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Friday, January 3rd, A.D. 2014

Between Friday, December 13th, A.D. 2013, and Friday, January 3rd, A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 0.0 % from $1,238.70 to $1,238.00
Silver rose 2.4 % from $19.68 to $20.15
Platinum rose 3.6 % from $1,361 to $1,410
Palladium rose 1.4 % from $715 to $725
DJIA rose 4.5 % from 15,755.36 to 16,469.99
NASDAQ rose 3.3 % from 4,000.98 to 4,131.91
NYSE rose 3.4 % from 9,954.84 to 10,296.80
US Dollar Index rose 0.8 % from 80.19 to 80.87
Crude Oil fell 2.3 % from $96.49 to $94.23


By Martin Pring (Marketwatch)

Something tells me we might be experiencing the give-up phase for gold. By that I mean a point in the gold price cycle when just about everyone gives up on the possibility that gold prices will ever rise again. Which could mean the time to buy is here.

For instance, in mid-December, the Wall St. Journal featured a front-page article on the yellow metal in which one money manager opined that "The reasons to own gold have just evaporated." Another, known for his perennially bullish outlook for commodities, has apparently hedged his gold position but told the Journal "I wouldn't buy gold right now under any circumstances." Another strategist at a major French Bank recently commented in a report that "The yellow metal has lost its once-crucial role as a safe haven."

Also, consider that a recent Merrill Lynch survey of asset managers reported that commodity allocations are currently close to a 12-year low and the fact that a couple of major banks recently closed or severely cut their commodity trading departments, and you can see what I mean about the "give-up phase". Where were these stories when gold was trading close to $1,900?

Add to this background the fact that investors who are usually correct at turning points are positioned for a rally, and the picture becomes clearer. Those smart investors can be found in a recent Commitments of Traders report, where the futures holdings of commercials registered close to a 12-year high.

On the other hand, small speculators, who are typically incorrect at turning points, are holding net long positions that are just above a 12-year low. I don't think there is much doubt that sentiment is consistent with a major low, but the big question is whether price has actually hit bottom.


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

Fool's Gold

by Alfred Adask

Most of us have seen “Westerns” that included some grizzled old prospector scolding the new-comers for mistaking iron pyrite (“fools’ gold”) for real gold.   How could people be so dumb as to confuse iron pyrite with physical gold, hmm?

And yet, today, virtually every American who invests in gold is just as likely to mistake “fools’ gold” for physical gold.  Except, today, our “fools’ gold” isn’t iron pyrite—it’s paper gold; it’s the paper promises to pay in physical gold that are accepted on COMEX rather than real, physical gold. 

In fact, because COMEX reportedly sells about 60 “ounces” of paper gold for every ounce of physical gold, we might reasonably refer to COMEX as the world’s preeminent market for fool’s gold.  Those who believe that “paper gold” is “as good as gold” are fools. 

Andy Hoffman recently wrote a few words on the difference between physical and paper (fools’) gold: 
“. . . suggesting COMEX prices may decline, ignores the fact that this is no longer a dollar-centric world; as it's entirely possible that amidst falling paper prices in the States (due to additional manipulation, of course), we'll simultaneously witness soaring prices overseas; as is the case currently in India, where premiums have surged above 20%, creating significant physical shortages. To wit, gold priced in dollars, Euros, and Pounds is roughly 35% below its all-time highs; but in Rupees, it's just 20% below its high - and in Yen, barely 10%.”
How is it possible that we don’t have global price equivalence for physical gold?  Sure, prices might vary by a percent or two between different continents.  But how can prices (as measured in fiat dollars) for physical gold be 20% higher in India and 10% higher in Japan than the price of paper gold in the US? 

A1:  Market manipulation.

A2:  The prices of paper gold and physical gold are beginning to diverge in global markets as the world begins to see the difference between fool’s/paper gold and physical gold.   The world is recognizing that the price of paper/fool’s gold (as determined in American and British markets) is no longer an accurate reflection of the price of physical gold on international markets. Inevitably, that recognition will spread to the US. 

In fact, that recognition is already here insofar as many gold investors who were previously content to accept payment for their investments in the form of paper gold are now demanding to take delivery in physical gold. 

What’s that mean? 

It means that investors increasingly understand that $1 million in physical gold is worth far more than $1 million in paper/fool’s gold.

