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Friday, September 14th, A.D. 2012

Between Friday, September 7th and Friday, September 14th, the bid prices for:

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The Mystery of Stagflation

What's Ailing America? Anti Vaccine Whistleblowers Telling Half Truths
Three Enemies
Why Does Freedom Matter?

The Mystery of Stagflation

by Alfred Adask

The term “stagflation” was coined in A.D. 1965 to describe an economy that was “stagnant” at the same time the monetary system was experiencing inflation.
Wikipedia defines “stagflation” as,
“A situation in which the inflation rate is high, the economic growth rate slows down, and unemployment remains steadily high.”
In other words, we see an economy in a state of recession or depression (slow or negative economic growth and high unemployment) that is nevertheless accompanied by a high rate of inflation.  The definition isn’t hard to understand, but it’s hard to believe since stagflation contradicts classical economic theory that economic depressions should be characterized by deflation rather than inflation.  
According to Wikipedia, the reason(s) for this contradiction are mysterious and largely unknown:
“The concept [of stagflation] is notable because, in the version of Keynesian macroeconomic theory which was dominant between the end of WWII and the late-1970s, inflation and recession were regarded as mutually exclusive.”
The word “notable” implies something that’s “seemingly odd, or mysterious”.

Inflation and recession would be mutually exclusive in a gold-based monetary system.  However, with a fiat monetary system, inflation is possible at any time (even in the midst of economic depression) since gov-co can always “spin” fiat currency out of “thin air”.

In a rational world of money with fixed, tangible value, inflation and recession are contradictory and mutually exclusive.  In an irrational world of fiat currency, contradictions are possible and commonplace.  These contradictions and associated “mysteries” expose the fundamental irrationality of fiat currency.  The fact that inflation and recession are no longer “mutually exclusive” is not a modern mystery—it’s evidence that: 1) fiat currency is irrational, illusory and bound to collapse under the weight of its own lies; and 2) inflation is always government-made in a fiat monetary system.
“Stagflation is also notable because it has generally proven to be difficult and, in human terms as well as budget deficits, very costly to eradicate once it starts.”
Once again, we see that stagflation is “notable” and thus “seemingly odd, or mysterious”.

If we want to unravel the mystery of why stagflation was mysteriously “difficult” and “very costly to eradicate,” we might start by asking “difficult” and “very costly” for whom

It’s presumed that we’re all united in our desire to stimulate and strengthen our economy and therefore the difficult, costly process of eradicating stagflation falls equally on all of our shoulders.  Alas, that presumption may be false. 

Instead, there are two, opposing forces present whenever we see stagflation.

First, there’s the free market—an almost natural process that periodically acts excessively (resulting in an economic boom based on lies, overconfidence and too much debt) and then realizes its mistakes and reacts by causing a recession or depression to flush the lies, overconfidence and excessive debt out of the system.  Under the free market, recessions and depressions are as natural and even desirable as urination or defecation. Recession and depression are intended to eject the waste from the system.  Once we eliminate all the economic crap, we are freed to once again grow the economy on an honest basis.

Economic booms are characterized by inflation.  Inflation tends to serve the best interests of debtors since they can repay their debts with “cheaper dollars” and thereby profit by robbing their creditors.

Economic downturns accompanied by the deflation tend to serve the best interests of creditors since debtors are forced to repay their debts with “more valuable dollars”. 

When we have an economic boom, it favors the debtors.  When we have a recession/depression, it favors the creditors.  So long as we have both booms and busts, there is a balancing effect that, over time, favors both debtors and creditors by forcing us all back to an honest equilibrium from time to time. 

Deflation is not merely an attribute of recession/depression.  It’s a necessary part of the cleansing process that eliminates lies, overconfidence and excessive debt from our economic “body”.  

Secondly, the natural forces of the free market’s boom and bust cycle are opposed by the artificial and unnatural forces of the “un-free” market a/k/a government. Governments have always been prone to economic manipulation (exploitation), but their ability to manipulate was largely constrained so long as they had a gold-based monetary system.  With the onset of (near) universal fiat currencies, the world’s governments have acquired a Rapunzel-like power to spin almost unlimited gold (actually fiat currencies) out of straw (paper and electronic digits).

