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Friday, November 16th, A.D. 2012

Between Friday, November 9th and Friday, November 16th, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 0.9 % from $1,730.80 to $1,713.70
Silver fell 1.0 % from $32.63 to $32.31
Platinum rose 0.3 % from $1,551 to $1,556
Palladium rose 3.3 % from $605 to $625
DJIA fell 1.7 % from 12,815.39 to 12,588.31
NASDAQ fell 1.7 % from 2,904.87 to 2,853.13
NYSE fell 1.5 % from 8,053.56 to 7,931.55
US Dollar Index rose 0.2 % from 81.04 to 81.21
Crude Oil rose 0.6 % from $86.08 to $86.62

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“What investment would you dare to hold
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So inevitable, yet so completely unforeseen

by Alfred Adask

Based on China’s size and extraordinary economic growth, some predict that the 21st century will be dominated by China.

I disagree.

In fact, I’ve disagreed for a least three years based largely on a single anecdote from a friend (“Donna”) who lived in China for one year.  While in China, Donna always had a guide.  The guide would never take her to the restaurants near her apartment.  Donna repeatedly asked why and always received an answer that seemed pleasant but untrue. 

After several months, Donna insisted that the guide tell the truth.  The guide finally explained that the local restaurants served dogs and cats as meals; that the guide knew Americans loved their pets; therefore the guide would not risk taking my friend into such restaurants.

The guide further explained that in the Chinese culture, a primary objective was to “maintain harmony”.  Everyone felt obligated to avoid “shocking” anyone else.  So, in order to “maintain harmony,” the Chinese people would routinely lie.  The guide lied to Donna to avoid shocking her.  In China, lying was culturally (“politically”) correct.

I knew right then, that China would not become a permanent economic giant. They might flourish for 20 to 40 years, but they won’t last.

No nation can prosper for long that’s predisposed to treat lies as if they were virtues.

For example, even China’s Premier doesn’t know the actual size of the Chinese economy.  Why?  Because the heads of China’s various “states” routinely lie when they report their economic indicators.  The regional heads tell the Premier what they think the Premier wants to hear rather than the objective truth.  They routinely lie to “maintain harmony”. 

But can any man or government manage an economy without access to honest economic indicators?  Of course not.  China’s predisposition to lie guarantees that China will suffer sudden calamities.

Similarly, I don’t want to ride in a jet plane if the bolts holding the wings to the fuselage were tightened and torqued by a Chinese mechanic who believed his first duty was to “maintain harmony”.   I.e., suppose the foreman wants the wing bolts torqued to 125 pounds and asks the mechanic if that that job has been completed. Suppose the mechanic “maintains harmony” by lying that he had properly torqued the bolts when he had not.  I don’t want to ride on that plane.

You can’t maintain a viable economy or technology with people predisposed to lie.  Insofar as a significant proportion of China’s people “maintain harmony” by telling lies, we can expect to see catastrophic Chinese failures when wings fall off aircraft, magnets fall off of high-speed monorails, and dams burst because the cement was made with sea salt rather than iron oxide. 

“Maintaining harmony” may work in a world where people still travel on wooden wheels.  But in a civilization devoted to efficiency and travel at the speed of sound, “harmony” be damned—you must have a culture whose system of values predisposes all people to tell the truth, no matter how shocking.  

• The New York Times (“Amid Calls to Open China’s Politics, Party Digs In”) offers additional insight into China’s cultural predicament:
“…there is a rising chorus within the elite expressing doubt that the 91-year-old Communist Party’s authoritarian system can deal with the stresses bearing down on the nation and its 1.3 billion people. Policies introduced after 1978 by Deng Xiaoping lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty and transformed the country into the world’s second-largest economy.  But the way party leaders have managed decades of growth has created towering problems that critics say can no longer be avoided.”
China’s “towering problems” are similar to the United States’ National Debt in two regards.  These problems:  1) are no longer avoidable; and 2) were caused by the Chinese and US governments.  The problems can only be solved by changes in government.  But neither government is willing to admit responsibility for causing the problems. Thus, these problems will not be solved.  They’ll simply fester until they inevitably explode.
“Chinese critics include billionaires, intellectuals and children of the party’s revolutionary founders. They say the party’s agenda, as it stands today, is not visionary enough to set China on the path to stability. [“harmony”] 

