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Friday, July 27th, A.D. 2012

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Gold rose 2.5 % from $1,584.00 to $1,623.60
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Platinum fell 0.3 % from $1,411 to $1,407
Palladium rose 0.5 % from $574 to $577
DJIA rose 0.7 % from 12,822.57 to 13,075.66
NASDAQ rose 1.1 % from 2,925.30 to 2,958.09
NYSE rose 3.2 % from 7,759.59 to 7,912.16
US Dollar Index fell 0.9 % from 83.46 to 82.69
Crude Oil fell 1.4 % from $91.56 to $90.26

Corruption Cuts Confidence

by Alfred Adask

Anyone who studies economics understands that the strength and stability of an entire economy rests primarily on public confidence. 

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”  In other words, we might have the world’s greatest natural resources, its most industrious people, and the most modern technologies.  But, if the public loses “confidence” in the economy or the political system, and becomes fearful, the economy can crash into a depression.

The reason is simple.  When people are confident that their futures are bright, they’re optimistic and spend freely; they invest and take risks and the economy runs hot and fast. 

But when the people lose confidence in their futures, they become pessimistic and fearful, and they tend to save rather than spend or invest.  If the public won’t spend, the economy slows, unemployment rises and depression beckons. 

“Confidence” is to the economy what “morale” is to the military.  So long as people are confident, they can overcome almost any obstacle.  When they lose their confidence, they can be stopped by any small bump in the road.

Therefore, it’s critical that government maintain public confidence—even if that confidence is based on lies.  We see evidence of government’s willingness to lie in economic indicators (unemployment rate, size of the national debt, price of gold, etc.) that are manipulated and “massaged” in order to create a false confidence in the economy.  

The people must believe in government’s honesty, so once government starts to rely on lies to shore up public confidence, government can’t ever admit they previously lied to the people. One lie leads to another, and then another.

Result?  Insofar as our economy depends on public confidence—that confidence is increasingly based on lies.  But as those lies accumulate, they are inevitably exposed and rejected--but public confidence will falter and the economy may collapse. 

An economic depression isn’t merely a time when unpayable debt is flushed out of the economy.  It’s also a time when a society admits and rejects its untenable lies.

Here’s a list of some of the current lies on which our economy depends and which are headed for the “ash heap of history”:

LIE #1:  The US Economy is Strong and in Recovery

Really?  Does anyone really believe that crapola?  That lie’s been told so many times and become so laughable that even Obama hates to tell it.

LIE #2:  Banks and Financial Institutions are Honest

•  Oh, pulleese.  “Fraudclosure” describes a nation-wide phenomenon whereby small banks have routinely defrauded mortgagors.  If banks were fundamentally honest, “fraudclosure” could not have happened except in a few isolated venues.  The fact that “fraudclosure” occurred nationally is evidence of a widespread predisposition to defraud the people at even small banks.

• Bailouts for banks “too big to fail” were in some regards bailouts for those banks “too connected to fail”.  Big banks took tremendous (even absurd) risks, and if the risks paid off, the banks kept the profits.  If the risks failed, the losses were passed on to taxpayers.

Of $16 trillion in “stimulus” money surreptitiously distributed by the Federal Reserve, much of that stimulus went to people sitting on the boards of governors at each of the Federal Reserve banks.  The Fed bailed out its governor’s rather than taxpayers.

•  The “Poster Boy” for American financial corruption is Jon Corzine—the former governor, former senator, former financier.

During Corzine’s tenure as CEO for MF Global, $1.6 billion in segregated customer accounts “disappeared”.  Corzine claims the $1.6 billion simply got “lost” somehow.  He claims to be mystified by the loss.

But, how can a financial institution (which presumably keeps track of its currency down to the penny) “lose” over a billion dollars?  How can the Department of Justice fail to prosecute on behalf of the investors who lost the $1.6 billion?  Why have Congress and Obama failed to cause prosecution for the “lost” funds? 