Given their newfound capacity to “spin” fiat currencies out of nothing, modern governments chant, “Debt where is thy sting?”  In other words, why should a government worry about going deeper and deeper into debt if the debt can be repaid off with nothing more than the stroke of an inflationary pen?

In America’s case, our national government is the world’s biggest debtor.  According to gov-co, our national debt is $16 trillion.  According to John Williams at, the national debt is actually about $80 trillion.  Including unfunded liabilities, the US Treasury and the Congressional Budget Office have placed the national debt at $222 trillion.   Our gov-co might be able to repay the $16 trillion in full—but they don’t want to.  They can’t repay $80 trillion, and $222 trillion might as well be $222 quadrillion—it’ll never be repaid. 

Given that the national debt can’t ever be repaid in full, and given that our government is the world’s biggest debtor, our government will serve its own interests by causing inflation, inflation, inflation.  If that means impoverishing creditors in general and the American people in particular, so be it.

This isn’t news.

Jim Puplava (Puplava Financial Services) was recently interviewed by Casey Research and argued that, “under a fiat currency system, there's never been a deflationary depression."  I.e., so long as the government can spin fiat currency out of thin air, it will never allow deflation and will persistently cause inflation—even in the midst of economic depressions.

Mr. Puplava supported his argument by saying ,
“In the middle of the 2007-2009 crisis,  the Fed either guaranteed, expanded, or backstopped somewhere around $8 to $9 trillion. That can only be done in a fiat money system—something you can't do with a gold-backed system.”
That’s simply evidence that, given a fiat currency, the gov-co will inflate, no matter what.

More evidence:
“Even in the gold standard we had during the '20s and '30s, we had inflation.  President Roosevelt devalued the dollar by 60% in March of 1933, and when he repriced gold from $20 to $35, he stopped deflation dead in its tracks.  By the end of the month we were experiencing inflation.”
Yes, FDR caused inflation by devaluing the dollar from $20/ounce of gold to $35/ounce.  FDR stopped deflation (an essential attribute of depression) in just one month.  But, while FDR stopped deflation, he didn’t stop the Great Depression which lasted at least another seven years.

I believe deflation is a natural and necessary part of the business cycle and the “depression cleansing process”.  If we won’t take our deflationary “medicine” like good little boys and girls, our economic depression may drag on indefinitely. 

In the Great Depression, FDR devalued the dollar in A.D. 1933 and the Great Depression dragged on until about A.D. 1941.  With inflation, the Great Depression was actually an episode of “stagflation”. 

We might suppose that with inflation, the Great Depression “naturally” ended after about ten years.  We might therefore theorize that, with deflation, the Great Depression might’ve ended in just five years. 

Given that possibility, we’re faced with a subjective choice:  Would you rather have a short, severe depression accompanied by deflation—or would you prefer a moderate drawn-out depression that’s accompanied by inflation?

But some argue that the Great Depression (which was nearly global in nature) didn’t actually end until the onset of World War II.  If so, the Great Depression accompanied by inflation (stagflation) did not end “naturally” after ten years but instead ended only by a World War.  In theory, without WWII, stagflation might’ve dragged on for another five or even twenty years.

Which brings us back to the original observations by Wikipedia that, “Stagflation is . . . difficult and . . . very costly to eradicate.”     

If the stagflation of the Great Depression was ended by WWII, is it possible that the least difficult and least costly means of “eradicating stagflation” may be to start another World War

If so, we may need to understand stagflation very clearly and think seriously about avoiding stagflation at any cost.

•  Why is stagflation so hard for the free market (a/k/a We the People) to eradicate?  Because “flation” is the engine of stagflation.  That “flation” (actually, inflation) is intentionally caused by the very government that claims to be working for the best interests of We the People by “stimulating” the economy by inflating the currency supply and devaluing the dollar.  