“What is needed, they say, is a comprehensive strategy to gradually extricate the Communist Party, which has more than 80 million members, from its heavy-handed control. …Only then, critics argue, can the government address the array of issue facing China, including rampant corruption, environmental degradation, and an aging population.”
The 80 million Communist Party members constitute about 6% of China’s population.  There’s no way that those 80 million—who currently enjoy disproportionate power, privilege and wealth—will voluntarily agree to be “gradually extricated” from control over China.   Power concedes nothing.  The only way the Communist Party will be “extricated” from China is feet first. 

So long as Party members won’t voluntarily abandon power, China can’t make the changes needed to sustain their previous growth and can’t address the “towering problems” caused by their communist government. 

China can’t progress until they dump the Communist Party.  China can’t dump the Communist Party without a shooting revolution.  Communist inefficiencies should make a coming Chinese collapse or revolution inevitable.
“At the root of the current economic model is the political system, in which party officials and state-owned enterprises work closely together, reaping enormous profits from the party’s control of the economy.  In this kind of economy, wealth concentrates where power is.”
Apparently, the Communist government of China is not so different from the government of the United States.  Witness the growing number of Congressmen who’ve become millionaires while in office. Here, too, “wealth concentrates where power is.”
“The 400 or so incoming members of the party’s Central Committee, Politburo and Politburo Standing Committee, as well as their friends and families, have close ties to the most powerful of China’s 145,000 state-owned enterprises.”
A government that has close ties to major corporations is generally described as “fascist”.   Thus, similarities between the governments of China and the US may flow the close ties between politicians and wealthy corporations. 

China calls its government “communist”.  We call ours “democratic”. 

Would it be more accurate to describe both governments as predominately “fascist”?
“The growing presence of princelings—the children of notable Communist officials—in the party, the government and corporations could mean an even more closely meshed web of nepotism. It is a system that Xi Jinping, anointed to be the next president and himself a member of the ‘red nobility,’ would find hard to unravel, even if he wanted to.”
China has “princelings”; the US has Wall St. Financiers.  Both China’s system and our own are similar in that politicians are increasingly close to, represent, or are even counted as members of, people of significant wealth.  The middle and lower classes tend to be unrepresented by the political “nouveau riche”.

• China’s “princelings” are further described in another New York Times article (“Dynasty of Different Order Is Reshaping China”):
“China’s princelings, who number in the hundreds, are emerging as an aristocratic class with an increasingly important say in ruling the country.  Many have already made their mark in the established order, playing important roles in state-owned enterprises [corporations].  Many countries have powerful families, but in China, they are becoming the dominant force in politics and business.  In this system, they have good bloodlines.”
The conceit of plutocrats everywhere is that the rich are entitled—not by their work or integrity—but by their bloodlines and “breeding” to rule and exploit the inferior majority.
“The ‘princelings’ are a volatile generation, often saw the worst side of the Communist revolution.  They are distinct from the current top rulers of China, most of whom owe their allegiance to institutions in the Communist Party. The ‘princelings’ have learned one thing, and that’s all you can count on is your family.

“Without a Deng Xiaoping (former Premier) to settle questions, you have competition for the top spots,” said an independent Chinese political commentator.  “We don’t have elections, and we don’t have a system, so they go for the person with the most connections.”
The man with the “most connections” will be obligated to his connections when he achieves power.  We can expect to see “rule by man” rather than “rule by law”.  People with “connections” will not represent the common people and will therefore tend to exploit them.  Exploitation by the “princelings” will predispose the common people to revolution which does not bode well for China’s economy and future.