NEWSER offers an answer:
“If there's one issue that seems to unite people of all political persuasions, it's ‘the Justice Department's unwillingness or inability to charge, prosecute, and seek conviction of a single Wall Street executive in the wake of the largest financial collapse in US history,’ writes Peter Schweizer of the Washington Times. And nobody embodies the cronyism that has prevented such prosecutions quite like Jon Corzine. Attorney General Eric Holder still hasn't named a special prosecutor to investigate the former MF Global CEO, despite prodding from 65 members of Congress.

“Corzine was once a client of Holder's law firm, and he raised $500,000 for President Obama's campaign. MF Global's bankruptcy trustee and counsel each have connections to the Obama administration as well; the trustee, for instance, testified on Holder's behalf in his confirmation hearing. Given this ‘tangle of relationships,’ Holder must appoint an independent investigator. Until that happens, citizens on both ends of the ideological spectrum will be left to wonder whether cronyism—not objectivity—has blinded lady justice.”
I object to use of the word “cronyism” to describe the relationships between government officials, law firms and Corzine.  We’re not talking about some “good ol’ boys” cuttin’ some deals over lunch.  We’re talking about a criminal enterprise organized for the purpose of robbing ordinary people and looting institutions.  In this enterprise, the conspirators are no more “cronies” than members of the Mafia conspiring to rob a bank. 

I also object to use of the phrase “tangled web” to describe what is, in fact, a sophisticated and organized criminal enterprise composed of various governmental and financial gangsters.

•  The recent “Libor” scandal in Europe makes clear that corruption in the upper echelons of major banks is not confined to Wall Street. It’s global.  This isn’t just “cronyism”.  It’s organized crime on a scale that makes the Mafia look like Boy Scouts.

LIE #3:  Government is honest

Cops.  If describing government as a criminal enterprise seems extreme, consider your local police who: 1) are shielded from personal liability by “de facto” and “official” immunity laws; and 2) often exploit their “immunity” and the modern police state by acting like Nazi storm troopers. 

Item:  Florida’s Sun-Sentinel conducted a 3 month survey and discovered “almost 800 cops from a dozen agencies driving 90 to 130 mph on our highways.”  The police charged with enforcing traffic laws are flagrantly breaking them.

Item:  The New York Times reports that “The New Orleans Police Department and the United States Department of Justice announced a far-reaching agreement to overhaul the city’s scandal-ridden police force.”  What are these “scandals” all about?

A:  Lawless (criminal) acts routinely perpetrated by the “Nawlins” cops.

Item:  Russia Today headline:  “Anaheim [California] mayor demands federal investigation after cops kill two men in two days”.  The mayor can’t control his own cops and must call the feds for help.  The cops have become as arrogant and lawless as Congressmen, Senators and Presidents.  They are a law unto themselves.

Item:  People who video police making arrests, etc. frequently have their cameras seized and/or are arrested for some trumped up charge like “obstruction of justice” or similar lie.

Item:  Chicago Tribune headline: “City settled Burge torture case, avoid [former Mayor] Daley deposition”:
“Aldermen today recommended paying more than $7 million to two men who say they were tortured by former Police Cmdr. John Burge, a move that means former Mayor Richard Daley will not be deposed about he may have known about one of the cases. “
Yay!  The former Mayor will be shielded from personal liability for a mere $7 million!

Well, boy, that sure inspires my confidence in government and the economy.

Two men were tortured by a Police Commander and the Mayor apparently knew.  The City of Chicago is paying the victims $7 million rather than go to court and force former Mayor Daley to testify to whatever he knew or authorized in this matter.  Note who’ll be fined for the torture: the taxpayers who’ll cough up the $7 million to pay for the cops’ crimes.

•  Governmental corruption is not confined to the lowly police.  US Attorney General Eric Holder—America’s top law-enforcement officer—has been shown to be involved in a criminal enterprise (“Fast and Furious” gun smuggling) and perjuring himself to Congress. 

Does any officer in government care?  Apparently not. 

