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Friday, September 7th, A.D. 2012

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NASDAQ rose 2.3 % from 3,066.96 to 3,136.42
NYSE rose 2.7 % from 8,014.93 to 8,234.51
US Dollar Index fell 1.3 % from 81.22 to 80.19
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Loss of Middle Class Causes Polarization

Proof of Vaccine Induced Disease Hidden from the Public
What is Our Lifestyle Doing to Us?
When Enough Isn't Enough

Loss of Middle Class Causes Polarization

by Alfred Adask


Gridlock in Congress? Blame the GOP”—CNN.

“Congressional Gridlock Has Cost $1.3 Billion.”--National Public Radio.

“Bishop: Congressional gridlock on minds of voters.”—The Telegraph.

Legislative “gridlock” (the inability to enact new legislation) is so prevalent in Congress that it’s been blamed for President Obama’s attempts to unilaterally “legislate” by signing Executive Orders.


“Budget Battles Reignite Animosity Between Congress, D.C. Government.”—PBS

Record-High Animosity Toward Congress.  Gallup reports that 76 percent of Americans say most members of Congress don’t deserve reelection, the highest percentage in the organization’s 19-year history of asking the question.”—National Review:   

Illinois congressman Tim Johnson, R-Ill., lectured the U.S. House that:  "I rise in strong objection to the animosity and gridlock that has been the overarching theme of the first session of the 112th Congress.  I have never heard the level of anger I hear today.  Our approval ratings are in the tank because they deserve to be. We are gripped in gridlock because people on both sides of the aisle, in both chambers and in the White House, are more concerned with politics than in progress."—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Personal attacks

• Mia Love is Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah.  She’s a Republican and black.  She spoke at last month’s Republican National Convention.  The Washington Times reported,
“Tuesday night after rising GOP star Mia Love brought down the house with her inspiring convention speech, the stomach-turning Left labeled the black conservative a "token" and an "Aunt Tom."

“Meanwhile, revoltingly racist, woman-hating Wikipedia vandals were hard at work updating her entry with disgusting slurs like "House Nigger" and "dirty, worthless whore."
Democrats are calling a black woman a “House Nigger” for being a Republican.  I’d say that’s evidence of serious animosity and polarization in in the body politic.

•  Eric Swalwell is running for Congress in California.  He recently posted a story on his Swalwell For Congress website that illustrates how virulent congressional animosity has become.  Incumbent Congressman Stark (Swalwell’s opponent) threatened  Alberto Torrico (former majority leader of the California assembly) for supporting Swalwell’s candidacy. 

The National Journal wrote:
"Alberto Torrico, the former majority leader of the California Assembly, told National Journal on Tuesday that [Congressman] Stark, 80, exploded in anger when he called to inform him he was backing Stark's Democratic opponent, 31-year old Dublin city councilman Eric Swalwell.

"‘Probably, for the next five, ten minutes he lit into me. I don't think I said more than three words,’ said Torrico, a Democrat who said he has supported Stark for the last decade.

“After ‘calling me a turncoat,’ Torrico said that Stark ‘questioned my mental health. He asked me if I was well, if I was ill.  He said that he was concerned for the safety of my children, that maybe he should send a social worker to my house to check on their safety because I'm clearly ill.’”
Dayham!  That’s more than a “personal attack”.  Threatening to use Child Protective Services to take a man’s children is vicious.  Congressional polarization has driven some congressmen nuts.

•  Mainstream media is increasingly vitriolic.  The Washington Times 24/7 recently reported,
“Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's "Hardball," is becoming the mainstream media's premier race-baiter and hatemonger—an obtuse, loudmouthed Democratic hack willing to ruthlessly play the race card. His brand of demagogic vitriol should be denounced for what it is: ideological fanaticism masquerading as journalism.

“The facts are obvious and overwhelming. Liberalism is bankrupt. It is devoid of ideas, rotten to the core and consumed by power. All it has left are crazed mad dogs like Mr. Matthews, who spend their time howling at the moon.”
Premier race-baiter and hatemonger”?  “Crazed mad dogs”?  In the mainstream media? 

What th’ heck is goin’ on here?  Our intellectual debates are degenerating into bloodthirsty battles.

Loss of the Middle Class

Our politicians, media, and body politic are becoming increasingly antagonistic, defensive, spiteful and vitriolic.