• Peter Hartcher posted a brilliant article (“Bejing fears sparking its own French revolution”) in the Sydney Morning Herald:
“China's political leaders put stability [“harmony”] above all else. So it's remarkable that they are passing around well-thumbed copies of a book about the sudden, bloody outbreak of the French Revolution 225 years ago. Why would China's modern rulers be interested in Alexis de Tocqueville's The Old Regime and the French Revolution?
A:  Because they know they’re riding the tiger.
“Since the Communist Party seized power in 1949 in a violent revolution, its highest priority has been to guard against what it calls ''counter-revolution''.  Yet the popularity of Tocqueville's work suggests that counter-revolution is precisely what it now fears.

“Among the many passages that must send chills down the spine of China's dictators is the French historian's famous remark that the outbreak of France's violent upheaval was ''so inevitable, yet so completely unforseen''.  And Tocqueville's 1856 prediction that the French Revolution ''for many years to come will trouble the sleep of all who seek to demoralise the nation and reduce it to a servile state,'' seems to be vindicated.
In other words, whenever the politicians, judges, lawyers, wealthy, multi-national corporations, plutocrats, bureaucrats, lobbyists, Kenyans and neo-cons think they’re so slick that they can not only run the country, but run it treasonously for their own benefit and at the gross expense of the people—you can bet that a revolution, complete with guillotines and gibbets, is “inevitable” but will nevertheless be “unforeseen”. 

Such revolutions will occur as suddenly and without warning as the “Arab Spring” of A.D. 2011 when 4 nations’ governments were overthrown, and 13 more were threatened.
In all likelihood, these leaders sense an impending crisis that could imperil the Chinese Communist Party's survival in the same way that the French Revolution ended Bourbon rule.  Telltale signs of anxiety are already visible. Capital flight from China is now at a record high. Polls of China's dollar millionaires reveal that half of them want to emigrate.

“Tocqueville writes of a festering popular resentment at the privileges of the elites, at their feckless pursuit of self-gain.

“He observes ‘the steady growth among the people of two ruling passions.’ One was ‘an intense, indomitable hatred of inequality.’ Inequality in China today is at its greatest since the revolution.
Inequality is also growing in the U.S..  The minority of super-rich Americans are increasingly separated from the growing lower classes.  We’re becoming a two-tier society wherein each tier has little in common with the other except mutual distrust and contempt.
“The second ruling passion was ‘a desire to live not only on an equal footing but also as free men.’  How strong is this in modern China?  There are an estimated 500 protests, riots and strikes every day in China, four times the number of a decade ago.
I read the growing number of protests, etc., as evidence of what results when a nation’s institutionalized lies can no longer suppress the truth.   The resulting protests reminds me of the hairline fractures that occur in a metal part before it suddenly suffers a catastrophic failure.
“Nevertheless, the message from the outgoing President Hu gives is a reassertion of conservative core values—'the Party must pull out all stops to preserve its monopoly on power.'”
Power concedes nothing.  China’s communist party sounds much like the Republican elite “pulling out all the stops” to prevent Ron Paul and his supporters from winning the A.D. 2012 Republican presidential nomination.  If so, we might infer that whenever a ruling elite “pulls out all the stops” to retain their power, that power may be about to disappear.
“It's highly unlikely that the incoming president Xi Jinping will be able to achieve any political reform, at least in his first five-year term.”
What are the chances that Obama will achieve any significant economic reforms over the next four years?  Aren’t Americans also locked into an economic fate that neither Obama nor Romney could evade?  Like China, aren’t Americans also trapped in an “inevitability” precipitated by our previous 40 years of fiat currency, free lunches and rising debt? 

Yes, Obama & Co. can continue to kick the can further down the road, and then a little further still.  But everyone knows that the road (fiat currency) is a dead end.