Instead, the principle espoused by former President Nixon (“When the President does it, that means it’s legal.”) has now been extended to Attorney Generals and other high officials. 

But the people care and therefore lose some confidence in the “system”—and the economy tends to degrade.

•  Congress.  Bribes are excused as “political campaign contributions” and the Congress and Senate are dominated by treasonous whores for sale to the highest bidder. Public approval (and trust in) Congress is at the lowest level in generations.

•  Illegal aliens.  Our government has welcomed and even encouraged illegal aliens to enter the US.  We even have a president who may be an illegal alien, and virtually no one in a position of national political power or the mainstream media cares enough to even mount a credible investigation.  No one gives a damn about enforcing the laws or protecting our borders.

•  But with every criminal act committed by cops, bankers or Congress, public confidence wanes.  Institutionalized corruption inspires public fear, saps our confidence, and nudges our economy closer to depression.

LIE #4:  FRNS are Money

The “mother of all lies” on which our economy depends is the belief that Federal Reserve Notes (“FRNs”; the green pieces of paper in your wallet or the computerized digits in your credit card) are “money”.  Because those FRN’s “spend,” almost everyone has been conditioned to believe they are “money”. 

Very few people appreciate the fact that real money (gold or silver) is a payment and paper currency is, at best, a mere promise to pay. recently headlined: “Faber: Massive Wealth Destruction Coming, Well-to-Do May Lose 50%”:
“According to economist and investor Marc Faber (author of the Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report), the critical question over the next decade isn’t ‘where will my returns be highest?’ but ‘where will I lose the least money?’”
The answer to Mr. Faber’s question depends on your definition of “money”. 

To illustrate, let’s suppose that, during America’s Civil War, the Confederacy not only printed paper “Confederate Dollars” but also coined Confederate gold or silver coins.  Today those paper Confederate Dollars are basically worthless, but Confederate gold and silver would still be valued as real money.

Similarly, those who believe today’s paper dollars are “money” are going to lose their assets when that lie is finally seen. We may go through hyper-inflation before that lie is exposed, but the “truth will out”—and when it does, the difference between fiat currency (paper and digital “dollars”) and real money (gold/silver) will be apparent to all.
“Faber stated, ‘I think somewhere down the line we will have a massive wealth destruction. That usually happens either through very high inflation or through social unrest or through war or credit-market collapse.  I would say that well-to-do people may lose up to 50 percent of their total wealth.’
Under the theme of “what can’t be paid, won’t be paid,” I’ve predicted for at least 5 years that at least 50% of our paper wealth would be destroyed—and more likely, 80 to 90% would eventually be destroyed. In a world where the total debt (promises to pay) is too great to ever be kept, most of those “promises to pay” are lies.  Inevitably, those lies will be exposed, the associated debts will be shown to be worthless, and those storing their wealth in the form for paper debt instruments will suffer huge losses.

In an economy based on lies, the biggest lie—the one lie all the other lies are meant to protect—is the belief that paper or digital currency is “money”.  Those who believe that lie will lose 50% to 90% of their wealth.  Those who reject that lie, will preserve their assets seeking payments (in gold or silver) rather than promises to pay (paper debt instruments) that can’t be kept.

Remedy:  Abandon financial instruments and abandon the financial system

According to Hera Research, LLC:
Large-scale financial crime means that there is no longer any institution where financial assets can be safely held.  Few investors, savers, workers, entrepreneurs, small business owners or retirees understand that nearly all of the decisions presented to them lead to the same government approved piranha tanks, e.g., the Federal Reserve’s Primary Dealers [of paper debt instruments].  The oldest and deepest root of the crime wave is the institution of central banking itself.  Owning hard assets free and clear (without any associated debt) outside of the financial system is the most likely way to preserve wealth and purchasing power.”
Currently, only a small segment of the public understands the degree of corruption that dominates in our financial and political systems.  But awareness grows with each day’s new reports.

