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Edited by Alfred Adask
Friday, November 23rd, A.D. 2012

Between Friday, November 16th and Friday, November 23rd, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 2.2 % from $1,713.70 to $1,751.90
Silver rose 5.6 % from $32.31 to $34.13
Platinum rose 3.8 % from $1,556 to $1,616
Palladium rose 6.1 % from $625 to $663
DJIA rose 3.3 % from 12,588.31 to 13,009.68
NASDAQ rose 3.9 % from 2,853.13 to 2,966.85
NYSE rose 1.2 % from 7,931.55 to 8,225.51
US Dollar Index fell 1.2 % from 81.21 to 80.19
Crude Oil rose 1.9 % from $86.62 to $88.26

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."—Warren Buffett

“What investment would you dare to hold
for 10 years—other than gold?”—Alfred Adask

If the era of “cheap” food is over,
what does that mean for the economy?

by Alfred Adask

The Sovereign Man recently posted and article entitled, “The Era Of Cheap Food Is Over” which declared in part,
“There are only a few people who get it: the era of cheap food is over.

“Global net population growth creates over 200,000 new mouths to feed ever single day. Yet supply of available farmland is diminishing each year due to development, loss of topsoil, peak production yields, and reduction in freshwater supply.

“Then there’s bonehead government policy decisions to contend with… like converting valuable grains into inefficient biofuel for automobiles. Paying farmers to NOT plant. Banning exports. Etc.

“Of course, the most destructive is monetary policy. The unmitigated expansion of the money supply has led to substantial inflation of agriculture commodities prices.

“These fundamentals overwhelmingly point to a simple trend: food prices will continue rising. And that’s the best case. The worst case is severe shortages.”
So long as government is determined to inflate the currency, the prices of food (just like gold) must continue to rise.

More, although the rise in American food prices may be driven by American inflation, those price increases won’t be confined to America.  As food prices rises in the US, they will also rise in foreign countries like Egypt, Libya, Greece and Spain. 

As food prices rise in foreign countries, if those countries are already impoverished, the strain on their people will grow until we see more political turmoil of the sort seen in the A.D. 2011 “Arab Spring”. 

Thus, inflating the US dollar will tend to foment revolution in third-world countries. 

•  Within the US, if inflation causes the prices of food and wages to rise equally, the inflation will be annoying but not troubling.  In other words, if the price of food doubles at the same time my income doubles, it’ll be a little disturbing, but I’ll be fine. 

But—will prices and wages both rise equally in a national economy that’s already in recession and subject to rising unemployment?


Because of the recession, unemployment is rising, the competition for jobs is rising, and the wages being paid are falling.

Because of the inflation, the prices of food and other goods and services should be rising.

Because we must eat if we want to survive, we must buy food.  If the price of food is rising at the same that our income is falling, that means that we must necessarily “tighten our belts” and stop buying other, non-agricultural goods and services that are not as essential as food.  That means that the cost of food will become an increasingly larger portion of our budgets. 

Conversely, while we spend a greater proportion of our income on food, we’ll have less money to purchase a new flat-screen TV, a car, or home.  

Thus, because of rising food costs, there’ll be less demand for non-agricultural products and less demand for non-agricultural workers—which includes most of us.  More people will be unemployed, wages will fall further, and (so long as government wants to cause inflation to reduce the national debt) the price of food will continue to rise and become even more of a burden on American consumers.

Ever eat a rat?  Well, maybe it’s time to start adjusting to that possibility.

In fact, I don’t expect Americans to soon see circumstances of the sort that precipitated the “Arab Spring”.  But we are heading in that direction and we’ll continue on that path so long as the government wants and causes inflation.  We may not be eating rats any time soon, but lots of us may soon trade our appetite for steak on the grill for Spam in the can.

•  I presume the US government will continue to cause significant inflation:

1) for the overt purpose of stimulating the economy; and,

2) for the covert purpose of reducing the national debt.

But if the government’s inflation doesn’t raise the prices of foods, goods and wages equally, and if the prices of goods and foods rise faster than wages, then the government’s attempt to “stimulate” the economy with inflation will not merely fail—it will actually cause further depression in the economy.

Get that?  If the price of food rises (is being inflated) faster than the price of wages, the average worker will necessarily have less money to spend on non-agricultural goods and services.  As demand for non-agricultural products falls, so will the demand for non-agricultural employees.  That means rising unemployment and an economy falling more quickly towards overt depression.