Sooner or later, we’ll run out of road.  When we reach that inevitable dead end, we’ll reach the inevitable revolution.
“But isn’t this this is the very time China's leaders need to pursue political liberalisation to ease the building tensions that have led to parallels with pre-revolutionary France?”

“Not necessarily. Tocqueville wrote:  ‘Experience teaches us that, generally speaking, the most perilous moment for a bad government is one when it seeks to mend its ways. Only consummate statecraft can enable a king to save his throne when, after a long period of oppression, he sets to improving the lot of his subjects.’”
In other words, once a government turns “bad,” it dare not try to mend its ways.   Faced with the choice of doing right or protecting its own survival, every government will choose to protect itself.  That guarantees that the bad governments will precipitate an economic collapse or a political revolution that is both inevitable but unforeseen

• De Tocqueville observed that the French Revolution was both “inevitable” but paradoxically “unforeseen”.  That description may also fit today’s China.  China’s “towering problems” were primarily caused by China’s government.  Those problems may be solved only if China’s government is “gradually extricated” from power.  But power concedes nothing.  Thus, those problems will persist until some sort of revolution (the abandonment of institutionalized lies) inevitably occurs. 

Nevertheless, that inevitable revolution will remain largely “unforeseen”—just as the Arab Spring was “unforeseen”—until something as unexpected as a Tunisian street peddler setting himself on fire triggers a political and economic collapse.

Similarly, the U.S. has a national debt that can’t possibly be paid.  This national debt—and the fiat currency that made that debt possible—constitute America’s “towering problems”.  Those “towering problems” were caused by our government and won’t be solved until our government is “gradually extricated” from power.  But power concedes nothing, so our government will not only hang onto power, it will seek even more power.  Thus, our “towering problems” make an American economic collapse or even revolution “inevitable”. 

If you’re reading this article, you already know that some sort of economic calamity is inevitable.   You just don’t know when the calamity will happen.  Neither do I.  Thus, as with the French Revolution, the Arab Spring, and the coming Chinese revolution, America’s coming calamity—though clearly “inevitable”—will nevertheless be sudden and “unforeseen”.  It might happen next spring.  It might happen next decade.  We don’t know.  

Implication?  If America’s next revolution/economic-collapse is inevitable, now’s the time to prepare.  Food, water, guns, ammo, gold, silver.

Buckle up for the inevitable . . . and also for the unforeseen.

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By Herbalist Wendy Wilson

I had a very strange dream. I don't know why I dreamed I was holding a baby about five months old and it was Obama. Everyone in my dream knew who this baby was and looked upon this baby with apprehension. In my dream I took baby Obama into a church and the folks there freaked and wanted him out. I vaguely recall attempting to teach this baby good principles like trying to pour morals and ethics into this child.  It was a very strange dream. It was my subconscious trying to deal with Obamacare and the healthcare and freedom travesty about to befall America .


If you haven't seen the Obamacare evaluation by retired Constitutional Attorney Michael Connelly of Carrollton , Texas on the Internet then let me run down the highlights. According to Connelly, he has read the entire House Bill 3200. He states most of what has been revealed about Obamacare is true such as; rationing of healthcare for illegal immigrants and free abortion services (probably forced participation in abortions by medical professionals). He also agrees that this Bill will force private insurance companies out of business leaving only the government-run system. Also, the healthcare decisions will be made by federal bureaucrats (non healthcare professionals). All aspects of healthcare will be strictly controlled by the government such as; hospital admissions, payments to physicians and necessary medical devices. This is what the public already knows about Obamacare. What most Americans are unaware of is that the healthcare parts of this document are a distraction as to why this Bill was created in the first place and