As the prices of paper/fool’s and physical gold continue to diverge, the price of paper gold will be seen for what it is:  a derivative that’s every bit as speculative as investing in Iraqi currency.  Paper gold and paper gold markets (like COMEX) will become as increasingly disparaged and irrelevant as iron pyrite.  Physical gold will be become increasingly valuable and controlling.

Andy Hoffman continues:
“In other words, global gold fundamentals are decidedly not focused on a nation with just 5% of the world's population and demand, no matter how powerful its fraudulent commodity exchanges appear to be. As it is, the COMEX is nearly "sold out" of registered gold inventory, whilst the Shanghai Exchange has delivered more physical gold in the past four years than is supposedly held at Fort Knox. In other words, it's only a matter of time before pricing is dictated in Shanghai, not New York or London.”
More, it’s only a matter of time before pricing is determined by physical gold rather than paper/fool’s gold.  When that time arrives, the price of physical gold will be freed from the price manipulation that’s inherent and easily achieved with paper/fools’ gold.  The price of real gold will begin to soar.  Simultaneously, those who’ve invested in paper gold will realize they’ve played to fool and will suffer the fool’s penalty:  poverty.

Political Investing?

by Alfred Adask

Marc Lichtenfeld is the Director of Research for Access Research Group.  According to Investment U Daily,
Last year, Marc Lichtenfeld predicted a big year for healthcare stocks, especially for HCA Holdings, Health Management Associates and Omega Healthcare Investors.  A year later, those stocks have gone up as much as 55%, 79% and 54%.

“Marc also recommended two of the biggest performing stocks in the market this year: Celldex Therapeutics and NPS Pharmaceuticals were up 419% and 188% respectively.”
Clearly, Mr. Lictenfeld’s predictions were remarkable. 

But, what was the basis for his predictions?  Did he intensely study the corporate structure and earnings capability for each of those corporations?

Or did Mr. Lictenfeld first study the political environment that was or would be prevalent in A.D. 2013? 

After all, it’s hard to see how any one corporation’s stock could rise 54% to 419% in one year, unless either: 1) it was hugely undervalued in the previous year; or, 2) something spectacular and unexpected happened to the corporation’s earning capacity. 

For example, suppose a corporation owned 20,000 acres of waste land in A.D. 2012 but they discovered oil on that waste land in A.D. 2013—could that cause a corporation’s stock to jump dramatically and unexpectedly?

Of course.

But, when we talk about the prices of several stocks jumping dramatically higher in one year, we can’t assume that each of them found oil in their former waste lands. 

And when we find the prices of several stocks in the same industry jumping dramatically higher, we can’t easily assume that each of these exceptional stocks were suddenly enriched by better management.

Instead, when we see that the prices of several healthcare industry stocks jumped dramatically, we have to presume that something happened in the political or economic environment that directly benefited the healthcare industry and thereby indirectly benefited some of the healthcare industry’s stocks.

What happened in A.D. 2013 to benefit much of the healthcare industry? 


Therefore, I suspect that Mr. Lictenfeld’s remarkable stock predictions were based less on an analysis of the intrinsic economic potential of individual stocks in the healthcare industry than on an astute analysis of the political and economic implication of Obamacare.

Further, insofar as government has decided to support and manipulate the stock market, if you want to be a savvy investor, you’ll need to study government as much or more than individual stocks.   If you can understand the implications of government policies—especially if you know about those policies before the majority of investors—you can do well in the stock market—even if you know little or nothing about a particular stock or industry sector.

Therefore, it appears that, knowing how Obamacare would affect the stock market’s healthcare sector, Mr. Lictenfeld made some very astute and fantastically profitable stock investment picks in A.D. 2013.

•  However, do you suppose that healthcare stocks will be similarly profitable in A.D. 2014?

It depends on Washington politics, doesn’t it?

What will be the political impact on healthcare stocks if Obamacare tanks in 2014? We can suppose that if Obamacare drove healthcare stock prices higher last year, if Obamacare were revoked this year, we could expect the prices of healthcare stocks to go down.

And, insofar as Washington politics are holding stocks up and gold down, how long do you suppose those politics can continue?  How much longer do you suppose that a government that is already technically bankrupt can continue to exert enough influence to keep stocks up and gold down?

•  In the same sense that Mark Lictenfeld made some dramatically profitable stock picks in 2013 (presumably based on his reading of the political and economic implications of Washington politics), Melody Cedarstrom and I have been making our own predictions of the ultimate implications of Washington politics on the price of gold.