In the end, justifying inflation as a means to stimulate the economy is a lie.  Instead, the only valid reason for inflation is to reduce the national debt. 

Nevertheless, I have little doubt that the government will persist in inflating the US dollar in order to reduce the national debt, even though doing so pushes the American people deeper into recession or depression.

The people most likely to weather the coming food inflation are those most closely involved in agricultural production and those who preserve their savings with inflation-resistant gold.

•  Modern agriculture has been described as the process for turning crude oil into food.  Crude oil is essential as fertilizer and fuel to the global production, transportation and price of food. 

It’s certain that during A.D. 2010 and 2011 the rising price of crude oil (which peaked around $114/barrel in April A.D. 2011) forced food prices in 3rd world nations to untenable levels and thereby helped trigger the “Arab Spring”.  Thus, higher crude prices caused higher food prices which caused the Arab Spring which caused four mid-east governments to be overturned and thirteen more to be threatened with political turmoil.

It’s conceivable that the decline in crude oil prices since the Arab Spring may have been mandated by political concerns more so than market forces.  I.e., the current price of crude is $87/barrel—a 24% decline since the $114 peak.  It’s possible the price of crude may have been intentionally depressed since the A.D. 2011 Arab Spring to try to suppress rising food prices and therefore “stabilize” the Middle East.

If so, the US may be caught in another one of those rock/hard-place positions where they’re darned if they do and darned if they don’t.  I’m convinced that the US government wants inflation in order to get out from under the national debt.  I’m also convinced that if the US government inflates the dollar significantly, it will thereby raise food prices on a global basis and precipitate more unwanted revolutions in 3rd world countries.

So which problem is more onerous to the US government—the national debt or foreign revolutions? 

Hard to say, but I’d bet that the national debt is government’s Number One bugaboo.  If I’m right, they’ll focus on inflating the dollar and say “To Hell with the 3rd World’s revolutions”.  But with the resulting rise in the U.S. price of food (but not wages), the government may collapse the economy.

OK—so maybe they won’t inflate but, if not, how will they deal with national debt?  If they can’t pay it off with cheaper (inflated) dollars, then they could admit that the government is bankrupt and simply repudiate all the debt and not pay any of it.  But if they repudiate, they’ll wipe out virtually all of America’s (and maybe much of the world’s) creditors who’ve stored their saving in paper debt-instruments.   If the government wipes out the creditors, the government may collapse the economy.

OK, OK—so maybe we don’t inflate, and maybe we don’t repudiate—then what?  Hey, we could raise taxes on all the idiot taxpayers, right?!  Then we could use increased tax revenues to pay off the national debt! 

Sure, we could.  Except for one thing—if taxes are raised, the government might collapse the economy.

OK, OK, OK—if we can’t inflate, repudiate, or tax, what’s left? 

War.  Maybe all this economy really needs is another good ol’ fashioned World War.  WWII worked great to get us out of the Great Depression.  Another WW may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to eliminating the national debt and stimulating the economy. 

‘Cept for one thing.  If government gets another WW going, the economy might not collapse—but it might be vaporized.

My point is that I don’t see a painless way out of this of our economic predicament.  I can’t even see a sane way out of this mess.  No matter what government does, the ultimate result will probably be chaos or a police state.

I admit that a very astute mix of inflation, repudiation, rising taxes and just a smidgeon of WW might prevent an economic depression or collapse.  But the chances of finding and implementing that “very astute mix” are almost nil. 

Therefore, I can’t avoid the conclusion that we’re heading for an economic debacle.   Maybe it’s six months from now.  Maybe it’s six years from now.  I can’t tell the time.  I can see that such debacle seems inevitable and beyond our capacity to escape.

Buckle up.

The Fiscal Cliff and Gold

by Alfred Adask

The term “fiscal cliff” describes a moment in early January, A.D. 2013, when certain cuts in federal expenditures and increases in federal taxes are mandated to occur by law.  The purpose for these spending cuts and tax increases is to reduce the current federal budget deficit.

However, many fear is that if the government spends less and taxes more, the net effect will be to slow the economy and push us deeper into recession.

