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Friday, August 24th, A.D. 2012

Between Friday, August 17th and Friday, August 24th, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 3.4 % from $1,615.80 to $1,670.70
Silver rose 9.6 % from $28.09 to $30.82
Platinum rose 5.2 % from $1,469 to $1,545
Palladium rose 7.1 % from $606 to $649
DJIA fell 0.9 % from 13,275.20 to 13,157.97
NASDAQ fell 0.3 % from 3,076.59 to 3,069.79
NYSE fell 0.7 % from 8,102.07 to 8,047.87
US Dollar Index fell 1.1 % from 82.56 to 81.63
Crude Oil fell 0.1 % from $96.21 to $96.10

Comin' Home to Gold

by Alfred Adask

The Daily Reckoning Australia reports that,
“SOMETHING is brewing.  We don't know what it is, but it feels ominous. . . .  we know the financial system is broken and that the market should collapse. We know you can't solve a debt problem by increasing debt.

“Jim Rickards reckons the most likely outcome of all this is chaos. . . .  When a system of international finance comes to an end, it normally goes through a chaotic period before another system emerges.

“What will that new system be?  Rickards puts a number of options forward.  All involve something taking over from the US Dollar as the world's reserve currency.

“The problem with the US Dollar is that it fulfills the dual role of domestic currency and international reserve asset. This gives rise to the 'Triffin Dilemma', named after the economist Robert Triffin. The dilemma is that the objectives of managing a domestic currency run contrary to the objectives of an international reserve asset.”
I.e., a currency can serve only one “master”.  The US dollar can serve only the people of the USA or only the people of the world.  If the dollar serves one, it must slight the other.

Insofar as: 1) the US fiat dollar is the world’s reserve currency; and 2) globalists have captured control of the US dollar and are bent on supporting global free trade and a New World Order—then the financial and economic interests of America are being sacrificed to serve globalism.  Americans are being subjected to long-term, debt bondage in order to provide the currency the world needs to stimulate the global economy and enrich the rest of the world.  Our government has agreed to reduce our children and grandchildren to impoverished debt-slaves in order to support and advance the New World Order and Global Government.
“For example, the US runs a trade deficit. It has done so for decades. US trade deficits supply global liquidity. Excess US Dollars flow to Middle Eastern oil producers, Chinese widget manufacturers and Japanese car makers.”
What a brilliant insight. 

US trade deficits supply global liquidity. 

A primary reason that a global economy—and a one-world government—might emerge is Americans’ willingness to function as the world’s consumers (debtors) and to mortgage their children’s futures in order to give the 3rd world nations of the world enough excess cash to build up their own economies. 

America’s post-WWII trade deficits aren’t an accident or an example of simple fiscal foolishness.  They’re an intentional form of welfare provided by the US government and paid for by the ignorance and largess of the American people. 

Again, people in positions of power have agreed to sacrifice The United States of America, in order to enrich and empower the world.
“What do you think would happen if the US suddenly became competitive and financially prudent? What if it started producing trade surpluses? It would be disastrous for the global economy. Global liquidity would dry up . . . there would be a massive credit crunch.”
Implication:  Just as our trade deficits were orchestrated to enrich and empower foreign countries, our loss of competiveness and financial imprudence was intended for the purpose of stimulating the global economy.  By using the fiat dollar as world reserve currency, America is being driven into poverty and debt bondage—our nation is being sacrificed—for the sake of globalism. 

Think about that.
“So the [global] system depends on US profligacy.  The US may enjoy an 'exorbitant privilege' [that of having the world reserve currency] in the words of former French President Charles De Gaulle , but it's one that has benefitted . . . the world in terms of delivering debt-based economic growth.”
America has been sacrificed to benefit globalism and the New World Order.  That makes me mad.  Our politicians had no reason or right to betray America’s best interests to support the world’s.

But, on the other hand, our sacrifice has been to provide “debt-based economic growth”.   Growth based on debt is something of a fraud or an illusion. 

So what happens if and when the world’s designated debtors (America’s current consumers and future generations) default (as they must) on their debt?  The whole damned system will collapse leaving who to emerge from the rubble, once again, on top?  

•The former Soviet Union collapsed in A.D. 1990.  The Russian people went through a hellish decade, but they’re back as an important and prosperous national power. 

The same could be true for America.  We’re going to go through a painful period of at least 5 to 10 years.  We’ve earned that pain with our national ignorance and misguided trust in government.  We can’t escape the coming retribution, but we can minimize its duration by getting smart, objective, and tough.  If we can learn to do what’s right for America—rather than what feels good or sounds good or is personally lucrative—we can shorten our coming years of discontent.

Alternatively, we can cling to our lies and foolishness of big government (much as the Russians once clung to communism) and extend our pain indefinitely.
“Robert Triffin identified the [currency] problem way back in the 1960s. Since then nothing has changed. The dilemma is now so big that it can't be undone or reversed. The dual role of the US Dollar as national and international currency is no longer viable.”
The inherent conflict for a currency that’s intended to serve both a nation and the world was first identified by Robert Triffin in testimony to Congress in A.D. 1960—52 years ago. 