As a result, the public is:

1)  Abandoning financial instruments (paper promises to pay) and seeking to obtain real money (gold and silver) that constitute real payments;

2)  Abandoning the financial system (banks and similar institutions) that are, at the top, run by well-dressed, corporate crooks whose ultimate intent is to rob their own depositors and institutions (much as John Corzine and/or his associates looted MF Global).

Truth as Remedy

As people begin to see the depth and breadth of the lies, they lose confidence in their government, in their institutions, in their jobs.  In part, the economy begins to grind to a halt because “they pretend to pay us (with paper debt instruments), and we pretend to work”.

We aren’t simply facing an economic crisis based on numbers and mathematical formulae.  We’re facing a moral crisis.  The solution to our economic problems is not simply to adjust the interest or employment rates.  The solution must include holding people in positions of power accountable for every criminal act they commit.  The solution is to reestablish confidence in the a “level playing field” and the idea that the laws apply as equally to the rich and powerful as they do to the poor and middle class. 

We don’t need an economic revival, we need an honest government.  We don’t need an “economic recovery,” we need a “moral recovery”.  Until we get one, our “economy” will continue to degrade.  No amount of QE3 (paper currency/lies masquerading as “money”) will solve our problem.  

The economic “truth” may not set us free, but it can shield us from an economy that’s increasingly and openly dominated by corporate criminals whose only objects are theft, treason and national destruction.  The seemingly improbable, unbelievable but fundamental truth that might save us is understanding that paper debt-instruments are not money.  Gold and silver are. 

Those who understand that truth and begin to distance themselves from the “house of cards/paper” created by our Federal Reserve and fiat currency, won’t necessarily live happily ever after. But if they get clear of the “house of paper” that’s built on governmental lies, they just might survive the coming economic—and moral—collapse.

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The Master Controller of the Body
by Dr. Stefanie Gross-Rodsater D.C.

Have you ever though about what runs your body?  Of course, it’s your central nervous system.  Your brain and spinal cord control the function of every cell, tissue and organ in your body.  It’s your “Master Controller.”  Think about it: what runs your lungs, kidneys, liver and every other organ? They don’t have a little brain inside of them.  It’s your Master Controller. But how does that happen? How does the master controller talk to your organs?

The vast spinal neurologic network connects your body to your mind.  The part of the nervous system that connects your master controller to your organs is called the Autonomic Nervous System.  Autonomic just means “automatic.”  The organs function and perform automatically.  You don’t have to think about it for your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, or your kidneys to filter.   It happens automatically, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, perfectly.  Your organs are on autopilot and your master controller guides them to perfect performance, unless there is interference to the communication.

What would happen if you interfered with the connection between your master controller and your organs?  What if your health autopilot was off course?  It would be impossible for the organ to work properly.  It might still work, but not the way it was intended to, not perfectly.  This is what Wellness Chiropractors call a subluxation.  Subluxations interfere with the communication between the master controller and the organs by interfering with the autonomic nervous system.  Wellness Chiropractic specializes in identifying subluxations and removing them to restore the communication and health back to your body.

Every man, woman and child should have their nerve system checked for interference.  So if  you and your children aren’t benefiting from regular chiropractic wellness care , it’s time to get your nervous system checked out!  To see if chiropractic may be able to help you call 704-895-7227 today!

This article was written by Dr. Stefanie Gross-Rodsater D.C., a doctor of chiropractic in Huntersville, NC at Adjusting the World Chiropractic.  Dr. Stefanie has been certified through the ICPA in Webster’s technique and Pediatric Chiropractic.  Check out and!

"Second Hand" Chemo?
by Ty Bollinger

Have you ever read Alice in Wonderland ? Do you remember the “Mad Hatter?” Did you know that the term “mad as a hatter” originated from a disease peculiar to the hat making industry in the 1800’s? A complicated set of processes was needed to turn the fur into a finished hat. With the cheaper sorts of fur, an early step was to brush a solution of a mercury compound on the fur to roughen the fibers.  This caused the hatters to breathe in the fumes of this highly toxic metal, leading to an accumulation of mercury in the hatter’s bodies. This resulted in trembling (known as “hatters’ shakes”), slurred speech, loss of coordination, anxiety, personality changes, depression, and memory loss.  This eventually became known as “Mad Hatter Syndrome” and is still used today to describe mercury poisoning.