The free market is trying to cleanse itself by causing an economic recession which is ordinarily accompanied by deflation while the unfree market (government) is causing inflation to reduce its own debts.  The free market is struggling to restore balance and truth to the economy.  The government is struggling to cause inflation so as to secretly rob its creditors.

The “contradiction” between inflation and recession is based on the government’s claim to be working for the benefit of the People (ending recession) when it’s actually working to rob the people by means of inflation.  That’s the source of the contradiction seen in simultaneous “inflation” and “recession”.  Government is always out to rob its creditors, serve its own interests, and only occasionally out to serve the People’s interests.

Government does not serve creditors.  Don’t think so?  What’s the current interest rate paid to creditors? Does it even come close to matching the inflation rate?  How can creditors prosper in a low- or no- interest environment?  Thus, even today’s low interest rate is evidence of government’s war against creditors.

•  So long as we have a fiat currency and our government can inflate at will, our economy is something like a commercial aircraft.  We have a pilot and copilot in the cockpit who are creditors and a planeload of passenger-debtors (including government) in the rear.  The creditors may be greedy but they’re the only people who have sufficient knowledge and discipline to fly the plane (economy).  The debtors are generally as rowdy as a bunch of drunken, English soccer fans mixed in with some American politicians on a junket.

Two of the aircraft’s engines die and the plane (“economy”) begins to descend into a “depression”.  The debtors, in their infinite wisdom, vote to lighten the plane’s load by tossing the pilots (creditors) out the door.   

The debtors have taken over the asylum (aircraft; economy—am I mixing too many metaphors?) and dumped the creditors.

But the creditors are no dummies.  They have parachutes.  They have gold or some sort of investments squirreled away that will help them survive.  They’ll be inconvenienced by the depression, but they’ll survive.  The debtors, on the other hand, will find it hard to land the aircraft without any pilot-creditors and may suffer a crash.

My point is that by causing inflation, the government is robbing creditors.  If we don’t see some deflation, once the creditors are stripped of their savings, where will we find the capital needed to rebuild the economy and escape the Greater Depression? 

•  I like Wikipedia.  I respect its articles.  But Wikipedia’s “analyses of the global stagflation of the 1970s” strikes me as comical:  “It began with a huge rise in oil prices.” 

Bunk.  Stagflation was blamed on the “huge rise in oil prices” in order to shift blame to OPEC.  But didn’t we actually have a “huge rise in oil prices” in the 1970s because President Nixon stopped redeeming foreign-held dollars for gold in A.D. 1971?  Didn’t the resulting inflation (devaluation of the dollar) cause the price of oil to jump?  Thus, it wasn’t “evil” OPEC that plunged the US into stagflation in the 1970s.  It was our own government by making the dollar a pure fiat currency.

Why did gov-co make the dollar a pure fiat currency?  Because they didn’t want to actually pay our international debts with gold.  So, in order to rob their creditors, the gov-co devalued the dollar.  This is just another evidence that government is, fundamentally, a criminal enterprise dedicated to defrauding its creditors.

Wikipedia further explains that stagflation of the 1970s “continued as central banks used excessively stimulative monetary policy to counteract the resulting recession, causing a runaway wage-price spiral.”

The “runaway wage-price spiral” sounds like an economic process that’s so mysterious as to be beyond man’s understanding and control.  The “runaway wage-price spiral” would seem to implicitly blame private businesses and unions (rather than government) for the resulting inflation and recession.  But I see “runaway wage-price spiral” as a symptom of high inflation caused by gov-co, rather than as a cause for recession and stagflation.   It’s true that private businesses and unions did demand higher prices and wages.  But those demands were intended to compensate for the inflation that had been caused by government.

Point:  government caused the inflation of the 1970s and therefore caused the stagflation.

•  More, the reason that stagflation is so damning is that high inflation (as per Lenin, Keynes and Greenspan) is a means for government to secretly “confiscate” the people’s wealth (savings).  Without savings, the people can’t start new businesses and work themselves out of their recession. 