Therefore, some propose that before the end of this year, government pass new laws to invalidate or modify the old laws that mandate the “fiscal cliff”.  Whether government will avoid the coming “fiscal cliff” remains to be seen, but the “fiscal cliff” will be the subject of many articles over the next six or eight weeks.

•  For example, MarketWatch recently published an article about the fiscal cliff entitled “Gold rallies as ‘cliff’ optimism weakens dollar”.  According to MarketWatch:
“Gold prices have been subject to volatility as U.S. political leaders made efforts to reach a deal to avert the ‘fiscal cliff,’ an event that threatened to drag the economy into recession. . . . ‘Unless there is a clear agreement between the Democrats and Republicans on the solution to the so-called U.S. fiscal cliff, the short term direction is bullish for gold,’ said Chintan Karnani, chief analyst at Insignia Consultants.”
Mr. Karnani makes me wonder if it’s more important to have a “clear agreement”—or an effective agreement?

I expect that before the end of this year, government will produce a “clear agreement” that may be symbolic but will otherwise have little or no effect on the federal deficit or on our economy.  The deficit won’t be significantly reduced.  The economy won’t be significantly suppressed—or stimulated.

 Even so, President Obama and Congressman Boehner will shake hands and celebrate in front of the cameras as if they’ve accomplished something monumental.  In fact, they’ll have only kicked the can a little further down the road.  Their “clear agreement” may be briefly celebrated in the mainstream media, but their resulting failure to act effectively will only diminish confidence in the government, the economy and the fiat dollar. That loss of confidence should translate into increased demand for gold and rising gold prices.

•  But, I could be wrong.

Who knows?  Maybe government will reach an effective agreement on the “fiscal cliff” that cuts spending, raises taxes and makes meaningful headway on reducing the deficit.  If so, it’s true that confidence in the government, economy and fiat dollars may briefly rise—and thereby bring down the price of gold.  But it’s also true that by reducing government spending and raising taxes, the economy will be weakened and we should slide further/faster into a recession and/or depression.

 And, through it all—regardless of whether government allows or prevents the “fiscal cliff”—government’s Number One objective should persist:  inflating the fiat dollar so as to reduce the national debt.

My conclusion is that, no matter what government does relative to the “fiscal cliff”, the long-term prospects for gold are up, up, and . . . umm . . . up.

 The reason gold is going up, up, up is that government’s attempts to deal with the deficit and fiscal cliff are only dealing with superficial issues.  How the government handles the fiscal cliff may have a short-term effect on the price of gold.  But, whether government barely cuts entitlement programs or raises taxes modestly won’t have much long-term effect on gold because government can’t do very much to taxing or spending without causing more recession.

 Government is again caught between the rock and the hard place.  

If, as per the “fiscal cliff” laws, government really raises taxes, it would probably push America deeper into recession. 

Similarly, if, as per the “fiscal cliff” laws, government reduces expenditures, it will probably push America deeper into recession. 

Similarly, if the government nullifies the “fiscal cliff” laws, foreign creditors will know the government doesn’t intend to act responsibly concerning the national debt.  The cost of borrowing from foreign creditors will rise. The market value for T-Bills will decline.  The value of the fiat dollar on the US Dollar Index will fall and the dollar will lose more of its former standing as World Reserve Currency.  The price of gold will rise.

What government desperately needs is a way to do nothing and yet seem to have done something monumental.  If they do nothing, they may avoid sinking the economy further into recession.  If the gov-co simultaneously seems to do something, they may deceive foreign creditors into lending more currency to Uncle Sam.

But, no matter what the gov-co does, less entitlements and more taxes will not address the three fundamental problems that push the price of gold higher:

 1)  Our fiat dollars will inevitably be shown to be worthless. As the fiat dollar loses value, the price of gold will rise.

2) The national debt is too big to ever be repaid in full.  Those holding paper debt instruments will eventually lose their assets—causing the demand for, and price of, gold to rise.

3) The government will persistently inflate the fiat dollar in order to shrink the national debt by paying off with “cheaper” dollars.  As inflation increases, so will the price of gold.

The price of gold will continue to rise so long as our currency is a fiat dollar, the National Debt remains unpayable, and government insists on inflating the fiat dollar as a device to evade the National Debt.

 In short, the price of gold will continue to rise so long as we have fiat dollars.