The healthcare mandates are a smoke screen for this piece of legislation. According to Michael Connelly, what we call Obamacare has no intention to provide affordable healthcare choices for anyone but was created for another purpose. Obamacare as we call this Bill is an instrument to transfer massive amounts of power to the Executive Branch of the American government. The purpose of this Bill is to destroy major portions of the United States Constitution. The Constitution has been in Obama's way for four years and he devised a way to officially shred it. According to Connelly when this Bill is in full force the balance of power between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches that our founding fathers constructed will be the first pillars to tumble. Congress will be nothing more than an Administrative authority over the taxpayer's life and their businesses. A critical point to remember is that Congress has no original, legal authority to legislate in these areas to begin with. The US Constitution does not give Congress the authority to regulate healthcare and have access to your personal health records, financial records or your employer – these are all a direct violation of the 3rd and 4thAmendment to the Constitution.  This Bill removes our protection against unreasonable searches and seizures and right to privacy. Keeping your private healthcare insurance will not save you as it must be deemed acceptable by the Health Choices Administrator (whomever Obama appoints) or you will be taxed. It is called a tax instead of a fine to avoid the due process clause of the 5th Amendment. According to Connelly that won't fly because there is nothing in the law that allows you to contest or appeal the imposition of the tax, which deprives us of property without due process of law. Therefore, the lawyer we call President has constructed a Bill to take out 3 of the original 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights. Your rights have been nullified by Obamacare. Every member of Congress that voted for this Bill needs to be held accountable for selling out the American people.


In the Bill of Rights, the 9th Amendment provides in the Constitution certain rights that will not be denied or disparaged by anyone retained by the people. The 10th Amendment states that power not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are preserved to the States, or to the people. Certain powers were not given to the federal government and remain with the States and or the people. Under Obamacare Obama legislates this power away from the States and the people leaving us with no rights or powers, which were once ours to control.


Obamacare is a dishonest, deceptive and treasonous act against the founding of America and the American people. If you Google "treasonous traitor" Obama comes up with the likes of Benedict Arnold. For the Generation X'ers who were not taught real history in the public schools; during the American Revolution Benedict Arnold (born in Norwich, Connecticut in 1741) conspired to hand over the fort at West Point to the British in exchange for lots of money and a high position in the British army. Benedict Arnold didn't own the 13 American colonies or West Point but sold them anyway to foreign interests for personal gain and power. Obama doesn't own the States or the American people but sold them out anyway. Now if you are already the President of the US what more power would you want? Think United Nations. When Obama was reelected the UN celebrated with a global gun ban. Is it possible they are keeping the seat warm at the UN for Obama? Thirty cents of every US dollar Obama borrows and then he wastes the money driving up our debt. Fiscal cliff means one-world bank. Has Obama sold us out for the UN seat and global dominion? According to Connelly, Article 6 of the Constitution requires all members of Congress (House & Senate) to "be bound by their oath to support the Constitution." Obamacare is a very grave threat to our Constitution and The Bill of Rights and the American people must defend their rights, land and freedom from treason and tyranny. If you are apathetic, lazy and don't care, then just do nothing. So, how do you hold them accountable? I don't advocate violence but what can every American do to get the attention of their elected officials without bearing arms? Letters, emails and calls are great but we are talking about treasonous people here. What does Obama's government need to function? Think real hard. It happens every April (without an extension of course). If 314,750,000 Americans did what the Whitehouse Administration and illegal aliens do (not file), what could the government do about it when they have no money to run their office?


Several states have filed petitions to withdraw from the US. Your state may be listed and you can sign the petition. The state must have 20k signatures within 30 days of the petition being filed. Got to this link and find your state and sign


If you want to know what the supreme authority says about laws to devise tyranny you can read Romans 13. God hates "mischief by law" also known as works of darkness. There is no higher power than of God and the earth and everything in it belongs to God (Ps 94:20-23; 24:1). In Romans 13 the rulers are to uphold the ordinance of God (be ministers of God) or receive damnation. God goes onto say that rulers should not be a terror to good works but to evil. In other words, our rulers should fight against tyranny; not foster tyranny. God also gives the good rulers permission to wield a sword to execute wrath on those that do evil. And when the ruler fails execute wrath against evil (becomes a traitor against the people), the job falls to the shepherds of God's church to set things right. And what do we do when the shepherds fail?