Fast forward 200 years, and let’s focus on pharmacists rather than hat makers...
On July 10, 2010, the Seattle Times carried the story of Sue Crump, a veteran pharmacist of twenty years who spent much of her time dispensing chemotherapy drugs. Sue died last September of pancreatic cancer, and one of her dying wishes was that the truth would be told about how her “on-the-job exposure” to toxic chemotherapy drugs caused her own cancer. But I’m not surprised, are you? After all, one of the side effects of chemotherapy is that it CAUSES cancer! You may have heard it said that folks who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Well, much like the hatters who went mad from the mercury, maybe when it comes to chemo, “pharmacists who dispense poison shouldnt be surprised if one day it kills them.

Dr. Glenn Warner, who died in 2000, was one of the most highly qualified cancer specialists in the USA. He used alternative treatments on his cancer patients with great success. On the treatment of cancer in this country he said: “We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain. Their idea of research is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three doses of that poison.”  

Dr. Alan C. Nixon, past president of the American Chemical Society writes, “As a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good.” And according to Dr. Charles Mathe, French cancer specialist, “If I contracted cancer, I would never go to a standard cancer treatment center. Only cancer victims who live far from such centers have a chance.”

Truth be told, if you have one type of cancer and you allow yourself to be injected with chemotherapy, you will often develop another different type of cancer as a result. The oncologist will likely claim to have cured your initial cancer even while you develop a second or third cancer directly caused by the chemo used to “treat it.” If we look at this from a purely economic perspective and jettison all morals and ethics, this is actually a pretty good business move, isn’t it? I mean, there’s nothing like cancer-causing chemotherapy to boost repeat business, huh?

 I have heard it said that chemotherapy KILLS more patients than it saves. I personally know one medical doctor who has performed autopsies on hundreds of cancer patients. He told me that NONE of the deaths were actually due to the cancer, but rather that they all died from the toxicity associate with chemotherapy and/or radiation!!

The toxicity of chemotherapy has long been ignored by virtually everyone in medicine and the federal government. It has always been assumed to be “safe” just because it’s used as a kind of far-fetched “medicine” to treat cancer. This is a lie.

The truth is that chemo is toxic, carcinogenic (causes cancer), destroys erythrocytes (red blood cells), devastates the immune system,and kills vital organs.

How toxic is chemotherapy? Think about it…your hair falls out, your immune system is destroyed, you are constantly nauseated, you get sick and vomit, you are frequently dizzy, and you have severe headaches. Are these signs that maybe this stuff is poison and doesn’t belong in your body? I’m no doctor, but this sure does seem like a very strange way to “heal” someone.

Chemotherapy is a derivative of the mustard gas used in World War I. As the Seattle Times reported, “A just-completed study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (10 years in the making and the largest to date) confirms that chemo continues to contaminate the work spaces where it’s used and in some cases is still being found in the urine of those who handle it…

Yet chemotherapy drugs (like Tamoxifen) are routinely used to “treat” breast cancer even though the World Health Organization declared Tamoxifen to be a “known carcinogen” in 1996. The level of quackery in the cancer industry is amazing. Chemotherapy doesn’t work at anything other than causing cancer! If you have cancer and are considering chemotherapy, please ask yourself this vitally important question:  If chemotherapy causes cancer, how can it treat cancer?

 I absolutely love this quote from Mike Ad ams: “Treating cancer with chemotherapy is like treating alcoholism with vodka. It’s like treating heart disease with cheese, or like treating diabetes with high-fructose corn syrup. Cancer cannot be cured by the very thing that causes it. Don’t let some cancer doctor talk you into chemotherapy using his fear tactics. They’re good at that. So next time he insists that you take some chemotherapy, ask him to drink some first. If your oncologist isn’t willing to drink chemotherapy in front of you to prove it’s safe, why on earth would you agree to have it injected in your body?