Think not?  The last time we had a dollar backed by gold (at least internationally) was A.D. 1971.  The price of gold was $35/ounce. Today the price is $1735/ounce. The price of gold has increased by 50 times—5,000%!—in the past 41 years.  That sort of price increase is certain to continue—until our government abandons fiat dollars. 

Do you see anyone in Congress or the White House who’s expressed a credible interest in eliminating the fiat dollar and replacing it (inevitably) with a gold- or silver-based currency?  If and when you see the government advocating the abandonment of fiat dollars, you may want to rethink whether you should invest in gold.  But, so long as the fiat dollar remains, the price of gold is going up.

•  The “fiscal cliff” is attracting a lot of media attention, but it’s not a fundamental issue—it’s just so much white noise.  I don’t care what they do with the “fiscal cliff,” it will not cause a long-term effect on the price of gold.  The long-term price of gold is determined by fundamental issues like fiat currency, unpayable debts and inflation.

 Unless government addresses those fundamental issues, the price—and especially the purchasing power—of gold will continue to rise.

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Self Sufficiency

Don't Bring “The Outside World” With You
By Survivalists Sheila & Dan Gendron

Many people we've met who claim they want the survivalist lifestyle are in complete shock when they come to realize that this isn't suburbia with different scenery.  It requires a complete change from most peoples' current lifestyle and mindset

Life in the wilderness is closely aligned with nature, the direct opposite of what we have been conditioned to accept as urban/suburban life.  If you live in an air conditioned home, work in an air-conditioned office, drive in an air conditioned car, with artificial lights all would be hard to more disconnected from nature than you are right now.

Living in your survivalist retreat doesn't mean you just pick up your whole suburban life and move it to a different location. If you need to hang on to having a supermarket down the block, don't move from where you are. If your retreat is in the desert and you really want to have a lawn, don't move from where you are.  If you can't start the day without your economy sized bag of fruity-loops, don't move from where you are.  If you can't be bothered filling the wood stove all night and really need to flick a switch to turn up the heat, don't move from where you are.

We're not saying that people cannot adjust, what we are saying is the adjustment is easier if you see it coming.

The things that you are likely to miss in the suburban world are easily replaceable with activities that we enjoy here. Place in your mind's eye a picture of life that is sustainable andcomfortable. If you can achieve that vision, the activities that you now enjoy in your suburban lifestyle will be transformed into new ones once you live this life for  real.  
We enjoy going to the green house to water the produce and see it's progress throughout the summer.  We  enjoy feeding the chickens, goats, cats, dogs and ourselves.  We enjoy watching the sun rise and seeing the shadows change the mountains during the day.  You will find new joys, too.

A very strong tool that TPTB use against us is what our self image is. Most never know their own minds. As Oscar Wilde said, "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions aquotation." This is as true now as it was in the 19th century. Our thoughts of what our lives should look like are thoughts that are not totally our own.

If you are living in the world, chances are you are defining yourself by what car you drive as compared to your neighbor's, how much money you make, and how big your plasma screen TV is.  When none of that matters, you will find a new definition of yourself based on YOUR own abilities to live a life connected to nature and benefiting yourself and it won't matter what anyone else thinks – you'll know you've done well.

We've seen lots of people disappointed by creating in their minds a false ideal or a fanciful dream of what the survivalist life looks like, and then watched them pack up and move back to the urban/suburban worlds all because they wanted it to be a certain way and that way was not in harmony with the reality.

I remember someone telling me that she did not know what she would do with out a Trader Joe's near by. That is a legitimate concern for some, and we are not being sarcastic. What we are saying is that if your life needs certain things and those things are not at your survival location or not available there you'll need to learn to live without them.

Hanging on to your urban/suburban lifestyle will inhibit your seeing the beauty around you, and the peace and freedom of being self-sufficient, relying on no one other than yourself, and finding out how much you can truly accomplish.

Dan and Sheila are the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock and hosts of the free podcast, Still Surviving with Dan and Sheila, both available at For information about their survival community, or for other questions, they can be reached at


By Herbalist Wendy Wilson

When storm Sandy hit the northern seaboard it brought a lot of flooding and with that comes the threat of infections from mold. What is mold? It is a fungus and is found outdoors as well as indoors. Science doesn't know precisely how many species of mold exist but it is estimated we have to deal with thousands of them. If it is warm, damp or humid you can bet mold is around spreading its spores. Of course mold doesn't have to be in a tropical location to survive and is actually pretty hearty and can survive even in dry conditions. Have you ever seen dried mold on a compressor fan? It looks like white dust. When the fan is moist the mold accumulates. When the fan is not in use the mold dries and it becomes airborne and cause serious health problems. We note at least four common indoor molds. Let's take a look at mold, the health hazards it can expose us to and what we can do to protect ourselves.