"If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discernment, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church loses Godly character and becomes worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in Christianity, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall, the pulpit is responsible for it." Rev. Charles Finney

The falling away of the church is the ultimate travesty. So, who is coming to your aid? We are instructed by God to run to the aid of our brethren because God says that sooner or later you are going to be asking for mercy and therefore you must have mercy towards your neighbor. After storm Sandy , the folks in NY are pulling together in their communities to save themselves and not waiting for the government to come to their aid. Photo opts with politicians don't put a roof over your head, clothes on your back or food on the table.


A friend of mine in Tennessee told me last weekend that after storm Sandy nobody is laughing at the preppers anymore. The folks that have been preparing for years for a collapse of the infrastructure and shortages in food, water, power etc. Sandy should be a wakeup call to all who have been hesitating to prepare. We have a duty to our God, our loved ones and ourselves to stand for righteousness and fight tyranny. God states that disobedience to tyranny is obedience to God and God prefers obedience over sacrifice. (Isaiah 54:14 & I Samuel 15:22).


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Aspartame – Sweet Poison
by Ty Bollinger

How about a diet soda? Diet sodas are harmless, right? Diet sodas will help you lose weight, right? Wrong. A worldwide epidemic is raging. The cause is a poisonous chemical sweetener called aspartame (marketed as NutraSweet®,Equal®, and AminoSweet® ), which is the most controversial food additive ever approved. This additive, which we have been led to believe is completely safe, is in reality a drug which interacts with other drugs and changes brain chemistry and causes multiple types of chronic illness, including cancer.

The truth of the matter is that the FDA has always known aspartame is a carcinogen. The late Dr. Adrian Gross (FDA toxicologist) told Congress  that without a shadow of a doubt aspartame triggers brain tumors and brain cancers and violates the Delaney Amendment which forbids putting anything in food you know will cause cancer.  As Dr. James Bowen told the FDA, the manufacturers of aspartame have damaged a generation of children and should be criminally prosecuted for genocide for the mass poisoning of the USA and hundreds of other countries of the world. Aspartame is an excitotoxin, which simply means that it excites your brain cells to death. Dr. Russell Blaylock states that "the ingredients (in aspartame) stimulate the neurons of the brain to death causing brain damage of varying degrees." (Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills, 1994)

So what's in aspartame? Aspartame is made of three components, 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid, and 10% methanol (wood alcohol). The methanol is widely distributed throughout the body including brain, muscle, fat and nervous tissue. This is important: when the temperature of aspartame exceeds 86° Fahrenheit, the methanol coverts to formaldehyde(embalming fluid ) and formic acid. What is the normal body temperature again? If I remember correctly, it's 98.6°, isn't it? So, when you ingest aspartame, it heats up above 86° and the methanol turns to formaldehyde, which enters the cells and binds to the proteins and DNA.

Methanol is toxic. Chronic, low-level exposure to methanol has been seen to cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, ear buzzing, gastrointestinal disturbances, weakness, vertigo, chills, memory lapses, numbness & shooting pains, behavioral disturbances, neuritis, misty vision, vision tunneling, blurring of vision, conjunctivitis, insomnia, vision loss, depression, heart problems (including disease of the heart muscle), and pancreatic inflammation. (Kavet, Nauss, 1990. "The Toxicity of Inhaled Methanol Vapors," Critical Reviews in Toxicology , Vol. 21, Issue 1, pp. 21-50) 

But don't many fruits and vegetables contain some methanol? Yes, they do, but they also contain a large amount of ethanol, which acts as a buffer and neutralizes methanol, thus preventing the conversion of methanol to formaldehyde. In aspartame, there is no such buffer. The maximum "safe" level of methanol per day, as determined by the EPA, is 7.8 mg.  One liter of diet soda contains 56 milligrams. And if that's not enough, remember that aspartame is 50% phenylalanine, a substance that up to twenty million people cannot metabolize, and this inability is genetically inherited by children. The inability to metabolize phenylalanine can lead to mental retardation in children. This means that aspartame causes an increased risk of mental retardation for millions of children.