     Until next time, may God bless you all.

~ Ty Bollinger is the host of “The Cancer Truth Chronicles” weekly radio show, health freedom advocate, and author of the best-selling book, “Cancer-Step Outside the Box.” His website is

by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

This is not your normal standardized test. This test is not for humans but for herbs.
 The herbs won’t have to sharpen a number two pencil to take this test. They simply have
 to show up and the chemical lab will take care of the rest. What does this mean when
 it comes to your health? It means that organic herbs have to prove their substance is safe
while synthetic and GM products do not. Does this seem stupid to you? It does to a whole
lot of consumers and also to a few key people in Congress.

ANALYTICAL TESTING We’ve talked about the new approach the FDA wants to take regarding supplements
and reinterpret what Congress passed with regards to the Dietary Supplement Health
Education Act (DHSA). Dr. Paula Brown of the Dietary Supplement Task Force, Chair of
the American Botanical Council Advisory Committee and Natural Health Products
Program Advisory Committee for Canada (among other professional credentials) tells
us that the testing the FDA is requesting from the supplement industry will not cost a
mere $60.00 per product and may require more sophisticated testing and higher costs.

The dietary industry was upset because there were so many ways to test organic
materials and some labs were not up to the task and the ones that were cost far more
than what the industry was expecting. According to Dr. Brown the simplest way to test
herbs for their identity are macroscopic organoleptic tests. These tests are less
expensive and rely on anatomical characteristics of the plant such as color, smell, taste
and if there has not been a fracture of the plant’s alkaloids. The key to this test
 being successful is if the organic matter has retained its qualities and the
 person conducting such a test is well trained. Another way to test is via microscopy
and again the organic material must be intact. You might be asking why wouldn’t
the organic material be intact? When organic material is highly processed the
 original characteristics of the plant can disappear (in other words they’ve been
chemically altered). If this is the case, the manufacturer of such a product would need to
rely on tricky chemical tests and such testing of the herbs is far more expensive
than $60.00.

There is a section of the FDA’s GMP’s called section 24 Analysis of Impacts, which attempts
to address the cost of testing. The FDA says that the cost manufacturers will incur
will depend on the complexity of their product. The FDA also states, “We do not
have sufficient information on the range of testing costs for botanical ingredients
to determine if the average cost of testing is higher or lower than for other ingredients
(synthetic).” So, the FDA admits they have no idea how expensive the marker compound
ingredient testing is that they want to enforce on the dietary supplement industry. When
the FDA unveiled the New Dietary Ingredient Guidelines (NDI) and stated that the
average cost per test would be $60.00, we now know that they lied. Dr. Brown also
states that the numbers on these tests don’t always equal quality. When labs try to
quantify numerous markers in a plant to try to indicate “strength”, it not only is a
very expensive test but it may not actually have any significance to the quality of the
product. Attempting to measure a mixture of botanical compounds in a product formula
may not tell the scientists anything about the identity, safety or effectiveness of the
product. Dr. Brown also reminds us that we shouldn’t forget why Congress put into
place the DHSEA and the GMP’s, which was based on historical experience of the
organic plants.

Last July 5, 2011 the FDA announced its intensions to change the way we
all look at supplements with their NDI proposed guidelines. Since then Americans as
well as organizations and business within the supplement industry have voiced
 their disagreement with the guidelines. In other words, the FDA got an ear full of
criticism. That didn’t stop the FDA from attempting to push ahead with their
unauthorized agenda. So, where’s the good news? The good news is prayer
 was answered. God never lost a battle. June 20, 2012 the FDA announced that it intends
to rethink their NDI draft guidelines. Why did the FDA back down? Well, folks like
you were praying and contacting your representatives and your voice was
 heard. Congratulations!