Cladosporium likes to live in dead plant material. So, if you have indoor plants you most likely have this mold in your home or office. There are about 500 species of spores from this mold and can be wind-dispersed and grow on moist surfaces and on food. This kind of mole produces olive-green, brown or black mold colonies on surfaces.. Can this mold cause health problems? Most infections are of the skin and toenails. However, it can cause sinusitis and pulmonary problems (allergy symptoms), which could convert to respiratory infections such as pneumonia. Asthmatics and people with respiratory disease are usually sensitive to this mold and prolonged exposure can weaken the immune system.

Penicillium is another mold fungus in our environment and is a major source in the production of antibiotics. This mold attacks gram positive bacteria and became an antibiotic drug in the 1930's. We have about 300 species of this mold and is a common type of rotting mold on apples. This mold disperses on surfaces into a branch-like pattern.

Alternaria is a mold responsible for allergies such as hay fever and can cause an asthma attack but rarely causes infections unless the immune system is suppressed. Where can you find this mold? We have 380 species thus far and according to the University of California you will find it on crops such as apples, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, bok choy and citrus foods. Ornamental plants and weeds can also carry this mold This mold is easy to spot as it produces a dark (black or brown) spot in a circular pattern and can also produce a fuzzy mold.

Aspergillus offers humans several hundred species of spores found all over the globe and is an airborne fungus. Where ever there is oxygen, there is aspergillus. It also grows on surfaces and in particular likes to grow on starchy foods such as bread or potatoes. You will find this mold on plants and trees and on damp walls as it is a major component of mildew. This is the mold that can cause disease in animals and humans. A full range of diseases can be caused by this species such as skin lesions, ulcers (mycetomas) and if your immune system is weak or you suffer from asthma, severe allergies or another lung condition. It is not uncommon for this mold to initiate lung infections and infections of other organs.


What you can expect if you come in contact with mold spores that don't agree with you? The most common symptoms are; nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing or skin irritation. If you are hyper allergic (have allergies) you may have more severe reactions such as; shortness of breath, fever, chronic lung infections, obstruction of the airway and mold infestation of the lung. Indoor mold exposure can be more dangerous to our health. In 2004 the Institute of Medicine compiled evidence on illness when exposed to indoor mold spores and the upper respiratory tract is affected and can cause coughing and difficulty breathing or even asthma symptoms. Those with sensitive lungs or with low immunity can develop pneumonia from the mold. In a 2009 study by the WHO, they documented that mold may be the prime factor in otherwise healthy children developing asthma.


When it comes to the food sources the agricultural community uses fungicides with copper in them. When mold is found in buildings and invades the duct work air vents ultraviolet light proves successful at stopping the spread of the spores. In the fall when racking or blowing damp leaves, it is best to protect your lungs by wearing a mask and gloves. If cleaning out flooded areas such as basements, precautions must be taken to prevent the spread of mold. Ventilate the area and wear protective clothing; non-porous gloves, protective eye wear and a mask. The CDC recommends cleaning up the area with soap, water or bleach (1 cup of bleach per gallon of water). Do not mix bleach with ammonia or other cleaning products to prevent producing toxic fumes. Areas larger than ten square feet may require professionals to follow mold remediation protocols.


If you are sensitive to mold there are areas that will contain high amounts of mold spores such as; antique shops (especially those with old books), greenhouses, saunas, farms & mills, construction areas, flower shops and summer cottages. 


Let's say you suspect you have been affected by mold. What health professional would be best to see to determine a diagnosis? If you have been exposed to a fungus/mold I would most likely avoid going to an allergist. You will want someone trained in spotting toxic levels and most allergists have not been trained in environmental medicine. Face it, if you have a fungus infection, allergy shots won't be the answer. You may have been exposed to the mycotoxins mold produces and you don't need more toxins entering the body via allergy shots. It is my opinion that an allergist will guess at a diagnosis. You want someone that can identify if a bunch of mold spores are colonizing in your body and spreading.