And phenylalanine in aspartame deletes serotonin; thus, it triggers all kinds of psychiatric and behavioral problems. The mental institutions are full of patients who are nothing but aspartame victims. Were it not for the phenylalanine in aspartame, which interferes with the brain's uptake of L-Dopa,Michael J. Fox, a former Diet Pepsi spokesman, would likely never have been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at age 30. He would probably still be making movies and still be healthy were it not for his consumption of Diet Pepsi.

Despite the fact that the FDA claims that aspartame is safe, the toxic effects of aspartame are documented by the FDA's own data. In 1995, the FDA was forced, under the Freedom of Information Act, to release a list of 92 aspartame symptoms reported by thousands of victims. It appears this is only the tip of the iceberg. Dr. H. J. Roberts published the medical text "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" which contains over 1,000 pages of symptoms and diseases triggered by this excitotoxin, including the sordid history of its approval. 

Just last month was published the most thorough study that has ever been performed on aspartame, encompassing over 77,000 women, 47,000 men, and over two million person years. Apart from sheer size, what makes this study superior to other past studies is the thoroughness with which aspartame intake was assessed. Every two years, participants were given a detailed dietary questionnaire, and their diets were reassessed every four years. Previous studies which found no link to cancer only ever assessed participants' aspartame intake at one point in time, which could be a major weakness affecting their accuracy.

The combined results of this new study showed that just one 12 ounce can of diet soda daily leads to:

• 42% higher leukemia risk in men and women (pooled analysis)

• 102% percent higher multiple myeloma risk (in men only)

• 31% higher non-Hodgkin lymphoma risk (in men only)

There is now more reason than ever to completely avoid aspartame in our daily diet. Got a sweet tooth? I recommend stevia, an herbal sweetener, as a healthy alternative.

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by Rebecca Carley, MD

As FBI director J. Edgar Hoover said in 1956, "The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists. The American mind has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst it rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent".  Since if you don't have your health you have nothing, the first thing everyone MUST do in my opinion is to research what the medical mafia is up to.  I have concluded, beyond ANY doubt, that vaccines are bioweapons which not only give you the infectious dis-ease you are allegedly being "protected" from, but also cause a corruption in the immune system that leads to all autoimmune diseases, non-traumatic seizures, cancer and genetic damage, in people and in pets (as explained in my paper "Inoculations the True Weapons of Mass Destruction" on  I wrote this paper in 2005, and have updated it a few times.  I have been working on a book to expand this information; the problem is that I have acquired such a massive amount of documentation that the medical psychopaths are intentionally creating disease with bioweapon vaccines that it would end up being an encyclopedia if I included all that I want to include.  So the editing process continues, while simultaneously I continue to acquire more proof of the intentionality of the harm being perpetrated on the people.  As I always say, don't believe me check things out for yourself.  This information will save your life IF you are willing to do your homework, and then face reality as to what is going on.  The crimes against humanity being perpetrated against the people by the psychopaths who control the world are endless, and must be stopped. However, to gain the strength to even face what is going on, you must have your health.  If you need a coach to teach you what to do, go to learn how I do consults.

Investigative journalist Christina England from the UK is, in my opinion, the primary journalist who is doing top level work in the area of bioweapon vaccines.  In fact, she uncovered documents labeled "not for publication" ( ) that prove what I have been saying for 15 years; that autism is actually subacute sclerosing panencephalitis due to the measles vaccine, and that the name was changed to autism to hide that fact. This should have been shouted from the rooftops by all the autism groups around the world; however, since all of these groups are shills for big pharma talking only about mercury, the silence from them is deafening.  Christina has proven that what I have been saying for 15 years is true; that the live measles vaccine causes autism.  Thus, there is no such thing as a safe vaccine.  The parents who donate millions of dollars to these shill groups continue to be misinformed, and none of these groups even mention the protocol I have developed which reverses all vaccine induced diseases, including over 4,000 cases of autism. 