We are increasingly unwilling to compromise or work together for the common good.  We’re splintering into a mob of special interests struggling to “get whatever you can get away with” from the government. 

Our growing antagonisms aren’t simply the result of greed.  They’re also the result of a shrinking “pie” and our growing desperation to hang onto our “piece” no matter what.

•  For example, The Economic Collapse reports,
“Stunning new statistics compiled by Sentier Research show that the U.S. economy is not nearly as healthy as we have been led to believe.  According to Sentier, median household income in the US was $55,470 in January 2000.  Today, it’s $50,964.  Food, gas, electricity, car insurance and health insurance all cost a whole lot more today than they did back in 2000, and yet median household income has dropped 8.1 percent since then.  What does all of this mean?  It means that American families ARE getting poorer.”
In “American Middle Class Being Compressed Out of Existence,” the New American reports:
“The Great Recession and its persistent aftermath have dealt the American middle class a blow from which it may take a generation to recover. For the last decade, household incomes have been declining steadily.

“Much of the damage has been done since the official end of the Great Recession. From June 2009 to June 2012, median household income fell 4.8 percent, to just under $51,000. This represents a continuation of the middle-class hollowing out that has been underway since the beginning of the last decade.

“Worse still is the two decades-old erosion of median net worth. American households’ net worth has declined from an all-time 2007 high of $126,400 to a mere $77,300 only three years later — roughly what it was all the way back in 1992.  In other words, America has lost an entire generation’s worth of economic growth courtesy of the Great Recession, and isn’t likely to regain it in the foreseeable future.”
Thus, from A.D. 2007 to A.D. 2010, the median net worth of American households fell by 39%--and that loss doesn’t count inflation.   Including inflation and the years 2011-2012, it’s likely that in the five years since A.D. 2007, the average household has lost half of its net worth.  Half.
“Meanwhile, from the Pew Research Center comes a similar report [that] there has been ‘a very steady, long-term shrinkage’ of the sheer number of people belonging to the American middle class.”

“The American middle class is slowly being squeezed out of existence, thanks to a deteriorating economy, epochal levels of unemployment, and gargantuan levels of both public and private indebtedness. Soon, as government at every level becomes more and more desperate for revenue, another factor will arise: crushing new tax levies calculated to stave off public insolvency while politicians continue to borrow and spend recklessly.”

“The end of this road, which is not far off —will be bankruptcy and social collapse, as has happened in every nation and empire from the beginning of human history that has tried to borrow itself into prosperity. But before then, the American middle class — the chief source of productivity and vitality in America for centuries — will likely be compressed out of existence, a state of affairs in which every American will come to know what serfs of every age have experienced: life lived as little more than sources of revenue to appease the state’s limitless appetite for power and pelf.”
If you don’t know the definition of “pelf,” it’s “Money, esp. when gained in a dishonest or dishonorable way.” 

For example, those poor people living on welfare are arguably living on “pelf”—income that is not honestly earned.  Similarly, those rich who depend on government subsidies to support their oil wells, ranches or factories—and all of those institutions that are “too big to fail”—are also living on “pelf”.

What’s the source of the “pelf” that feeds our two parasitical classes (poor and rich)?  The productive middle class—the people who actually work for a living and actually make things.  But, as the productive middle class shrinks, how will our rich and poor parasites continue to prosper?  Deficit financing? 

•  In “Study:  Middle-Class Neighborhoods Disappearing,” US News & World Report wrote that,
“America's increasing income inequality has become a prominent storyline in recent months. Now, a new report shows that as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, they are also physically distancing themselves from each other.

“According to census data, income segregation doubled from 1970 to the late 2000s.  In 1970, 15 percent of families were in neighborhoods classified as poor (with median incomes less than 67 percent of the metro area median income).  By 2007, 31 percent of families lived in "poor" neighborhoods.
Apparently, the proportion of poor families doubled from 1970 to 2010.  Most of the “new poor” probably fell into poverty from their former station in the “middle class”.  Thus, the productive middle class has been shrinking for 40 years.  No wonder we’re going broke.  We’re losing our producers and succumbing to the demands of the parasitical rich (those who demand subsidies) and parasitical poor (those who demand welfare). 