Mold causes several diseases in the human body and not everyone will react to same. Obviously we have covered the respiratory distress area. We can add difficulty swallowing, choking, vomiting, burning sensation in the throat and lungs, IBS, sharp abdominal pains and stomach lesions. Major organs of the body can react such as bladder, liver, spleen and kidneys. Some report a dirt-like taste in their mouth and a coated tongue. Mold can also cause memory loss, slurred speech, dementia symptoms, vision problems and swollen glands. Also reported were headaches, thyroid problems, yellowing of the nails, ringing in the ears and a balance problem.  Hair loss, blood pressure issues, weight loss and fatigue are also on the list of symptoms. So, you can see why it would be best to find someone who would not misdiagnosis you and simply put you on heart or thyroid meds. Even short-term exposure to mold can cause permanent health issues such as hearing, sight, balance and memory problems. You can search a more complete list of symptoms here


I want to make a quick mention that healthy cholesterol helps the human body defend itself from mold spores. You need the antioxidant protection of cholesterol to assist your immune system and protect your skin from mold. If you are taking prescribed cholesterol medications, you will be more vulnerable to mold spores.

HERBS THAT CAN HELP (Thanks giving special)

There are certain herbs that will power up the immune system to help defend you against mold  lack walnut and Barberry bark are powerful herbs that also destroy fungus in a skinny minute. Call Apothecary Herbs for Black walnut or Barberry Bark tinctures. You will also find garlic in several of their immune boosting formulas such as All-In-One and Immune Booster.  Relaxation formula and Thyme Tincture will help make breathing easier. You can pick up their Pneumonia Kit for powering up the immune system while making breathing easier. Call Apothecary Herbs toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless. For American Survival Newsletter subscribers you will receive 10% discount and FREE ground shipping in the continental US on orders of $50 or more with this coupon: AmSur1112. Hurry! Expires 11/30/12. If you live in Alaska , Hawaii , Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands please call for 10% discount. For International subscribers receive 15% discount on orders of $50 or more with coupon: AmSurInt1112 (Expires 11/30/12). Happy Thanks giving!

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Ten Ways to Boost Men's Health
By Dr. Stefanie Gross-Rodsater D.C. 

November is the month to celebrate and promote Men's Health Awareness!  Celebrate MOVEMBER!!!  For many men, having good health not only improves their own lives but also the lives of their families. Many ways for men to improve their health are simple. By making small lifestyle changes, such as eating better, keeping an eye on their risk for diseases and beginning an exercise program, men can increase their energy levels, improve their quality of life and add years to their life expectancy. You can get started today.

1. Visit the chiropractor

Men have a low likelihood of going to the doctor when they are ill. The best way to stop a disease is to prevent with wellness care.  Be proactive about your health with chiropractic care.

2. Brush

Don't neglect your teeth.  Bacteria found in the teeth and gums have been linked to inflammation throughout the body and could be a contributing factor leading to heart disease.

3. Get moving

Regular cardiovascular activity will both prevent you from becoming obese and scientifically reduce your chance of heart disease.

4. Eat right

A good diet will help your body both inside and out. Proper eating reduces your chances of conditions such as heart disease.

5. Strength train

The benefits of regular strength training regimen are two-fold. Regular weight-bearing activity puts good stress on the bones, leading to greater bone density as you age. Strength training will also increase your lean body mass, having more lean mass will improve your metabolic rate and decrease your risk of obesity.

6. Stay limber

Regular stretching will allow you to retain your range of motion as you age, decreasing any symptoms of arthritis that you might acquire and improving your quality of life.

7. Let things go

Practice a calmer lifestyle. Anger can seriously hinder your health, and could lead to heart disease.

8. Talk to dad

Many serious diseases are hereditary. A quick chat to learn your family's history brings a lot awareness to your mind and can often motivate you to take better care of your body.

9. Visit the DMV

In this case, DMV means Daily Multiple Vitamin and we always recommend whole foods multis. Many problems can be nipped in the bud by keeping the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your system.

10. Avoid smoking

Smoking can kill you, and it can also seriously damage your quality of life.