Christina continues to expose the atrocities involving vaccines in the articles she writes.  A recent article she wrote, which can be accessed at , starts out with the statement that "The American Medical Association (AMA) recently published a paper proposing the introduction of a new law to force you and your children into experimental vaccine trials against your wishes. Your only way out of this directive would be to sign an 'opt out form.".  Excuse me?  Our children are to become lab rats for big pharma?  WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR THE PEOPLE TO RISE UP AND SAY NO?  That is the question I ask myself every single day.
How bad is it getting?  Go to to find out.  This article states that "One "bold idea" is unmanned aerial vehicles to quickly and inexpensively deliver vaccines to hard-to-reach areas. The vehicles will be deployed remotely by healthcare workers. The winner of this project is the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Division, with five students under the direction of Professor George Barbastathis."  So, it becomes obvious that eugenisist Bill Gates has figured out that by calling bioweapons "vaccines", he can fund drones to spray them on people in third world countries.  How obvious can it be that his intention is genocide, and that this man is a psychopath who kills people in the name of philanthropy?  This article also talks about the spraying of rabies:  "The oral rabies vaccine is nothing new. In this country, 12+ million doses of Raboral V-RG are dropped from unmanned aircraft every year. Worldwide, more than 100 million doses since the late 1980s. [7] The cost? In the U.S. and Canada, approximately $130 million in a decade." Once again, spraying live rabies on vast populations is called a "vaccine", when it is a bioweapon attack on citizens by their own governments.  Once again I ask .what will it take, people, for you to stand up and say NO?  Why are you paying for your own demise? 

One of the most chilling vaccine companies I have come across is called "Epivax".  I strongly suggest you check out their website, starting with .  Note at the bottom of that page they mention "HUMANIZED MICE".  The mad scientists obviously have absolutely no oversight in the atrocities they are committing, the unholy assaults to nature and its creations.  Where will it end?  What will happen when the monsters they are creating are released into nature?

If ONLY the police and military who have taken an oath to protect citizens from terrorists and crimes against humanity could be awakened.  Journalist Christina England has accomplished what I thought would be impossible she found a police sergeant in Australia who went on the record not only in regards to how he was vaccine damaged by the hepatitis B vaccine, but also in regards to the fact that "police are writing off cases of possible vaccine injury as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. They also highlight the fact that due to biased and inadequate training, the police are falsely accusing parents of manslaughter and Shaken Baby Syndrome and parents killing their own children because they have been brainwashed to search for signs of abuse, assault and foul play whenever a child dies". This extremely important article can be accessed at .  Imagine being accused of murdering your child after they die due to a vaccine reaction, and being put in jail for the rest of your life?  This is how complicit the police, proscecutors and courts are in protecting big pharma and their bioweapon vaccines.  If only we can the word out to the police and military who are being killed and maimed by vaccines themselves; whose children are being harmed as well.  This would be a major move forward in stopping this assault on humanity.  I am thrilled that Christina and Officer Savage have agreed to be my guests on my internet radio show on 11/25/12 from 4-6 PM EST.  Please tune in, and tell everyone you know.

We now have a landmark case in the UK involving a woman who was wrongly accused for killing her baby who was murdered by bioweapon vaccines ( ).

YOU COULD BE NEXT. Imagine being forced into an experimental vaccine trial as the AMA is pushing for, the experimental vaccine kills your child, and then you are charged with murder for bringing up the obvious vaccine connection! These psychopaths must be stopped.

The information contained herein is not designed to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure disease. Seek medical advice from a lincensed medical physician.

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