The difference between Mr. Lictenfeld’s predictions and our own is that Mr. Lictenfeld was able to make astute predictions within a single year because he knew what the government would do that year.  Melody’s predictions and my own are less specific.  We don’t know and can’t say what the government will do in A.D. 2014.  We don’t know and can’t say what the government will be capable of doing in A.D. 2014, or A.D 2015, etc.  Therefore, we can’t predict which particular year will mark the return of gold’s bull market.  Nevertheless, it seems certain that the prices of gold and silver will rise this year and on several years into the future.  But when will gold hit $3,000 an ounce?  $5,000?  $25,000?

We don’t know.

But we do know that just as surely as Obamacare enriched some healthcare stocks in 2013, the day is coming when the national debt and fiat currency will cause the price of gold to skyrocket.

Sooner or later, Washington’s political power to deny reality will fail.  When reality finally overpowers the lies and illusions, Washington’s political support for stocks and suppression of gold will fail.  Result?  Those holding gold will be dramatically enriched.

But when, when, when will this happen?

Bill Holter offered a clue:
There is a COMEX Dec. delivery problem.  As of right now [mid-December, 2013], dealers barely have enough gold to make settlement.  The total standing (and stood) for delivery is 667,000 ounces of gold, just under 21 tons.  After deducting what has been delivered, there looks to be about 9 1/2 tons left to be delivered upon while the dealers have just less than 10 tons available.  Interestingly, JP Morgan has "stopped" 97% of all deliveries so far so they are accumulating the metal.  This is not a new story and we have watched it as it has unfolded all month long but may act as a spark that connects the dots.”
What “dots”?

The timing “dots”. 

If COMEX is about out of physical gold, and JPMorgan is refusing to deliver gold but is instead stockpiling, then we might suppose that the moment is near when government will fail to control the markets and gold is allowed to skyrocket.  We don’t know for sure, but it seems possible that that moment might occur as soon as the first or second quarters of 2014.

In fact, COMEX’s capacity to deliver physical gold will ultimately control when the gold market explodes.

So long as gold investors consented to accept gold certificates (paper gold; “fool’s gold”; promises to later “pay” in actual gold) or paper dollars in return for their gold investments, paper gold could be used to manipulate the market.  Why?  Because it’s easy to spin “paper gold” out of thin air.  Therefore, there’s an unlimited supply of paper gold that can be used to drive the price of paper gold—and, by implication, physical gold—downward.

But.  People accept paper gold based on the presumption that “paper gold” is “good as [physical] gold”—meaning that you can always trade your paper gold certificates for physical gold. 

So.  If COMEX markets are suddenly forced to admit that they have no physical gold and can’t make good on their promise to pay in terms of physical gold, the COMEX paper gold will be suddenly seen as worthless and the price of physical gold will soar.

Why?  Because the government, Federal Reserve and COMEX can spin paper gold out of thin air, but they can’t spin physical gold.   When the paper gold is no longer redeemable in physical gold, the presumed equivalence between the prices of paper and physical gold will be rebutted.  Result?  The current price of paper gold will crash while the price of physical gold soars.

Bill Holter adds,
“We also know that China has imported through Hong Kong an amount of gold over the past 2 years equal to 50% of ALL gold that was mined over that time.  HALF!  Then of course you must add in the demand from India, Russia, Europe and the rest of the world.  Demand without a doubt has equaled and most probably close to doubled "current production," the supply has had to come from somewhere.  That "somewhere" is obviously the western central bank hordes.  The question remains, "how much is left?"
If Bill Holters’ reports on COMEX running out of gold and JPMorgan stockpiling gold are accurate, it appears that the moment when COMEX can’t redeem paper gold with physical gold may be imminent.  If JPMorgan is stockpiling gold now, we could presume that JPMorgan knows that the price of gold is about to rise dramatically.

If Holter’s suspicion (that much of the gold purchased by China over the past two years was taken from Western bank vaults) is true, then it follows that we may be at a moment when the US, Federal Reserve and other western central banks are about out of gold. If there’s no longer a central bank or sovereign government source for gold and no way to make good on COMEX promises to pay in physical gold, then the break between the prices of paper and physical gold should be close. 

If so, we are about to encounter a moment that’ll be the “mother” of all economic dominos and which will trigger economic chaos and a soaring price for physical gold.