Inflation, in the midst of a recession is adding insult to injury.  It’s like kicking a man when he’s down.  When gov-co initiated QE3, it wasn’t “kicking the can” down the road, it was kicking the American people down the road to poverty.  In the midst of stagflation, many of the middle class won’t have jobs due to the recession—and they won’t have savings due to inflation.  They won’t be able work their way out of the recession, and they won’t be able to invest as a means to escape or survive the recession.  They’ll be almost hopeless.  No jobs, no way to start a business, no way out. Hence, as Wikipedia warned, once started stagflation is difficult and very costly to “eradicate”.

 In the end, stagflation is no mystery.  It’s the result of two antagonistic forces.

The “stag” in “stagflation” is caused by the natural forces of the free market attempting to cleanse itself from the excesses of the most recent economic boom and restore wealth to creditors. 

The “flation” part of “stagflation” is caused by government attempting to reduce its debt by intentionally inflating the currency.  This “flation” seeks to rob creditors

Government wants you to believe that its efforts to cause inflation (when we should naturally experience deflation) are only intended to “stimulate” the economy and thereby serve the people.  But the truth is that the inflation is intended to serve the government by robbing the people and the government’s creditors

We are already in an economic recession.  Maybe a depression.  Government is inflating the currency (QE3).  We are in stagflation now.

Want to get out?

Make government stop inflating.  If you succeed, we’ll almost certainly fall quickly into a painful economic depression that’ll last for several years before we can get on with our lives.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to suffer the severe economic depression that we so richly deserve, encourage government to keep inflating the currency.  The resulting stagflation may continue indefinitely—unless “eradicated” by another World War.

Stagflation is evidence that we may be caught between the “rock” (the truth embodied in the free market’s push for another depression) and the “hard place” (our government’s determination to lie and defraud creditors).

We shall see.

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by Rebecca Carley, MD

To commemorate Vaccine Awareness Week (the first week of September), internet radio host Deanna Spingola of (studio A) interviewed various "anti-vaccine" individuals as to their views on vaccines. I was the only medical doctor interviewed; my interview was on Friday.

As is self evident from my work over the past 15 years, my goal in life is to cause the death of modern day medicine (which has been so corrupted as to create and then "manage" disease using dangerous drugs which cure nothing but always cause side effects). My biggest frustration is the fact that the majority of the individuals who promote themselves as being "anti-vaccine" dance around the truth that vaccines are bioweapons. A half truth is a whole lie. The whole truth is that the insane practice of vaccination is killing and maiming people and pets, and altering our very genetic structure. To say otherwise is to mislead the public. After 15 years of research into the insane practice of vaccination, it is self evident that the true intent is to create disease and kill people. Facing the fact that the profession I had so proudly joined takes the Hippocratic Oath to "first do no harm" at graduation from medical school, and then does nothing BUT harm when they commence the "practice" of medicine was shocking to me. The sleep deprivation that medical school and residency programs use to enable the indoctrination of young doctors prevents questioning of the propaganda we are taught during those years. However, in my opinion it is impossible not to see how medical treatment is harming people as one enters the "practice" of medicine. Of course, by that point the doctor has hundreds of thousands of dollars of school loans to pay off, and has become "licensed". The licensing boards of each state prescribe what proper medical practice is; and if one steps out of that box, one will lose their license. That is why there are no other medical doctors speaking out on vaccines who tell the whole truth. If they would do so, this insanity would have already been stopped. It is up to the people to protect their loved ones by just saying NO when intimidation at whatever level is used to coerce acceptance of the poison needle.

I am now going to discuss some points made by individuals interviewed by Deanna Spingola on her show to demonstrate the problems with the "anti-vaccine movement" which have resulted in continued bioterrorism against the people.

