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Gold as an Investment

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton—first Treasurer of the United States—strictly described the amount and purity of gold and silver to be used as coin in America.

Gold and silver have been the foundation of wealth for individuals and nations the world over. The history of man is packed with coins, jewelry, and artifacts that have spoken to the intrinsic value esteemed in gold and silver due to their rarity, durability, and usefulness.

Gold and silver truly are the ultimate forms of wealth. They are beautiful and alluring to virtually everyone on earth, they are extremely scarce and can't be counterfeited, they bear inherent worth in and of themselves (they are not someone else's promise to pay), they are almost indestructible, and demand for them is insatiable in degree and global in scope.

Governments, through their proxies the central banks, are really weak holders of gold and silver and ownership of gold and silver needs to be shifted away from the governments and into the hands of private citizens worldwide.

Gold and silver are tremendously undervalued in real terms historically, global demand vastly exceeds mined supply (by more than 60% annually), central banks are rapidly burning through their dwindling gold hoards as they sell into the world market each day, and based on iron-clad historical precedent there is little in the financial world more certain than a coming explosion in the prices of gold and silver.

While the whole global financial house of cards crumbles, and cracks cascade through the system, there has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to acquire physical gold and silver as an investment.

Gold's recent performance vs. the stock market
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Gold vs. Equities chart

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