Got gold?

Breaking News:  Part 1
Documentation, whistle blowers from DHS and well over 30 pages of names, dates and facts exposed on my nationalradio show.

Part 1 – January 2nd 2014 last hour –

Congress says they don’t want to hear it because they are pushing for amnesty with BoehnerThis week one of my fabulous and regular guests, Andy Ramirez, President of Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, Inc. broke on my national radio show evidence of massive corruption, lies, perjury and crime peppered through our border patrol, immigration policy and enforcement over many years inside of the Department of Homeland Security.

Andy stated that David Aguilar, who in March 2013 retired from DHS as the long-time Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (and Chief of the Border Patrol between 2004-2009), perjured himself before Congress, including February 2007 before the House Committee on Homeland Security’s Border Subcommittee. As a result of the Aguilar appearance, Andy was asked by GOP Members to testify in a follow-up hearing in March 2007 and tell the facts given as they believed Aguilar lied before the committee. Andy was informed he was needed to tell the truth and facts, which he did. – Andy’s official written testimony – Article by Congressional Quarterly comparing the testimony of Ramirez and Aguilar

Aguilar, appointed in 2004, transformed the border patrol into a dangerous, kiss up brigade, where Border Patrol agents could not do what they needed to do to defend the borders, nor have the technology to operate.  Ramirez states that Aguilar had total cover from Rep. Silvestre Reyes, who was Aguilar’s former boss in the Border Patrol in South Texas where Reyes was a Chief Patrol Agent. Reyes lost his re-election bid in the 2012 El Paso, TX primary after serving 8 terms.  They were both transforming the Border patrol into nothingness so the illegals could continue storming through.

Aguilar lied before the committee. Andy was informed he was needed to tell the truth and facts, which he did.

In a private briefing in Mid-July 2013 with top GOP Congressmen who serve on committees with direct oversight over the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Andy informed Members of Congress that official DHS representatives lied in official sworn testimony on June 27, 2013 before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s Border Subcommittee headed up by Jason Chaffetz, R-UT. In his confidential report filed in late July, he identified the specific times where representatives from the Border Patrol, Office of Field Operations (known previously as Customs), and the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency were not only stonewalling questions by the committee members but clearly misleading Congress. But that is a pattern that has long gone on for years at DHS under both the Bush and Obama Administrations.

Andy identifies that a well placed confidential source informed him they were ordered to do so by superiors, which was not surprising given that the Gang of 8’s amnesty bill, S-744 was up for final vote, and was passed by the U.S. Senate that very day.

I asked Ramirez:  “Why is there so little enforcement on real border security and such an obsession with amnesty?  We both believe it has never had a thing to do with helping poor and desperate people…as Bush used to say,  ‘family values’ coming across the border…bla bla and bla.  It is two fold:  1) The Democrats and the Republicans want to bring over slave labor AND a voter block they think they can control – desperate people who vote their way 2) Billions of dollars in drug money going all the way to the top.  There are no doubt people and leadership all along with way from the Mexican Government up to our White House who will do anything to protect their drug money. It is big business.

Andy forwarded me several documents, as evidence as well as the actual report provided to Congress from July 2013 and testimony before Congress clear back in July 5, 2006 on the corruption, mismanagement, and perjury. The 2013 information was initially well-received but once he departed DC, the information was virtually ignored by August. 

See the testimony of Andy Ramirez before the House International Relations, now known as Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on International Terrorism and Global Nonproliferation, where he first identified a border security program, Project Athena that not only accurately monitored the U.S. – Canadian Border but also the U.S. – Mexican Border and exceeded all expectations unlike the fraud-filled Secure Borders Initiative or SBI, which was selected by DHS (and ultimately then-Chief Aguilar) in 2006.

The next four links show Andy Ramirez testimony as it happened on July 5, 2006.  – Opening Statement  – JD Hayworth questions Andy  – Xavier Becerra questions Andy  – Raul Grijalva cheap shots Andy

During the same July 2013 visit to Capitol Hill, Andy Ramirez also spoke to the top staff of Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee who were thoroughly briefed on his documentation and the corruption in DHS. Issa’s staff also received a written copy of the report provided to other Members he met with. I must note that Issa is also a senior Member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Unbelievably, Andy was informed by another Congressman that he met with that it was pointless to seek support from GOP Chairmen Bob Goodlatte of the Judiciary Committee as Goodlatte was being pressured by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor who had an adjacent district in Virginia. Congressman Mike McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee would want to turf this to his committee as an “immigration matter”, though in reality, this is a corruption matter. Given McCaul’s approach on immigration legislation, and knowing that Speaker Boehner would not back this, Issa’s Oversight Committee was believed to be our best bet due to the pure corruption issue at hand given he’d taken on Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, the IRS, and other top Obama officials in his committee.