This article was written by Dr. Stefanie Gross-Rodsater D.C.,  a doctor of chiropractic in Huntersville, NC at Adjusting the World Chiropractic.  Dr. Stefanie has been certified through the ICPA in Webster's technique and Pediatric Chiropractic.  Check out

What's Ailing America?

by Rebecca Carley, MD

Last week I received phone calls from 2 moms who have been forever affected by bioweapon vaccines.  One mom told me how her 4 month old son (who was born 2 months premature) received vaccines and was dead within 12 hours.  This mom had lost her husband in a car accident; her son was her only connection to the man she loved.  Then her house burnt down, causing her to move in with her parents.  She was breast feeding her child, and had him sleep in her bed (as many moms do) so she could feed him when he was hungry during the night.  The morning after her son received the vaccines recommended under the vaccine schedule (which does not take into consideration whether a child was born premature), she woke up to find her son dead.  The police were called, and even though he was still pink and warm, no attempt was made to resuscitate him.  They brought him directly to the coroner's office; 2 months later, there is no cause of death.  When she reported to the police that her son had been vaccinated less than 12 hours prior, they requested the medical records from the pediatrician, who REQUESTED SHE SIGN A DOCUMENT THAT RELIEVED THE WHITE COAT OF ANY RESPONSIBILITY.  The police officer actually advised her to sign that document, demonstrating the complicity that always occurs to cover up death by bioweapon vaccines.  Despite her tremendous grief, she knew better than to sign such a document.  The police have not yet decided whether to charge her with murder for sleeping in the same bed with her son (implying she rolled onto him and he suffocated).  As usual, this "coincidentally" occurred the night after her son was assaulted with bioweapon vaccines.  I suggested she order the book "Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis; are Parents being Falsely Accused?" by Harold Buttram, MD and Christina England, and that she contact Dr. Buttram to help her bring forth a case in vaccine court.  I will help her as a scientific expert in vaccine induced diseases, but since I was robbed of my medical license in 2003 due to my alleged "delusion of conspiracy". I cannot testify as a licensed medical doctor (which of course was the reason they went after my license in the first place). 

The second mom took her infant son to a health clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma to receive the H1N1 vaccine in 2009.  Over the next few days he started developing a fever, which eventually reached 108 degrees farenheight (note that I have never heard of a temperature that high).  He was admitted to the hospital where he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.  Over the course of the 6 months he was there, he developed circulatory collapse and ended up having both of his legs, all of his fingers and part of his nose AMPUTATED.  In all, 34 children who received the same vaccine from the same clinic (including her daughter) ended up getting alleged "bacterial" meningitis.  30 OF THOSE CHILDREN DIED.  Yet, the possibility that the vaccine was the cause was denied by everyone; when she went to the media, they participated in the cover up.  Go to to see the story that was broadcasted by a fox news affiliate.  Go to and scroll down to the show from November 17, 2012 to hear the show VACCINE INDUCED DEATH COVER UP by Moms who have lived itwhere these 2 moms both called in.  This show is going viral and waking up so many people please share it with anyone you know that has children.  It could save their life.

Let me remind you of the case of the Massachusetts compounding pharmacy "New England Compounding Center" whose fungus tainted steroids which white coats were injecting into people's spinal canals resulted in 32 deaths.  As reported in a Charlotte Observer article on page 9 A on 11/15/12 (which is no longer available at their website), this has resulted in a congressional investigation which revealed that the FDA and the Massachusetts Board identified contamination in the very same drug at issue in the outbreak going on now 10 YEARS AGO.  Has anyone been fired at these agencies?  OF COURSE NOT!  FDA head Margaret Hamburg stated "this should be a wake up call that there is a gap in regulatory oversight.  We need strong, clear and appropriate legislation".  It is crystal clear to me that this was intentional, because this has given an excuse to go after compounding pharmacies.  Most compounding pharmacies fill prescriptions for non-pharmaceutical remedies, especially bioidentical hormones made out of plant based hormones for women.  It is obvious that this is another ploy by big pharma to go after their competiton.  After all, it has been reported in Vanity Fair that over 200,000 people die every year from prescription drugs ( ).  There were no congressional hearings held after that expose came out!  And isn't it interesting that when 30 out of 34 children who died after getting alleged "bacterial meningitis" in Tulsa, OK in 2009, there was no investigation into the "coincidence" that they had all received the H1N1 vaccine?  Isn't it amazing how self evident vaccine induced deaths and disease are always denied?