Note that the researchers’ data starts in A.D. 1970.  Historically, A.D. 1970 is significant because it’s two years after the US dollar stopped being redeemed domestically for silver and one year before the US dollar stopped being redeemed internationally for gold. 

Fact #1:  the US dollar became a pure fiat currency in A.D. 1971.

Fact #2:  the proportion of American poor has doubled since A.D. 1970.

Fact #3:  Anyone who thinks that Facts #1 & #2 are related by mere coincidence is an ignoramus.

We’re headed for economic collapse and political chaos primarily because our government to subjected us to a fiat currency.  We are being robbed of our savings and impoverished by Federal Reserve Notes.
"One of the striking findings in the report is that in 90 percent of metropolitan areas, income segregation went up in the 2000s."
In other words, the poor are not merely distant from the rich in a financial sense—they’re also increasingly distant in a physical sense. 

The rich and the poor have increasingly less in common and increasingly more as a basis for conflict.  The rich insist on their right to own everything while the poor insist on their right to own something.    Resulting tensions—especially while the middle class and the economic pie are shrinking—make the poor increasingly angry at the rich and the rich increasingly fearful of the poor.

The poor will become more prone to use violence to acquire what they want or need to survive.   They’ll thump each other (and the rich) to rob them.  They’ll support unions and political parties that advocate income redistribution and even violent revolution.  The rich will become increasingly prone to not only stay far away from the dangerous poor, but will also support a growing police state to keep the poor at bay.
"Where once you could have a very big middle class because lots of people could make a middle-class living working in the steel mills and the auto plants or the textile mills, as those jobs disappeared, so did the middle class.”
And why did those jobs disappear? 

1.  Because our government embraced global free trade, reduced our tariffs, and shipped many American jobs to China and other 3rd world countries.  Global free trade is great for the rich, but lethal to the poor and middle class. 

2.  Government encouraged an invasion by illegal aliens willing to work a low wages.  The resulting low wages were great for the rich employers, but lethal to the middle class and poor.

3.  Inflatable fiat currency robs the people of their savings and prevents them from investing in their own companies and businesses.  Result?  The middle class and poor are increasingly dependent on government and the rich for their survival.
“The trend is in part linked to the United States' increasing income inequality. As there are more people at the high and low ends of the income spectrum and fewer in the middle, neighborhoods follow suit.
The economy is like a balloon.  The volume (population) of the balloon is more or less fixed, but the shape of the balloon can change according to economic and political pressures.  For 30 years after WWII, our economic balloon was pear-shaped.  We had a relatively small group of wealthy people at the top of the “pear,” a huge, productive middle class in the middle of the pear, and relatively small lower class at the bottom of the pear.

The rich viewed the incompetent poor with contempt.  The poor were jealous of the avaricious rich.  But the natural antagonisms between the rich and poor were mitigated by the huge middle class.

In a sense, the middle class provided a bridge and “common denominator” between the rich and poor.  Some of the middle class would grow to become rich.  Some would fall into poverty.  Some of the rich would fall into the ranks of the middle class, some of the middle class would fall into the ranks of the poor.  As a result, the middle class had a certain “sensitivity” to needs of not only themselves, but also of the rich and poor.   The middle class had the political common sense needed to negotiate compromises.

Today, our economic balloon increasingly resembles a dumb-bell with a relatively large bulge at the “rich” end, another bulge at the “poor” end, and only a narrow shaft in between for the middle class to connect and support the two antagonistic parasites.  Without a large and sensible middle class, there’s no one left to engineer compromises between the rich and poor. 

Instead, the rich are increasingly terrified by the thought of becoming poor, and the poor see no legitimate avenue on which they might rise to become rich or even middle class.  Probable result?  We’ll see a growing antagonism between rich and poor, and a growing polarization in Congress, in society, in our media.

Without a strong middle class, we can’t afford rich or poor parasites.  More importantly, without a strong middle class, we’re less able to compromise.  We become more strident; more prone to violence, political instability, a police state—and even a shooting revolution.

No one is well-served by the loss of the middle class except the true enemies of liberty and of the People of The United States of America.

If you would restore the productive middle class, political civility and national stability, you should work for: 1) gold-based monetary system; 2) high tariffs and escape from global free trade; and 3) borders that prevent the influx of illegal aliens. 

If you object to those objectives, then get ready for more polarization, more congressional gridlock, more violence and a bigger police state.

