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Friday, January 17th, A.D. 2014

Between Friday, January 10th, A.D. 2014, and Friday, January 17th, A.D. 2014,
the bid prices for:

Gold rose 0.5 % from $1,248.60 to $1,254.10
Silver rose 0.7 % from $20.17 to $20.32
Platinum rose 1.4 % from $1,432 to $1,452
Palladium rose 0.7 % from $742 to $747
DJIA rose 0.1 % from 16,437.05 to 16,458.56
NASDAQ rose 0.8 % from 4,165.61 to 4,197.58
NYSE fell 0.3 % from 10,371.10 to 10,343.50
US Dollar Index rose 0.7 % from 80.62 to 81.18
Crude Oil rose 2.4 % from $92.89 to $94.09

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

The Mystery of the German Gold

by Alfred Adask

After WWII, Germany deposited about 300 tons of gold with the US Treasury and/or Federal Reserve in order to protect that gold from seizure by a possible invasion by the Soviet Union.

In January of A.D. 2013, Germany asked to view its 300 tons of gold.  The Federal Reserve refused to allow Germany to simply see its gold.

In February, 2013, Germany demanded that the US return the 300 tons of gold to Germany.  The US answered that it would take about 7 years for all of Germany’s gold to be returned.

Insofar as the US wouldn’t let Germany see its 300 tons of gold and wouldn’t return that gold in less than 7 years, various reasons were offered to explain the mysterious delay. 

However, most people presumed that the 7-year delay was because the actual supply of gold held by the Federal Reserve and/or US Treasury was at least far less than claimed, and may have been substantially or even almost completely depleted.  I.e., the reason the US couldn’t show or deliver Germany’s gold was that the US had secretly loaned, leased or sold that gold and it was gone.   Therefore, Germany would have to wait for 7 years while the US slowly acquired another 300 tons of gold to return to Germany.

•  The US did return 37 tons of gold to Germany in 2013.  However, initial reports claimed that the US had “refined” those 37 tons before they were returned to Germany.  Later, Germany denied that the US did had refined those 37 tons before they were shipped to Germany, and instead claimed that  Germany refined them after they arrived they arrived.

Both versions agreed that the 37 tons of gold had been refined by somebody—but it wasn’t clear if the “refiner” was the US or Germany.

Bill Holter recently reported on the mystery of who refined the German gold:
“We had several news items last week that boggled the mind.  The most astonishing was the Bundesbank doing a 180 degree U-turn and saying that the [37 tons of] gold that was delivered [by the US]  to them last year was not refined in the US; it was done in Germany after the arrival.  This of course raises many more questions than already existed.

“Originally when it was ‘told’ that the US refined the gold, the simple question of "why?" was out there.  This was passed off by Germany by explaining that these bars needed to be "LGD" (London Good Delivery) 400 ounce bars. “
Get that?  Germany demanded 300 tons of gold be returned.  The US said they’d return it all in 7 years but did return 37 tons (about 12% of the 300 tons owed) in A.D. 2013. 

Those 37 tons were freshly “refined”.  As a result of that refining, the original weights, serial numbers and insignia engraved on the exterior surfaces of Germany’s original gold bars were lost.  Technically, after the 37 tons of gold had been refined, there’d be no way to prove that the 37 tons of freshly-refined gold returned to Germany was the same gold that Germany had deposited 50 or 60 years ago.   

Who cares, right?  37 tons is 37 tons.  So long as Germany deposited 37 tons and received 37 tons, Germany should be unaffected by the source of that gold.

While it’s true that Germany was unaffected by the “refining,” the US government might be affected enormously.

Why?  Because it was originally claimed that the US “refined” the original German gold bars to meet “LGD” standards before the 37 tons of gold were sent to Germany.  If that were true, it would raise some interesting questions.  For example, why would the US bother to “refine” German gold?  The refining process would be costly and take time.  There’d be security risks insofar as Germany’s original gold bars would have to be transported from their ultra-secure US vault to some US refinery before being shipped to Germany.

Besides, if Germany had deposited some irregular gold bars with the US fifty years ago, what difference did make to the US whether those bars met today’s “LGD” standards?   Just give Germany the same irregular bars that they deposited and leave it to Germany to refine them or not as they saw fit.