But how many times have you heard of Triffin’s hypothesis?  I’ve never heard of it before.  I doubt that that’s an accident.  If Americans had understood the dangers posed by allowing the US dollar to be the world reserve currency, America would not have allowed their own self-sacrifice.   Therefore, Triffin’s theory has probably been “concealed”.

If we’d played hard-ball and hard-money for the past 40 years, we wouldn’t be facing a potential economic catastrophe.  Conversely, once we get smart, get tough and get gold, we’ll be on our way back to the top.
“So what happens next?  Rickards reckons the IMF (international Monetary Fund) could come in and produce SDRs, or special drawing rights. SDRs are effectively a unit of account defined by the value of a basket of [fiat] currencies: the US Dollar, the Euro, the British pound, and the Japanese yen.”
No Chinese yuan? No BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) currencies? 

The SDR is composed of four dying fiat currencies.  None of the new and vital currencies are included.  That sounds like a formula for disaster as outdated as the Maginot Line.

SDRs might replace the fiat dollar for a while—but probably not for more than 2 or 3 years, if that.  SDRs may impress the world’s bankers, governments and corporate giants, but I don’t expect the SDR to replace dollars in the pockets of the street venders in India, Africa, and South America.

If and when the fiat dollar fails, the world is unlikely to accept a “new-and-improved” fiat currency to take its place. 

The fiat dollar isn’t the global reserve currency simply because bankers and presidents say so. The dollar is the global reserve currency because the world’s street peddlers say so.  I doubt that you can have a world reserve currency that isn’t recognized and used daily by the world’s poor and middle class.  If you offer “SDRs” to the poor of India or Africa, how quickly will they accept that fiat currency?

•  The BRICS currencies and SDRs won’t easily replace the fiat dollar as world reserve currency. 

Why?  Because the dollar became the world reserve currency after WWII for two reasons: 1) the US was the only remaining economic power in a devastated world; and 2) the US dollar was “good as gold”.  The paper dollar (at least in foreign markets) was 100% redeemable in gold all the way up to A.D. 1971 when Nixon closed the “gold window”. 

The people of the world had become conditioned to accept the paper dollar as valuable while it was backed by gold.  Once the dollar was not backed by gold, people didn’t generally notice.  The fiat dollar lost value steadily, but it didn’t collapse.  The fiat dollar had inherited some of the gold-backed dollar’s reputation.  The world’s street peddlers first accepted the dollar because it was “good as gold” and later accepted the fiat dollar out of habit.

But, can the fiat dollar be replaced as global reserve currency by another currency that’s not issued by the world’s most powerful, national economy?  Can the fiat dollar be replaced by the Chinese yuan or Russian ruble? Is there a single national economy that dominates the world as the US economy did after WWII?


Will there be another single, national economy that dominates the world as the US economy did after WWII? 


China may be powerful, but they have too many internal problems in a multi-polar world to assume that the Chinese yuan will replace the fiat dollar.  The Chinese yuan and the Russian ruble can now compete with the fiat dollar, but they can’t replace it.  The world’s street peddlers may come to value the yuan and ruble just as highly (or “lowly”) as the fiat dollar.  They will accept any currency that they know can be used.  But, the only kinds of money that the street peddlers will prefer over dollars will be gold and silver.

•  Which bring me back to the dollar’s pre-1971 reputation as being “good as gold”.  The only way it acquired that reputation was by being 100% redeemable in gold.  If the dollar hadn’t been 100% redeemable in gold for 26 years after WWII, it’s doubtful that the fiat dollar would’ve ever achieved the status of “world reserve currency”.

For at least 3,000 years the only “world reserve currency” has been gold.  Oh, there’ve been some alternatives (like fiat dollars) that lasted for a few decades.  But in the end, the alternatives were pretenders and counterfeits that finally failed.  You can bet that for the next 3,000 years, the only true “world reserve currency” will be gold.

Global free trade and the New World Order are built on fiat currency.  If the dollar must be replaced, the Globalists will work mightily to install a new-and-improved fiat currency.  But can they persuade the world’s street peddlers to accept the next fiat currency in preference to gold or silver?  I don’t think so.

Why?  Because, while any fiat currency can be convenient on a daily basis, fiat currency is never a reliable store of value.

•  Look at Zimbabwean dollars. During their hyperinflation, a Zimbabwean street peddler might sell something at 10AM for 1,000 Zimbabwean dollars knowing that Z$1,000 would buy a loaf of bread right then, but it would take Z$10,000 to buy that same loaf of bread tomorrow.  Therefore, the peddler who had $Z1,000 would instantly run to the store to buy a loaf of bread.

Next day, our street peddler would sell his product for Z$10,000, and instantly run to the store to buy another loaf of bread for Z$10,000.

Third day, same thing except that our peddler sells his product for Z$100,000 and then runs to buy another loaf of bread for Z$100,000.  Zimbabweans adjusted to hyperinflation. 