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by Rebecca Carley, MD

I left the practice of medicine in the early 1990's when I witnessed, first hand, research fraud, experimentation on poor people without their knowledge or consent, as well as euthanasia of the elderly.  This was a "dark night of my soul", for it had been my life long dream to become a doctor.  This dream emanated from my desire to help people heal.  My dream turned into a nightmare when I realized that the medical profession is now totally controlled by big pharma, and "management of disease" (not healing) is the agenda.  I took off time to start a family, and my son Joey was born on 2/21/96.  Believing the propaganda I was sold in medical school that vaccines are the greatest invention in medical history, I brought Joey to his pediatrician to receive all of his vaccines.  He had chronic ear infections from a very early age, yet that never stopped his white coat from continuing to inoculate him with disease at every visit.  Eventually it became self evident to me that he had changed neurologically.  Something was definitely off.  Of course, his pediatrician assured me he was fine but Moms know better.

By "coincidence" I went to a homeopath for problems I was having on the recommendation of a friend (despite the fact I had never heard that word in medical school).  She prescribed homeopathic remedies that cured a non-union fracture of my foot, as well as endometriosis.  This is when I realized why I had not heard of homeopathy in medical school because it CURES you, with no side effects, and is very inexpensive.  My homeopath happened to mention that there were remedies, which could reverse vaccine damage.  The concept of "vaccine damage" was unknown to me when we learned about vaccines in medical school, it was mentioned that rarely (1 in a million) would a child end up with a seizure after vaccines.  However, the concept of lifelong damage was never brought up.

This forced me to consider that perhaps Joey had been vaccine damaged.  I administered remedies to him mentioned by the homeopath, and watched my Joey become a different child.  This caused me to start investigating vaccines, and I found a number of books and articles, which had been published on the dangers of vaccines.  I eventually came to realize that vaccines CAUSE all autoimmune disease, non-traumatic seizures, cancer and genetic damage, in people and in pets.  Thus, my profession was creating all diseases in "internal medicine", and then managing these diseases with drugs which cure nothing, and always cause side effects.  I found the book "The Medical Mafia" by Canadian physician Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, and learned how the Rockefellers had taken control of all medical schools and steered them into becoming mouthpieces for big pharma in the early 1900's. The medical mafia went after her for writing that book, which has an entire section on the big lie that vaccines protect us.  She has an entire page listing short term, mid term, and long-term complications from vaccines (the last of which is A THREAT OF EXTINCTION FOR THE HUMAN RACE). 

During medical school and residency (especially surgical residency), we are kept so sleep deprived and nutritionally deprived that logic and the ability to critically evaluate the propaganda we are fed is impossible.  We memorize facts, spit it out on exams, do a mind wipe and then start the process again.  Although most students sell all their medical books and throw out notes and transcripts of lectures, I kept all mine.  Once I realized how medicine has become corrupted and how vaccines actually create disease, I started digging into this wealth of disinformation.  One of the first pieces of gold I came across was the definition of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) in the 10th Edition of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine (the book used to teach "internal medicine" to medical students all over the world.)  You can access this page on SSPE at ).  When I read this, I realized that autism IS non-fatal SSPE, and that they created the word "autism" to hide this fact.  Of course, it is stated that the risk of vaccine induced SSPE is low, since to admit the truth would endanger the sacred cow of medicine vaccines.  

I have been stating this truth for 15 years.  In fact, I met Andrew Wakefield at a conference in the early 2000's, and told him what I had realized.  He blew me off.  I was surprised, as he was the only one talking about the measles virus and autism, after finding measles virus in the guts of autistic children he endoscoped. I had started using my protocol to reverse autism, with fantastic results (now over 4,000 cases of autism reversed, not to mention all autoimmune diseases and cancer, in people and in pets).  I had also come across documents at a CDC booth at a conference I spoke at in Washington D.C. in 2000, which included "The Law" in regards to reporting vaccine adverse events.  You can read this at .  What are these?  " illness, disability, injury, or condition, or death resulting from the administration of the vaccine".  They are NOT specified, and the CDC has refused to provide me with a list of these vaccine-induced diseases, which they admit to in "the law".  How can doctors report adverse events they are not told result from vaccines?