•  Suppose you borrowed your brother-in-law’s 1992 Ford last Friday.  Would you feel obligated to return a brand new Cadillac to your brother-in-law on Monday? 

I wouldn’t.  If I borrowed a 1992 Ford, I’d return the very same 1992 Ford that I borrowed.  I might fill the gas tank, wash the vehicle etc.  But I’d still return the same car that I’d borrowed—unless, I’d wrecked or otherwise lost my brother-in-law’s Ford.  Then, I’d return a different, possibly newer and more valuable car.

Similarly, if Germany deposited 37 tons of irregular gold bars with the Federal Reserve, I’d expect the US government to return the very same irregular gold bars when Germany asked for the return of its gold.   So, why didn’t the Federal Reserve/ US Treasury simply return the same gold bars that Germany deposited 50 years ago?  Why did we go through the “newly-refined” story? 

The answer is almost certainly that the US no longer has the same gold bars it received from Germany.  If so, the reason that the US needs at least 7 years to send all 300 tons of gold back to Germany, and had to “refine” the 37 tons they sent in 2013 is that the US no longer has the German gold.  Worse, the US might be so short on gold that they can’t even cough up 300 tons.

That speculation is troubling because you’d have thought that if Germany deposited 300 tons of gold bars marked with their weights, serial numbers and German insignia, the US would carefully guard and hold those exact, same gold bars for Germany to reclaim whenever they liked.  Insofar as the US is unable to return all 300 tons in less than 7 years, and insofar as the 37 tons that have been returned have also been “refined,” it implies that Germany’s original gold is gone.  If the US can’t return Germany’s gold, how much other gold is missing?  Could it be that the US gold treasury is nearly empty

Which leaves us to ask how much gold does the Federal Reserve and US Treasury really have.  If the original German gold is gone, what about the other 1,000 tons stored on behalf of foreign governments?  What about the 8,200 tons of gold that’s allegedly been stored for the American people?  How much gold really remains at Fort Knox and the New York Federal Reserve’s vault?

•  Therefore, to avoid the suspicion that the US gold treasury was about empty, the US would have to deny reports that it refined the 37 tons of gold before they were sent to Germany in 2013.  If that gold was not refined, it would still bear the weights, serial numbers and insignia engraved in the gold bars as existed 50 years old.  Those engravings would prove that the US had not sold the German gold and we might be confident that the US still held all of the gold it claimed to hold.   

However, Germany originally reported that the US had refined the gold and erased all of the original weights, serial numbers, insignia etc. that had been on the original gold bars.  

But, then, Germany figuratively replied, “Oh, wait . . . . Gee, now that we think about it, contrary to our original reports, the US did not refine the original, irregular, German gold bars before they shipped the 37 tons of gold to us.  Instead, we Germans refined those 37 tons after we received the original, irregular gold bars from the US.  Silly us, hmm?”

The difference between the two stories is this:  If the US refined the 37 tons delivered to Germany, then the US would not have returned the same gold bars that Germany had deposited 50 years ago.  The refining story could be a pretext to justify sending Germany gold other than the same gold bars that Germany had originally deposited in the US. 

It might therefore be presumed that the US had breached its custodial obligations and had somehow lost, leased or sold the original German gold (without Germany’s approval) and was attempting to replace part of that original German gold with freshly “refined” gold from a different source.   That would imply that the US may be about out of gold.

On the other hand, if the 37 tons of gold bars were refined after they arrived in Germany, that would imply that Germany had received 37 tons of their original gold bars.  If so, we could presume that the US was still holding the 263 ton balance of German gold, another 1,000 tons of gold deposited by other foreign countries, plus 8,200 tons held for the American people  Implication?  The US gold treasury might still be filled with thousands of tons of gold. 

I.e., if Germany “refined” those 37 tons of gold, we’d have no reason to suppose that the US Treasury was about out of gold.  If the US is about out of gold, then the original claim that the US refined the gold sent to Germany would have to be refuted.  And, in fact, that claim was refuted. 

•  If all of the original German gold is gone, what’s the source of the 37 tons that the US recently refined and sent to Germany?