The first guest that Deanna interviewed during Vaccine Awareness week was Andrew Maniotis, PhD. He did say that vaccine promoter Paul Offit, M.D. belongs in prison, which I agree with. However, one of his big points is that he is promoting a scientific exemption bill to exempt people from the vaccinations that have not been proven safe or effective. Since my research has proven that vaccines are bioweapons, why ask to be exempt from a biological assault? He discussed California bill AB2109, which would force parents to get permission from their vaccinator to be exempt from vaccines. So what is the point of fighting for another type of exemption, when the psychopaths are bringing forth this bill that would force parents to get permission to have an exemption in the first place? In my opinion, any legislator involved in such a bill is committing treason and aiding and abetting genocide, and should be dealt with on that basis. He also discusses mercury in vaccines, a common distraction by many in the so called "anti-vaccine" movement. As I discussed last week, the injection of the vaccine viruses themselves corrupts the immune system and leads to all autoimmune diseases and cancer. So removing mercury or any other toxin in vaccines will not make them "safe".

The most disturbing interview during Vaccine Awareness Week was of veterinarian Patricia Jordan, who I have had on my internet radio show in the past; in fact, she was the person who told me that the rabies vaccine causes autoimmune disease (as I verified by looking up the package insert for the rabies vaccine, which you can access at I stopped working with her when she came out with her book "Mark of the Beast" in which she states autism is due to mercury, despite the fact she is aware of the changing of the name of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis from the measles vaccine to autism to hide this fact (as revealed in Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine; check out My uphill battle for all these years was to show how the "mercury causes autism" group were disinformers, and Patricia Jordan has became part of that group! Not only that, I provided her with hundreds of pages of documents from the Special Virus Cancer Program, where they are documenting the viruses they are making to cause cancer. In fact, on page 17 of Progress Report #9 from August of 1972, it is stated that "breast cancer is one of the most likely forms of human cancer to be caused by virus"! Patricia Jordan, DVM, has also been on my show discussing the WHO memos from 1972 which reveal their research on how to create disease with injection of viruses. Part 1 can be accessed at , Part 2 can be accessed at . THIS RESEARCH PROVES THEY ARE CREATING DISEASE BY INJECTING VIRUSES (THIS PROCESS BEING VACCINATION). Yet, at the 50:00 mark of part 1 of the interview, when Deanna asks Jordan if vaccines were being used to create disease intentionally, she replies that they didn't know they were harming people when they started vaccination programs, but didn't stop when they did know when she is in possession of these research articles proving they are intentionally studying how to use vaccines to kill people! She also states that she doesn't think churches (being paid to promote vacs) do not know what they are doing, and in part 2 at 24:00 minutes she makes an insane statement that the mercury (put in vaccines as a preservative in multi dose vials) was supposed to inactivate viruses (when the whole point of vaccination is to inject viruses). Bottom line, this entire interview is a perfect example of how vaccine disinfo agents combine truth with lies promoting confusion and most importantly, trying to distract from the self evident truth that vaccines are bioweapons used to create disease, depopulate the planet and alter our very genetic structure.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the interview with vaccine researcher Mary Tocco. She used to promote mercury as the cause of autism, but has come so far that she stated in her interview with Deanna that Bill Gates actually talked about the role of vaccines in decreasing the world's population ( ). The only major thing I disagreed with was when she promoted Great plains Laboratory as the place to get lab tests to find out what is wrong with vaccine damaged children. In fact, I have had people contact me who mortgaged their houses to get these expensive tests, which do nothing to show the (vaccine) cause of the problem. All that is necessary is to take a detailed history, and then develop an individual protocol based on that history using natural therapies (which is how I do consults).

My dream is to debate vaccine promoter Paul Offit, MD in a public forum. The proof I have accumulated will cause this vaccine promoting psychopath to proceed with an extreme gnashing of teeth. In the meantime, use your discernment as to who in the anti-vaccine movement is telling the WHOLE truth. To do less, is a lie. Please spread the word!

By Herbalist Wendy Wilson

There are three major plagues that have been a major enemy of mankind. History shows that these plagues can run in cycles and linked to rodent population. Certain conditions can promote a change in rodent populations and result in plague disease. Throughout the centuries, the three plagues mankind has had to worry about are; bubonic, pneumonic and septicaemic. These are called "rodent plagues" with mortality rates as high as 60%.  Of the three plagues, bubonic is the most common. Let's understand these plague threats and be better prepared for any outbreaks.