The fiat currency system works.  The people adjust.  They get by.

But they can’t save in a fiat currency.  Because fiat currency is subject to hyper-inflation, saving is impossible and irrational.  When prices are increasing 10X every day, you’re crazy to save fiat currency.  If you save Z$1,000 today, it will only be worth Z$100 tomorrow, and the day after than Z$10, etc..

Thus, the fiat currency system can work just fine to see that everyone gets a loaf of bread each day.  But no one will be able to save enough wealth to build or buy a bakery.  Because fiat currency is not a store of value, as inflation rates rise, saving becomes senseless.  Without savings, there is no real investment.  Without savings, there is no real capitalism because there’s no capital—only credit, which equals debt

No matter how frugal or smart our Zimbabwean street peddler may be, so long as he’s trapped into using a fiat currency, he can’t save, he can’t invest, he can never get ahead.  He can only buy a loaf of bread each day.

On the other hand, if his currency was gold, inflation would be almost impossible.  Savings would be comparatively easy and rational.  Those who were diligent, frugal and fortunate could get ahead and even prosper.

Why?  Because gold is not merely a currency, but also a store of value—something fiat currencies can never be.

Gold will be the next “world reserve currency” because it’s always been, and is, the only true “world reserve currency”.  Gold will be the next “world reserve currency” because it’s the only substance that can be a reliable store of value.

Without gold, there’s no saving.  Without savings; no investment of capital.  Without investment of capital, the economy will slow or perhaps even stop.

The same principle has applied here in the US.  In A.D. 1968 (just 44 years ago), you could exchange one paper dollar for one silver dollar.  Today, it will cost your thirty fiat dollars to purchase one silver dollar.  Point:  In just 44 years, America has seen 97% inflation.

If you’d saved $1,000 40 years ago, today, its purchasing power would be only about $30.

Run the numbers on gold ($42 in A.D. 1971 and $1,700 today) and you’ll see another result of 97% inflation in just over 40 years—and those number assume that the price of gold hasn’t been artificially suppressed.  If the price of gold has been significantly suppressed, our actual losses to inflation are even greater than 97%.

Is it any wonder that our infrastructure and industry have deteriorated?  How can we accumulate the savings and capital required to build, maintain and innovate if our currency loses at least 97% of its value in 40 years?  

The insanity of abandoning the gold and silver backing for our currency has become so lethal, so obvious, that even The Powers That Be are surrendering to the power and inevitability of gold.

We’re going back to gold as money.

And probably not so long from now. 

In June, the Federal Reserve and FDIC in the US—and the Bank of International Settlements in Europe—all simultaneously recommended that gold be elevated from a Tier III bank reserve asset to a Tier I reserve asset.  This change signaled that the world’s banks will not only buy more gold, but that the world’s best bankers, economists and financiers are convinced that the price of gold is going to rise into the foreseeable future.  More, this change signaled that gold has won the war with fiat currencies.  By recommending gold be elevated to the status of a Tier I asset, the central bankers of the world have capitulated to the inevitable restoration of gold as money.

On August 23rd, the Financial Times posted an article entitled “Republicans Eye Return to Gold Standard”.  According to that article, this year’s Republican Party platform will call for:  1) an audit of the Federal Reserve; and 2) the creation of a commission to study restoration of the link between the dollar and gold.

It would be virtually impossible for either major political party to advocate a return to a gold-based dollar unless the party elite recognized the inevitable:  The world is going back to gold as money. 

If the dollar wants to survive, it better hook up with gold.  If the fiat dollar tries to survive without a gold-backing, the fiat dollar will die.  

Either way—if the fiat dollar dies or the dollar restores its link to gold—those holding gold will profit handsomely.  Those left holding the “bag” (paper, fiat dollars) will lose their assets.

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Dear Friend,

The creative minds behind the Back to Eden film are going to empower you with helpful tips on organic gardening. If you want to improve the yeild of your garden with less back-breaking work, then you will love this new addition to the newsletter. My thanks to Dana & Sarah for sharing and feel free to share this newsletter with your family and friends.

Be well,

Wendy Wilson, Herbalist
Apothecary Herbs Inc.

By Dana Richardson & Sarah Zentz

Our goal is to equip people around the world so individuals, families and communities will be prepared to grow their own food in the days ahead. As a part of our mission to freely give and freely receive, we invite you to watch the full feature film online for free at

Paul Gautschi, a master arborist and world-famous organic gardener, has discovered a secret to gardening... "Go out to where nature has not been disturbed, look at what it is doing and copy it!" This is what Paul did 32 year ago in his orchard and has been reaping the bountiful harvest ever since.

Located on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, Paul's home garden and orchard is covered with wood chips. Why? When Paul walked into nature, in his case the forest, he found needles, leaves and branches that had fallen from trees which were decomposing to create the most beautiful, moist, rich top-soil. The epiphany for Paul was that nature was sustaining itself without any work! Here Paul was "slaving" trying to maintain his orchard and garden while in nature everything was taking care of itself.

