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Melody's Notes

Geo-political uncertainty, record trade deficits, ever increasing budget deficits, rising oil prices, loss of high value jobs, rising interest rates, the threat of increased unemployment and the housing bubble are all becoming a reality. The U.S. Dollar continues to lose value and its respect as being the worlds reserve currency. Our nation faces challenges on many fronts and a day doesn’t pass without another economist or writer bringing forth warnings of impending economic calamity.

Gold has and always will be the only hedge against financial collapse and it will forever be a measure of wealth and store of value. There is an extraordinary opportunity to be included in the most exciting gold rush since the mid 1800s. Many believe that gold will perform over the next several years what it did in the late 1970s and enjoy a 20-25 fold move upward. What if they are only half right? Why pay $3000 for an ounce of gold, more accurately how many of us want to pay of $3000 an ounce for gold? Now is the time to call Discount Gold & Silver before gold begins to spiral upward.

Don’t be duped into believing the bogus stock market rally that has been underway. Our economy is not turning around regardless of the misleading reports that are produced. As long as this government continues to pump massive amounts of cash into the system, no restraints on spending, and our manufacturing continues being sucked out of the country we can not have a recovery. We have yet to hit bottom.

I thank you for your inquiry, you have taken the first step toward financial safety and security. With almost twenty years in business, Discount Gold & Silver Trading has preserved our principals and integrity to the highest degree. Allow us to assist you in allocating the proper diversifications of precious metals into your investment portfolio. We can also provide instructions for opening a self directed precious metal IRA.

Melody Cedarstrom

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