There is a pediatrician who writes a column in the Charlotte Observer who I have e-mailed in the past in regards to her disgusting promotion of the vaccine scam.  I was outraged to read her most recent offering today; "Flu vaccine protects pregnant mom, baby" which you can read at  She is a psychopath promoting murder by injection calling it "health". These monsters sell their soul for cash, and promote the vaccine agenda because to do otherwise would affect their pocketbooks.  My goal is to put them out of business.  My son became brain damaged by the vaccines administered to him by pediatrician Monica Melamedoff in Long Island ( ).  After I researched vaccines and what they really do (as well as how to reverse the damage with homeopathy), I brought her a mountain of evidence on what I learned.  She told me she "didn't have time" to read what I had brought her.  However, I did hear later from another mother who brought her children to this monster that she no longer gave the vaccines herself; rather, she had her nurse do the deed.  Apparently she beLIEves that by not injecting the bioweapon herself, she will not rot in hell.  She also retaliated against me by helping the corrupt judge Richard Lawrence in Nassau County Family Court give custody of my son Joey to his abuser.  Various documents proving the corruption and fraud this monster participated in are available at under the picture of Joey and I.  CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF.  My son continues to be tortured, and has had no contact with his mom for over a decade because of psychopaths like Dr. Melamedoff. 

I have been calling bioweapon vaccines "weapons of mass destruction" for many years.  As I state on my website , I have learned the legal definition of WMD:

The "Legal" definition of Weapons of Mass destruction" follows (and can be accessed in any law library under these headings; all states have equivalent statutes):

West's North Carolina General Statutes Annotated

Chapter 14. Criminal Law

 Subchapter X. Offenses Against the Public Safety

 Article 36B. Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction

 § 14-288. 21. Unlawful manufacture, assembly, possession, storage, transportation, sale, purchase, delivery, or acquisition of a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon of mass destruction; exceptions; punishment  

(c) The term "nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon of mass destruction", as used in this Article, means any of the following:

(1) Any weapon, device, or method that is designed or has the capability to cause death or serious injury through the release, dissemination, or impact of:

a. Radiation or radioactivity;

b. A disease organism; or

c. Toxic or poisonous chemicals or their immediate precursors.

(d) Any person who violates any provision of this section is guilty of a Class B1 felony.

Now, of course there is a loophole put in when WMD are used "lawfully": 

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, it is unlawful for any person to knowingly manufacture, assemble, possess, store, transport, sell, offer to sell, purchase, offer to purchase, deliver or give to another, or acquire a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon of mass destruction.

(b) This section does not apply to:

(1) Persons listed in G.S. 14-269(b) with respect to any activities lawfully engaged in while carrying out their duties.

(2) Persons under contract with, or working under the direction of, the United States, the State of North Carolina, or any agency of either government, with respect to any activities lawfully engaged in under their contracts or pursuant to lawful direction.

(3) Persons lawfully engaged in the development, production, manufacture, assembly, possession, transport, sale, purchase, delivery or acquisition of any biological agent, disease organism, toxic or poisonous chemical, radioactive substance or their immediate precursors, for preventive, protective, or other peaceful purposes.

In the book "Lab 257; the Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Plum Island Laboratory" by Michael Christopher Carroll, we get a critical admission in Chapter 14, "The Homeland".  He documents that Dr. David Huxsol, who was appointed Plum Island Director in 2000, stated the following:  "The plant that would produce biological agents for weapons purposes may not look much different from the plant that produces biological agents for vaccine purposes in the case of biological agents, you can measure what you need for the same area in Long Island in kilograms, not tons.  That's because you can DISSEMINATE THEM IN AN AEROSOL .(just like Bill Gates is doing. ). 


The holidays are upon us; this week, families will be gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving.  It is a great opportunity to open up some minds, which must continue to be done if we are ever to stop the crimes against humanity being committed on all levels.  Not to mention that we are paying for our own demise. Saying NO to bioweapon vaccines is easy to do, and a most important place to start.  Please do all you can to spread the word.  And if you would like to learn what vaccines your turkey received, go to  If I were you, I would pass on the wings that is where the live viruses are injected.

The information contained herein is not designed to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure disease. Seek medical advice from a lincensed medical physician before using any product or therapy.

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