Conventionally, most gardeners and farmers are experiencing labor intensive, complex, and costly (environmentally and economically) methods of food production. Some of the vital issues facing agriculture today include soil preparation, fertilization, irrigation, weed control, pest control, crop rotation, and PH issues. None of these issues exist in the unaltered state of nature or in Paul's gardens and orchards. As Paul states, "It's all about the covering."

In 2011, the full feature documentary, Back to Eden Film, was produced to share Paul's journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden. The film is broken into chapters that address how Paul's methods are void of the issues facing conventional agriculture in America. Paul doesn't till, fertilize, water, spray, rotate, or mix soil and you don't need to either!

Watching drought records reach all time highs this summer, the evidence is clear that the water-saving benefit of the methods shared in Back to Eden Film are in high demand! We have received far more desperate emails from gardeners in the mid-West than we have from the rest of the United States. As Fall approaches, we recommend everyone, with or without gardening or farming experience, to follow these simple steps to creating a sustainable organic garden and orchard:

1. Get Connected to Creation
2. Get "The Covering"
3. Apply "The Covering"

The best "covering" material for your garden is whatever is local, organic and readily available to you. For example, leaves, grass, straw, manure and even rocks provide the same benefits Paul experiences with wood chips. A woman in South Africa went into nature and found that sugar cane bark was the best resource for her to use. Further detailed information regarding how to implement a Back to Eden gardening can be accessed at

Dana Richardson & Sarah Zentz, Producers and Directors of Back to Eden Film, a documentary about organic gardening. The film is streaming online for free at

By Joel M. Skousen

Electromagnetic Pulse is a real threat to today's electrical grid and the high tech world of electronics. But it's not the end of the world as popularized in the book "One Second After" which gives a dramatic fictional account of how society collapses without electricity. He's right about the collapse of society part---due to excessive interdependence of people in high density urban areas. I've long said that this is the largest threat we face if suddenly all transportation and communications comes to a halt.

You don't want to be in an urban area when all electricity, water, and transportation ceases to operate. There are only two major threats to the nationwide power grid---though this year we saw how widespread thunderstorms can take down large parts of a regional power grid.

The first is a solar flare, which sends out a wave of charged particles that interact with the earth's magnetic field to channel huge surges of electrical energy toward earth. But since these charged particles mostly follow the magnetic lines toward the poles, the largest effects have been felt in the northern latitudes in Canda and Alaska. But few actual outages have occurred.

In fact, the US has weathered two major solar outbursts in the past two years without damage to the grid. Even though Congress has not authorized new funds to strengthen the nationwide grid against EMP, the utilities have done some things which have been largely responsible for keeping the grid from failing during these solar electrical storms.

The largest threat, however, remains Nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse, or NEMP. It is the strategic doctrine of all nuclear powers, including the US, Russia, and China, to use an EMP strike against a targeted country as a prelude to a full scale nuclear launch to destroy military bases. Don't be deceived by the notion that enemies will be content with just the EMP strike. Military forces are now hardened against EMP, and while the EMP strike ensures civilian disruption, it won't stop the military from retaliating---thus the need for a full scale war of destruction (at least against military targets) following an EMP strike.

Now comes the hard part---predicting what the effects will be. I want to set the record straight based upon the latest research. It is NOT true that all electronics will be destroyed and that all modern cars will be inoperable. What is true is that the national electrical grid will go down, unless Congress ponies up the few billions necessary to harden the grid against such surges---which few politicians seem to be pushing for.

Assuming that the grid will go down, there still is the question of how long will it take to restore electrical power. Lightning shunts aren't fast enough to protect against the high rise time of the EMP surge, so the surge will damage electronics in the national electric grid control system. I think some independent generating capacity will come back up within a month to six weeks. Full restoration may take half a year.

Some spare parts are available but not nearly enough to get the grid back up and operating within a month, and it only takes 3 days of total loss of electrical power to start pushing the unprepared public into full panic. If the EMP strike is followed by a full nuclear attack on selected US cities (those where the military facilities are integrally part of the city), panic will be in full swing within a day. Without electricity the government is powerless to give directions or remedy the social unrest and will have to simply let it take its course—which won't be pretty.

If you haven't got early warning---and it will be hard to come by since our government is actively covering for Russian and Chinese military preparations---and you haven't prepared to "get out of dodge" before the crisis, you'll be trapped by the instant traffic jams caused by the rush of people to escape the urban areas. Think 10 times worse than Katrina.

But won't cars be inoperable? That's one of the most common claims that have been circulated for years. The latest government testing, however, demonstrates the following:

1) Just one high altitude nuclear explosion over the US won't create enough of an EMP to take down the whole grid. Military experts say it will take 6 explosions spread out over the continent to get the desired effect, and that the highest level of impact, sufficient to affect cars, will only occur in an approximate 100 mile diameter circle directly under those 6 nuclear explosions. These blasts are so high, you won't feel them, but it will be visible in the sky, even during the day.