Why wouldn’t they really help?  According to Andy, Boehner, Cantor, and many other Republicans were trying to get ‘amnesty’ pushed through and his report was simply in the way.  Apparently we can’t have the public knowing just how corrupt DHS really is regarding border security and immigration issues.  That might hurt their deceitful and progressive plan to cram amnesty through and have the same criminals run it.”

Ramirez stated to me that the doors were also shut by other leading conservative anti-Amnesty Reps, sighting the push for amnesty and Boehner not wanting to be sidetracked. One Member who was most interested in helping fight this informed Andy that his hands were tied, but he had informed Chairman Chaffetz and his staff and forwarded the report and documentation.

We will be revealing all their names over the next few weeks in continued articles. 

Hearing all this on my show from Andy was just about making my head explode I was so angry.  Here we are facing the 2014 elections and are desperately needing and hoping for real conservative leadership to win  — repeal Obamacare and fix things.  Then we hear how even the ‘conservative’ republicans like Darrell Issa who know better are supporting the manipulative and deceitful push for amnesty.  They are doing this while they look the other way in exposing massive and multi year corruption in the DHS regarding border security and the border patrol!  It is just inconvenient to confront and deal with corruption and observe the law.

At this time Andy Ramirez and I are exposing the slammed door and inaction by Oversight Chairman Issa and his staff because they were fully informed by Andy and chose not to act.  Instead Ramirez was given smiles, thanked for his time, and what have you, but ultimately showed the door because ‘Boehner’ wouldn’t go for it and they were pushing for amnesty.

Andy and I feel like we were on the set of ‘Alice in wonderland part 2’ as many GOP and most Dems and Obama are trying anything they can to slam ‘amnesty’ through while people aren’t looking and are being swallowed up in horror by Obamacare.

The same corrupt DHS, internal affairs cover-ups and fraud will run ‘amnesty’ in its various color of the week, as was running and destroying our border patrol and national security at ports of entry.  At least the crime family is organized and experienced so crime will continue to roll out smoothly against Americans. 

Spread this around to everyone you know and stay tuned for part 2.

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The Gout Barometer
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

According to the American College of Rheumatology more Americans in 2013 have gout than in 1993. This is a stark reality that allopathic medicine is not curing or preventing this painful condition. In 2013 a mountain of Americans (8.3 million) are suffering daily with gout symptoms. According to the research, conditions other than gout which are caused by uric acids have affected over 43 million Americans (21% of US population). New Zealand and the UK seem to have the same problem.  Gout after all is a form of arthritis. So, let's take a look at what we can do to protect ourselves from gout.


You may be familiar with the symptoms of gout or know a friend or family member who has put up with pain, swelling, redness and tenderness, hot and stiff joints. No amount of pampering seems to offset a gout attack. When I was growing up I had family members who had mild to moderate gout and it seems to flare up around the holidays. My grandmother's big toe would balloon up at Thanksgiving and my older brother and I would use a black marker and very lightly draw a face on her toe she had propped up on a pillow. My grandmother was a good sport.


According to research the uric acids from cooked foods and are broken down into what is known as purines. This can build up in the body and settle in the soft tissue and joints creating crystal deposits known as tophi. The crystals can make the skin look lumpy. The body areas known to become gouty are:

• the arch or instep of the foot
• Ankles and heels
• toes
• Knees
• Writs
• Fingers
• elbows

So, why are these acid crystals accumulating? Another area of the body that can accumulate crystals is the kidneys. If the acids don't dissolve in the blood and if the kidneys are blocked or clogged the crystals can accumulate. Where you find acidy blood there is gout. According to medical science the purines come from many foods such as liver, peas, anchovies and dried beans.


The other triggers for a gout response can be from stress, fatigue, prescription medications or interactions with prescribed drugs, alcohol and other illnesses. Early gout symptoms can usually resolve themselves in just a few days without any intervention. It is the future gout attacks that tend to stay with us longer and are harder to resolve. Also, gout flare-ups can be months or years apart.     