Plague was introduced to America in 1900. Supplies were shipped from Asia arrived and with it came rat-infested ships bringing the right conditions for bubonic plague. Outbreaks of disease and epidemics stemmed from port cities. According to the CDC, the last US recorded bubonic plague occurred in Los Angeles 1924-1925. The fleas spread from the city to the country rats and other rodents, which affected other areas of the Western US Since then plague has survived, sprouting up here and there in rural areas and the CDC reports that the plagues reported during1900 to 2010 have been 80% bubonic. The most severely affected areas are northern New Mexico , northern Arizona , southern Colorado , California , southern Oregon and western Nevada The CDC receives between 1 to 17 bubonic plague cases reported annually. Bubonic plague does not have an age preference and anyone can get it. It has been reported that nearly 50% of the cases have occurred in people ages 12 to 45. Prior to the birth of antibiotics in 1942, the mortality rate if infected with bubonic plague was 66%. With antibiotics we are told the risk drops to 16%. The CDC tells us with the availability of antibiotics that our chance of dying of bubonic plague is lower than if we get the other two plagues (pneumonic 36% and septicemic 28%). Is bubonic plague more prone in fall and winter? Bubonic plague is a 12-month disease but the months where fleas and rodents are more active (warmer months) put us at greater risk. Since 1942, bubonic plague has become less sporadic (with fewer large outbreaks) and more uniform with cases occurring about every year in rural and suburban areas. There are enough regular cases of bubonic plague for the CDC to classify it as a low level endemic disease (Source:


Looking at the global map, bubonic plague occurs in Africa, Asia and South America . Since the 1990's, more cases occur in Africa and over the last 20 years the cases have been in small towns and agricultural villages. Nearly 2,000 cases are reported each year to the WHO. Should we be worried about the Black Death (bubonic plague)? That is a question many epidemiologists, such as Tara Smith, have asked. Infectious disease experts know the history of bubonic plague and how it would very quickly wipe out entire towns. It is a very infectious disease which had the ability of destroying a third of the population. In today's world that would be about 25 million people. We should not underestimate bubonic plague as if it were some "no-longer-relevant" disease. Most Americans are under the impression that bubonic plague is not a real threat any longer. Tell that to a hospitalized Oregon man.   In June 2012 a man in Oregon contracted bubonic plague when a stray cat bit him.


The bubonic plague attacks and infects the lymph nodes of the body. These glands become swollen and painful. The patient will complain of pain in the groin, armpit and neck areas. Then the fever comes and can be as high as 107 degrees. Bubonic plague can come from any animal that is infected with diseased fleas.


Many speculate how a plague called the "Black Death" originated. A written account we have of bubonic plague was in October of 1347. There were a dozen Genoese trading vessels at the Sicilian port of Messina (just arrived from a long voyage across the Black Sea ). Most of the seamen on these vessels were already dead and the remaining were gravely ill with fever, digestive upset, covered with black boils oozing with blood and puss and in extreme pain. This is where the disease got the name "Black Death." Even though Sicilian authorities ordered the 12 vessels to immediately leave the harbor, it was too late. The disease and flea infested rats had already disembarked and for five years the bubonic plague killed 25 million people in Europe (1/3 the population).Another 25 million died in Africa and Asia . It would not be until 1894 when the cause of bubonic plague would be discovered.


The pneumonic plague is the most infectious form of the three plagues. In advanced stages is when the bacteria are passed from person to person via airborne droplets from coughing. According to infectious disease experts; without an effective antibiotic given early enough bubonic plague is fatal about 50% of the time and septicaemic and pneumonic plagues are just flat out fatal. This means that 1 out of 7 dies.