2) Most cars which are in the highest EMP emanation zone may shut down as the eddy currents confuse the ignition computers. However, tests show they will usually restart without permanent damage. Most cars outside the high emanation zone directly under a blast will most likely be unaffected.

3) Any sensitive electronics plugged into the utility grid will be damaged. That's the bad news.

Here are some helpful solutions:

1) The cheapest protection is to keep sensitive communication gear unplug with the cord wrapped in a tight coil, or removed completely. It is the cord that may pick up the electromagnetic pulse, even if not plugged in. For even greater protection, you can wrap the equipment in aluminum or put it in a metal box. Real faraday cages offer the maximum protection, and I have details in my book on how to construct one. However, it's not very practical to keep your electronics unplugged. And what happens if the strike comes when it is plugged in?

2) There is equipment on the market specifically designed to tamp down the high speed surges of EMP. Lightning protection equipment doesn't act fast enough, so you need something else. We've long used Polyphaser equipment---the major contractor that handles government equipment. They have now merged into a big conglomerate called the Protection Group

They have a manual you can buy on proper EMP grounding, which is excellent. Contrary to what the Lightning installers will tell you, you should never mix EMP grounding with lightning grounding. Everything, except lightning rods, must be linked to a single point grounding system so different voltage levels don't arise around the house.

What we use most is a whole house EMP shunt protector that is attached to your incoming electrical service. Any EMP pulse that collects on the utility power lines (acting like big antennas, grabbing all that electromagnetic energy coming in from space) gets shunted to ground before it enters your house.

Now, what do you do about the house wiring, which will also pick up some EMP. It won't be as powerful as that coming down the Power Lines, but it can do some damaged.

3) If you are building a new home, one of the most innovative ways to protect against EMP is wire your house with shielded wire—It's called "Tray Cable" and is more expensive, but will allow you to keep your equipment plugged in (keep plugs coiled up short, or replace them with shielded wire as well).

4) If you want to protect solar panels from EMP, you can buy 1" square grid wire cloth made out of fine stainless steel and attach it over and around the edges of the panels, which must be grounded to the EMP ground. This fine wire covering won't degrade the solar potential very much, and will keep the EMP from exciting the panel.

5) If you want to create a faraday cage room, you can wrap it with chicken wire, making sure all edges are wrapped and connected with conductive wire. Use a metal door in a metal jamb with a wire mesh weather stripping, and you'll have an EMP safe room.

6) Radio antennas will have to penetrate this faraday cage you create, so be sure and use EMP protectors for all antennas and for your telephone cables as well.

In summary, the threat is both real and will happen someday. But you can survive it and live to see another day.

Joel Skousen is author of The Secure Home and is our contributing pioneer in the field of survival architecture, strategic location and author of 3 books; will periodically provide an article in American Survival Newsletter. Visit his web site


Root Canals - Facts Vs. Fictions
by Ty Bollinger

If one of your teeth begins to hurt, your dentist may suggest that you have a "root canal." This is accomplished by drilling a hole on the top of your tooth, inserting an auger, and ripping out the artery and nerve. The root canal area is cleaned, sterilized, and disinfected. Then the inside of the tooth is filled, and the hole is typically sealed with a crown. Each year, millions of root canals are done with an apparent success rate of over 90%. In other words, there is no pain, and the X-rays indicate that the tooth has been "healed." Unfortunately, this masks a problem which can still be occurring.

You see, there are over 3 miles of tubules (tiny channels) in every tooth, and only an insane (or delusional) dentist would claim to be able to clean or sterilize 100% of the 3 miles of tubules. This then leaves areas of necrotic (dead) tissue in the tooth to continue decomposing and being infected. Our immune system's white blood cells don't travel into tubules nor do antibiotics filter into these areas. Thus, the tubules become a "safe haven" for microbes (viruses, yeasts, fungi, molds, bacteria, etc). And since the nerve tissue, blood vessels, and living tissue inside the tooth have been removed, it is now dead.

If you went to the doctor and told him that your appendix hurts and he told you that he was going to cut the nerve to the appendix so you won't feel the pain and then rip the artery off the appendix so it will die, I think you would probably find another doctor. To my knowledge, dentists are the only physicians that purposely leave *DEAD* tissue in the body. Dentist Frank Jerome stated: "The idea of keeping a dead, infected organ in the body is only thought to be a good idea by dentists. A root canal-treated tooth always negatively affects your immune system." Using the example above, if your appendix dies and you don't remove it, you will die from peritonitis. The medical fact is this: ALL DEAD TISSUE GETS INFECTED.

In the image below, you can see a study published in the Endodontists Journal. (Endodontists are root canal specialists.) In the study, they took people that were going to have wisdom teeth removed and performed a root canal on one side and then removed both wisdom teeth in three months. As you can see, the tooth that didn't have anything done had only 1.1% of the tubules infected (i.e. 98.9% healthy). However, the tooth that had a root canal three months earlier had 39% of the tubules infected and only 61% healthy.