One reason the FDA got weak in the knees was because Senator Orrin Hatch
 of Utah and Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa had a “come to Jesus” meeting with the
FDA’s Commissioner Margaret Hamburg and Deputy Commissioner Mike Taylor. The
FDA got a lesson in trying to interpret and rewrite Congressional Law.  The Senators
voiced their misgivings Congress has with the FDA usurping their authority. A certain level
of political politeness was observed and all parties will strive to keep the lines
 of communication open. The FDA agreed to revisit five key points in their guidelines for
the supplement industry:

  1. the grandfathered status of particular ingredients
  2. permission to use synthetic as opposed to botanical ingredients in supplements
  3. the definition of “chemically altered”
  4. New Dietary Ingredient submissions regarding finished products
  5. level of data required to demonstrate safety of ingredients
You can bet that in the future the FDA will attempt to see their complete control of
the supplement industry fulfilled. At this writing the FDA has not given any indication
when they will introduce their revised proposal for dietary supplements but you can bet
they will move quickly so we must remain vigilant.

Thanks go out to each and every one who proactively contacted their Congressional
representatives. See what happens when we stick together and ask God’s help.
Please take a few minutes to thank God and contact Senator Hatch and Harkin and
thank them for their due diligence in protecting your supplement market and
 health freedoms.

Senator Orin Hatch
104 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510
  Senator Tom Harkin
731 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510

For now the herbs in your supplements don’t have to take tests. If they did the costs of
your organic supplements would either skyrocket or disappear. I realize that there are
many battles going on all at once and it is hard to keep up but try to be aware of
what powerful agencies, such as the FDA, are doing to your foods and
 supplements. Without your health you have nothing.

We all get an “A” for being proactive and protecting our health freedom. For a limited time
and while supplies last, Apothecary Herbs has arranged for a FREE copy of The Power
to everyone who orders a Power Herb Kit or Pandemic Kit. Protect your
health with the immune boosting and organ cleansing experts, call Apothecary Herbs
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Rebecca Carley, MD

Since the name of my column and my internet radio shows is “What’s Ailing America (and the world)”, as I always say, I will never run out of answers to that question.  It is critical to overstand the big picture of what the psychopaths who control the world are doing, because it is all connected in creating the living hell we find ourselves in here on planet earth.  Where doctors create disease and destroy life, administering biological weapons nicknamed “vaccines” which are corrupting our very genetic structure and have the potential to cause the extinction of the human race.  Where pastors of 501 C3 churches hold vaccine clinics and allow their members to be inoculated with disease instead of warning them about pharmakeia.  Where police and the judicial system protect Masonic criminals and persecute the innocent.  Where governments have become terrorists against the people they purport to “serve”, and commit treason every day by allowing the destruction of our air, water, food and planet.  Where CPS agents kidnap children from good homes for cash, and place them in dangerous foster homes where they are used for child pornography and as guinea pigs for drug trials by big pharma.  Where the international banksters, who print money out of thin air and then sell it to governments creating debt that cannot possibly be repaid, are intentionally destroying the economies of the world and causing enslavement of people worldwide.  As all of this becomes increasingly obvious to anyone who has the ability to SEE what is self evident, “false flag” events continue to be used to spread fear, as well as clamp down on the people with more and more loss of personal rights and personal privacy.

Investigative researchers like myself immediately get tagged with the term “conspiracy theorist”.  This is a very cunning technique of the psychopaths to try to discredit those who are speaking the truth.  The definition of “theory” is “a set of statements or principles designed to explain a group of facts or phenomena”.  The definition of “conspiracy” is “a plot, especially an illegal one”.  Therefore, a “conspiracy theorist” is one who investigates a situation, and then determines that an illegal plot is/was involved in making it happen.  Once self evident proof is uncovered to substantiate that conspiracy theory, it becomes a conspiracy FACT.  As more and more citizens of the world with a conscience come forward with the results of their research, the global psychopaths cause various “false lag” events to distract those who beLIEve what they hear on mainstream media, while simultaneously giving an excuse for ever more tyrannical laws to suppress freedom, and monitor the awakening public.