The pneumonic plague is a severe flea-borne bacterial disease, which affects the lungs. Patients develop a fever, chills, headache, cough, rapid breathing with the progression of rapid pneumonia. Coughing produces bloody sputum, which can sometimes look foamy and shock then death can follow. Any rodent can spread the disease with infected fleas. Infected patients can spread the disease via coughing and spreading infected droplets through the air. Interestingly enough, pneumonic plague can be misdiagnosed as; asthma, allergies, COPD, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, sinusitis, cystic fibrosis and obstructive sleep apnea.


According to the Global Alert and Response (GAR) Plague Manual the pneumonic plague is one of the oldest diseases known to man. It also remains an endemic all around the world. This plague tends to like the warmer climates. If left untreated death will occur. The mortality of the pneumonic plague is particularly high and must be correctly diagnosed. The antibiotics normally used to manage this plague given early enough are streptomycin or tetracycline to lower the mortality from 60% to 15%. According to WHO since the 1980's there has been a steep rise in plagues in Africa . Prior to 1980, most plagues were originating in Asia .


The septicacemic plague occurs when an insect deposits the bacterial infection directly into your bloodstream. This bypasses many immune system defenses and therefore this form of plague is almost always fatal. According to the WHO, although plague outbreaks have declined, there are hot spots on the globe that continue to have substantial outbreaks and fatality rates remain high. They admit that antimicrobial resistance has begun, which means the antibiotics are not as effective. These authorities are urging extreme vigilance in these hot spot regions (subtropic and tropic).


The first written pandemic plague occurred between 542 AD and 546 AD in Asia, Africia and Europe known as the Justinian S Plague. This plague spanned the continents killing 100 million. A shocking symptom of this plague was hand necrosis. Which rodent plague was it? Scientific evidence points to a different strain of the bubonic plague.


According to the WHO there are five countries that tend to harbor more plague disease; Bolivia , Brazil , Ecuador , Peru and US. From this list there are three countries which report plague cases every year; Brazil , Peru (with 82% of the cases) and US. Health experts the world over all admit that although drug therapy for plague is available, mortality due to plague remains high.


The do's and don'ts of immune system foods is pretty easy. You want to avoid foods that hinder and lower your natural immunity. HINT: It is often the foods you crave the most that suppresses your immune system. Foods such as; sugar, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and chemicals should be removed from the diet.  Food allergens will also kick your immune system off track and should be avoided such as, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, tomatoes, corn, yeast and shellfish. The common reaction to these foods would be headache, nasal congestion, fatigue, fast pulse, digestive upset, mood changes, fluid retention and inability to lose weight. The immune system friendly foods are; fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts (causing non-allergic reaction), and protein foods.


There are many herbs that can assist your natural immune system response to prevent illness or reduce your recovery time. Some herbs can be used as a preventative and some to help you recover faster from illness. Astragalus root is one of the most highly respected herbs to enhance human immune function to prevent illness. I like to layer it with ginseng herbs. Echinacea root should be used after you become ill to get over the illness quickly. Peppermint leaf has a diaphoretic property and calming effect to ease the discomfort of a fever without lowering your immunity. Ginger root can calm the upset digestive system. For vomiting combine ginger root, peppermint leaf and fennel seed tinctures in an ounce of water. If diarrhea is part of the digestive upset add slippery elm inner bark tincture to the other three. To relieve the aches and pains of flu use willow bark and meadow sweet and for coughs use marshmallow root and thyme herb.


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Why Does Freedom Matter?
By Ty Bollinger

On this 11th anniversary of 9-11-01, I want to ask you a few questions:

• "Why does freedom matter?"

• "Why does it matter if the TSA is allowed to sexually molest our wives and children?

• "Why does it matter if police are allowed to beat to death a mentally-challenged handcuffed homeless man?"

• "Why does it matter if a mother is arrested for taking a picture of a tourist attraction?"

• "Why does it matter that a Florida wife was sentenced to 20 years in jail for firing warning shots to prevent her abusive husband from beating her?"

• "Why does it matter that an ex-marine was thrown in jail for posting anti-government speech on Facebook?"