Way back in the 1920's, Dr. Weston A. Price performed experiments which at first were hailed by the American Dental Association, but which were later ignored. Dr. Price suspected that bacterial infection accompanied many degenerative diseases, and he suspected that these infections arose from the teeth. He decided to implant an extracted root-filled tooth under the skin of an animal. He found that by implanting the root-filled tooth, the disease of the patient was transferred to animals. Whatever disease the patient had, the animal with the extracted tooth under its skin developed the same disease as the patient. He also observed that when root-filled teeth were taken out using correct techniques then a variety of health problems improved, from arthritis to kidney problems to cancer. This was done with hundreds of patients.

What Dr. Price reported and what he found with the tests which involved some 5,000 animals over the 25-year period was that "root canal teeth," no matter how good they looked, or how free they were from symptoms, always remained infected. Dr. Price documented his findings in two monumental volumes entitled Dental Infections Oral & Systemic and Dental Infections and the Degenerative Diseases. Not surprisingly, the books were effectively suppressed for 50 years until Dr. George Meinig, a retired endodontist discovered these books and republished a shortened version of these books called Root Canal Cover-up. Meinig, who actually invented the root canal procedure, spent the last years of his career trying to get dentists to stop doing the procedure which he invented.

Obviously, many people appear to be able to handle root canals with no ill effects. The problem is that we have no way of knowing if or when our toxic threshold will be reached or how much it will damage the immune system. Without question, root canals are a burden to our bodies, and especially to our immune systems. When our immune systems are at a low point, the microorganisms or toxins produced by the bacteria more readily move toward a target organ in the body based on acupuncture meridians. If you are healthy and strong, the better the odds that the toxins from the root canal will be quarantined and not have a systemic effect. Based on my research, the safest action is extraction of the tooth.

~ Ty Bollinger is the host of "The CancerTruth Chronicles" weekly radio show, health freedom advocate, and author of the best-selling book, "Cancer-Step Outside the Box." His website is

What's Ailing America? DANGEROUS DIAGNOSTIC TESTS (Cont.)
by Rebecca Carley, MD

In last week's column, I covered a few of the dangerous diagnostic tests being done on patients by white coats who do not bother to take a proper history from patients to determine the CAUSE of their dis-ease.  Rather, they order a multitude of diagnostic tests; most of which have a wide variety of possible serious complications themselves, or lead to complications which then have to be treated with big pharma therapies with possible life threatening side effects.  Because I am limited to how long my contribution to this newsletter can be, I did not have enough room to cover as many things as I feel you need to know.  Therefore, I decided to do Part 2 so that I can share more important information.  YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.  I also did a radio show on this topic on 8/18/12; the archive can be accessed at  (it can be found about 1/3 down the page). During the show, one of my clients called in to share with the listeners how her mother with pancreatic cancer was killed by the white coats, and how her husband who had 25 skin cancer lesions now has only 2 which are almost healed as he continues to do the protocol I created for him from his detailed history addressing the CAUSE.  

One danger I shared in last week's newsletter is how dangerous frequent blood tests can be. The daily bloodletting of the patient by the blood drawing team eventually will lead to a dangerous level of anemia. Once the hematocrit becomes low enough, the transfusions will commence.  As I explained, if a transfusion reaction results (where the patient develops antibodies against the donated blood), those antibodies then attack the patient's blood, causing a further decrease in the patient's blood count.  The more transfusions, the more antibodies are created.  At a certain point, the process becomes fatal, as the destruction of red blood cells cannot be stopped.  What I wanted to add is that the danger of this happening is much more severe in children, especially babies, as they have much less blood to begin with and reach anemia much faster. I received a call from a mother in Ohio a couple of weeks ago, whose 9 month old baby developed ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic purpura).  This is where people develop antibodies against their own platelets, which are crucial in the clotting of blood.  Thus, this condition leads to bleeding into the skin causing bruising, or bleeding into any organ.  Although this condition is named "idiopathic" (which means "of unknown cause"), this is one of the many autoimmune vaccine induced diseases.  The bloodletting of this child commenced (so that the white coats could follow the platelet count), causing a life threatening decrease in the red blood cell count, at which time the transfusions commenced. The child has already had one transfusion reaction, and the white coats have put the child on steroids (as they always do for any vaccine induced autoimmune condition).  After a few weeks of steroids, the Mom was informed that the child's white blood cell count is now down to ZERO.  Thus every aspect of this child's blood cell system has been destroyed.  The family realizes this child's life is on the line; but they are still deciding whether they want to get a consult from me to learn how to reverse the cause, because what I do is not covered by insurance.  I encounter this attitude all the time.  Murder by medicine is covered by insurance.  Reversing the problem is not. Thus, the murder continues.