I began working with investigative journalist Christina England from the UK some time ago, and told her about measles causing SSPE (which in its non fatal variant is obviously autism).  Christina has 2 adopted children who she realized were vaccine damaged.  She went to great lengths trying to get help for her children, resulting with her being labeled with having Munchausen's syndrome (i.e., trying to get attention for herself by exaggerating problems in her children).  She found Lisa Blakemore Brown, who was helping parents like Christina, as she realized vaccines WERE damaging children, and rather than the authorities helping these families, they were removing the children and putting them into foster care (read more about Lisa at ). 

In her research, Christina came across documents labeled "not for publication" documenting that various government minions in the "joint committee on vaccinations and immunization" had been discussing measles vaccines and SSPE for DECADES.  Her recent article exposing the critical proof that these psychopaths KNOW how vaccines are damaging our children can be found at  The comments to this article are very revealing especially comments by a shill/troll who calls itself "Occam".  Read his doubletalk and misinformation.  See how Christine suggests he come on one of my radio shows to debate me on this subject, and how he does NOT REPLY because my information cannot be refuted.  And once people realize that the viruses in the inoculations corrupt the immune system and cause autoimmune diseases and cancer, they will understand there is NO SUCH THING as a safe vaccine or a green vaccine.  They are BIOWEAPONS, as proven when you read the definition of WMD near the top of
I also suggest you read the article "Science of Vaccine damage" posted at which has 19 scientific references from non-pharma funded veterinarians validating what I have been saying for 15 years that vaccines cause all diseases under the "internal medicine" umbrella.  Read the package insert for the rabies vaccine at , which states "tissue origin vaccines contain extraneous protein that can lead to autoimmune disease".  This is true for ALL vaccines, but only admitted for rabies.

Regarding Andrew Wakefield, Christina also uncovered documentation that he was corresponding with this panel operating in secrecy; that he KNEW they were discussing SSPE associated with the measles vaccine years before I told him what I had figured out (even though the commission plays down the incidence of the problem).  In fact, the minutes of the meeting held on 11/7/97 stated "WAKEFIELD AT A CONFERENCE IN THE US HAD SUGGESTED THAT MEASLES VACCINE MIGHT CAUSE SSPE".  Yet, he continues to say he is not against vaccines; he just wants to decrease the schedule (i.e., shoot the children with a revolver of viruses instead of an oozi).  He knows that Lisa Blakemore Brown and myself are correct in what we realized; yet, he has done NOTHING to defend either of us, as the medical mafia continues their full assault (the story of my punishment for telling the truth can be accessed at ) .  Is Wakefield just a coward, or a sell out?  Why would he not join with us in stopping this assault with bioweapon vaccines on humanity and our beloved pets? 

I covered these issues on 2 of my radio shows this past weekend on 9/1/12 "GOVERNMENT PROOF OF VACCINE DAMAGE "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" !!!!!" available 1/3 down the page at  , and

The very extinction of humanity with these bioweapons is at hand.  If you don't believe this, go to and pay $7.95 to purchase the July 1999 edition of Scientific American.  Download the article on "Genetic Vaccines", which explains how genetic vaccines alter our very genetic structure.  Of course, they claim it will be done to reverse genetic defects however, almost every genetic defect is caused by plasmids (rings) of DNA injected in vaccines in the first place.

What is our lifestyle doing to us?
by Dr. Stefanie Gross-Rodsater D.C.

In less than one generation, the percentage of deaths due to chronic disease has exploded from 72% to 89%! This increase can't be related to genetics so what's the cause? Our lifestyle! Let's take a look at what our lifestyle is doing to us.

According to the American Heart Association, one American dies of cardiovascular disease every 34 seconds!

Children between the ages of 2-15 are showing signs of clogged arteries. 30% of adolescents 16-20 years old, 50% of young adults 20-25 years old, 75% of adults 26-39 years old are showing signs of cardiovascular disease.

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. Approximately 50% of our population will be diagnosed with cancer.  One in four males will die of cancer and one in five females.

Diabetes is a full blow epidemic:  Between 1996 and 2003, the number of adult diabetic patients soared from 9.9 million to 13.7 million.

"We are living longer, but we have more chronic diseases," states Amy Bernstein, chief of the analytical studies branch at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Nat'l Center for Health Statistics.