If you think about it there are more gout attacks around the holidays. Why? During the festivities we tend to eat things we don't usually eat or we eat more meats, which when cooked offer our bodies more uric acid. Add the holiday alcohol and stress the body may not be able to fend off the acid fast enough and gout symptoms appear.  Physicians will usually test a patient's blood for high acid and if it is confirmed it is called hyperuricemia.  Or they can take some fluid from an affected joint to look for gout crystals. The presence of the acid offers the opportunity for crystals to form producing gout.


You will be more at risk of developing gout if your relatives had the disease. You are at a higher risk of gout if you are male, overweight, drink alcohol, eat rich foods, lack the necessary enzymes to break down purines (acids), have been exposed to lead, take store bought vitamins containing niacin and take drugs such as diuretics, aspirin, cyclosporine or levodopa. Rheumatoid physicians believe that gout and its sister conditions are triggered by metabolic syndrome (obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure). Researchers found that the incidence of these conditions doubled from 1960 to 1990 and so did the gout.


A study done by the University of Otago in New Zealand was published in the journal of Rheumatology looked at hospital admissions for gout over a ten-year period and concluded that the condition had worsened over the decade and seemed to correlate with co-existing conditions such as cardiovascular disease and obesity. This is not to say the slender people can't get gout because they can.


Some of the food culprits for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis are; corn, wheat, milk, cheese, meat, alcohol and omega-6 vegetable oils (corn oil, safflower oil & sunflower oil). I would remove these from the diet and it should improve gouty conditions and overall health.


Some foods that help relieve the inflammatory condition are; fish (salmon, herring & sardines), vegetarian lifestyle and ginger root. What did our ancestors do? Since there were no pharmaceutical drugs, they fought disease with nutrition. Alfalfa was used as a rich mineral source. Ginseng was also used for its ginsenoside compounds that help relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Oregano was used as an anti-inflammatory if meadowsweet wasn't available. Rosemary was used if cayenne was scarce. In 1766, many early Americans used cod liver oil to lubricate joints and reverse the disease. A book by Dr. Collin Dong called The Arthritis Cookbook recommended a vegetarian lifestyle and specifically warned against meat, dairy, black pepper, alcohol, chemical additives and tomatoes.


Why does ginger root help relieve arthritis conditions? It is an anti-inflammatory agent like willow bark and meadow sweet herb. The University of Denmark studied ginger root for arthritic conditions and found this ancient Indian medicine worked. In the study the ginger relieved swelling, pain, stiffness and improved mobility. The study found that ginger does this by blocking the formation of hormone-like substances, which cause inflammation. This research reported that the ginger root worked as well or better than the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and without side effects. Also, the ginger root did more than the drugs by blocking prostaglandins and leukotrienes to reduce other substance that cause inflammation and protects us from free radicals with antioxidants.


Lifestyle is the best way to prevent gout and arthritis conditions. For severe issues I would also layer in herbs for a significant impact on nutrition. Foods containing nutrition to support joints contain silicon (silica – mineral). You will find it in fibrous plants; beets, lettuce, cucumbers, celery and onions. Also found the herbs horsetail and oat straw. Phosphorus (mineral) is important because it is the main structural element for bone strength. You find it in nuts, seeds, vegetables, fish and high protein plants. Vitamin C will slow any damage and diminish pain. You will find it in citrus fruits, bell peppers and rose hips. Vitamin D helps to prevent osteoarthritis. You will find it in cod liver oil, herring and mackerel. Iodine helps to prevent osteoarthritis. You will find it in seaweed, Celtic Sea salt and black walnut. You will find these nutrients in the following products by Apothecary Herbs; Body Foundation Food Mix (phosphorus, seaweed & alfalfa plus vitamins, minerals, plant protein and 22 amino acids), Calcium herb liquid (silicon), Pain herb liquid (willow bark & meadowsweet herb), Ginger root liquid, American or Siberian Ginseng liquids, Female Maturity herb liquid (helps with hormones to keep bones strong), Arthritis Rub (ginger root & cayenne improves range of motion), Celtic Sea Salt, Black walnut herb liquid (natural iodine), and Bowel Cleanse Kit (leaky gut) AND Kidney Bladder Cleanse Kit to help remove crystals.. Call Apothecary Herbs for a free product catalog 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless.

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