I also discussed last week the dangers of the tests which use ionizing radiation (x-rays) which accumulate in the body and cause mutation of DNA leading to cancer (especially breast cancer in women who allow mammograms to be done on them).  As I mentioned, one CAT scan gives the amount of radiation present in 800 chest x-rays.  I then discussed how the contrast dye used to image blood vessels in cardiac caths, CAT scans and MRI's can lead to renal failure (as discussed at   ).  So, the usual sequence is:  vaccine causes autoimmune disease of the kidney leading to impaired renal function; white coat orders diagnostic test using contrast dye.  Contrast dye leads to renal failure; patient ends up on dialysis or on a transplant list.  And the road to death continues.  Just today I saw an advertisement on tel lie vision by a law firm who is looking for patients and the families of dead patients who were on hemodialysis where a dialysis solution called GRANUFLO was used, leading to heart attacks, strokes or death.  As stated at , "the solution known as Granuflo® is manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care North America, and is used in approximately 90% of all hemodialysis treatments. A recent New York Times articles alleges that the manufacturer had knowledge that there was a significant increased risk of cardiac arrest and death during hemodialysis treatments associated with their Granuflo® dialysis concentrate product but failed to inform doctors and dialysis centers about this risk."  Once again, the corrupt FDA allows a toxic big pharma product onto the market to finish the cascade of death started by vaccines and contrast dyes (which the FDA has also allowed to be unleashed on the public). THIS IS HOW THE MEDICAL MAFIA WORKS. 

I talked about how cardiac stress tests often lead to heart attacks and subsequent cardiac caths and/or open heart surgery.  I talked about the dangers of colonoscopies, including perforation of the colon, as well as the dangers of a chemical called Cidex which is used to clean the scopes because they cannot be autoclaved. The Cidex itself can cause multiple problems, as discussed at  .  However, even worse is what can happen if the scopes are not left in the Cidex long enough.  As I reported, if the scopes are not left in the Cidex long enough, viruses like Hepatitis B can be transmitted to other patients.

I then discussed the dangers of barium, a contrast agent taken orally or given by enema to visualize the gastrointestinal track. You can learn for yourself some of the side effects of barium at .  However, what I did not have room to talk about was what can happen during the procedure, especially with barium enemas.  One of the horror shows I witnessed when I was an x-ray technician involved an elderly gentlemen who was referred for a barium enema.  It was my job to bring him into the x-ray room, take an abdominal x-ray to make sure he was cleaned out of stool, and then place the enema tube into his rectum.  There is a huge air balloon at the end of the catheter which is blown up so that the patient will not lose the barium as the enema occurs; fluid is introduced under fluoroscopic visualization by the radiologist, and the barium is infused throughout the whole colon.  At a certain point, the patient starting telling the radiologist he was starting to have chest pains, and he couldn't take it any more.  The radiologist condescendingly told him that the procedure was almost over, to relax, that everything would be fine.  The man proceeded to have a massive heart attack, and died on the table in the most humiliating scenario, with barium and stool streaming all over the place.  A cardiac code was called; the radiologist called out the time of death.  He then informed me in the most inhumane way that he was leaving for lunch, and that I should "clean up the mess" and call the morgue to come pick him up.  This is when I first realized I was working with monsters.

The last thing I would like to mention is the product given to patients before diagnostic tests of the GI system to "clean them out".  The most common names of these products are Golytely, Nulytely, Trilyte and Colyte.  Guess what the main ingredient is in these products?  PROPYLENE GLYCOL (also a main ingredient in ANTIFREEZE, but also used in many personal care items).  Are they serious side effects?  Of course go to .  It never ends

By Herbalist Wendy Wilson

Most of us have experienced an optical illusion. Some of the well known illusions are the spinning dancer and the two faced silhouettes. How we look and perceive things is important. The subconscious mind will process and understand things before the conscious part of our brain catches up. When both the subconscious and conscious are in sink and have the same timing, we can see things differently. There are three basic optical illusion categories:

1. Literal optical illusion creates images which are different from the objects that make them (i.e. two silhouettes facing one another also can create the shape of a vase).

2. Physiological illusion that the eyes and brain are excessively stimulated (i.e. light, color, size, tilt, movement etc.). Subliminal stimuli are also examples.

3. Cognitive illusions which are the result of unconscious inferences.

If you are keenly aware of illusions you can improve your concentration and sharpen your mental focus. In many cases you can uncover information most miss.


A word can mean many different things in society and the meaning of word can change. An example is the word "gay". In the 1930's it meant happy and today it refers to something completely different (homosexuality). So, let's look at the word "disease". Most people would agree the word describes sickness, ill health, infection, an imbalance or death. What if I were to put two words in front of "disease", say "Business of" and you may have a different understanding when you see "Business of Disease." It is like you tilted your head and you saw something else that you didn't see before.

"The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing." John Adams


As Baby Boomers age the key to dying of old age is "well being." The NY Times did a story Old Age in America; by the Numbers (July 15, 2010). They reported on the demographics such as health status, risks, healthcare available, economics etc. Truthfully, it isn't only how long our elderly live; it is the quality of life (being disease-free). This story estimated that by 2030 we would have over 72 million seniors accounting for 20% of the US population. Do you see that happening under Obamacare? As the article pointed out, "Living longer doesn't come cheap." The NY Times estimated then that our aging senior population will need to spend over $15,000 annually on healthcare. Here's the thing, seniors over 65 are dying at half the rate they did in 1981 from heart disease, strokes, pulmonary disease, Alzheimer's etc. They are barely staying ahead of the grim reaper propped up with drugs and surgery? Today, not too many die of simple old age. Most die from a disease which is often fostered by the Business of Disease.