The latest event which, in my opinion is an obvious false flag event designed to give an excuse to take away guns from Americans, was the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre massacre.  The shooter, James Holmes, was a pHd candidate in NEUROSCIENCE (the study of the brain), and was funded by an NIH grant.  (Note that the National Institutes of “Health” is the same taxpayer funded agency which started the “Special Virus Cancer Program”.  I have copies of thousands of pages of documents from this program which creates viruses that cause cancer and studies how pesticides, radiation, etc. help them work better at causing cancer).  The NIH also funded project number 5R01A1055018-03, giving $452,413 to the Wistar Institute to develop a vaccine for a weaponized rabies virus (of course, first they have to develop the weaponized rabies which can be transmitted via inhalation).  I discussed this last week in relation to the increasing frequency of cannibal attacks; the site to read this grant is   So, the genius who mysteriously became a serial killer, allegedly purchasing tens of thousands of dollars of weapons, ammo and bombs, was funded by the NIH.  What experiments was he working on?  He reportedly made a presentation in May of this year entitled “Micro DNA Biomarkers” in a class named “Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders”.  DNA biomarkers are mutations in DNA; the most common causes of DNA mutations are vaccines (which is self evident if you read between the lines in the article about DNA vaccines at ).  Of course, mutations in brain DNA are not the only way to cause changes in behavior. We have MIT publishing a paper on “Disruption of the right temporoparietal junction with
transcranial magnetic stimulation reduces the role of beliefs in  moral judgements”.  Yes, the psychopaths are using magnetic pulses (such as those used in MRI’s) to damage the temporal lobes of the brain involved in having a conscience (thus creating a psychopath).  You can access this article at .  WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?????????????

An article in the Charlotte Observer entitled “ ‘Batman’ films dramatize well the way we fear        now” (which can be accessed at ) is quite remarkable in that it lists the Aurora Movie Massacre as in the same class as others which I have determined by my investigation were also False Flag events, blamed on “terrorists without a cause”; when the actual terrorists were either government created “Manchurian candidates” or individuals who escaped exposure by insertion of scapegoats to distract from those behind the scenes (who are referred to in the Batman movies as “the League of Shadows”, who seek chaos).  Of course, the motto of the New World order, means “order out of chaos”.  In other words, cause chaos by false flag events which instill fear; manipulate the masses into giving away their freedom to bring back order.  This is the ultimate hoodwinking of humanity. These events mentioned in the above Charlotte Observer article include Columbine (where the shooters were on psych drugs after being raped in juvenile detention according to their families), post 9/11 anthrax mailings (which have been admitted to come from a government bioweapons lab), Virginia Tech and the Tucson shootings (whose perpetrators are similar in many ways to the Aurora shooter).  Of course the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11 have been widely exposed as false flag operations.  Don’t believe me…and certainly don’t believe CIA controlled mainstream media.  CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELVES…as you are paying for these psy ops being done as an excuse to create a global surveillance state where psychopaths create a hell on earth, and people of conscience who stand up and speak the truth can be labeled a “lone wolf”, put on Obama’s “kill list”, and taken out with a drone.

A few more very obvious “coincidences” in relation to this false flag event in Colorado:

  1. A trailer of a movie entitled “Gangster Squad” shows a gangland massacre in a crowded theatre.  This trailer was pulled from being released at the same time of the new Batman movie…coincidence?  To those of us in the know, this is the pattern and practice of the psychopaths to forecast their upcoming crimes against humanity.  This was most obvious in the case of 9/11, where even an episode of the Simpsons had a “hint” of what was coming. 
  2. Simultaneous to the 24/7 coverage of the massacre and the entry of police into the allegedly booby trapped apartment of the shooter, the movie “Batman Begins” was being played on various channels.  This movie is about how a psychotropic drug was put in the water supply of Gotham City, and then hit with microwave weapons to create an aerosolized hallucinogen to INCREASE FEAR; a mind control weapon designed to cause mass fear and violence.  INTERESTING STORYLINE; to be continued…

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