Why does it matter? What does this have to do with our health? Let me tell you how these stories are all interrelated.

Because if we sit back and allow the government to enslave (and dehumanize) us in these areas, then we will gladly allow them to violate the Constitution and take our health freedom. Just look at a few recent examples the FDA raid on Rawesome Foods for selling raw milk the Detroit SWAT team kidnapping (and raping) of Maryanne Godboldo's daughter for refusing to keep using psychiatric drugs the "gunpoint" forced chemotherapy of Jacob Stieler (a child) who showed no signs of cancer and the list goes on and on and on

You see, a tyrannical government crushes ALL forms of freedom, including HEALTH freedom! I was watching an interview where the reporter asked the people on the street if freedom was important to them. One remark that really blew me away was when a seemingly intelligent 30-something man answered, "Yes, freedom is important but it has its place." In other words: "Yes, we should all be herded like sheep, but within the limits of common sense."

Sadly, this man's position on freedom is indicative of our country as a whole. We have been so brainwashed into believing that it's somehow "patriotic" to give up our freedom and liberty in exchange for more "protection" from the terrorists, boogeyman, and the Easter Bunny. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither."

We MUST stand-up for liberty in ALL areas of life, or we will lose our health freedom. Codex Alimentarius could become the "law of the land" if we are silent. Codex Alimentarius (Latin for "food code") is the proposed set of international guidelines for nutritional supplements, food handling, production, and trade which is now gradually being ratified in countries around the world. Codex is made up of thousands of standards and guidelines. One of them, the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG), is designed to permit only ultra-low doses of vitamins and minerals, essentially making supplements illegal. Vitamin C, for example, at any dosage higher than two hundred milligrams per day will be illegal. The dose of coenzyme Q10 which has been shown to resolve breast cancer in some patients (400 mg per day) will be illegal because coenzyme Q10 will be totally illegal at any dose following the European Supplements Directive model. Only 28 nutrients will be allowed, but the maximum upper limits have been set so low that they have little or no clinical impact in keeping us healthy and none at all in returning us to a state of health if we are ill. And those which are available will be exorbitantly priced.

Codex also stipulates which conditions may be treated using herbs. Only minor, self-limited conditions may be treated by herbal means. Treating any other conditions with herbal remedies will constitute a crime. Codex sets permissible upper limits for pesticide residues, toxic chemicals in the environment, hormones in food and other environmental contaminants which are many times higher than levels advocated by chemical and pesticide industry lobbying groups. Current toxic levels are already responsible for most of the cancers, heart disease, autism, chronic degenerative conditions, and organ failures which are killing people at increasing rates around the globe. Making permissible toxic levels higher will accelerate this destructive world-wide trend. And here is the kicker – Codex is based in the Napoleonic Code, not Common Law. That means that under Codex, anything not explicitly permitted is forbidden. Under Common Law, we hold that anything not explicitly forbidden is permitted. The difference is the difference between health freedom and health tyranny.

We are witnessing the end of America as a nation-state right now, and with these changes, none of our domestic laws or constitutional rights are secure. We are facing a frightening future, not to mention the fact that children born after 1990 have no clue about their food, water, vaccinations, or anything else. Our food supply is full of irradiated food, pasteurized milk and juice, viruses sprayed on our meat, chemicals sprayed on fruit and vegetables, and now we're being forced without our consent to eat genetically modified foods. Codex is nothing more than Big Pharma's worldwide "control" agenda. It is an enormous assault on humanity and health freedom. Sadly, like many other instances of government abuse and tyranny mentioned at the beginning of this article, much of the "dumbed down" populace thinks that it's a "good thin g" that the government "cares enough to protect us." You know the old saying, "A nation of sheep results in a government of wolves."

We must continue to promote freedom, liberty, and the restoration of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In the words of Dr. Benjamin Rush (signer of the Declaration of Independence): "Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to doctors and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic."

I leave you with this well-known quote: "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

˜ Ty Bollinger is a health freedom advocate and author of the best-selling book, "Cancer-Step Outside the Box." His website is

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