One possible answer is that the gold that’s being refined in the US before it’s sent to Germany is gold that’s been recently mined out of the earth.   If that’s true, it would again imply that the US Treasury and Federal Reserve gold vaults are fundamentally empty

The need to send freshly-mined gold to Germany might also explain why it will take 7 years to restore the 300 tons of German gold.  The 7 years may correspond to some US government projection as to how long it will take to buy enough freshly-mined gold to replace the gold that’s owed to Germany and other foreign nations.

•  Finally, if the US government is replacing foreign-owned gold bars with freshly-mined and freshly-refined gold bars, that could explain why the price of gold has been so brutally suppressed over in A.D. 2013.  Government doesn’t want to pay full, free market price for tens of tons of freshly-mined gold in order to repatriate the gold held by in the US for foreign countries.  Would government rather to replace 300 tons of gold at $1,900 per ounce or at $1,000?

The answer’s obvious. 

This speculation about the “mystery” of the German gold may seem improbable, but note that the German demand for its 300 tons came about the same time the price of gold was $1,700 per ounce.  Since then (and while the US delivered 37 tons of gold to Germany) the price of gold fell over 30%.  Is that a coincidence?  Or is it evidence that the US gold treasury is just about empty and government is scrambling to secretly buy freshly-mined gold to conceal that void? 

If American gold vaults are about empty, how much longer could that secret be concealed from the world?

If the world discovers that the US is not only out of credit (the Federal Reserve is buying 70% to 80% of recent US Treasury bonds) and out of gold, what do you think will happen to the perceived value of the US dollar? 

What will happen to the US economy? 

What will happen to the price of gold?

Federal Reserve to Restrict Wall Street Commodity Trading?

by Alfred Adask

Reuters recently published an article entitled “Worried Fed seeks to curb Wall Street banks commodity trade”.  The article didn’t attract much mainstream attention, but its implications struck me as important.

According to Reuters,
“The US Federal Reserve on Tuesday took a first formal step toward restricting the role of Wall Street banks in trading physical commodities, citing fears that a multibillion-dollar disaster could bring down a bank and imperil the stability of the financial system.”
Given the Fed’s need to maintain public confidence in the markets, the economy and the currency, it seems improbable that the Fed would publicly warn of a potential “multibillion-dollar disaster” unless the probability of such imminent disaster were too high to ignore or conceal.
“The Fed board voted to publish its concerns and potential remedies following months of growing public and political pressure to check [Wall Street] banks' decade-long expansion into the commodities supply chain. . . .

“The Fed ‘expect(s) to engage in additional rulemaking in this area,’ according to prepared remarks of Michael Gibson, the Fed's director of bank supervision and regulation, to a US Senate banking committee hearing on Wednesday.

“The new rules could include a cap on total assets or revenues from such trading, increased capital or insurance, or prohibitions on holding certain types of commodities ‘that pose undue risk.’"
Again, I presume that the Fed would not publicize their concerns or seek to change the rules for banks investing in physical commodities unless the Fed perceived a serious and imminent risk of a “multibillion-dollar disaster”.

Second, the Fed will take public comments on its proposal to regulate bank investment in commodities until March 15th.  Thus, the Fed’s new rules on banks investing in physical commodities won’t go into effect until sometime after March 15th.  That implies that the Fed does not anticipate a serious financial breakdown in the 1st quarter of this year.  Second quarter is possible, third or fourth quarters are more likely.

Third, although the Fed implies that its major concern is crude oil, it’s easy to suppose that the Fed’s real concern over a physical commodity that poses an “undue risk” to the financial system may be gold

Has there been any evidence that the Federal Reserve and Powers That Be have been actively and aggressively suppressing the price of crude oil for the past decade?  Not much.

On the other hand, there’s been enormous evidence that the Fed and PTB have actively manipulated and suppressed the price of gold over the past decade.

The implication is obvious:  the financial system is far more threatened by gold than by crude oil.  If so, it follows that the primary target for the Fed’s new rules for restricting Wall Street bank investments in physical commodities should be gold rather than crude oil.

If the Fed knows that the London and Comex gold vaults (and even those of the Federal Reserve and US government) are about out of physical gold , then the Fed might see an “undue risk” for Wall Street banks that’ve been selling paper gold but which may soon be unable to deliver physical gold to investors. 

If it becomes apparent that the US and London gold markets have nothing in their inventory but paper gold certificates, the price of physical gold should increase dramatically, and the value of paper dollars should plunge.  The resulting price chaos could threaten the solvency of the banks and gold markets and precipitate a “multi-billion dollar financial disaster”.

