea and (in low doses) help to detoxify the body. Modern medicine validates nutmeg's ability to inhibit diarrhea and slow down the action of the gastroentestinal tract. The essential oil of the nutmeg   i s considered the most efficacious part of the plant. One of the fascinating health benefits of nutmeg oil is its ability to stimulate the brain; it relieves stress and encourages mental activity.

Nutmeg is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to treat joint and muscle pain. The oil works particularly well for this when it is massaged into the affected area. It is an integral herb in Chinese medicine where it is used for stomach pain and inflammation as well as reducing joint swelling. The oil of nutmeg (applied cautiously and externally) can relieve the pain of rheumatism, sciatica, and neuralgia. When inhaled, it counters respiratory tract infections. Interestingly, nutmeg fights bad breath and helps put you to sleep.

Nutmeg is loaded with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, and selenium. While there are many health benefits of nutmeg, be careful not to take it in high doses. Never consume more than 30 grams (around 6 tablespoons) in a day, since this can cause side effects such as nausea, hallucinations, swelling, and shock.

~ Ty Bollinger is the host of "Outside the Box Wednesdays" on the Robert Scott Bell Show. He is also author of the best-selling book, "Cancer-Step Outside the Box" and his latest book, "Monumental Myths of the Modern Medical Mafia and Mainstream Media and the Multitude of Lying Liars that Manufactured Them."

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What's Ailing America?
Mind controlling people to forgive their predators

by Rebecca Carley, MD

Since I described the cause of all diseases in my diagrams (available at in 1999 and developed my Hippocrates protocol to reverse all diseases in people and pets with natural therapies, I have been forced to face reality as to the fact that the world is controlled by psychopaths who are killing and maiming humanity, destroying the earth and causing immeasurable suffering intentionally. This is being done right in our face, while the talking heads on tell-lie-vision twist and spin things to keep people in the dark.  Another very common ploy used is the art of distraction which has been perfected to a point that it occurred to me there must be a psychiatrist general behind the scenes directing the show (as opposed to the surgeon general which we know about).  An excellent example of this is the never ending media coverage and tributes going on after Nelson Mandela's death at the age of 95.    

The fact that he lived to such a ripe old age (whereas so many actual heroes who stood up for truth have been assassinated by the powers that be) is our first clue that history has been rewritten in regards to this man, and that his message of "forgiveness of his oppressors" is being used to mind control people to send love to their predators, rather than hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity. When JB Campbell (who was in the British South Africa police in Rhodesia in the early 70's and was a section officer in the anti-terrorist support unit there) was asked the truth regarding Mandela's history, this was his response: 

"Mandela's ascension to power turned a self-sufficient country into a typical African basket-case and a very dangerous place to live, with freedom and dignity for no one, except his ANC.  What were his accomplishments that made people support him?  Bringing catastrophic black rule to a white country?  Africans can't feed themselves or keep the toilets working. He was a Communist terrorist who brought about the destruction of South Africa.  His dear wife Winnie bragged about necklacing her fellow Africans who objected to Mandela tyranny.  Did her husband ever renounce necklacing even though he was forced to dump her?  If he was against necklacing, why didn't he have her prosecuted for torture/murder?  His ANC was necklacing Africans at an average of 240 per month, as high as 600+ per month.  It takes about twenty minutes for a necklacing victim to burn to death.  (Read more about necklacing at ; in summary, it was a practice of summary execution and torture carried out by forcing a rubber tire, filled with petrol, around a victim's chest and arms, and setting it on fire.)  Mandela admitted over a hundred and fifty acts of terrorism, including bombing civilians in public places.  He was the chief Soviet-backed terrorist in South Africa.

Mandela intensely cared about personal power.  Communist terrorists aren't big on freedom and dignity.  He was a member of the South African Communist Party (see ) and typically lied about it because that's what Communists always do."

Of course, none of this true history has been brought up in the multitude of specials and memorials that have been broadcast on tell-lie-vision since Mandela's death.  The summary of the importance of Mandela has always been his "forgiveness of his oppressors" as an example to the world.  This is such an obvious psychological operation, as the evidence of the crimes against humanity by the psychopaths who control the world are being revealed we are being mind wiped to beLIEve that "everything will be OK" if we just forgive these monsters, rather than hold them accountable for their actions.  One of the most obvious examples of this was an episode of "Oprah's next chapter" aired on 12/8/13 where Oprah honored Mandela.  The show was loaded with soundbites from various celebrities who all spoke of how Mandela's message of forgiveness and reconciliation had affected them in their personal lives.  The biggest shocker was the final speaker praising Mandela; HENRY KISSINGER, a monster responsible for so much of the evil occurring in this world.  In case you are not aware, Oprah and Kissinger are both members of the Bilderberg  group ( ), which is instrumental in the depopulation agenda of humanity.  Oprah also has weekly shows entitled "Super Soul Sunday", where  she interviews others who promote loving and forgiving your predators.  HOW IS THAT WORKING FOR US, PEOPLE? 

As I write this, "world leaders and dignitaries" are gathered in Johannesberg, South Africa at the First National Bank Stadium to honor this alleged "man of peace".  Especially sickening were the comments of our predator president, who received the Nobel peace prize, yet continues to kill scores of people (including Americans) with ongoing wars, drone strikes, etc.  A few interesting comments by this evil CIA asset/puppet included the following:

1. "Nelson Mandela was a giant of history; the last great liberator of the 20th century"
2. "Mandela DISCIPLINED HIS ANGER as he reminded his oppressors that PRISONERS CAN'T ENTER INTO CONTRACTS" (This is one of my favorites; telling us that being angry for the crimes against humanity being perpetrated by these psychopaths is "undisciplined".  In fact, Obama stated that Mandela invited his jailers to his inauguration as HONORED GUESTS. "  (Sounds to me like Mandela underwent some heavy MK Ultra programming during his 27 years in jail).
3. "People around the world are still imprisoned and persecuted for their political actions; there are too many leaders who do not tolerate dissent from their own people".  The fact that Obama could make such statements with a straight face considering what is going on in Amerika is self evident proof of what a skilled liar he is.

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