The amount of physical, chemical and emotional stress has sky rocketed during the last generation.  As a result we see an increase in obesity, chronic disease and subluxations.  Experts are predicting that the current generation of children will be the first generation not to outlive their parents.  But here is the silver lining: you have control of your lifestyle.  You can choose to eat right, exercise, think well and include chiropractic as part of your wellness lifestyle.

So are you and your children benefiting from regular chiropractic wellness care - even when they are symptom free? To see if chiropractic may be able to help you call 704-895-7227 today!

This article was written by Dr. Stefanie Gross-Rodsater D.C., a doctor of chiropractic in Huntersville , NC at Adjusting the World Chiropractic.  Dr. Stefanie has been certified through the ICPA in Webster's technique and Pediatric Chiropractic.  Check out and!

By Herbalist Wendy Wilson

We live in a time when excess isn't enough. We can't get enough TV and have to have over 100 channels. We can't get enough video games and we have to create our own online characters complete with citizenship. It doesn't stop there; we also have to have the real and legal ability to sue anyone who wrongfully kills our online character. Chocolate desserts can't just be chocolate they have to be double chocolate.  One vacation a year is passé. People are just not happy with what they have anymore. The more they make, the more they spend. Most of us have misguided ideas about money and happiness. Indulgence has become a form of comfort therapy. Our society is hooked on luxury. We yield to our whims and desires and make fun of it. Unrestrained gratification creates imbalance and opportunities for all kinds of damage.

In July 2012, the Sunday Review published research on what people earn and their happiness level. Most of the participants felt that they would be more satisfied with their lives if they made twice as much money (or double their income). They found that people who earned $55,000 were only 9% more satisfied than those earning $25,000. Why wasn't the number 100%? As it turns out, it is all about what we do with the money is more important than how much we earn. In other words, we can't turn money into happiness.

As Americans we often indulge ourselves but a lot of time indulgence is accompanied by overindulgence. If that weren't the case Weight Watchers, rehab centers and revoked credit cards would be history. American food chains cater to overindulgence with their mammoth size food portions. America doesn't have just an epidemic of heart disease or diabetes. America has an epidemic of overindulgence. Here is a general list of what we tend to overindulge in: alcohol, overeating, sweets, media recreation, sex and drugs.

I once knew a guy in college who wanted to cook but was awful at it. His problem was he couldn't stick to the recipe and if it called for one or two spices, he'd add all the spices he had. He thought that if a little was good a lot was better and it wasn't. Also, there was a recent news report on a company in Rock Hill, SC. called Pucker Butt Pepper Company. It reportedly makes the hottest culinary sauce containing a heat index rating of 1.4 million SHU. Anything over 250,000 SHU is going to be dangerous for the average person to ingest.  This heat index is overkill. You will get enough hot taste and circulatory power in your habanero peppers (250,000 SHU). The same is true with some companies making herb extracts using 100 proof alcohols. Ever clear (100 proof) is used when working with resinous barks and is not necessary for herb flower, stems and roots. The 80 proof alcohols are adequate, is less expensive and less alcohol for your liver. 

To be able to discern when enough is enough is wisdom. When we back away from the dinner table, saying no after one or two drinks and limit anything that can be considered overindulgence will spare us a lot of grief. Overindulgence is produced by a lack of oversight. Overall the American people lack oversight in their government, the financial markets and personal lives. We are going to need God's help to get out of this mess. If we humble ourselves, seek the Lord, repent and pray for forgiveness God will heal our land (II Chron 7:14).

There are some things that you can't get enough of such as refreshing honesty, organic foods and clean water. You also can't get enough knowledge when it comes to taking care of yourself. If overindulgence and greed is going to collapse our system then we had better have a backup plan. God says His herbs are for the service of man, so tap into them (Ps 104:14). You will glean beneficial information on 13 powerful herbs you can easily grow and use to protect your health in The Power Herbs e-book.  The Power Herbs e-book is 400 pages of health information you won't find anywhere else and you will learn how to make your own herbal medicines. You can purchase a copy for just $14.99 at http://www.thepowerherbs.comand it will be emailed to you. Also, check out the new SPECIAL SALE section on Right now there is a BOGO deal on selected formulas (buy one and get 35% off the second bottle). This is a great opportunity to stock up and while you are there sign up for a free subscription to the Health Quest Newsletter. Call Apothecary Herbs for your free herb catalog toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless.


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