Fourth, for the past 20 years, Wall Street banks have traded primarily in paper gold commodity markets in which they promised to deliver physical gold but rarely had to do so.  It’s by means of trading in paper gold, that Wall Street has been able to suppress the price of physical gold.

If the Fed’s forthcoming rules inhibit Wall Street from further investments in the gold commodity markets, those new rules may slow or even stop Wall Street’s ability to manipulate the price of physical gold.  Once the price the price of physical gold is no longer manipulated by Wall Street banks, that price should soar.

If the Fed imposes new rules at the end of March that restrict Wall Street banks’ ability to trade in and manipulate the gold markets, the price of gold could start to rise dramatically as soon as second quarter of this year.

As the world fiat currencies continue to destroy central banks and debt continues to be the glue holding world economies together gold will become their only real wealth. I believe we are experiencing the ultimate shift away from the U.S. dollar reserve currency and this scandal of price manipulation for gold and silver will be exposed as the LIBOR rate scandal was. However, no one will ever be sent to jail and a few billion dollars worth of fines will go into the pockets of the elite.

Deutsche Bank to withdraw from gold fix amid probe
By Reuters | 17 Jan, 2014, 05.48PM IST

LONDON: Deutsche Bank will withdraw from gold and silver benchmark setting, or fixing, amid an investigation by German regulators into suspected manipulation of precious metals prices by banks.

Deutsche, one of five banks involved in the twice-daily gold fix for global price setting, said it was dropping out of the process after withdrawing from the bulk of its commodities business.

"Deutsche Bank is withdrawing its participation in the gold and silver benchmark setting proc ..

Read more


China may have vaulted ahead of Italy and France last year to become the third-largest holder of gold, according to a Bloomberg Industries report.

Assets were probably about 2,710 metric tons, compared with the last reported holdings of 1,054 tons in April 2009, according to the report. Italy’s holdings are 2,451.8 tons, and France owns 2,435.4 tons, according to the World Gold Council data. The U.S. is the biggest holder with 8,133.5 tons.

China’s central bank probably added 622 tons last year after reserves increased 380 tons in 2012, according to the report by Kenneth W Hoffman, senior metals and mining analyst at Bloomberg Industries.

“Based on conversations with officials in China and Mongolia, it’s evident that China feels they want as much gold as much as the U.S.,” Hoffman said in a telephone interview from Skillman, New Jersey. “The refiners in Switzerland have been talking about melting gold after the selloff in London and shipping them to Hong Kong and then from Hong Kong can be traced to China.”

Assets in exchange traded funds backed by bullion fell by more than 869 tons in 2013, according to Bloomberg data, after prices fell 28 percent, the most since 1981.

“Gold has been moving from the west to the east this year,” Hoffman said The Asian nation’s consumption of jewelry, bars and coins rose 30 percent to 996.3 metric tons in the 12 months that ended Sept. 30, while usage in India, the second-biggest buyer, gained 24 percent to 977.6 tons, according to the London-based World Gold Council.

DHS Corruption — Helping the money making economy – Drugs, Human Trafficking and Slave Labor voting block


Sedation and lies to keep you away from the truth

 Illegal immigration and the amnesty discussion are always couched in these fraudulent Sound bites the masses are manipulated with.

 Family values rhetoric   – Remember when former President Bush used to talk to us about the ‘family values’ of those illegally coming across the border?  He made sure we all viewed the brave ‘Minute Men’ volunteers serving to protect our borders as ‘vigilantes.’  They were saving lives and peacefully assisting border patrol…oh yes and using their own money to do it, yet they were called names by Bush, Why? They deserved to be called heroes not vigilantes.  There was obviously an open border agenda going on.  Open to what?? ‘Illegals do the work no one else will.’ –  We have heard this one for decades but it is also blatantly untrue and designed to make us look the other way so the illegal alien card trick keeps our eyes away from the hidden cards.

‘Racism and the persecution of the poor.’ — Obama and the progressive left say that all those not supporting amnesty and endless provisions for illegals are racist and hate the poor.  We are all against poor people – family values – not good Christians – and simply racists.