"In those wretched countries where a man cannot call his tongue his own, he can scarce call anything his own. Who ever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech." Benjamin Franklin


It is very cleaver to create medicine that offers the illusion of a cure. What better way to keep the Business of Disease in business then by creating medicines that weaken the body in some way. Antibiotics are an example. They temporarily clear the infection but suppresses the immune system and make it weak. Overuse of these drugs have opened Pandora's Box and now we have flesh-eating disease. Vaccines do likewise weakening the immune system and causing all sorts of disease. Various prescription and over-the-counter medications deplete the body of enzymes, hormones, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, histamine H1 receptors and on and on it goes. The human body can sustain just so much of this chemical assault before systems begin to fail.


It can be difficult to get accurate data especially on mortality. We are told that these statistics determine the path of public health and if we have the potential to prevent death by disease. In September 2010 The Washington Post also did a story on the aging American and asked Can Someone Die of 'Old Age'? The article pointed out that there are so many diseases now that doctors have a hard time pinpointing which disease killed their patient and this affects mortality data. The International Classification of Disease is medicine's official list of over 14,000 diagnoses. Humanity started recording the cause of death in the early 1800's. The original list, called the International List of Causes of Death, had 161 headings with disease falling under them. However, as science becomes more complicated so does the physiology of dying. Today on death certificates the physician is suppose to list both the "immediate" and "underlying" cause of death. For example, a drug user can die of a heart attack classified as the "immediate cause" but the underlying cause for the heart failing was the drug use. The same is true for healthy women on birth control dying of a blood clot (aneurysm) but the clot was caused by the prescription drug. According to the Bureau of Vital Statistics, on a global scale only about one-third of the 57 million annual deaths are assigned a cause. About 37% to 49% of the overseas deaths list vague and broad-in-scope causes such as "multi-organ failure" or "failure to thrive."


We are all individuals and have a different genetic code, which make us unique. If allowed to age, not everyone will die at the same time. However, medicine has a different way of looking at that. Dr. Robert Anderson, Chief of Mortality Statistics at the National Center for Health Statistics, feels that if someone was pushing 100 years of age and died that he wouldn't question that old age was the cause of death. However, he would have a problem if someone as young as 75 or 85 died of "natural causes." If a doctor listed the cause of death as "old age" on a patient below 90 years of age, the Vital-Statistics Office kicks the death certificate back to the doctor requiring a precise cause of death. The medical community operates with codes such as ICD9 and CPT diagnostic codes. Senility is now a cause of death. Old age is no longer a good enough reason for dying. The overseas medical community seems to have this stance as well, when a Swedish farm woman who was 107 years old just withered away and died when the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her except she was old. Scientific medicine has determined what ailments we will have as we age; hair loss, circulation failure, pulmonary failure, immune system failure, diminished or loss of hearing, diminished or loss of vision, memory problems and senility, depressed mood, osteoporosis and libido problems. How many prescription drugs are responsible for this being the underlying cause for these diseases? Unfortunately, the business of disease offers too many drug culprits to mention.

"Truth is hate to those who hate truth." Arlene Elshinnway.


Once people see through the language of illusion they see something totally different. Is all allopathic medical treatment bad? Not at all; such as trauma treatments, which can save lives. However, there are no "prevention" treatments when it comes to the 'business of disease.' You may think the drug you take will prevent a stroke but it will cause a different system collapse, creating the 'underlying' cause of death. The 'business of disease' is to reinforce the consistent presence of disease.


Any result of a drug or therapy that occurs in addition to the intended effect, regardless of whether it is beneficial or undesirable. In other words, side effects or adverse events are a drug induced disease. Vaccinations are an artificial infection and drug induced disease.

"Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there is, no Constitution, no Law, no Court can save it...Where do you stand Citizen?" - Judge Learned Hand


To some out there common sense is a hate crime. "You can't make straight what God calls crooked." (Rev. Rusty Thomas). America must return to its core Christian values or the enemy will destroy us from within. I hope you can see through the illusion of modern healthcare and you take prevention steps now to secure your health, well being and when it is time; die of old age and not disease.


We are real close to significant change in America and globally. How much time we have to get our house in order grows short. Get the items you'll need now while you can before they become scarce. Supply and demand drive the markets. Don't put off any what you need in just a few days. You know who to call for immune boosting, organ cleansing and pandemic-type products with a long shelf life. Call Apothecary Herbs now and ask about their FREE domestic ground ship on orders over $30.00. This offer expires soon. Call Apothecary Herbs toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, online, where your healthcare options just became endless.


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The information contained herein is not intended to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure disease. Please seek the advice from a licensed medical physician before using any product or therapy. 

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