Helping ‘young people to overcome ‘unjust immigration laws’ by giving them higher education.  – So, the big plot thickens with group after group and politician after politician trying to own the young illegal alien voter block by getting them all kinds of scholarships and free College tuition.  All the rest of our poor, white American students can simply eat rocks and die.  Struggle along with 3 jobs and hope to get into the local Community College when you can afford it.  Back to the illegal ‘special’ young people…

What is really going on

 Republican establishment, liberal progressive Democrats, Obama and other American subversives are combining efforts to build and protect drug cartels making an estimated 37 billion each year flowing across the borders,human trafficking networks and controlled slave labor voting blocks. Looking the other way on the border and slamming amnesty through will also allow ‘friends and alleys’ of Obama and his supporters to fulfill the bigger Obama purpose  – plans for a ‘false flag’ event ignited by those who have also come across the border.  Then Obama can manipulate martial law into place and control us like dogs sent to the slaughter if we growl or bite.

For the last few months I have been interviewing Andy Ramirez, President of Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, who has revealed mountains of sworn testimonies and perjury before Congress by top dogs peppered through the DHS and border security apparatus.  These include, former Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection from 2009-2013, David Aguilar, who was the Chief of the Border Patrol from 2004-2009; His principle supporter was Rep. Silvestre Reyes, Aguilar’s former boss in the Border Patrol.  Reyes acted as cover for Aguilar until he lost his re-election bid in 2012, after serving 8 terms in Congress. 

Listen to all the testimonies for yourself and make up your own mind - January 9th, 2014 scroll down and click on the date. We played testimony after testimony of DHS leadership lying before Congress.  In one instance, USBP Chief Michael Fisher has the audacity to declare a defense of his oath of office, yet he clearly is obstructing Congress and lying in his testimony during the June 2013 hearing. After hearing Acting Assistant Commissioner Murphy utter an “I don’t know” response to a very simple entry question about the border, Congressman Mica angrily asks, “where do they find these people?”

Listen to them, then after wanting to blow your brains out with their ‘plausible deniability’ game ask yourself why they are so anti border security??? 

Unbelievably, Congress has done nothing after Andy Ramirez testified thoroughly before Congress.  The presented evidence given to key Members of Congress is enormous and points to perjury, years of corruption, massive fraud, with internal affairs “sandbagging” investigations, and sabotage of the whole border patrol enterprise. 

DHS sabotaged infrastructure by NOT supporting the hugely successful and affordable Raytheon’s Project Athena and went instead with the lame Boeing’s Secure Borders Initiative that did little or nothing from the get go and cost massive taxpayer funded dollars.

Join us from 7-10pm PAC.  Andy Ramirez and I continue and expose the corruption by DHS, which brazenly supports drug cartels, human trafficking, slave labor and crimes against America and her security.

It is time to call it what it is and it AIN’T amnesty.

Be sure to listen to Financial Survival radio program live at and Short-wave radio 7.490 AND 9.880Mhz M-F 4:00PM ET. We broadcast in cities of Spokane KTAC 93.0 5-6pm Eastern, Metairie WVOG 600AM 3-4PM Eastern and Dallas KXBD 1480AM 4-5PM Eastern.

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When age matters
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

We live in a culture that glorifies youth and seeks to preserve it with extreme measures. However, in some cases age is preferred, desired and even demanded. For instance, when you want a splendid slice of cheese it most likely will be an aged cheese. If you want a superb wine it most definitely will be a wine that was aged so that the sugars, acids and phenol compounds (tannins) have had time to develop aroma, color, texture and taste. Wine making has become a science and aged wines require significant time and financial investment to produce a superior product.  As lovely as wine is, I'm not just talking about pressed grapes. I am also talking about the proper process involved in making herbal liquids (tinctures). Those little dropper bottles full of herbs are in most health food stores but how were they made? Are they quality and will they work? Let's investigate what it takes to make a potent herbal tincture and what you should demand as the consumer.


The ancient Greeks and Romans were masters at aging wines for years. Some Roman wines were aged for decades and were the prize of ancient Rome. The Bible tells us in Luke 5:39 that old wine is preferred over new wine. The Greek physician Galen voiced his opinion on the artificially aged wine of his day (which were heated or smoked instead of using cold storage aging) and he felt they were not as desirable or as healthy. In ancient Rome they built smoke chambers called fumarium. They would place wine bottles on top of a heated hearth inside the chamber and a smoky flavor impacted the wine and its acidity. Wines that are naturally aged will have rich color and be full-bodied. Wines that are not aged will be a pale in color and have a light taste with little alcohol potency. Wines of this caliber were made with haste in a month or two and could quickly turn into vinegar. A properly aged wine is allowed to mature under controlled conditions. For thousands of years man has improved on the aging process of wine. Wine experts know that the dark, damp and cool underground chambers improve the aging process and enhance the flavor of some wines. The Romans would store wine to age beneath the subterranean cemeteries under the city. Over the centuries wine was aged in the underground catacombs, later became caves and then from caves to cellars.

"Color comes with age." Italian Grappa wine maker


What is the reason that the aging process improves wines or herbal tinctures? What is it about the chemistry that improves them with time?  The aging process allows the wines and herbal tinctures the precious time needed to extract compounds. In wine making this is called maturing and in herbal tincture making it is called natural extraction. The chemical reactions which take place during the aging process will vary between the grapes used in wine and the herbs used in a tincture. These chemical compounds react over time and the process should not be shortened. Aging gives the end products complex flavor, color and action. In the world of wine making there are three things that are essential in making a perfectly aged wine; fruit flavor, fermentation and aging. This can take 1 to10 or more years to achieve depending on the grapes, the bottle used and the environment where it is aged. In the tincture making world there are five things that make a potent herbal formula; organic herbs, the proper catalyst, aging without heat, cold pressing and dark glass bottles for storage. Without these five things the herb product will be inferior and less effective. The longer you age herbs the darker, richer and stronger they become.

"Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read." Francis Bacon


Making tinctures is not complicated but it is time consuming and messy. Most people tend to shy away from the more complex formulations and will make tinctures at home with just one or two herbs. The formulas don't have to use exotic ingredients but the ingredients should be high quality. Formulas with certified organic herbs will avoid the risk of genetically modified and the agricultural chemicals which can attack the central nervous system. It has also become increasingly important to use organic alcohol in tincture making to avoid the GMO types of alcohol. Here is what one customer discovered about the quality herbal products made by Apothecary Herbs:

"I recommend your products for the quality I have seen so far. I decided to pick up and make some tools like a good microscope, oscilloscope, Spectrum and light meter...etc., so I could start to verify product claims. Basically, all life has energy and even inert items have some resonance. I opened 2 bottles of your herbs at this time and found them to be rich. There is color and a good lengthy spectrum to them which tells me they are quality items and long lasting. I appreciate your website information and the processing you folks use. Seems processing is the key to quality. Thanks again."
Peter Tello, Cape Neddick, ME

Processing is an important part of a quality product. When it comes to herbal formulas, if you want quality you'll want to avoid any products that have been exposed to heat and excessive light during manufacturing. A majority of companies in the herbal industry use processes and equipment designed to mass produce their products in the shortest time. Equipment designed to skip the aging process will use forced extraction under pressure, which creates friction and heat. Heat ruins the medicinal compounds of the herbs. The large herb supplement companies employ the forced extraction method and produce inferior and weak formulas compared to the naturally aging and cold pressed manufacturing methods. Can you imagine if the wine industry made wine in 1 to 2 days? This is what a majority of the herbal supplement companies are doing. For a few dollars more, consumers could have a much better formula then the cheaply made product found in stores. Uninformed consumers assume that the more expensive herbal formulas are overpriced. As in wine making, the potent herbal tinctures also require significant time and financial investment to produce a superior product.  I often use the analogy that comparing the products manufactured by Apothecary Herbs to the products found in stores is like comparing an $8.00 bottle of wine to a $100.00 bottle of wine. The old saying, "You get what you pay for" in this case is very true.  

  "Quality doesn't cost; it pays." Wendy Wilson Herbalist


So, when it comes to your herbal supplements, age matters. The minimum time herbs should be aged (without heat) to produce a rich and potent formula is 30 days. The cold-pressing can be delayed to allow the aging to continue which will add to the color and potency. If you want the best herbal formulas for cold & flu, immune boostingand organ cleansing that work, then call the folks at Apothecary Herbs toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 or online, where your healthcare options just became endless. Now is the perfect time to boost your immune system or do seasonal organ cleansing. Call now for a free product catalog 866-229-3663 and make 2014 the year of better health.


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